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By Richard Trionfo on 2017-03-05 23:29:00

Welcome to Raw Talk with your hosts Renee Young and Jerry Lawler.

Jerry says there is not much that makes him say wow, but that made him say wow.

Jerry and Renee agree that Kevin Owens probably psyched himself out.

Roman Reigns is the first guest for Renee and Jerry.

Roman says he is a little beat up.  He says he was walking into a wall tonight.

Renee asks Roman about his mindset and how people expected Braun to win.

Roman says a lot of people did feel that way after the last few weeks.  His experience helped him in this match.  Roman says he could use his experience to help him.

Renee asks about seeing Braun come off the turnbuckles.  Roman says that sometimes you try to do too much and it hurts you.  Roman is asked about Strowman kicking out of the spear.  He says he was shocked that Strowman kicked out.  

Renee says that she did not expect to see the ring standing after their match after last week on Raw.  Roman says that there are only a few people who have manhandled him like that.  Roman mentions Big Show and Brock.  Roman says facing Braun is like facing a slightly smaller Big Show at the start of his career.

Jerry says that when he heard Roman say 'this is my yard', but what if someone comes to claim his yard.  Roman says he takes pride in what he does because of his family's legacy.  Roman says he sets the bar.  As long as he has wind in his lungs and blood in his veins, he will be fighting.

Renee asks Roman how he feels about Wrestlemania.  Roman says he will take his time to rest tonight.  There is no recovery when dealing with monsters like Strowman.  Roman says it will take everyone to try to stop him.

Renee mentions Samoa Joe's victory and how he has been very impressive since coming to Raw.  Jerry says that Joe lived up to the name of "Destroyer".  Jerry says Joe expects to win so can he savor the victories.  Renee mentions that Joe has won everywhere.  Jerry says the sky is the limit for Joe.  

The next guest is Bayley and she is joined by Sasha Banks.

Sasha says that she beat the girl who is not like most girls.  

Renee asks Sasha if she was stressed going into the match.  She says she had her game plan and she won the match.

Renee asks Bayley how different this win felt.  Bayley says she knew this was a big night because it was her first pay per view title defense and she got to break the streak.  Bayley says she wanted to go into Wrestlemania as the champion.  

Jerry asks if Charlotte outsmarted herself by sending Dana to the back before the match.

Renee asks Bayley about being the champion going into Wrestlemania.  Bayley says she remembers watching Becky, Charlotte, and Sasha wrestle for this title at last year's Wrestlemania.  Bayley says she knew this was where she had to be.  

Renee asks Bayley about being able to live her dream.  Bayley says it is hard to watch that video package before her matches.  She says it feels great to be the champion.

Jerry asks Sasha how proud is she that Bayley ended the pay per view streak.  Sasha says it feels amazing and she was Bayley's first match.  She says she is proud that Bayley gets to walk into Wrestlemania as champion.

Bayley says she cannot wrap around her head that she is going to walk into Wrestlemania as champion.  She wants to get through tonight before thinking about her match at Wrestlemania.

Jerry reminds everyone about his comments in the past that all women despise each other.  Renee disagrees with Jerry. 

Renee talks about the Cruiserweight Title Match.  

Lawler says that Neville has been great since day one.  Gallagher is getting his feet wet in the WWE and he was impressive.  They talk about how Neville is in a special spot on top of the cruiserweights. 

Jerry and Renee talk about the main event and how long it did not go.

Jerry says if Goldberg could do that to Lesnar, why couldn't he do it to Kevin Owens?

Renee mentions that Owens being so easily distracted by Jericho shows something about Owens.  

Paul Heyman joins Renee and Jerry.

Paul asks if there are any more excuses for Kevin Owens.  Paul says that would have happened whether Jericho was out there or not.  Paul says no one in the locker room has been able to stand up to Goldberg.  Paul says that he was speared twice and jackhammered by Goldberg.  Then Brock was thrown out of the ring effortlessly by Goldberg.  Paul mentions that Brock has victimized and mauled everyone but Goldberg in the WWE.

Renee asks how concerned about Wrestlemania.  Paul says he is scared out of his mind, but Brock has never been more confident.  This is a match that neither man can lose.  If Goldberg wins, he leaves Brock Lesnar behind.  Everything that Brock had done up to that moment has the asterisk, oh yeah, but then he went up against Bill Goldberg.  Does Brock rise to the occasion like he has in the past?  Brock Lesnar walked into Wrestlemania and conquered the streak.  If Brock can conquer Goldberg, he gets the Universal title and he gets back the legacy and he is the conqueror again.

Renee asks what happens to Brock if he loses.  Paul says that could be the end of Brock as someone in the WWE.  Paul says you will have two legacies that will finally go head up against each other.  One will stand above the other, but the one who does not go home as the Universal Champion, they have to look in the mirror and say that they lost to a person they despise.  Paul says that is the magic of Brock Lesnar versus Bill Goldberg.


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