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By Mike Johnson on 2015-11-09 13:45:06
With the advent and popularity of the WWE Breaking Ground reality series on the WWE Network, we've received a lot of questions about the legitimacy of the series. As I discussed last week in the Elite section (which you can subscribe to by clicking here, the majority of the series is pretty much day to day operations of the WWE NXT program and there's been very little, if any manipulation for drama's sense.

That said, there were some minor differences in what was presented to what the day to day operations in NXT. In the second episode, WWE executive Canyon Ceman was shown informing a talent they were being let go. Usually in NXT, if someone is being let go, Head Coach Matt Bloom would be the one who delivers that news. Ceman was there as part of the series.

Also, while William Regal was shown heading up a promo class, most of the time it is Ryan Katz who heads up those classes. Katz is a former XPW and Wrestling Society X performer and producer who was brought on board with the advent of the Performance Center and worked closely with Dusty Rhodes before his passing.

The series showed Sara Del Rey training female talents, which led to questions as to whether she is still training as the narrative out there has been that she was moved into a producer's capacity as something of a liaison between developmental and the main roster. While she is performing those responsibilities, she is still training talents regularly.

Former TNA star Sarah "Sarita" Stock is also now working full-time as a trainer at the Performance Center, having started several weeks ago.

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