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By Mike Johnson on 2019-01-08 08:00:00

January 8th

On this day in history in ....

1917 - Wladek Zbyszko defeats B.F. Roller for the American Heavyweight Title in Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania. Charlie Cutler had been recognized as champion in 1914 and began claiming the World Heavyweight Title in 1915, leaving the American title vacant.

1925 - Wayne Munn ends Ed "Strangler" Lewis' fourth reign as World Heavyweight Champion in Kansas City, Missouri.

1946 - Jim Casey defeats Dean Detton to win his second San Francisco NWA Pacific Coast Heavyweight Title in San Francisco, California, ending Detton's eighth reign.

1947 - Brian Wickens, better known as Bushwhacker Luke, is born in Auckland, New Zealand.

1951 - Bert Ruby defeats Jan Gotch for the Wolverine Wrestling Michigan Junior Heavyweight Title in Saginaw, Michigan, beginning his second reign.

1957 - Ivan and Karol Kalmikoff defeat Fritz Von Erich and Karl Von Schober in a tournament final to become the first Minneapolis NWA World Tag Team Champions in Minneapolis, Minnesota. The title would go on to become the AWA World Tag Team Title in 1960, when Verne Gagne left the NWA and founded the promotion.

1958 - Yvon Robert defeats Mario Galento to win the NWA Gulf Coast Heavyweight Title in Mobile, Alabama

1960 - Pete Managoff defeats Nick Kozak for the NWA Texas Heavyweight Title in Houston, Texas.

1962 - Len Rossi wins the NWA Southern Junior Heavyweight Title for the second time, defeating Don Greene in Memphis, Tennessee.

1965 - Pepper Martin defeats Pat Patterson for the NWA Pacific Northwest Heavyweight Title, ending Patterson's second reign and beginning his third. Patterson defeated Martin for the title five days earlier.

1966 - Tim Woods defeats Mad Dog Vachon in Omaha, Nebraska to win the AWA World Heavyweight Title, or so he thought. Six days later, AWA President Stanley Blackburn declared the match a no contest after reviewing footage of the match, and returned the title to Vachon. Woods had his feet on the ropes during the pinfall. Vachon defeated Woods that same day for the title.

1968 - Keiko "Bull" Nakano is born in Kawaguchi, Japan.

1971 - Karl and Kurt Von Steiger defeat Tony Borne and Moondog Mayne for the NWA Pacific Northwest Tag Team Title. This ended Borne and Mayne's 10th reign and began the Von Steigers' sixth reign.

1972 - Albert Wall defeats George Gordienko in Hanley, England to win the British Empire Heavyweight Title.

1977 - Danny Giamondo is born in Lodi, New Jersey.

1978 - Leo Burke defeats Don Gagne (Frenchy Martin) for the Stampede North American Heavyweight Title in Edmonton, Alberta.

1983 - The WWF holds an event at Capital Centre in Landover, Maryland.
The results:
- Salvatore Bellomo defeated Charlie Fulton.
- Tony Garea defeated Pete Sanchez.
- Special Delivery Jones defeated Johnny Rodz.
- Curt Hennig (subbing for Victor Rivera) and Eddie Gilbert fought to a draw.
- Superstar Billy Graham defeated Pat Patterson.
- Rocky Johnson defeated Buddy Rose by forfeit.
- Jimmy Snuka defeated Ray Stevens.
- WWF Tag Team Champions Chief Jay and Jules Strongbow defeated The Wild Samoans (Afa and Sika) by forfeit to retain the title. This match was scheduled for two out of three falls.
- WWF Intercontinental Champion Pedro Morales defeated Mr. Fuji to retain the title.
- Don Muraco defeated WWF Heavyweight Champion Bob Backlund. This match was advertised as for the title, but there was no title change.

1983 - Moose Morowski and Al Tomko defeat Dean Ho and Moondog Moretti for the Vancouver NWA International Tag Team Title in Cloverdale, British Columbia. They were stripped of the title on January 25.

1983 - Kaoru Matsumoto defeats Lioness Asuka to win the AJW Singles Title in Kumaya, Japan.

1984 - Don Kernodle and Bob Orton, Jr. defeat Dory Funk, Jr. and Jimmy Valiant for the vacant Mid-Atlantic NWA World Tag Team title in Charlotte, North Carolina. The title was vacated when Ricky Steamboat, who held the title with Jay Youngblood, announced his retirement on Christmas, ending their fifth reign.

1984 - Chigusa Nagayo wins her second AJW Junior Title in Tokyo, defeating Noriyo Tateno.

1984 - Rayo de Jalisco, Jr. defeats Pirata Morgan to win the Mexican National Heavyweight Title in Mexico City, Mexico.

1990 - Jerry Lawler defeats King Cobra for the USWA Unified World Heavyweight Title in Memphis, Tennessee, beginning his fourth reign.

1993 - The WWF runs a show at the Spectrum in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. The results:
- Virgil defeated The Brooklyn Brawler.
- The Steiner Brothers (Rick and Scott Steiner) defeated The Executioners (subbing for Double Trouble).
- Tatanka pinned Damien Demento.
- Bob Backlund pinned The Berzerker.
- WWF Intercontinental Champion Shawn Michaels pinned Marty Jannetty to retain the title.
- The Headshrinkers (Samu and Fatu) defeated High Energy (Owen Hart and Koko B. Ware).
- The Undertaker pinned Papa Shango (subbing for Nailz).
- WWF World Champion Bret Hart pinned Ric Flair to retain the title.

1993 - Espectrito I defeats Mascarita Sagrada to win the Mexican National Mini-Estrella Title in Queretaro, Mexico.

1994 - Far 2 Wild (Chris Michaels and Todd Morton) defeat PG-13 (JC Ice and Wolfie D) for the held up USWA Tag Team Title in Memphis, Tennessee. The title was held up after a match between the two teams on January 3 in Memphis. This began Far 2 Wild's second reign.

1995 - Arn Anderson defeats Johnny B. Badd to win the WCW World Television Title for the fourth time in Atlanta, Georgia during a live edition of "The Main Event".

1995 - Tatsutoshi Goto, Shiro Koshinaka and Michiyoshi Ohara defeat Hiromichi Fuyuki, Gedo and Jado to win the Pro Wrestling WAR Six-Man Tag Team Title in Nagano, Japan, ending Fuyuki, Gedo and Jado's second reign.

1995 - Hikari Fukuoka and Mayumi Ozaki defeat Etsuko Mita and Mima Shimoda for the Japanese Women's Pro Wrestling Tag Team Title in Tokyo, Japan.

1996 - The Monday Night War continued. WWF Monday Night RAW 3.0 rating defeated WCW Monday Nitro's 2.8 rating.

Nitro was live in Charleston, South Carolina and featured Eric Bischoff giving away the results of the pre-taped RAW show, as well as criticizing the WWF raising their pay-per-view prices by five dollars.
The results:
- Chris Benoit pinned Alex Wright with a dragon suplex.
- Eddie Guerrero pinned Lord Steven Regal with a backslide.
- Sting defeated Diamond Dallas Page by submission with the Scorpion Deathlock.
- Hulk Hogan and Randy Savage defeated WCW World Heavyweight Champion Ric Flair and Arn Anderson, when Hogan pinned Anderson after the legdrop. The Giant came out and chokeslammed both Hogan and Savage after the match.

Monday Night RAW was taped on December 18 in Newark, Delaware at the Bob Carpenter Center. The show featured the television debut of Steve Austin as The Ringmaster, being presented the Million Dollar Championship by Ted DiBiase. This edition of RAW also featured a full replay of the bloody Bret Hart-British Bulldog WWF World Title match at In Your House on December 17. The match results:
- Jeff Jarrett defeated Hakushi by submission with the Figure-Four Leglock.
- Ahmed Johnson pinned Jeff Brettler with the Pearl River Plunge.
- Goldust pinned Aldo Montoya after the Curtain Call.

1998 - WCW holds "Thunder" at the Ocean Center in Daytona Beach, Florida. At this show, WCW Executive Committee Chairman J.J. Dillon vacated the WCW World Title due to controversial finishes in matches between Hollywood Hulk Hogan and Sting for the title on December 28 at Starrcade and December 29's Nitro. The results:
- Randy Savage defeated Chris Adams.
- Rick Martel defeated Louie Spicolli.
- Hiroyoshi Tenzan defeated Hajime Ohara.
- Ric Flair defeated Chris Jericho.
- The Giant defeated Meng.
- Goldberg defeated Steve McMichael.
- WCW World Tag Team Champions The Steiner Brothers (Rick and Scott Steiner) defeated Buff Bagwell and Konnan.
- Ray Traylor defeated Scott Hall.
- Juventud Guerrera defeated WCW Cruiserweight Champion Ultimo Dragon to win the title, ending Dragon's second reign.
- Lex Luger defeated Scott Norton.
- WCW United States Heavyweight Champion Diamond Dallas Page defeated Kevin Nash by disqualification.

1998 - Iron Man defeats Bobby Collins for the Canadian Wrestling Federation Light Heavyweight Title, ending Collins' second reign.

2000 - Ray Gonzalez defeats Carlos Colón to win the WWC Universal Heavyweight Title in Fajardo, Puerto Rico. This began Gonzalez's 10th reign and ended Colón's 25th.

2001 - The Monday Night War continued in its final months. WWF RAW is WAR's 4.8 rating more than doubled WCW Monday Nitro's 2.1 rating, its second-lowest in nine months (1.8 on April 3 and December 11, 2000).

WWF RAW is WAR was live at the San Jose Arena in San Jose, California.
The results:
In matches taped for the following weekend's "Jakked":
- Crash Holly defeated Essa Rios.
- K-Kwik defeated Donovan Morgan.
- Too Cool (Grandmaster Sexay and Scotty 2 Hotty) defeated Boyce La Grande and Robert Thompson.
In RAW matches:
- Chris Jericho and The Hardy Boyz (Matt and Jeff Hardy) defeated The Radicalz (WWF Intercontinental Champion Chris Benoit, Dean Malenko and Perry Saturn), when Jericho pinned Benoit with a roll-up out of the Crippler Crossface.
- Billy Gunn pinned Val Venis with the One and Only in a lumberjack match.
- The Rock and referees Jack Doan and Teddy Long defeated Kane and Rikishi in a handicap match by disqualification.
- WWF Hardcore Champion Raven defeated Steve Blackman to retain the title after interference from Hardcore Holly, after a brawl to the back, Raven jumped into a waiting car and left with his title.
- Albert and Trish Stratus defeated Test in a handicap match, when Albert pinned Test after William Regal interfered.
- Steve Austin and WWF Champion Kurt Angle fought to a no contest when Triple H pulled referee Earl Hebner from the ring while Austin had Angle pinned after a Stone Cold Stunner.

WCW held a live Nitro, and taped the January 10 edition of Thunder at the Xcel Energy Center in St. Paul, Minnesota. They were the go-home shows for the following Sunday's "Sin" pay-per-view. The results were:
In Monday Nitro matches:
- WCW Cruiserweight Champion Chavo Guerrero, Jr. defeated Shannon Moore.
- Ron Harris defeated Ernest Miller.
- Billy Kidman defeated Lance Storm.
- Sid Vicious defeated Shane Douglas.
- Goldberg and Sarge defeated Kronik (Brian Adams and Bryan Clark)
- WCW World Tag Team Champions The Insiders (Diamond Dallas Page and Kevin Nash) were co-winners in a last man standing match also featuring Meng, Mike Sanders, Chuck Palumbo and Sean O'Haire.
- WCW World Heavyweight Champion Scott Steiner and Jeff Jarrett fought to a no contest.
In Thunder matches:
- Chuck Palumbo and Sean O'Haire defeated Big Vito and Kwee Wee.
- Team Canada (Elix Skipper and Lance Storm) defeated The Filthy Animals (Billy Kidman and Rey Misterio, Jr.).
- WCW United States Heavyweight Champion Hugh Morrus and WCW World Tag Team Champions The Insiders (Diamond Dallas Page and Kevin Nash) defeated Shane Douglas, Mark Jindrak and Shawn Stasiak.
- Meng defeated Don Harris.
- Kronik (Brian Adams and Bryan Clark) defeated Buff Bagwell and Lex Luger by disqualification.
- Sid Vicious defeated WCW World Heavyweight Champion Scott Steiner by disqualification.

2002 - The WWF taped the January 10 edition of SmackDown! and January 14 edition of Sunday Night Heat at Madison Square Garden in New York City, New York. The results:
In dark matches:
- Brock Lesnar pinned Randy Orton after a powerslam.
- Ron Waterman defeated Rico Constantino by submission with a torture rack.
In Sunday Night Heat matches:
- Albert and Scotty 2 Hotty defeated Crash Holly and Funaki, when Scotty pinned Holly after the Worm.
- Billy Gunn pinned Tajiri after the Fameasser.
- The Dudley Boyz (Bubba Ray and D-Von) defeated Perry Saturn and Sgt. Slaughter by disqualification when Slaughter used his belt.
In SmackDown! matches:
- WWF Tag Team Champion Spike Dudley and Tazz defeated The Un-Americans (Christian and Lance Storm), when Tazz made Christian submit with the Tazzmission.
- WWF Intercontinental Champion Edge pinned Big Bossman after the Edgecutioner.
- The Rock and Rob Van Dam defeated Undisputed WWF Champion Chris Jericho and Test, when The Rock made Jericho submit with the Sharpshooter.
- Jazz and Terri defeated WWF Women's Champion Trish Stratus and Jacqueline. This match did not air.
- Rikishi and Booker T fought to a no contest when Booker T vomited on the announce table after Rikishi's Stinkface.
- Steve Austin and Kurt Angle fought to a no contest when Kane interfered and chokeslammed both men.

2002 - CIMA, Big Fuji and TARU defeat Darkness Dragon, Maasaki Mochizuki and Susumu Mochizuki for the UWA World Trios Title in Tokyo, Japan.

2003 - TNA holds its 26th weekly pay-per-view at the TNA Asylum in Nashville, Tennessee. The show featured Jeff Jarrett taking on all three members of Triple X in succession. The results were:
- CM Punk pinned Colt Cabana in a dark match.
- A.J. Styles pinned Adam Jacobs in a dark match.
- Tony Mamaluke and David Young defeated Kid Kash and EZ Money, when Young pinned Money.
- TNA X Division Champion Sonny Siaki pinned Jason Cross.
- Ron Killings and Jerry Lynn defeated B.G. James and Don Harris by disqualification.
- America's Most Wanted (Chris Harris and James Storm) defeat The New Church (Brian Lee and Slash), when Storm pinned Slash, to win their second NWA World Tag Team Title.
- Curt Hennig defeated David Flair in an axe-handle on a pole match.
- Jeff Jarrett pinned Christopher Daniels.
- Jeff Jarrett pinned Elix Skipper.
- Jeff Jarrett defeated Low Ki by disqualification.

2003 - B-Boy and Funky Billy Kim defeat The Ballard Brothers (Shane and Shannon Ballard) for the UPW Tag Team Title in Santa Ana, California, ending the Ballards' fifth reign.

2005 - Jimmy Jacobs defeats Ryan Boz to win the NWA Iowa Heavyweight Title in Muscatine, Iowa.

2005 - The CyberSpace Wrestling Federation renames itself as NWA Cyberspace after joining the National Wrestling Alliance, and a title changes hands in Wayne, New Jersey. Sonjay Dutt defeats Grim Reefer by forfeit to win the NWA Cyberspace Cruiser-X Title.

2005 - L.A. Player defeats Mike Woods in Columbia, Tennessee for the NWA Mid-America Heavyweight Title, ending Woods' fourth reign.

2005 - Handsome Johnny and Psycho defeat Billy Bax and Rob Eckos in a ladder match in Lowell, Massachusetts for the Chaotic Wrestling Tag Team Title, beginning their second reign.

2005 - Devin Devine defeats Brandon K. to win the NWA Pro Wrestling eXpress Heavyweight Title in McKeesport, Pennsylvania, ending Brandon's third reign and beginning his own second.

2005 - Jesse Ortega defeats Mikael Yamaha for the Carolina Wrestling Federation Mid-Atlantic Television Title in Burlington, North Carolina, ending Yamaha's second reign.

2006 - WWE holds the second-annual "New Year's Revolution" pay-per-view at Pepsi Arena in Albany, New York.  Buck Woodward filed the following PPV report:

The pre-PPV Heat was the usual collection of recaps and video packages, hosted by Todd Grisham and Jonathan Coachman.  Coach then joined Joey Styles to call the only match of the pre-show, as Chavo Guerrero defeated Gene Snitsky with a frog splash.

New Year's Revolution

They opened the PPV with a cool video featuring comments from past Elimination Chamber combatants, talking about how devastating the match can be, leading into comments from tonight's participants all wanting to win the WWE Title in the main event.

Intercontinental Champion Ric Flair vs. Edge, with Lita.

Edge attacked Flair from behind to start the match, and punched Flair down in a corner.  Edge hit a backdrop, then choked him.  Flair came back with a series of chops, then gave Edge a backdrop of his own.  Flair pounded Edge with right hands, and Lita threatened to come in, so Flair chased her around the ring, allowing Edge to ambush him with a clothesline on the floor. Edge suplexed Flair on the floor, then punched him several times before throwing him back into the ring. Edge mounted Flair in the ring and pounded him, then kicked at his back and choked him against the middle rope.  Edge stomped Flair inthe corner and choked him with his boot. Edge hit Flair with a clothesline, then snapmared him to the mat and applied a variation of a Dragon Sleeper.  Edge switched into a chinlock, and Flair got to his feet, so Edge went back to punching him in the corner.  Flair pulled him out with a reverse atomic drop, then hit some chops.  Edge came back with a dropkick, then clotheslined Flair over the top rope and to the floor.

Edge tried to jump off the apron at Flair, but Flair caught him with a chop.  Flair crotched Edge on the ringside barricade, then rolled him back into the ring.  Flair let out a "Whoo" and hit a kneedrop, then strutted.  Flair worked over Edge with punches and chops, then went to the top rope.  Edge went to meet him there, but Flair poked him in the eyes.  Lita got on the apron, and Flair poked her in the eyes as well.  Edge rushed Flair again, but he punched Edge, then hit a top rope sledge to the head.  Flair clipped Edge's leg, then hit a shinbuster.   Flair set up for the figure four, but Lita got on the apron.  Flair went over to her, and blocked a slap.  Edge charged Flair, and Flair backdropped Edge over the top rope and to the floor.  Flair then grabbed Lita on the ring apron and hiptossed her into the ring.  Flair put Lita in the figure four leglock, and Edge ran in with his Money In The Bank briefcase and bashed Flair in the head with it, getting disqualified at the seven minute mark.  

Winner via disqualification: Ric Flair.

Edge beat Ric Flair bloody with the briefcase before leaving with a limping Lita as officials checked on Flair.

Backstage, Todd Grisham interviewed Kurt Angle, with Daivari.  Angle said he hopes the U.S. loses the war with Iraq, and that France is the greatest country in the world, that he doesn't like "the Black People", and that he wishes he could make Jesus tap out.  In explaining himself for those statements, Angle said he could say anything he wants, and the fans will still cheer him, once they are done saying he "sucks" during the entrance.  Angle talked about winning the WWE Title, and that the other competitors weren't in his league.

They went back to ringside, where Ric Flair was finally leaving the ring, under his own power.

A video package on the events leading to Trish Stratus vs. Mickie James was shown.

WWE Women's Champion Trish Stratus vs. Mickie James.

Mickie James kissing Trish Stratus on Raw is now part of her video entrance package.  They shook hands at the bell, and Trish said something to Mickie that resulted in Mickie getting a serious look on her face.  Trish applied a armwringer, and Mickie cart wheeled out of it, but Trish took her to the mat with the armwringer for a two count.  Mickie applied a side headlock, and the two exchanged headlock-hammerlock reversals. Trish broke the headlock when Mickie apparently grabbed her right breast.  They exchanged hammerlocks, and Trish went into a fireman's carry takedown, but Mickie floated right out of it and into an Oklahoma Roll for two. James went for a rana, but Trish blocked it and went into a cover, but James kicked out and Trish fell to the floor.  

James held the ropes open for Trish to get back into the ring. James grabbed a headlock, and took Trish down with a shoulderblock.  Trish tripped James to the mat, then the two exchanged stiff forearm shots. James booted a charging Trish, then got on the second rope, but Trish charged her for the Stratusphere, which James blocked. James went for a tornado DDT, but Trish blocked that, then hit a jumping kick that sent James to the floor.  Trish went for a baseball slide kick, but James moved and Trish fell through the ropes and landed hard on the floor.  James grabbed the Women's title belt, and contemplated using it, but tossed it back to the timekeeper and then tossed Trish into the ring.  James went for a whip, but Trish came back with a Thesz Press and unloaded with punches and then chopped her in the corner.

James stopped Trish's onslaught with a back kick, but Trish hit the Stratusphere (rana out of the corner) and then hit a spinebuster for a two count. James kicked Trish in the head from the mat, then went for a Stratusfaction bulldog, hitting it.  Mickie smiled, and took a long time to cover, and Trish kicked out.  The crowd actually seems more behind James than Stratus.  Mickie went for a DDT, but Trish blocked it and went for Stratusfaction, but James flipped Trish over. James then went for a jumping kick, but Trish sidestepped it and hit the Chick Kick to the head for the clean pin at the seven minute mark.

Winner: Trish Stratus.

Maria was backstage, interviewing herself about the Bra & Panties match.  Gregory Helms interrupted, saying they were wasting time with this.  Helms said that Jerry Lawler would not be able to do his "creepy" commentary during her match, since he was sending Lawler to the hospital.

Shelton Benjamin and his Mama arrived, with Mama telling Shelton that he hasn't been on PPV since he was Intercontinental Champion, and she was there to help change that.  Mama also took Shelton to task for only eating a protein bar today, and said she was going to catering to get him some food.

Edge and Lita arrived at the position, but Edge said he didn't want to answer questions from the fans, and told Lita to handle it.

Jerry Lawler vs. Gregory Helms.

They locked up, and Lawler shoved Helms as they broke in the corner. Helms hit an armdrag and celebrated.  They locked up, and Helms didn't break on the ropes, instead hitting Lawler with some punches.  Lawler returned fire, hiptossed Helms, and hit a fistdrop. Lawler backdropped Helms for a one count, and Helms hit Lawler with some knees to the gut.  Lawler came back with punches, then mocked Helms' old Hurricane pose.  Lawler sidestepped a charging Helms, sending him to the floor. Helms poked Lawler in the eyes after getting back in the ring, then hit a shoulderblock in the corner and a legdrop for a two count. Helms hit a side slam for a two count, then choked Lawler on the mat.

Helms delivered a vertical suplex, then hit two more before covering for a two count. Helms applied a neck vice, then an armbar, but Lawler armdragged out.  Helms came right back at him with a snap mare for a two count, then complained to the referee about the count before hitting a knee drop and applying a chinlock. Helms hit a backbreaker, then jumped off the second rope, avoiding Lawler putting the boot up, and stomped Lawler. Helms hit a clothesline, sending Lawler over the top rope and to the floor.  Helms whipped Lawler into the ringpost.  Helms went over to the announcers, put on a headset, and boasted he could do Lawler's job too.  

Helms rolled Lawler into the ring and hit a second rope dropkick for a two count. Lawler mounted his comeback, taking the strap down, and working over Helms with punches.  Lawler called for a piledriver, but Helms backdropped him.  Helms went to the top rope, but Lawler crotched him and Helms fell into the ring.  Lawler then hit the second rope fistdrop for the clean pin at the ten minute mark.

Winner: Jerry Lawler.

Backstage, Trish went to the position as Lita was leaving, with the two engaging in a staredown.  Lita left, and Mickie came in, thanking Trish for the match and commenting on how exciting it was to have their "bodies pressed together".  Trish asked James if she realized she lost.  James was just elated about wrestling Trish, and then offered to join her in answering questions on

Mama Benjamin was checking out the catering, when Viscera came in and started hitting on her (noting the substantial "junk in her trunk"), and said he was looking for some action.  Mama promised Viscera that she would find some action for him tonight.

A video package on Triple H vs. Big Show was shown.

Triple H vs. Big Show.

Show still has a huge cast on his right hand, and Triple H stalled getting into the ring. Triple H avoided to swings of the cast at the start and hit a punch, but Show shoved him down with his good hand, and Triple H rolled to the floor to regroup.  Triple H got back in, and complained to the referee about the cast.  Triple H avoided a cast shot, but Big Show caught him with a headbutt, then rammed him into the turnbuckles and hit a left-hand chop.  Show hit another chop, and Triple H slumped to the mat.  Show slammed Triple H, then hit a a pair of elbowdrops and Triple H rolled to the floor.  Big Show went out after him, and Triple H got back in.  As Big Show tried to reenter, Triple H hit him, but Show pulled Triple H out and headbutted him.  Both men got back into the ring, and Triple H tried for a whip, but Show reversed it and Triple H went over the top rope and to the floor.

Show went after him on the floor and hit a chop, then tossed him back in.  As Show tried to get in, Triple H hit him with a running knee.  Triple H jumped off the apron at Show, who caught him and rammed him into the ringpost.  Big Show then swung the cast, but Triple H ducked and Show hit his arm on the ringpost.  Back in the ring, Triple H worked on the now-breaking cast, ramming it into the ringpost.  Triple H pulled the cast off, and delivered kneedrops to the hand.  Show battled back with headbutts, but Triple H sent Show to the floor where he rammed the hand into the ringsteps. Triple H mocked the Big Show in the ring, then pulled apart Show's fingers.  Triple H hit a second rope kneedrop to the hand as Show tried to pull himself up off the mat with the ropes, then delivered another kneedrop to the hand.  Triple H applied an overhead wristlock on the bad arm, and Show struggled before breaking free and rolling to the floor.  Triple H pulled Show's arm into the ringpost again.

Back in the ring, Triple H went for the top wristlock again, working on the arm. Big Show finally armdragged out of it, and Triple H went to the second rope, but Big Show caught him with a forearm as he came off.  Big Show hit some headbutts, and delivered three reverse avalanches in the corner.  Big Show then hit a shoulderblock and called for a chokeslam, with his bad hand.  Show went for it, but couldn't lift him.  Show then went for a punch, but Triple H ducked and Big Show slapped the referee down.  Triple H went under the ring and grabbed the sledgehammer.  Big Show blocked the hammer with his left hand, then broke the wooden handle with his bad right hand.  Triple H was stunned, then charged Show, and Show kicked him to the mat.  Big Show delivered a headbutt, and Triple H went to the floor.  Triple H went for a chair, but Big Show met him outside and whipped him into the ring steps. Triple H managed to use the chair on Show's hand, sandwiching it on the ringsteps, but Show came back with a spear on the floor.

Show tossed Triple H back into the ring, and called for a left handed chokeslam.  However, Triple H picked up the broken sledgehammer and hit Show in the head with the mallet.  Triple H then hit the Pedigree, and the referee woke up to count the pinfall at the sixteen minute mark.

Winner: Triple H.

Backstage, Carlito went up to Chris Masters, and pointed out that everyone in the Elimination Chamber, except for them, has been WWE Champion.  Carlito said it wasn't cool that no one was giving them a "shot in hell" of winning the Title. Carlito said he and Masters could work as a unit, eliminating everyone else, and then they could have it out, assuring that some "new blood" would have a shot at the title.  Masters said the plan sounded "cool".

Shelton and Mama Benjamin came out, and Shelton said he wanted Viscera to apologize to his Mama.  Mama got on the mic and said she didn't want an apology, she wanted her son to kick his ass, and called out Viscera.

Jerry Lawler has joined the announce team.

Shelton Benjamin vs. Viscera.

Mama Benjamin was loudly encouraging her son from ringside, and Shelton tried to take down Viscera, with no success.  Viscera lifted Shelton and slammed him down with a spinebuster, and Shelton rolled to the floor. Viscera went after him, but Mama shoved Viscera, telling him to "Get off my boy".  Shelton hit Viscera with a forearm, but Viscera fired back with a chop.  As they got into the ring, Shelton hit two kneelifts, then began kicking at his left leg.  Shelton dropkicked the leg, and Viscera went down to one knee. Shelton hit a top rope clothesline, then put Viscera's leg on the bottom rope and dropped his weight on it.  Mama kept calling Viscera an "overgrown ox".  Viscera kicked Shelton away, hit some chops and took Shelton down with a Samoan Drop. Mama yelled for Shelton to get up, or she would "get the belt".  Shelton kept getting up, but Viscera kept knocking him down. Viscera slammed Shelton and hit an elbowdrop for a two count. Viscera hit a chop , and Shelton ducked a clothesline, but Viscera caught him in a side slam.  Viscera rode Shelton in the ring with the Visagra, then hit a short arm clothesline.  Viscera missed a splash, and Shelton went on the attack, choking Viscera with his pajama top.  Viscera was near the ropes, and Mama hit him with her purse.  Shelton went for a kick, and Viscera caught it, but Shelton followed with a spin kick with the free leg for the pin at the eight minute mark.

Winner: Shelton Benjamin.

Backstage, Vince McMahon entered Shawn Michaels' dressing room, saying he wanted to wish him luck.  Vince said no one has ever entered the Elimination Chamber first and won the match.  HBK noted all the other "firsts" he has accomplished, including the first man to enter the Royal Rumble number one and win and the first man to win a Hell In A Cell match.  Michaels said he was going to accomplish another first tonight, and McMahon laughed, saying if Michaels wins, then Hell will have frozen over.

Bra & Panties Gauntlet Match

Maria and Candice Michelle were the first two combatants.  Maria hit a hiptoss, but Candice kicked Maria from the mat, then pulled her down by her hair. Candice slammed Maria, then stomped her on the mat. Candice did that Go Daddy spin, then hit a back kick and pulled off Maria's top.  Maria hit a drop toe hold and pulled off Candice's top. Candice hit a clothesline, then choked Maria over the ropes with her legs. Maria escaped though, and pulled off Candice's shorts to eliminate her.

Torrie Wilson was out next.  Torrie hit a double sledge and kicked Maria, then delivered a suplex and went after Maria's pants, but Maria countered and went for Torrie's, but Torrie kicked her away and hit a dropkick. Torrie hit an awkward handspring elbow, but Maria kicked her to the floor, then sort of hit a kick between the ropes. Maria booted a charging Torrie and then pulled her top off.  Torrie charged Maria and we had a hair-pulling catfight, rolling over the very lucky referee.  Torrie accused the referee of getting a cheap feel, and tried to slap him.  While she was distracted, Maria pantsed her from behind, eliminating Torrie.

Victoria, wearing a shirt that said "Let's Get This Over With" entered next, and put Maria in a corner, hitting some punches.  Victoria went for a fireman's carry, but Maria floated over and went for Victoria's shorts.  Victoria stopped her, slammed her, and hit a standing moonsault on her.  Victoria pulled off Maria's pants to eliminate her.

The Fabulous Moolah and Mae Young were out next. They waved to the crowd, then stripper music came on, and Mae Young started taking her clothes off.  Mae had tassels on her bra. Mae then took her skirt off, and was wearing old bloomer underwear. They showed many disgusted fans in the crowd.  Victoria attacked Mae, but Moolah picked up Victoria by the hair and the veterans ripped off her top and almost her bra (she had a double bra on), but the referee broke it up.

Ashley was out next, and Victoria almost immediately went for a Widow's Peak, but Ashley flipped out of it and pulled down Victoria's shorts to get the win. The whole match went about twelve minutes, with Ashley's part lasting less than thirty seconds.

Winner: Ashley.

Ashley took off her own shirt and skirt in celebration.

In the area, Shelton Benjamin and Mama Benjamin were in the back, and we found out, along with Shelton, that Mama had a brick in her purse.

A video package for the Elimination Chamber match was shown.

Elimination Chamber

The wrestlers each made their entrance, with the first four (Kane, Chris Masters, Carlito, Kurt Angle) getting placed in chambers after their entrance.  It was noted that today is Masters' 23rd birthday. John Cena entered to a chorus of boos, then Shawn Michaels entered last.  Cena and Michaels will be starting the match.

There were "Cena sucks" chants as he and Michaels locked up.  They traded holds, but Cena elbowed Michaels away.  Michaels went for a hammerlock, and Cena elbowed him away again.  They went face to face, and Michaels slapped Cena, and Cena responded with a punch and backdrop.  Michaels pulled Cena out of the ring onto one of the steel platforms.  They tried to ram each other into the chain walls, but neither was successful.  Back in the ring, Michaels hit some chops.  There were "Let's Go Michaels" chants. Michaels whipped Cena hard into the corner, then covered him for a two count.   Michaels chopped Cena, then Cena whipped Michaels into a corner and kicked him as he was laying across the top rope, crotching him.  Cena hit some clotheslines, knocking Michaels out of the ring and onto a steel platform.

Carlito entered the match.

Carlito attacked Cena, to an ovation, and hit a dropkick.  Carlito then hit an over the top rope somersault senton onto Michaels, who was laying on the steel platform.  Carlito got back in the ring, and Carlito gave Cena a faceplant for a two count.  Michaels went to the top rope, but Carlito slammed him off for a two count. Cena and Michaels double teamed Carlito a bit, but it was mostly Carlito going back and forth between the two, until Michaels and Cena caught him with a flapjack. Michaels and Cena gave Carlito a double backdrop.

Kurt Angle entered the match.

Angle gave Michaels, then Carlito, then Cena, then Michaels, then Carlito, then Cena, German suplexes, six in all. Angle suplexed Michaels and Carlito out of the ring, onto steel platforms.  Angle then started pounding Cena in a corner and gave him a vertical suplex. Angle went to the platform with Michaels and catapulted him into the steel chain wall. Michaels was busted open, as Angle went back to beat on Cena, then pulled Carlito throat first across the top rope.  Angle rammed Michaels into the plexiglass chamber.  Cena fired off some punches at Angle, but Angle came back with a belly to belly suplex. Angle worked over Carlito and went for an Angle Slam, but Carlito reversed it and went for a neckbreaker, but Angle reversed it into an ankle lock.  Carlito struggled in the hold as the clock ticked down.

Chris Masters entered the match.

Masters made the save for Carlito, hitting Angle, then clotheslining Cena, Michaels and Angle.  Masters powerslammed Cena, then press slammed a bloody Michaels. Masters went for the Masterlock on Angle, but Angle slipped around him and applied an ankle lock.  Cena broke it up and went for an FU on Angle, but Angle rolled through it and put Cena in an ankle lock.  Michaels hit Angle with a superkick as he had Cena in the ankle lock and pinned him.

Kurt Angle is eliminated.

Masters and Cena battled it out on one side of the ring, while Carlito went at it with Michaels.  Masters slammed Cena, as Carlito pounded Michaels. Carlito took Michaels to a platform, and rammed him into the steel chain wall twice. Cena hit Masters with a clothesline, but Carlito began stomping Cena. Carlito and Masters worked over Cena, with Masters dropping an elbow on his back.

Kane entered the match.

Kane went to work on Masters and Carlito, giving Carlito a side slam and Masters a kick to the face.  Kane tossed Carlito from the ring, then powerslammed Masters. Kane went to the top rope, punching Carlito on the way, but Masters met him there. Masters went for a superplex, but Kane shoved him off and hit a top rope clothesline. Kane chokeslammed Shawn Michaels, then chokeslammed Cena. Kane grabbed Carlito for one, but Masters grabbed Kane from behind for the Masterlock, but couldn't get it locked on.  Carlito grabbed Kane and gave him a double knee backbreaker.  Kane sat up, and went for a tombstone on Carlito, but Masters made the save, and they gave Kane a double DDT.  Kane sat up, and Masters press slammed Carlito on top of him. Masters then piled on top of Carlito, and they got the pin on Kane.

Kane is eliminated.

Masters and Cena went at it, while Carlito took Shawn Michaels out onto a platform.  Masters suplexed Cena, while Carlito raked Michaels' face across the steel chain wall.  Masters and Carlito dumped Cena onto a platform, then double teamed Michaels.  Michaels battled back, giving Carlito a flying forearm, kipping up, and giving Carlito and Masters reverse atomic drops.  Michaels knocked Carlito over the top rope, then did the same to Masters.  Michaels slammed Cena, then hit him with a top rope elbow.  Michaels measured Cena for a superkick and began stomping.  Michaels nailed Cena with a superkick, but then Carlito and Masters started brawling with him.  Masters punched Michaels, and Carlito hit Michaels with a neckbreaker for the pin.

Shawn Michaels is eliminated.

Masters and Carlito went for a double backdrop, but Cena put on the breaks and hit a double clothesline.  There were a lot of boos as Cena suplexed Masters and powerbombed Carlito.  Cena gave Carlito the Five Knuckle Shuffle fistdrop, and went for the FU, but Masters broke it up and threw Cena out of the ring. There was a slight "Let's Go Masters" chant.  Masters and Cena fought on the steel platform, and Masters DDT'd Cena on the platform.  Masters went and helped Carlito up off the mat. Masters and Carlito went after Cena, who was busted open, and threw him into the steel chain wall.  In the ring, Masters and Carlito pounded and kicked him.

Carlito and Masters gave Cena a double suplex. Carlito and Masters set up Cena and gave him a double back suplex off the middle rope.  Carlito told Masters to put Cena in the Masterlock. Masters locked it in, then Carlito turned on Masters, hitting him with a low blow and rolling him up for the pin.

Chris Masters is eliminated.

Almost immediately, John Cena rolled up Carlito for the pin at the twenty-nine minute mark.

Winner: John Cena.

Vince McMahon came out and congratulated Cena on his win.  He then asked that they raise the cage, because there was still one more match.  He announced that Edge was cashing in his "Money In The Bank" title match, right now, and Edge made his entrance.

WWE Champion John Cena vs. Edge, with Lita.

There was an "Edge" chant, as the bell rang and Edge beat down Cena with punches and covered him for a two count.  Edge covered him twice more for two counts.  Edge hit the spear on Cena, and got as close to a three count as you can get, as the referee hit three at the same time Cena's shoulder came up. Edge measured for another spear, and hit it, this time getting the pin at the two minute mark.

Winner and new WWE Champion: Edge

The crowd popped for the title change as Edge and Lita celebrated.  Edge played with the spinner belt.  Edge went outside the ring and stood on the announcers table at ringside, with Lita joining him as he held the belt over his head.  Edge strapped the belt around his waist, and stood triumphant.

They replayed Carlito's turn on Masters, and Cena's quick cradle that won the Elimination Chamber, then showed replays of Edge's two spears and WWE Title pin.  A bloody Cena was shown on the entrance ramp, staring at the ring as Edge and Lita continued to celebrate to end the show.

2006 - Corvo Bianco defeats Psycho Mike for the Italian Championship Wrestling Interregional Heavyweight Title in San Giorgio Canavese, Italy.

2007 - The World Class Championship Wrestling documentary "Heroes of World Class" by director Brian Harrison, was officially released on DVD.

2008 - WWE broadcast ECW.  Buck Woodward filed the following TV report:

Welcome to our ongoing coverage of ECW on Sci Fi, which comes to us tonight from Wilkes-Barre Pennsylvania.

After the show opening, Joey Styles announced that Kelly Kelly would face Layla in a "Dance Off" tonight, and Chavo Guerrero would get his second chance to beat ECW Champion CM Punk in a non-title match and become the number one contender to the title.

15 Minutes Of Fame Match: WWE Tag Team Champions John Morrison & The Miz vs. Shannon Moore & Jimmy Yang.

Basically, this is a 15-minute Iron Man match, with the team who garners the most falls in 15 minutes getting the championship.  Moore and Miz started off, and WWE had a running clock on the screen.  Moore hit some right hands, but Miz returned fire,  Moore used a bodyscissors and backslide to go for quick covers, but Miz put him in his corner and hit some kicks before tagging in Morrison.  Morrison hit a neckbreaker for a two count, then a knee to the head.  Morrison worked over Moore with a chinlock.  Moore floated over a suplex and shoved Morrison into Miz, knocking him off the apron.  Moore then kicked away Morrison and made the tag to Yang, who took Morrison down with a series of kicks and a monkey flip.  Yang went for a cover, but Miz broke it up.  Moore gave Miz a top rope rana to send him to the floor, while Yang chopped Morrison.  Morrison reversed a whip, but Yang caught him with an elbow.  Yang went for a moonsault, but Morrison ducked and Yang landed on his feet.  Yang rolled up Morrison, but Morrison reversed and used the ropes for a cover, only for Moore to break it up.  Yang hit a spin kick on Morrison, but the referee was distracted by Miz and didn't make the cover.  Yang went and knocked Miz off the apron, but Morrison rolled him up from behind for a pinfall.

Miz & Morrison are up one fall to none. They went to commercial with 11 minutes remaining.

Back from the break, Morrison was working over Yang with a chinlock with seven and a half minutes left. We saw that during the break Yang got a near fall with a spinkick, but it is still 1-0.  Yang fought back and went to the ropes again, but Morrison crotched him and hung him in a Tree Of Woe.  Miz worked over Yang from the apron while Morrison distracted the referee.  Yang got seated on the turnbuckle again, knocked Miz off the apron and elbowed Morrison down.  Yang hit a moonsault to a standing Morrison to get a three count with six minutes left.  They are tied 1-1.

Miz attacked Yang and went to work on his leg, putting him in a single leg Boston Crab.  Yang rolled over and kicked Miz, who tagged in Morrison.  Morrison dropped all his weight on Yang's leg, then Miz attacked it from the outside while Morrison distracted the referee.  Five minutes left.  Morrison worked on Yang with a spinning toe hold and a leg lock, but Yang kicked him away.  Miz tagged in and kept Yang from tagging Moore.  Miz dragged Yang to a corer and whipped his leg into the ringpost, then slammed it down on the apron.  Four minutes left.  Miz catapulted Yang into a Morrison forearm, then held him over his knees, while Morrison dropped a springboard elbow on him.  Morrison applied a leglace. Yang got to the ropes for a break.

Three minutes left. Morrison and Miz worked over Yang in their corner.  Miz went to whip Morrison into Yang, but Yang ducked and Morrison hit the corner.  After a few more teases, Yang got the tag to Moore, who hit Miz with a top rope bodypress, then knocked Morrison off the apron.  Moore kicked Miz to the outside and hit him with a tope con hilo.  Morrison hit Moore with a forearm on the floor.  Yang gave Morrison a baseball slide.  Two minutes left.  Yang hit a top rope dive on Morrison.  Moore threw Miz into the ring and hit a neckbreaker for a two count.  Moore hit some forearms and rammed Miz into a corner.

One minute left.  Moore hit Miz with a Whisper In The Wind for a two count.  Moore and Yang gave Miz a neckbreaker/Samoan Drop combo.  Yang covered, but Morrison put Miz' foot on the bottom rope.  Moore knocked down Morrison on the floor.  Yang hit Miz with a enzugiri, but Miz kicked out at two.  Yang went to the top rope for a moonsault, pretty much connecting legs to head, which looked stiff.  Yang, holding his legs in pain, rolled onto Miz, but time ran out at the one count, ending the match in a draw.

Result: Draw.

They recapped how Big Daddy V destroyed Colin Delaney last week.  Tazz interviewed Colin, who had his ribs taped up, in the ring.  Tazz talked about Delaney's two ECW matches (loss to Shelton Benjamin and loss to Big Daddy V).  They were going to show footage, but then they didn't, so Tazz improvised and asked Colin about the matches.  Colin said the matches "didn't turn out how he hoped" and said he "hurts, pretty much everywhere".  Colin was going to leave, and Tazz stopped him.  Tazz said Colin doesn't have to face an ECW superstar tonight, which relieved him.  Then Tazz told him he had to face a Smackdown superstar, and out game Mark Henry.

Mark Henry vs. Colin Delaney.

Joey Styles compared this to a grizzly bear mauling a chipmunk.  Henry caught Delaney's attempt at a punch, then hit a headbutt and a press slam.  Henry delivered a Bonzai splash, then picked him up off the mat and powerslammed him.  Henry got the three count in under a minute.

Winner: Mark Henry.

Kofi Kingston promo.  This week in paradise, some jerk on a cell phone intentionally stomps on a sandcastle being built by two children after they ask him to watch where he steps.  Kofi, off screen, apparently killed him.  Or, at the very least, knocked him out and stole his cell phone.

Tazz and Joey Styles talked about the Royal Rumble, and noted that Batista will be one of the participants in the Rumble.  According to, Undertaker will be in the Rumble as well.

Lena Yada was in the ring, and hosted the Dance Off between Kelly Kelly and Layla.  Each woman was given 30 seconds to dance, and then the audience would pick the winner. Layla did some frantic dancing, a few high kicks, and ended with a split.  Kelly took off her top (she had a bikini on under it).  She gyrated a bit, no real technique. Lena was about to announce a winner, then said she forgot that there was one more Diva to enter, herself.  Lena danced around the ring a bit, and got booed for it.  Lena then announced herself the winner without asking the audience for applause, and left.  Kelly and Layla glared at her as she left.

CM Punk was shown heading to the ring.

They announced that ECW would be broadcast in HD in two weeks.

Shelton Benjamin cut a promo about how he would go to the Royal Rumble, win the Rumble, and get a guaranteed title match at Wrestlemania.

ECW Champion CM Punk vs. Chavo Guerrero (non-title).

It was played up that Chavo was getting this "second chance" due to how close the match between the two was last week.  They locked up at the bell, and Punk broke off with an armdrag.  Punk took Chavo to the mat with an armlock, but Chavo reversed into a headlock.  Punk shoved Chavo into the ropes, but Chavo hit a shoulderblock.  Punk came back with a monkey flip, then took Chavo down with a side mare.  Chavo grabbed a headscissors, but Punk worked out of it and dropkicked Chavo in the side of the head.  Chavo came back with forearms, then slammed Punk and drove a knee into his back.  Chavo hit a kick to the back on the mat.  Chavo whipped Punk into a corner and ran in, but Punk went for a boot to the face.  Chavo caught it, but Punk then hit an enzugiri, knocking Chavo to the floor as they went to commercial.

Back from break, Chavo had Punk in an abdominal stretch.  We saw that during the commercial, Chavo had hung Punk across the top rope, then dropkicked him off the apron and into the security wall.  Punk broke out of the stretch with a hiptoss, but when he tried a splash, Chavo got his knees up.  Chavo put Punk in a surfboard, but Punk got out and grabbed a Victory Roll for two.  Chavo came back with a lariat, then hit a gutbuster and a kick to the midsection for a two count.  Punk fought back with kicks from the mat, but Chavo caught one of them, dropped an elbow to the thigh, then stomped the leg.  Chavo hit a snap mare, then applied a bodyscissors.  Punk tried to elbow out of it, then turned around in the hold, got to his feet, and catapulted Chavo over the top rope and to the floor.  Punk dove out and hit Chavo with a tope.  Punk's knee looked to have caught Chavo as well on the move.

Back in the ring, Punk hit a springboard clothesline for a two count.  They traded knees to the gut, then Punk caught Chavo with a tilt-a-whirl backbreaker for two.  Punk went for a running knee in the corner, but Chavo blocked it and rolled up Punk for a two count.  Punk bridged up, teased a backslide, but then whipped Chavo into a corner and hit the jumping knee.  Punk bulldogged Chavo for a two count.  Punk hit some forearms to the back, then grabbed a double underhook, but Chavo backed Punk into a corner and hit a series of shoulderblocks in the corner.  Chavo went for the Three Amigos, but on the third suplex Punk floated over and lifted Chavo for the GTS.  Chavo hit Punk in the gut to break the hold, then hit an over-the-shoulder drop down backbreaker for a two count.  Chavo snap mared Punk and ripped off a turnbuckle pad.  While the referee went to repair it, Chavo grabbed the title belt.  Chavo got ready to hit Punk with it, but the referee turned, caught Chavo, and grabbed the belt from him.  Chavo was disqualified at the fourteen minute mark.  Chavo complained to the referee, and Punk grabbed him and hit the GTS.

Winner via disqualification: CM Punk.

2009 - WPXI  in Pittsburgh, PA listed former WWWF champion Bruno Sammartino as #36 in the top 50 figures in Pittsburgh history.  

2009 - Former ROH champion Low Ki was backstage at a FCW TV Taping in advance of signing with WWE.  Ki would announce his WWE signing the following day.  He would go on to win the second season of NXT under the Kaval ring name.

2009 - As part of cutbacks within World Wrestling Entertainment, a number of staff at Titan Tower in Stamford, CT were laid off. One source described the layoffs as "close to 10% of the staff."  Those working within WWE HQ began referring to the week as the "Titan Tower Massacre" as employees from the TV production, office staff and areas of the site were fired while those remaining all began handling greater responsibilities.

2009 - Former ECW referee Keenan Quinn, who had been sent back down to WWE developmental Florida Championship Wrestling when the decision was made to use a singular crew of referees for a loop, as opposed to a separate collection of referees for each brand as part of the WWE's economic cutbacks, was released

2009 - WWE developmental Florida Championship Wrestling taped several weeks of TV.  Michael Spears filed the following results:

Florida Championship Wrestling TV taping results:

*Yamamoto & Miss Angela def Mike Kruel & Wesley Holiday.

*Low Ki pinned Trent Baretta after the Warrior’s Way.

*Ryback pinned Michael Leonard.

*Eve & Tiffany defeated Alicia Fox & Rose Mendez.

*Johnny Curtis pinned DJ Gabriel.

*Sheamus O’Shaunessy, Ryan Braddock & Bam Neely beat Tyler Reks, Ricky Ortiz & Kizarny.

*D.H. Smith pinned Joe Hennig.

*T.J. Wilson pinned Chris Logan to win a 3-Way match after Drew McIntyre was disqualified.

*Johnny Prime pinned Lawrence Knight w/Tyson Tarver.

*FCW Heavyweight Champion Eric Escobar pinned Gavin Spears – Eric was attacked after the match by Dolph Ziggler but Scotty Goldman came from the announcer’s table to make the save.

2010 - World Wrestling Entertainment released former ECW brand star Steve "DJ Gabriel" Lewington. After his dancing duo with Alicia Fox was split up and she headed to Raw, Lewington had been down in WWE developmental in FCW for some time.

2010 - Ring of Honor taped ROH on HDNet in Philadelphia, PA.  Stu Carapola filed the following live report from the taping:


Pelle Primeau defeated John Kermon with a tornado DDT.

Episode One:

Jim Cornette brings Tyler Black and Austin Aries to the ring to discuss their match at Final Battle. Tyler said he proved Aries couldn't beat him, while Aries said that he didn't need to beat Tyler, Tyler needed to beat him. Cornette said they're going to settle it once and for all at the next New York show as Aries will defend against Black yet again, but this time there will be three judges at ringside to decide who gets the title in the event of any finish other than a pinfall or submission. Each man gets to pick one judge by the end of the episode, and Cornette will name the third. I can't wait to see what kind of reaction the crowd gives this match.

ROH World Tag Team Champions Jay and Mark Briscoe defeated Cheech and Cloudy when Jay pinned Cloudy with a press slam into a DVD. The lights went out briefly during the match. Kyle Durden came into the ring to interview the Briscoes, who call out the Kings of Wrestling. The American Wolves interrupt and tell the Briscoes that they still get a rematch and that the hunt is on. The Dark City Fight Club rushes the ring and attacks the Briscoes, then the Wolves run in and a three way brawl breaks out before being stopped by the usual array of ROH school guys.

Skullkrusher Rasche Brown squashed Bobby Shields in under a minute with the Burning Hammer. Brown got a great reaction from the crowd.

Kenny King defeated El Generixo in a Pick Six series match

Jim Cornette, Austin Aries, and Tyler Black come back out to introduce their judges. Aries introduces Kenny King as his judge, and Tyler brings out Roderick Strong as his judge. Cornette introduces himself as the third judge so he can personally see to it that we get a real winner.

Episode Two:

Sara Del Rey squashed Portia Perez.

Delirious defeated Rhett Titus with the Bizarro Driver. There was no indication that either of them remembered feuding over Daizee Haze (who was in Delirious' corner) just a year and a half ago.

Colt Cabana defeated Sonjay Dutt.

Kyle Durden interviews Shane Hagadorn and Prince Nana about the Kings of Wrestling reunion. Eddie Kingston runs in and demands to know who jumped him a few weeks ago, then Erick Stevens, Joey Ryan and Ernie Osiris run in and attack him. Necro Butcher comes out to make the save and the Embassy hightails it to the locker room.

Tyler Black defeated Roderick Strong.  Austin Aries was at ringside, the finish came when Roderick bumped Aries off the apron and Tyler capitalized on the distraction by hitting a superkick for the win.  Aries attacked Tyler after the match and Roderick ran him off, then Roderick started arguing with Tyler for taking advantage of Aries interfering.  They had a shoving match before Roderick walked off.

Episode Three:

Necro Butcher and Eddie Kingston defeated Joey Ryan and Erick Stevens by countout.  the match started with a ringside brawl that saw Necro put a plastic bag over Ric, Joey Ryan's head and both teams fight over the guardrail into the crowd before finally heading back to the ring for a standard tag match.  Finish came when Necro chased the Embassy off with a chair and the Embassy took a walk to the back and got counted out.

Steve Corino and Kevin Steen defeated Alex Payne and Bobby Dempsey.  Corino looks a lot slimmer than the last time I saw him, but with the dark hair he looks like Randy Marsh from South Park.  Steen seems to have lost a few pounds since Final Battle as well, and worked a much lighter style than he has been.  Steen finished Payne off with a Package Piledriver and Sharpshooter.

The Dark City Fight Club squashed the Bravado Brothers in about a minute.  Kyle Durden interviewed the DCFC after the match and they said that they're not sitting back any more, they're coming after all the other teams in ROH and have their sights set on the ROH World Tag Team Title.

The Young Bucks defeated the American Wolves.  The Briscoes came out before the match and declared that the winners would receive a tag title shot.  Matt Jackson got a jackknife rollup on Davey Richards for the win.

2010 - WWE broadcast Smackdown.  Richard Trionfo filed the following TV report:

We start off tonight’s show with a look back at the New Year’s Night edition of Smackdown when we thought Rey Mysterio was the man to earn the title match against the Undertaker at the Royal Rumble only to see Vickie Guerrero, the advisor to Smackdown general manager Teddy Long say that Rey interfered in Batista’s match so they will meet tonight.

We are live tonight from Louisville, Kentucky and your announcers are Todd ‘BC Whatever’ Grisham and Matt ‘Is Jim Cornette in the crowd tonight’ Striker.

We begin with Batista coming out to the stage and he wants his music turned off. He says that this is the last time that he will ask nicely for his spotlight. Dave wants his music to play as he walks to the ring. Batista says that it is a new year but it seems like nothing has changed. The people are still booing him. Teddy Long is still sticking it to him. First, he screws Dave out of the title at TLC. Then he has the nerve to do nothing about Rey Mysterio getting involved in the Beat the Clock match last week. Dave says that he appreciates Vickie Guerrero’s attempts to make things right, but she is not the general manager, even though she should be. Dave says that as the rightful World Champion, he wants Teddy Long to come out to explain why the number one star in WWE is being treated so horribly or there will not be a match with Rey Mysterio. Batista tells Teddy to come out or he is leaving and he is taking the crowd with him because they came to see Batista.

Teddy has gotten shorter and is wearing a mask . . . wait, Rey Mysterio comes out and he tells Dave why he is not the World Champion. He says that Dave is blinded by his selfishness and greed. Rey says that Dave’s true colors are finally coming out for everyone to see. He says that Dave is an arrogant crybaby. Dave says that he is not a crybaby and he beat Rey’s time. Rey says that he got some pay back because of what Dave did during Rey’s match against Undertaker. Rey says that is what friends are for. Rey says that he is ready for his match tonight and wonders if Dave is ready to wrestle or not. Rey wants to know if Dave is scared. Rey asks the fans if they think that Batista is afraid to face Rey tonight. Batista says that he is not afraid of Rey and the match will take place. Batista says that he will beat Rey and make sure that he does not walk out of the building tonight. Rey says that he is going to win the match tonight and he says that he will be the one to walk out of the building tonight.

We go to commercial.

We are back and we see the footage from last week’s Beat The Clock Challenge Match between Kane and Dolph Ziggler and Dolph’s post match attack.

Match Number One: Kane versus Dolph Ziggler

Ziggler avoids Kane and he punches him. Kane grabs Ziggler by the hair and then he connects with an uppercut. Kane with a punch to Ziggler followed by kicks. Kane with another punch and Ziggler goes down on the apron. Kane with a side head lock take down. Kane with a snap mare and a drop kick to Ziggler for a near fall. Kane puts Ziggler on the top turnbuckle and Ziggler punches Kane off the turnbuckles. Ziggler with a drop kick from the second turnbuckle and he gets a near fall. Ziggler tries for a neck breaker but Kane blocks it. Ziggler with a DDT for a near fall. Ziggler with a leap frog neck snap for a near fall. Ziggler tries for a hip toss but Kane blocks it and he hip tosses Ziggler. Ziggler with an elbow to Kane and then he tries to choke Kane out. Kane backs Ziggler into the turnbuckles and Ziggler releases the hold. Ziggler tries for a tornado DDT but Kane pushes him off and Ziggler goes down. Kane with a clothesline and uppercut. Kane with an Irish whip and running clothesline followed by a side slam attempt but Ziggler flips out of the hold but he runs into a big boot and Kane can only get a two count. Kane with an Irish whip and this time he hits the side slam for a near fall. Kane goes up top and hits the flying clothesline. Kane tries for the choke slam but Ziggler with elbows to avoid the hold. Kane misses a charge into the corner and Ziggler hits the Zig Zag but Kane kicks out at two. Ziggler with a choke on Kane and Kane goes down to his knees. Kane gets back to his feet and then they fall to the floor but Ziggler holds on to the choke hold. The referee continues his count and Ziggler gets into the ring at nine but Kane is still on the floor when the referee gets to the ten count.
Winner: Dolph Ziggler by count out

We are reminded that CM Punk will save someone in the crowd. We go to commercial.

We are back and Michelle McCool, Layla, and Beth Phoenix. Michelle apologizes for what happened last week and says that it was supposed to be for Mickie. Michelle says that Beth wouldn’t need any help. Michelle and Layla have a gift for Mickie and it is a trough. Beth says that they are unbelievable because Michelle and Layla are playing games. Beth reminds Layla about their match and tells Layla that she better be serious. Michelle tells Layla that she is glad that it is Layla wrestling Beth tonight.

We go to a dressing room where Chris Jericho is with the Hart Dynasty. Jericho says that everyone has been following him asking him about being kicked off Raw. Jericho says that things never change because he is still the best at what he does and he is still the face of WWE. Jericho reminds the Hart Dynasty about his message to make an impact when they attacked him. Jericho says that he can respect that because he is the biggest draw in the company and it is a feather in their cap. Jericho wants to know if they are going to make an impact tonight.

Natalya says that they are more than ready to make an impact. Natalya says that Jericho claims to be the best in the world at what he does, but nothing lasts forever. David says that what happened to Bret on Monday was an embarrassment to him and an embarrassment to the Hart family. David says that they are better than that. Tyson reminds Jericho what he said before about how they are better . . . period. They leave the locker room.

Match Number Two: R Truth and Cryme Tyme versus Chris Jericho, David Hart Smith, and Tyson Kidd with Natalya

Kidd and Truth start things off and Truth dances around before they lock up. They lock up and Truth with a side head lock into a hammer lock but Kidd with a reversal. Truth with a drop kick to Kidd and then he tags in JTG and they hit a double flapjack for a near fall. JTG with a front face lock and knee before Shad is tagged in. Shad sends JTG into the turnbuckles and then Shad hits a running clothesline into the corner. Kidd with a kick to Shad but Shad with a back elbow and then he tags Truth back in. Kidd with a back kick and Jericho is tagged in. Truth with a hip toss to Jericho followed by punches. Jericho with an Irish whip but Truth floats over and does the split followed by a bicycle kick for a near fall. Truth with a punch to Jericho but he runs into a boot. Jericho misses a clothesline but Truth with a leg lariat that sends Jericho to the floor. We go to commercial.

We are back and Shad punches and kicks Jericho in the corner. Shad with an Irish whip and a running clothesline into the corner. Kidd tries to distract Shad and the referee but Shad presses Jericho over his head and then drops him. Shad goes off the ropes but Smith pulls the ropes down and Shad goes to the floor. Natalya comes over and kicks Shad in the ribs. Jericho goes out and he sends Shad back into the ring. Shad tries to make the tag but Jericho kicks him in the head. Jericho with a kick to the ribs on Shad and then he tags in Kidd. Kidd with kicks to Shad and then he chokes him in the ropes. Jericho with a punch to Shad on the apron while the referee is out of position. Kidd with a kick to the back for a near fall. Kidd with a front face lock and Jericho is tagged back in. Shad blocks a punch and he connects with a few. Jericho with a drop kick for a near fall and then he complains to the referee about a slow count. Jericho slaps and kicks Shad before tagging Kidd back into the match. Kidd with a kick to the back of the head. Shad with punches but Kidd with a drop kick to the knee. Kidd knocks Truth off the apron. Shad with a clothesline to Kidd and both men are down. JTG and Jericho tag in and JTG hits the flip shoulder tackle followed by a drop kick and then he hits the wraparound clothesline but Kidd breaks up the cover. Truth punches Kidd and then clotheslines Kidd over the top rope. Shad with a running boot that knocks Kidd off the apron. Jericho knocks Shad off the apron and then JTG with a rollup for a near fall. JTG comes off the turnbuckles and Jericho stops him and tries for the Walls of Jericho and JTG eventually taps out.
Winners: Chris Jericho, David Hart Smith, and Tyson Kidd

CM Punk and Luke Gallows walk in the back as we go to commercial. There is a saving a-coming.

We are back and it is time for CM Punk to come to the ring with Luke Gallows to add another person to the New Dawn and save them from their life of addiction.

Punk gets the mic and he tells everyone to quiet down. Last week, he reminds us that he made a promise for a straight edge resolution to save one lost soul in the audience tonight. Punk says the crusade is very real. He says that he is a man who keeps his promises unlike the weak minded people in the crowd. Punk asks who wants to be saved. Punk looks around at the crowd and he has found the person that he will save tonight. Booker sends Luke into the crowd to get the person.

Punk asks the young man what his name is and it is James. Punk tells James that he has nothing to fear (but fear itself?). Punk says that he can see through James and know what he is all about. Punk tells James that there is hope. He wants James to have a seat. Punk tells James that what is about to happen to him is the most important moment of his entire life. Punk says that he is going to save James. He wants James to raise his right hand. He asks James if he is tired of living his life like all of the other losers and James says yes. Punk wants James to say it louder. Punk wants to know if James is going to stop treating his body like a sewer. James says that he has tried to quit smoking a few times and Punk says that is not enough. Punk tells James that straight edge is a commitment and you need to stop trying and start doing. If you are not straight edge now, you never were. Punk wants James to tell him that he will stop abusing his body with over the counter medication, alcohol, and cigarette. James says that he is going to stop. Punk wants to know if James is willing to find the will power to just say no in the face of temptation. James says that he will change. Punk says that it is easier said than done. He says that James should know that actions speak louder than words. Before James can be a member of the Straight Edge Society, he must do one thing. Luke opens Punk’s man purse and has clippers. James does not want his hair cut but Punk convinces him to sit down and get it done. Punk says that it is a fresh start for James and his life being governed by drug and alcohol addiction ends because he accepts straight edge into his life. James nods his head acknowledging that he accepts straight edge into his heart. Punk shaves James’ head. After Punk is done, he tells James that he will be able to look into the mirror and know that he is stronger than anyone else in the building. He has evolved a lot more than the sheep in the crowd. Punk says that it can happen and next week, it could happen to you. Punk welcomes the newest member of the straight edge society to the WWE Universe and Punk says that James is better than all of them.

We go to commercial.

We are back and we take a look at a video package about how Maria is on the new season of Celebrity Apprentice. We get comments from some of the other participants.

Match Number Three: Luke Gallows with CM Punk versus Matt Hardy

They lock up and Hardy works on the arm but Gallows pulls his arm away from Hardy. They lock up and Hardy with a waist lock into a side head lock. Gallows with a shoulder tackle and he kicks Hardy in the chest. Gallows with a back elbow but he misses a leg drop. Hardy kicks Gallows in the hamstring and then he drops a knee on Gallows’ leg. Hardy wraps Gallows’ leg in the rope and then he kicks the leg. Hardy with a leg sweep and then he hits a step over toe hold. Gallows kicks Hardy off but Hardy with punches to Gallows. Hardy with a kick and he tries for a suplex but Gallows blocks it and he drops Hardy on the top rope and hits a Kane-like uppercut that sends Hardy to the floor. Gallows sends Hardy into the ring apron and then rolls him back into the ring. Gallows with a belly-to-back suplex and then he gets a near fall. Gallows works on the arms and he adds a body scissors. Gallows with a reverse chin lock and Hardy with punches but Gallows with a punch to the throat. Hardy with a kick and a sunset flip but Gallows kicks out and then he punches Hardy. Gallows kicks Hardy and then punches him. Gallows with a snap mare into a reverse chin lock. Hardy with a jawbreaker but Gallows with a kick to the midsection followed by an Irish whip but he misses a charge. Hardy goes up top and hits a moonsault for a near fall. Hardy punches Gallows and then hits a clothesline. Gallows tries for a slam and then hits a neck breaker for a near fall. Hardy with a running clothesline into the corner followed by an attempted bulldog but Gallows pushes Hardy away. Gallows charges into a boot. Hardy with a tornado DDT for a near fall. Hardy goes to the turnbuckles and he goes for the screaming elbow but Punk gets on the apron. Hardy is distracted by Punk and Gallows with a big boot followed by the spinebuster power slam for the three count.
Winner: Luke Gallows

We go to the back where Teddy Long is with Maria. Teddy says that it is off the hizzle that Maria is on the Celebrity Apprentice. Vickie Guerrero stops by and she pushes Teddy out of the way and she hugs Maria. Vickie says that she would have done the show but she is too busy with Smackdown. Vickie says that Maria reminds her of herself at Maria’s age . . . beautiful, intelligent, strong willed, and ambitious. Teddy asks when it went downhill for Vickie. Vickie reminds everyone that Teddy is on probation. Vickie says that since Maria is on the show, she must have a good mind for business and it is time to go to the action figure table. She wants Maria to give Vickie a sales pitch. Teddy says that he can’t wait to see Vickie’s action figure and suggests that it would be the biggest one. Then he sees Khali and says otherwise. Khali, through Runjin comments on the action figures and suggests that Vickie’s reminds him of the cows back home. We go to commercial.

We are back and did you know about Divas photos.

We see footage of last week when Michelle interfered in Beth’s match with Mickie James.

Match Number Four: Beth Phoenix versus Layla with Michelle McCool

Layla offers her hand to apologize but Beth with a shoulder tackle and then she hits a dominator after spinning Layla around. Beth kicks Layla out of the ring and then she says that she wants Michelle in the ring. Michelle rolls Layla back in and then Layla with a kick to the knee and head. Beth pushes Layla into the turnbuckles but misses a charge. Layla climbs on Beth’s back and chokes her but Beth with a snap mare and then she pulls Layla up by the hair and hits the Glam Slam for the three count.
Winner: Beth Phoenix

After the match, Beth stares at Michelle who is a bit dismayed at what happened. Michelle enters the ring and Beth has her backed against the ropes. Layla grabs Beth’s leg and then Michelle and Layla attack Beth. Mickie James comes to the ring and she goes after Michelle and hits her with forearms. Beth throws Layla into Michelle and they both go to the floor.

Beth looks at Mickie and Mickie with a back kick to the head.

We go to commercial, including one for Marine 2.

We are back with a Raw Rebound.

We see footage from last week’s Intercontinental Title Match.

Josh Mathews is in the interview area with Drew McIntyre and Josh suggests that Drew deliberately pushed John Morrison into the referee last week to get the disqualification. Drew says that John Morrison was frustrated last week so you don’t capture the magnitude of his victory. He proved that he was the better man and then Morrison snapped. Drew points out that he is undefeated and he says that he will be the first Intercontinental Champion to win the Royal Rumble.

John Morrison stops by and he suggests that there is an awkward vibe. Morrison asks Drew about his definitive victory and then he wants to know if Drew has anything to say to his face. Morrison dares McIntyre to say something to his face. Morrison stands there while Morrison says that he figured Morrison out. Morrison and McIntyre get forehead to forehead. McIntyre says that Morrison is not going to get to him and Drew says that he is moving on to bigger and better things. Morrison says that it is starting to get boring and one of them needs to lose their temper so if it isn’t going to be Drew, it might as well be him. Morrison slaps McIntyre and then he attacks McIntyre. We go to commercial.

Match Number Five: Rey Mysterio versus Batista for the Number One Contender Spot

Rey leaves the ring and Batista follows after him. Rey with a baseball slide and then he goes to the floor and he kicks Batista in the leg. They return to the ring and Batista runs Rey into the turnbuckles and Rey goes down hard. Batista with a hard Irish whip and then he hits a back breaker. Batista with a shoulder back breaker and then he drops down. Rey rolls to the apron and Batista goes to the floor and he punches Rey. Batista with an Irish whip and he runs into a boot. Rey comes off the turnbuckles and he pulls Rey up. Rey with punches and he hits a rana that sends Batista into ‘the position’. Batista goes to the floor. Rey goes to the apron and he hits a cross body but Batista catches him and runs Rey into the ring post. We go to commercial.

We are back and Batista punches Rey on the top turnbuckle and then he goes up there. Rey punches and kicks Batista off the turnbuckles. Rey goes up top and hits the frog splash but he bounces off Batista and cannot cover him. Rey with a springboard cross body but Batista catches him and hits a spinebuster. Batista picks up Rey and hits another spinebuster. Batista walks around the ring and then he waits for Rey to get up for the spear and he hits it. Batista is impressed with his performance and then it is time to pose and shake the ropes. Batista gets ready for the Batista Bomb but the lights go out.

The lights come back on and Batista and Rey are both down and the referee has no idea what is going on. Rey gets to his feet and punches Batista. Batista pushes Rey off and Rey hits a drop kick. Rey with a wheelbarrow into a bulldog and both men are down again. Batista tries for a power slam but Rey counters with a DDT. Rey with a drop kick to Batista’s back and Batista collapses into the ropes. Rey with the 619 and Batista falls to the mat. Rey pulls himself up on the apron and he goes for the springboard move, but the lights go out again.

They go back on and we see Rey and Batista down again and the referee is nowhere to be found.

The lights go out again and the Undertaker’s music plays.

We go to credits with no resolution to this match.

2011 - The Philadelphia Daily News featured an interview with CZW's Nick Gage, who is currently in a Camden, NJ jail cell on $150,000 bail after allegedly robbing a New Jersey bank.  To his credit, Gage said that he doesn't blame the wrestling fans that turned him to authorities after seeing his picture.  He commented that he was out in plain sight, going to Atlantic City to play roulette after leaving the bank with a score that was said to be $3,000.  Gage admitted he was dealing with a painkiller addiction, but said that the business was not to blame for his issues.

2011 - WWE Smackdown ran Lexington, Kentucky.  Terri Bey filed the following results:

Live from The Rupp Arena, with about 5,000 in attendance.

Tony Chimmel greets us.  R Truth comes out.  His opponent is Alberto Del Rio, who cuts a heel promo.  Truth gets the win with an Axe Kick.  Del Rio attacked Truth after the match and locked on the armbreaker.

Percy Watson beat Chavo Guerrero in a fun match.  The best part was Chavo jawing with the ringside fans.

Rosa Mendes was introduced as the guest host.  They did a contest to see who would be the guest bell ringer.  A kid answered a question correctly and got the spot.

Ezekiel Jackson squashed Tyler Reks.

Cody Rhodes beat Chris Masters with The Cross Rhodes.

Drew McIntyre beat JTG.

Kofi Kingston successfully defended his Intercontinental Title by beating Dolph Ziggler in a very good match.

Chimmel and Mendes threw out shirts to the crowd.

Natalya defended her Divas Title by beating Layla.  Natalya was selling the knee after Layla attacked it post-match and Beth Phoenix made the save.

Wade Barrett vs. Big Show was next.  While Show's music was playing and he was walking to the ring, Barrett attacked him in the aisle.  Barrett cut a promo and the match began.  Show won with the KO punch.

In the main event, Edge beat Kane in a streetfight with The Spear.  Awesome match.  Afterwards, Edge went around ringside and shook fans' hands.

2012 -  TNA broadcast their 2012 Genesis PPV.  Mike Johnson filed the following PPV report:

Welcome to’s live, ongoing coverage of the TNA Genesis PPV! Coverage will kick off following the completion of the first bout.

Footage of TNA champion Bobby Roode arriving at the Impact Zone at 4:30 followed by footage of Hardy arriving at the building at 6 PM aired as Mike Tenay and Taz noted that we’d find out tonight whether Hardy, a “former World Heavyweight champion” can get it done tonight.

Tons of pyro, followed by a welcome from Mike Tenay and Taz.

TNA X-Division champion Austin Aries vs. Zema Ion vs. Jesse Sorensen vs. Kid Kash

As Zema Ion walked to the ring, he tried to play up to rap star Rick Ross, who blew him off. Ross got a small chant for that. When the bell rang, Aries led the fans chanting and left the ring, leaving the others to compete. Sorensen, Kash and Ion all tried to catch the other with quick, rollups. Soresen missed a clothesline and then missed a clothesline, allowing Ion to take control. Sorensen went up and over to avoid a charge and nailed a rana, then an elbow in the corner. Ion caught him charging into the corner but Sorensen still caught him with a big suplex throw. They called it a modified Northern Lights suplex. Aries finally snuck back in and tried to sneak up but was caught in a series of roll ups. He escaped to the floor but was nailed by a Kid Kash pescado to the floor.

Sorensen prepared for a dive but was taken out by Ion. Ion prepared for a top rope moonsault to the floor but Kash nailed him and went for a top rope rana. Sorensen slipped underneath for a powerbomb so they ended up doing a Tower of Doom style spot. Aries returned to pick the bones, focusing on Ion. Aries went to the top but Ion shoved him off to the floor.

Ion went to the top and hit a sick twisting moonsault dive to the floor on Kash and Aries. Sorensen then came off the top with a big dive from the top onto all three. Back in the ring, Kash unloaded with chops and slammed Ion hard into the corner. He placed Ion on the top turnbuckle and went for a suplerplex but Aries whipped Sorensen into that corner. Kash crashed into ring. Ion nailed a top rope 450 splash and was pinned,

Kash was eliminated.

Aries nailed Sorensen with a 450 splash off the top as well but Sorensen kicked out. The crowd started to get behind Jesse, chanting his name. Ion didn’t like trying to out-do him and they went at it. Aries got the better of it and went for the Pendulum Elbow but was hit with a great flying bodypress by Sorensen. He went for the cover but Ion broke it up. Ion went right after Sorensen but was caught with a surprise small package for a three count.

Ion was eliminated. He argued with the ref, who missed Aries small packaging Sorensen. Aries got mad and let Sorensen up but was nailed with a DDT-esque move. Again, the referee missed the count and only counted two when he returned before Aries kicked out. Ion hid out at ringside. Neither remaining wrestler was aware as they battled in the corner above him.

Aries and Sorensen went back and forth with several near falls. Aries was drilled with a running boot in the corner. Sorensen went to the top but Ion grabbed his leg and pulled him, crotching him. Aries nailed a running dropkick on Ion, who was hanging over the turnbuckles and drilled him with a top rope brainbuster for the pinfall.

Your winner and still X-Division champ, Austin Aries!

Good opener. All four had moments where they shined, plus we saw Ion and Sorensen come out of their shells and add a little more depth to their characters. As a white meat babyface, Sorensen shows some real promise and you can see the crowd in Orlando starting to get behind him. Ion has really stepped up his game when it comes to playing to the crowd and showing his personality. Nice way to kick off the show.

Jeremy Borash interviewed Devon’s sons, Terrance and Terrell. Borash said they are 16 years old and he’s known their father over a decade. He asked them why they are acting the way they are. Pope Dinero showed up and they said it was because of this man. Pope said that he should pimp slap Borash but then who would have to to hold the microphone. He said they aren’t boys but are men. He said 2012 is going to be a year of reckoning for Devon. Pope said he is going to do something to Devon he will never forget. He said when they are done, they won’t have to deal with Devon’s black behind again and closed it out saying, “Daddy has spoken.”

Devon vs. Pope Dinero

Terrance and Terrell are at ringside. Devon stormed the ring and attacked Pope, kicking the hell out of him early. Pope whipped him into the ropes but nailed a leaping reverse elbow. Pope was sent to the floor. Devon followed and whipped him into the ring steps. Pope tried to crawl away but Devon caught him and rolled Pope into the ring. Pope tried to beg off and tried to apologize but Devon kicked him in the gut and began working him over with a series of right hands.

Devon went to the top but Pope staggered as he went to the top and bounced into the referee, who hit the ropes. Devon ended up crotched. Pope went to the ropes and leapt into a dropkick on Devon. He pulled Devon into the ring and mounted him with a series of punches.

Pope did a Tebow. I guess that’s going to be what every wrestler rips off for the next three months.

Pope hung Devon on the ropes and clotheslined him over the top to the apron. The crowd began chanting, “Let’s go Devon.” I don’t know if its just me but I ordered the show in standard definition due to issues with my cable provider and the crowd and audio sounds much larger than TNA PPVs have in HD of late. Pope worked over Devon on the floor and brought him back into to the ring for a two count.

Pope locked in a rear chinlock and the crowd rallied Devon. He mounted a comeback but was cut off by Pope. Pope began doing the Garvin Stomp. He screamed at Devon that he hated him and tossed him into the corner, under the turnbuckles, where Devon nailed the ringpost shoulder post down on the mat. Pope went to the floor, measured and kicked Devon’s head against the ringpost. He followed up and did it a second time.

Pope grabbed a front facelock back in the ring and then drove Devon’s head into the mat. He called Devon’s kids into the ring as the crowd chanted “You suck.” He told them to attack their father. They looked conflicted. One of them got down on his knee to check his father. Pope screamed at him, “I told you to get him” and when he was questioned, attacked him and tossed him to the floor. The other son pushed Pope and was laid out as well.

This fired up Devon and he drilled Pope with a series of rights and a big clothesline, followed by an Avalanche into the corner. Devon ducked a clothesline and nailed a powerslam on Dinero for a near fall. Pope escaped a Fireman’s Carry and nailed an uppercut. Devon came back with a flying shoulderblock off the ropes for another two count.

Devon missed a running charge in the corner. Pope set him up hanging in the ropes and snapped him with a neckbreaker. Devon pulled himself up in the corner stepped out of the way and caught him with a reverse 747 and scored the pin.

Your winner, Devon!

Solid match. They worked really hard and told a good back and forth story.

After the match, Devon’s sons entered the ring and they embraced their father, so they are all reunited.

Jeremy Borash interviewed Sting. Borash noted that Jeff Hardy’s road to redemption has been ten minutes. Velvet Sky showed up and said that she’s been looking for Sting all day. She pushed the idea of herself being the head of the Knockouts, cutting a promo on Madison Rayne and noting she’s been here for five years and has been loyal. She whispered a plan to prevent Rayne from interfering, saying that she had the crew working on something she called the “Velvet Touch”. Sting gave her permission to put it into play, but they didn’t say what it was. She left Sting said that Jeff Hardy gave himself the opportunity at redemption, not Sting and while Bobby Roode has been trying to one-up Sting, tonight it’s “Showtime.”

Rob Van Dam vs. Gunner, with Ric Flair

They locked up and fought for position. Gunner sent Van Dam into the ropes but Van Dam regained his footage and caught Gunner in a side headlock. Gunner slipped out and rode RVD to the mat and backed him into the corner with a series of shoulderblocks.

RVD flipped out of the corner and came off the ropes with a leaping kick. He countered an attempted knee with a leap-through into a roll-up. Van Dam nailed a crucifix but Gunner slipped out. RVD nailed a dropkick and they faced off. Van Dam kicked him out of the ring.

On the floor, Flair began giving Gunner advice. Gunner walked around ringside, trying to kill RVD’s momentum. Gunner returned to the ring and caught Van Dam with a kick to the gut. He overpowered Van Dan with a series of rights in the corner and whipped him into the corner hard, covering RVD for a two count. He continued controlling Van Dam with a sideslam. RVD kicked Gunner as he approached but was grabbed and dumped to the floor.

On the outside, Gunner slammed Van Dam into the guard rail at ringside. He teased doing his move on the floor but Earl Hebner got in his face telling him to return to the ring. Gunner ignored him but that distraction was enough to let RVD recover and drill Gunner. He draped Gunner on the apron and nailed a guillotine legdrop. RVD went to the top but was cut off by Gunner.

Van Dam fought off a superplex attempt and sent Gunner down hard to the mat. Van Dam hit a flying bodypress for a two count, followed by a springboard Ryder Kick and Rolling Thunder for a two count. Gunner went to the floor. Van Dam went for a pescado but Flair pulled Gunner out of the way. Hebner and Flair argued, which allowed Gunner to nail the DDT on the exposed concrete.

Gunner rolled RVD back into the ring and scored the pinfall.

Your winner, Gunner!

As a match designed to build Gunner, it achieved its goals. RVD hit some of his offense, Gunner survived and in the end, put his DDT on the floor over as a massively dangerous move, putting out a former TNA champion with it.

RVD was stretchered out of the building.

Backstage, Jeremy Borash noted they would provide updates on RVD when they received them. He brought in Jeff Hardy, who was painted up to match the poster of the PPV. Hardy said that he doesn’t brag about what he’s done and what he’s going to do. He quoted his theme song and said he’s been resurrected. He told his creatures to “mount up” because “we got a World title to win.”

TNA Knockouts champion Gail Kim (with Madison Rayne) vs. Mickie James

A shark cage, with some of the bars painted pink, was brought out, so that’s the Velvet touch. Rayne refused to enter the cage. So Sky, complete with ring music, came out. Sky shoved her into the cage. They raised the cage into the air. If they were going to do this, why not announce it in advance and try to draw something extra, at least in theory, out of it?

Kim attacked James and worked her over in the corner. She nailed a nice leaping clothesline and followed it up with a leaping knee to the back. James shocked her with a rollup and a bridge for a two count. James nailed a dropkick for another two count.

James unloaded with a series of forearms and a kick to the stomach. James went for a leg scissors into a rana but was shoved off. James landed on her feet on the apron but Kim grabbed her as she entered the ring and drove her face into the mat for a two count.

Kim drilled James with a forearm and a running knee in the corner. She whipped James into the opposite corner and nailed a horizontal splash into the buckles. Kim continued to work over James but was nailed with a dropkick, sort of, as she rebounded off the ropes for a bodypress. Kim regained control and locked in a Dragon Sleeper but James slipped out and turned it into an armdrag, then nailed several clotheslines.

Kim rebounded into the Octopus submission but James drove her into the corner and then down on the mat for a two count. James went for her DDT but Kim evaded it. She charged but was sent to the floor by James, landing in front of Velvet Sky. They had words. James did her leg scissors into the rana off the apron to the floor.

Back in the ring, James nailed a top rope Lou Thesz Press for a two count. Kim grabbed her by the hair and snapped James backward by the hair. Rayne tossed brass knuckles from the cage but the referee saw them bounce down and took them away. He handed them off to someone outside the ring. Rayne tossed another pair down but Mickie drilled Gail and used them as the referee turned. He caught James and called for the bell.

Your winner and still Knockouts champion by DQ, Gail Kim!

Very eh match. I don’t get why they would do the cage stip and not announce it in advance where they could try and draw with it, and then do a finish where the cage didn’t matter anyway. Really awful.

Jeremy Borash interviewed Bully Ray. Ray said he was nervous for a second when he was challenged for a Monster’s Ball match. He said that he’s the bully and the intimidator. He said he’s the king of these type of matches and he’s been doing them for a long time. He said he’s the real king of hardcore and men like Terry Funk and Mick Foley bow down to him. Ray said Abyss will lose and will lose bad. He said Abyss is going to crawl back to Immortal and kiss all of their feet. He promised that Abyss will be Immortal’s b***h once again. Good promo.

Monster’s Ball: Bully Ray vs. Abyss

There are weapons including barbed wire boards around ringside.

Ray bullied Socal Val as he came out. Always funny.

Abyss was ready to go but Ray backed off and walked around the ring a number of times. He nailed Abyss with a series of chairs to the back but it had no effect. Abyss nailed a chokeslam. Ray pulled a chain off his pants and swung it like a weapon as Abyss used a chair to avoid it and nailed him with a chair across the back.

Abyss went to the floor and began tossing weapons that were in a trash can into the ring. As he returned, Abyss was nailed with a chain. Ray nailed him with a trash can but it had no effect and Abyss punched it. He nailed a splash in the corner but was clotheslined down. Ray grabbed a kendo stick but Abyss rolled out of the ring and pulled Janice out. Ray was freaked out and left the ring, saying he was out of here.

Ray went backstage. Abyss followed. I thought they were going to go to some backstage footage but immediately battled back down to ringside with Abyss in control. Ray thumbed him in the eye and drilled Abyss with a series of shots at ringside. Abyss fought back and tried to whip him into a barbed wire board that was standing up in the corner but Ray reversed it. Abyss hit it chest and shoulder first. Ray then slammed the board over Abyss. Abyss had a number of cuts on his hand and arm from the shots, but he still nailed Ray.

Ray tried to prevent Abyss from regaining control but failed. He was tossed into the ring. Abyss brought several sacks of weapons from under the ring into play. He grabbed a cheese grater and drilled Ray into the nether regions with it several times. Abyss spread tacks in the ring and grabbed Ray for a chokeslam, but was punched in the groin. Ray, still selling his groin shots, went to the floor and pulled out a table.

Ray tried to pull Abyss over but Abyss grabbed him and chokeslammed Ray through the table for a two count. Abyss tossed several barbed wire boards into the ring. Abyss set one up in the corner. Ray tried to use the legs of a table as a weapon but was punched down. Abyss tried to whip Ray into the board but Ray caught him with an Uranage onto a barbed wire board. He sandwiched Abyss between the boards and nailed a back senton splash. Squish! Abyss kicked out a two.

Ray grabbed Janice and measured to hit Abyss but was caught and chokeslammed into the tacks for a two count. The crowd began chanting, “This is awesome.” Ray came back to kick Abyss and nailed him with a trash can. Ray began lighting Abyss up with kendo stick shots in the corner. He killed Abyss with shot after shot, then went to charge Abyss for another but was caught with a Black Hole Slam into a barbed wire board for the pin.

Your winner, Abyss!

You knew what you were going to get with this one and you got it. After looking like they weren’t on the same page early, they really put together a great war of attrition. There were some nice twists that I didn’t expect, such as Ray taking the tack bump. There were a few rough patches early but they really told this nice story of two badass monsters beating the other down and coming back to give the other guy more punishment. Ray is better in 2012 than he’s ever been while the Abyss character feels much more rejuvenated than it has in years. If you like the style, Good stuff. The match got over with the crowd as it went into the bigger spots.

Jeremy Borash interviewed TNA Tag Team champions Crimson and Matt Morgan. Crimson cut a decent promo saying what he does is destroy lives and that’s what’s going to happen tonight. He said Magnus and Samoa Joe beat some impressive combinations in the tournament but they are the champions. Morgan then cut a hell of a promo putting over the team and promised to show why he’s the most genetically jacked giant in wrestling today. Morgan is really underrated as a promo. When he’s on, he’s great. Some nice fire out of Crimson, who is still finding himself on the mic, as well.

TNA Tag Team champions Matt Morgan & Crimson vs. Samoa Joe & Magnus

Morgan and Joe started out face to face. Joe piefaced him and nailed several shoulderblocks to no avail. They exchanged strikes. Joe was kicked down but popped up to eat a clothesline. Crimson and Magnus tagged in. They went back and forth. Magnus drilled him into the corner but Crimson fought his way out and sent Magnus into the corner. Magnus went for a side headlock but was sent into the ring and drilled with a back elbow. Crimson locked in a cravate and sent Magnus into the corner. Morgan tagged in and nailed his rapid fire elbows in the corner.

Morgan nailed a running clothesline in the corner. Crimson hit an exploder for a two count. Crimson whipped him into the ropes but put his head down and was kicked in the face. Joe tagged in and nailed a big Uranage in the corner. Joe worked over Crimson, who fired back but was cut off. Taz went into this funny line asking if they had bears in Samoa after he said Joe was like a Samoan bear trap catching Crimson’s ankle.

Joe and Magnus tagged and worked over Crimson.

During the match, the announcers were told something was happening backstage. They went to a split screen of Bully Ray beating down Abyss backstage and working him over. They brawled out of camera range. So, the battle continues.

In the ring, Joe was finally nailed with a spear by Crimson. There was a chant of “We want Morgan” followed by “No We don’t!” So, Morgan is apparently playing the role of John Cena tonight. Morgan made the hot tag. He nailed Joe and drilled Magnus with a Fall Away Slam. He nailed Joe with an elbow and nailed Magnus with a suplex into a sideslam but Joe broke up the pin.

All four brawled in the ring. Crimson was sent to the floor. Morgan was caught between both challengers. He fought them off but was overwhelmed. Joe sent him into the corner and nailed a enziguiri in the corner. Magnus came off the ropes but Crimson pulled him off for a two count. Magnus and Crimson battled on the floor. Joe hit a dive into a forearm on Crimson on the floor. Crimson sent him into the ring steps as he tried to return.

In the ring, Morgan and Crimson nailed a double chokeslam on Magnus, scoring the pin.

Your winners and still TNA Tag Team champions, Matt Morgan and Crimson!

Match was solid but they lost some of their momentum when TNA went backstage for the brawl. They worked a hard pace but I felt that they really could have benefited from more time in the ring to tell the story. It felt like the highlights version of a match, not the full story. Hopefully, they get the chance to rematch it as I’ve really liked the Joe/Magnus duo and the champs are still finding their chemistry.

Jeremy Borash interviewed James Storm. Borash asked him if he was ready. Storm said he’s known Borash for 10-15 years and said he was going to turn the tables and interview Borash. He put the hat, glasses and beer in Borash’s hands. He said to Borash that if you beat Angle twice and had to beat him again, how would you do it. Borash said he didn’t know. Storm cut an awesome promo saying you have to believe in yourself and he believes. He said that the people would be chanting “You suck” at Angle. He told Angle he would be sucking in the ring and then he would swallow….James’ kick in his face. The live crowd popped for that line. Storm left then returned to deliver his “Sorry about your damn luck” line. Great promo.

James Storm vs. Kurt Angle

There was a “Let’s go Cowboy” chant early. Angle walked around ringside trying to dictate the flow of the match early. The crowd took to the “You suck” chant while they were doing some early back and forth wrestling, which was solid.

Storm tried to go for the Last Call superkick but Angle ran from the ring and went to the floor. The storyline is that Angle says it’s not a wrestling move but a bar room fight move. I never heard of Shawn Michaels winning any bar room fights but bet Chris Adams kicked some ass in his day.

Angle returned to the ring but saw Storm going for the superkick and ran off again. Slow start. Angle was caught with a punch and was sent to the floor. Storm jumped off the apron, nailing Angle. He caught Angle with a right hand on the floor. Storm kicked Angle in the corner when they returned to the ring and mounted the turnbuckles to rain down a series of right hands.

Storm was caught out of nowhere with an overhead belly to belly suplex. He stomped away at Storm in the corner. Angle draped him over the apron and drilled him across the chest several times. Angle stalked Storm in the ring and nailed a suplex for a two count. Angle controlled Storm and scored several two counts. He locked in a side chinlock but Storm began firing back with elbows to the mid-section.

Angle cut off Storm but was caught out of nowhere with a Side Russian Legsweep. Storm mounted a comeback with a series of clotheslines and a big forearm. He floated over and nailed the Backstabber for a two count. Storm whipped Angle but Angle spun around and began nailing a series of German suplexes.

They went back and forth until Storm caught Angle with a DDT for a two count. Storm went up and over. Angle scouted him well and went for the Olympic Slam but Storm slipped out. Angle cut him off with an elbow and hit an Angle slam for a two count. He pulled down his singlet and teased doing the superkick. He went for it but Storm caught his leg and nailed a backstabber to the chest for a two count.

Storm went to the ropes. Angle leapt up for a superplex but Storm was waiting for him and nailed him. Angle fell into the ring and Storm came off the ropes with a flying elbow for a two count. Storm set up for the superkick but Angle pulled the referee in the way. Storm cut the move off and was kicked low by Angle and a kick to the face.

Angle scored the pin.

Your winner, Kurt Angle!

Solid match but well below the pace of your usual Kurt Angle bout. The finish really took the shine off the work, but told the story of Angle being a slimeball to steal the win with a cheap move after claiming he lost because Storm’s kick wasn’t legit. From that standpoint, it made sense but it came so out of nowhere, the finish was beyond flat.

Backstage, someone asked Bully Ray what happened to Abyss after they caught them fighting. Ray, who was recovering from his match, said that he didn’t know and blew it off, saying that maybe Abyss took the rest of the night off. Obviously, he was lying.

Bobby Roode cut a promo saying that he only needed one chance and one time to become the TNA champion because he’s the it factor of pro wrestling. He asked how many times was Jeff Hardy going to get another chance. He put himself over as the most selfish man in wrestling and would do whatever it takes to remain champion. Usual good Roode promo.

TNA champion Bobby Roode vs. Jeff Hardy

Jeremy Borash did the big time ring introductions. Hardy received the biggest reaction of anyone on the show tonight.

hey did some feeling out process wrestling. Roode caught Hardy with a shoulderblock off the ropes and worked over Hardy’s arm. Hardy nailed several hiptosses and armdrags. Roode cut him off in the corner but was caught and nailed with a series of rights. Hardy nailed him with an inverted atomic drop and a legdrop for a two count.

Hardy clotheslined Roode over the top to the floor and then slingshot himself into a kick to the chest. Hardy hit a running clothesline off the apron onto Roode on the floor. The announcers noted that Hardy may have banged up the same arm Roode was working on. Hardy whipped Roode into the steps, then hit a dive off the steps into Roode, sort of a variation on the old Air Sabu move. Hardy hit his knee on the guard rail and was limping.

Hardy tossed Roode back into the ring and covered him for a two count. Roode cut him off and tied him to the tree of woe. He drilled Hardy and then nailed an over the knee backbreaker. Roode began focusing on Hardy’s legs and then whipped him hard into the buckles for a two count. Roode nailed a suplex and hit a kneedrop off the second rope for another two count.

Hardy began mounting a comeback while trapped in a side chinlock but Roode cut him off. He sent Hardy to the floor and Hardy nailed the floor hard. Hardy was lifted and dropped across the guard rail. Roode brought his challenger back into the ring and locked in another side chinlock. Hardy tried to make it to the ropes for a break but Roode realized and brought him back to the mat. The crowd tried to rally Hardy but Roode trapped him in a crossface.

Roode continued working on Hardy and went to the ropes but Hardy lifted his feet and kicked Roode as he came down. With both men down, referee Brian Hebner began counting both men down on the mat. Hardy and Roode fought to their feet and exchanged punches. Hardy got the better of him and nailed several clotheslines, a back elbow and a backdrop.

Hardy kicked Roode into the corner and clotheslined him. Hardy’s whip was reversed and Hardy was sent into the corner but Hardy went up and over and nailed a Russian legsweep for a two count. Hardy slipped out of a spinebuster attempt and sat down into a jawbreaker. Roode came back with a spinebuster for a two count.

Roode attempted a superplex but Hardy fought him off and sent him down hard to the mat. Jeff went to dive off the top but Roode rolled out of the ring and tried to walk out of the building. Hardy gave chase and clotheslined him on the ramp and brought him back to the ring.

As Hardy returned to the ring, Roode caught him with a kick and nailed a Perfectplex for a two count. Roode went for another move but Hardy caught him with a Twist of Fate into a stunner. Hardy came off the ropes and scored a close two count.

Hardy went for the Twist of Fate but Roode slipped out of it and went to the floor. He went to leave with the belt but Hardy attacked him on the ramp. Hardy dragged him back to the ring. Roode still had the TNA tile belt. Hardy ducked Roode trying to use it and nail him. He went for the Twist of Fate but it would have been on the belt so the ref stopped it and removed it. Roode grabbed Hardy and went for a pin with his feet on the ropes but the ref caught him and stopped it.

Hardy scored a near fall with a two count. Roode, realizing he was done for, smiled and kicked the referee in the groin. Hardy nailed the Twist of Fate but the referee called for the bell.

Your winner by DQ, Jeff Hardy!

The crowd immediately began chanting “We Want Sting” but he didn’t come out. Hardy laid out Roode and nailed the Swanton. He grabbed the belt and threw it down on Roode.

Horrible finish that came off like TNA couldn’t come up with anything else. It wasn’t just a kick to the groin of the referee but their paying audience as well. Absolutely the worst way they could have closed the PPV in my opinion. The work was absolutely fine in the ring but when you show Sting, who’s supposed to be in charge, putting over that Hardy has this chance and earned it and then he doesn’t come out when the challenger gets completely screwed over, well, it makes him look like a moron. The fans shouldn’t have to wait until Thursday for conflict resolution when they are paying $30 to see a decisive finish.

Not the first impression anyone would have wanted going into the New Year, especially after the strong turn TNA TV has taken. The booking of the last two matches felt like missed opportunities, not in that the babyfaces should have went over, but that the finishes were so flat, they did no one – not the wrestlers, the fans or the company ANY good at all.

2014 - D'Angelo Dinero posted the following statements on his Twitter page (@DaBlackPope):

"Pope's Contract expired with TNA on Jan 1, I will not be resigning. Thanks to Dixie and the whole TNA Family for a wonderful 3+ Years."

"And for the SM's out there, THIS is not a storyline."

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