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By Mike Johnson on 2015-11-14 19:07:14

Welcome to's live, ongoing coverage of House of Hardcore 11 from The ELMCOR Center in Queens, NY.

Justin Roberts is the ring announcer/

Brian Myers vs. Lance Hoyt

They played to the crowd early to get a reaction.  Myers and Hoyt locked up with Hoyt using his strength and size to knock Myers down with a shoulderblock.  Hoyt yelled that NYC sucks to establish he was the heel.    Myers came back with a dropkick but was caught as he was in the ropes and knocked to the floor.  Hoyt followed him and worked over Myers on the outside before bringing him back in and scoring a two count.

Hoyt continued to work over Myers, choking him against the ropes and charged, drilling him with a clothesline.  Hoyt came off with a flying knee but Myers rolled out of the way and unleashed with a ton of offense, culminating with a charging forearm in the corner and an elevated DDT for a two count.  Hoyt cut him off with another clothesline and scored a two count.  Myers came back to nail a spear for the pin.

Your winner, Brian Myers!

Hoyt did a good job showcasing himself as a dominant heel while Myers was good in the rare role of playing local babyface.

Jade vs. Thea Trinidad with Velvet Sky as the special referee.

Jade was dominant early, using her size to keep Trinidad off balance.  Trinidad tried to come off the ropes but was caught and hit with a Fall Away Slam.   Jade tied her up on the mat with a pretty unique back submission, turning Trinidad backwards in a scary way.  Trinidad tried to elbow her way out but was slammed down.  Velvet Sky argued withJade after Jade tossed Trinidad across the ring.

Trinidad mounted a comeback with a series of forearms but was sent into the corner.  She ducked a charge from Jade and used a sunset flip to score a two count.  They went back and forth with near falls.  Jade picked up Trinidad and held her for a long delayed vertical suplex.  She proclaimed that was it but Trinidad still kicked out.

Jade went for a cannonball in the corner but Trinidad moved out of the way.  They went back and forth with chops and forearms and kicks in the center of the ring.  Trinidad nailed several clotheslines and a stunner before drilling her with a kick to the jaw for another two count.  The crowd clapped along to

Jade caught her with a reverse spinkick for another two count.  Jade caught her and nailed her with a slam before covering Trinidad for another two count.   She went for a package piledriver but Trinidad slipped out.  Trinidad went for a rana but was caught and nailed with a sit down powerbomb for a close near fall.  Jade went for another but Trinidad turned it into a rana and scored the pin.

Your winner, Thea Trinidad!

Solid match that the crowd got into more as they went along.

Tony Nese vs. Eric Young

Young took the mic and said that it's no surprise that in a city of losers, he has to wrestle another loser.  He ripped every NYC sports team, calling them losers before finishing up knocking the New York Mets.  He said he was a real man and a world class professional and after tonight, Nese was going to find out why they call him a "World Class Maniac."

They did some nice back and forth wrestling early on with Nese catching Young in holds and surprising him.  Young leapfrogged over Nese, who stopped in his tracks and nailed him with a dropkick.  Young retreated to the floor and the referee held Nese back from following him.

When Young returned to the ring, he muscled Nese into the corner and worked him over.  Nese came back with a double springboard into a rana and sent Young to the floor again.  Young returned to the ring but again Nese was outclassing him and scored another two count with a moonsault.  Young went to the floor.  Nese went to the apron and cartwheeled around Young, then nailed him with a big kick.  Nese went for a dive but Young caught him as he was coming through the ropes.

Young took over on Nese and drilled him with several rights.  He placed Nese on the top rope and rudely tied him to the tree of woe.  He ripped at Nese's face.  He worked over Nese until Nese reversed a whip into the corner and Young did then Flair Flop to the outside.  Nese nailed a big reverse flip dive over the top to the floor.

Nese nailed a running big boot and a spinkick across the face.  He drilled Young with a back elbow in the corner and a big clothesline.  Young slipped under a move and caught Nese with a German suplex but Nese landed on his feet and drilled him with a double stomp.  Young caught him running into the corner and covered Nese with his legs on the ropes for a two count.  The referee argued with Young, setting up a rollup for a two count.  Nese unloaded with good kicks but was nailed and hit with a piledriver for the pin.

Your winner, Eric Young!

A really good match that told a  nice story.  I think Nese winning would have had more of an impact here, however.

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