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By Mike Johnson on 2016-01-04 07:10:00
Welcome to's official coverage of New Japan Pro Wrestling's WrestleKingdom 2016 from the Tokyo Dome in Tokyo, Japan. 


The show is being streamed live at with announcing in both English and Japan.  The English announce team will be Kevin Kelly, Matt Striker & Yoshi Tatsu.

I am told there will be at least one ROH-centric surprise performer in the Rumble tonight.

ROH's Delirious and Jeff Jones are at the Dome Show. For those of you who caught her on an EVOLVE iPPV a few months ago, Trent Baretta's mother is on the scene and is at the Tokyo Dome.

A number of American talents brought their family members in for the show.

For those of you who want to travel to next year's Dome, our old friend George Mayfield will be running one of his legendary tours to the January 2017 Dome show as well as lots of other events in Tokyo.  For details, email


The first man out is the legendary Jushin "Thunder" Liger.    The second competitor was the equally legendary Yoshiaki Fujiwara, the creator of the Fujiwara armbar.    They went back and forth on the mat.  Tiger Mask IV was the next man out as he and Liger worked over Fujiwara as they put on stereo leglocks on him.  Fujiwara reversed it with stereo heel hooks.

The fourth man out was a surprise entrant, Ring of Honor's Cheeseburger!!!!  He tossed out plush burgers as he came to the ring.  The look on Fujiwara's face for this was brilliant.  Burger and his idol Liger, began working over Fujiwara.  Just like that, Burger has the highlight of his career.  Unfortunately for him, Liger and Tiger then decided it was smarter to let Burger work on Fujiwara, leaving him to be beaten down by Fujiwara.   

For those wondering Cheeseburger was requested by NJPW as a surprise for the show.

Next out was another surprise, Hiro Saito.  Cheeseburger continued to be beaten down.  Tiger Mask and Saito battled.  Liger got involved but was nailed with a back senton splash.  Next man out was YOSHI-HASHI as Burger teamed with Fujiwara and Saito to battle Liger and Mask.  Everyone battled each other. 

Next out was Mascara Dorada from CMLL in Mexico, a regular here.  Dorada began attacking everyone from behind.  Liger got the better of him and tied him up on the floor with a sitting abdominal stretch.  Captain New Japan, clad in a black and white ensemble, was out next.  He was taken right down in a Fujiwara armbar and tapped out.  Everyone jumped on Fujiwara and pinned him.

Captain New Japan and Fujiwara have been eliminated.

Everyone continued to battle as Manabu Nakanishi hit the ring.  He went to the top and dove off with a chop to YOSHI-HASHI.  He tried to do it again but Liger shook the ropes.    Out next was the always awesome Yuji Nagata.  Saito and Mask battled on the top.  Cheeseburger tried to break it up but was kicked in the face.  Saito came off the top on Mask and pinned him.  Saito began beating the hell out of Burger.  Everyone pounced on Saito and pinned him.

Tiger Mask and Saito were eliminated.

Out next was Satoshi Kojima.  Everyone battled.   Cheeseburger began chopping away on Kojima.  Out next was Hiroyoshi Tenzan.   Despite being partners, he and Kojima began going right after each other.    Next out is Rysuke Taguchi.   Dorado attacked Taguchi from behind and he went down.  Smelling blood, everyone put the boots to him and began nailing big shots and stomped away at him.

Shiro Koshinaka was next out.  Lots of cool NJPW legends showing up.   He began laying kicks and shots on everyone.  Next out was former WWE and WCW star King Haku (the father of Tama Tonga) coming out wearing a Bullet Club.  He began unloading with punches and chops.  He charged a number of talents fighting on the apron, knocking Nagata and Kojima down the floor, eliminating them each.

Next out was the one and only GREAT KABUKI.  This is freaking awesome.  He spewed the green mist as he came to the ring.  Tenzan locked Haku in an Anaconda Vice and forced him to submit.  Kabuki swent right after Cheeseburger, who tried to hide outside the ropes.   Taguchi went after Kabuki as the next man, Kazuhi Sakuraba, came to the ring.  What an awesome, eclectic mix this Rumble is.  It's not like the action is amazing, but the unique appearances and combinations are mind-boggling cool.

Sakuraba and Kabuki immediately faced off.  This is completely insane moment.  They exchanged kicks and punches.   Kabuki finally said the hell with you and sprayed mist in his face, getting DQ'd.  The other pounced on Sakuraba and pinned him.

Cheeseburger was pinned and eliminated after.  There were a number of eliminations in a flurry, leaving Taguchi and Koshinaka left.  The final competitor out is Jado who came out with Japanese female singer Momoka, who was clad in a mask.  The announcers said she is a big star.  She wanted to get in the ring and battle but the referee would not allow it.   Jado was worked over.  Kohinaka went for a pinfall but Taguchi broke it up and they had words.  Jado was able to toss Koshinaka out.

It's down to Jado and Taguchi.  He ducked a charge and Taguchi crashed over the ropes to the floor.  Momoka charged into the ring to raise Jado's hand and celebrate.

Your winner, Jado!

Pretty damn fun spectacle.


IWGP Junior Heavyweight Tag Team champions RedDragon vs. The Young Bucks vs. Roppongi Vice vs. Ricochet & Matt Sydal.

The Bucks had some cool Randy Savage inspired leather jackets.  They were accompanied by Cody Hall.  The Bucks attacked before the bell.  Matt Jackson tried to pin Bobby Fish immediately and the team worked him over with a double hiptoss and double dropkick.  They tagged in and out, working over Fish's shoulder and left arm.  He was able to send Matt to the apron outside, where Kyle O'Reilly dropkicked him.  ReDragon worked over Nick Jackson, who avoided them and tagged in Sydal.

Sydal nailed a rana on Fish and exchaned kicks with Kyle.  O'Reilly went to rebound off the ropes but was caught and nailed.  Roppongi Vice tagged in and doubleteamed Sydal.  They gave a "Suck it" to the Bucks.   Baretta nailed a big flip dive to the floor on everyone.  He tossed Matt Jackson into the ring and went to the top but Nick snapped his legs, causing him to crash into the ring.  The Bucks took control of the ring and began nailing kicks on everyone they could. 

The Bucks tagged in and out as they maintained control of the ring, working over Baretta.  He tried to mount a comeback but was kept off balance.  Nick Jackson was grabbed by Bobby Fish on the outside but the Bucks took ReDragon off the apron.  Nick cinched in a side headlock to wear down Baretta, then drilled him with a dropkick.  Baretta finally scored with a tornado DDT.  Ricochet tagged in and nailed a gorgeous springboard clothesline.   He and Sydal worked over Nick Jackson, including stereo standing moonsaults in the ring.

All sorts of insane dives started until Scott Hall tripped Ricochet.  The referee was distracted by Matt Jackson faking an injury, allowing Hall to nail a running Razor's Edge over the top onto everyone.  He then tossed Ricochet back into the ring.  Jackson nailed the running powerbomb/kick in the corner.   The Bucks nailed a swanton off the ropes as Jackson held him against the ropes.  Ricochet kicked up and tried to fight his way back, allowing Yoshi Tatsu to clumsily explain fighting spirit.  Ricochet came back with a big suplex.  He and Sydal did some sweet big spots including a springboard dive to the outside to wipe out Hall.

ReDragon returned to the fray and began kicking all sorts of ass with combination moves.  Hall pulled Fish out and sent him into the ring barrier.  O'Reilly came off the corner with a big flying knee.  Everyone battled over a suplex attempt in the center of the ring.    Romero nailed a big double clothesline on the Bucks, then on Ricochet and Sydal.  Athletically, this is nuts.  The Bucks blindtagged in and nearly stole the win but Romero kicked out at the last second.  The Bucks nailed More Bang for Your Buck and scored the win.

Your winners and new IWGP Junior Heavyweight Tag Team champions, for the fourth time, The Young Bucks!

A HELL of an opener with some ridiculously fun athletic stuff and lots of flips and all out physical mayhem.  If you like this style, you'll enjoy this a lot.  A great spectacle.

Bullet Club's Tama Tonga & Yujiro Takahashi & Bad Luck Fale vs. Toru Yano & The Briscoes
to crown the first NEVER Openweight Six Man Tag Team championship.

Everyone brawled at the bell.  You knew that was going to happen.   The Briscoes double teamed Tama Tonga and peppered Takahashi with punches.  Briscoe nailed the Cactus Elbow off the apron on Takahashi on the floor.   Fale tagged in and took control on Yano.  This allowed the Bullet Club to tag in and out and work over Yano with stomps and kicks for a near fall.

Fale continued to crush Yano and worked him over with shams and stomps.   The Bullet Club put the boots to him as the Briscoes tried to enter the ring to help but were stopped by referee Tiger Hatori.  They exposed the buckle but Yano escaped and sent Fale into the corner.  Yano took down Takahasi and Tonga but celebrated, allowing himself to be wiped out by Fale. 

Mark Briscoe finally tagged in and went back and forth with Takahashi.  He escaped a backdrop and landed on his feet to unleash some Redneck Kung Fu. Takahashi grabbed a waistlock and nailed a hard German suplex on Mark.   Jay finally tags in and nails a DVDR on Tonga for a two count.  Briscoe nailed a hangman's neckbreaker for another two count.

Fale caught Briscoe and went for an Alabama Slam and nailed it.  Yano broke up the pinfall attempt.  Fale drilled him.  Tonga went after Jay as Mark and Takahashi brawled on the floor.  He went for a double underhook suplex but was drilled into the corner.  Briscoe set him up on the top rope and set up for a Electric Chair. Yano nailed him with a chair, setting up The Briscoes to nail the Doomsday Device for the pin.

Your winners and first NEVER Open Weight Six Man Tag Team champions, The Briscoes & Toru Yano!

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