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Dave Scherer has been covering the business of professional wrestling for the past decade. After writing for various publications in the early 1990s, Dave started “The Wrestling Lariat” newsletter in June of 1995. Over the next few years, the Lariat grew steadily and became one of the must-read publications for those in and around the wrestling business.

In August of 1997, Dave was approached by Bob Ryder to become a part of the new website Ryder wanted the name value of Dave and the Lariat to be one of the draws for the new website, and the two joined forces. Dave worked at as columnist, reporter and webmaster until January of 2004 before deciding to branch out on his own and start this website.

Dave’s extended network of contacts and ability to consistently break the top stories in pro wrestling has made him a must-read for anyone who follows the wrestling business online. Dave’s column, “The Daily Lariat,” quickly became a favorite of cyberspace’s wrestling fans around the world and will now be featured here on

Also during Dave’s time at, he was a staff writer for the now-defunct WOW and ECW magazines. He also penned the Saturday pro wrestling column at the New York Daily News for two years. And he was the webmaster for the Extreme Championship Wrestling website until the company ceased operations in 2001.

Dave’s combination of reporting skills, humor and ability to succinctly analyze the trends and patterns of today’s wrestling business allow for him to pen informative and entertaining pieces for the readers of

Dave Scherer can be reached at


Mike Johnson handles a number of responsibilities for, including coverage of International and "Niche Wrestling" promotions, live on-site play-by-play features, PPV coverage, and a number of original features, reviews, and commentaries that transcend the borders of the professional wrestling world.

A native New Yorker, Mike is a former staff member of (1997-2004) as well as the print newsletter The Wrestling Lariat (1996-2004). Mike was also a staff member of (1999-2001), where his work on the site translated into marketing and promotional materials used for the ECW action figure and video game lines. Mike was also involved heavily with a number of websites involving then-ECW performers including Rob Van Dam, Taz, and Dawn Marie.

Mike was a prime researcher for former ECW announcer Joey Styles, being credited on numerous Extreme Championship Wrestling PPV events for his work educating Styles on International performers.

Mike went on to write and research for the ECW DVD series produced by Pioneer Home Video, including scripting some of most well received titles of the series, including "The Best of Cactus Jack in ECW."

Mike recently joined the staff of "Total Wrestling Magazine" as a Contributing Writer. He also heads up, promoting regular excursions to a number of major independent wrestling events in the Northeastern United States.

Although he has been writing about the world of professional wrestling for nearly a decade, Mike brings a unique point of view of wrestling's place as an entertainment form, having worked in various facets of the entertainment world.

Mike Johnson can be reached at