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By Mike Johnson on 2016-01-08 11:20:26
After returning to the ring last night as part of the inaugural "WWE Kids" taping in Winter Park, Florida, WWE's Natalya posted the following message on Instagram:

"Thank you @wwebeckylynch! Couldn't have asked for a more perfect opponent for my first match back in over two months. Magic! I have debated with myself every day about explaining why I was suddenly "gone" after the last match I had in November. It was the first injury I've had that has taken me away from wrestling in over 11 years. I was so disappointed. For the last 8 weeks I have been in intense physical therapy. I've been focused on returning and being stronger than ever. I fought hard to come back. I hated missing this past summer of the Diva's Revolution. I wanted so much to be a part of it because I love wrestling! Not just because I was born into it, WRESTLING is a part of my heart. When I finally came back at the end of September, I was incredibly grateful and happy! I missed the girls, the ring and all of you. Then to get hurt, I felt like a failure."

In regard to Sasha Banks and Paige not wrestling lately, we are told Banks was banged up and pulled from the ring after her match with Becky Lynch on the Brooklyn, NY Raw. No word on what the injury is or how long she will be out.

While it is possible, we've no confirmation that Paige is injured. She was at the WWE Performance Center over the last week.

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