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By Mike Johnson on 2017-01-04 00:54:00
Bullet Club brings some friends.

GAUNTLET: NEVER Openweight Six Man Tag Team champions Satoshi Kojima & Ricochet & David Finlay vs. BUSHI & EVIL & SANADA vs. CHAOS'  Jado & Will Ospreay & YOSHI-HASHI vs. The Bullet Club's Hangman Page & Yujiro Takahashi & Bad Luck Fale.

First out was the Bullet Club, who were accompanied by some damn, well, ahem lovely ladies.  They will face CHAOS to start this Gauntlet.

Everyone brawled at the bell.  You know this is going to be all brawling as the two factions hate each other.  Fale worked over HASHI in the corner.  Fale is a scary, scary man.  HASHI came back with a big clothesline but was grabbed for a chokeslam.  HASHI escaped and nailed a nice leg lariat.  Takahashi nailed him from the apron and sent him to the floor.  Page cracked HASHI with a big boot on the floor.  This is easily the biggest night of Page's career.

Takahashi tagged in and continued working over HASHI. Page and Takahashi attacked CHAOS and knocked them off the apron.  Page nailed a leaping DDT on HASHI for a two count.  HASHI cut off Page with a neckbreaker and tagged Ospreay.  He whipped out some fast offense and nailed a space flying Tiger Drop to the outside on The Bullet Club.  He nailed a running shooting star press on Page and then followed up with move aerial flips and offense.  Ospreay whipped out an awesome leaping spinning heel kick.

Page cut him off with an awesome looking lariat.  You can see how much Page's confidence has grown in the last year.  He went for the Rite of Passage but was blocked and sent down.  Ospreay went for a springboard but Takahashi interfered and took him down.  Ospreay fought back and finally tagged in Jado.  Jado locked in a crossface n Takahashi but Fale attacked him.  Fale ran through an attempted double clothesline from CHAOS.   Page began throwing kicks and hit a shooting star press to the outside on Ospreay.

Takahashi finally took out Jado and scored the pin.

CHAOS has been eliminated.


Out next were BUSHI & EVIL & SANADA to face The Bullet Club.  They took forever to come to the ring, giving Bullet Club a chance to catch their breath.  They gained the control easilty early.  BUSHI nailed a big dive on Fale.  A chair was brought into the ring.  They put Takahashi out with a chair that was swung into another chair that was wrapped around his head.  SANADA choked the already unconscious Takahashi out.

The NEVER Openweight champions walk the Dome ramp.

Out came the final competitors, The NEVER Openweight Six Man Tag Team champions Satoshi Kojima & Ricochet & David Finlay.

Finlay is the son of Fit Finlay, in case you weren't already aware.    They all started brawling.  Ricochet began pulling out some awesome stuff early.  He and Finlay nailed stereo flip dives to the floor.  The champions all began working over SANADA, who recovered and slammed Finlay off the ropes into the ring.  BUSHI hit the ring and worked over Finlay, who counted with a back elbow as he rebounded off the ropes.

Ricochet tagged in and nailed a 619 variation followed by several springboard maneuvers and an incredible brainbuster variation n BUSHI for a two count.    Kojima whipped out all his chops in the corner on EVIL and SANADA.  He cleaned house but was cut off and triple teamed by the challengers.  EVIL caught him with a big lariat for a two count.

Kojima scored with a DDT and tagged Ricochet back un.  He and Finlay cleaed house but was caught with a nasty looking codebreaker.  SANADA caught Finlay with a missile dropkick.  Kojima fought against a three on one advantage and wiped out EVIL with a sick looking lariat.  SANADA broke it up and was smashed down with a brainbuster.

BUSHI spewed mist Kojima's face as EVIL distracted the referee.  Somehow, Kojima still kicked out.  EVIL scored with a lariat and that was all.  New champions.

Your winners and new The NEVER Openweight Six Man Tag Team champions BUSHI & EVIL & SANADA!

The first and final sequences were really entertaining. 

Cody Rhodes vs. Juice Robinson

While New Japan did not announce his last name, Steve Corino said he's a Rhodes and noted he's probably the only person to wrestle all three members of the family.    He said Cody was the best that the family has produced.  They painted this as a major chance for Robinson.

They had some decent back and forth early.   Robinson was hiptossed over the top to the floor.  Rhodes went for a springboard dive but was caught and nailed with a belly to belly suplex.  Robinson charged and drilled Rhodes with a cannonball against the railing but landed oddly and could have heard himself.  Back in the ring, his knee buckled but he was able to catch Rhodes with an Alabama Slam for a two count.

Rhodes nailed Robinson and ripped at his face.  He stomped and punched away until Tiger Hatori admonished him.  Rhodes was really verbal as a heel, even knocking Corino at ringside.  Cody slapped and beat Robinson in the corner.  This only fired up Robinson until Cody dropkicked the knee.  Robinson went down.  The story was that Juice's big move earlier was now coming back to haunt him.

Robinson fired away with chops and a clothesline in the corner.  He sent Cody into the corner and nailed a nice running lariat.  Lots of fire from Robinson.  He nailed a gutbuster for a two count.  Robinson went for a suplex but Rhodes landed on  his feet and nailed a big chopblock to the back of the ring.  Robinson  nailed a stiff right hand to stop Cody's charge. 

Robinson attempted to make it to the top rope and came off with a flying bodypress.  Rhodes rolled through and tied up Robinson in an Indian Death Lock.  Robinson fought his way to the ropes, forcing a break.   Rhodes continued control and scored several two counts.  Robinson scored a two count after a lariat and was verbally pissed he couldn't get the win.  He was doing a great job of showing how mad he was.

Juice went for a powerbomb but his knee buckles.  Rhodes drilled him with CrossRhodes and scored the pin.

Your winner, Cody Rhodes!

Solid, competitive bout.

Rhodes disrespected Kevin Kelly and Steve Corino after.

ROH champion Kyle O'Reilly vs. Adam Cole

Adam Cole Baybay!

They brought in ROH referee Todd Sinclair for the title bout.

If Cole wins, he will become the only three-time ROH champion in the company's 14-plus year history.

They shook hands for the Code of Honor and immediately started kicking the crap out of each other.

O'Reilly snapped Cole's arm but missed a charge.  Cole stomped away at him.  Every time Cole tried to celebrate by screaming his catch phrase, O'Reilly attacked him and tried to sink in a choke.  He was finally thrown to the floor and the challenger celebrated.  On the floor, Cole grabbed a steel chair and slammed it across O'Reilly's shoulder on the floor.

Cole began jawing, saying he's always been better.  That fired Kyle up and he began drilling knee and leg strikes.  He went back to working over the shoulder and took down Cole and locked in a kneebar.  Cole quickly scampered to the ropes to force the break.  O'Reilly was selling that his shoulder was hurt from the chairshot outside, so he was using lots of kicks and knees as the focus of his attacks.

Cole tried to take him down but was drilled with a knee to the head.  Cole cut him off and nailed The Last Shot, scoring the pin.  They began firing back and forth and going for the same moves, with the idea that they know each other so well,  They take each other out with a big boot to the face.  Kyle scored with a series of Kawada kicks and a big roaring elbow.  He nailed a brainbuster but was hurt and was only able to garner a two count.

Kyle went for a armbreaker but Cole was able to shift his body weight to trap Kyle and stomped him in the face.  He continued that tact by stomping on his hurt shoulder and back.  Cole set up for a suplex but Kyle landed on his feet and tried to sink in a rear naked choke.  He let go due to his injury but nailed a German suplex.  Cole came back with a shining wizard for a two cout.  He nailed another and hit the Last Shot but Kyle kicked up. 

Cole went for a superkick but was caught and cinched him into an anklelock.  Cole kicked him in the shoulder and nailed a series of superkicks, warning him to stay down each other.  He kicked him in the back of the head and nailed the Last Shot again.

Your winner and new ROH champion, Adam Cole!

Good, hard hitting match.

This felt like a bigger deal in terms of crowd reaction in comparison to the ROH title bout last year.

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