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By Mike Johnson on 2016-06-12 19:40:00

Full Metal Mayhem: Matt Hardy vs. Jeff Hardy

Mat tried to attack Jeff with a trash can as Jeff made his way to the ring but was worked over.  Hardy drilled it over Matt's back and tossed him into the ring.  He slammed Matt into the buckles.  Matt fired back with a series of right hands.  Jeff speared Matt and nailed a series of punches.  Matt powdered out to the floor.  Jeff followed and sent him into the ringpost.

Jeff went to pull a table out from under the ring but was attacked from behind by Matt with a Kendo Stick.  Matt drilled a ladder into Jeff over and over as Jeff was trapped against the ringpost.  Matt set up a table outside on the floor.   Matt went to suplex Jeff on the floor but he reversed it.  Jeff grabbed a trash can full of weapons and tossed it at Matt, then beat Matt over the back with it.  He grabbed a ladder and beat Big Money Matt (did I really just write that?) and then placed Matt on a table.   Hardy nailed a slingshot splash over the ropes through a table.

Jeff grabbed a ladder and extended it (think fire department ladder) and then bridged it on the ropes so it was suspended across the ring.  He placed Matt on it and nailed a big splash off the top onto Hardy for a two count.   Jeff went back to the rope and attempted a swanton, but Matt pulled his knees up.  He covered Matt for a two count.  

The brothers fought to their feet and battered each other with right hands.  Jeff went for the Twist of Fate but Matt escaped and drilled Hardy down.  He bit at Jeff's face.  They battled on the apron until Matt nailed the Side Effect on the apron.   Matt Hardy brought a keyboard into the equation, bridging it from the ring apron to a piece of guard rail.   He powerbombed Jeff through it.  He covered Jeff on the floor but he kicked out.  Matt moved a number of ladders into the ring and set up several tables outside.  

Matt beat on Jeff and placed him across two tables on the floor.  Matt went to the top of a ladder but Jeff recovered and raced up the ladder.  They battled atop the ladder, which tipped over, sending them crashing them down into the ropes.   They battled back and forth with right hands.    Hardy got the better of the exchange and took Matt down, the nailed the Cruncher legdrop for a two count.  Jeff snapped him with the Twist of Fate.  Hardy went to the top for another swanton and nailed it.  Jeff covered Matt, who kicked out.

Jeff dragged Matt back to the tables on the floor and nailed a Twist of Fate  through one of the tables for a two count on the floor.  He placed Matt on the table and nailed a swanton off the top rope through the table on the floor for the pin.

Your winner, Jeff Hardy!

Fun match and easily the best thing on the show at this point.  They used a lot of weapons and had a lot of crazy spots.  It was the stunt show people expected it to be. 

Backstage, TNA Tag Team champions Decay cut a promo.  Abyss is obviously having a lot of fun with the new look.  He had a great deranged promo. 

TNA Tag Team champions Decay (with Rosemary) vs. The Bromans (with Raquel)

Decay's music and entrance feels big time.   Crazzy Steve and Robbie E started out.  Decay tagged in and out, controlling E despite his best efforts.  Godderz tagged in and controlled Steve.  He whipped out a high dropkick on Abyss and a nice top rope rana on Steve.  Robbie hit a dive off the top to the floor on Decay.  Bromans were working hard.

Rosemary got in the ring and challenged Godderz.  He grabbed her, pressed her and sent her over the top into the waiting arms of Decay.  Godderz went to the floor and nailed some big right hands on Abyss.  Godderz' work has really been improving.  Abyss cut him off as Steve worked over Robbie on the floor.   Abyss nailed a big headbutt that sent Jesse to the mat.  He stepped on his throat, trying to smother him. 

Abyss charged Godderz in the corner but was kicked off.  Godderz tackled him off the ropes.  Robbie E got the hot tag and he nailed some good clotheslines and showed some fine fire.  The Bromans sent Steve into the ropes for a double backdrop.  Abyss clotheslined them both.  He called for Rosemary, who got up on the apron and sprewed mist, but Robbie ducked and Abyss ended up blinded.  He grabbed Steve and chokeslammed him, not knowing who he had.

The BroMans cleaned house.  Godderz trapped Steve in a Boston Crab.  Abyss pulled the referee out.  Robbie nailed Abyss.  Abyss spewed green mist but blinded the referee.  Rosemary nailed Godderz with the belt.  Raquel hit the ring and clotheslined her.  She mounted Rosemary and nailed some right hands.  She's very green and very hot.     A second referee hit the ring but Godderz kicked out.  They went back and forth.

Abyss nailed a Black Hole Slam on Jesse.  He powerbomed Crazzy Steve atop of Jesse, an exclamation point on the sentence and scored the pin.

You winners and still Tag Team champions, Decay!

Way better than I expected.  I really think the Bromans are working hard but that name really needs to go.  They each overexcelled here.  Decay is a hell of an act.

Jeremy Borash interviewed TNA champion Drew Galloway.  He said that everyone is asking how he's going to beat the MMA Machine.  He said that for 16 years, he's been working on his dream.  He said that everything has built to this moment where he walks out as World champion.  He said Lashley has injured him and sent him to the hospital but he always comes back.  He said he's not the World champion for no reason and said he's the busiest man in wrestling.  He said he's not the underdog and if he tapped out Kurt Angle, he sure as hell can beat Lashley.  Good promo!

TNA champion Drew Galloway vs. Bobby Lashley: Knockout or Tapout

Lashley hit a flying leg lariat immediately and they teased Lashley was KO'd for a second.  It looked awesome and had that been the finish, I'd have popped.

Lashley grabbed him in a leglock but Galloway grabbed the ropes.  They brawled to the floor and hit each other with some stuff shots.  Lashley was whipped tossed the ring steps but Lashley leapt over them.  They went back and forth in the ring until Lashley nailed a big clothesline.    Lots of really good work early.  Lashley speared Galloway.  Galloway fought him off but was choked against the ropes.

Very physical match.  Lashley nailed an overhead belly to belly suplex that almost sent Galloway to the floor.  Lashley went for a cross armbreaker but Galloway locked his hands to try and force him from cinching it in.  Galloway kicked Lashley off and the shot cut Lashley open above the eye.  Lashley missed a clothesline and Galloway unloaded with chops and a clothesline.

Lashley caught Galloway and lifted him into a monster spinebuster.   Lashley nailed a delayed verical suplex.  Lashley worked over Galloway on the top rope.  He set up for a superplex but Galloway fought him off and came off the top with a flying clothesline.  Galloway nailed the Claymore Kick.  Lashley was out but the ropes held him up and saved him from being KO'd.

Lashley came back with a spear out of desperation.  Lashley nailed some strikes and tried to cinch in a choke.  Galloway fought free and kicked Lashley over the top to the floor.  Galloway followed him to the floor and chopped him.  He charged Lashley but was pressed and dropped on the apron outside.  Galloway was grabbed for an Irish whip into the steel steps but reversed it and Lashley ate the steps.  Galloway nailed the Celtic Cross on the steps.  The crowd chanted, "TNA."

On the steps, Galloway locked in a Sharpshooter on the stairs   Lashley nailed the leg lariat on the floor and set up a table outside the ring.  He placed Lashley on the table and went for a tope con hilo over the top.  Lashley moved and Galloway smashed through the table in spectacular, destructive fashion.  Lashley beat on Galloway and ripped at his face.  He told the referee to count Galloway out.  The referee got to eight but Galloway returned to his feet, blood trickling from his forehead.

Galloway headbutt Lashley.  He went to the top but Lashley caught him in an armbar in mid-air.  He turned it into a Crossface but Galloway escaped and nailed a tombstone piledriver on Lashley.   He told the referee to count.  Lashley got up.  Galloway went for the Claymore Kick but Lashley avoided it and nailed a backfist.  He choked out Galloway and the referee called for the bell.

Your winner and new TNA champion, Bobby Lashley!

Excellent match with a great, physical performance from each man.  Lots of really nice moments here.

Overall, a decent show with some really good matches on the top half of the card.  It was obvious at times that the crowd was mentally in another place and that's understandable.  TNA was in a really hard position today. 

Orlando, God bless you all.

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