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By Mike Johnson on 2015-11-11 12:36:36
As we reported last week in the PWInsider Elite section (which you can subscribe to by clicking here), Sami Zayn was seen doing very light workouts in the ring at the WWE Performance Center several weeks ago, but has not been there in some time. Zayn has publicly said he would be out until early 2016, although we had originally heard he might return before then.

Hideo Itami has yet to get in a ring and return to training following his shoulder surgery, so there's no immediate expectation he will be returning to NXT soon. When he was injured in May, the belief was he would be out 6-8 months, the latter of which would be January 2016.

NXT has a live event tonight in Winter Haven, FL at the Armory. If anyone is attending the event, we are seeking live reports.

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