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By Mike Johnson on 2015-11-19 10:53:36
TNA Wrestling officially announced today that Impact Wrestling would be moving to POP TV on Tuesday nights.  The series will debut on POP TV on 1/5/16.

The announcement was made via a Youtube video that was released upon the end of a countdown clock that the company quietly placed on their website and on the social media of a number of executives.

The video can be seen below:

POP TV will become the fourth home for the Impact Wrestling series in the United States.  The series, then one hour in length, debuted in June 2004 on FOX Sports after the promotion dropped it's initial business plan of weekly Wednesday night PPV events.  Impact debuted on SpikeTV in October 2005 and went from a late night weekend  event to a two hour primetime series, ending in December 2014. 

After TNA and Spike parted ways, Impact debuted in January 2015 on Destination America with TNA President Dixie Carter at the time presenting the move as something that would allow the promotion to grow beyond just having a two hour TV series.  While the partnership initially saw additional programming for TNA, within months that had withered away and TNA ended up being odd man out on a secondary network that building around supernatural and cryptozoological mystery programming.

The move will be an immediate positive one for the series as POP TV is available in 75,255,000 homes via cable and satellite providers, far more then  Destination America.  DA is available in 57,238,000 homes via the same providers but in many cases was on secondary and paid tiers. first reported POP TV was one of the prime candidates for Impact Wrestling in the PWInsider Elite section, which you can subscribe to by clicking here.

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