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By Dave Scherer on 2016-01-04 09:59:00

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Wow, what did The Ascension do to be jobbers?

They didn’t impress the boss. That simple.

With the news of the Rock's involvement with WrestleMania, it got me to thinking....Rock vs. Kevin Owens?

I don’t see that happening. Frankly, I am not even sure that Rock will even wrestle. Given his film commitments my hunch is that he won’t, but rather will appear in a role, maybe as a guest referee.

Does it seem like for the longest time that WWE was trying to position Total Divas as a reality show that impacted events on RAW and SmackDown? In other words, a reality show, taped possibly months earlier, affecting a basically scripted show? 

They definitely play off of each other. And with long term planning, it’s not hard to do. But frankly, I can’t watch Total Divas. It’s just not my cup of tea.

Does the WWE headquarters have a tour you can take?

On a regular basis? No. Occasionally they will donate one to a charity function or something along those lines. But overall, nope. I don’t blame them. It’s an office building. I have been there and seen a lot of it. There isn’t much to actually tour.

Can WWE really sustain a major Hall of Fame ceremony every year? The big names are being rapidly eaten up. A decade from now, it's going to be difficult to sell out an arena when a Rick Martel is your headliner.

I have wondered the same thing for a while now. There are only so many people that they can have headline a class. They really need to make more new stars to ensure that they can keep filling arenas for the ceremony.

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