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By Mike Johnson on 2015-12-31 11:50:13

Masked Republic issued the following:

Among our proudest accomplishments of 2015 was the launch of what currently exists as the only monthly English language lucha libre print publication Rudo Can't Fail: Lucha Libre & Lucha Culture Worldwide.

Perhaps the best way to introduce those who are still unfamiliar to the what and why of Rudo Can't Fail is to place the "Publisher's Page" from the 1st issue here.

Screen Shot 2015-12-30 at 5.08.12 PM

The first issue was certainly a success, with less than 30 copies left at And then, the December issue only expanded on the groundwork that issue 1 laid.  With an amazing cover by Jeffrey Everett a.k.a. Rockets Are Red, the issue celebrates the 20th anniversary of the Rey Mysterio vs. Psicosis feud in ECW.  With so much buzz around the cover, we made a special print run of 100 limited edition 12x18 posters that are available until they sell out at  Limited numbers of the poster are available autographed by Rey Mysterio & Psicosis themselves.


With articles on the history & impact of the feud by PWInsider's Mike Johnson, wrestling personality & ring announcer for the bouts Joel Gertner, wrestling/lucha historian/Wrestling Observer/MLW's Matt Farmer, and Twitter's resident king of Japanese wrestling gif's Senior Lariato, the zine presented an incredible look back.  But the coverage didn't end there.  We talked directly with the lucha libre stars themselves and brought brand new exclusive interviews with Rey and Psicosis to the pages of RCF.  Plus, the Rey interview was recorded and can now be accessed for listening in the "Exclusive Extras" section of  

One of the things we are most proud of when it comes to the pages of RCF (aside from the smoking hot centerfold posters of Lucha Underground's Melissa Santos and Ivelisse thus far), is that not only are we lucky to have well established voices in pro wrestling and lucha libre journalism writing for and contributing to RCF, but that we are giving opportunities to those we are calling the "new voices of lucha libre."  From Australia's Jacob Mills (@IQwrestler) to the United States' Eric Mutter (@CultIcon) & J. Travis Grundon (@jtravisgrundon), the pages of RCF buzz with new views and writing styles.  

And the international flavor doesn't end there.  Editor In Chief Jack Cinnamond oversees the monthly publication from his home in Liverpool, England.  One of the greatest pro wrestling cartoonists of all time, Pro Wrestling Illustrated's Mister J, contributes strips monthly, and lucha libre coverage of events runs from Mexico to the U.S. to Canada and soon across the pond to the Europe and Australia as well.  

What separates RCF from any other current English language wrestling publication as well is the coverage not just of lucha libre events, but lucha culture as well.  From lucha libre film coverage from genre expert Keith J. Rainville (publisher of the 1990s lucha libre zine From Parts Unknown - one of the influences for the launch of Rudo Can't Fail) to a look at lucha libre themed restaurants like San Diego's Lucha Libre Taco Shop, there is only one print publication that brings you all corners of lucha libre of in and out of ring. 

Getting your hands on a copy of Rudo Can't Fail is actually rather easy. 

  • The quickest and easiest way to get it is to be a Lucha Loot subscriber. Each Lucha Loot treasure chest (crate) includes the latest issue of RCF (along with a mask, t-shirt, autographed 8x10 and more).
  • You can also order a 6-month subscription at
  • now also has back issues for those who want to be sure to have the entire collection.
  • Lucha libre promotions stocking the magazine at their merch stands or offering special ticket packages that include a copy include Santino Bros Wrestling AcademyLucha VaVOOMUIPWMucha Lucha ATL and Lucha T.O. (Lucha Toronto).
  • Select wrestling themed stores around the globe have started to carry RCF including Birkenhead, England's The Mystery Island.

The RCF adventure is just getting started.  For reading this far, we'll let you know that upcoming feature/cover stories will include: The Best Factions In Lucha History; Creatives & Lucha Libre: Gear Designers, Artists, Filmmakers & More; Family Legacies: Parents & Children In Lucha Libre; The Legacy of SoCal's Rev Pro, and more!

Look for new issues at the end of each month!  If you are interested in contributing to the zine on the writing or art ends of the publication, contact Editor In Chief Jack Cinnamond at editor @  Promotions or stores looking to stock Rudo Can't Fail at their events can contact us distributors @ has RCF t-shirts and hoodies on sale now through Dec 31 at a special magazine launch discount of 25% off.  All prices will go up Jan 1, so head to LuchaShop today and take advantage of the sale before it's too late! 

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