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By Mike Johnson on 2020-11-21 08:00:00

November 21st

On this day in history in ....

1977 - A live event in Memphis, TN at the Mid-South Coliseum saw Jerry Lawler defend the Southern Heavyweight championship against Mr. Wrestling, who had been undefeated until that point in the territory.  Lawler also teamed with Big Red to win the Southern Tag Team championship from The Samoans.  The show drew 5,813 fans with the undercard results featuring:

-Davd Schultz defeated Ken Dillinger.
-Sonny King defeated Terry Gordy.
-Mike Stark defeated Bill Dundee.
-Phil Hickerson & Dennis Condrey defeated Jimmy Golden & Norvell Austin

1978 - Tony Garea & Larry Zbyszko defeat The Yukon Lumberjacks for the WWWF World Tag Team Title in Allentown, Pennsylvania.

1999 - WCW Mayhem, a new PPV replacing the "World War 3" concept, was held in Toronto, Ontario, Canada at the Air Canada Center. Here are the results:
- In a WCW World Title tournament semifinal match, Chris Benoit defeated Jeff Jarrett when Benoit hit Jarrett with his own guitar after interference by Dustin Rhodes and Creative Control.
- Evan Karagias defeated Disco Inferno to win the WCW Cruiserweight Title with a flying bodypress after Disco accidentally hit Tony Marinara with a chair as he was holding Karagias for the shot. If Disco had won, he would have gotten $25,000 of Karagias' money.
- Norman Smiley defeated Brian Knobs to become the first WCW Hardcore Champion when Jimmy Hart mistakenly hit Knobs with a garbage can as an elevator the two wrestlers were fighting in opened.
- Perry Saturn, Dean Malenko & Asya defeated Eddie Guerrero, Billy Kidman & Torrie Wilson in an Elimination match. Perry Saturn was the sole survivor.
* Malenko pinned Kidman with a rollup.
* Guerrero pinned Malenko with a rana.
* Guerrero pinned Asya with a frog splash.
* Saturn forced Guerrero to submit to the Rings Of Saturn.
* Saturn pinned Wilson with a low blow as Shane Douglas distracted the referee.
- Buff Bagwell defeated Curt Hennig in a Retirement match with a Buff Blockbuster.
- In a WCW World Title tournament semifinal match, Bret Hart defeated Sting via submission with a sharpshooter. During the match, while the referee was down, Lex Luger attacked Sting, hitting him in the leg with a baseball bat. Hart started fighting with Luger, and the referee awoke to see this, and disqualified Sting for outside interference. However, Hart demanded the match continue, and beat Sting via submission.
- Vampiro defeated Berlyn via submission in a Chain match with a camel clutch using the chain. Post-match, Steve Williams, who was at ringside with Oklahoma, ran in and beat up Vampiro and Jerry Only of the band The Misfits.
- Meng defeated Lex Luger with the Tongan Death Grip after Elizabeth accidentally sprayed mace in his eyes.
- WCW United States & Television Champion Scott Hall defeated Booker T with a Razor's Edge as Booker was arguing with Jeff Jarrett, who was on the floor. After the match, Jeff Jarrett and Creative Control beat on Booker until Midnight made her debut and ran them off.
- David Flair vs. Kimberly Page ended in a no contest. Page and Flair had a brief brawl (and some stupid spots involving Flair wearing a cup for the match) until Dallas Page, Kanyon and Arn Anderson interfered. Page & Kanyon helped Kimberly, while Arn came out to help Flair. After the match, Flair hit Arn with his crowbar anyway.
- Bill Goldberg defeated Sid Vicious in an I Quit match when Sid was rendered unconscious in a cobra clutch variation.
- In a 32-person tournament final, Bret Hart defeated Chris Benoit to win WCW World Heavyweight Title with the Sharpshooter. Early in the match, Dean Malenko attacked Benoit, but was run off by Hart. Later in the match, the Outsiders interfered, but were run off by Bill Goldberg. This marked Hart's first WCW World Title reign, two years after the infamous "Montreal Screwjob" cost him with WWF World Title.

2000 - Billy Gunn defeats Eddie Guerrero for the WWF Intercontinental Title in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida. This begins Gunn's only Intercontinental Championship reign.2005 - World Wrestling Entertainment announced on their website that details of a new drug policy being instituted by Vince McMahon would be announced later that day.  WWE's website later announced that Vince McMahon met with both the Raw and Smackdown rosters at the Raw taping in Sheffield, Great Britain to announce details of the company's new drug policy. McMahon announced that a new testing policy would be implemented in the next few weeks, which will see the banning of "performance enhancing drugs, such as steroids, etc., recreational drugs, as well as the abuse of prescription drugs." The company also announced there will be a new emphasis on cardiovascular examinations in light of the passing of Eddie Guerrero several days earlier.

In a video posted on later that day, they showed a clip from the the meeting that Vince had earlier today with his wrestlers, telling them about the company's new drug policy.  He said he wanted them to hear it from him first, before it leaked out elsewhere.  He said that the policy would be implemented over the next few weeks. He said that they will be testing for "drugs of abuse" and abuse of prescription drugs, as well as growth enhancers and steroids.  He said it will be a strict policy that will be handled by a third party agency, not done in-house by WWE.  He added that it will cover all individuals under full time contracts with WWE.


He asked for comments from the wrestlers and no one said a word.  He said that there must be a million things going through their heads and there was laughter.  He then said he doesn't have all the answers yet.  He said that WWE was looking into implementing the program and wanted to tell the talent before word got out and they heard about it elsewhere.  He said he doesn't have the policy with him but will have it in a few weeks.  He asked the wrestlers for their input in it since it will be their policy.

Someone (it sounded like Ric Flair) asked about the prescription drug usage.  Vince said that the doctor would be able to check what prescriptions the wrestler is taking and by testing, would be able to tell if they were being abused.  He said it was easy to see when too much of a drug has been taken.  He added that the first step, if someone is caught abusing prescription drugs, would be to try and get the worker help.  He said if there were not prescriptions involved in a failed test, he thought that would bring on "another set of ramifications".  He added that the policy will be fair and "across the board for everybody".  He added there would be no exceptions to it.

He was asked if the testing would be random and Vince said yes.  He said it would be "relatively frequent".  He talked about the last testing they had (back in the early 90s) and said that the difference this time is that he will be the second person to know.  The first people will be the tester and the performer.  Vince added that people won't be able to say "Yeah Vince but...." if they are caught.  Everything will be spelled out in black and white in the policy as to what will happen if someone tests positive.  Someone then thanked Vince for telling them personally.

2006 - Jim Ross announces on his website that he has signed a new one-year contract with WWE the previous night. His earlier deal had expired on October 29th and Ross worked on an extension of that deal for several weeks while a new deal was worked out.

2007 - Former WCW wrestler Hardbody Harrison was found guilty of sex trafficking and prostitution charges.  The Associated Press issued the following:

Ex-Wrestler Convicted of Sex Trafficking

ATLANTA (AP) A federal jury on Wednesday convicted a former pro wrestler known as "Hardbody Harrison" of charges that he kept eight women as sex slaves in his two north Georgia homes.

Harrison Norris Jr. was convicted of charges including aggravated sexual abuse, forced labor, sex trafficking, conspiracy and witness tampering. He was acquitted of all charges involving a ninth woman, but still could get life in prison at sentencing, set for Feb. 28.

Norris, 41, wrestled for the now-defunct World Championship Wrestling organization in the 1990s.

Serving as his own lawyer, he contended that the women willingly lived at his Cartersville homes because they wanted to train as pro wrestlers. He says many of them arrived on drugs and left in the best shape of their lives.

During a two-week trial, prosecutors portrayed Norris as a predator who used his wrestling business to lure poor and vulnerable women into prostitution and forced labor.

"I think the jury's verdict vindicates the rights of the victims who were brave enough to come forward and confront this man who abused them," prosecutor Susan Coppedge said.

Witnesses testified that Norris, a former Army sergeant and veteran of the Persian Gulf War, imposed a strict military structure, with each of the women assigned to a squad overseen by an "enforcer."

One witness testified that Norris beat or threatened them to keep control and that he threatened to throw one through a hotel window when she would not engage in sex with two customers.

In addition to forcing the victims to work as prostitutes, Norris made them work in and around his houses, requiring them to haul trees, lay sod and paint, according to testimony.

2008 - In one of those "only in wrestling" stories,it was announced that independent female star Lexxus, who wrestles regularly for Sheldon Goldberg's New England Championship Wrestling and World Women’s Wrestling would be undergoing a name change at next weekend's events promoted by the two respective companies at the National Guard Armory in Quincy, MA.

Goldberg had received a letter from a Washington D.C. law firm representing the Toyota Motor Corporation claiming that the name “Lexxus” was “an unauthorized commercial use” of that name, claiming it is a misuse of their Lexus automobile trademark.  The letter requested than NECW, World Women’s Wrestling and the wrestler known as Lexxus cease and desist using that ring name. 

In an even funnier note, The firm's letter cited Lexxus’ one time appearance in Total Nonstop Action Wrestling using the name “Mercedes Steele” as proof of “the wrestler’s intention to associate herself with well-known automobile brands.”

After consulting with the promotion's attorney, Goldberg responded via letter earlier today, a process he described on The Mouthpiece Wrestling radio show in Boston, MA

“To sum up our response, our counsel agrees with us that the wrestler named Lexxus is well within her rights to use that name, " said Goldberg.  "We do not believe that any reasonable person would confuse the wrestler known as Lexxus with an automobile.  However, as a practical matter, there would be nothing to gain from a legal battle, which could only be waged at significant cost to us.  For that reason, we have informed Toyota that we intend to comply with their request, and the wrestler known as Lexxus will undergo a name change on the event scheduled for Saturday, November 29 in Quincy, MA.  Her new name will be revealed at that time.”

Goldberg felt the legal letter was something of a compliment to the company and Lexxus as a performer.  "If our promotion of Lexxus and her exemplary performance were not significant, it would never have attracted the attention of a global conglomerate like Toyota.  While we absolutely disagree with Toyota’s claims, we do respect their efforts to protect what they perceive to be their intellectual property. We have asked Toyota to consider working with our company in the future.”

In the end, Lexxus began to compete under the name Alexxis Neveah.

2008 - Ring of Honor ran Dayton, Ohio with the following results:


a) Alex "Sugarfoot" Payne & Ninja Blue over Richard Matthews & ??

b) Bobby Dempsey over Ninja Yellow.

Main show:

1) Brent Albright over Davey Richards in a very good opener.

~Nigel McGuinness cut a promo where he declared that his 3-Way Title Match was going to be Non-Title.

2) Go Shiozaki over Sami Callahan, Rhett Titus and Grizzly Redwood in a Four Corner Survival; described as "average".

3) Jay & Mark Briscoe over Irish Airborne of Jake & Dave Crist; Briscoes worked as heels and Mark may have injured his knee.

4) Roderick Strong and Chris Hero fought to a No Contest in their Lights Out Match; Larry Sweenet and Sweet and Sour Inc. interfered to force the No Contest.


5) Kevin Steen & El Generico over Jimmy Jacobs & Delirious of Age of the Fall to retain the ROH World Tag Team Titles.

6) Bryan Danielson over Claudio Castagnoli  via roll up; Claudio destroyed Danielson post-match with a chair.

7) 3-Way Main Event - Non-Title: Austin Aries over Tyler Black and Nigel McGuinness when Aries pinned Black; Good Match .

2009  - Hulk Hogan and Ric Flair returned to the ring as part of a "Hulkamania" tour of Australia in Melbourne.  Jon Spaits filed the following live report from the event:

This was the first of the Hulkamania tour events at Rod Laver Arena, Melbourne Australia. The crowd was a little disappointing with around 7000 people in attendance with the arena probably 50 – 60% full. 

Had some good seats at ringside so the view was great.

The first match featured the tag teams of Rock Of Love Vs. Nick Dinsmore and the Pimp/God Fatha. It lasted about 5 minutes, pretty boring match to start off, the highlight was Dinsmore’s poem. He looked pretty much out of shape and it wasn’t hard to see why WWE let him go those months ago.


Winners – Dinsmore and PimpFatha - *1/2

The second match pit Shannon Moore against Spartan 3000 for the first of a three match $25,000 challenge. This was a quality cruiserweight matchup with both men moving really well in and out of the ring. The match went back and forth with Spartan winning after hitting a shooting star press.


Winner – Spartan 3000 - ***1/2

The third match featured The Nasty Boys w/ Jimmy Hart vs Gangrel & The Black Pearl. The match was a streetfight with chairs, metal trays, a table looking thing and some turkey basting trays. The match was really good as it got the crowd pumped after they were a bit subdued earlier on. Jimmy Hart still had it on the megaphone, the Nasty’s however looked really out of shape.


Winners – The Nasty Boys - ****

Next matchup of the evening Brutus ‘The Barber’ Beefcake w/Jimmy Hart Vs. Heidenreich. This match was what it was, we got to see Brutus strut around the ring with the sheers and hit the sleeper for the finish. He didn’t end up cutting Heidenreich’s hair (He didn’t have much anyway) but cut some of the referees when he got in the way.


Winner – Brutus ‘The Barber’ Beefcake - **

Next matchup (If you can call it that) was a bikini contest. I cant even remember all the girls names, Lacey Von Erich won it. I thought it was a total waste of time, they should have brought some girls out from Shimmer who can really wrestle rather than a bikini contest, it demeans the sport for women.


No Rating - Yawn

Mr Anderson Vs. Sean Morley was the next match. They both came in and did their thing on the Mic, it was strange hearing Miissssssterrrr Anderson, rather than Kennedy though. The match went back and forth with a lot of grapple holds, Morley missed his Money Shot and not long after Mr Anderson won after hitting the Mic Check.


Winner – Mr Anderson - ***1/2

Next up was Rikishi & Grandmaster Sexay vs Umaga & Orlando Jordan. Jordan looked pretty well put together, came out and worked the mic pretty well. The match went back and forth, we saw a Samoan Spike a Stinkface and Lawler’s pants fall down during the match. Rikishi got the pin over Jordan when Umaga was thrown out of the ring into the 1st row, yes, into the 1st row. 


Winners – Rikishi & Grandmaster Sexay - ***1/2

Now for the main event everyone was waiting for, HULK HOGAN vs RICK FLAIR


The main event was what it was, we were never going to see any high flying or quick manuvers by two guys pushing sixty.  They did their thing though, we saw a figure four and Hogan ‘Hulked up’. I loved seeing them both, and the fact that they both bladed ( I actually saw Flair do himself while face down on the walkway in front of the ring) showed that they were dedicated to putting on a serious match with blood streaming out of Flair’s forehead for the remainder of the match.  Hogan won it after using Flair’s brass knuckes when the referee was distracted by Lacey Von Erich (who was in Flair’s corner) on the ring apron.  I would have liked to have seen a legdrop though and have heard real american play but we saw hogan and that was great. Hogan had a huge hole in his tights from the start of the show, hard times, Linda’s taken everything.


Winner – Hulk Hogan - ****


 Overall the show was great, having the matches on a big screen at the front of the entrance really added something to the show and there was much more pyro than the last two WWE Melbourne house shows combined. There were good promos before the matches to build up the atmosphere and most of the wrestlers bought their A game, or at least, as much of their A game as they still had.

As for Hogan and Flair, seeing them both was great but, they hyped it and brought it for the show, but Flair is starting to really look out of shape now and really should stay retired. Hogan, well, I can’t see him hold down a full TNA schedule if/when he comes, the crowd will get really bored with him after a couple of months as he can’t move so well anymore and can’t even do a legdrop. Hopefully he’ll stay for one ppv and then retire with grace, but as this is Hulk, he’ll probably hold the title for a year with Kevin Nash by his side.

2009 - Showtime All Star Wrestling runs Nashville, TN, drawing 1,000 fans.  Larry Goodman filed the following live report:

I think we’re onto something.

Credit that understatement to Reno Riggins. Showtime All-Star Wrestling outdid themselves last night. The sequel to “SAW: The Next Level” succeeded beyond the company’s wildest expectations, drawing over 1000 fans to the Tennessee State Fairgrounds Sports Arena.


Beginning to end, it was as good as any event I’ve attended over a 14 year span at the Fairgrounds (that excludes the TNA era. I somehow never made it to the Nashville for one of their PPVs). None of them had a crowd as large or as hot. I thought the NWA Charlotte debut was damn impressive, but last night blew that show off the map.


It was fairly astonishing that SAW was able to draw a substantially larger house than their first event, and do so on the solely on the strength of their talent roster. They’re building their own stars. Fans are coming out to see the SAW product. They’ve got prime time Saturday night TV (on CW58), but very little TV time was spent specifically on building up this show. Only the Last Man Standing between Chase Stevens and Andy Douglas and the Hammerjack/Anthony angle got any TV time at all.


Who would have thought it possible? It’s 2009. The economy still stinks. The Fairgrounds Arena is a building burned out and killed dead beyond all hope. Pro wrestling is getting pounded by MMA. And yet, a local product gets hot, and for two months running, the Nashville fans have turned out in droves. You know you’ve got something special when a packed house is chanting “S-A-W” (like they do on the TV show) in anticipation of the opening match.


Ring announcer Dan Masters opened the show by introducing WSMW sports reporter Brad Hopkins (a former pro bowl tackle for the Tennessee Titans) and smoking hot Natalie Van Eron (who worked briefly for SAW as a ringside interviewer). They were pumping up the Make-A-Wish fund raising aspect of the event. Couldn’t understand a word they were saying. The sound system sucked. It was the weak link of the evening. Masters was struggling to make himself heard all night long, and it rendered the mic work by the talent pretty useless.


(1) Arrick Andrews beat Chris Michaels in 8:55. Great pop for Andrews. And he’s barely been on TV lately. Crowd was unbelievably hot. A flurry of offense by Andrews built to a clothesline over the top. Michaels gave Andews a hotshot and took over with a power drive side slam. Andrews did a nice up and over reverse roll up, but Michaels cut him off. Michaels worked on Arrick’s back. There was a weird looking spot where Andrews had problems with his footing on a plancha. Michaels hit the double shot for a close near fall. Andrews nailed him with the Dragon’s Curse (tornado kick) for the pin. Good opener.


(2) Rick Santel (with Paul Adams) beat Jamie Dundee in 3:46. Adams got a ton of heat on the mic, but again, it was impossible to make out what he was saying. Reno Riggins came to the ring to explain that Dundee was subbing for Wolfie D, and TV footage would be forthcoming to explain this. Santel was bumping lie mad for Dundee, who looked a might rusty. Santel got sent into the rail right in front of the Make-A-Wish kids. Dundee started after Adams, and Santel got him from behind. Dundee made Santel miss with his Nature’s Greatest Elbow. As Dundee was making his comeback, Kurt Herron stepped in to block him from using a closed fist. Adams tossed a stick to Santel, and he popped Dundee with it for the three.


Crowd popped when Dundee said he was coming back to SAW. Could a PG13 reunion be in the offing?


(3) Drew Haskins (with Derrick King & JT Stahr & Sista O’Feelyah) beat “Boogie Woogie Boy” Gary Valiant (with Miss Boogie) in 4:41. Haskins has quite the commanding presence for such a tender age. You would think he’d been working in front of crowds like this for years. The pop for Valiant was mind blowing. He boogied it up with the crowd before entering ring. Haskins jumped him for an instant “Go, Boogie, Go” chant. Boogie rallied with Haskins taking major bumps. While Stahr distracted the ref, King pulled the ropes down to dump Boogie. Miss Boogie got upset. O’Feelyah got physically involved, and for the first time showed a streak of viciousness. Boogie hit a nasty looking neckbreaker. One by one, DKE got up on the apron to cause trouble. Boogie decked Stahr and King. Miss Boogie pulled Sista down. But Haskins capitalized on the shenanigans with a jumping DDT, and pinned Boogie as King held his feet over the rope. Finish was well executed. Match was just what it needed to be. Boogie clocked ref Joe Williams in frustration.


(4) Kevin White (with Su Yung) beat Jesse Emerson in 6:30. White was pure chickenshit. He cowered behind Yung. Emerson got a good pop for smacked the crap out of his face. Emerson hit a spinning slam for a near fall. Yung distracted the ref, allowing White to gain the upper hand. That made three consecutive matches with ref distraction from ringside. White missed a swanton bomb. Emerson started blocking White’s punches and tagging him with big right hands. Emerson powerbombed White but crashed and burned on a top rope elbow. White hit a high knee and pinned Emerson clean with a folding press. I couldn’t fathom Emerson losing here. On TV, Emerson has been involved in a long running program with Jon Michael Worthington, who beat him at the Fairgrounds the last time. White hasn’t been on TV at all. Presumably, there will be something on TV to explain this.


(5) “Maniac” Marc Anthony vs. Hammerjack was ruled a no contest at 8:09. A super heated brawl. Best stuff I’ve seen from either one of these guys in SAW. Hammerjack caught Anthony by surprise, and the action spilled out of the ring with Hammer in charge. They briefly brawled out of view into the dressing room. Anthony was channeling Bruiser Brody. Hammer was pounding him. Anthony bled but it didn’t faze him. He dumped Hammer and hit a psychotic suicide dive ala Hotstuff Hernandez. Anthony fired Hammer into the rail. Kid were shrieking. The whole thing had that wild, out of control feeling like back in the day. Anthony took a backdrop on the concrete floor. Hammerjack was beating the hell out of Anthony. Just drilling his forehead with punch after punch. Hammer decked the ref, and Senior Official Mark Herron waved off the match.


What followed was the best pull apart brawl I’ve seen in years. Like a real freaking fight. It took six guys to separate them the first time. Anthony staggered to the back with the crowd chanting like crazy for Hammerjack. Just when things were settling down, Anthony came back out. They went at it again. Various SAW wrestlers and such entered the fray. This got wilder than the first time. Hammerjack was pushed back into the dressing room. Meanwhile, Anthony was living up to his name. He proceeded to decimate three guys. Hammerjack came back out and they went at it AGAIN. More security came out. It was hotter than ever – the peak heat of the show. Huge chants of “let them fight”. This segment ruled.


(6) Derrick King Enterprises (Derrick King & JT Stahr with Sista O’Feelyah) defeated Scarboni Brothers (Handsome Vinny & Southpaw Sonny) to retain the SAW Tag Team Championship in 9:18. Scarbonis don’t do much for me. They look green compared to most of the SAW roster. If DKE coudn’t quite make them look like gold, it wasn’t for lack of trying. I’m thinking DKE can get an entertaining match out of just about anybody at this point. It was comedy of errors for DKE in the early going. There was one mishap where King gave Stahr a diving headbutt to the baby factory. Stahr’s nursing of his “wound” was hilarious. Stahr started kicking the bejeezus out of Sonny. He cut off a tag with a spear to the back, and King followed with a superplex. Off the hot tag, Scarbonis got DKE in stereo figure four leglocks. O’Feelyah jumped up. Scarbonis confronted her. In the ensuing confusion, King superkicked Sonny, who was pinned by Stahr.


People started leaving at this point (2 hours), so neither of the last two matches had the benefit of the insane heat like the rest of the card.


(7) Kid Kash (with Melody) beat Vordell Walker to retain the SAW International Championship in 14:52. Kash did long mic work insulting the crowd. Up in the balcony where I was sitting, it was unintelligible. They went nose to nose. Crowd broke out the “Kash sucks” chant. Lots of Kash’s usual stalling tactics. In the only MMAish sequence of the match, Kash shot for a single leg. Walker fought it and tried for a submission. Kash reversed and pounded Walker from the mount. I expected them to do more MMA style, because if Kash wanted to push the shootfighting gimmick, there was no better opponent to do it with than Walker. When Walker took over, Kash bumped bigger than he has for any of his previous SAW opponents. Kash bailed. Walker followed and took a flip bump into the rail for his troubles. Back inside, Kash used a standing suplex and a series of kneedrops for a near fall. Walker hit a back suplex and it was both men down. Walker tried to climb. Kash kicked the ropes to crotch him, but Walker recovered to hit a superplex. Walker blitzed Kash with high impact offense. An STO got messed up, but the crowd reacted because it looked painful for Kash. Kash busted out the double jump moonsault for the first time in SAW, but Walker kicked out of it. Kash tried to pull something out of Melody’s purse. She wasn’t down with it. Walker got suckered into the mess, and. Kash rolled him up using the tights while fully exposing the crack of his ass (same as he did to Snow last month).


(8) Chase Stevens beat Andy Douglas (with Paul Adams & Rick Santel) in a Last Man Standing Match (27:49). I thought this was every bit as good and dramatic as the table match, but it didn’t feel like it because the crowd was past peak. And of course, there was no way top that finish. Stevens had done a great promo on the go home TV show (episode 114) that tied directly into the match story – he was still suffering from the bump off the balcony and could barely stand to begin with, but he was going to keep standing up no matter what Douglas did. Adams and Douglas also did a classic gloating heel promo where they dropped a watermelon off an overpass and watched it splat on the parking lot below. Douglas jumped Stevens and destroyed his injured back. Stevens rallied but his back was killing him. Santel tossed a chain to Douglas, who clocked Stevens for the first pinfall of the match. Referee Marcus Pastorious caught Santel red handed and banished him to the dressing room. Masters announced the rules as a 15 second rest period and then the count would start, but Marcus Pastorious started to count immediately. It didn’t matter, because few heard what Masters said anyway. Stevens was bleeding from the forehead. Stevens took a sick thudding bump to the floor. Douglas slammed Stevens on the concrete. Back in the ring, ate a kick to the face and collapsed. Stevens caught Douglas flush with a wild lucky punch. Douglas got major color. Blood was streaming down his face. Douglas hit the Harley Race knee but was in no shape to follow up. He was covered in blood down to his belly. Douglas pinned Stevens with a bulldog. Stevens got up. Douglas leveled Stevens with a lariat, then accidentally leveled Pastorious. Stevens hit the fisherman suplex. Adams entered the ring and stomped him. Stevens punched Adams. Santel tried to interfere and got speared by Stevens. Douglas capitalized with the Natural Selection for the three count. Stevens got up. Douglas gave Stevens a DDT onto a chair. Stevens was up at the count of 13. Douglas blasted Stevens with an unprotected chair shot. The crowd went silent. Stevens again got up at 13. Douglas wedged a chair in between the turnbuckles. Stevens reversed and Douglas went in head first. Stevens pinned Douglas with the TKO. Stevens got to his feet just before the 15 count, and Douglas couldn’t make it. Another epic match in this epic feud.


Santel came back out and attacked Stevens until the Scarbonis made the save.


Masters announced a return date at the Fairgrounds for February 13.


NOTES: Jerry Jarrett was not in attendance and reportedly was out of town for the weekend…Michael Shane was backstage…Among the random SAW officials were Jason James and Hot Rod Biggs,…NWA Main Event TV editor Andrew Becker was among those sent out to break up the fight between Hammerjack and Anthony…Brian Tramel reported on concerning Wolfie D’s relapse (as posted by Wolfie’s girlfriend, Lizzie). Wolfie is not in rehab, but he is on hiatus from SAW…Mike Porter’s NWA Main Event ran a free show just 3 miles away from the Fairgrounds. That show reportedly drew 200 with Matt Boyce vs. the returning Shawn Shultz in the main event. Mike Posey vs. Steve-O opened as Posey had to make the second half of his double shot for the NWA Top Rope show in Lebanon.

2010 - Michinoku Pro Wrestling disclosed on their website that Gran Naniwa, a star for the promotion during its heyday in the 1990s, passed away on 10/6/10 from a heart attack at the age of 34. His family had requested that his death not be publicly disclosed until they had a private mourning period.  Naniwa was a regular babyface for Michinoku Pro, known as Northeastern Wrestling in Japan, wearing a crab-like mask and mannerisms to define his persona. He later went on to work for All Japan Pro Wrestling and the Kaientai Dojo. He competed in the 1995 New Japan Super J Cup, losing to Jushin Liger.  During his time in Michinoku, Naniwa traveled to the United States to work a series of six man tags building to an appearance at the debut ECW PPV, Barely Legal. Naniwa suffered an arm injury and missed the PPV, replaced by Masato Yakashiji. Naniwa later returned to ECW in 1998, facing Gran Hamada at the 1998 House Party event in Philadelphia.  Naniwa was an awesome part of the glory days of Michinoku Pro's six man tags when they did an amazing job of blending Japanese and Lucha Libre styles into something that could only be described as a renaissance for great professional wrestling. br>
2010 - WWE held the Survivor Series PPV.  Mike Johnson filed the following PPV report:

The 2010 Survivor Series opened with a video looking at the history and tradition of the PPV before focusing on John Cena's role in the main event.

WWE United States champion Daniel Bryan vs. Ted DiBiase (with Marsye)

They started out with DiBiase trying to work on Bryan's arm but the champion slipped out and nailed a dropkick. Bryan locked in an armbar as the ring lights died, then returned. DiBiase came back to suplex Bryan off the apron to the floor, then followed. DiBiase slammed Bryan into the apron, then drilled him with several elbows.

DiBiase went to the center rope on the outside, then drilled Bryan with an axehandle. He tossed Bryan back into the ring and covered him for a two count. Bryan fired back with several uppercuts but was cut off and DiBiase railed away on him with punches. DiBiase locked in a side chinlock to wear down Bryan.

Bryan elbowed his way out but missed a clothesline and was caught with a backbreaker for a two count, then nailed with a dropkick. DiBiase went back to a side chinlock as fans chanted for Bryan. Bryan escaped a charge in the corner, then dropkicked DiBiase into the turnbuckles.

Bryan drilled DiBiase with several kicks and a rebound clothesline. He tossed DiBiase over the top to the floor, then nailed a tope suicida to the outside. Bryan began grabbing at his shoulder after a nasty landing. He tossed DiBiase back into the ring and nailed a missile dropkick.

He began drilling DiBiase with kicks to the chest. DiBiase caught Danielson's leg but Bryan rolled him into a small package for a near fall. Bryan went for the LeBell Lock but DiBiase slipped out and drilled the champion with a clothesline for a two count.

DiBiase began psyching himself up, then went for Dream Street. Bryan pushed himself off the corner to flip over DiBiase for a two count. DiBiase escaped and nailed a spinebuster for a two count. He began working over Bryan with punches to the head, then drilled Bryan into the corner. He climbed the ropes but Bryan slipped out underneath and crotched DiBiase. Bryan hit a top rope belly to back superplex, wiping out both men. Bryan recovered first and covered DiBiase for a two count.

Bryan went for the LeBell Lock but DiBiase again escaped and catapulted Bryan into the buckles. He rolled up Bryan, who kicked up and caught DiBiase in the LeBell Lock. DiBiase tapped.

Your winner and still United States champion, Daniel Bryan!

Very good back and forth opener.

As Bryan made his way to the entrance stage, Miz attacked him with the Money in the Bank briefcase and made his way to the ring with Alex Riley.

Miz mockingly apologized, noting that we all know how much he respects Bryan. The lights went out again. Miz said that he was a proud citizen of Cleveland and ripped apart The Miami Heat and the Nexus for both being mediocre. He compared LeBron James to Wade Barrett because they both feel they are entitled to a championship. He said that Wade might become champion but James will never become a champion. Miz said that James has a commercial asking, "What should I do?" Miz said he should go back to Cleveland and apologize for what he did, calling him a traitor. Miz said that he doesn't care what happens to John Cena tonight but Orton and Barrett both need to know that he's tired of carrying the briefcase. He warned them that it's not a matter of if, but when he cashes in. He closed out with his catchphrase.

Josh Mathews interviewed Sheamus., who said that the entire issue is that he’s been WWE champion and Morrison never will be. He said that for all the talks of bullies, he’s not going to shove Morrison into a locker or a toilet, but he’s going to break Morrison’s body and spirit.

John Morrison vs. Sheamus

They began fighting immediately. Sheamus was tossed from the ring, where Morrison hit a corkscrew dive. Sheamus cut Morrison off and began working him over. He locked in a side chinlock. Morrison began fighting his way out but Sheamus clobbered him down to the mat and continued working over him.

Sheamus worked over Morrison’s chest with a series of brutal shots but Morrison kicked out. Morrison fought to regain his footing but was taken out again. Sheamus deposited him on the top turnbuckle but Morrison began nailing a series of rights. Sheamus absorbed them and began beating Morrison across the back. He went for a superplex but Morrison came back and nailed several forearms to take Sheamus out.

Morrison came off the top with a flying bodypress but Sheamus caught him and nailed a Fall Away Slam for a two count. Sheamus, with some awesome facial expressions, set up for the Brouge Kick but Morison ducked and drilled Sheamus with a step-up enziguiri,

Both men recovered and began exchanging back and forth blows. Morrison nailed a series of clotheslines and a leg lariat for a two count. Sheamus caught Morrison during a clothesline attempt and snapped him into the Irish Curse backbreaker. Morrison kicked up at the last second. Fans tried to rally Morrison as Sheamus called for the High Cross. Sheamus went for the move but Morrison countered and sent Sheamus into the buckles. Morrison covered him for a two count.

Sheamus looked glassy-eyed as Morrison worked him over in the corner. He went to the ropes but Sheamus took his legs out from under him while he was leaping up. Sheamus grabbed Morrison by his injured leg and snapped him over, covering him for a two count.

Sheamus locked on a single leg Boston Crab but Morrison made it to the ropes to force a break. Morrison slipped under Sheamus for a sunset flip style rollup but Sheamus escaped and went right back to the hurt knee. He held Morrison by the leg and slapped him several times. Morrison nailed another enziguiri, sending Sheamus into the buckles.

Morrison went for Starship Pain but Sheamus nailed him. He went for the Brouge Kick but missed. He got caught up in the ropes. Morrison hit a springboard kick to the face, then a running knee strike and pinned Sheamus clean.

Your winner, John Morrison!

Another good match. Sheamus came off well as a brute while Morrison did a great job as the come from behind aerialist. Really fun.

Backstage, R Truth approached John Cena. He told John Cena that he may have a way out of all this for Cena. He told John that Nexus is banned from ringside but he’s not. He offered to come out and “accidentally” make something happen to Orton, so Cena could be free and be guilt free. Cena said that if that happened, he couldn’t live with himself and half the people in WWE can hardly look him in the face now. He said he was going to call it down the middle and that’s the truth. Killings said the truth was that he would believe it when he sees it and walks off. The entire Cena-Killings deal reminds me of Kerry Von Erich and Michael Hayes from the famous Flair vs. Kerry match that ended up sparking the Von Erichs vs. The Fabulous Freebirds when Kerry refused Hayes’ help in cheating to win the NWA World title. Not the same scenario but similar undertones. We’ll see.

WWE Intercontinental champion Dolph Ziggler (with Vickie Guerrero) vs. Kaval

Striker, on behalf of Kaval, dedicated the match to a unit from Brooklyn now in the Middle East. He said that Kaval’s family and friends were watching and gave a shout out to Kaval’s cousin Steve (Monster Mack of JAPW) and Nelson (former TNA star Homicide).

Ziggler took control of Kaval early, working over Kaval’s neck, including a rolling neck snap. Ziggler used a Fireman’s Carry Throw, then whipped Kaval into the corner. Kaval went up and over but was caught. Ziggler continued to work over Kaval, who came back with a bodypress off the ropes and chopped Ziggler.

Kaval worked over Ziggler with a series of punches, He missed a charge in the corner and Dolph locked in a rear naked choke to wear him down. Kaval made his way back to his feet but Ziggler snapped him over and covered him for a two count. He tried up Kaval, who fought back.

Kaval kicked off a Ziggler charge in the corner, then nailed a series of leaping elbow strikes. Ziggler missed a strike and Kaval nailed a series of kicks. Kaval nailed a springboard moonsault press for a rwo count. Ziggler’s nose was bleeding. No stoppage. Kaval hit a handspring into a kick to the head for a two count.

Kaval went to the top for Warrior’s Way but Ziggler took his legs out. Ziggler locked in a sleeper hold as both were standing on the ropes. Kaval headbutt his way out of the move. He went to the top and for a twisting Phoenix Splash but Ziggler moved. Kaval landed on his feet and used a backslide for a two count. Ziggler nailed the Zig Zag but Kaval kicked up.

Ziggler locked on the sleeper but Kaval blocked it. He charged Ziggler, who elevated Kaval to the top rope. Kaval came off the top with an enziguiri for a two count. Fans began chanting, “Let’s go Kaval.” Kaval drilled Ziggler in the legs with a kick. He grabbed Ziggler, who nailed him in the gut, then in the back of the head.

Kaval ducked a charge in the corner and rolled up Ziggler for a two count. Ziggler small packaged him for a two count. Kaval attempted a forward roll pinfall but Ziggler rolled through to reverse it and held onto Kaval’s tights to help hold him down for a three count.

Your winner and still WWE Intercontinental champion, Dolph Ziggler!

Another very good athletic match. Good show so far. I think Ziggler may have taken a hard shot to the head from a Kaval kick as he seemed to be off a step towards the end.

Todd Grisham interviewed Jack Swagger. He said that he should be the captain because he’s the only former World champion. He ripped on Miami, saying they were in Little Cuba, not Miami. Cod Rhodes cut in saying that Swagger was mad he couldn’t get into any hot clubs last night. Alberto Del Rio cut them off and said what they were doing was boring and that wasn’t why they were here. He said they were here to destroy Rey Mysterio, Del Rio said he wanted to see little kids cry because their hero was destroyed. He said that when they were done, he would buy them the beers. He said that they had nothing to fear because Alberto Del Rio was their captain. He walked off, leaving Cody and Swagger last to leave. Rhodes said that he hates to admit it but Del Rio is good.

Team Mysterio (Rey Mysterio, Big Show, Kofi Kingston, MVP & Chris Masters) vs. Team Del Rio (Alberto Del Rio, Drew McIntyre, Cody Rhodes, Jack Swagger & Tyler Reks) in a Survivor Series elimination match

The crowd is into MVP, big-time, since it’s his hometown. Rey and Del Rio start but Del Rio begs off to mess with his head and tags in to Rhodes. Rhodes caught Mysterio with a kick off the ropes, which they called the Disaster Kick. Del Rio then tagged in since Rey was down. He begaqn kicking and stomping the hell out of Rey.

Del Rio whipped Rey into the corner but Rey came out with a Lucha headscissors takedown. He snapped Del Rio into the corner with a drop toehold and dropkicked him. MVP tagged in to a big pop and worked over Del Rio. MVP ducked a kick to the head and drilled him into the buckles.

Kofi Kingston tagged in and came off with an elbow. Masters tagged in but Del Rio got the better of him. Reks and Drew each took turns working over Masters. Drew nailed him with a clothesline. Fans began chanting for Big Show. Masters made the tag to MVP who cleaned house on Drew. He nailed the Ballin’ elbow but Del Rio distracted him so MVP nailed him. MVP suplexed Drew from the outside into the ring but Del Rio hooked him leg and held it.

Drew pinned MVP, who is eliminated.

It’s not 5 vs. 4 with Team Del Rio getting the advantage.

MVP got a big chant on the way out.

Masters and Del Rio went back and forth. Masters went for the Masterlock but Del Rio escaped and nailed the rolling armbreaker. Masters tapped.

Masters is eliminated. It’s 5 vs. 3 with Del Rio having the advantage.

Show hits the ring , so Del Rio tagged out to Swagger. Swagger was able to take Show down and tagged back out to Del Rio. Del Rio slapped Show in the head, which only pissed Show off. Del Riop tagged out to Drew and mocked Show, saying he couldn’t get him because now he wasn’t the legal man. Show nailed him with the KO Punch anyway.

Show grabbed Drew and slammed him into the ring. Trainers rolled Del Rio off the apron. Show clotheslined Drew. He tagged in Kofi and slammed Kofi onto Drew for a two count. Trainers carried a dazed Del Rio from ringside. McIntyre tagged Rhodes. Kofi slapped him twice and Rhodes had a conniption fit over being hit in the face, kicking the stairs and the barricade before checking his face in a mirror.

Back in the ring, Kofi slapped him again, then tagged in Show, who KO’d Cody and pinned him. Entertaining as hell so far.

Rhodes is eliminated. 4 vs. 3 with Del Rio having the technical advantage, although Del Rio has left the scene.

Reks and Swagger worked on isolating Show from his partners. Swagger worked on Show’s leg. Swagger went for a forward rollthrough pin and came up locking Show in an anklelock. Show was able to tag in Rey, who nailed a Thesz Press off the ropes for a two count. Swagger came back with a big boot for a two count. Rey went for the 619 but Swagger was playing dead, catching Rey’s legs and locking in an ankle lock. Mysterio spun himself out. Swagger tagged Reks while Rey tagged Kofi.

Kofi went nuts with a ton of hot offense and drilled Reks with a kick. He nailed a flying bodypress but Reks kicks up. Kingston nailed a dropkick but Reks tied him to the tree of woe. He charged Kofi, who nailed him and rolled up Reks for a pinfall.

It’s 3 vs. 3.

Swagger and Kofi went back and forth. Swagger missed the Doctor Bomb. Kofi went for the Trouble in Paradise kick but was caught and turned into the anklelock. Kofi tapped.

Kingston is eliminated, so it’s 3 vs. 2 with Del Rio having the technical advantage.

Show and Mysterio took out Swagger. Rey went to Show’s shoulders to dive off of but Drew kicked Show’s leg out from under him and Rey crashed and burned. Swagger worked over Rey, getting near falls, but Rey came back for the 619. Rey went back to Show’s shoulders and dove off of them for a splash, pinning Swagger.

It’s 2 vs. 2, although no sign of Del Rio.

Drew went for Future Shock on Rey but Show was the legal man. He goozled and chokeslammed Drew, scoring the pin.

They announced Show and Mysterio as the sole survivors.

Your winners, Team Mysterio.

Really fun match. This is a great show so far.

Backstage, Josh Mathews asked WWE champion Randy Orton about John Cena. Orton cut him off, saying he is sick of talking about John Cena. He said that he feels for Cena, but he did all of this to himself. Orton said that he’s not thinking about Cena, but Wade Barrett. He said that John knows Orton and also knows that being fired would be the best thing that could happen to him, because if he tries to pull something on Orton, Orton is going to take him out. He said tonight isn’t about Cena, Barrett or even The Miz. He said it’s about what Barrett’s going to get – an RKO or a kick to the skull.

WWE Divas champions LayCool vs. Natalya

McCool and Natalya started out, locking up and rolling around the mat. Natalya out-wrestled her early but McCool caught her in a near pinfall. LayCool began double teaming. Layla nailed a spinkick to the gut, sending Natalya to the outside. Layla argued with the official, allowing McCool to nail the challenger on the outside.

McCool worked over Natalya on the floor. She charged her for a kick but missed and ended up crotched on the barricade. Natalya dumped her into the crowd. She went after McCool but Layla attacked her. Layla ended up tossed atop of McCool on the floor.

Back inside the railing, McCool whipped Natalya, who was already selling her back, into the barricade. She tossed Natalya into the ring but was tricked into butting heads with her partner. Natalya covered her for a two count, then locked in the Sharpshooter for the submission.

Your winner and new Divas champion, Natalya!

Natalya was crying as she was awarded the belt.

LayCool attacked Natalya. Before they could nail her with a title belt, Beth Phoenix’s music hit and she attacked both. She knocked McCool out of the ring and nailed Layla with the Implant Buster. She and Natalya faced off, then she handed Natalya the belts and paraded around the ring with Natalya on her shoulders.

Short match but they got the absolute most they could have out of it. Layla’s facial expressions during Beth’s return were awesome. Good to see Natalya get the nod here and Phoenix’s return was a welcome event. Short but sweet.

World champion Kane vs. Edge

Kane was alone. Edge came out alone, then teased he was going to get Paul Bearer, only to return with an empty wheelchair. They acted as if Edge had figured Kane out by getting into his head. Edge cleaned house early.

Kane came back with some right hands but Edge left the ring and played with the chair to psych out Kane. Edge cut off Kane as he chased Edge back into the ring, then tossed him into the barricade on the floor. Edge nailed a series of rights. He ducked a kick and clotheslined Kane, then began punching and stomping him.

Edge tried to pull Kane over to the ringpost and finally slammed his leg into it. He continued kicking at the leg and dropping an elbow. Kane came back with several heel kicks to the chest. Edge went for a DDT but Kane powered him up and dropped Edge across the ropes, then kicked him to the floor.

Kane brought Edge back to the ropes and whipped him into the turnbuckles. He whipped Edge into the opposite corner. Kane began demanding to know where Paul Bearer is. He drove Edge backwards into the buckles again and beat him down to the mat. He covered Edge for a two count.

Kane locked in a cravate on Edge, screaming at him to tell Kane where his father is. He kicked Edge down to the mat for a two count. Edge snapped Kane’s throat over the ropes and came off the top with a bodypress for a two count.

They exchanged punches in the middle of the ring until Kane clobbered Edge in the corner. Edge went down and Kane went to the top for a clothesline. Edge dropkicked Kane as he was in the air. He mounted a comeback with several clotheslines but Kane wouldn’t go off his feet. Kane reversed an Irish whip but was caught with a boot to the jaw. Kane came back with a big right hand for a two count. Slow match so far.

Edge was caught with a sideslam for a two count. Kane went back to the top rope but Edge met him with a series of punches. Edge went for a superplex but Kane shoved him off and Edge ended up crotched in the middle of the ropes. Kane clotheslined him off the top rope.

Kane went for a chokeslam but Edge kicked him off and nailed the DDT. Both men were down and the referee began his count. Edge realized he could set up for the spear. He charged but was kicked in the head. Kane chokeslammed Edge but Edge got his shoulder up at the last second. Kane began screaming it was a three count.

Kane called for the tombstone but Edge slipped out and speared Kane. Both men went down and their arms were atop of each other. Edge’s music played the ring announcer proclaimed Edge was the new champion. The referee waved him off and corrected him. They then announced that both men’s shoulders were down, thus it was a tie and Kane retained the belt.

Kane attacked Edge immediately, demanding to know where Paul Bearer was. He attacked Edge but Edge sent him into the stairs. Edge positioned Kane into the wheelchair, then ran him into and through a piece of the barricade.

Match never really seemed to get out of first gear and the crowd was nowhere as much into this as they were the other matches on the card. Finish was a creative way to get out of the match while setting up rematches.

Backstage, John Cena was holding a referee’s shirt. Wade Barrett asked him if he remembered the building and pointed out that it was the same Arena where the Nexus first attacked Cena, leaving him a broken, battered man. Barrett asked him if Cena ever thought he’d be part of Nexus or be the man giving Barrett the championship. He said the only reason he didn’t fire Cena after Raw is because he chose not to, because Cena will have to deliver him the championship. He told Cena to do the right thing and he’ll be done with Nexus forever. Cena said he remembered everything about the first night he was attacked and said that Barrett needed to remember that tonight, one way or another, he was done with Nexus and then, he knows exactly what he’s going to do. He walked off.

WWE Tag Team champions Justin Gabriel & Heath Slater (with Nexus) vs. Santino Marella & Vladimir Kozlov

They said Kozlov was teaching Marella Sambo. Marella used several throws on Slater and Gabriel early. Kozlov tagged in and kicked Gabriel in the chest. Gabriel went for a leaping attack but was shot down to the mat by Kozlov.

Gabriel came back with a legsweep and tagged in Slater who covered him for a two count. The Nexus took turns tagging in and out as they worked over Kozlov in the corner. Gabriel took down Kozlov with a front facelock. Santino made the tag but the referee didn’t see it. He forced Santino back out, allowing the Nexus to work over Kozlov even more.

Slater tagged in and drove Kozlov into the corner. He broke free of Slater and made the hot tag. Santino cleaned house on Slater but Gabriel broke up a pinfall attempt. Kozlov ended up on the outside. Santino went for the Cobra but the other members of Nexus jumped on the apron and he went after them. That allowed Slater to drill Santino backwards into the mat with a neckbreaker and Slater scored the pin.

Your winners and still WWE Tag Team champions, The Nexus.

Nexus began working over Marella and Kozlov. They took over the ring. The Raw GM emailed in and Cole reminded everyone that Nexus is banned from ringside for the WWE title match and if they interfere, the entire group will be indefinitely suspended. He then ordered them out of the ring, immediately.

Not much of a match here.

WWE champion Randy Orton vs. Wade Barrett with John Cena as the special referee

Fans chanted for RKO early. Orton muscled Barrett into the corner and gave him a clean break. Orton shoulderblocked Barrett down. He grabbed Barrett in a headlock but Barrett scissored his head. They got back to their feet where Orton shoulderblocked Barrett back down. Barrett muscled Orton into the corner and nailed a series of kicks. Orton reversed and came out of the corner with a stiff clothesline.

Orton worked over Barrett with a series of back elbows, which caused Cena to step in and ask him to stop. That allowed Barrett to nail Orton and then pepper him with punches on the mat. Barrett smothered Orton’s throat into the ropes but broke when Cena admonished him. Barrett had words with Cena, allowing Orton to drill him in the face with a dropkick. Orton nailed him with a series of punches.

Barrett came back to work over Orton on the floor, then tossed him into the ring to score a two count. Barrett continued working over Orton, whipping him hard into the turnbuckles. Barrett cinched in a sidechinlock. Orton fought his way free but was caught coming off the ropes with a kick to the gut.

Barrett covered Orton for a two count and went right back to the rear chinlock. Orton pulled him up into a back suplex. Orton and Barrett began exchanging strikes in the middle of the ring. Orton got the better of the exchange and caught Barrett in the face with a kick, then a clothesline. Orton nailed a scoopslam, then clotheslined Barrett over the top to the floor.

Orton followed him but was caught and driven backwards into the ring post. Orton kicked Barrett in the face as he returned to the ring. Barrett caught Orton near the eye to stun him but Orton caught Barrett and drilled him into the mat. Orton is caught with a kick as he charged Barrett in the corner.

Barrett came off the middle turnbuckle with an elbowdrop, but Orton kicked out at two. Barrett and Cena had words over the count. Barrett locked in an abdominal stretch, then slammed Orton for a two count. Barrett was getting more and more angry at Cena. Barrett went for Wasteland but Orton slipped out. He rebounded off the ropes but was caught in a Black Hole Slam. Orton kicked up and Barrett began berating Cena over the count.

The fans began dueling chants for Cena. Orton made a comeback but Barrett rolled out of the ring when Randy went for the RKO. Orton followed him to the floor but was nailed. Barrett returned to the ring and kicked Orton in the temple as Orton returned to the ring. Barrett nailed Orton with Wasteland but Orton grabbed the ropes at two so Cena broke the count. Barrett began telling Cena that he was a member of Nexus. Cena told him he warned Wade he was going to call it down the middle.

Wade nailed Cena. Cena nailed him back. Orton drilled Barrett with the RKO. Cena counted one, two, hesitated, then counted three.

Your winner and still WWE champion, Randy Orton!

Cena looked sad as he knew what was coming, then ripped off his referee’s shirt and Nexus armband. Nexus hit the ring and brawled with Orton and Cena. They grabbed Barrett and walked him off. Cena grabbed the WWE title belt and looked at it for a long time, then handed it to Orton. They hugged. Orton celebrated on the corner.

Orton walked out, but stopped to look at Cena, “knowing what John sacrificed.” They followed Orton up the aisle and he raised his belt in victory, then went to the back.

Cena remained in the ring, looking forlorn, as if he knew it was over for him. He took his wristbands off and left them in the ring. Fans chanted for Cena and he quietly circled, looking out to the audience. He saluted the fans and hugged Michael Cole at ringside. Cena hugged some fans as he walked out. He looked into the cameras, pointed, and thanked the fans. He stood on the stage, looking at the audience, made the “Wordlife” symbol and walked off.

He teased walking off, then said, “Not going out like that” and ran into the crowed, hugging fans and high fiving hem as he walked from one end of the arena to the other, through the audience for a long time before finally returning to the stage. No music played during any of this and they treated it like Cena had just signed the death sentence on his career.

2011 - Jonny Greco, considered to be one of the key members of the Cleveland Cavaliers video production crew,  joined the WWE production crew.

2011 - Mick Foley, as Mankind, filmed scenes for NBC comedy 30 Rock.

2011 - WWE broadcast Raw.  Richard Trionfo filed the following TV report:

We are live from Hershey, Pennsylvania and your announcers are Michael ‘#Silenceisgolden’ Cole, Jerry ‘#DoesKellyRneedanewcohost’ Lawler, and Booker ‘#DidYouSeeThat’ T.


CM Punk makes his way to the ring with the WWE Championship Title around his waist.

Punk has a story for everyone to start things off. He reminders sitting in Miss Worth’s first grade class and she wanted everyone to say what they wanted to be when they grew up. Some said that they wanted to be astronauts and policemen. One student said they wanted to be ‘teen wolf’. Punk says that he wanted to be a professional wrestler. Punk says that he didn’t want to be a sports entertainer. Punk says that as a wrestler who worked his way from the bottom to the top of the WWE, he says that it was a big, gigantic, special deal to walk into Madison Square Garden and win the WWE Championship. The most satisfying reason is because he did it on his own terms. He never wanted to be an astronaut or a policeman. It might have been cool to do it as Teen Wolf, but he did it as himself.

The game of hot potato with the title is over because it is on the shoulder of the best in the world and it is going to stay there.

Punk says that some people in high places don’t like it, but he is the new face of WWE. Punk takes a seat in the middle of the ring. He told former Champion Alberto Del Rio that he is going to make the title interesting. He is going to bring some danger to the title and be an agent of change.

Punk says that he wants to know where the WWE Ice Cream bars are. Punk says that he would also like to change the title ‘interim General Manager John Laurinaitis’ and make it ‘former’.

Before he can be fired, John Laurinaitis makes his presence known. He says that Punk is supposebly the rabble rouser but he doesn’t think they should be on opposite sides because they both want is best for the WWE Universe. John says that he is going to take the high road and doesn’t know why Punk has an issue with him.

Punk says that he couldn’t hear what John said because of the crowd. Punk says that Mr. McMahon is a greedy, money grubbing, soulless bastard. Punk calls John Bill Lumbergh without the sense of humor. Punk says that John would smile to his face but undermine him. Punk says that they are not a Universe, they are fan. Punk says that John says it because it is a buzzword that the bosses want to be. Punk says John is a poor example of a middle management douchebag stooge.

John says that he is upper management. Just because he doesn’t have tattoos or piercings all over his body, he has a wild side and can be as creative and dynamic as Punk.

John says that Alberto has a rematch and that match is not going to wait until the next pay per view. It is going to happen next week.

Punk calls John an agent of change and then he suggests that they have the match now.

John says that he already has plans for tonight. John says that if you put yourself in the audience’s shoes, you can never go wrong. Punk will face Dolph Ziggler in a #ChampionVsChampion match.

Punk calls that decision stupid. It is not because he is afraid of Dolph Ziggler, it is because John doesn’t listen to the WWE Universe. They don’t want Dolph Ziggler versus CM Punk. . . They want Dolph Ziggler versus Zack Ryder.

John says that Zack will be wrestling Alberto Del Rio tonight. John says that Zack couldn’t beat Dolph and neither could Punk.

Punk says that he will beat Dolph Ziggler and next week, he will beat Alberto Del Rio as he walks up the ramp and we see the Twitter Trending Box. Punk says that someone is going to beat some sense into John.

John goes to his phone to trend things.

We go to footage from after Survivor Series when Rock talked about Zack Ryder.

Zack Ryder interrupts the introduction for Alberto Del Rio by Ricardo Rodriguez.

Match Number One: Zack Ryder versus Alberto Del Rio


Del Rio with punches and the referee stops Del Rio. Del Rio with a kick and then he goes for a single arm breaker and he gets a near fall. Del Rio with an arm bar. Del Rio with punches to the arm after Ryder gets in a punch on Del Rio. Ryder punches Del Rio and we see a Twitter Box update. Del Rio misses a punch from the turnbuckles and Ryder with clotheslines and a flapjack.

Del Rio with an Irish whip but he runs into Ryder’s knees and Ryder with a running boot into the corner. Ryder sets for the Rough Ryder but Ricardo warns Del Rio and Del Rio sends Ryder into the turnbuckles and then he hits a step up enzuigiri and then Del Rio floats over into the cross arm breaker and Ryder #tapsout.

Winner: Alberto Del Rio

We go to commercial with Sheamus walking through the back.

Match Number Two: Sheamus versus Jack Swagger with Vickie Guerrero


They lock up and Swagger with a waist lock take down and he punches Sheamus in the back. Sheamus sends Swagger into the corner and then he connects with forearms and knees and Swagger goes to the floor.

Swagger returns to the ring and he slams Sheamus but he misses a leg drop. Sheamus with a slam of his own and he hits a running knee to the chest and gets a near fall. Swagger with an elbow and clothesline to Sheamus followed by a Swagger Bomb but Sheamus kicks out.

Swagger with a key lock on Sheamus followed by knees to the midsection and forearms. Swagger with a boot to Sheamus and then he traps the arms. Sheamus gets to his feet but Swagger takes him back to the mat. Sheamus with head butts to escape the hold and he hits a running double sledge or three. Sheamus with punches and forearms to Swagger in the corner.

Sheamus with a running clothesline into the corner followed by a power slam and he gets a near fall. Sheamus goes up top and he sets for the flying shoulder tackle but Swagger moves. Sheamus misses the Brogue Kick and Swagger applies the ankle lock. Sheamus kicks Swagger away and Sheamus with the Brogue Kick for the three count.

Winner: Sheamus

Kevin Nash is walking through the back as we go to commercial.

We are back with the Slam of the Week and it is Kevin Nash’s attack on Triple H.

Kevin Nash makes his way out and he tells us that he was watching Survivor Series and was thinking about what could have been. He has some good memories of Bob Backlund. He beat Bob Backlund for the title in eight seconds. Then four guys put friendship ahead of the business. Those people were Triple H, Scott Hall, Sean Waltman, and him. They put friendship as the most important thing in life. Instead of a friend in Triple H when he returned, he got a boss. Nash says that it should have been him and Hunter against Rock and Cena. It didn’t happen because the Cerebral Assassin was taken out with his sledgehammer.

With Thanksgiving coming, he tells Triple H to know one thing. Survivor Series may be gone, but the real survivor of the group stands before you now.

We are told that John Cena is going to talk for the first time tonight about what happened YESTERDAY at Survivor Series.

We go to commercial.

We are back and Cody Rhodes is in the ring. He says that we should call it shame. The shame from being disfigured made him feel sorry for himself. It made him vulnerable for predators like Randy Orton. The constraints have been removed. He says to imagine a rabid dog without his muzzle. He is uninhibited and he is unbeatable. Cody says that he is completely unrepentant. Cody with his Pure Evil Laugh but he is interrupted by Santino Marella.

Match Number Three: Santino Marella versus Cody Rhodes


Santino with a waist lock but Rhodes gets to the ropes and Santino with a clean break. Santino goes to the leg but Cody with a forearm and kicks to Santino. Cody tries for a side Russian leg sweep but Santino holds on to the ropes. Santino tries for the cobra but Cody avoids it and hits Cross Rhodes for the three count.

Winner: Cody Rhodes

After the match, Cody leaves the ring and he heads over to Booker T at the announce table. Cody tells Booker that he can hear him and he wants to know if Booker wants to say something to his face. Booker says that he doesn’t have any issue with him. Cody throws some water in Booker’s face and then Cody walks away.

Josh Mathews is in the interview area with Dolph Ziggler and Vickie Guerrero. Josh asks Dolph about having to wrestle in two matches. Dolph points out that he won two matches. Josh points out that Dolph was eliminated but Vickie points out that Dolph was on the winning team. Dolph says that Cena, Rock, and Punk did not win two matches. Dolph says that he is the new face of WWE.

We go to commercial.

We are back and Cole asks Booker about having water thrown in his face. Booker says that he is a professional.

Match Number Four: Dolph Ziggler with Vickie Guerrero versus CM Punk in a #ChampionVsChampion Match


They lock up and Punk with a waist lock. Ziggler with a standing switch. Punk with a side head lock take down. We see the latest Twitter Trending Box while Punk with another side head lock take down. Ziggler with a head scissors but Punk escapes and he applies a double underhook but Ziggler gets Punk into the corner. Ziggler with a side head lock take down.

Punk with a side head lock and shoulder tackle and they leap frog each other. Ziggler flips over Punk’s back and Ziggler goes to the floor. Ziggler returns to the ring and Punk kicks Ziggler in the leg. Punk with a snap mare and a near fall. Ziggler with a neck breaker and he gets a near fall. Ziggler with an elbow to the back of the neck and then he elbows Punk in the collarbone.

Ziggler with a punch but Punk with a kick. They exchange punches until Ziggler takes control. Ziggler with a leaping elbow drop. Ziggler with a chin lock and arm bar. Punk punches Ziggler but Ziggler with a knee to the midsection and he gets a near fall. Ziggler with a kick to Punk and then he rubs Punk face against his knee pad. Ziggler punches Punk and kicks him. Ziggler tries for another neck breaker but Punk with a back slide for a near fall.

Ziggler with a clothesline for a near fall. Punk with a belly-to-back suplex to get out of the hold. Punk sets for the running knee into the corner but Vickie gets on the apron and she blows a kiss to Punk. Punk blocks a punch from Ziggler and connects with punches of his own. Punk tries for the running knee into the corner but Ziggler moves and Punk goes over the top rope to the floor.

Ziggler does a headstand and we go to commercial.

We are back and Ziggler with a reverse chin lock on Punk. Punk and Ziggler exchange punches and then kicks. They return to punches and Punk with a back kick and a leg lariat followed by a clothesline and neck breaker and he gets a near fall.

Punk gets Ziggler on his shoulders for the Go To Sleep but Ziggler is the first to try to put someone nighty-night with a sleeper on Punk. Punk goes to the mat but he gets a second wind and he gets Ziggler on his back and Punk gets Ziggler onto his shoulders. Ziggler with a rollup and his foot on the rope and the referee stops the count.

Punk with a rollup and he holds the rope and the referee sees it too. Punk misses a round kick but he does not miss with a punch. Ziggler tries for the sleeper again but Punk holds on to the ropes. Punk with a running knee into the corner followed by a bulldog for a near fall.

Punk with a slam and then he goes up top for the #MachoMan elbow drop but Ziggler rolls to the other side of the ring. Ziggler with a drop kick and he gets a near fall. Ziggler puts Punk on the top turnbuckle and he climbs up as well for a superplex but Punk stops Ziggler and he uses the Mongolian chop to knock Ziggler to the mat. Punk hits the #MachoMan Elbow for a near fall.

Punk signals that someone needs a lullaby and he gets Ziggler up but Ziggler counters with a reverse Exploder for a near fall. Ziggler kicks Punk in the head and the referee warns Ziggler. Ziggler sets for the Fameasser but Punk counters with a powerbomb and then he hits the Go To Sleep for the three count.

Winner: CM Punk

After the match, Punk blows a kiss to Vickie to return the favor from during the match.

We go to commercial.

We are back with a Kane video package.

Big Show makes his way to the stage and he has something to say. Show says that if you missed Survivor Series last night, you missed an epic night. Show says that he proved he was stronger, tougher, and better than the World’s Strongest Man. He proved that giants can fly. He tells Mark that when you realized that the World Championship was slipping away and you took the easy way out and kicked him in the groin. Show reminds Mark that he said that one person was going to walk out of Survivor Series. Henry might still be the champion, but he got carted out.

Show says that Mark might be as tough as he says he is. Maybe Mark’s leg is not broken. Show tells Mark that when he gets back, he has something waiting for him. Show tells Mark to make sure he brings the World Championship with him.

Alicia Fox and Kelly are playing WWE ’12 and Natalya and Beth interrupt and they talk about the game. Natalya says that when they beat up the Barbie doll characters, they don’t cry like in real life. Beth and Natalya walk away.

We go to commercial.

We are back and Wade Barrett had comments from the Goldman Box. He says that he proved the Barrett Barrage is in effect and the next step is the World Title.

Match Number Five: Wade Barrett with the #BarrettBarrage versus Kofi Kingston


Barrett with a kick and elbow followed by a punch and he gets a near fall. Barrett with a kick and punch to the midsection. Kofi with a kick but Barrett with punches. Barrett with a suplex and he gets a near fall. Barrett with a knee and kick to Kofi. Barrett with an Irish whip but he runs into an elbow and chops from Kofi. Kofi with a drop kick. Kofi counters the Blackpool Slam with a rollup.

Barrett with a clothesline. Barrett gets Kofi on his shoulders for Wasteland and Randy Orton’s music plays. Kofi escapes and he kicks Barrett.

Barrett goes to the floor and Orton stares at Barrett at ringside as we go to commercial.

We are back and Barrett with a rear chin lock on Kofi while we see Randy Orton at ringside. We see highlights from the commercial break when Barrett forced Kofi to the apron. Barrett with the Blackpool Slam for a near fall. Barrett punches Kofi and then he chokes him in the ropes. Barrett puts Kofi in the ropes and chokes him. Barrett with knees while Kofi is still in the ropes and Barrett with a running boot to Kofi and Kofi is down on the apron.

Barrett gets a near fall. Barrett with a hard Irish whip to Kofi followed by boots to the chest. Barrett with a knee to Kofi and he punches Kofi as he sends a message to Orton. Barrett gets a near fall. Barrett with a surfboard to Kofi and then he gets another near fall. Barrett returns to the surfboard. Kofi kicks Barrett in the head but Barrett with a forearm to the back. Kofi lands on his feet on a belly-to-back attempt.

Barrett charges at Kofi but Kofi drops down and Barrett goes to the floor. Kofi with a dive to the floor while we see the TwitterTrendingTicker. They return to the ring and Kofi gets a near fall. Kofi goes up top and Booker is happy that he is doing what Kofi suggested. That plan didn’t work too well because Barrett stops him and tries for Wasteland from the turnbuckles but Kofi pushes Barrett off.

Kofi with a cross body for a near fall. Kofi with a kick to the head and then he sets for the Boom Drop and he hits it. Kofi misses a splash into the corner but he hits a pendulum kick. Kofi tries for a springboard move and Barrett hits the ropes and Kofi goes to the mat. Barrett with Wasteland for the three count.

Winner: Wade Barrett

After the match, Randy Orton gets up and Wade tells Randy in case he missed it, the winner of the match was Wade Barrett. Orton turns around and he wants to look at Barrett and he turns and it forces Barrett to flinch.

We have seen the photos all night, maybe we will finally hear from John Cena.

We go to commercial with John walking in the back.

We are back and John Cena makes his way to the ring. Cena says that he looks around . . . and he is interrupted by boos. Cena says that it is almost deafening in here. Cena says that it has been a very interesting 24 hours. History was made at Survivor Series and he can see the excitement and hear the energy in here. John says that finally the world knows who Zack Ryder is. Cena throws out Zack’s Twitter handle. Cena congratulates CM Punk on winning the WWE Championship. Could John Cena and the Rock co-exist as a tag team and the answer was yes because they beat Miz and R Truth. Cena says that he never heard an ovation like the fans gave Rock after seven years away.

Cena says that the WWE Universe has been honest with their reaction to him. He says that he loves it because it is honesty and emotion. When emotions get high, things can get out of hand. After the match, they were celebrating their victory and Rock asked him to come into the ring. Cena says that he didn’t think that Dwayne was asking him to share some Fruity Pebbles. Cena says that when you get called out, you settle things face to face.

Cena mentions that he was on the business end of a Rock Bottom at the end of the night. Cena says that boots were put to asses and Rock proved that he never lost it. Wrestlemania will be exactly what it needs to be. The two biggest . . .

R Truth and Miz come out to interrupt Cena. Miz with some reallys as they walk to the ring. ‘Two biggest’? Two biggest egos? Miz says that Cena’s ego won’t allow him to admit how badly Rock showed him up last night. Miz says that Cena is painting an emotional picture of how great of a team they were. Miz points out that 17,000 people were chanting ‘Don’t Tag Cena’ to the Rock. Miz says that no one wanted to see Cena last night.

Truth wants to axe Cena something. Truth wants to know what color the sky is in his world. Truth says that Cena talks about what Wrestlemania needs to be. He wants to say what Wrestlemania is going to be. It will be Rock putting boots to the asses to Cena’s fruity booty all over Miami. He says that the Cenation will turn into the See Ya Later Nation.

Cena tells them to shut up and he says that if he tries him again, he will knock the makeup off his face and force his veneers down his throat. Then he threatens to rip off Truth’s extensions.

Cena says that everyone saw that the Rock still has it and people are looking forward to Rock versus Cena at Wrestlemania. It also means that nobody cares about Miz and Truth. He says that Miz thinks that Truth thinks that he is a wacked out nutjobs. Cena says that Truth thinks that Cena is a D-List Reality star. Cena tells Miz and Truth that they should be booing each other and then he leaves.

Miz and Truth look at each other as if they are going to attack each other. Truth wants to know if Miz thinks that he is crazy. Miz tells Truth that he is stupid for thinking that. Miz tells Truth that Cena is trying to play them against each other. Miz points out that he is a former WWE Champion and he main evented Wrestlemania. Miz says that everyone is here to watch him.

The mics are dropped and it looks like Miz is going to get got. He tells Miz not to do something he will regret. Miz pushes Truth and Truth punches Miz. Miz tells Truth to calm down and he tells Truth that Cena is playing them. They need to get Cena.

Miz and Truth take off their jackets and they head to the back to get John Cena. Instead Miz stops Truth and he hits a Skull Crushing Finale on the ramp.

Miz stands over Truth and then he walks to the back.

2012 - WWE broadcast NXT.  Richard Trionfo filed the following TV report:

Kassius Ohno is stopped in the back and he is asked about Ohno’s match with Trent Barreta. Tonight is the rubber match. Kassius says that Trent beat him with the help of Richie Steamboat. He has already avenged that loss. Maybe he was too lenient and maybe he will give the Steamboat treatment and end his career. Kassius says that Trent will find out how dangerous he is. He will find out how he can manipulate any situation. Trent will encounter more pain than he has ever felt in his life and he will never be the same.

It might be Thanksgiving, but that does not stop the WWE from airing its regular programming. NXT comes to you from Winter Park, Florida and your announcers are Tony Dawson and Jim Ross.


Match Number One: Alicia Fox versus Paige


They lock up and Alicia with a take down. They hold on to the collar and elbow tie up as they get into the ropes. Alicia with elbows but Paige with an elbow. Paige with punches to the arm and a Japanese arm drag and drop kick. Paige screams and charges into the corner but Alicia lands on her feet on a monkey flip.

Alicia with a waist lock but Paige with an elbow. Alicia with a slam followed by a leg drop. She sends Paige into the turnbuckles. Alicia hits the Northern Lights suplex for a near fall. Alicia with a knee to the back and Alicia stretches Paige. Alicia elevates Paige off the mat using her legs with the Hangover.

Alicia slams Paige’s head into the mat a few times and she gets a near fall. Paige with an inside cradle for a near fall. Alicia toss Paige around the ring by her hair. Paige with punches but Alicia with a forearm. Paige with a kick to Alicia and then she counters the tilt-a-whirl back breaker with a lateral press. Paige with a suplex and Irish whip.

Alicia avoids a charge into the corner and she gets a near fall with a sunset flip. Paige hits the Paige Turner for the three count.




We go to commercial.


Match Number Two: Camacho versus Big E Langston


Langston traps the arms and Camacho tries for head butts to the chest but Langston with a few head butts of his own followed by punches to the midsection while trapping an arm. Camacho with head butts and a kick. Camacho with a front face lock and Langston picks up Camacho and sends him into the turnbuckles and connects with a series of shoulders. Langston with a running shoulder into the corner. Langston sends Camacho into the turnbuckles but he runs into boots from Camacho.

Camacho with a forearm to the back of the head from the middle turnbuckles and then Camacho mocks Langston’s five count and he punches Langston. Langston with a body block or two. The straps are down and it is time for the Big Ending and Langston gets the three count.


Winner: Big E Langston


After the match, Langston is asked to give another Big Ending and Langston gives it to Camacho and he gives the five count.

Jim Ross calls Langston the ‘bull of the woods’ in NXT.

Langston is about to leave the ring and then he must have realized that Camacho was trying to collect a bounty on him and he gives Camacho another Big Ending.

We go to the back and Trent Barreta is down on the ground holding his ribs. The officials want to know who did this and they tell the cameraman to get out of there.

The camera pans back and we see Leo Kruger sitting behind the wall out of the view of the officials.

We go to commercial.

We are back and we are told that Trent Barreta is not medically cleared tonight but he still wants to wrestle.


Match Number Three: Bronson versus Nick Rogers


They lock up and Bronson backs Rogers into the corner and he connects with forearms to the back. Rogers with punches and Bronson does not move. Bronson with forearms to the head followed by a kick to the midsection. Bronson kicks Rogers in the knee and then he works on the leg. Bronson drops the knee into the mat and then he applies a reverse chin lock with crossfaces to the head.

Bronson returns to the injured leg and he stomps on it. Bronson wit a knee drop to the head and then he returns to the leg and drops down again. Rogers with a head butt but Bronson with an STO and then he applies a heel hook and Rogers taps.




After the match, Bronson takes his time releasing the hold.

We go to commercial.

We are back and Bray Wyatt comes out and he says that the little lamb is afraid of him. There is nothing in your pathetic little life that would prepare him for this. He gives his life purpose for the first time tonight. He will make him famous. Bray sits in his rocking chair as Luke Harper comes out.


Match Number Four: Luke Harper (with Bray Wyatt) versus Mike Dalton


Harper with a punch to the head and a forearm to the back. Harper with a rake of the face and kicks to Dalton in the corner. Dalton with a kick but Harper with a back elbow. Harper stretches the face and the referee warns him. Harper rakes the eyes in the ropes and the referee warns him again.

Harper with a forearm to the back and a rear chin lock. Harper with an Irish whip and splash into the corner. Harper with another Irish whip and a back splash followed by a clothesline. Harper checks with Wyatt on the stage for what he needs to do next. Dalton tries to kick Harper but Harper blocks it.

Dalton tries for a tornado DDT but Harper throws Dalton to the mat. Harper with a spinning Bossman Slam for the three count.


Winner: Luke Harper


After the match, Wyatt says that he warned everyone. When he says that it is time to start hurting people, you will know.

We go to footage from earlier today when Todd Phillips was in the interview area with Seth Rollins. Seth was attacked by Jinder Mahal but Seth fights back while Todd watches. Referees separate both men but that is not very effective.

We go to commercial.

We are back with the Raw Rebound and footage of the attack on Ryback by Rollins, Ambrose, and Reigns.

Kassius Ohno mentions that his opponent tonight is Trent Barreta and he says that he has never been more ready to tear someone to pieces. He has it on good authority that Trenty had a mishap backstage. That means that he has no opponent. Kassius asks the referee to start the match, count to ten, and raise his hand in victory.

Dusty Rhodes’ music plays and he makes his way onto the stage. Dusty tells Ohno that he knows that he manipulated the confrontation with Trent Barreta. Dusty says that Kassius is going to have to answer to him about that. Dusty says that he has someone for Kassius to face.


Match Number Five: Kassisu Ohno versus Richie Steamboat


Steamboat with a double leg take down and punches to Ohno followed by forearms and chops in the corner. Steamboat with a forearm as he sends Ohno into another turnbuckle. Steamboat with a chop and Ohno retreats to the ropes.

Steamboat with more forearms but Ohno with a knee. Ohno with a knee but Steamboat with a cross body for a near fall. Steamboat sends Ohno into the turnbuckles followed by a chop to the side of the head. Steamboat with chops to the neck and he gets a near fall. Steamboat climbs the turnbuckles and he punches Ohno but Ohno escapes.

Ohno has a kick blocked and Steamboat with a chop. Steamboat sends Ohno over the top rope but Ohno skins the cat but when he returns to the ring, Steamboat sends Ohno over the top rope to the floor. Steamboat goes up top and hits a cross body onto Ohno.

We go to commercial.

We are back and Steamboat with an arm bar on Ohno and he traps the other arm for a moment. Ohno gets to the ropes and Steamboat releases the hold. The referee warns Steamboat. Steamboat goes to the apron but Ohno kicks Steamboat into the ring post. Ohno sends Steamboat back into the ring and Ohno does as well.

Ohno with a baseball slide drop kick into the head and Ohno gets a near fall. Ohno punches Steamboat and then he pulls Richie back into the ring from the apron. Ohno with kicks to Steamboat and he gets a near fall. Ohno with a cravate but Steamboat gets to his feet. Ohno with a snap mare but Steamobat escapes. Ohno kicks Steamboat away and his head goes into the turnbuckles. Ohno with punches to the head.

Steamboat has trouble getting back to his feet but when he does, he connects with a chop and punch. Ohno sends Steamboat into the turnbuckles and he connects with a punch and gets a near fall. Ohno gets another near fall. Ohno kicks Steamboat in the head again and he hits a belly-to-back suplex as Ohno continues to work on the head. Ohno gets another near fall.

Ohno returns to the cravate. Ohno runs Steamboat into the ropes and then Ohno with a chop. Steamboat with a sunset flip for a near fall. Ohno tries for a Saito suplex but Steamboat counters by twisting his hips and he gets a near fall with a lateral press. Ohno with a cravate suplex for a near fall. Ohno removes an elbow pad but when he charges into the corner, Steamboat with a chop. Steamboat with punches to Ohno followed by a back body drop. Steamboat with a chop and clothesline.

Steamboat with a chop to the head and then he is sent to the apron. Steamboat with a punch and he goes up top but Ohno counters the chop to the head with a head butt to the midsection. Ohno with a forearm into the corner and Steamboat with a rollup for a near fall. Steamboat hits the Sling Blade for the three count.


Winner: Richie Steamboat


We go to credits.

2012 - Former WCW World champion Lex Luger appeared on TruTV's Hardcore Pawn, looking to sell several items from his career, including his black and silver rhinestone lightning robe, which was his signature robe for a good portion of his career.


Luger arrived with both Les and Seth Gold from the store aware of who he was because they, especially Seth, were wrestling fans growing up.

Luger explained he was looking to raise money for a non-profit organization titled "World Wrestling Outreach" and was hoping to sell his items. They asked him about his career and he noted he wrestled for 15 years and was a former World champion, beating "The Immortal Hulk Hogan", which Les was impressed with.

They initially offered $2500 and then brought it up to $3000 because it was for a non-profit. Luger, who noted that he never thought he would sell the robe because it was his "baby for many years", countered by asking for $3500 and they accepted.

Over the course of the discussion, Les, the grumpy owner of the store, tried on the robe.

While very often such shows have worked elements, the materials Luger sold were later listed for sale on the website for American Jewelry and Loan, the store that is featured on Hardcore Pawn with an asking price of $7,499.99.

2012 - The Soup on E! featured a WWE-centric episode.  Richard Trionfo filed the following TV report:

Over the years, Joel McHale has commented on clips from World Wrestling Entertainment on The Soup on E! Tonight, we get an Ironman Match of WWE clips and segments as The Soup Salutes WWE – Piledriving Clips in Your Face.

Joel McHale is on the phone and he asks if he can beat up Mankini for a half hour.

Miz and Eve are walking and they cannot believe they are on this ridiculous show. Eve says that Hollywood is so artificial. Miz wants to know if Ice really loves Coco. Hornswoggle joins them and wonders who watches this crap. Eve warns Miz about an attack by Mankini with a chair. Miz kicks Mankini. Hornswoggle says that he thinks it was Dina Lohan.

Joel picks up the chair and he hits Mankini in the back a few times and then he walks away.

Joel welcomes everyone to the show. They pay respect and protection money to the biggest, most aggressively graceful men and women ever to wear body oil and spandex for measurable profit and international fame.

Michael Cole and Jerry Lawler at the ‘announce table’. Jerry and Michael have no idea why they are here. Joel says he will check back with them later and Lawler wonders why.

Joel explains the concept of The Soup. Joel shows a clip of the Jersey Shore when The Situation fights a wall and the wall wins.

We go to a Hulk Hogan promo from Wrestlemania IV. Joel wonders what Hogan is talking about and then he comments on the lack of areolas.

We go to Jerry Lawler Picks One of His Favorite Soup Clips.

Jerry says that there is so much more than WWE. He loves General Hospital. We go to a classic shoot out from the show.

There is a line between brutal violence and brutal lovemaking and WWE straddles that line so well. We see Randy Orton, Cody Rhodes, and Manu breathing heavily in the locker room without saying anything. Randy leaves.

Joel is joined by Daniel Bryan and Eve Torres in a close, heavy breathing environment. Daniel says that something doesn’t seem right so he pushes Eve away and Rey Mysteiro joins in the triangle of breathing. Joel says it doesn’t feel right. Joel pushes Daniel out of the way and Mankini joins in. Joel pushes Rey away so it is a one-on-one breathefest.

It is time to talk about WWE weddings and we go to the nuptials between Lita and Edge that were interrupted by Kane, who peered from the ring.

Brodus Clay says that was when they held a wedding over an old Native American wrestling ring.

Brodus does the voice for the ‘Chicks Man’ segment.

We go to LayCool confronting Mae Young at the Old School Raw when Mae called LayCool a couple of Sluts. Joel wonders if Mae kissed Copernicus with that mouth.

The next segment is ‘Salutable in their Goddess-Like Stature WWE Divas do my job while I Body Slam Mankini Through a Table’.

Eve Torres introduces a segment about Small Town Security. Eve calls this fake.

Meanwhile Joel tries to ‘slam’ Mankini through a table, but the table is Japanese. Mankini wonders why Joel would do that and Jerry asks him if he heard what the segment was called.

We go to commercial.

Miz, Eve, and Hornswoggle are in the Fashion Police studio and they are ready for some Madcap Fashion-Centric Hijinks.

It is time to talk about racks and Miz asks Eve to identify a tattoo covered ‘rack’. Eve correctly identifies it as Tensai.

Joan Rivers arrives on the set and gets Melissa to get rid of them. Melissa throws Miz out while Joan takes care of Eve. Joan wants Hornswoggle to stay and she tells Melissa to say hi to her new dad.

Jerry interrupts and he wants to see one of his favorite Soup clips. He says that he is a fan of the Bad Girls Club. He says that it is like a cage match of people he would never associate with. Michael is trying to maintain his composure while Jerry sets up the clip. We see some bad girls being bad and then they are partying.

The main event contract signing is a long held tradition that started when John Hancock signed his name so large that Samuel Adams pissed his pants.

We see the contract signing between John Cena and Brock Lesnar prior to Extreme Rules. Joel makes fun of Teddy repeating the same title for John Cena.

We see photos of John Cena and Zack Ryder. Joel introduces Eve. John explains the situation between John, Zack, and Eve as well as Kane getting involved. We see John and Eve kissing in front of Zack, who was in a wheelchair.

Joel discusses some of the classic moves in wrestling and we see a series of near falls between Cody Rhodes and Daniel Bryan. Joel comments about the positioning of Daniel and Cody during this sequence. Daniel says that must be why Robert Deniro doesn’t see his movies.

It is time for the next segment and it is ‘A WWE Superstar Will Do My Job while I Put Mankini in a Boston Crab’. Playing the part of Joel McHale is Rey Mysterio. Rey introduces a clip from Here Comes Honey Boo Boo. Rey says if Honey Boo Boo’s mother was a wrestler, her name would be the Human Thumbdertaker. Rey says that he is the one who has to wear the mask.

We go to commercial.

We are back and Miz and Eve are in the control room. Hornswoggle is getting rid of a Kardashian show and Eve says that Bruce Jenner has the weirdest wrestling mask.

The next segment is ‘A WWE Superstar will do my Job while I hit Mankini with a 2x4’. Playing the part of Joel is Brodus Clay. Brodus shows us a clip of Art Mann Presents. A woman gets close to one of her breasts.

Jerry wonders why Mankini keeps coming out.

It is time for the Champion of the SuperSlam Cage Match Battle Royale, Or Something Clip. Daniel Bryan says that there is nothing funnier than an elderly American hero losing his mind on live television. We go to a clip of Buzz Aldrin when he was the guest host.

Brodus says that he remembers that being longer. Eve says that it was less coherent.

We go to credits.

2012 - WWE broadcast Main Event.  Richard Trionfo filed the following TV report:

He is normally your co-host on the Main Event, but tonight the Miz will be wrestling. He says that he is a four time tag team champion, two time United States Champion, an Intercontinental Champion, and a former WWE Champion. He has main evented Wrestlemania.

We take a look at last week when Dolph Ziggler commented on Miz at the announce table. Dolph says that he is the best thing in the WWE. Ziggler said that he would bask in the afterglow of their win at Survivor Series.

Miz responds to Dolph and then he challenges Dolph to a match.

This week’s episode of Main Event comes from Grand Rapids, Michigan and your announcers are Michael ‘Going the way of the Twinkie’ Cole and John ‘You will hear what I say a few times tonight’ Layfield.

The Miz is in the ring and he says that normally when he is on the show, he is the most must hear commentator.

Dolph Ziggler interrupts Miz and he makes his way to the stage. Dolph tells Miz that this show is called ‘Main Event’. He wants to know why Miz is in the ring and not Mister Main Event. Dolph says that he is the show stealer, the show off, Mr. Money in the Bank, and the sole survivor from Survivor Series. He is way too big of a star to be in the back talking to Matt Striker and his mustache.

Dolph asks Miz if he remembered seeing what happened on Sunday, but he was 2012 Miz, and he was a loser.

Dolph tells Miz that he will be outclassed in every way, and that he is Dolph Ziggler and Miz is not.

Miz tells a fan who yelled out ‘And You Suck’ during Ziggler’s last statement said what everyone was thinking and Miz thanks him. Miz says that Dolph is feeling pretty good. Dolph is getting his spotlight. Miz says that everything about Dolph is a lie. Miz says that Dolph survived because he stood behind his teammates just like he stands behind Vickie Guerrero. Miz says that he main evented Wrestlemania.

Dolph interjects and he says that Miz has been saying that he main evented Wrestlemania and he beat John Cena, but what has Miz done lately? Dolph points out that he has been stealing the show.

Miz says that what he has said is true and that is why he is saying it. He has done everything on his own. Miz points out that when he won Money in the Bank, he cashed it in like a man and won the WWE Title. Miz tells Linus that he can back up what he says.

Dolph tells Miz that he is the past and he had his shot. Dolph says that he is the future. When they look back on this week and they see that Dolph Ziggler was the Sole Survivor. They will see that Dolph knocked John Cena out of competition and he shut up Miz.

Miz says that Dolph could choke like he has so often. Dolph has been given opportunities time after time but it will end up as a Dolph Ziggler failure. It will be a monumental disasterous Dolph Ziggler failure. Dolph is a pit of failure and insecurity buried under a mountain of false bravado. Miz may have been a former WWE Champion, but Dolph is a current and future nothing. Dolph is scared to cash in the briefcase and fails, all he will have is an old broad, an ugly teal t-shirt, and bad hair dye.

Miz tells Dolph that will be his legacy and he congratulates him on that.

Ziggler slaps Miz and Miz drops the mic and he is ready for action.


Match Number One: Miz versus Dolph Ziggler


Miz punches Ziggler but Ziggler with a kick. Miz with a flap jack and then he clotheslines Ziggler over the top rope to the floor.

We go to commercial.

We are back and Miz punches Ziggler in the corner and then he punches Ziggler once he returns to the mat and Miz gets a near fall. Miz with a kick to the midsection. Miz with another kick to the midsection. Miz calls out for one more and he waits for Ziggler to roll over. Miz with a kick to the midsection for a third time and he gets a near fall.

Miz with a reverse chin lock. Ziggler with an elbow to the head followed by a kick to the chest. Ziggler with an elbow to Miz. Ziggler with a kick to the head. Ziggler with a punch to Miz and then he hits a leaping elbow drop for a near fall. Ziggler with a reverse chin lock.

Miz with elbows but Ziggler with a punch and he returns to the side head lock. Ziggler with a shoulder tackle. Miz misses a short arm clothesline. Miz blocks a drop kick attempt and Miz catapults Ziggler into the ring post and Miz gets a near fall with a rollup.

Ziggler with a kick and Miz tries for the reality check but Ziggler escapes and hits a drop kick and gets a near fall. Ziggler chokes Miz in the ropes. Ziggler with a neck breaker and he gets a near fall with a Jericho cover. Ziggler with a rear chin lock.

Miz with elbows and Ziggler with a forearm and kick. Miz with a back body drop and Ziggler goes over the top rope to the floor and we go to commercial.

We are back and Ziggler with a body scissors. We see footage from the commercial break when Ziggler sent Miz into the ringside barrier. Ziggler with a reverse chin lock but Miz escapes and he punches Ziggler. Dolph with a clothesline for a near fall. Ziggler with rapid fire elbow drops until he decides to hit the delayed leaping elbow drop.

Ziggler with a front face lock and Miz with punches to get free. Miz with a drop kick to Ziggler and both men are down. Miz misses a charge into the corner and Ziggler sends Miz into the ring post. Ziggler starts to expose the turnbuckle but the referee stops Ziggler. Miz with a rollup and he gets a near fall. Ziggler with a drop kick for a near fall. Ziggler with a reverse chin lock and he does a head stand and bridge.

Miz tries to get to his feet and Miz succeeds. Miz with elbows but Ziggler with a punch. They both exchange punches and Miz gets the advantage. Each man goes for a cross body and both men are down.

We go to commercial.

We are back and Miz with a near fall. Ziggler with a kick and he lines up for a punch but Miz avoids it and he gets a near fall. Ziggler with the Fameasser for a near fall. Ziggler with the reverse chin lock and body scissors. Miz gets back to his feet but Miz with elbows. Ziggler with a European uppercut. Miz with a back body drop to Ziggler and both men are down.

Miz with a few clotheslines followed by Reality Check and he gets a near fall. Miz runs into a boot from Ziggler and Ziggler uses the ropes for leverage on the cover. Miz with a Side Effect for a near fall. Ziggler with kicks to Miz and then he applies a sleeper. Miz thinks of ways to escape but Miz falls to a knee. Miz gets back to his feet and Miz backs into the corner but Dolph holds on.

Miz punches Ziggler and Ziggler punches Miz at the same time. Miz punches Ziggler in the corner. The referee pulls Miz out of the corner. Miz sets up for and hits the Awesome Clothesline. Miz goes up top and hits the double sledge from the turnbuckles. Miz sets for the Skull Crushing Finale but Ziggler rolls Miz through. Miz with a rollup for a near fall. Miz charges into the exposed turnbuckle and Ziggler hits the Zig Zag for the three count.


Winner: Dolph Ziggler


After the match, Matt Striker and his mustache try to get comments from Ziggler but Dolph tells Matt to beat it. He says that every night he backs it up and tonight he proved it again. He beat the Miz and he is better than the Miz. He is better than Matt Striker, the Miz, and anyone in the back.

Dolph says that he is just getting started. He is not done with John Cena. He will make history when he finishes John. Dolph tells Miz, Cena, and anyone else who steps up to face him, they are history.

We go to commercial.


Match Number Two:Wade Barrett versus Justin Gabriel


Barrett with a kick and forearms followed by punches and kicks in the corner. Gabriel with a chop but Barrett with a back heel kick. Barrett with more kicks in the corner. Barrett with a slingshot back breaker and he gets a near fall. Barrett punches Gabriel in the ribs and then he connects with a forearm to the lower back.

Barrett with a suplex and he gets a near fall. Barrett with a reverse chin lock. Gabriel with an arm drag and then he avoids an elbow drop. Gabriel with a series of kicks followed by a spinning heel kick. Gabriel with a forearm off the turnbuckles followed by a cross body into the corner and then he hits a springboard cross body.

Gabriel goes for the quebrada but Barrett moves. Gabriel lands on his feet and he lands awkwardly. Barrett with the Blackpool slam for a near fall. Gabriel escapes a pump handle slam attempt and hits an inverted DDT and then he hits a quebrada for a near fall. Gabriel hits an STO and then he goes up top for the 450 splash but Barrett crotches him and then he hits the Bullhammer for the three count.


Winner:Wade Barrett


We are told that next week John Cena will appear on Main Event. We go to commercial.

We are back and go to footage from Raw when John Cena kissed AJ and AJ KISSED John back.

John Cena will be on MizTV on Smackdown on Friday night.

Damien Sandow makes his way into the arena and he has something to say. Damien begs everyone’s indulgence for a moment. He says that he is here to help all of us. As our intellectual savior he can no longer stand idly by and watch as the unwashed masses plunge further into the bowels of their inadequacies and short comings.

Next week on this very serial, he will get to rid the WWE of its most offensive delinquent. . . John Cena. John’s hypocrisies know no bounds. From his silly hand gestures to his sophomoric prose to that lewd public display of affection we saw on Raw. This is a disease that must be purged from the WWE at his hand.

Therefore, he declares this, the 21st day of the 11th month in the year 2012 anno domini that John Cena is the WWE’s ultimate false idol.


 We go to credits.

2013 - TNA broadcast a "Turning Point" edition of Impact Wrestling.  Stu Carapola filed the following TV report:

Welcome to PWInsider's live, ongoing coverage of TNA's Turning Point special on Spike TV!

We start the show with footage of Bobby Roode attacking James Storm at a local bar in Orlando, working him over with a pool cue before shoving some cash down his throat to cover the tab.

We go to the opening video, then Dixie Carter comes up to Samoa Joe backstage to say she watched her segment last week over and over again to be the best she can be. While her performance was outstanding, Joe's wasn't, so she's going to warn him that if he ever takes that tone with her again, he'll be wrestling in third world countries for pesos like his buddy AJ Styles. Also, if Joe wins the TNA World Title, he better get a unification match with AJ out of his head because he won't ever be back in her company again, and he's lucky to be here. Since she's sure the people would rather see her first, she heads out to the ring to address her adoring public.

She thanks the fans and says it's great to be back in Orlando, and also thanks Sports Illustrated for writing a great article on her called Dixieland and tells us to check it out at Now she unfortunately has to address AJ Styles, and she knows the fans are so upset at him for being so mean to her, and since he decided not to join Team Dixie, he's been wrestling in third world countries for minimum wage. He illegally took her intellectual property and misrepresented it around the world, and that stops today because she has lawyers all over the world ready to shut him down. She says consequences are coming AJ's way, but before she can elaborate on that thought, James Storm comes out to the ring with bullrope in hand. He knows she saw what happened at the bar last night and that Bobby Roode is trying to keep him from winning the World Title, but even though he has a bullrope in his hand, he wants tables, ladders, barbed wire, and anything else he can get his hands on tonight. Because they're back in Florida, he wants a FLORIDA DEATHMATCH. Dixie doesn't care about his barroom escapades because the Wheel of Dixie has spoken, but Storm says the cops that showed up last night asked if he wanted to press charges, but he won't do that because he's James Storm and he'll fight him like a man. If Dixie doesn't give him his match, he'll call the cops to come arrest Roode and kill his chance in the tournament, and then he'll pull out of the tournament as well. Dixie gets upset at his tone, so he'll ask nicely...madam...will she please give him and the people this match because it will benefit the both of them and it'll make the cops go away. Dixie says only because he asked her nicely, and only if he calls the police right now and says there's no problem at all on her show. Storm asks again if he's got the match, and Dixie confirms that he does, indeed, have the match. Well, that's kind of a cool change!

Later tonight: Joseph Park will take on Abyss, and Bully Ray faces Ken Andersin in a Club vs Career match with no DQ! But first, let's go to the next match in the TNA World Title Tournament!

TNA World Title Tournament First Round Match - Falls Count Anywhere: Brutus Magnus vs Samoa Joe

Samoa Joe is backstage and appears on the big screen, he says it's Falls Count Anywhere and he came here to scrap, so he wants Magnus to come backstage and start this right now. Magnus heads to the back as we head to commercial!

We're back, and Joe is beating Magnus up as we look back at the commercial break when Joe tossed Magnus into just about everything he saw. They fight out to the top of the ramp where Magnus takes Joe down and drops an elbow for 2. Mike Tenay tells us to follow Dixie Carter on Twitter as Joe and Magnus fight down the ramp to ringside. Joe fires some jabs, but Magnus nails Joe and rolls him into the ring. Magnus goes to the second rope, but Joe catches him coming off, hits an inverted atomic drop and big boot, but Magnus rolls away from a running senton. He charges Joe and gets caught with a snap powerslam for 2, but dodges a corner charge and plants Joe with a Michinoku Driver for 2. Impressive strength by Magnus as he stalks his former partner before picking him up and hitting a snap suplex. The crowd is booing Magnus as he climbs to the top rope, but he takes too long and Joe nails Magnus and goes up after him. Magnus drops to the apron and drills Joe with a leaping kneestrike that knocks Joe into the ring, and Magnus quickly climbs back to the top and hits the flying elbowdrop. He makes a cover, but Joe gets out at 2, so Magnus tries for the Texas Cloverleaf, but Joe kicks Magnus off and hits the STJoe when Magnus charges him in the corner. Magnus rolls out to the floor, so Joe waits for him to get back to his feet and then DRILLS him with a diving forearm through the ropes. Joe covers Magnus on the floor, but only gets 2. He makes a stupid mistake by turning to the camera to make some remark, but Magnus grabs him and yanks his face into the ring apron. I LOVED THAT! Keep your eye on the prize and save the BS for after the match! Magnus takes a chair out from under the ring and wedges it in a corner between the middle and bottom rope, but Joe catches Magnus in the Kokina Clutch and starts to put Magnus to sleep. Magnus backs into the apron to make Joe break the hold, then stands in front of the corner he placed the chair in. Joe charges, Magnus moves, and Joe crashes headfirst into the chair and goes down, and Magnus covers the unconscious Joe and gets the three count.

Winner: Brutus Magnus

Great match, and pretty much went the way I thought it would. Magnus advances and will face another former Main Event Mafia member, Kurt Angle, in the semifinals.

Joseph Park is backstage saying that tonight, he ends the speculation and faces his brother Abyss one on one. He stops to take a breath, then says we'll see what happens.

Bad Influence is in the ring as we come back from commercial, and Kazarian tells us it is indeed Turning Point, and they're here for our viewing pleasure. They wouldn't miss tonight for the world, because an unprecedented match will happen when Joseph Park takes on his brother Abyss, and they'll take a seat at ringside and give the fans an opportunity to WORSHIP US! Park comes out and says he thinks he speaks for everyone at home when he tells Bad Influence to sit down and shut up. He's spent 18 months searching for his brother Abyss, and for the first time ever, he's going to face his brother Abyss right here tonight. That ought to kill the rumors, but he's also doing this to prove to the world that he's not a loser, and if it means getting his butt whooped by his brother, so be it.

Abyss tells Christy to go ahead and introduce his brother, and Abyss' music hits, but Abyss doesn't show. Kazarian gets a mic and asks where the monster Abyss is, and since the people came here to be entertained, he ought to do the truffle shuffle or something entertaining. Daniels says that in any other instance, someone getting into wrestling this late in life and getting onto the Impact Wrestling roster would be an inspiration. But Park isn't an inspiration because he's not a man, he's a bag of water in a cheap track suit. He's a loser, his brother isn't here to face him because he's an embarrassment, and that's why nobody in his family wants to be around him. He asks Park what he's going to do and then asks him if he's crying, but he knows what sets Park off: some blood. He says he has exactly the ticket for that, and Kazarian dumps a bucket full of fake blood over Park's head. Park looks like he's going to cry as Daniels asks him what he's going to do and where the monster is. He knows Abyss isn't here because Park is a disappointment and a waste, and he doesn't deserve to be in his ring, his business, and this planet. Park shakes his head and turns to walk off as Daniels calls him a waste and human excrement, and Park keeps walking up the rampway while Daniels yells at him to keep walking. Kazarian says that's not ketchup and not to eat it, and Park looks completely defeated as he walks to the back and we go to commercial.

Gail Kim and Lei'D Tapa are in the ring, and it's week two of Gail's open challenge, and if any other girls think they can beat her, to come on out.

Knockouts Title Match: Gail Kim vs Candice LeRae

Awesome, Candice LeRae rocks! She rushes the ring and gets some early offense in on Gail, but Gail quickly turns the tide and kicks the crap out of her and covers for 2. Candice hits a nice flying headscissors and a rolling sunset flip for 2. Candice charges Gail and unlaods with a series of forearms, but Gail dodges a second charge and hammers Gail with some forearms. Candice comes back with some forearms of her own and goes for a Frankensteiner, but Gail counters to a sitout powerbomb for 2. Gail quickly hits Eat DaFeet and covers Candice for the win.

Winner: Gail Kim

Eh, it looks like they lost their way a few times, but it actually seemed like Gail was the one who was slow on the spots they missed. Decent match, and if any girl on the indies deserves a shot in TNA, it's Candice LeRae.

James Storm is backstage, and he's...COLLECTING WEAPONS! He'll face Bobby Roode in the title tournament...NEXT!

We see another spot paid for by the Friends of AJ as we see him defending the TNA World Title in Japan, then we go backstage to James Storm preparing for his match with Bobby Roode. Gunner comes in and says he doesn't need all the weapons to beat Bobby Roode, but Storm says there's a difference between need and want. He thanks Gunner for being a tag team partner and a friend like Roode never was, and Gunner reminds him that he's got Storm's back. From there we go to a video package looking back at when Roode cheated to beat Storm for the TNA World Title, and when we're back after commercial, it's Storm vs Roode once again in the first round of the TNA World Title Tournament!

TNA World Title Tournament First Round Match - Florida Deathmatch: James Storm vs Bobby Roode

Storm doesn't even wait for Roode to make his entrance, attacking him with a Singapore cane and then beating him up all the way down the ramp and to ringside. Just for reference, this is a Last Man Standing-style match that ends when one man can't answer the ten count. Roode gets a shot in on Storm and tries to whip him into the steel steps, but Storm reverses the whip and sends Roode crashing into the steps and he tumbles clear over them and into the barricade. Storm is already busted open as he rolls Roode back into the ring, then channels his inner New Jack by tossing the trash cans full of weapons into the ring. Storm with a crutch to the ribs of Bobby Roode, but Roode gets ahold of a cookie tray and bashes Storm in the face with it. Storm is down on the mat counting birdies as Roode wedges a trash can into the corner, then proceeds to work Storm's ribs over with the crutch. Storm manages to turn the tide and knock Roode on his butt in the corner, then he puts the trash cans between Roode's legs and hits it with the Singapore cane, smashing it into Roode's ding ding. Storm with a shot from the cookie tin to the back of Roode's head, but Roode beats the count back up, rolls through a tornado DDT attempt, and catapults Storm into the corner. Storm lands on his feet and avoids going into the trash can, then uses the trash can to massage Roode's skull. Storm picks up another trash can and waits for an unsteady Roode to get to his feet, then smashes him in the skull with it and Roode goes down like a ton of bricks. Roode barely beats the ten count, so Storm picks him up and goes for the Eye of the Storm, but Roode slips out and gives Storm a spinebuster onto the trash can. Both men are down and the referee starts the count, but they make it back to their feet and grab the trash can lids. They take turns bashing each other with the trash can lids over and over until they both go down in a heap and the referee starts counting. Roode is up first and he grabs the crutch and charges Storm with it, but Storm drills him with the Last Call as Roode rolls out to the floor. He pulls a beer bottle out from under the ring and bashes Storm in the head with it, just like he did when he beat Storm for the title, and Storm is out as the referee starts counting. Roode raises his hands in victory, but Storm fights his way to his feet and tells Roode to come on. Roode obliges, running Storm over with a clothesline and then bringing some chairs in from ringside. He sets them up in the middle of the ring and picks Storm up in a fireman's carry and hits the Attitude Adjustment through the chairs. Storm is motionless as Roode pulls himself back to his feet, but Storm again manages to get to his feet, so Roode picks the crutch up, yells at Storm to die, and destroys him with the crutch. The crowd is behind Storm big time as Roode pulls a barbed wire board out from under the ring. He picks Storm up by the hair and goes for another Attitude Adjustment onto the barbed wire, but Gunner comes running out and throws the towel in to submit on behalf of his partner.

Winner: Bobby Roode

Roode slowly drops Storm to the mat as he smiles at Gunner and walks off as we go to commercial.

We're back, and Storm is losing his mind over what just happened, yelling at Gunner for blowing his shot at the title. Gunner explains that he was looking out for him, but Storm is so mad that he just walks off on him.

We look at the updated tournament brackets, and our semifinals are set: Jeff Hardy faces Bobby Roode while Brutus Magnus goes at it with Kurt Angle.

We go to Christy Hemme at Sam Shaw's apartment, and in addition to insisting on being called Samuel Shaw, he's also an artist and shows us some of his drawings. They end the segment, but the cameras keep rolling for some reason and we see Shaw ask Hemme out for dinner. Hemme gives him her number and leaves, and he gets all OCD and puts the pen and pad meticulously back where she found them.

We go backstage where Ethan Carter III catches up with Norm Fernum and the other guy he kept beating up, and he explains that he flew them out to Orlando just to tell them he's done wrestling them because he's here to fight one of the guys who helped build this company, ecause he's a Carter and the world needs them.

Jeremy Borash tries to introduce Bully Ray for a promo, but Knux kicks him out so Brooke can interview Bully Ray instead. Bubba says TNA turned their backs on him just about a year ago, and he took care of Anderson. Anderson should treat him like a god, but he's going to piledrive him through the stage and then he guarantees he'll take care of Anderson's pregnant wife.

Kurt Angle is backstage saying that Magnus is one of the best wrestlers in the world right now, and he poses a big threat to him in the semifinals. A stagehand comes in and tells Angle that Dixie Carter needs to see him right now, and Angle says he's really looking forward to wrestling Magnus before leaving to chat with Dixie.

Ethan Carter III vs Shark Boy

I was hoping the founding father of TNA would be Cheex, but I guess this will do. Carter suckerpunches Shark Boy and drops him with the one punch. Shark Boy gets up and unloads on Carter with right hands, but Carter bails out to the floor to break Shark Boy's momentum. Shark Boy chases Carter around ringside, and Carter tries to get the drop on him with an elbowdrop as he comes back in, but Shark Boy dodges and continues the assault. He goes for the Stunner, but Carter blocks and flapjacks Shark Boy on his face, then hits the 1% and covers for 3.

Winner: Ethan Carter III

It was great to see Shark Boy back, I love his Stone Cold schtick and the guy can work. Carter reminds us that he is EC3, he's a Carter, and the world needs them.

We see a video package looking at the history of the relationship between Bully Ray and Ken Anderson leading to the incident where Bully Ray put Anderson on the shelf with the piledriver on the stage, and then Anderson's return when he cost Bubba his rematch with AJ Styles. Anderson and Bubba are both backstage, and they're...WALKING! They face off with everytng on the line...NEXT!

Kurt Angle and Bobby Roode are both in Dixie Carter's office asking each other what they're doing there, but Dixie comes in and says she asked them both here because they made it to the final four of the tournament. Next Thursday is Thanksgiving, so they're going to do what everyone does on Thanksgiving and pretend to like each other. She wants them to give us the best main event they can and lead teams of four against each other in an eight man elimination match.

It's main event time!

Aces & Eights vs Anderson's Career: Bully Ray vs Ken Anderson

Tha TNA locker room empites as everyone wants to see what happens here, and they stand at the top of the ramp as Jeremy Borash makes introductions, but Anderson doesn't wait for Borash to finish before spearing Bubba, doing ANDERSON...ANDERSON in the mic, then hitting a pair of low blows before knocking Bubba to the floor. The fans are solidly behind Anderson as he goes after Bubba, who holds Brooke in front of him as a human shield until he gets an opening and suckerpunches Anderson. Bubba goes to the eyes and pulls a table out from under the ring as we go to commercial.

We're back and they're trading blows until Bubba drills Anderson with a big boot and then grabs his chain. The TNA guys at the top of the ramp look concerned as Bubba starts whipping Anderson with the chain before stopping to give Brooke a kiss. Bubba wraps the chain around his arm and goes for an elbowdrop, but Anderson moves out of the way and then grabs the chain from Bubba and starts whipping him with it. Hmmm, those long tights Anderson is wearing give me a feeling he's going to take some big bump. He takes a few shots at Bubba until Bubba ducks a punch and flattens Anderson with a uranage. They go out to the floor and Bubba pulls back the ringside mats before setting up for a piledriver, but Anderson backdrops Bubba instead, and Bubba goes splat on the floor. Anderson tries to piledrive Bubba on the floor, but Knux comes in and suckerpunches Anderson. He tries to whip Anderson into the ringpost, but Anderson reverses and sends Knux into the post. Anderon yells at Brooke to get out of his way, pulls back the mats, and piledrives Knux on the floor before ripping his cut off. He holds it up for everyone to see, but Doesn't notice Bubba running in to attack him from behind. Bubba brings Anderson inside and goes to the second rope, but Anderson nails him and goes for the Mic Check. Bubba fights out of that and spears Anderson through a table he had set up in the corner, which he used to beat Anderson last time they fought, but this time Anderson kicks out at 2. Bubba sends Brooke to get the hammer from Taz, but she overshoots when tossing it to Bubba and Anderson gets ahold of the hammer. He drills Bubba with it, makes a cover, and that's all she wrote for Aces & Eights.

Winner: Ken Anderson

Anderson holds up Bubba's cut and then points at Taz, who says there's no way he's handing his cut over. The TNA guys at the top of the stage surround Taz and menace him, but Taz finally takes his cut off and tosses it at Angle, who runs it down to ringside and tosses it to Anderson, who holds both cuts high as we call it a week.

Thanks for reading's coverage of Impact Wrestling: Turning Point! I'll be back tomorrow to discuss Impact and more witth Dave Scherer on the Stu & Pid Show!

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