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By Mike Johnson on 2020-11-11 08:00:00

November 11th

On this day in history in ....

1957 - Ray Stevens defeats Tor Kamata in Birmingham, Alabama for the NWA Southern Junior Heavyweight Title.

1965 - Mad Dog Vachon defeats the Crusher for the AWA World Heavyweight Title in Denver, Colorado.

1977 - Ricky Steamboat defeats Ric Flair in Richmond, Virginia to win the NWA United States Heavyweight Title.

1978 - The NWA Mid-America Title changes hands twice in one night in Nashville, Tennessee, as Dutch Mantel defeated Mexican Angel for the title (starting his fourth title reign), only to drop it to Randy Savage later that night, starting Savage's second reign with the strap.

1978 - The Invaders defeat Kengo Kimura & Hiro Sasaki in Caguas, Puerto Rico to win the WWC World Tag Team Title.

1988 - Eric Embry defeats Jeff Jarrett in Dallas, Texas to win the World Class Championship Wrestling Light Heavyweight Title for the third time.

1991 - Ted DiBiase defeats Virgil in Utica, New York to win back the Million Dollar Belt, ending Virgil's three month reign with the belt.  DiBiase would never lose the belt again, although years later he would voluntarily present it to The Ringmaster (Steve Austin).

2007 - TNA held their Genesis PPV in Orlando, Florida, featuring Booker T's debut for the company.  Here is Mike Johnson's original report on the show:

The PPV opened with Jeremy Borash mid-ring asking everyone to rise and honor the playing of the national anthem in honor of Veteran's Day.  That was a classy idea.  The cameras focused on the crowd and SoCal Val, interspersing them with shots of a flag hanging in the Impact Zone.

TNA went to a video feature on the matches on tonight's PPV.

Mike Tenay promised that tonight, the mystery over who Sting's partner would be solved tonight.  Don West and Tenay pushed that the winner of tonight's fall in the main event would be the new TNA champion.  Fireworks exploded.  Outside a limo was sitting as Tenay said that it had to be Sting's partner.

Abyss vs. Black Reign - Shop of Horrors Match

They showed clips of different instruments of destruction as Black Reign walked to the ring, including a table with mousetraps set atop of it.  They showed footage of Jim Mitchell and Reign putting a sack with Reign's rat over Abyss's face.

Abyss and Reign met in the aisle and started brawling.  Reign jumped off the apron but was caught and drove onto the floor by Abyss.  Abyss tossed Reign into the ring but was cut off as he followed into the ring.  Abyss reversed an Irish Whip but Reign dropped down and punched him in the face.  Abyss missed a charge in the corner, but when Reign charged, he was tossed over the top rope.  Abyss followed to the floor and snapped a piece of board over Reign's head, shattering it.  Abyss tossed Reign into the crowd and followed him into the Impact Zone.  He tossed Reign into the Zone wall. 

Abyss tosses Reign back into the ringside area.  Abyss dumps two trash cans full of weapons all over the rampway in the aisle.  He finally went after Reign, who nailed him with a board.  Reign pulled out a key and tried to open the door to a chamber set up on the stage.  Abyss stopped Reign and they brawled.  Reign suplexed Abyss on the ramp through the trash cans, getting a "TNA" chant.

They returned to the ring, where Reign drilled Abyss with a lariat off the middle turnbuckle and began biting him.  The crowd rallied Abyss.  Reign went for a double sledge off the top but Abyss caught him with a goozle.  Reign broke free and took Abyss down with a lariat.  Reign grabbed a chair outside the ring and wedged it in one of the corners.  Abyss reversed a whip into it.  Reign stopped himself but Abyss kicked Reign low, then grabbed him and sent him headfirst into the chair.

Abyss grabbed a barbed wire baseball bat from under the ring.  Somewhere, Axl Rotten is shedding a tear.  Abyss takes a shot but Reign retreats.  Abyss follows him up one of the aisles.  He clobbers Reign, who knees him in the midsection.  Abyss returns to his feet and chokeslams Reign off the stage to the floor (well, some crash padding).  They showed a number of replays and the crowd chanted, "That was awesome."

By the end of the replays, Reign was back up, only to be tossed down the rampway, rolling towards the ring.  There's no way he should have been up so quickly in my opinion.  That only diluted the bump.  Abyss slid a board full of mousetraps into the ring.  Abyss opened a vice and put Reign's hand into the vice.  Abyss returned to the ring with Reign's rat and set up the board.  Jim Mitchell ran out and freed Reign.  Abyss threatened to throw the rat onto the mousetraps (well, don't all babyfaces threaten to harm innocent animals?) when Mitchell came into the ring to distract him.  Abyss shoved the rat into Mitchell's shirt and Mitchell rolled around like he was shot with a bazooka.  

Reign hit an implant DDT onto the mousetraps on Abyss, who kicked up at the last second.  Reign grabbed a kendo stick.  He cracked Abyss in the head with it several times.  Reign pulled out brass knuckles as the referee admonished him.  He went to hit Abyss but was caught in the Black Hole Slam for the three count.

Your winner, Abyss!

Abyss grabbed the key and opened the box marked "crimson blood", where a masked muscular tattooed wrestler (former WCW and WWE star Johnny Stamboli) spewed mist into Abyss' face and attacked him.  Reign and the masked man beat down Abyss with a nightstick.  They dragged Abyss into the box and locked him in.  They tipped the box over the side of the stage, where it crashed to the concrete (no crash padding) below.  

It was OK in terms of plunder but Reign was really lacking a spring in his step.  It was your now all too typical Abyss match.  The bump at the end in the box was pretty sick, but beyond that, it was what we've already seen probably too much of in recent months.  It wasn't bad, but nothing fresh beyond the box bump.  The chokeslam off the stage being shrugged off like it was a hiptoss should never happen in my opinion.  Neither should doing a killer bump like the one Abyss took, just to run to the next segment, instead of building the seriousness and drama of the moment.

Backstage, Jeremy Borash was outside trying to get into the limo for Kurt Angle.  Someone wearing a TNA polo shirt told Borash that he was to leave the limo.  Borash tried to big league him by saying that he's a big deal in TNA and that he was making more than him and to let him in or he was calling security.  The guard told Borash to get his "milky white ass away from the limo" because he was security.  Why is this no-name guard cutting a promo on PPV?

Mike Tenay and Don West ran down the remainder of the PPV lineup.

They aired a video feature on Team 3D vs. The Motor City Machineguns.

Crystal interviewed The Motor City Machineguns backstage, saying that they were the underdogs but were fighting for honor, respect and tradition tonight.  Sabin said they were but they were also fighting to take their place among the greatest tag teams in wrestling.  He said in the past, they've had their fun but tonight, 3D are stepping stones.  A serious Shelley said that he could say something funny and witty, but the time for that has come and gone.  He said they are taking aim at 3D and they are fighting for something even more important than just the X-Division, but for the evolution of pro wrestling.

Team 3D vs. Motor City Machineguns

The Guns charged 3D at the stage and they all brawled to the ringside area.  The cameras focused on Sabin getting the better of Brother Ray on the floor.  Shelley drilled Devon with a kick on the floor.  The Guns tossed 3D into the ring and started double teaming Ray.  They nailed him with a charge in the corner, then ducked away from Devon, causing 3D to crash into each other.  They took out Devon, then double backdropped Ray.  They nailed him with stereo kicks to the front and back.  3D retreated to the floor where Ray menaced the announcers.

Ray returned to the ring to face off with Sabin.  Ray grabbed him in a standing side headlock, but was shoved off.  He shoulderblocked Sabin down.  Sabin bounced right back up and used his speed to escape Ray.  Ray grabbed him for a powerbomb attempt but Sabin turned it into a hurrancanrana.  The story so far was that the Guns were throwing 3D off with all their speed, aggressiveness and offense.

Ray finally cut off Sabin in 3D's corner and chopped him down.  Devon and Ray started to maul Sabin but couldn't get a three count.  Sabin escaped Devon and dove into his corner to tag Shelley.  Devon shoulderblocked Shelley down but Shelley grabbed him in a drop toehold as he rebounded off the ropes.  Shelley drilled Devon with a dropkick.  The Guns knocked Ray off the apron and went to the top.  They teased hitting a stereo dive but Ray shook the ropes, crotching them.  Devon superplexed Shelley into the ring and drove his boot into Shelley's throat.

Devon worked over Shelley and tossed him to the floor, where Ray tossed him into the ring steps and back into the ring.  Sabin argued with the referee.  Devon worked over Shelley on the mat, but he got to his feet and fought off Devon.  He crawled to Sabin to make the tag but Ray attacked Sabin, pulling him off the apron with Sabin crashing facefirst into the mat.  Shelley went to make the tag but only Ray was waiting to lay him out.  Devon picked up Shelley for a delayed vertical suplex, but Shelley kicked out.

Ray tagged in and dropped an elbow on Shelley, then failed at making a sloppy cover.  Ray began slapping and berating Shelley in the corner.  Devon charged Sabin in his corner, shoulderblocking him to the floor.  They continued to work over Shelley.  Devon drilled him with a diving headbutt.  

Sabin finally got the hot tag and worked over 3D with fast kicks and strikes.  He nailed a springboard clothesline on Devon for a near fall.  Ray tried to sneak in the ring but Sabin nailed him.  He sent Devon into the corner with a drop toehold, then nailed a tornado DDT out of the corner for a two count.  So far, a very good match telling a good story.  Sabin went for a fireman's carry but couldn't get it.  Shelley dropkicked him off the ropes.  He grabbed Devon for an STO and Sabin dropkicked Devon to add to the momentum of the move.  The Gun drilled Devon with stereo kicks in the corner.

They placed Devon on the top rope and Sabin nailed a top rope Frankensteiner.  Shelley hit a splash from the top but Devon kicked up.  Ray blind tagged in and clotheslined the Guns.  He slammed Shelley and set up for the wazzup headbutt off the top.  Devon went under the ring for a table.  As he put it into the ring, Sabin dropkicked it into Devon's face.  The Guns nailed Ray with the High/Low but Devon pulled out the referee.

Devon took out Shelley.  Ray began beating Sabin with his belt.  3D hit the Doomsday Device on Sabin, who got his shoulder up.  Devon went looking for another table and brought it into the ring.  They set it up in the corner as the announcers acted like it was a foregone conclusion that the Guns were finished.  They whipped Sabin into the table but he ran up the table and backflipped onto his feet.  Devon charged him, but Sabin sent him headfirst into the table, shattering it.  Shelley returned to the ring and the Guns hit their series of kicks on Ray before pinning him clean in the middle of the ring.  

Your winners, the Motor City Machineguns!

A really good match.  They couldn't have done this more perfectly.  It never got to the level of an "all-time" classic bout but everyone did what needed to be done and they told a really good story, even teasing the Guns were finished to build up to the surprise win.

In his locker room, TNA champion Kurt Angle was screaming at Jeremy Borash for not looking inside the limo.  Borash claimed there were 50 people stopping him.  Kevin Nash tried to get Angle to calm down, saying they'll know who the partner is in a few hours.  Angle accused Nash of being in on the whole deal and being a backstabber.  Nash grabbed him by the throat and told Angle he should be shoving Angle's head through the wall, but tonight he needs him.  Nash said that they would take care of the other team tonight and then it would be down to them in the future,.  Angle agreed and told Nash to go cool off.  He walked out.  Angle immediately started screaming that they had to find out who was in the limo while Karen Angle yelled at him to stop worrying about the limo.

They aired a video feature on the TNA Womens' title.

TNA Women's champion Gail Kim vs. ODB vs. Angel Williams vs. Roxxi 

VKM were with Roxxi as apparently they needed to be on PPV.  ODB was drinking from a flask as she came to the ring.  Crystal interviewed Kim before she went out to the ring.  Kim said that she has what it takes to overcome to the odds.  She said she's come too far to lose the belt and she said they were all there to bring women's wrestling where it needed to be.

All three tried to corner Kim, who came out battling.  Kim backdropped Williams over the top to the floor.  Kim clunked Roxxi and ODB's heads together.  Kim caught Roxxi with a bulldog stle faceplant, kicking ODB down in the process.  Kip James argued with the referee after putting Roxxi's feet on the ropes during a pin attempt.  The referee threw VKM out from ringside.  Roxxie tried to hypnotize the referee, who acted like he was in a daze.  UGH.  Kim got tossed into the ringpost outside the ring by Williams.  Williams returned to the ring, only to be cut off by ODB and Roxxi.  Williams was tossed into the corner.  Roxxi held her for ODB to spank her.

Roxxi and ODB turned on each other.  They got in each other's faces and Roxxi nailed her with a kick to the face.  Roxxi hit a running splash in the corner.  ODB went to the top, grabbed Roxxi and began beating her into the top turnbuckle, which was between ODB's legs.  She covered Williams but Kim broke it up.  Kim worked over ODB.  

Kim went to the top and kicked off Roxxi to the floor.  Kim dove to the floor on Roxxi.  They showed several replays.   Williams began working over ODB with forearms.  Williams scored a two count.  ODB cut off Williams with a kick to the midsection.  ODB showed a ton of poise and charisma as the decadent female.  ODB went for an Unprettier but Williams kicked off the ropes and landed a DDT for a two count.

ODB caught Williams as she climbed to the top rope.  Roxxi slid underneath and they did a Tower of Doom spot out of the corner.  Kim nailed Roxxi with a top rope missile dropkick.  All four women were down on the mat as the referee counted them down.

Kim and Roxxi were up first.  Kim nailed a legdrop off the ropes but ODB broke up the pinfall.  She drilled Kim with a sideslam, but Williams attacked her to break up the pin.  ODB manhandled her to the floor but threw dust in ODB's eyes.  Kim took our Roxxi, then nailed a neckbreaker on ODB for the pin.

Your winner and still TNA Women's champion, Gail Kim!

A solid match with all four working really hard.  

Awesome Kong's music hit and she made her way out to the Imapct Zone.  Kim and Kong glared at each other.

Backstage, Karen Angle was trying to find out who was in the limo.  Jeremy Borash told her that it wouldn't work but she said she was going to make Kurt Angle happy.  She psyched herself up.  She walked right up to the guard that had cut the promo on Borash earlier and asked if she could see inside.  He said, "Sure, go right ahead Mrs. Angle."  When she opened the door, it was Jackie Moore, Eric Young and James Storm inside having a drinking contest.  They were all drunk.  Young asked Storm if Karen could come with them and Storm said no because she was obviously dressed to go to the prom.  He asked security why they were guarding the limo because it wasn't the surprise limo, but was the heavyweight drinking champion's limo.  He even brandished a toy belt with a beer bottle attached to the main plate.  Borash tried to help himself to a beer but Storm told him he couldn't have one if he wasn't part of the competition.  A funny segment.

I've gotten word that there may be more than one surprise set for tonight, so stay tuned.  If Booker isn't the partner, the only other names that fit into the clues would be Hulk Hogan (who is in San Diego at an NFL game) or Paul Wight.

TNA X-Division champion Jay Lethal vs. Sonjay Dutt

They showed So Cal Val making goo goo eyes for Jay Lethal as he entered the ring.  Lethal was wearing the coolest fringed tights ever.  He looked like a Sid and Marty Kroft feathered character.  Dutt and Lethal hugged at the bell.  Dutt grabbed a sideheadlock, was sent off and shoulderblocked Lethal down.  Lethal missed a kick and they faced off.

They locked up again.  Lethal and Dutt had some sort of miscommunication but saved it with Lethal powering him over with a backslide.  They went into a series of quick pins and reversals.  Dutt got mad and slapped Lethal, then composed himself and hugged Lethal.  Lethal got the better of Dutt, who slapped him.  This time, he didn't want a hug.

They locked up a third time.  Lethal tried to shoulderblock Dutt, who grabbed him and tossed Lethal to the floor.  Dutt hit a running flip dive to the floor, which they showed a replay of.  Dutt tossed Lethal back into the ring but could only get a one count.  Dutt began working him over with punches and kicks.  Dutt continued to work over Lethal, who came back with a cartwheel dropkick.

Dutt scissored Lethal with his legs, trying to force a submission.  Lethal broke free and began nailed punches.  Dutt took down Lethal with an armdrag takedown, then hit a standing moonsault.  Dutt started showing some aggressive tendencies, kicking and punching Lethal.  Lethal fired back out of the corner with chops.  Lethal came off the ropes and drilled Dutt down.

Lethal began peppering Dutt with punches.  He nailed several clotheslines.  Dutt floated over Lethal as he charged into the corner but Lethal moonsaulted him for a two count.  Lethal nailed a springboard missile dropkick, sending Dutt to the floor.  Lethal hit a tope suicida to the floor.  Lethal tossed Dutt into the ring for a two count.

Dutt rolled up Lethal for a two count, then locked on the camel clutch.  Lethal rolled him off and nailed a Pele style kick for a near fall.  Dutt kicked Lethal and hit a moonsault.  Lethal tried to move but Dutt landed on his feet and hit a standing moonsault press, then hit a standing shooting star press for a two count.

Dutt went for a reverse Diamondust but Lethal caught him with a faceplant.  Dutt got his shoulder up at the last second.  Dutt played possum and drilled Lethal with an Ace Crusher, then locked on a camel clutch.  Lethal made his way to the ropes.  Dutt began slapping Lethal, who fired back with punches.  

Dutt nailed a guillotine legdrop on Lethal, then springboarded into the ring.  Lethal caught him on his shoulders, then nailed the Lethal Combination.  Lethal went to the top and drilled Dutt with a flying elbow for the pin.

Your winner and still TNA X-Division champion, Jay Lethal!

Another really good back and forth athletic bout.  Dutt got the chance to show a lot more personality than usual since he and Lethal actually had some time to work.  Good stuff.  

They showed SoCal Val looking on approvingly at Lethal.  Dutt and Lethal hugged after the match.  Lethal finally called Val into the ring as she acted all embarrassed.  They channeled Randy and Elizabeth as Dutt tossed rose pedals into the air.  3D attacked Dutt and Lethal.  Ray began whipping Lethal with the title belt.  Devon nailed Dutt with the belt.  3D menaced Val as she screamed in horror.  

Ray demanded a ring mic.  They nailed the Dudley Death Drop on Dutt, then snapped Lethal with it.  Ray grabbed the mic and claimed the Motor City Machineguns cheated earlier tonight.  He said that they could never defeat 3D.  Ray said the X-Division was paying the price and they were taking the X-Division title hostage.  I actually like that angle.

Backstage, Crystal asked Kevin Nash if he was sure Scott Hall wasn't the tag partner tonight.  Nash said he was 100% sure.  Hall isn't backstage, so Nash is telling the truth.  Crystal heard a ruckus and followed it to the ongoing beer drinking championship going on between Eric Young and James Storm.  It was more silliness.

TNA Tag Team champions AJ Styles & Tomko vs. The Steiners

Scott and AJ started off.  Scott got the better of Styles, invcluding a tilowhirl backbreaker.  Styles nails Steiner with an enziguiri and he falls to the floor.  Styles does a dive to the floor.  Styles tosses Steiner back in and gets caught with a belly to belly suplex.

Rick and Tomko tag in.  At one point, Rick picked up Tomko and gave him one of the scariest looking Death Valley Drivers of all time.  Seriously, I thought Tomko was hurt.  Tomko comes back with a killer clothesline but gets powerslammed.

Scott tags back in and nails Tomko and Styles with belly to belly suplexes.  He gets a two count after a T-Bone suplex.  Rick and Tomko brawl on the floor.  Styles gets backdropped by Scott.  He sets Styles on the top rope for a Frankensteiner off the ropes but Tomko slips in underneath and powerbombs Scott into the ring.

Styles takes control on Steiner, who comes back with a belly to belly.  Scott comes back with clotheslines on Tomko and AJ and tags in Rick.  Rick makes the hot tag and cleans house, well, in theory.  Scott puts AJ on his shoulders and Rick comes off the top with a bulldog.  Tomko breaks up the pin at two. 

Scott Steiner clotheslines Tomko over the top to the floor.  They battled outside.  Tomko goes to grab a chair.  Rick Steiner is suplexing AJ all over the place.  The referee goes to stop Tomko and Scott takes out the referee accidentally.  Rick has AJ pinned but there's no referee.  Styles grabs the chair left on the apron and goes to hit Rick, but Rick avoids and goes to nail a German suplex,  Styles kicks him low and drills Rick in the head with the chair for the pin.

Your winners and still TNA Tag Team champions, Tomko and AJ Styles!

This felt really disjointed, especially when Rick Steiner was in the ring.

The white hummer, uh, limo was now shown.

They aired a video package on Samoa Joe vs. Robert Roode.

Backstage, Robert Roode swore he was going to kill Samoa Joe tonight.  He said Joe was going to be reminded that Roode made him bleed like a pig.  Roode turned his attention to Ms. Brooks and told her to stay out of her the way tonight.  Brooks asked about "the fan" in the crowd and Roode blew her off, saying he thought that was her friend.

Samoa Joe vs. Robert Roode

Joe starts out aggressive, chasing after Roode and backdrops him followed by a number of strikes and kicks.  Roode goes to the floor and Joe hits the dive into the forearm smash.  Joe grabs a chair from a fan in the front row and sets up Roode in a chair for the Ole Ole kick.  Roode avoids it and slams Joe's foot on the chair.  I thought that was a great defense to the kick.  Roode follows Joe into the aisle and beats down Joe.  He tries to suplex Joe but can't get him up.  After working over Joe some more, he's finally able to suplex him on the ramp.

Roode tries to Irish whip Joe into the ring steps, but Joe reverses it and Roode slams into the steps.  I was expecting blood here playing off Impact but it didn't happen.  Joe tosses Roode into the ring and sets him up for the muscle buster but Roode fights him off and hits a forward roll.  He works over Joe in the corner and hits the running snap mare.  Roode channels Curt Hennig's mannerism as he plays to the crowd.  Ms. Brooks and Roode's fan (Rain from SHIMMER) are seen sneering at each other.

Joe fights back but is taken down with a nerve hold  Joe fights back and is caught in a rear chinlock.  Joe fights his way back to his feet and Roode turns it into a sleeper.  Joe runs and shrugs off Roode, who falls through the ropes to the apron.  Roode scrambles up to the top rope and goes for a dive, but Joe catches him with an Ace Crusher.  The camera shows a shot of Brooks down and out on the floor outside, presumably from a blow given by Roode's "fan."  EMTs and referees crowd over Brooks.

Joe nails a leg lariat and a clothesline for a two count.  Joe catches Roode with a uranage out of the corner, then turns it into a Boston Crab before turning it into a STF.  Roode makes it to the ropes, forcing a break.

Roode catches Joe low and nails a DDT for a two count.  Joe tries to set up for a muscle buster, but Roode grabs his arm and jumps out of the ring, snapping it over the ropes.  Roode spikes Joe with a piledriver for a two count.  Roode goes for the Payoff, but Joe powers him onto the top rope, then nails the Muscle Buster and scores the pin.

Your winner, Samoa Joe!

Another good match.  I think the crowd wasn't as electric as they usually are for a Samoa Joe bout, partially because of the Ms. Brooks angle and partially because they may not have seen Robert Roode as on Joe's level.  Still, really good work from all involved.  You can see Roode improving by the month.

Backstage, they showed the limo again.  Kurt Angle was losing his mind screaming that they needed to know who was in the limo.  Karen kept trying to tell Kurt that everything was under control but he didn't care.  Karen and Jeremy Borash followed Angle as he made his way to the limo.  Karen asked JB to help her stop him and he quipped, "he's your husband."  The announcers acted like they didn't know what was going on.  Angle made his way to the limo and started taking out security, but before he had a chance to look inside, Sting showed up and they were all pulled away from each other by the guards.

They aired a video feature on Kaz vs. Christian Cage.

Backstage, Cage told Crystal that he's never lost a ladder match and tonight would be no different.  He said he was used to people making their name off of him.  He said that Kaz wants to go to the top, so he had better hold on because Cage was going to carry him to the top and leave him to go crashing down.  He told AJ Styles and Tomko that he was going to make a statement tonight by doing it on his own and told them to stay backstage.  As he prepared to leave, Styles ignored Cage and told Tomko to follow his lead.  Tomko said that he thought Cage was being serious but Styles said he was the captain of the team and what he said goes.

Kaz vs. Christian Cage - Ladder Match for TNA title shot

The first person to retrieve a contract hanging above the ring will be the winner.  They face off for a long time.  They go back and forth.  Cage slides outside and grabs a ladder. Kaz kicks Cage while he's holding the ladder.  Kaz does a springboard dive outside onto the ladder and Cage, who is immediately busted open around the eye from the shot. 

Cage bridges a second ladder outside the ring but Kaz gets the better of him and places Cage on the ladder.  Cage ctaches Kaz low, then kicks him, sending Kaz atop of the ladder.  Cage goes to the top rope and delivers a frog splash onto the ladder, WHICH DOES NOT GIVE.  Ouch.  TNA showed a bunch of replays and the fans chanted, "That was awesome."


Cage set up the ladder and climbed up, but Kaz tipped the ladder.  Cage landed on his feet.  The crowd rallied both men.  Cage was Irish Whipped into the ladder face first at MACH5.  Kaz set up Cage in the corner with the ladder and charged, but Cage flung the ladder in his face.  Five minutes in and this is sick.


Cage set up a ladder bridged across the ropes in one corner and slingshot Kaz underneath into the ladder.  Cage goes to set up the ladder in the center of the ring, but Kaz attacks him.  Cage tosses Kaz out of the ring but he lands on his feet.  Kaz shoves the ladder at Cage.  Kaz uses the ladder like a weapon, swinging it at Cage, who goes to the floor.

Kaz sets the ladder and starts climbing.  Cage catches him with a punch, then uses a second ladder like a battering ram to stop Kaz from reaching the contract.  Cage sets up a second ladder and they battle atop of them.  It looked like they were going for the Flux Capacitor (Spanish Fly) off the ladders, but they weren't sturdy enough.  Cage caught Kaz with an inverted DDT off the ladders.  The crowd chanted "TNA."

Cage set up one of the ladders in a 45 degree angle in a corner.  He goes to slam Kaz, who escapes and monkey flips Cage atop the ladder.  Kaz hits a springboard legdrop onto Cage, laid out prone on the ladder.  Kaz picked up the ladder and suplexed it down onto Cage.  That was sick.  

Kaz set up the larger ladder in the corner and went to the top.  He teased trying to leap for the contract, but instead LEGDROPPED OFF THE LADDER ONTO CAGE, WHO MOVED, SO KAZ ATE NOTHING BUT THE SECOND LADDER.  I was having flashbacks to Johnny Stamboli injuring himself in WCW doing a springboard legdrop to the floor during the Vince Russo Nitro era,.  Don West said that Kaz had to have broken his leg and I would be shocked if he didn't suffer some injury.  If he didn't he should thank his lucky stars.

Cage set up the ladder but Kaz shockingly went right after Cage, not selling the leg.  Cage kicked him off.  Kaz springboarded off the ropes and dropkicked the ladder out from under Cage.

AJ Styles and Tomko came to the ring as Cage was climbing the ladder.  He tried to wave them off to leave, annoyed.  Kaz followed Cage up the ladder and they battled.  The ladder topped over and Cage sailed to the outside, taking out Styles and Tomko.  Kaz was able to recover, set the ladder right and scramble up to capture the contract and the title shot.

Your winner, Kaz!

This was one hell of a spectacle and probably worth the price of the entire PPV.  Although Kaz not selling the leg after that hellacious legdrop was insane, you can't do anything but praise the performances of everyone involved here.  This was absolutely a physical, sick match.  Unbelievable.


Crystal filled in JB about the drinking contest.  He said that after his long day, he had to see this.  It was more drunken silliness with Young and Storm drinking out of funnel.  Storm poured Jack Daniels into the funnel and he drank it.  Somewhere, the Freebirds are smiling.  Storm told Young that the first one out the door was the winner.  They shook hands and Storm collapsed drunk.  Young took the drinking title belt and declared himself champion.  Jackie tried to tell him not to take it, but he did.  Totally silly, but I liked it.

TNA champion Kurt Angle & Kevin Nash vs. Sting & Mystery Partner

The mystery partner was the debuting Booker T after they waited forever with dramatic music.  Booker looked excited to be there and the crowd reacted like it was a major deal, chanting his name.  Mike Tenay even noted that the first wrestlers he ever interviewed on live TV was Harlem Heat.  They teased that Kurt Angle didn't expect Booker, looking shocked.  I guess he wasn't a Elite subscriber.  The crowd chanted Booker's name and then chanted for the "Spinaroonie."

Sting and Angle started.  They went back and forth.  Sting slammed Angle and nailed a pair of armdrags.  The crowd chanted for Booker to be tagged in.  Sting powdered Angle in the corner with punches and kicks.  Angle scrambled out of the ring and hid behind Nash in the corner before tagging out.

Nash kicked Sting in the corner.  Sting fight his way out by kicking Nash in the knees.  Well, that's where I would kick.  Nash cut him off and tagged back in Angle.  Sting cut off Angle with a back elbow and tagged in Booker.  Angle ran from the ring.  Booker offered to hold the ropes open for Angle.

Booker took control quickly with a springboard into a flying forearm and a scoop and slam.  He hits a sideslam for a two count.  Angle whips Booker towards Nash, who knees him in the back.  Nash tags in and elbows Booker in the neck.  Booker ducks under a clothesline but is caught with a sideslam.  

Nash tagged in Angle, who suplexed Booker over for a two count.  Booker fought out of a side chinlock and catches Angle with a spinkick.  Sting tagged in and cut off Nash.  Sting drilled Angle with the Stinger Splash, then locked Nash in the Scorpion Death Lock.  Angle took Sting out.  The crowd is enjoying it.

Nash nailed another sideslam.  Karen Angle came to ringside.  Remember that earlier she said she had taken care of everything.  Angle tagged back in and he and Nash glared at each other for a second.  Nash hit a back suplex on Sting, but Booker made the save.  Nash scissored Sting with his legs and rode him to the mat, cinching in a chinlock at the same time.  Sting finally fought out and tagged Booker, who clotheslined Angle before he could tag in.  Booker knocked Nash off the apron.

Booker escaped the Olympic Slam and nailed a spinebuster on Angle.  Booker gave us the long awaited return of the Spinaroonie.  He then hit Angle with the Axe Kick.  Nash broke up the pin at the last possible second.  The timing was perfect.  Booker "hit" (well in theory) Nash with a spin kick.  Angle and Booker jockeyed for position.  Nash powerbombed Booker but Sting hit him with the Scorpion Death Drop.

Karen Angle jumped on the apron to distract the referee.  AJ Styles and Tomko hit the ring and attacked Sting.  Styles got tossed out of the ring but Tomko drilled Sting with a clothesline.  Sharmell made her way to the ring (there's the second surprise) and attacked Karen Angle.  Nash pulled down the straps and teased another powerbomb on Sting.  AJ Styles slid the TNA title to Angle, who drilled his own partner with it.

Angle hit the Olympic Slam on Sting.  Angle covered Sting and scored the pin.

The winner and still TNA champion, Kurt Angle!

Angle shook Tomko and AJ's hands.  Christian Cage, looking like hell from the ladder match, did not look happy.

Main event was as good was what you would expect from these four.  Booker seemed to be really excited about being there and the crowd loved it.  Beyond that, it was the usual caliber performance from everyone else involved.  Styles and Tomko coming out was lame.  TNA needs to start doing clean finishes in the main event because when everyone has a reason why they lost, no one ever really wins.  It's one of the most frustrating things about the company.  When Joe beat Cage last month, it meant something because it was a true victory.  UFC does a ton of business because everyone knows they are going to see a winner and loser.  TNA has far too many asterisks involved in the finishes of the main event matches.

 2008 - Dale R. Gagner filed an official response to the United States District Court of Minnesota, informing them that he was adhering to the Summary Judgment issued on 10/23. 

In the response, Gagner recognized that he and his "partners, associates, agents, representatives, servants, employees, successor and assigns" are permanently enjoined from infringing on "any of the AWA marks" or WWE's rights to them. 

Gagner also recognized that his version of the AWA are also prohibited and enjoined from registering, using or owning the and domains.  Gagner provided proof that he had transferred the domains to World Wrestling Entertainment's ownership, which was delayed due to his webmaster being away on a honeymoon.

Gagner informed the court that he had "notified all contracted and former affiliates and associates" of his version of the AWA of the court's order.  He noted, "Names they may continue to use have been filed for federal trademark protection and can be used under a licensure by the owner" and that two separate promoters (Brian Logan of Oak Hill, West Virginia and Michael Howerton of Parkersburg, WV) have "refused to comply with this request" and intend to continue promoting events as "the real AWA" under the Internet domain

Gagner also noted that he owns and holds a trademark for "American Wrestling Alliance", so it appears he may attempt to move forward with using the AWA letters under the slight change in what the letters stand for.

For what it's worth, the response to the court was signed "Dale R. Gagner" under that spelling.

2008 - TNA taped Impact in Orlando, FL,  Alex Hernandez filed the following results:

*It was announced that Eric Young's win over Sheik Abdul Bashir has been reversed due to referee Shane Sewell getting involved, but that Young will get to challenge Booker T for the Legends championship later.

*A casket is rolled to the ring.  The Main Event Mafia come to the ring.  Kurt Angle says they are going to give Christian Cage his proper burial tonight.  Angle said they had no choice but to beat Cage back to the WWE and asks if anyone has any last words about Cage.  Rhino comes out and says that if they had a problem with Christian's decision, they should have confronted him backstage.  He says all he sees in the ring are a bunch of b****es, especially Booker T.    Booker says Rhino has the balls of a Chihuahua since he can't say what he wants to the Mafia's face.  Rhino charges the ring but all five beat him down and bloody him.  They put Rhino in the casket and pose.

*Consequences Creed & Jay Lethal defeated Sonjay Dutt & Hiroshi Tanahashi.

*The Beautiful People defeated Christy Hemme & Sojourn Bolt.

*Samoa Joe & AJ Styles defeated The Motor City Machineguns.  The Main Event Mafia came out looking to beat down Joe and AJ.  Lethal and Creed tried to make the save but were laid out.  Sting watched from the outside.

*TNA Legends champion Booker T defeated Eric Young.

*Kevin Nash & Kurt Angle defeated Abyss & Matt Morgan.  Beer Money came out during the match.  Storm hit Abyss witha Beer Bottle to assist the win.

*Mick Foley comes out and says The Main Event Mafia may be the greatest collection of champions ever put together into one unit.  Foley said that his intention is for their to be an even playing field.  So, at Final Resolution, he has signed two main events.  The first will be Booker & Nash & Steiner & Sting vs. Joe & AJ & two partners of their choice.  If The Mafia wins, Sting retains the TNA title but if the Originals win, AJ is the new champion. 

*Rhino vs. Angle is the other main event.  Angle comes out angry and says he doesn't want Rhino, he wants Jarrett and if he can't get Jarrett, it'll have to be Foley.  He slaps Foley .  Jarrett  comes out and says he can't fire Angle but he can make him an offer Angle can't refuse.  If Angle beats Rhino, he gets Jarrett.  If he loses, his contract is void.  Angle slaps Jarrett but Rhino comes from behind and gores him.  The Mafia hits the ring but Rhino escapes before they can get their hands on him.


*Homicide defeated Sheik Abdul Bashir (non-title).

2009 - A WWE-themed episode of Dinner Impossible aired on the Food Network, featuring The Mix, Jim Ross, Gail Kim, Stephanie McMahon, Santino Marella and Big Show.  Chef Robert Irvine had to prepare a meal for a Summerslam VIP party.  Interesting to note that Kim and Irvine, who met at the shoot, are now married.

2009 - TNA released Sojourner Bolt.

2009 - Ric Flair was married for the fourth time.  

2009 - Retired boxer Mike Tyson was arrested following a scuffle with a photographer at a Los Angeles airport. Tyson made several appearances for WWF in 1998, culminating in his main event role as the Guest Enforcer referee during the Wrestlemania XIV main event where Steve Austin captured his first WWF championship from Shawn Michaels.  He would later be inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame and included in the WWE '13 videogame.

2009 - WWE's Raw brand ran London England with the following results, filed by Paul Seger:

WWE Raw at 02 Arena
London, England
Wednesday 11th November

1) Chris Jericho won a battle royal to receive a WWE Title match with Cena in the main event. The match also involved - Big Show, Chavo, Chris Masters, Cody Rhodes, Jack Swagger, Kofi Kingston, Mark Henry, MVP, Randy Orton, Santino, Sheamus, Ted Dibiase and Miz (plus anyone else I may have forgotten).
2) Paul Burchill beat Hurricane.
3) Miz beat MVP to retain the US title.
4) Melina & Gail Kim beat Jillian & Alicia Fox.
5) Evan Bourne beat Chavo Guerrero.
6) Randy Orton beat Kofi Kingston.
7) DX beat Legacy.
8) John Cena beat Chris Jericho to retain in an excellent match.

2010 - Lacey Von Erich announced on her twitter account. that she had "decided to respectfully leave TNA today. I want to try new things, like be a sports host or something :) Love ya'll"

2010 - William Regal clarified an announcement earlier in the week that the current WWE tour of Great Britain could be his last on his twitter account, writing:

"I'm having a great tour and wrestling Daniel Bryan has made me realize that unless I can keep up to that standard it's possibly time for me to start winding down.I said it might be my last tour the other day not that it was.I would like to continue with quality and not quantity. Take care."

 2010 - WWE broadcast Superstars.  Richard Trionfo filed the following TV report:

This week’s show starts off with the Raw brand and your announcers are Michael Cole and Josh Mathews.

Match Number One: Zack Ryder versus Yoshi Tatsu in a Welcome Back to TV Match

Before they lock up, Zack with a few woo woo woos. They lock up and Ryder backs Yoshi into the corner and he pushes him. Zack woos but Yoshi chops him and gets a rollup for a near fall. Ryder with a kick and then he works on the arm and wrist. Yoshi reverses and he kicks Ryder in the arm. Yoshi with a hammer lock but Ryder with an elbow. Yoshi with an arm drag into an arm bar. Ryder with a knee instead of a clean break and Ryder throws Yoshi to the floor but Yoshi holds on to the ropes and he hits a drop kick when he returns to the ring and sends Ryder to the floor. Ryder with a shoulder but Yoshi with a knee when Ryder tries for another shoulder. Yoshi with kicks and then he tries to send Ryder into the turnbuckles but Ryder blocks it and he sends Yoshi into the turnbuckles and drops him over the top rope before taking him to the floor.

Ryder with a neck breaker and they return to the ring. Ryder slaps Yoshi in the head and then he chokes him with his boot. Ryder with a reverse chin lock but Yoshi gets to his feet and he kicks Ryder. Yoshi with a sunset flip for a near fall. Ryder with a kick and Yoshi is back on the mat again. Ryder chokes Yoshi in the ropes and then hits a belly-to-back suplex for a near fall. Ryder with a rear chin lock. Yoshi with punches to Ryder but Ryder with an Irish whip and Yoshi with a kick as Ryder charges into the corner. Yoshi goes up top and Ryder stops him. Ryder with forearms to the back and he sets for a superplex and hits it and Ryder can only get a two count. We go to commercial.

We are back and Ryder with a reverse chin lock on Yoshi. Yoshi gets to his feet and this a jawbreaker. Yoshi runs into an elbow. Ryder goes to the turnbuckles but Yoshi catches Ryder and hits a sit out power bomb and both men are down. Yoshi with chops to Ryder and then he hits a spinning heel kick. Yoshi with a handspring back elbow and he gets a near fall. Yoshi with kicks to Ryder and Ryder is backed into the corner. Ryder gets his feet up when Yoshi charges and he gets a near fall. Ryder tries for the Rough Rider but Yoshi moves out of the way. Yoshi with a Shining Wizard for the three count.

Winner: Yoshi Tatsu

It is time for the NXT Rebound.

Match Number Two: Ezekiel Jackson versus Primo with AJ in a Sorry bout your luck Primo Match

Primo poses for the crowd and then they lock up and Zeke pushes Primo down and then Zeke poses to show Primo how it is done. Primo with a waist lock and he slaps Zeke in the head. Zeke with forearms across the chest and then he biels Primo across the ring. Primo retreats to the ropes and then he hits a drop kick to the knee and hits a drop kick and gets a near fall but Zeke sends Primo to the floor on the kick out. Primo with a front face lock on Zeke. Zeke puts Primo on the top turnbuckle but Primo with a kick and then he hits a double sledge from the turnbuckles. Primo returns to the front face lock but Zeke powers out of the hold. Jackson with a series of clothesline to Primo followed by an uranage for the three count.

Winner: Ezekiel Jackson

We go to commercial.

We are back and it is time for the Smackdown half of the show and your announcers are Matt Striker and Todd Grisham.

We see a Kane video package.

Match Number Three: Kaval versus Drew McIntyre in a Why We Like Wrestling Match

Kaval with a kick to the leg and Drew retreats to the ropes. Kaval with another kick to the leg and Drew gets to the ropes again. They lock up and Drew backs Kaval into the ropes and Drew gets an elbow in Kaval’s face. Drew with a forearm and punch to Kaval followed by a kick. Drew with an Irish whip but Kaval with a mule kick out of the corner and a running Yakuza kick for a near fall. Kaval with a chop to Drew followed by head butts in the corner. Drew with a kick and then he sends Kaval into the corner. Drew punches Kaval until the referee warns him. Kaval with a kick and then he goes to the turnbuckles and hits a leap frog head scissors. Drew goes to the floor and Kaval goes up top and hits a cross body and both men are down. Kaval gets back to his feet and returns to the ring as the referee starts his count.

Kaval returns to the floor and he sends Drew back in and gets a near fall. Kaval with a forearm to the back followed by a snap mare and snap elbow drop for a near fall. Kaval with kicks to the chest and then he gets another near fall. Kaval with a European uppercut but Drew tosses Kaval in the air and connects with a kick to the chest as we go to commercial.

We are back and Drew has a seated abdominal stretch on Kaval. We see footage from the commercial break when Drew connected with a gutbuster and got a near fall. We are back to the action in the ring and Kaval gets to his feet. He stomps on Drew’s foot and chops Drew. Kaval with a European uppercut but Drew with a kick. Drew sends Kaval into the corner and he connects with a shoulder and then he kicks Kaval. Drew goes to the floor and he uses the ring post to work on Kaval’s midsection. Drew puts Kaval over the apron and connects with a forearm to the back and Kaval falls to the floor. Drew suplexes Kaval onto the apron and then he returns to the ring and gets a near fall.

Drew with forearms across the chest and he gets another near fall. Drew returns to the seated abdominal stretch to continue to work on the midsection. Drew sends Kaval into the turnbuckles again and Drew with clotheslines in the corner. Drew hits a short arm clothesline and Drew stands over a fallen Kaval. Drew stomps on Kaval’s chest. Drew kicks Kaval as Kaval backs into the corner. Drew with an Irish whip but he misses a charge into the corner. Kaval with palm thrusts and then he hits a series of heel kicks. Kaval with a series of short kicks and then he hits the running enzuigiri into the corner and Kaval gets a near fall.

Drew with a tilt-a-whirl gutbuster and he gets another near fall. Drew kicks Kaval in the corner and he Irish whips Kaval but Kaval with a boot to the head. Kaval with the Tidal Crush but he can only get a two count. Kaval goes up top for the Warrior’s Way but Drew rolls to the apron. Drew kicks the ropes as Kaval goes to the floor. Drew tries for the Future Shock DDT on the apron but Kaval blocks it. Drew sends Kaval to the floor and Kaval with a rolling Liger kick up the steps. Kaval goes up top for the Warrior’s Way but Drew moves. Drew with a knee to Kaval followed by the Future Shock DDT for the three count.

Winner: Drew McIntyre

2010 - TNA broadcast Impact.  Stu Carapola filed the following TV report:

Welcome to the TNA Impact Report here on!

We open the show with a video package reliving the events of Turning Point as Fortune defeated EV2.0 and sent Sabu packing, Abyss paid off the Congregation to turn on the Pope, and Jeff Hardy defeated Matt Morgan to retain the TNA World Title. /p>

We head to the Impact Zone as Immortal (minus Jeff Hardy) makes their way out to the ring for our standard, show-opening promo. Bischoff opens by assuring us that Immortal loves all of us from the bottom of his heart, and introduces all the members of the group: Abyss, who outsmarted Pope and out-Congregationed the Congregation, Jeff Jarrett (who put on an MMA clinic and is the whole reason we're here), and then AJ Styles says that at the end of the day, it's all about Fortune, and now Sabu is pointing to the sky in the unemployment line. AJ says he's going to send another one of them home tonight when he cripples Stevie Richards. Bischoff takes the mic back and says the biggest moment of the night was the first title defense of the TNA/Immortal World Champion, Jeff Hardy! Speaking of the champion, here he comes now, and he gets in the ring and shakes hands with the entire group before grabbing the mic to address the crowd. He says that Turning Point was the coming out party for himself as he annihilated Matt Morgan and left his dreams with the invisibility of the wind. Crowd starts chanting "overrated" at Hardy, and Hardy says he's not overrated, he is the Chosen One and drank from the holy cup of Hulkamania, and will now and forever be Immortal. Bischoff says the night is about the get more exciting because we have a special guest, and it's the one and only TRUE IMMORTAL, Hulk Hogan! Here comes the Hulkster himself, and he's got the NWO beard going. Crowd starts a Hogan chant as Jeff hands him the microphone and steps to the back respectfully. Hogan says when he came to TNA to run the company, the one thing he requested and had to have was Ric Flair, because without Ric Flair, you just don't have a wrestling company. He's spent the weeks chasing leads and deals, and he's been taking care of the next big thing for Immortal, and Ric Flair's done a great job keeping everything together here, and the bar that he raised caused everyone else to step up or get out. Now that they've got Immortal working like clockwork, he's got a surprise for the champ. The lights go out, and the WWE Divas Title belt lowers from the ceiling. Oh wait, my mistake, it's a new custom title belt designed specifically for Jeff Hardy that just LOOKS like the Divas Title. Hogan takes the old title belt and hands the new one to Hardy, and now that he's drank from the cup of Hulkamania, he is Immortal, and the belt represents everlasting life because he is the greatest wrestler of all time. Hogans says he's not used to taking out the trash, but in this case, Dixie Carter and her whole wrestling company are represented by that belt (which he takes and drops in a trash can Fortune brought to the ring with them), and if there's anyone left who wants to fight Immortal, then the only thing they can still do, it's drop to their knees and pray.

Suddenly, Pope's music hits and he's out in the Congregation. You know, the same folks who turned on him at Turning Point. Bischoff asks him what he wants, and Pope says that the prayers of the Congregation have been answered because Pope has arrived. Crowd starts chanting for Pope, and Pope tells Easy E that after what he pulled at Turning Point by paying off his family, he has a casket that was meant for Abyss, but he's going to take Bischoff's over the hill behind, put it in the casket, and push the casket over the edge of the ramp, and watch him crash and burn, and there's nothing Bischoff can do about it. Now Samoa Joe's music hits and he's standing at the top of the ramp, and he tells Immortal that the Pope isn't their only problem tonight. Joe hasn't forgotten what Jarrett, Gunner, and Murphy did to him, and he thinks it's cute that Jarrett thinks he's a shootfighter, but tells Jarrett to get in the ring and play shootfighter with him, because it's going to take more than his new hillbilly girlfriends to put him down. Hey, now RVD's music hits, and he comes out from the other ramp to tell Eric that all the fun he's been having at his expense is over, because after he found out that EV2.0 is the family he always knew it was, it became clear that he only ever had one friend shallow enough to completely sell out because he wanted something that was his. RVD looks at Hardy holding the title that RVD never lost, and he takes great comfort in the knowledge that Jeff knows that one day, he's going to have to face him in the ring, and he wants that match tonight so that he can leave the TNA World Champion. You knew there was going to be one more, and here comes Matt Morgan. He says he means no disrespect to RVD but he wants another match with Hardy first. He says Jeff calls himself the World Champion, but he's not a champion because he exposed him in the middle of the ring at Turning Point and, given the opportunity, he'll expose Hardy's ass again. Morgan knows he can't but the real heat on Hardy because he knows Hogan is the one who's really pulling the strings. Hogan tells him that he's barking up the wrong tree, and Morgan says he worshipped Hogan as a kid because of his integrity, and that's the whole reason he's on this stage tonight. But looks at Hogan now: where's the fight? Where's the never say die attitude? Where's his balls? Because if he had any, he'd stand up and fight them. Hogan says if he wants a fight, that's what he's going to get, because he, Ric Flair (who he calls the greatest wrestler of all time, contradicting his own comments about Hardy earlier), and Eric Bischoff are going to the back to formulate their battle plan. But he wants Morgan to be careful what he wishes for because he just might get it and he can take that to the bank...BROTHER.

Okay, now with that nearly half hour long OPENING PROMO out of the way, we're at commercial.

Hogan and Bischoff are backstage trying to decide if they believe Morgan, and Flair says that after 30 years it's hard to become Immortal without being great. Hogan says while he was gone, he was sitting home and realized how ignorant Matt Morgan is because he was getting booed, and now he's trying to be the savior of TNA. Flair says he just wanted to come out and kiss Hogan's ass, and Hogan says if they want a war they're going to get one. Hogan says he's going to make Samoa Joe vs Gunner & Murphy, Rob Van Dam vs Frankie Kazarian and if RVD beats Kazarian, he'll become the number one contender. Hogan also makes Matt Morgan vs Beer Money & Doug Williams, and Flair says that the faces really just want to join Immortal. Flair says Hogan needs to check out some of the new talent around TNA, and they leave the room while Bischoff sits there laughing over how awesome Hogan and Flair are.

Robbie E and Cookie are backstage, and Cookie says that Robbie E took care of Jay Lethal at Turning Point, and she wants Taylor Wilde to know that she may not be a wrestler, but she's from Jersey and knows how to fight.

That leads us to the ring for our opening match...

Jay Lethal & Taylor Wilde vs The Shore

Cookie looks really unhappy to be wrestling here, which flies completely in the face of the promo we JUST SAW. But what do I know? Looks like we spent so much time with Hogan, Flair, and Bischoff that we ran out of time in this segment. We're at commercial.

We're back, and Robbie and Cookie are out on the floor running from Lethal and Wilde, and Robbie suckerpunches Lethal and tosses him back in the ring. Lethal quickly turns it around and fires back with some stiff chops to Robbie, but Cookie drags Robbie out to the floor and relative safety. The Shore stalls for more time out on the floor until Cookie orders Robbie back into the ring. Robbie hesitates, so Lethal just hiptosses him back in the ring and chops him again, and Robbie scurries to the corner and the loving embrace of Cookie. Lethal tags in Taylor Wilde, so Robbie tags Cookie in, and she literally runs away from Taylor and tags Robbie in. Robbie menaces Taylor, but doesn't notice Lethal climbing the ropes until he hits him with a flying bodypress for 2. Cookie comes in and grabs Lethal's ankle, and that allows Robbie to nail Lethal from behind, but Lethal barely registers before taking Robbie over with an armdrag and then bars the arm. Cookie distracts Lethal and Taylor goes after Cookie, but as the ref takes what felt like ten minutes to escort Taylor out of the ring, Robbie takes nine and a half of those minutes to finally decide to pull Lethal's hair. The referee, still with his back turned, completely misses both Robbie and Cookie putting the boots to Lethal. Cookie holds Lethal and Robbie charges, Lethal moves and Robbie nearly hits Cookie, but stops short and turns around right into the Lethal Combination. Cookie jumps on Lethal's back and Lethal no-sells, so Cookie tries a kick to the gut and Lethal catches the boot and signals for Taylor to come in. Cookie slips out of her boot and runs out to the floor and Taylor chases her around ringside, and while the ref is busy watching them, Robbie takes Cookie's boot and knocks Lethal out with it for the win while Taylor chases Cookie into the ring and runs right past Lethal without thinking to break up the pin.

Winners: The Shore

Just pitiful. No other words but pitiful.

We go to a video package looking at the history of the Team 3D-Motor City Machine Guns match, and then we go to Team 3D backstage, where they're...WALKING!

We head back out to the Impact Zone, where Team 3D make their way to the ring to address the fans. Bubba puts over the match at Turning Point and they're proud that they helped pave the way for all the other teams in TNA and they made tag team wrestling in TNA mean something. However, it's time for everything to come to an end and they're glad they got to go out against the Guns, and the only words they can possible say to everyone is thank you very much. Devon says that whether they've loved or hated them, they've always showed 3D respect and he wants to thank them, because without the fans there would be on Team 3D. It's time to move on because they've done everything there is to do, and Bubba wants to go become a rock star and Devon has twin boys that he's going to turn into the next Team 3D, so for the final and last time, he says "Without any further ado...oh my brother, TESTIFY!" 3D's music hits and they embrace in the middle of the ring, but out of nowhere Bubba nails Devon from behind and stands there glaring at him, and as Devon tries to get up, Bubba just kicks him back down and shakes his head at him.

We come back from commercial and take a look at MOMENTS AGO as Brother Ray turned on Brother Devon. We go to Mike and Taz, and Mike asks Taz if he had any idea this was coming, and Taz said he had no clue and didn't think anyone did.

Still to come: AJ Styles defends the TV Title against Stevie Richards, Matt Morgan takes on Beer Money & Doug Williams, and RVD faces Frankie Kazarian for a shot at the TNA World Title.

We go backstage to Eric Bischoff's office as Bischoff chews out the referees for assigning a punk kid to referee the main event at Turning Point. Bischoff says they embarrassed him at the PPV, and the kid referee says it's not the Hebners' fault, it was his fault and he'll take the blame. Matt Morgan comes in and yells at Bischoff for getting on the kid's case, and says he should do the right thing and appoint him the referee for his match against Fortune tonight. Bischoff says he's got it, and tells the referee to do his freakin' job.

Back to the ring...

Gunner & Murphy vs Samoa Joe

Gunner & Murphy jump Joe before the bell and Joe tries to fight back, but the numbers are against him and they continue pummeling Joe in the corner, Murphy hitting a running Yakuza Kick in the corner and Gunner with a running high knee. Joe comes back on Gunner and hits an exploder suplex, but Gunner made a blind tag to Murphy. Murphy tries to jump Joe from behind, but Joe nails him and hits a leaping enziguiri, then hits a Muscle Buster on Murphy and that's all she wrote.

Winner: Samoa Joe

Murphy nails Joe from behind, but Joe no-sells and starts beating the crap out of Murphy and chokes him out. Jeff Jarrett comes in behind Joe while he's choking Murphy and nails him with a nightstick, and then all three guys put the boots to Joe and Jarrett puts the Ankle Lock on Joe. Suddenly, Kurt Angle comes out of the crowd and suplexes both Gunner and Murphy, and Jarrett turns around and freezes in shock at the sight of Angle before bailing out of the ring and dashing up the ramp to safety. Angle helps Joe up and they stare Jarrett down from the ring.

Immortal is backstage and they're unhappy with what just happened, and Flair said he doesn't know what's up with Gunner and Murphy and says they're done. Bischoff says they need to get Angle out of here, and leaves with Abyss to go take care of Angle.

We come back from commercial, and Bischoff tells the camera crew to stick with him so they can get video proof that Angle is there. He goes into the men's room and makes fun of someone in the stall for stinking up the men's room, perhaps thinking it was Angle, but instead the Pope comes out of the stall, punches Bischoff in the gut, then opens another stall that contains Abyss and beats him down, then grabs Bischoff and drags him out of the men's room.

Frankie Kazarian vs Rob Van Dam

Before the match, we are told that Rhino's contract expired and Hogan and Bischoff chose not to renew him. Kazarian attacks Van Dam before the bell and delivers a big hiptoss. Van Dam fires back, but Kazarian goes to the eyes and comes off the ropes but gets sent into the corner and takes a HUGE monkey flip, and then gets sent across the ring for another, even HUGER monkey flip. RVD follows that up with a cartwheel into a moonsault for 2, then repeatedly rams a shoulder into Kazarian's ribs in the corner and gets a springboard jump kick to Kazarian. Van DAm with a boot to the face sends Kazarian staggering, but Kazarian dodges a charge and goes up top, but hits a flying bodypress and wipes out both Van Dam and the referee. Van Dam catches Kazarian's boot and gets the stepover spinkick, and Ric Flair comes down to ringside with a chair. Rhino comes out and runs right past Flair and into the ring where he just kind of stands there staring at both guys before hitting the Gore on Van Dam, allowing Kazarian to cover him and get the win.

Winner: Frankie Kazarian

Rhino stands in the ring over RVD, and Tommy Dreamer runs in and yells at him and tells him to leave the ring. Rhino starts to leave but then, predictably, grabs a chair and lays Dreamer out with it.

We go backstage to where Pope has dragged Bischoff off to the catacombs of the Impact Zone and is furious at Bischoff for buying off his family. He puts a gold chain and sunglasses on Bischoff since he wants to be Pope and Bischoff feverishly tries to apologize, but Pope tells him to shut up and puts a skincap on Bischoff's head and tells him to rap. Bischoff tries some weak shizzle nizzle stuff, but Pope tells him to shut up and drags him off camera again.

Hogan and Abyss are in Hogan's office and Hogan asks Abyss why this is happening and why he let Bischoff out of his sight. Hogan sends Abyss to go rescue Bischoff and rip Pope's head off if he sees him.

Back to the ring...

TV Title Match: AJ Styles vs Stevie Richards

Stevie attacks AJ from behind during his entrance and rolls him in the ring, and we're at commercial.

We're back, and the bell rings to officially start the match as Stevie backdrops AJ for 2, then clotheslines him to the floor. Richards goes out after him, but AJ runs back in the ring and kicks Stevie coming in, then hits a springboard moonsault for 2. AJ works Stevie over in the corner, then hits a snapmare and a neck vice, and Stevie escapes and goes for a dropkick, but AJ dodges and Stevie crashes to the mat, and AJ hits a series of elbowdrops and we HIT THE CHINLOCK! Stevie fights out, but AJ catches him coming off the ropes with his SWEET dropkick for 2. AJ chops Stevie in the corner and gouges Stevie's face, and Stevie backdrops AJ to the apron but AJ hits him with a forearm from behind. Stevie suddenly comes back with a ton of fire, hitting elbows and clotheslines and gets a 2 count. Stevie goes up for the ten punch count, then gets a hard forearm and charges AJ in the corner, but AJ moves and Stevie hangs himself up in the corner and collapses to the mat. AJ goes out to the apron and comes back in with a springboard something, but Stevie catches him coming down with the Stevie Kick and goes for the cover, but AJ gets his foot on the rope at the last possible moment. Stevie goes for the Stevie Bomb, but YOU CAN'T POWERBOMB AJ! He slips through and hits the Styles Clash, but instead of dropping him flat, he drops him on the back of his neck and it looks REALLY ugly. AJ covers and gets the win.

Winner: AJ Styles

We see a replay and it looks even nastier than the first time.

Backstage, Pope brings Eric Bischoff over to the casket, punches him in the gut, delivers an uppercut, and dumps Bischoff in the casket, which he then wheels out of the room.

We head out to the Impact Zone as Pope wheels the casket out to ringside, but Abyss comes out of nowhere and blindsides Pope, then opens the casket and tries to revive Bischoff. Pope nails Abyss from behind, closes the casket, then goes back to pummeling Abyss and puts the boots to him. Pope slams Abyss into the casket and continues beating on him, but Bischoff finally wakes up and gets out of the casket and lowblows Pope, and now Abyss is able to lay Pope out and then stuff him in the casket. Abyss and Bischoff close the lid and then Abyss turns the casket around and rams it through the stage. Bischoff then goes over and lays repeated kicks into the poor, defenseless casket as Abyss looks in the camera and says he warned us.

After commercial, we come back and it's main event time!

Matt Morgan vs Doug Williams & Beer Money

Fortune attacks Morgan before the bell, but he goes through all three of them and goozles Beer Money, but Williams clips his knee and they put the boots to Morgan. Williams leglocks Morgan, then tags in Roode, who hits a series of elbowdrops to the knee, then tags in Storm and they split the wishbone on Morgan's legs. Williams tags back in and horse collars the leg, but Morgan fights out so Williams drags Morgan to the apron and slams his knee on the apron, then distracts the ref while Flair gets a couple of shots in from the floor. Storm with a figure four in the middle of the ring, but Morgan reverses the hold and forces the break. Eric Bischoff comes out to the announce table and gets on the air and says he's had it and Matt Morgan better come out on top tonight because if he doesn't, he's never going to get another shot at Jeff Hardy again. Roode gets Morgan in a Boston Crab as Bischoff says this has crossed the line between personal and professional and pounds his fist on the desk. Roode puts the boots to Morgan, but Morgan pops up and hits a discus clothesline and wipes out Roode. Roode tags in Williams and Morgan runs him over with a series of clotheslines and then knocks Storm off the apron. Morgan with a big boot to Roode and hits a charging splash in the corner on Williams, followed by a side suplex for 2. Beer Money run in and double team Morgan and try a double suplex, but Morgan reverses and suplexes both Storm and Roode. Flair pops up on the ring apron as we run out of time on Impact.

Luckily, TNA has a whole other hour right after Impact, so we come right back to Morgan punching Flair off the apron, but Williams nails Morgan with a series of European Uppercuts and comes off the ropes with a crossbody, but Morgan catches him and hits a fallaway slam. Flair and Beer Money leave the ringside area and walk up to the top of the rampway, leaving Williams alone with Morgan. One Carbon Footprint later and Morgan earns himself a rematch for the TNA World Title.

Winner: Matt Morgan

Jeff Hardy comes up on the video wall and cuts a promo on Morgan, but it was prerecorded, and the real Jeff Hardy runs out and attacks Morgan from behind and hits the Twist Of Hate, then goes up top and hits a Swanton. Jeff grabs the Divas Title belt and holds it high for everyone to see, and that's a wrap.

That's it for me this week, thank you for reading and see you back here next week on!

2011 - Dragon Gate USA held their Revolt 2011 iPPV.  Stu Carapola filed the following report:

he Scene vs The DUFs

The Scene comes out before the match with Larry Dallas to try and show off how they're watching tonight's iPPV on their iPhone, but the DUFs, represented tonight by Pinkie Sanchez & Arik Cannon, run out of the back to jump start the match. Sanchez hits a spinning headscissors out of the corner and then tags out to Cannon, who pulls Caleb Konley's shirt over his head before just booting him in the face. Snap suplex by Cannon gets 2, then tags Sanchez in for a combo of kicks and finally Cannon hiptossed Sanchez onto Konley for 2. That was innovative. Sanchez with a series off butt splashes to the face of Konley, but Scott Reed tags in behind Pinkie's back and begins pummeling him, then hits a hard suplex for 2. Konley comes in and picks Sanchez up in a delayed vertical suplex and Reed repeatedly chops Sanchez while he's in the air. Simple but effective. Sanchez gets a chinbreaker on Konley and tags out to Cannon, who ties Konley up in a standing figure four and then, I kid you not, gets a beer thrown to him by somebody in the audience and he opens it and takes a chug, spits it in Reed's face when he tries to come in, then chugs the rest. Another series of double teams ends with Sanchez hitting Poetry In Motion off Cannon's back and into Konley, followed by a bulldog for 2. Reed comes in and hits a Splash Mountain on Sanchez, but Cannon breaks the fall at 2. The Scene gets a double team DDT/wheelbarrow suplex combo for 2, but Konley misses a moonsault and Cannon drills him with a right hand, suplex, and brainbuster for 3.

Winners: The DUFs

This was a very fun opener, there was some really innovative double teaming here, and the beer spot with Arik Cannon was something else. That should wind up in DGUSA video packages. Sami Callihan comes into the ring and says that the DUFs' night isn't over, and he wants Jon Davis to come out and face him right now.

Sami Callihan vs Jon Davis

They don't waste any time getting rough, getting into a shoving match before Callihan chops Davis hard and spits in his face, to which Davis immediately responds by hitting a Pounce that sends Callihan crashing across the ring and out to the floor. Davis goes after him and presses Callihan, popping him up and dropping him hard on the ring apron. Davis with hard kicks to Callihan's chest right in the laps of the front row, then dumps him back into the ring to dish out more punishment. Callihan tries to climb back outside, but Davis ties him in the ropes and slams his forearm across Callihan's chest. Davis with a series of hard bodyslams and a fallaway slam followed by a snap powerslam for 2. Davis rams Callihan hard sternum first into the corner, then does it again just for laughs. Davis finally misses a charge and Callihan pounces, hitting a pair of enziguiris and a pair of running facewashes, but Davis comes right back with another powerslam for 2. Davis just destroys Callihan with punches and kicks and then returns the favor by spitting in Callihan's face, but Callihan pulls the top rope down on a charge and Davis goes out to the floor. Callihan quickly follows with a sprinting dive through the ropes that wipes Davis out, then he tears into Davis with chops to the chest. Callihan counters a suplex attempt to a guillotine choke, but Davis powers back to his feet and rams Callihan hard into the corner. He can't free himself, so he does it again and Callihan again maintains the hold. Davis collapses to the mat, but Davis again gets to his feet, powers Callihan up, and hits the Jackhammer, but is too spent to make the cover. Callihan goes to the second rope, but Davis hits him with a leaping enziguiri and follows him up. Callihan tries a sunset bomb, Davis blocks, so Callihan kicks Davis in the back of the knee and hits the powerbomb for 2, then gets Davis right in a figure four. Davis makes the ropes and they wind up fighting out on the apron, and I have a feeling something bad is going to happen. They trade kicks, and Callihan drops to the floor and hits a leaping enziguiri to the leg of Davis. They're both back on the floor and Callihan hits a bicycle kick to the face of Davis, but Davis shoves him off and tells him to do it again. Callihan with a second bicycle kick, but Davis still doesn't go down, so Callihan takes another try and Davis catches him in midair and turns it into a spine buster onto the apron. Wow, that was an ugly bump. They go back in and Davis powerbombs Callihan hard into the corner and wipes him out with a lariat for 2. Crowd is solidly behind Davis now as he picks Callihan up, but Callihan catches him with a Saito suplex and a diving forearm for 2. Callihan with hard chops but Davis responds with hard kicks until Callihan catches his foot and hits a leg whip. He calls for the Stretch Muffler, but shouldn't have dilly-dallied because Davis comes from behind and gets him in a torture rack into a spinning sitout powerbomb.

Winner: Jon Davis

This was an awesome fight, they beat the hell out of each other and had one hell of a great match that really got the crowd going. Cannon and Sanchez run back out and the DUFs beat Davis down 3-on-1, then grab a pair of barricades from ringside and place them over Davis' chest, bring in a third barricade, and repeatedly slam it down on top of the other two and onto Davis until a bunch of other wrestlers run in to chase the DUFs off. Instead of going to the back, Arik Cannon and Pinkie Sanchez join Lenny Leonard at the broadcast booth and make him say their full name just because.

Akira Tozawa vs Masato Yoshino

Yoshino gets a big chant from the crowd, so Tozawa goes to the outside and teases going to the back if the fans don't stop. He eventually gets back in and they do some basic chain wrestling but end in a stalemate. Yoshino takes Tozawa to the ropes and breaks clean, but then does his thing coming off the ropes and nearly launches Tozawa out of the ring with a high speed hiptoss. More back and forth and Yoshino scores with a flying headscissors and Tozawa backs off to the corner. Yoshino won't relent, putting the boots to him and lockinghim in a headscissors. Yoshino with a vertical suplex for 2, but Tozawa boots Yoshino in the face and starts putting the boots to Yoshino. Tozawa gets him in a rear chinlock, but Yoshino makes the ropes so Tozawa chops him in the chest and then feints a chest so Yoshino would cover up, and jabs him in the face instead. Tozawa with a senton for 2 and then stretches him out with a side angle surfboard. Yoshino fights out of that, so Tozawa gets him in a half crab instead, but Yoshino again makes the ropes. Tozawa continues unloading on Yoshino, but Yoshino Hulks up and starts going toe to toe with Tozawa, who tries a Frankensteiner that gets countered to a powerbomb for 2. Yoshino goes up top and tries a double stomp, but Tozawa dodges and hits a bicycle kick into the corner for 2 followed by a backdrop suplex for 2. Tozawa picks Yoshino up and goes for a German suplex, but Yoshino blocks so Tozawa gets another bicycle kick and Yoshino comes back from that with a Royal Octopus hold that luckily sends Tozawa stumbling into the ropes. Yoshino comes off the top rope with a double stomp to the arm of Tozawa, dodges another bicycle kick from Tozawa, and hits a spinning armbar for 2. Tozawa with a series of kicks and an attempted suplex, Yoshino counters out but Tozawa wipes him out with a Shining Wizard and they're both down. They get to their feet and trade chops in the middle of the ring and Tozawa scores with another pair of bicycle kicks and tries a German suplex, but Yoshino reverses to a victory roll for 2. Tozawa blocks the Lightning Spiral and hits the bridging German suplex for the win.

Winner: Akira Tozawa

Great match and surprising finish! I liked this a lot, Tozawa has gotten so good and has really turned into a star this year.

Brodie Lee & CIMA vs Chuck Taylor & Johnny Gargano

CIMA and Gargano start us off doing some Greco stuff in the middle of the ring and then go to some chain wrestling and then a fast paced back and forth sequence with some armdrags and Gargano gets the better of CIMA and tags out to Taylor, and they hit a series of combos for 2. Brodie Lee comes in and takes both member of Ronin out with a double clothesline, then bowls Gargano out to the apron where CIMA hits a running kick from the outside. Brodie chokes Taylor in the corner and tags out to CIMA, who hits a pair of elbowdrops for 2 and then ties Taylor in an abdominal stretch. Taylor gets to his own corner and tags outto Gargano, who comes in with a bridging vertical suplex for 2. Ronin with a double back elbow and the dancing boots to CIMA, but Brodie comes in and again cleans house on Ronin. Brodie with a delayed vertical suplex on Taylor and stares Gargano down on the apron before tagging in CIMA, who opens up on Taylor with more kicks. CIMA takes a break to get into it with the fans, and that allows Taylor enough time to ram CIMA into the corner and deliver repeated shoulderblocks to the midsection. Gargano comes in and gets a half nelson to put CIMA to his back for 2, but CIMA takes Gargano to the corner and tags Brodie in to again use his massive size to his advantage and choke Gargano with his boot. Brodie takes a run at Taylor and knocks him off the apron as CIMA comes back in and smashes another kick into Gargano's ribs before tying him in a standing figure four so Brodie can come off the ropes with a legdrop. CIMA with a cross armbreaker and Gargano almost immediately goes to the ropes, so CIMA goes to the apron and hits a slingshot senton, and then Brodie follows right after with a slingshot senton of his own! Wow, who knew? CIMA slouches Gargano in the corner and hits a running kick to the cajones, then comes off the top with a double stomp for 2. Brodie charges Gargano in the corner, Gargano gets out of the way and hits a leaping enziguiri, and makes the hot tag to Taylor. Taylor goes at it with CIMA, dropkicking his knees out from under him and following right up with a dropkick to the face. CIMA gets tossed to the floor and Gargano tries a dive, but Brodie drags him out to the floor where CIMA now tries a dive of his own, only for Taylor to drag him to the outside. Both members of Ronin wind up back inside and hit stereo dives to take out both Brodie and CIMA. They bring CIMA back inside for a double team Ace Crusher, then Taylor gives Brodie Sole Food and comeso ff the ropes right into a Truckstop from Brodie, but Gargano breaks the cover at 2. Gargano and Brodie wind up on the outside and Gargano sends Brodie crashing into ther ringpost, then spears CIMA through the ropes, hits a charge into a corner, and a Flatliner for 2. Gargano goes to the top and CIMA pops up and holds him in place so Brodie can toss him off the top. CIMA with a double stomp and a lungblower, then Brodie hits a full rotation half and half suplex for 2. Taylor with a leaping enziguiri and a uranage for Brodie and then gets him in a half crab as Gargano gets CIMA in the Gargano Escape, but no win yet for Ronin. Superkicks a-plenty for Brodie finally send him down, but CIMA with another lungblower to Gargano, a big boot from Brodie, a superkick from CIMA, and CIMA hits the Schwein for 2. CIMA hauls Gargano back up and wedges him between the top and middle rope for running knees, then Brodie with a sitout powerbomb that sets CIMA up to hit a top rope double knees for the win.

Winners: CIMA & Brodie Lee

Really hard fought, back and forth match that did a good job of blending everyone's styles. Brodie grabs a mic and tells the fans to shut up and listen to CIMA, who says he proved again he's better than Gargano, and Taylor superkicks him, drags Gargano out of the ring, and they head to the back.

Vinnie Marsceglia vs BJ Whitmer

Whitmer looks like he's in better shape than I've ever seen him in. Marsceglia takes BJ to the cornerand lays in a chop to no effect, but BJ comes back with a pair of chops that do have an effect and a leg lariat for 2. Back suplex gets another 2, followed by a snap suplex and a Northern Lights Suplex for another 2. Marsceglia gets a Russian legsweep for 2, but comes off the ropes into a spinebuster from Whitmer for 2. Whitmer with a high knee in the corner, a really nice Flatliner, and the Peruvian Necktie gets a quick submission win for Whitmer.

Winner: BJ Whitmer

BJ really looks good, he definitely appears refreshed and I like the new wrinkles he's added to his style. Whitmer says he wants to get his hands on the biggest, baddest dude in the locker room and he calls Brodie Lee out to fight him right now. Brodie obliges, and they proceed to brawl through the crowd and to the back.

FRAY: Sabu vs PAC vs Uhaa Nation vs Rich Swann vs AR Fox vs Ricochet

Rich Swann and PAC start and they circle one another before exchanging wristlocks. PAC takes Swann down and this turns into a series of takedowns and acrobatic escapes until PAC clobbers Swann with a dropkick to the face. More back and forth off the ropes and now Swann scores with a dropkick. Ricochet makes his entrance and immediately dumps PAC out to the floor so he can go at it with Swann. Ricochet totally dominates him and sends him out to the floor, but now goes at it with PAC, countering a springboard splash to a double knee gutbuster. PAC goes out to the floor near Swann and Ricochet wipes them both out with a somersault dive. Ricochet and Swann come back into the ring where Swann hits a handspring cutter, followed by an Ace Crusher from PAC, followed by a standing moonsault from Swann, followed by a standing 450 by PAC. They continue double teaming Ricochet until AR Fox makes his entrance and wipes Swann and PAC out with a double springboard crossbody. Okay, now too much stuff is going on for me to keep track of, but PAC hits a springboard 450 and AR Fox jumped on PAC's back to pin Swann.

Rich Swann is eliminated.

Fox with a snap vertical suplex on PAC, but now Uhaa Nation comes in and this dude is big. That doesn't stop him from moving, though, and he hits a dropkick, press slams Fox, and then tries a standing moonsault, but Fox moves so Uhaa lands on his feet. Fox tries a leaping something overthe ropes and Uhaa tries to catch him and do something, but Fox reverses to a victory roll for 2. Uhaa goes to the outside and Fox wipes him out with the climbing moonsault to the floor, but makes the mistake of trying a Frankensteiner and gets caught and powerbombed into the ring apron. Fox recovers and hits a dive over the ropes to take out Uhaa, but Uhaa pops right back up and plows through Fox with a Pounce so fast I nearly missed it, then comes back inside and repeatedly powerbombs Fox, overpowers Ricochet, then hits PAC with a uranage backbreaker and a standing shooting star press for 2. The crowd is REALLY into Uhaa, and goes nuts as he hits a somersault dive over the top to take out the rest of the guys in the ring just in time for Sabu to make his entrance. Sabu takes everyone out singlehandedly and kills PAC with a standing tornado DDT. Ricochet nails him from behind, but Sabu pops right back up and goes at it with Ricochet, who kicks him out to the floor as the Scene comes out from the back and attacks Uhaa Nation, ramming him into the ringpost. PAC tries a handspring something, but Ricochet catches him and hits a cradle suplex for 2. FOX springboards in with a facecrusher on PAC, followed by a Death Valley Driver and a top rope frogsplash for 2. Fox went for a leaping something off the top rope, but PAC shoves him off and hits a shooting star press for 3.

AR Fox is eliminated.

Ricochet runs right in and rolls PAC up with a schoolboy for 3.

PAC is eliminated.

Now we're down to Sabu and Ricochet as Uhaa Nation appears to have been taken out, and Sabu goes under the ring and grabs a chair, then uses it to part Ricochet's mohawk. Sabu sets the chair up in the ring and hits the triple jump dive over the top onto Ricochet, then sends him back in and misses the slingshot somersault legdrop. Ricochet with a springboard clothesline, but Sabu whips him hard into the corner andwipes him out with a clothesline, then sets up the chair again for the triple jump moonsault. Ricochet goes to the corner, so Sabu sets up the chair again for the triple jump leg lariat in the corner, followed by a chair assisted Arabian legdrop for 2. Okay, this isn't ECW, he should have been disqualified there. Sabu tries another chair legdrop off the second rope, but Ricochet moves out of the way and Sabu lands on his butt. Ricochet goes up top, Sabu goes up with him but Ricochet knocks him off and hits the 630 splash for the win.

Winner: Ricochet

Really big win for Ricochet, who looks like he's gotten himself into absolutely amazing shape. Ricochet's another guy who has really grown a lot over the last couple of years and has come a long way. Sabu gets a nice chant from the crowd as he makes his exit.

Akira Tozawa comes out to let everyone know that he wants a shot at the Open The Freedom Gate Title, but then Rich Swann comes out to challenge him to a rap battle. Tozawa sings what sounds like some kind of Sinatra song, and then Swann raps back at him. Swann finishes by telling Tozawa that he'll see him tomorrow in Philadelphia, to which Tozawa responds by knocking him out with a bicycle kick and saying "You big bullshit!" Oh, and they spent all this time taking down the ropes for our main event, which is up next!

No Ropes, No DQ: BxB Hulk vs YAMATO

This feud goes back to literally the first match on the first DGUSA show when YAMATO defeated Hulk, only for Hulk to respond by beating him in the finals of the tournament to crown the first Open The Freedom Gate Champion. Hulk held onto the title for over a year before meeting up again in January of this year when YAMATO defeated Hulk to become the second champion. Hulk disappeared from DGUSA for the entire year afterward and is returning for the first time here with a drastically different look, as he's transformed into an evil, sullen monster with dark gear and pallid skin who drinks from a bottle of wine on his way to the ring and lets the wine run down his face like blood. YAMATO, in the meantime, has shaved his head and gotten rid of the elaborate ring gear, instead adopting a more serious look to go with the championship persona he chooses to present.

They go to the mat right away for some chain wrestling, but Hulk gets an armbarand gnaws on the handof YAMATO while kicking at his face. Hulk lays in a series of kicks to YAMATO and tries to toss him to the floor, but YAMATO evades the fall,dodges several more kicks from Hulk, and scores with a dropkick. He motions that he's going to throw Hulk to the floor, and does just that. YAMATO goes out after him to continue the beating and slams a chair over his head, but Hulk...uh, Hulks up and they go toe to toe on the floor until Hulk hits a diving kick to YAMATO's groin and then Akira Tozawa comes running out to help Hulk pick YAMATO up and ram him testicles-first into the ringpost. Hulk rolls Yamato back into the ring and again stomps on his groin before trapping him in a rear chinlock while gouging at his face. Hulk takes YAMATO down to the mat and rams several kneestrikes into his skull before covering for 2. Now Hulk goes to a seated abdominal stretch and then converts to a front facelock where he rams more knees to the head and a leaping scissor stomp to the head for 2. YAMATO gets back to his feet and exchanges chops with Hulk, who fires back with several quick kicks, but YAMATO catches his foot and gets him in the ankle lock. Tozawa again makes his presence known, coming in to hit a bicycle kick to YAMATO and freeing Hulk, who continues disassembling YAMATO with kicks. Hulk goes to a half crab, then picks YAMATO up as if for an atomic drop but instead runs YAMATO groin first into the ringpost yet again, except this time his groin hits all the turnbuckle latches on his way down the post. Hulk tries to whip YAMATO into the ringpost, but YAMATO swings around the post and uses the momentum to plant his boot in Hulk's face and send him down flat. They trade punches again, but Hulk gouges the eyes and hits the Guile Kick, a legsweep, and the standing, twisting senton for 2. Tozawa grabs a chair from underneath the ring and hands it to Hulk, who rams it into YAMATO's midsection and then repeatedly slams it over his back. YAMATO dodges a wild swing with the chair and tries to get aholdof it, finally succeeding and now turning the chair against Hulk before dropping it to the mat and suplexing Hulk on top of it. YAMATO calls for a brainbuster on the chair, but Hulk blocks and they fight over the brainbuster, back and forth, until YAMATO finally gets Hulk up and hits the brainbuster on the chair. YAMATO places Hulk on his back on the chair and climbs the ringpost (no small feat with no ropes) and leaps off, but Hulk dodges and YAMATO lands on the chair. Hulk sees his opportunity and nails YAMATO with several more kicks and a pump handle suplex, then more kicks with a straight kick finish to the forehead gets 2. Tozawa comes out again with a garbage can, which Hulk puts over YAMATO's head, then sits him in the chair, and connects with several nasty kicks. Hulk goes for the EVO, Hulk reverses to a Galleria attempt, and they keep going back and forth until YAMATO counters the EVO to a sleeper. Hulk escapes and hits an enziguiri, YAMATO gets one of his own, but Hulk hits a straight kick to the back of YAMATO's head and knocks him silly. Hulk has YAMATO on the ropes that aren't there and hits more kicks and the EVO, but only gets 2. He picks YAMATO up and gets caught in the sleeper again, and YAMATO turns it into the sleeper suplex, kick to the face, and brainbuster for 2. YAMATO goes for Gelleria on the chair and hits it for 3.

Winner: YAMATO

My god that got ugly, but a really good match. I liked the blend of hardcore elements with their regular in-ring styles, something not a lot of guys can pull off. YAMATO thanks the crowd for coming, asks them if they enjoyed themselves, then reminds them that they'll be back.

Great show and a solid start to their final weekend of 2011. Best match on the show,though Callihan-Davis and Tozawa-Yoshino were both really good as well.

2011 - WWE broadcast Smackdown.  Richard Trionfo filed the following TV report:

We are live on tape from Liverpool, United Kingdom and your announcers are Michael ‘Why do people want me to go to the Tower of London’ Cole, Josh ‘Look kids . . . Big Ben . . . Parliament’ Mathews, and Booker ‘Want to hear my accent’ T.

We are reminded that there is going to be a traditional Survivor Series Match at the pay per view next week.

Randy Orton makes his way to the ring. We see footage from last week’s street fight while Orton gets into the ring.

Orton looks around and then he says that when Teddy Long told him that he would be captaining his own Survivor Series team, he told Teddy that he doesn’t play well with others. Every team or group he has been a part of in WWE has imploded, usually with him doing something horrible to what once were his friends. Orton says that he might not be a leader, but he is not a follower. He has no problem being the team captain.

Orton says that he has no problem giving Cody Rhodes the beating of his life . . . again. He has no problem shutting up Christian’s mouth once and for all. He says that he doesn’t really know Jack Swagger that well and he doesn’t know Hunico at all, but he will have no problem to do what he must because they got in his way. Orton says that he especially has no problem . . .

Orton is interrupted by the man who he was going to talk about, Wade Barrett. Wade makes his way into the ring and he asks Orton what he has no problem with. Barrett says that Orton was going to say that he has no problem with Wade Barrett. Barrett says that Orton has a huge problem with him. The problems he gave Orton in the past will pale in comparison to what he is going to do to Orton at Survivor Series.

Barrett says that he has been a part of many groups, but he was never the leader at the start. However, he is a natural born leader and people have gravitated to him. He says that Orton is a natural born predator, someone that people are not going to trust.

The fans chant for an RKO and then Barrett says that the Barrett Barrage that has swept over Smackdown will continue at the Survivor Series. Barrett says that he has achieved a lot, but he has never been the World Champion. He needs to have Orton out of the picture to show the world that he is Orton’s in ring superior. That is exactly why his team is going to be victorious at Survivor Series.

Barrett asks Orton if he is listening to him and Orton says that he is not listening to him. He is imagining how high Wade’s head would bounce off the mat after an RKO.

Christian’s music plays and he makes his way to the ramp and he has a neck brace on. Christian tells Randy that he will be the Yoko Ono of his team. Christian says that he is wearing the neck brace because of the choke slam he received from the Big Show. A choke slam he got for no reason. Christian says that it is the grace of God that he is here tonight. Christian says that he wanted to thank Wade Barrett for volunteering his services and beat Sheamus last week. Christian says that Barrett won because he inspires others to be better. Christian says that he declined Teddy Long’s offer to be the team captain because of his health situation. Christian says that he is endorsing Barrett as the captain of their team at Survivor Series. Christian says that they are all equals and he feels that their team is in sync. Christian says that it is time to send a message to Orton and his team.

Orton takes the initiative and he punches Christian but Barrett attacks Orton and it turns into a two-on-one situation. Sheamus’ music plays and he makes his way to the ring and he goes after Christian. Sheamus with a double sledge to Barrett and Orton throws Barrett to the floor. Sheamus goes after Christian’s neck brace and Christian leaves the ring.

Teddy Long comes out and he tells Christian that since he appears to be okay despite the neck brace, he will be facing Sheamus tonight. The main event is going to be a battle of the Survivor Series captains when Randy Orton faces Wade Barrett.

We go to commercial.

Match Number One: Sheamus versus Christian


They lock up and Sheamus with a side head lock and shoulder tackle. Christian slaps Sheamus but Sheamus with punches and forearms to Christian until the referee warns him. Sheamus with forearms across the chest while Christian is on the apron. Sheamus brings Christian back into the ring and Sheamus gets a near fall. Christian with a punch but Sheamus with a back body drop.

Sheamus sends Christian into the turnbuckles and he punches Christian followed by Irish whips and then he gets Christian over his head and then drops him to the mat. Christian goes to the floor and then Sheamus follows. Sheamus with punches to Christian. Sheamus tries to suplex Christian to the floor but Christian blocks it. Christian with a punch but when he tries to knock Sheamus to the floor with a shoulder tackle, Sheamus with a shoulder of his own followed by a slingshot shoulder tackle.

Christian goes back to the floor and Sheamus sends Christian into the announce table and he tries to send Christian into the ring post but Christian escapes the hold and he sends Sheamus shoulder first into the post. Christian with a drop kick from the turnbuckles and he gets a near fall. Sheamus punches Christian and then Sheamus charges at Christian and Christian drops down and Sheamus goes to the floor.

Christian tries for a pescado but Sheamus catches Christian and hits a fallaway slam that sends Christian into the ringside barrier. We go to commercial.

We are back and Christian with elbows to the head. Christian with a reverse chin lock on Sheamus. Sheamus with punches but Christian with a kick. Christian puts Sheamus in the ropes and Christian slingshots to the floor and he punches Sheamus in the face. Sheamus with punches to the midsection and then he sends Christian over the top rope to the floor but Christian lands on the apron and then he drops Sheamus’s neck onto the top rope.

Christian goes up top but he is met with a punch to the midsection from Sheamus. Christain with a punch but Sheamus with an Irish whip that sends Christian sternum first into the turnbuckles. Sheamus with running double sledges and then he punches Christian in the corner followed by a short arm clothesline and a standing power slam for a near fall.

Christian with a kick and then he tries for a sunset flip off the turnbuckles but Sheamus will not go down. Christian with another kick and then he goes to the turnbuckles but he is caught by Sheamus for the uranage back breaker and Sheamus gets a near fall. Sheamus with a kick and then he sets for the Celtic Cross but Christian gets away and punches Sheamus.

Christian goes to the turnbuckles for a cross body but Sheamus catches him and hits another fallaway slam. Sheamus with a clothesline into the corner and then he hits a running knee lift. Christian backs up and he kicks Sheamus in the knee and he follows that with a drop kick. Christian goes up top but Sheamus recovers and he connects with forearms to the neck.

They fight up top and Sheamus is knocked to the mat. Christian with an elbow and then he hits a pendulum kick when Sheamus charges into the corner. Christian with a tornado DDT for a near fall. Sheamus with a kick to the midsection and then he pulls himself up to the top turnbuckle and hits a flying shoulder tackle for a near fall.

Sheamus gets ready for the Brogue kick but Christian moves and he tries for the Killswitch. Sheamus avoids that and tries for a belly-to-back suplex. Christian lands on his feet and escapes the move. Christian goes for a spear but Sheamus sees it coming and he side steps Christian, who goes into the turnbuckles. Sheamus gets Christian up for the Celtic Cross and hits it and gets the three count.

Winner: Sheamus

After the match, Christian walks over to his neck brace that was against the ringside barrier and Christian puts it on.

We go to commercial.

We are back and we see highlights of what happened after the main event when Big Show punched Mark Henry and Show forced Daniel Bryan to try to cash in the Money in the Bank briefcase. Instead Mark gave Bryan and Show the World’s Strongest Slam.

Daniel Bryan is in the back with AJ Lee and Kaitlyn. Kaitlyn says that Daniel was so good last week and she asks if Daniel was really going to cash in the briefcase. Daniel says that he was going to wait until Wrestlemania, but he was out on his feet last week and he didn’t know what was going on. The good news is that he will be wrestling Mark again this week. AJ wishes him luck and she says that she liked the idea of Daniel Bryan becoming the World Champion.

The ladies walk away and Mark Henry enters the hallway. He asks Bryan if he thought it was that easy to become the champion and cash in the briefcase. Mark tells Bryan that it took him fifteen years to become the World Champion.

Bryan cuts off Henry and he tells him that he doesn’t care if it took Mark five hundred years to become the World Champion. Bryan says that if Henry is still champion at Wrestlemania, he will beat him.

Mark tells Bryan that he has guts, but it is a shame that he will have to spill all of them guts all over the ring tonight.

It is time to take a look at Ezekiel Jackson in a video package. He says that there are two sides to the man. Outside the ring, he is a family man. Inside the ring, it all changes. It is like a switch goes off in his head. There are no gray areas when you get into the ring with him. It is domination by any means necessary. Their suffering is his satisfaction. His domination means your end. There is no mercy for the wicked.

Teddy Long is in the office with referee Charles Robinson. Teddy tells Charles that he is doing a great job and he reminds Charles that he will be refereeing the Usos’ match later tonight. Charles leaves and that means that the lights can go down and the saxophones start playing.

Aksana enters the room and she asks Teddy if he saw her in the ring for the Halloween Battle Royal. Teddy says that he wants Aksana’s first time on Smackdown to be special. Aksana says that she wants her first time to be special. Teddy says that he wants Aksana to get some seasoning and watch someone with more experience. Teddy tells Aksana that she is going to be in Alicia Fox’s corner.

Alicia enters the room and Aksana tells Teddy that he didn’t tell her that he got Rhianna. Teddy clears up the situation, but Aksana kisses Teddy and he is fine. Aksana asks Alicia if she can teach her some positions. Aksana leaves and Teddy focuses on Aksana’s exit.

We go to commercial.

Match Number Two: Ted DiBiase versus Jinder Mahal


Mahal with a kick but Ted with a kick of his own. Mahal with a leaping knee for a near fall. Mahal with a knee drop but Ted with a flying knee and a reverse atomic drop and punch. Ted with the rebound clothesline. Mahal tries for a full nelson but Ted rolls through. Ted with Dream Street for the three count.

Winner: Ted DiBiase

We go to commercial.

Match Number Three: Mark Henry versus Daniel Bryan


Bryan with kicks to the leg but Henry with forearms and elbows before throwing Bryan over the top rope to the floor. Henry goes to the floor after Bryan and Henry tosses Bryan into the ringside barrier. Henry presses Bryan’s head against the ring step. Henry rolls Bryan into the ring and he kicks Bryan in the ribs. Henry with a punch and then he stands on Bryan’s chest. Henry presses Bryan over his head and then he drops Bryan onto the top turnbuckle.

Henry charges at Bryan but Bryan moves and Henry hits the turnbuckles. Bryan with a missile drop kick and Henry falls to his knees. Bryan with a series of kicks to the chest followed by a round kick to the head. Bryan tries for the LeBell Lock but Henry is able to avoid getting it locked in. Henry picks up Bryan and hits a single arm suplex.

Henry with head butts to Bryan and then he kicks Bryan until the referee warns him. Henry pulls Bryan into the center of the ring by the leg. Henry with a big splash but he picks up Bryan at two. Bryan wants more from Henry and Henry with a World’s Strongest Slam and Henry gets the three count.

Winner: Mark Henry

After the match, Henry is not done with Bryan. Mark goes to the official Hall of Pain initiation chair and he brings it into the ring. The referee gets out of the ring. Bryan with a kick to the knee and Henry drops the chair. Bryan hits Henry in the back with the chair but Henry does not feel it. Henry with a slam to Bryan and then he hits a leaping elbow drop. Henry with the World’s Strongest Slam and then he picks up the chair. Henry drags Bryan into the corner and he puts the chair on the ankle. Henry tries for the Vader Bomb onto the chair but Big Show’s music plays.

Show holds Henry at bay until referees can get to Daniel Bryan. Henry hits Bryan with again with the chair and then Henry goes for Big Show but Show punches the chair. Henry and Show stare each other down in the ring and as Show enters the ring, Henry goes to the apron. Mark goes to the floor and Show picks up the title belt and tosses it to Henry and Mark picks up a two hopper into the hole.

Show gets on the mic and he asks Mark if he thinks it is impressive beating up on someone half your size. Show tells Mark to stay around and watch his match to see something impressive.

Mark walks up the ramp and we go to commercial.

We are back and we see Mark Henry standing on the stage to watch the match.

Match Number Four: Big Show versus The Three Nameless Victims


All three men go after show when the bell rings and they punch Show but the punches have no effect on Show. They do get Show down to his knees but he pushes them off. One of them with a kick to the head but Show pops up and he chops two of the men and then he head butts them. Show with a double choke slam and then the third man decides not to play any more.

Show follows after him and brings him into the ring. Show presses the third man back into the ring. Show with a punch to man number three for the three count.

Winner: Big Show

After the match, Mark Henry asks Show if he is supposed to be impressed. Those guys were not him. Mark says that he knows that Show impresses him. Show was impressed when he got the World’s Strongest Slam last week. He impressed Show when he sent his rear end on a vacation for four months. He impressed Show and the fans when he won the World Title. Henry says that he will be giving Mark Henry a lasting impression at Survivor Series.

It is time for a video package about the Wrestlemania 28 On Sale in Miami.

We go to commercial.

We are back and one of the other Divas joins the Male Diva, Josh, and Booker at the announce table. This time it is Natalya.

Match Number Five: Tamina with Rosa Mendes versus Alicia ‘The Howling’ Fox with Aksana


They lock up and Tamina with a knee and she sends Alicia into the turnbuckles. Tamina with kicks but Alicia with a punch. Tamina with a head butt and then she biels Alicia by the hair. Tamina tosses Alicia around the ring some more. Tamina with a double underhook submission on Alicia but Alicia gets to her feet. Alicia goes down to one knee but Alicia with a back body drop and back elbows. Alicia with jumping single leg kicks. Tamina with a punch and slam and then she misses a diving head butt. Alicia with a kick to the head followed by a flip leg drop for the three count.

Winner: Alicia Fox

After the match, Aksana helps Alicia celebrate her victory.

Sheamus is in the interview area with Matt Striker. Matt asks Sheamus about his tendency to be a hot head and we see footage from last week when Sheamus attacked Christian in the back and then we see what he did to Wade Barrett.

Sheamus says that he doesn’t know what Matt is talking about fella because he is a nice guy. Sheamus says that he presented an award to Justin Bieber at the MTV Europe Awards show and he got to hang out with his cousin Beaker. He says that he is all about having a laugh and a good time. Sheamus says that he doesn’t have a temper. Matt asks Sheamus about his mean streak.

Sheamus stares at Matt and starts to snarl. Then he smiles and says that he is spirited.

We go to commercial.

We see footage from last week when Hunico interjected himself into Sin Cara’s match against Epico.

Match Number Six: Hunico y Epico con Primo contra Los Usos


Epico and Jey start things off and they lock up. Epico with a kick and punch followed by a kick but Jey with kicks of his own and then he sends Epico into the turnbuckles and Jimmy tags in and he connects with an uppercut and gets a near fall. Jimmy with an uppercut but Epico with a kick. Hunico makes the blind tag and Jimmy with an elbow to Epico but Hunico with a clothesline to Jimmy.

Hunico with punches and kicks to Jimmy and then Epico is tagged back in. Epico with a drop kick off an Irish whip from Hunico for a near fall. Epico with punches and kicks in the corner. Hunico is tagged back in and hits a slingshot kick to Jimmy and then he applies a reverse chin lock. Hunico with a front face lock but Jimmy with a back body drop.

Jey tags in and hits a running forearm or two followed by a back heel kick and uppercut. Jey with a flying corkscrew forearm to Hunico followed by a running butt splash into the corner for a near fall. Epico breaks up the cover and Jimmy goes after Primo on the apron. Epico hits Jimmy from behind. Jey with a super kick to Epico but Jey turns around and Hunico hits a fireman’s carry drop before going up top to hit the Falling Star for the three count.

Winners: Epico and Hunico

After the match, Hunico has something to say to Jimmy and Epico joins in. Epico, Hunico, and Primo triple team Jimmy and then Epico and Primo throw Jimmy over the top rope to the floor. Epico with a chestblower followed by a lungblower from Primo and the Falling Star from Hunico onto Jey.

Randy Orton is walking in the back as we go to commercial.

Match Number Seven: Randy Orton versus Wade Barrett in a Captain versus Captain Match


They lock up and they go to the corner and Orton with a clean break. They lock up again and Barrett is the one to back Orton intot he corenr and Barrett with a clean break but it is a trap and he punches Orton and follows that with a side head lock take down. Orton gets back to his feet and Orton with a drop kick for a near fall. Orton with a side head lock but Barrett backs Orton into the corner.

Barrett tries to punch Orton but Randy blocks it and connects with punches. Barrett with an Irish whip into the corner but you don’t do that to Orton and he hits a clothesline out of the corner. Orton with a boot to Barrett and then he hits the leaping knee drop and gets a near fall.

Barrett punches Orton but Orton with a European uppercut and Irish whip. Orton runs into a boot from Barrett and Barrett goes to the turnbuckles and hits an elbow drop and gets a near fall. Orton goes to the floor to regroup. Barrett follows and Orton with a kick and forearm. Orton sends Barrett into the ringside barrier and then he tries to Irish whip Barrett into the ring steps but Barrett leaps over the steps and then he kicks the steps into Orton’s knees. Barrett returns the favor and he Irish whips Orton into the ring steps.

We go to commercial.

We are back and Barrett with a reverse chin lock but Orton gets back to his feet. Orton punches Barrett but Barrett with a knee to the midsection. Barrett with a pump handle power slam for a near fall. Barrett chokes Orton in the ropes. Barrett chokes Orton in the ropes again and then Barrett with a series of knees while Orton is in the ropes. Barrett with a running boot that sends Orton to the mat.

Barrett goes to the floor after Orton and he runs Orton’s back into the apron. They return to the ring and Barrett gets a near fall. Barrett with a reverse chin lock. Orton struggles to maintain consciousness but he is able to get back to his feet. Orton with a punch but Barrett with the Blackpool Slam for a near fall. Barrett returns to the turnbuckles but Orton stops Barrett. Orton punches Barrett and he hits a superplex and Orton gets a near fall.

Orton and Barrett exchange punches but Orton with kicks and forearms. Orton with a kick and clotheslines followed by a power slam and then he picks up Barrett and sends him to the apron for the IEDDT and Orton hits it. Orton gets ready to finish his moves of doom with the twist to the mat and it is RKO time.

Orton tries for the RKO but Barrett pushes him away. Orton almost collides into the referee. Barrett with a punch to Orton and then he gets the three count with a rollup.

Winner: Wade Barrett

2013 - WWE broadcast Raw.  Richard Trionfo filed the following TV report:

Tonight it is Veteran’s Day in the United States (and Armistice Day in other countries) and John Cena thanks everyone for their sacrifices around the world.

We begin with a look back at the greatest settlement of a lawsuit in the history of Sports Entertainment.

We are in Manchester, United Kingdom and your announcers are ‘Sir’ Michael Cole, ‘The Prince of the Bahamas’ John Layfield, and Jerry ‘The King’ Lawler.

We are told that Triple H and Stephanie McMahon are on vacation so they will not be on Raw tonight.

Randy Orton’s music plays and he makes his way to the ring. Randy says that he is going to get right to it, just like Big Show got his job back. Show blackmailed his way into a title match at Survivor Series. If anyone saw the beatdown that Big Show received last week, Randy says that he will be victorious at Survivor Series. He will retain the WWE Title. He will remain the face of the WWE.

In the meanwhile, while Triple H and Stephanie are on vacation, Randy is in charge of tonight’s Raw.

Brad Maddox comes out and he has something to say. He appreciates Randy helping tonight, but Brad reminds Randy that he is the General Manager of Raw. He has the authority and responsibility to be in charge of Raw. Therefore . . .

Kane’s music plays and Bull Shannon makes his way to the ring.

Kane says last week, the Authority appointed him the Director of Operations. In the absence of Triple H and Stephanie McMahon, he is in charge tonight.

Brad tells Mr. Kane that with all due respect, he has had the job for a while. He tells Kane to follow his lead. Brad says that Randy Orton will face one half of the Tag Team Chamipons . . . Cody Rhodes.

Kane says no. Randy Orton will face Goldust.

Brad and Kane argue over the first match and Randy tells them to make up their mind. Randy says that he cannot fight both of them.

From out of EXCUSE ME, Vickie Guerrero emerges and she wishes Triple H and Stephanie a wonderful vacation. Vickie says that she has complete confidence in Randy’s in ring skills. As a former General Manager of Raw and the current General Manager of Smackdown, and the voice of reason, the thing that is ‘Best for Business’, they would agree with Randy.

Tonight, Randy Orton will face Cody Rhodes . . . and Goldust.


Match Number One: Goldust and Cody Rhodes versus Randy Orton


Goldust starts off and they lock up. Goldust with a side head lock take down and Orton with a head scissors. Orton with a side head lock take down and Goldust with a head scissors. Orton escapes. Orton pushes Goldust and Goldust with a punch. Orton with a shoulder tackle but Goldust with a hip toss and drop kicks. Cody tags in and he connects with an elbow from the turnbuckles.

Cody with a gourdbuster for a near fall. Orton sends Cody into the turnbuckles and he connects with a European uppercut. Cody with a side head lock and Goldust makes the blind tag and gets a near fall with a rollup.

Orton with shoulders in the corner followed by punches. Orton sends Goldust into the turnbuckles and Goldust with an Irish whip. Orton comes out of the corner with a clothesline. Orton with the Garvin Stomp to Goldust. Orton with forearms to the back followed by a head butt. Orton chokes Goldust.

Orton with forearms but Goldust with punches. Orton with an Irish whip but he runs into a boot and Orton pulls Goldust off the turnbuckles as we go to commercial.

We are back and Orton with a reverse chin lock on Goldust. Goldust gets back to his feet and Goldust with a punch. Orton tries for the power slam but Goldust holds on to the ropes. Goldust gets a near fall.

Cody tags in and hits a springboard drop kick and then he gets a sunset flip out of the corner for a near fall. Cody with a drop down uppercut and then he goes up top for a moonsault and he gets a near fall. Cody waits for Orton to get up and Orton tries for a back breaker but Cody with a knee and he tags Goldust back in. Goldust misses a splash but Goldust with a punch and then Cody and Goldust clothesline Randy over the top rope to the floor.

The referee starts his count and Orton gets to his feet at eight and he decides to stay outside the ring and get counted out.


Winners: Goldust and Cody Rhodes (by count out)


After the match, Big Show (who was advertised as not being in the UK) makes his way to the ring after his music plays. Show punches Orton and he sends Orton around the ring and into the ring steps. Show rearranges the announce table and he choke slams Orton through the announce table.

The doctor checks on Orton, who is holding his elbow while officials stand by and watch.

We are back with a Moments Ago Moment of Big Show attacking Randy Orton after Orton got counted out against Goldust and Cody Rhodes.

We see footage from the commercial break. Show gets into a cab and he wants to get a pint because he is a little thirsty.

We see the damage caused to the announce table as Cole wonders who is in charge tonight.


Match Number Two: Diego, Fernando, and Santino Marella (with El Torito) versus Heath Slater, Jinder Mahal, and Drew McIntyre


Slater and Fernando start things off and Fernando with chops but Slater with a kick and side head lock. Mahal tags in but Fernando fights Mahal and Slater off, but Mahal with a knee for a near fall. Drew tags in and they hit a series of moves culminating with a flying boot. Drew knocks Diego off the apron.

Fernando with a belly-to-back suplex and both men are down. Mahal and Santino tag in and Santino with jabs followed by a split and hip toss. Santino goes for the diving head butt, but he lands on the knees. Santino with a Saito suplex and both men are down. El Torito distracts Slater and he goes into the ring and Slater follows him through the ring. Santino gores Slater to the floor and El Torito gets ready to do it to Slater, but Drew picks him up and Fernando and Diego with a suicide dive onto Drew. El Torito with a cross body onto Slater.

Santino with a Cobra to Mahal for the three count.


Winners: Los Matadores and Santino Marella


The doctor checks on Orton’s arm and Brad Maddox comes in to apologize. Vickie offers her apology but Randy tells her to save it for next week when Triple H and Stephanie are back. Kane enters and Randy tells him that he doesn’t want to hear from Kane. Kane tells Randy to pay attention or Big Show won’t be his only problem.

We go to commercial.


Match Number Three: Damien Sandow versus Kofi Kingston


Sandow with knees to Kofi and he sends Kofi to the floor. Sandow with forearms to Kofi and then he puts the ring skirt on top of Kofi’s face and he stomps on Kofi. Sandow gets a near fall. Sandow with a reverse chin lock. Kofi with punches and kicks. Sandow with an Irish whip followed by a hard Irish whip and shoulders in the corner. Sandow with head butts and kicks to the back. Sandow with a knee drop and he gets a near fall. Sandow with a rear chin lock but Kofi with punches. Sandow sends Kofi to the at and he hits the Elbow of Disdain followed by knee drops for a near fall.

Sandow misses a leg drop. Kofi gets a boot up and he takes Sandow to the at and he punches him. Kofi with a kick to the head for a near fall. Kofi with Shadows over Hell for a near fall. Sandow with forearms followed by an Irish whip but Kofi with a pendulum kick. Kofi goes for a springboard move and Sandow hits the ropes and Sandow with You’re Welcome for the three count.


Winner: Damien Sandow


We are back with the WWE Rewind: Dolph Ziggler versus Curtis Axel from last week’s Raw.


Match Number Four: Dolph Ziggler versus Curtis Axel in an Intercontinental Title Match


They lock up and go around the ring until the referee separates the and Ziggler with a clean break. They lock up again and Axel with a side head lock. Ziggler and Axel with hammer locks but Axel with punches and kicks. Axel with an Irish whip but Axel misses a splash in the corner. Axel with a leap frog and drop kick for a near fall.

Ziggler with a side head lock but Axel with a side head lock of his own. Axel with a shoulder tackle and Ziggler with a drop kick for a near fall. Ziggler with a hip toss and he gets a near fall. Ziggler with a suplex and he gets a near fall. Ziggler with a series of rapid fire elbow drops and he finishes with a hesitation leaping elbow drop for a near fall.

Axel with an Irish whip and Ziggler goes over the top rope to the floor. Axel goes to the floor and he sends Ziggler into the apron and he punches Ziggler. Axel rolls Ziggler back in and he gets a near fall. Axel with a series of forearms and he gets a near fall.

Axel puts Ziggler in the ropes and he connects with forearms. Ziggler with a leaping hesitation DDT and both men are down. They get up at nine and Axel misses a charge into the corner and Axel hits the ring post with his shoulder. Ziggler with a flying clothesline followed by a Stinger Splash but he stays on the turnbuckles for punches. Ziggler with a swinging neck breaker followed by a leaping elbow drop and he gets a near fall.

Axel catapults Ziggler into the turnbuckles and Axel with a rollup for a near fall. Ziggler with a Fameasser for a near fall. Axel with a springing Saito suplex for a near fall. Axel goes up top but Ziggler hits a super X Factor for a near fall. Ziggler tries for a sleeper but Axel pushes him away. Axel sends Ziggler in the air and to the mat followed by a neck breaker driver for the three count.


Winner: Curtis Axel


We go to the back where Brad and Kane tell each other that they have to listen to the other and that the Authority will take care of the other. Brad suggests that the Real Americans face John Cena tonight in the main event. Kane likes the handicap match. The three members of The Shield will face Daniel Bryan and CM Punk.

We go to commercial.

We are back and Zack Ryder is here to sell some merchandise.


Match Number Four: Tamina Snuka (with AJ Lee) versus Nikki Bella (with Brie Bella)


They lock up and Tamina with a knee but she misses a charge into the corner and Nikki with a rollup for a near fall. Tamina runs into a boot and Nikki with another rollup for a near fall. Nikki with a drop kick and Tamina goes to the floor. Nikki tries for a monkey flip but Tamina pushes her away and then Tamina throws her jacket at Nikki and gets a near fall.

Tamina with a slam followed by a bow and arrow. Tamina stretches Nikki in the ropes. Nikki kicks Tamina but Tamina with a knee and a pump handle power slam for a near fall. Tamina with a reverse chin lock. Tamina with a back breaker but Nikki gets to the turnbuckles and she gets to her feet and she gives Tamina a back body drop.

Nikki with a head scissors and monkey flip followed by a bulldog for a near fall. Nikki is sent into the ropes and AJ hits Nikki followed by a boot from Tamina. AJ takes care of Brie and Tamina goes up top and hits a Superfly splash for the three count.


Winner: Tamina Snuka


After the match, Brie with a drop kick to AJ and then she gives one to Tamina.

We go to commercial.

We are back and we have a poll for your pick for the greatest opponent for Undertaker and the winner was Shawn Michaels.

The doctor continues to check on Orton and The Shield arrive and ask Randy how he is doing. Randy wants to know where they were when Big Show handed him his ass. They beat him last week and this week he got choke slammed through a table.

Dean says that it is none of Randy’s business. They don’t work for Vickie, Brad, Kane, or Randy. Dean tells Randy to feel better.

We see some footage from a future episode of Total Divas when Tyson Kidd has some words for Fandango. What a coincidence.


Match Number Five: Fandango (with Summer Rae) versus Tyson Kidd (with Natalya)


Fandango with a side head lock but Kidd with a snap mare. Kidd avoids a clothesline and connects with a kick and a drop kick to the head. Kidd punches and chops Fandango. Fandango with an Irish whip and Kidd tries to float over but Fandango sends Kidd over the top rope to the floor.

Fandango goes to the floor and he sends Kidd back in and gets a near fall. Fandango with a punch and a reverse chin lock. Fandango with forearms to the back followed by an attempted belly-to-back suplex but Kidd lands on his feet. Kidd sends Fandango into the turnbuckles and then he goes to the apron with a kick. Kidd with a springboard drop kick that sends Fandango to the floor. Kidd goes to the apron and he hits a rana off the apron and sends Fandango into the ringside barrier.

Kidd rolls Fandango in and he tries for a springboard sunset flip but Fandango drops down and gets the three count.


Winner: Fandango


John Cena walks in the back as we go to commercial.

We are back and Zeb Colter says that as Real Americans, it was Veteran’s Day in the United States. Tonight they are in a foreign land. That land is a land full of imperialists, soccer thugs, bad food, and evil monarchs. It is full of people who find the antics of Mr. Bean hilarious. If Real Americans ran this country, it would be in a lot better shape.

It used to be said that the sun never sets on the British Empire. Today, the sun never rises. As he looks across the sea of bad teeth in the audience, he wants people to say ‘We the People’


Match Number Six: John Cena versus Jack Swagger and Antonio Cesaro (with Zeb Colter)


Swagger starts off and Swagger goes after the injured arm. Cesaro tries to distract Cena to allow Swagger to gain an advantage. Swagger sends Cena to the mat and Cesaro tags in. They lock up and Alberto Del Rio’s music plays and he waves his giant Mexican flag. Cena with an Irish whip but he runs into an elbow and Cesaro sends Cena to the floor and Swagger hits Cena while Cesaro distracts the referee.

Cesaro runs Cena into the ringside barrier as we go to commercial.

We are back and Cesaro with a European uppercut to Cena and he connects with a running knee to the back. Cesaro with a deadlift side salto to Cena for a near fall. Swagger tags back in and he applies a reverse chin lock. Cena with a belly-to-back suplex into a uranage. Cesaro tags in and Cena with a pop up neck breaker for a near fall.

Swagger tags in and Swagger hits the double jump Swagger bomb. Swagger with another Swagger bomb. Swagger goes for a third one and Cena moves out of the way. Cesaro tags in and Cena with two flying shoulder tackles but Cesaro with a European uppercut when Cena tries for a second shoulder tackle on Cesaro. Cena counters the Giant Swing and he tries for the STF. Swagger tags in and Cena with a Blue Thunder Bomb to Cesaro.

Swagger with an ankle lock. Cesaro tags in and he hits a cross body but Cena catches Cesaro and gets him on his shoulders for an Attitude Adjustment but Swagger with a shoulder to the knee. Cesaro with a near fall. Cesaro tries for the Gotch Style Neutralizer but Cena counters with a back body drop.

Swagger tags in and Cena with a Blue Thunder Bomb and the Five Knuckle Shuffle. Cena goes for the Attitude Adjustment but Swagger counters with a sunset flip into the ankle lock. Cena escapes and he hits the Attitude Adjustment but Cesaro breaks up the cover.

Cesaro wants to tag into the match but Swagger is out of position. Cesaro tags in and Cena with a power bomb for a near fall. Cena punches Cesaro but Cesaro with European uppercuts. Cena with more punches but Cena with Swiss Death for a near fall. Cesaro waits for Cena to get up and he hits a running European uppercut in the corner. Cesaro puts Cena on the turnbuckles and then he punches Cena.

Cena knocks Cesaro off the turnbuckles to the mat but Swagger tags in and he tries to climb the turnbuckles for a suplex. Cena with a cross body to Swagger and then he clotheslines Cesaro over the top rope to the floor. Cena with an STF and Swagger taps out.


Winner: John Cena


After the match, Cesaro attacks Cena but Cena fights back and he clotheslines Cesaro over the top rope to the floor. Del Rio attacks Cena with a chair. Del Rio wraps the arm in a chair and he applies a cross arm breaker on the arm.

Big E Langston comes to the ring and he sends Del Rio to the floor.

We go to commercial.

We are back with an announcement that Natalya will get a Divas Title match on Main Event.

We have a Moments Ago Moment of John Cena being attacked by Alberto Del Rio, but saved by Big E Langston.

The Three Faces of Authority watch the highlights and Alberto enters. Brad says that was what was best for business. Alberto says that he will beat John Cena in front of his friends and family. Alberto tells Vickie to keep Big E out of his business. Kane and Vickie have a few ideas for Alberto.


Match Number Seven: Ryback versus R Truth


Truth avoids Ryback and then he applies a waist lock but Ryback backs him into the corner but misses an elbow. Truth with a side head lock. Ryback with a top wrist lock and he pulls Truth to the mat. Ryback tells Truth to take a shot at hi and he reapplies the side head lock. Ryback sends Truth back to the mat and he calls Truth ‘stupid’.

Truth punches and kicks Ryback. Truth with a kick and Ryback goes down. Ryback runs Truth into the turnbuckles. Ryback with a hard Irish whip and he kicks Truth before choking him in the ropes. Ryback presses Truth over his head and then he turns it into a power slam. Ryback with kicks followed by chops and punches. Ryback with a slam and a splash for a near fall.

Ryback with a waist lock and then he applies a bear hug. Truth with head butts and punches to get free. Truth with a punch and kick but Ryback with a spinebuster. Ryback waits for Truth to get back up for the lariat but Truth moves and Ryback hits the turnbuckles. Truth with a rollup for the three count.


Winner: R Truth


Match Number Eight: Big E Langston versus Alberto Del Rio


Del Rio with a side kick and punches. Del Rio has a punch blocked and Langston with punches to the midsection. Langston with an Irish whip and shoulder in the corner. Langston with a shoulder tackle and then he sends Del Rio into the corner but Del Rio gets his boots up for a charging Langston.

Del Rio with a super kick and punches followed by kicks for a near fall. Del Rio with a reverse chin lock. Langston with elbows but Del Rio with a DDT for a near fall. Del Rio with a boot to Langston’s back and a punch. Del Rio with a reverse chin lock. Del Rio climbs on Langston’s back as he tries to choke out Langston. Langston with a clothesline or two followed by a belly-to-belly suplex and the Ultimate Warrior Splash to the back.

Langston misses a charge into the corner and Del Rio with an enzuigiri for a near fall. Langston with a punch and body block. The straps come down and he tries for the Big Ending but Del Rio escapes and Del Rio applies the Cross Arm Breaker and Langston taps out.


Winner: Alberto Del Rio


We go to commercial.

We are back and there will be an Arm Wrestling Contest on Smackdown.

Paul Heyman is in the ring with Curtis Axel and Paul is in a wheelchair looking like he was in an accident. He points out that this was done by your hero, CM Punk. Paul says that tickles the fancies of your limited imaginations, but Punk never could have done this by himself. Punk had a lot of help.

For example, he had that big dummy Ryback. He took Ryback under his wing, nourished him and gave him the opportunity to be a Paul Heyman guy, but he never accepted the position. Ryback promised to him that his mantra was ‘feed me more’ but he proved that he bit off more than he could chew.

Paul says that he blames everyone for encouraging CM Punk to climb to the top of the cell and lay this beating down on an innocent father of two small children. You cheered CM Punk to give him this beating. Paul says that is why he has left his first class accommodations to leave Europe to slum with the people in the ghetto known as Manchester. He came here to get a room full of witnesses to testify that he went public with his intentions.

Paul says that he, Paul Heyman shall return with a vengeance. He will hover over CM Punk like the Sword of Damocles. He will put that sword through the . . .

CM Punk’s music plays and he makes his way to the stage.

Axel cuts off Punk before he can get to the ring and Axel with forearms and a knee but Punk with a round kick and then he sends Axel into the ringside barrier. Punk with a Go to Sleep.

Paul tells Punk to get out of here because he has done more damage in his lifetime.

Punk gets a kendo stick from under the ring and then he goes into the ring and he spins Paul around in the wheelchair and spills him to the mat. Punk hits Heyman with the kendo stick.


Match Number Nine: Daniel Bryan and CM Punk versus Dean Ambrose, Seth Rollins, and Roman Reigns


Ambrose and Punk start things off. Ambrose with a hammer lock into a side head lock. Ambrose with a shoulder tackle but Punk with a leg lariat. Punk with a wrist lock and Bryan tags in. They hit a double suplex and Punk with a kick and Bryan gets a near fall. Bryan with punches. Ambrose with a back elbow and Rollins tags in.

Rollins punches Bryan but Bryan with a knee to the midsection and he kicks Rollins in the back and then the chest. Bryan tries for the surfboard and Bryan gets him up. Punk tags in and Bryan holds on to Rollins and Punk with a back heel kick for a near fall.

Punk with a snap mare and drop kick to the back of the head for a near fall. Rollins with a kick and chop followed by a punch. Punk blocks a drop kick and Punk catapults Rollins into the turnbuckles. Punk gets Rollins on his shoulders and he tags in Reigns.

Reigns and Punk have some words for each other and they lock up. Reigns backs Punk into the corner and Reigns with punches to Punk. Reigns with another punch but Punk tags in Bryan. Punk and Bryan alternate kicks to the legs but Reigns with a double clothesline. Reigns sends Punk to the floor to deal with Bryan. Rollins tags in and he kicks Bryan. Rollins with an Irish whip but Bryan flips over and Bryan with a German suplex and a running drop kick into the corner followed by a rana from the turnbuckles for a near fall.

Bryan with kicks of Yes and then he takes care of Ambrose when he tries to interfere. Rollins with a kick to Bryan and we go to commercial.

We are back and Rollins with a rear chin lock on Bryan. Bryan with forearms. Bryan with an Irish whip and he goes hard into the turnbuckles. Rollins gets a near fall. Ambrose tags in and he hits a series of snap elbows for a near fall. Ambrose pulls at the fingers and he stomps on the hand. Ambrose punches Bryan in the corner and Reigns is tagged in.

Reigns with a forearm to the head and he taunts Daniel. Bryan with forearms but Reigns with a thrust to the throat for a near fall. Rollins tags in and he kicks Bryan. Rollins with a slam and he gets a near fall. Rollins with a Cobra Clutch on Bryan. Bryan escapes but Rollins with a forearm. Reigns tags in and Bryan sends Rollins and Reigns to the floor. Ambrose tags in but so does Punk. Punk with a springboard clothesline followed by double sledges and a swinging neck breaker. Punk with a knee into the corner followed by a short arm clothesline. Punk goes up top for the elbow and Rollins makes the save. Bryan with a diving head butt to Rollins and a suicide dive. Reigns takes care of Bryan but Punk deals with Reigns.

Punk with a round kick and he signals for the Go to Sleep. Punk hits it on Reigns. Ambrose with a rollup for a near fall. Punk applies the Anaconda Vice and we get Wyatt music and the lights go out.

The lights come back on and Harper and Rowan have joined Rollins and Ambrose in the ring.


No Contest


Rollins and Ambrose want to know why Harper and Rowan got involved. Rollins holds Ambrose back but that does not work and Harper and Ambrose battle. Rowan and Rollins brawl. Reigns and Wyatt argue on the floor and Wyatt punches Reigns. Meanwhile, Punk and Bryan are watching.

The two trios stand across the ring from each other and Bray has something to say about an alliance. Bryan and Punk go into the ring and they wait for the next step from the six men who have now unified. They enter the ring and it is two on six until Goldust, Cody Rhodes, and the Usos get involved. The Shield and Wyatt Family have been exiled from the ring and we go to credits.

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