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By Richard Trionfo on 2016-11-21 23:10:00

We are back and Emmalina is coming . . . sometime in the future.

Charlotte makes her way to the ring with Dana Brooke.

Charlotte asks for them to put Charlotte's post match attack on Bayley on the TitanTron.  She says she will watch that on the WWE Network for years to come.  For you huggable types, it does not matter how endearing you are, she is the queen.  Charlotte says she is the Wayne Gretzky of the WWE.  Charlotte says she is better than Wayne Gretzky.  She says she does not have to team with those Raw peasants because she is above them all. . . 

Sasha Banks comes out.

Charlotte says it is so good to see Sasha.  She asks Sasha how she is.

Sasha tells Charlotte to shut up.  Now that Survivor Series is over, she is entitled to her title match.  She says she wants it right here . . . right now.

Charlotte says that she has to give her credit because no matter how many times she beats her and embarrasses her, she keeps coming back.  Sasha and Toronto want this so why not do it one more time.

She tells Sasha she is on . . . but not tonight.  Charlotte says boos will not change things.  Raw next week is where the queen was born . . . Charlotte, North Carolina.  She tells the 'dumb' Canadians that is in the United States.  Charlotte says she beat Sasha in Sasha's home town so she gets to beat her in Charlotte's home town.

Nia Jax makes her way to the ring.  She says she is not here for Charlotte.  She is here for Sasha.  Nia says she dominated the Smackdown team.  Who didn't dominate last night?  Sasha.  The WWE Universe is completely fooled by the glitz and the glamour, but Nia says she isn't.  She calls Sasha a purple headed overrated Barbie doll.

Sasha says when she gets her title back, she will show how overrated she is.

Charlotte tries to stir the pot.

Nia says that when you stand next to her, she is not the boss.

Dana tries to stir things up too and Sasha hits Dana.  Nia runs Sasha into the corner and hits a splash.  Nia holds Sasha for Charlotte to chop her.  

Bayley's music plays and she runs to the ring.  Nia sends Sasha to the floor.  Nia knocks Bayley off the apron.

We go to commercial.

Match Number Six:  Sasha Banks and Bayley versus Nia Jax and Charlotte (with Dana Brooke)

The match is joined in progress and Bayley with forearms to Charlotte and Sasha tags in.  Sasha with a chop and Bayley tags in.  Bayley chops Charlotte.  Sasha tags back in and they chop Charlotte.  Sasha gets a near fall.  Charlotte with an elbow to Bayley and Nia tags in and knocks Bayley down.  Nia gets a near fall. 

Nia sends Bayley to the floor.  Dana gets in a shot on Bayley.  Charlotte tags back in and she snap mares Bayley and applies a chin lock.  Charlotte goes after Sasha on the apron but Sasha escapes.  Nia tags in.  Nia with a Cobra Clutch.  Charlotte tags in and Bayley with a monkey flip.  Sasha tags in and she sends Charlotte into the turnbuckles and hits a cross body.  Sasha with Meteora to Charlotte and she sends Charlotte into the turnbuckles.  Sasha with forearms and she hits a double knee drop to the midsection while in the turnbuckles for a near fall.

Nia breaks up the cover and she goes for a double choke slam but Bayley and Sasha block it and hit a double suplex.  Charlotte with a rollup on Sasha but Sasha kicks out and goes for the Banks Statement but Charlotte avoids it.  Sasha locks in the Banks Statement and Charlotte taps out.

Winners:  Sasha Banks and Bayley

Seth Rollins is in the back and he is asked about facing Kevin Owens in a No Disqualification Match for the WWE Universal Title.  Seth brings up that Chris Jericho is banned from ringside.  He says that Chris cost him his last two title matches.  He is not banned from using anything to become the Universal Champion.  The Universal title is for the best of the best and he says that he is the best of the best.  It comes full circle tonight when he redesigns, reclaims, and rebuilds Raw with the Universal Title.

Brian Kendrick makes his way to the announce table to join the announce team.

We go to commercial.

Match Number Seven:  Rich Swann versus Noam Dar versus TJ Perkins in a Number One Contender Match

Dar with a forearm to Swann and then Dar with a rollup on Swann.  Perkins misses a missile drop kick and then Perkins goes into the ropes and Dar with a drop kick.  Swann with a rollup for a near fall.  Swann flips over Dar and hits a drop kick.  Dar goes to the floor.  Swann with a forearm to Perkins followed by a chop.  Perkins with an uppercut.  Swann with a chop.  Perkins floats over on an Irish whip and Perkins with a drop kick to the knee.

We go to commercial.

We are back and Perkins with a leg submission on Swann.  Perkins with a Northern Lights suplex to Dar to add more pressure to Swann and he gets a near fall.  Perkins sends Swann into the ropes and Perkins with a double jump drop kick.  Swann punches Dar but Dar kicks Swann in the leg.  Dar with a European uppercut and Perkins with a jumping back heel kick.  Dar avoids the Detonation kick and applies an ankle lock. Swann with kicks to Dar and Perkins.  Perkins grabs Swann when he tries for the standing 450 and applies the knee bar.  Dar with a drop kick to Perkins.  Dar with a running drop kick to Perkins in the corner.

Dar misses a cross body and Perkins applies the knee bar on Dar.  Swann with Rolling Thunder to break up the knee bar.  Swann with a round kick for the three count.

Winner:  Rich Swann

Kevin Owens is in the interview area.  He tells Renee he knows he will be defending the title in a few moments.  He is ready for the match but it was not what he expected in Toronto.  He thought last night would be a great night, but he had to watch Seth Rollins fail again.  He proved he was the best champion in WWE when he power bombed AJ Styles so hard his stupid hair off his head.  Kevin says he did not get pinned while Seth Rollins did.  The architect was a failure.  Seth failed Raw and he failed Kevin.  He will admit that Seth Rollins is very good. Stephanie made the deal to give Seth Rollins a title match.  Kevin says the reward he got is going to be the punishment for failing their team and failing Kevin.  No Disqualification Match for the title does not come any bigger.  He tells Renee and then realizes that it is not Renee and he wants to know who this stranger is and he walks away.

We go to commercial.

We are back and it is Enzo Amore and Colin Cassady doing the merchandise promos for this year.

Match Number Eight:  Kevin Owens versus Seth Rollins for the WWE Universal Title in a No Disqualification Match (with Chris Jericho and Roman Reigns banned from ringside)

The bell rings and Owens goes to the floor to go for weapons under the ring and Rollins with a baseball slide.  Rollins sends Owens back into the ring and he hits a springboard knee to the temple and he gets a near fall.  Rollins gets a table from under the ring.  Owens with a kick and he hits a package side slam for a near fall.  Owens pushes the table to the floor and we go to commercial.

We are back and Owens gets a near fall.  We see footage of Owens hitting Rollins with a chair and then hitting a DDT on the chair.  Owens hits Rolilns in the back with a chair and he stands over Rollins with the chair and then he gets a near fall.  Owens punches Rollins and chokes him.  Owens mocks the crowd for using another wrestler's chant during his match.  Owens hits Rollins in the ribs with a chair.  Rollins with Slingblade and both men are down.

Both men get up and Owens goes over the top rope when Rollins ducks down.  Rollins with a suicide dive and then he hits a forearm into the corner.  Rollins sets up the chair in the ring and he leaps off the chair for a forearm and then he hits a flatline onto the chair for a near fall. 

We go to commercial.

We are back and they exchange punches and Owens wtih a head butt.  Rollins moves when Owens charges into the corner.  Rollins with a forearm but Owens with a clothesline.  Owens with a kick but Rollins with a knee and Rollins with an enzuigiri and both men are down. We see Rollins with a Blockbuster during the commercial but Owens power bombed Rollins through a table and hit a cannonball on the floor.

Rollins goes up top and Owens stops him.  Rollins with punches to Owens and Rollins sets for a frog splash but he misses when Owens moves.  Owens puts a chair against Rollins' face and he hits a cannonball into the chair for a near fall.  Owens sets up some chairs in the center of the ring and he tries to power bomb Rollins onto the chairs but Rollins back drops Owens onto the chairs and Rollins gets a near fall.  Seth goes under the ring and he gets a new table. 

Rollins kicks Owens and then he sets up the table against the turnbuckles.  Owens with a rollup but Rollins rolls through and hits a super kick for a near fall.  Owens loses grip of a chair and it falls to the floor.  Rollins is sent to the apron and Rollins with an enzuigiri.  Rollins goes up top but Owens stops Rollins and crotches him. Owens with a chop.  Owens sets for a superplex but Rollins holds on to the rope.  Rolllins gets to the mat and Rollins hits a running power bomb through the table but Owens kicks out.  Owens rolls to the floor.  Rollins with a boot to the head and he clotheslines Owens into the crowd.  Rollins with a double jump cross body onto Owens.  

They fight into the crowd and Owens goes to the back and Rollins attacks Owens from behind.  Rollins follows after Owens and he punches Owens as they continue in the crowd.  Owens is Irish whipped into some trash cans.  Rollins hits Owens with a trash can.  Owens with a kick and he sets for a power bomb but Rollins climbs the railing to escape.  Rollins goes to the top of the railings and he hits a forearm to Owens and both men are down.  Owens goes back to the ringside area and Rollins back drops Owens over the ringside barrier.

Rollins comes off the barrier but he is pushed by someone in a mask and it ends up being Chris Jericho when the mask is removed.  The announcers debate if the crowd area is 'ringside'.  Jericho is kicked by Rollins and is given a Pedigree.  Owens with a super kick and Owens with a power bomb onto the apron.  Owens gets the three count.

Winner:  Kevin Owens

After the match, Jericho and Owens celebrate Kevin's victory.

We go to credits.

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