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By Mike Johnson on 2015-12-16 15:20:01

NXT opened up with Triple H in the ring, saying that on Sunday, he got his ass kicked.  He said it wasn't the first time and it won't be the last but nothing would stop him from being here.  Glad they addressed it!  He put over NXT and we were off to the races.

London looks packed!  Great visual for NXT.

Our first match is Asuka vs. Emma.  Big pop for Asuka.  You can always tell how involved the audience is with the TV show when the talents get big reactions coming out and then it's sustained when they get in the ring, as opposed to just popping for the theme music.  The people are into Asuka.  Dana Brooke, who was with Emma, had a damn great new look and came off even more comfortable as a performer as she came down to the ring with her.  Emma has really worked on her look and physically, looks better than she had before.

The crowd chanted that Asuka was going to kill Emma.  She very well might!  They had some nice action early on with Asuka in control.  Emma took control and the story they were telling is that every time she nailed Asuka with something, it only enraged the Japanese star as she used it to will herself to fight back.  Asuka make a comeback with a nice dropkick out of the corner.  They battled back and forth and Asuka came back with some hot offense before unloading with a series of kicks to the chest.  Emma fought back but was caught with a series of spinning backfists and a running hip attack.  The crowd is super into all the action.   Emma cut her off with a Tarantula, a double underhook suplex into the corner and big splash.  Dana was great at ringside screeching support to Emma.   They traded submission attempts.  Asuka drilled her with a big running knee strike but Emma kicks up.  Emma is looking good here.  The referee got bumped.  REALLY?  In the first match?  LAME.  Dana tossed an international object in to Emma but Asuka grabbed it just as the referee got up.  He teased a DQ but Emma rolled her up for a two count.  Asuka grabbed her in the Asuka Lock aka the Tazmission.  Emma tapped but Dana distracted the ref.  Drake Younger tossed her out of ringside  Asuka went to protest to the ref, so Emma grabbed the object.  She went to use it (in front of the ref?)  and Asuka nailed a big spinkick for the pin.

Good match.  Not exactly the beating NXT was teasing would happen here but for the most part, it was a very good back and forth match.  I thought the stuff with the referee was unnecessary personally but it did feed into the finish.  Great way to kick off the show overall and I am loving the UK crowd.

They showed one of my all time favorite wrestlers Johnny Saint sitting at ringside.  If you've never seen him, you owe it to yourself to check him out.

They showed Finn Balor and Samoa Joe heading into the building.  WWE PR czar Adam Hopkins was seen with Joe.

They aired a really good video feature on Dash & Wilder vs. Enzo & Cass.  Stuff like this just shows that WWE, if they wanted, could present series stories on the main roster.  It's all up to you Vince.  BIG pop for the boys from NYC.  Not that anyone cares, but Cass and I grew up in the same neighborhood, Flushing.  I bet he ate quite a few slices at Barone's Pizza.  They did their entrance shtick but were far more pissy than they usually are.  They said that if Dash and Dawson wanted a fight, they would get one.    Enzo and Cass had control early and looked good.  They did the big spot where Cass flings Enzo over the top onto the champs on the floor.  Enzo was cut off, allowing Dash and Wilder to do all their old school double team spots.   Scott Dawson did nice old school submission stuff, really working on Enzo's arm.    Cass finally tagged in but the referee didn't see it.  When Enzo finally got to make the got tag, Cass crushed everyone with all sorts of big spots.  He tossed Wilder out of the ring but was hit with a chop block by Dawson to the bad knee.  I loved that.  Great strategy and a big story.  The crowd sang "Big Cass" to the tune of Paul McCartney's "Hey Jude.  I love it!  Now it was Cass getting worked over and trying to fight his way out of a submission hold to the leg  Cass did a great job fighting to the ropes, showing some nice versatility.  They tried to take Cass out of action again but Enzo showed Dawson off the ropes.  They hit Wilder with the Rocket Launcher,  Bobby Fulton would be proud.  Cass was pulled out of the ring.  They tried to hide behind Carmella but she nailed Wilder.  Cass went after him but was sent into the ringpost.  Unfortunately for Enzo he was doubleteamed and pinned.  I called a title change but I was wrong.  Really good match.  I expected a big more of an all out brawl but this was a damn good back and forth tag team formula bout.

I'm not sure if its my Roku or not but the show has buffered on me about 10 times in the last 30 minutes. 

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