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By Mike Johnson on 2016-01-12 17:13:19
TJ Perkins, who had been working for TNA under a mask as Manik, noted on social media that the company had given him notice that his contract was not being renewed.

Perkins had appeared from time to time for the promotion before signing on full-time in 2013 to portray the masked Suicide character, a gimmick that was first created as part of a promotion for the first and only TNA videogame, which featured the character. The character's name was changed to Manik with TNA shooting vignettes showcasing Perkins as the performer behind the mask. The Manik character's last real run featured him as part of James Storm's Revolution before competing in the TNA World Title Series.

The Manik character has already been moved to TNA's Alumni section of their website. On Twitter, Perkins noted, "There was never an explanation given, just a notice."

Perkins had been working as himself for EVOLVE in recent months as well and noted on Twitter he would be doing a UK tour for Lucha VaVoom.

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