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By Mike Johnson on 2015-12-12 02:42:51
In a surprise move for the fans live at Pro Wrestling Guerrilla's All Star Extravaganza in California, Ring of Honor star Adam Cole returned unadvertised to the promotion for the first time since he signed an exclusive ROH deal and was no longer cleared to work PWG.

Cole appeared in a show closing angle where he came out dressed as PWG promoter/wrestler Super Dragon, only to disrobe and join Dragon, The Young Bucks and Roderick Strong as members of PWG heel supergroup Mt. Rushmore 2.0.

We are told Cole has not left ROH and his current ROH contract has not expired. There is an agreement in place between ROH and PWG which will allow ROH talents to work on PWG events that do not conflict with ROH commitments, is told.

In other PWG news, Sami Callihan also returned as a surprise. That was pretty much planned from the moment he received his WWE release. is seeking live reports and results from this weekend's PWG events.

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