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By Mike Johnson on 2016-02-14 14:37:00

Former TNA and WWE star Brooke Adams officially announced that she is expecting her child tonight.  This is why Adams departed TNA several months ago, although she did not publicly disclose it at the time.  Due to the personal and health nature of the situation, decided not to report Adams' pregnancy until she publicly went forward with announcing it.

You can watch the video of her announcement below:

Adams, 31, debuted in WWE's version of ECW as part of the dance troupe "Extreme Expose" in 2006.  After being released, she debuted in TNA in 2010 in a non-wrestling role but eventually shifted over to performing full-time as a TNA Knockout.  She had incredible improvement over the last several years and was one of the more popular female acts in the company, holding the Knockouts championship three times as well as the now-defunct TNA Knockouts Tag Team championship once with Tara/Lisa Marie Varon.  Adams brought the company some mainstream exposure after competing on CBS' "The Amazing Race" with TNA star Robbie E.

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