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By Mike Johnson on 2015-11-25 20:20:53
The official announcement that the tour of India has been postponed will likely come tomorrow.

Talents were told via email that there were logistical issues with the tour, specifically maintaining the safety of those traveling abroad. A number of those who have reached out to PWInsider have noted they were to fly to Paris, France and then change over for flights into India. TNA had 50-60 wrestlers and staffers heading over for the tour.

As you can imagine, there are a lot of angry wrestlers since they just want to work and 2015 has been a very light year for them, TNA wise. There's a lot of scrambling to get bookings right now. TNA has told the wrestlers they will be paid for the missed dates.

TNA had been planning to tape several One Night Only PPVs at the tour as well as material for Impact Wrestling. TNA had already taped the Semi-Finals of the World Title Series before announcing they would be held in India, so they could always go back to the initial footage that was filmed back in July.

We've had some readers ask if low ticket sales were an issue here. That was not the case as all the promotion and ticketing for the events were being done through TNA's television partner in India, Sony Six. TNA emails to talent indicate that the tour would be rescheduled for 2016 but offered no further information on when that might be.

So, as it currently stands, TNA now has no live events until the 1/5/16 Impact Wrestling taping in Bethlehem, PA when they debut on POP TV in the United States. You have to think that TNA will be really, really happy when this year is over.

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