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By Stuart Carapola on 2015-12-18 23:46:22
Welcome to's LIVE coverage of ROH Final Battle 2015!

#1 Contender's Match: The Young Bucks vs Jay & Mark Briscoe vs The All Night Express

Mark and Nick start off, leading to the Briscoes double teaming Nick in their corner. Titus tags in and goes at it with Jay, then he and King double team Jay. Rhett backdrops Jay to the apron and Nick superkicks Jay into next week. Matt tags himself in and the Bucks double superkick Mark, then clean out the ANX by themselves. Mark and Titus dump the Bucks, then they go at it in the middle of the ring until Mark takes the Bucks out with a dive. Everyone hits a dive one after the other, then the Bucks double superkick Titus on the floor and roll him back inside. Matt moonsaults both Briscoes, then they hit consecutive 450 splashes on Titus and make a cover, but King breaks it up at 2 and Frankensteiners both Bucks. Nick superkicks Mark, Jay big boots Nick and then unloads jabs and a headbutt on Matt, then Nick superkicks Jay, and all six men are down. Mark tags himself in and goes at it with King, then Jay takes King's head off with a hard lariat and the Briscoes hit a powerbomb/neckbreaker combo on King for 2. Briscoes set King up for the Doomsday Device, King ducks and Mark lands right in a double superkick from the Bucks, they double superkick Jay, double superkick King, Nick punts Titus off the apron and they hit Jay with the springboard assisted Tombstone. Mark breaks the cover at 2, King and Titus hit a dropkick/Royal Flush combo on Nick, then they hit a super powerbomb/blockbuster combo for the win.

Winners: All Night Express

Now THAT was a match to get the fans lit up early. This just goes to show the quality of the work in ROH that this opens the show and nobody bats an eye. Just awesome stuff.

Dalton Castle vs Silas Young

Dalton takes Silas down to the mat immediately and Silas scurries to the outside to create a little distance. Dalton goes after Silas, and the Boys block him until Silas comes along and blindsides him. The fans chant "free the Boys" as Silas elevates Dalton face first onto the top turnbuckle. Silas whips Dalton hard into the corner, and he proceeds to unload with right hands. Dalton goes for a springboard crossbody out of the corner, but Silas pulls his leg out and Dalton smacks his face on the top of the ringpost and tumbles to the outside. Silas goes right after him, rolling Dalton back inside and slingshotting over the top rope with a double stomp right to the midsection. Silas goes for his backbreaker/lariat combo, but Dalton turns out of it and takes Silas out with a shot of his own. Dalton with a series of chops and a unique suplex/powerslam combo for 2. Daltin hits a charging knee in the corner, puts Silas on the top rope, and drills him with a running knee that sends Silas tumbling down to the ring apron. The fans chant at the Boys to fan up as Dalton and Silas go at it on the ring apron. Dalton charges, Silas backdrops him to the opposite side of the ringpost, and then comes through the ropes with a spear that sends both men tumbling to the floor. Silas quickly sends Dalton back inside and covers for 2, then springboards out of the corner with a clothesline for 2. Silas hits the Finlay roll, but Dalton dodges the headstand moonsault and gives Silas a uranage to the ring apron. Dalton Herman suplexes Silas into the ring and bridges for a very close 2 count. Dalton with a superkick, but silas gives him a DDT onto the bottom turnbuckle and covers for 2. Dalton fires back like a man possessed, catches Silas on a crossbody attempt, and hits an overhead release suplex. Someone walks in front of me, and when they pass by I see Silas on top of Dalton getting the three count.

Winner: Silas Young

Silas gets a microphone and tells Dalton he's beaten him twice now, so Dalton needs to do the right thing and admit that he's the real man. Silas stomps Dalton a bunch when he refuses to do it, then gets chairs for the Boys and says if Dalton doesn't admit he's the real man, he'll sic the Boys on him. The fans chant for the Boys, so Dalton gets the mic and admits that silas is a man...but he's a foolish man because THOSE ARE HIS BOYS! The Boys lay Silas out with chairs, then the three of them reunite to the pop of the night so far.

Michael Elgin vs Moose

They trade shoulderblocks early on and neither man moves until Moose plows Elgin with a running forearm and another shoulderblock. Elgin fires back and tackles Moose down, then they go back to trading right hands. Elgin gets Moose up for a delayed vertical suplex for the thirty count, but Moose pops right back up and unloads with jabs and then dropkicks Elgin into next week. Elgin comes in and dumps Moose to the floor, then takes him out with a rolling dive off the apron. Elgin rolls Moose back into the ring and comes off the top with a shoulderblock for 1. Elgin with some hard clotheslines to the front and back of Moose, but Moose doesn't go down. Moose ducks a couple of clotheslines and hits a bicycle kick, then a spinning bodyslam. Moose with a diving clothesline in the corner, Elgin goes behind and tries for a German suplex, Moose blocks it, so Elgin hits a leaping enziguiri. Elgin hits rolling German suplexes on Moose, but Moose easily pops Elgin up onto the top rope and dropkicks him to the floor. Moose runs up the corner and hits a dive to the floor, then he rolls Elgin back inside and sets up for the spear. He charges right into Elgin's knee, but Moose grabs Elgin by the neck when he goes to the second rope and spins him off into a sky high for a close 2. Back to the apron where Moose goes for a powerbomb, but Elgin hooks his leg around the middle rope. Elgin with a leaping enziguiri and fires off right hands, then gets Moose in a fireman's carry and hits a Death Valley driver on the ring apron. Elgin rolls Moose inside and goes to the top, and hits a twisting senton for 2. Moose is up and fires off more jabs at Elgin, but Elgin pops him in the air Kevin Owens style and hits a powerbomb, then powers Moose up for a second powerbomb. A third powerbomb, this time the sitout variety, but Moose kicks out at 2. Elgin can't believe Moose is still going, but he goes right back for powerbomb #4, this time a buckle bomb, but Moose comes right out of the corner with a spear and makes a cover, but Elgin now kicks out at 2. What a fight. Moose runs up the corner again, Elgin crotches him on the top rope and gets him in the rack, and hits a burning hammer for the win.

Winner: Michael Elgin

Wow, that was a HELL of a war. Either man could have won that and both would have still come out looking like warriors. Great stuff.

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