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By Richard Trionfo on 2016-02-18 21:59:00

On Monday night, Dean Ambrose called out one of the two men he will be facing at Fastlane, Brock Lesnar.  Brock did not come out, but Stephanie McMahon did and as a result Dean is no longer the Intercontinental Champion. 

We are in Ontario, California and your announcers are Byron Saxton, Jerry Lawler, and Michael Cole.

Kevin Owens makes his way to the ring and he is not in his wrestling gear.

Kevin takes a seat on the announce table and he shows the belt to Cole and Lawler before taking his seat next to Byron Saxton.  Kevin is asked about his match against Dolph Ziggler and he says he will beat him on Sunday night.

Match Number One:  Dolph Ziggler, Kalisto, and Sin Cara versus Alberto Del Rio, Sheamus, and Rusev (with Wade Barrett)

Rusev and Kalisto start things off and Rusev grabs Kalisto by the throat but Kalisto with kicks.  Kalisto with kicks and a drop kick to the knees.  Kalisto with more kicks to the leg and Rusev pushes Kalisto into the corner.  Kalisto with a kick and a tornado DDT for a near fall.  Cara tags in and Cara with a monkey flip to Kalisto and he hits a lateral press on Rusev for a near fall. 
Rusev with a knee to Cara and he tags in Del Rio.  Cara with a head scissors to Del Rio followed by a kick and drop kick to the knee.  Cara with a springboard moonsault for a near fall.  Del Rio kicks Cara and Irish wihps him into the corner.  Cara with a sunset flip but Kalstio tags in and he hits a springboard rana to Del Rio.  Kalisto drop kicks Sheamus to the floor.  Ziggler holds the ropes open for Kalisto and Sin Cara to hit suicide dives.  Rusev tries to interfere but Ziggler moves and Rusev goes to the floor.  Ziggler goes up top and he hits an elbow onto Rusev.

We go to commercial.

We are back and Rusev is in control and he has Cara in a reverse chin lock.  We see footage from the commercial when Sheamus sent Cara into the ringside barrier.  Rusev with a slam and he tags in Del Rio who goes up top and Del Rio with a chop to the top of the head.  Del Rio knocks Kalisto off the apron.  Del Rio with a tilt-a-whirl back breaker for a near fall.  Del Rio with a reverse chin lock on Cara. 

Cara with punches but Del Rio with a head butt and boot to the injured arm.  Del Rio poses on the turnbuckles.  Del Rio sends Cara into the ring post shoulder first and Sheamus tags in and punches Cara and follows with a kick.  Sheamus with a uranage back breaker and then he holds on for a second one.  Sheamus goes for a third one and hits it.   Sheamus gets a near fall.  Rusev tags in and he applies a front face lock.

Cara with punches but Rusev with a knee and he tags in Del Rio.  Del Rio comes off the turnbuckles and Cara counters with a drop kick.  Both men are down in the center of the ring.  Ziggler and Sheamus tag in and Ziggler with flying clotheslines and a splash into the corner followed by a neck breaker.  Ziggler with a leaping elbow drop and he gets a near fall.  Ziggler has a super kick blocked and Sheamus tries for a belly-to-back suplex but Ziggler lands on his feet.

Sheamus goes into the turnbuckles shoulder first and Ziggler with a hesitation DDT for a near fall.  Del Rio breaks up the cover.  Cara drop kicks Del Rio to the floor and then he goes for a slingshot move but Del Rio moves and Rusev with a thrust kick.  Kalisto goes for a rana off the apron but Del Rio catches him and sends him into the ringside barrier.

Sheamus misses a Brogue Kick and Ziggler with a rollu for a near fall.  Ziggler with a Fameasser for a near fall.  Del Rio gets on the apron and Ziggler takes care of him.  Ziggler takes care of Rusev.  Owens gets on the apron and distracts Ziggler to allow Sheamus to hit a Brogue Kick and get the three count.

Winners:  Sheamus, Alberto Del Rio, and Rusev

After the match, Owens takes Ziggler’s vest on his way to the back.

Michael reminds us that Brock Lesnar will be here tonight and we have a video package for his return to Smackdown.

Sasha Banks walks in the back as we go to commercial.

We are back and we see the video with Becky Lynch, Tamina, and Naomi that aired on Raw.

Match Number Two:  Tamina (with Naomi) versus Sasha Banks

Naomi gets in the ring before Sasha and Tamina lock up but the referee sends her back to the floor.  Tamina sends Naomi to the mat and she mocks the crowd chanting for Sasha.  Tamina tosses Sasha across the ring by the hair.  Tamina tosses Sasha by the hair one more time.  Tamina gets a near fall.  Tamina with a belly-to-back suplex attempt but Sasha lands on her feet and she kicks Tamina away and then kicks her in the shin.

Sasha with running knees into the corner and she does it a second time.  Sasha with a third running knee strike in the corner for a near fall.  Naomi gets on the apron and Sasha with a forearm.  Sasha with a wheelbarrow move into bulldog.  Sasha with a crossface and Tamina taps out.

Winner:  Sasha Banks

After the match, Naomi attacks Sasha  and punches Sasha while the referee tells her to stop.  Tamina and Naomi double team Sasha and Becky Lynch makes her way to the ring and she goes after Naomi and then she connects with a forearm to Tamina.

Becky helps Sasha up and Sasha pushes Becky away before she leaves the ring.

We go to commercial.

We are back and Becky Lynch walks up to Sasha and she wants to know what just happened.  Becky says that if they go into Sunday at each other’s throats, they will lose.   She says they are on the Road to Wrestlemania.  If Tamina and Naomi win on Sunday, they get to ride the wave into Wrestlemania.  Becky says she has dreamt about her Wrestlemania moment.

Sasha tells Becky she wants her Wrestlemania moment too. 

Becky says they need each other.  She says she has been trying, but if Sasha wants to let her ego get in the way, she is done.

Sasha says they are not friends, but she hates losing.  They shake hands.

Chris Jericho makes his way to the ring

We take a look at what happened after AJ’s match against Miz on Raw and the challenge that was made for Fastlane with Jericho’s response.

Chris says it is the answer to the question that everyone has been talking about since Monday.  Will there be a rematch between Chris Jericho and AJ Styles at Fastlane.  Chris says he wants AJ to come to the ring so he can say it to his face.

Instead of Styles, the Miz makes his way to the stage.  Miz tells Chris to spare them the suspense.  They are sick and tired of AJ and Chris playing footsie.  Miz says he has an important announcement to make.

Chris asks if Miz is going to take two weeks off and quit the business. 

Miz says he will not be quitting.  If he was going to quit, he would not do it in the inland empire.  Miz says his major announcement is not only was he the guest of honor at the Post Raw Grammy Party at the Playboy Mansion, but Jericho does not have to worry about AJ Styles.  Jericho has a match against the real A Lister right now.

Miz punches Jericho but Jericho fights back and he throws Miz over the top rope to the floor.

We go to commercial.

Match Number Three:  Miz versus Chris Jericho

Miz pushes Jericho and Jericho chops and punches Miz.  Miz goes to the floor and Jericho follows after him.  Miz gets back into the ring first but Jericho with a chop.  Jericho with a suplex to Miz.  Jericho with a punch followed by an Irish whip and clothesline in the corner.  Jericho punches Miz in the corner from the turnbuckles.  Jericho with another chop and Irish whip but Miz moves and Jericho hits the ring post shoulder first.

Miz with boots to Jericho and the referee warns him.  Miz chokes Jericho in the ropes.  Miz with the Awesome Clothesline and he gets a near fall.  Miz with a knee to the back and a reverse chin lock.  Miz with a shoulder tackle but Jericho with a drop kick.  Jericho kicks and chops Miz.  Jericho with an Irish whip but Miz sends Jericho to the apron.  Jericho is put on the turnbuckles but Jericho pushes Miz off and hits a cross body for a near fall.

Jericho with a forearm and then Miz goes to the floor when Jericho drops down.  Jericho with a springboard drop kick.  Jericho with a baseball slide to Miz and he sends Miz into the apron.  Jericho sends Miz back into the ring and Miz kicks the ropes while Jericho returns to the ring.  Miz with a kick to Jericho followed by a boot to the head.

We go to commercial.

We are back and Miz with a kick to Jericho and then he goes for a rear chin lock.  Jericho with chops but Miz with Reality Check for a near fall.  Miz with a rear chin lock.  Jericho with elbows but Miz with a knee.  Miz sends Jericho over the top rope but Jericho lands on the apron and then he goes up top for a double sledge.

Jericho with a running shoulder tackle.  Miz goes for Reality Check again but Jericho escapes and he gets Miz down for the Walls of Jericho but Miz powers out.  Jericho with an enzuigiri for a near fall.  Miz kicks Jericho in the knee but Miz is sent into the corner and Jericho with a running bulldog.

Jericho goes for the Lionsault but Miz moves and Miz with a DDT for a near fall.  Miz sets for the Skull Crushing Finale but Jericho with an elbow.  Jericho with a Gibson back breaker for a near fall.  Miz with a boot to Jericho for a near fall.  Miz climbs the turnbuckles and rakes the eyes.  Jericho blocks an Awesome Clothesline and he applies the Walls of Jericho and Miz taps out.

Winner:  Chris Jericho

After the match, Jericho says that Miz is a great performer but Y2J comes out on top.  The business at hand is with AJ Styles.  He wants AJ to come out so he can answer the question that everyone is asking about.

AJ Styles makes his way to the ring.

Jericho says that you challenged him to a rematch on Raw.  He knows the reason why AJ did it.  There is a saying they have in the WWE.  You are only as good as your last match.  In their last match, Jericho reminds AJ he won.  He knows that AJ is trying to make his name off Jericho.  Jericho says he respects AJ and says he is one of the best performers in the world.  While he respects AJ, he does not necessarily like him and he is not going to do him any favors.

The answer to the rematch at Fastlane is no.

Styles wants to know if anything will change his mind . . . so Styles punches Jericho and clotheslines him over the top rope to the floor.

Jericho gets on the apron and Jericho tells Styles that was a stupid move.  You want a rematch against Chris Jericho at Fastlane?  You got it.

Jericho tells Styles he is going to regret it.

We take a look back at what Paul Heyman said to Roman Reigns on Raw.

Dean Ambrose and Roman Reigns are in the back and Roman tells Dean he was getting a little crazy with him on Monday.  However, Dean did have a rough night and he says he feels sorry about Dean’s loss.

Dean says he was being jerked around and he wants to get into the ring.

Roman tells Dean he will see him in the ring.  Roman tells Dean not to try to pull that Dirty Deeds thing again.

Dean asks Roman if he can take a joke and Roman says he can take a good joke.

Dean walks in the back and he sees Paul Heyman.  Dean is shocked to see Paul at Smackdown.  He says that Paul looks rested.  He wants to know what is up.

Paul says that Dean knows about the respect and admiration that Paul has for Roman Reigns.  Paul says that he wanted to tell Roman and Dean that his client Brock Lesnar is here tonight.  Paul says that Brock is in a foul mood and he is looking for Dean.

Dean acts like he should be afraid because he has to deal with the Dudleys and Brock Lesnar tonight.  Dean asks Paul for some advice.  He wants Paul to advocate for him.

Paul tells Dean that Brock is looking for him and he cannot help him.

Dean suggests that he will do it on his own.  He tells Paul to tell Brock not to make him wait tonight.

We go to commercial.

JoJo is in the interview area with the New Day.  She asks them about their history with Edge and Christian and how are they preparing.  Xavier says that they are the franchise team in the WWE and you are talking about practice.  Kofi suggests that they should show JoJo a sneak peek of what you are going to see at Fastlane, but they decide not to do it.

Big E says they are going to go to the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame after their appearance at Fastlane.

Kofi says that Edge and Christian have gone out of style.  Big E says that people do not say things reek of awesomeness or do flash photography. 

Xavier says it is the Year of the Gif, not the jif.  Xavier says for those of you with modern technology, they will give you a sneak peek of how they are going to look at Fastlane.

Xavier plays while Big E and Kofi dance.

We go to commercial.

Match Number Four:  Charlotte (with Ric Flair) versus Natalya

They lock up and Natalya with a hammer lock but Charlotte with a head scissors.  Natalya kips up out of the head scissors.  Charlotte bounces off the ropes and wooos in Natalya’s face.  Natalya with a side head lock take down.  Charlotte sends Natalya to the mat.  Charlotte misses a charge into the corner and then Natalya with a slingshot drop and then Natalya runs over Charlotte’s back and hits a drop kick.

Charlotte goes to the floor and Natalya tries to bring her back in as we go to commercial.

We are back and Natalya has a kick blocked but Natalya gets Charlotte down to the mat.  Charlotte with a side head lock.  Natalya with a suplex and Charlotte goes to the floor.  Natalya with a baseball slide to the back and Charlotte goes down.  Charlotte with a running boot to the chest.  Charlotte sends Natalya back into the ring and gets a near fall.  Charlotte with a body scissors.  Natalya turns around but Charlotte with a guillotine on Natalya.  Charlotte with a lateral press and she gets a near fall.  Charlotte misses a Flair knee drop and Natalya connects with a discus clothesline.  Natalya with a German suplex and Charlotte goes to the apron.

Charlotte pulls the apron and Natalya falls down.  Charlotte with a double leg take down and Charlotte with the bridging figure four and Natalya taps out.

Winner:  Charlotte

After the match, Charlotte mocks the ‘Yes’ chant and that gets Brie’s music playing.

Brie makes her way to the ring and Charlotte with forearms and a double leg take down.  Brie kicks Charlotte away when Charlotte tries for the figure four leg lock.  Brie with kicks to Charlotte and Ric pulls Charlotte out of the ring when Brie tries for the running Brie Mode knee.

R Truth is on the phone and he is still apologizing for what happened on Monday night.  Goldust is next to Truth.  Goldust says he is Dusta Rhymes.  He says if Truth doesn’t want to be his tag team partner, he will lay down some truth.  Goldust starts to rap.

Truth says he is visualizing something and he starts to rap.

We take a look at what the Wyatt Family has done over the last few weeks.

We go to commercial.

Match Number Five:  Roman Reigns and Dean Ambrose versus Bubba Ray Dudley and D-Von Dudley

D-Von and Dean start things off and D-Von with a kick and punches.  Dean with a cross body and punches to D-Von.  Dean with a running forearm into the corner followed by a bulldog for a near fall.  Bubba tags in and Bubba pie faces Reigns.  Bubba has something to say to Reigns.  Dean agrees to tag in Reigns so he can get his hands on Bubba.  Bubba with a punch and Reigns punches back.  They go back and forth with punches and Bubba with a knee and elbow to the back of the head.  Reigns tries for a Samoan Drop but Bubba escapes.  Reigns with a neck breaker to Bubba.

Dean tags in and they hit a double suplex on Bubba.  D-Von tries to interfere but he is given a double suplex of his own.  Ambrose sends D-Von over the top rope to the floor while Reigns does the same to Bubba.

We go to commercial.

We are back and Bubba with a neck vice on Ambrose and he rubs his forearm across the side of the head.  We see footage from the commercial break when Dean fell victim to a neck breaker and belly-to-back suplex combination.  D-Von with punches to Ambrose.  D-Von sends Dean to the floor and Bubba sends Dean into the announce table. 

D-Von gets a near fall and he goes to a reverse chin lock.  D-Von with a side head lock and Dean with a jaw breaker but D-Von with a clothesline for a near fall.  Bubba tags in and he punches Dean in the midsection.  Bubba puts Dean on the turnbuckles and hits a hangman’s neck breaker and Dean stays in the tree of woe.

The referee checks on Dean and Bubba punches Dean.  Bubba with another punch to Dean.  Bubba with another neck breaker and he taunts Dean.  D-Von tags in and he kicks Ambrose in the midsection.  D-Von chokes Dean in the ropes and D-Von punches Dean in the corner. 

D-Von with a snap mare and he hits an elbow drop for a near fall.  D-Von with a reverse chin lock.  Dean with punches but D-Von with a forearm and he tags Bubba back in.

Bubba with a slam and he goes to the turnbuckles but Bubba gets focused on Roman and that allows Dean to get up and he tries for a superplex but Bubba pushes him off.  Bubba misses a back senton and both men are down.  Reigns and D-Von tag in and Roman with clotheslines.  Roman with a Samoan drop to Bubba and he follows with Neverending Story on D-Von. 

Roman sets for the Superman punch and Brock Lesnar’s music plays.  Brock makes his way onto the stage with Paul Heyman.  Brock does the Brock Bounce and the pyro goes off.

Bubba and D-Von attack Dean and Roman from behind.  Reigns avoids a 3D with a Superman punch to D-Von.  Bubba with a boot to Reigns but Ambrose come off the turnbuckles with an elbow to the chest.  Dean with a suicide dive onto D-Von.  Dean sends D-Von back in but Lesnar attacks Ambrose and the referee calls for the bell.

Winners:  Roman Reigns and Dean Ambrose (by Disqualification)

After the match, Reigns goes after Lesnar but Lesnar sends Reigns into the ringside barrier.  Ambrose joins in the attack on Lesnar.  Reigns sends Lesnar into the ring and Lesnar with a German suplex to Reigns and then to Ambrose.

Paul tells Dean if he wanted him, he is here.  Reigns with a Superman punch and then he goes for the spear but Lesnar moves and he sends Reigns into Ambrose.  Dean with a kick and he tries for the double underhook DDT.  Reigns escapes and he hits a Samoan drop.  Lesnar gets Reigns up and hits an F-5.

Triple H’s music plays and he makes his way onto the stage and he has the WWE Title Belt on his shoulder.

We go to credits.


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