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By Mike Johnson on 2021-11-09 08:00:00

November 9th

On this day in history in ....

1933 - Otis Clingman defeats Thor Jenson for the Pacific Coast Middleweight Title in Eugene, Oregon.

1937 - Earl McCready defeats George Walker in Wellington, New Zealand to become undisputed New Zealand Wrestling Union British Empire Heavyweight Champion.

1937 - Billy Weidner defeats The Great Mephisto in Dayton, Ohio to win his second Midwest Wrestling Association Light Heavyweight Title, this also ended the second reign for Mephisto.

1949 - Bobby Managoff defeats Jack Claybourne for the Hawaii Heavyweight Title in Honolulu, Hawaii.

1950 - Billy Goelz defeats Gypsy Joe to win the Wisconsin Junior Heavyweight Title in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

1952 - Lucky Simunovich and Gino Garibaldi defeat Bob Langevin and Rom Rice for the vacant Hawaii Tag Team Title in Honolulu, Hawaii.

1956 - Lou Thesz defeats Whipper Billy Watson to win his second NWA World Heavyweight Title as well as, to this day, the final totally Undisputed World Heavyweight Championship in St. Louis, Missouri.

1957 - Ivan Bornov and The Great Malenko defeat Frankie Talaber and Leon Graham for the MWA Ohio Tag Team Title in Columbus, Ohio, ending Talaber and Graham's second reign.

1961 - Lord James Blears and Neff Maivia defeat Shoulders Newman and Ted Travis for the NWA Hawaii Tag Team Title in Honolulu, Hawaii, then lose the belts right back to Newman and Travis.

1962 - Fred Blassie begins his second reign as the recognized World Heavyweight Champion in the state of Georgia, defeating Jake Smith in Atlanta in a rematch from their meeting two weeks earlier for the title, also in Atlanta, the title had been immediately held up following the prior match.

1964 - Terry Garvin and Chin Lee are awarded the Gulf Coast version of the NWA Southern Tag Team Title, when the previous champions, The Corsicans (Joe and Jean) leave the territory two weeks earlier.

1968 - Kintaro Ohki defeats Buddy Austin for the vacant All-Asia Heavyweight Title in Seoul, South Korea. The title had been vacant since late 1963, following the death of then-champion Rikidozan.

1970 - Don Leo Jonathan and Steven Little Bear defeat Chati Yokouchi and Yasu Fuji in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada for the Vancouver version of the NWA Canadian Tag Team Title.

1973 - Wahoo McDaniel defeats Strong Kobayashi for the IWA (Japan) World Heavyweight Title in Wakayama, Japan.

1973 - Chris Colt and Bobby Mayne (Bobby Jaggers) defeat Tito Montez and Kurt Von Steiger to win the NWA Western States Tag Team Title in Phoenix, Arizona.

1975 - Terry Funk defeats Paul Jones in a tournament final for the vacant NWA United States Heavyweight Title in Greensboro, North Carolina. The title was vacated due to champion Johnny Valentine suffering career-ending injuries in a plane crash on October 4th also involving Ric Flair, Tim Woods and Bob Bruggers.

1976 - The Spoiler defeats Bill Watts for the Mid-South version of the NWA North American Heavyweight Title in Shreveport, Louisiana, ending Watts' fourth reign and starting Spoiler's second.

1981 - Yukari Ohmori and Mimi Hagiwara defeat Nancy Kumi and Ayumi Hori to win the World Women's Wrestling Association Tag Team Title in Obuyama, Japan.

1985 - Dutch Mantel defeats Phil Hickerson for the Continental Wrestling Association International Heavyweight Title in Memphis, Tennessee. This ended Hickerson's third reign and began Mantel's second.

1985 - Bobby Jaggers defeats Ricky Vaughn (Lance Von Erich) for the NWA Pacific Northwest Heavyweight Title in Portland, Oregon, his third title win.

1986 - On a card promoted by Bill Watts' Universal Wrestling Federation in Tulsa, Oklahoma, two titles change hands. Bill Irwin and Leroy Brown defeat John Tatum and Jack Victory to win the UWF Tag Team Title, and Savannah Jack defeats Buddy Roberts for the UWF Television Title.

1986 - Invader III wins the WWC Junior Heavyweight Title for the sixth time, defeating Don Kent in Caguas, Puerto Rico.

1987 - Jeff Jarrett defeats Jimmy Jack Funk to win the NWA Mid-America Heavyweight Title in Memphis, Tennessee, beginning Jarrett's fifth reign.

1991 - Eric Embry defeats Tom Prichard for the USWA Southern Heavyweight Title in Memphis, Tennessee, starting his third run with the belt and ending Prichard's second reign.

1996 - Lance Storm and Yuji Yasuraoka win their second WAR International Junior Heavyweight Tag Team Title from Jushin Liger and El Samurai in Tokyo, Japan.

1996 - The Bruise Brothers defeat Brian Christopher & Wolfie D for the USWA Tag Team Title in Memphis, Tennessee to start their fifth reign with the belts.

1997 - Arguably the most talked about match in the history of professional wrestling takes place at the WWF Survivor Series Pay-per-view in Montreal, Quebec, Canada. WWF World Heavyweight Champion Bret Hart, who had already signed with WCW, was double-crossed in the finish of his main event match with Shawn Michaels.

Bret Hart had signed a lucrative 20-year contract with the WWF the year before, but Vince McMahon later told him he would be unable to fulfill the terms of the deal, and for Bret to negotiate a contract with WCW. Bret did, and gave notice to WWF. As part of the agreement, WCW would not mention Hart's signing until after the Survivor Series PPV, as Hart did not want his highly anticipated match with Shawn Michaels ruined. Still, word leaked out leading into the event.

During a meeting on the afternoon of November 9th, McMahon and Hart met to discuss a finish for the Survivor Series match. McMahon wanted the belt off of Hart, fearing WCW would announce the next night on Nitro that they had signed away the WWF Champion. Hart did not want to do the job to Michaels in Montreal for a number of reasons (including personal animosity and Michaels unwillingness to do a job for Bret following Wrestlemania 12, amongst others). Hart was open to losing the belt the next night on Raw, or at Madison Square Garden later that week. McMahon and Hart agreed to a DQ finish, and that Hart would come out on Raw the next night and surrender the title, giving a farewell speech to his WWF fans and putting over the company on his way out.

Hart and Michaels put together their match with Pat Patterson. The planned finish (suggested by Patterson) was for referee Earl Hebner to be knocked out. Michaels would put Hart in a Sharpshooter, but Hart would then reverse it. Michaels would tap out, but the referee would be down and not see it. Hart would release the hold to check on the ref, then Michaels would hit him with Sweet Chin Music. A second referee would come down to count, but Owen Hart, Davey Boy Smith and Jim Neidhart would run down and pull the second referee from the ring, eventually leading to a disqualification finish.

Bret Hart was actually warned by Vader prior to the match to watch for a double cross, and not allow himself to be placed in submission holds or positions where he couldn't get his shoulders off the mat. Hart, who personally made sure close friend Earl Hebner was the assigned referee for the match, was not worried about a double cross.  Reportedly, Hebner swore to Bret that he would never take part in something like that.

During the match, Hebner was bumped, and Michaels placed Hart in the Sharpshooter. However, Hebner got up, instead of staying "knocked out". Hebner called for the bell, with Vince McMahon (who was at ringside due to a planned earlier portion of the match where McMahon and agents were trying to get the action back into the ring during a brawl on the floor), screamed at the timekeeper to ring the bell. Hart was reversing the hold at the time this happened, and he and Michaels crumbled to the mat, with Michaels (who later admitted to being in on it) acting angry.

Earl Hebner immediately exited the ring, and ran out of the building into a waiting car. He would fly home immediately, and not appear at Raw the next night. Hart spat right in Vince McMahon's face. McMahon screamed at Michaels to take the belt and leave. Michaels, with Gerald Brisco ushering him out, took the belt, and held it up as he left (presumably under orders from Brisco). The PPV went off the air at that point. McMahon, with Pat Patterson and security surrounding him, left ringside. Bret Hart smashed several TV monitors, and Owen Hart, Davey Boy Smith and Jim Neidhart (who never got their cue to come in for the finish) came to the ring and calmed him down. Hart then spelled out "WCW" with his fingers to the fans before leaving the ring.

Backstage, McMahon locked himself in his office. Hart confronted Michaels, who insisted he knew nothing about it, and that he wasn't going to keep the belt. Hart gave Michaels the benefit of a doubt, and said Michaels would have his chance to prove himself by not bringing the belt out on Raw the next night. The rest of the locker room was angry, feeling McMahon lied and screwed with someone who had been with the company for over a decade, and did a lot for the WWF.

McMahon would not open his door for anyone, until The Undertaker, after putting together what had happened, pounded on his door and demanded that McMahon speak to him. Reportedly, Undertaker, the recognized leader of the locker room, told McMahon, very adamantly, that he needed to apologize to Bret Hart right then and there. McMahon went to Hart's dressing room with Sgt. Slaughter, Gerald Brisco and several others. Vince attempted to apologize, justifying his actions by saying that he couldn't take the chance of Eric Bischoff announcing the next night that WCW had signed the WWF Champion. Hart said he was going to shower, and if Vince was still there when he got dressed he would "knock him out". Hart called McMahon a liar, and when McMahon said this was the first time he lied to him, Hart rattled off a list of lies from McMahon. After Hart got dressed, he told McMahon twice more to leave, and when he didn't, a scuffle broke out and Hart knocked McMahon to the ground with a punch. Shane McMahon tried to attack Bret, and ended up in a scuffle with Davey Boy Smith, who pulled Shane off of Bret's back. As McMahon was dragged out of the dressing room, Sgt. Slaughter reportedly accidentally stepped on Vince's ankle.

Most in WWE management insisted they knew nothing about a screwjob. Many wrestlers stated they would not go to Raw the next night because of the screwjob, but with the exception of Hart's relatives (Owen, Smith, Neidhart), Mick Foley was the only wrestler to carry through on his protest. The next night on WCW Nitro, the NWO came to the ring waving Canadian flags, and sang "Oh, Canada". Michaels, despite his promise to Bret not to, came to the ring with the WWF Title belt and poked fun at Hart.

Here are the results from the rest of the PPV:
- Billy Gunn, Road Dogg, Henry Godwin, & Phineas Godwin defeated The Headbangers & The New Blackjacks in an elimination match. Gunn & Road Dogg were the survivors.
- The Truth Commission defeated DOA in an elimination match. The Interrogator was the sole survivor.
- Davey Boy Smith, Jim Neidhart, Doug Furnas & Phil Lafon defeated Vader, Steve Blackman, Goldust & Marc Mero in an elimination match. Smith was the sole survivor.
- Kane defeated Mankind with a tombstone.  This was Kane's first televised match.
- Ken Shamrock, Ahmed Johnson & The Legion Of Doom defeated the Nation of Domination in an elimination match. Shamrock was the sole survivor.
- Steve Austin defeated Owen Hart with a stunner to win the WWF Intercontinental Title.

2001 - 2-Dope defeats Marcus Jordan for the Maryland Championship Wrestling RAGE Television Title in Mount Joy, Pennsylvania.

2002 - Apolo defeats Rey Fenix to win the IWA (Puerto Rico) Heavyweight Title in Cayey, Puerto Rico, beginning his sixth reign with the belt.

2002 - Chet Jablonski defeats Matt Stryker for the HWA Heavyweight Title in Batavia, Ohio.

2002 - Whiplash defeats Justin Valentine, Zero-X and Benin to become the first Alabama Pro Wrestling (later NWA Xtreme) Junior Heavyweight Champion in Childersburg, Alabama.

2002 - C.J. Sensation defeats Lance Dayton in McKeesport, Pennsylvania to win the NWA East X Division Title.

2003 - Momoe Nakanishi defeats Mariko Yoshida in a tournament final in Tokyo, Japan to become the first AtoZ World Champion.

2005 - CM Punk defeats Ken Doane for the OVW Television Title in Louisville, Kentucky.

2007 - WWE goes on the offensive following a CNN report entitled "Death Grip: Inside Pro Wrestling", which aired the previous day.  Following the piece, which WWE participated in, John Cena came under fire for the quote "I can't tell you that I haven't, but you'll never be able to prove that I have" in response to the question of whether he uses steroids.  WWE, on their website, posted both the CNN clip, and unedited footage of Cena with the reporter when he made that statement.

In the unedited version, Cena said "Absolutely not" when asked directly if he used steroids.  He then gave a very detailed answer before the quote that CNN selected to use.  He followed that quote by stating that he could take tests and pass them, but people will still accuse him of using steroids.  He noted that he has "worked his ass off" to get into the shape he is in and that it "sucks" that people say he has to "rely on a crutch".

CNN would later pull the quote from re-airings of the piece.

2008 - TNA presented Turning Point on PPV.  Mike Johnson filed the following PPV report:

TNA's 2008 Turning Point opened with a video feature on the problems within the TNA roster.

Outside, Jeremy Borash tried to get comment from the Main Event Mafia as they left their limo.  None of them would comment until Scott Steiner stopped.  He said the young stars in the locker room don't know respect and spend too much time caring about their video games and joysticks.  He said none of them can hang with the Main Event Mafia and they were going to show that tonight.  He told Borash to go get their bags and walked off.

Mike Tenay and Don West plugged the card as pyro exploded.

X-Division Ranking Match: Consequences Creed vs. Sonjay Dutt vs. Petey Williams vs. Jimmy Rave vs. Volador vs. Eric Young vs. Doug Williams vs. Hiroshi Tanahashi vs. Homicide vs. Jay Lethal

Creed and Rave started the bout.  Creed hit a somerault clothesline and then peppered Rave with punches.  Rave came back with a running clothesline.  Dutt tagged in and hit a spinning headscissors after several revolutions.  Lethal tagged in but Dutt retreated from the ring.  Lethal hit a suicide dive to the floor.

Homicide and Tanahashi immediately started going at it, so we've got Lucha rules with no tags.  Homicide nailed a big boot to the face.  Doug Williams nailed Homicide but Williams got into the ring. Williams and Petey went back and forth.  Williams scored a two count after a spinning kick.  Williams hit a dive into a hurancanrana on the floor.

Young and Volador hit the ring.  Volador took down Young on the mat.  Young powered out and put Volador on the turnbuckles.  Volador armdragged Young, who rolled out of the ring.  Lethal jumped in and he and Voldar went back and forth.  Lethal nailed a tiltowhirl backbreaker.  Dutt nailed Lethal while he was unaware, knocking him out of the ring.  Volador and Dutt did some nice Lucha spots.  Volador laid Dutt across the ropes and dropkicked him in the face as he hung upside down for a near fall.    Dutt came back with a DDT.  Dutt went to the top but was cut off by Volador.

Volador hit a standing hurancanrana off the top for the pin, eliminating Dutt.

Volador and Jimmy Rave went at it.   Volador hit a nice dive to the outside.  Rave caught him with the Rock the World and pinned him.  Volador is eliminated.

Rave and Doug Williams began exchanging chops.   Williams rebounded off the ropes with a flying back elbow.   Williams hit his rolling German suplex for the pin.  Adios Rave.

Williams backdropped Young over the top to the floor.  Creed hit the ring but was tossed out.  Everyone hit the ring and started going back and forth.  Homicide hit the Gringo Cutter on Williams, then did a running tope con hilo over the top to the floor on everyone.  He  "overshot" and hit the railing, which the announcers noted as he went down.  The referees said Homicide couldn't continue.  Hernandez ran out to check on Homicide.

The final six all started battling in the ring.  Lethal and Williams nailed Tanahashi with stereo dropkicks.  Creed nailed a spinning neckbreaker on Tanahashi.  Petey and Creed faced off.  They shoot hands but Petey began chopping him, teasing a subtle heel turn.  They battled over a backslide with neither getting it.  Petey ducked a spinkick but was caught with a superkick.  Petey scored with a Canadian Destroyer, pinning Creed.

Williams and Tanahashi worked over Petey.  Tanahashi hit a great looking frog splash off the top, pinning Petey.  Young was worked over and tossed out of the ring.  Williams then turned his attention to Lethal.  Tanahashi and Lethal continued working over Lethal.  Williams was whipped into Lethal in the corner, nailing a high knee.  Tanahashi followed up with a dropkick.  Williams nailed a gutwrench suplex but Lethal got his shoulder up.

They went for a double back suplex on Lethal, who landed on his feet.  Lethal caught Tanahashi with a roll up for a three count.  Williams immediately clotheslined Lethal, who took a flip bump but kicked up.   Williams was caught by Young's wheelbarrow into a neckbreaker for the pin.

It came down to Lethal vs. Young for the top contender spot.

They went back and forth with some of it being a little murky.  Young clotheslined Lethal for a two count.  Young was caught with a big boot as he charged into the corner.  Young scored the pin on Lethal.

Young took the ring mic as several of the TNA Young Lions returned to the ring.  Young addressed the Main Event Mafia.  He said that what they saw and what they will experience are some of the greatest professional wrestlers do what they do best - wrestle.  Young said they are wrestlers, not entertainers or sideshow freaks.  He said, "We aren't millionaires but wrestlers."  Young said "this journey" started out as everyone's dream and began putting over all the wrestlers and the fans.  He said it started in Nashville and some of them are kids, but they are kids with heart.  He said they've come to prove their legacy and leave no doubt that their legacy won't be forgotten.  Young said that their legacy will continue and that their best chapter might be written tonight because "tonight these kids become men."

It was a good promo designed to get over the unity of the young talents, but in my mind, it should have been AJ Styles or Samoa Joe cutting it, not Young, who's been something of the company's comedy mascot the last few years.  Still, it was a good serious promo from him and showed a different dimension.

The match itself was a solid opener but nowhere near as spectacular as you'd think on paper.  It may have been too many talents in one place and not enough time to focus on anything, but the wrestling itself was fine.

X-Division Rankings:

1 Eric Young

2 Jay Lethal

3 Doug Williams

4 Hiroshi Tanahashi

5 Petey Williams

6 Consequences Creed

7 Homicide

8 Jimmy Rave

9 Volador

10 - Sonjay Dutt

Backstage, Lauren interviewed Mick Foley and Jeff Jarrett.  Jarrett told Mick to go "talk to the kids" while he would go talk to the Main Event Mafia to try and "remove some of the bullets before they are fired."  Foley questioned Jeff going to see Kurt Angle since their issues haven't been settled.  Jeff told him to just worry about "the kids."  Oh God, please stop using that term.  It's belittling to the talent and makes it sound like a bunch of 5th graders are feuding with WWE talents.  Jeff left.  Something about Foley isn't clicking for me.

TNA Knockout champ Awesome Kong & Raeesha Saeid (with Rhaka Khan) vs. Roxxi & Taylor Wilde

All four brawled to start.  It settled into Saeid vs. Wilde.  Wilde did some cool counter moves.  Kong tagged in.  Roxxi and Taylor hit a double dropkick to take her down.  Roxxi scored a two count.  Khan's distraction allowed Kong to grab Roxxi and toss her across the ring.

Kong tagged in Saied, who nailed several shoulderblocks in the corner.  Saied dropped an elbow after rebounding off the ropes.  Mike Tenay called it a "corkscrew elbow."  Say what?  Saied continued to work over Roxxi, then tagged Kong back in.  Kong nailed a running splash in the corner.  Kong locked in a camel clutch, then pulled Roxxi up.  Roxxi began firing back with punches, then a jawbreaker.

Outside, Rhaka Khan pulled Wilde off the apron and then shoved her away when Wilde got in her face on the floor.

Kong slammed down Roxxi but only received a two count.  Saied tagged back in and shoved Wilde to set up the referee distraction so the heels could work over Roxxi.  Roxxi was slammed down for a two count.  The crowd chanted for Roxxi.  Saied nailed a surfboard into a curb stomp.  Roxxi began fighting her way to her feet.

Kong tagged in and took down Roxxi.  Kong and Saied used the old Public Enemy drive-by finisher on Roxxi with Kong flipping her off the top.  Kong went to the ropes for a splash but Roxxi moved.  Taylor made the hot tag and hit the ring.  Taylor began unloading with forearms and clotheslines.  She showed some good fire.  She nailed a dropkick for a two count, then nailed Kong and Khan.

All four began battling in the ring.  Roxxi ducked a clothesline, then nailed both, taking them down.  The babyfaces went to whip the heels into each other, but Kong reversed so Wilde and Saeid clunked.  Roxxi ducked a Kong charge and grabbed the top rope so Kong bumped to the floor.  Roxxi hit a dive to the floor.  Wilde hit a back suplex with a bridge for the pin.

Your winners, Roxxi & Taylor Wilde!

Solid tag.  This was the best Wilde has looked thus far for the company.

Jeremy Borash tried again to interview the Main Event Mafia.  As he started talking to Sting, Jeff Jarrett came in.  He said everyone was there to do their best and get it done inside the ring.  He asked them to be professional and not to let it get out of hand.  Angle got upset Jeff called himself "one of their peers."  He said Jeff's word means nothing around here until he grows some balls because he's sitting behind a desk pretending to be one of the boys.  He stormed out.  Nash told Jeff that sometimes in the business, he knows things have to happen and Jeff should be talking to "the children."  Oh Lord.  Jeff told him to put himself in Jeff's shoes because it's his company and his future.  Nash said they were his future.  They really need to let the other side of this storyline state their case and it needs to be something more than "This is about TNA" and TNA's journey.

Interesting to note the actual crowd looks darker than it traditionally did during PPVs, except for the entrances.

Rhino vs. X-Division champ Sheik Abdul Bashir

They had a veteran introduce Rhino.  The crowd was super behind Rhino, chanting his name at the bell.  Bashir tried to kick him, got caught and Rhino bounced him around like a ping pong ball to start hot.  The crowd started reacting to Scott Hall and ICP entering the Impact Zone, which wasn't acknowledged on commentary.   It looked terribly bad because Rhino and Bashir were brawling on the floor and no one was watching.  TNA totally destroyed any heat for the match.

Back in the ring, Bashir tried to pull one of the turnbuckles off but failed.  Bashir spit at ICP and Hall and even though the cameras showed a close up, the announcers didn't say it was them.  ICP are all wearing their JCW jerseys, pushing their promotion.  Bashir tossed Rhino to the floor.  Bashir did Hall's mannerisms in his face, then a crotch chop.  Tenay said, "There's some familiar faces in the crowd tonight."

They battled back into the ring.  Rhino tried to elbow his way out of a side headlock but Bashir pulled him by his hair.  Bashir argued with referee Shane Sewell.  Bashir locked on a chinlock.  The crowd began chanting for "Razor" when the spot was designed to get the crowd into a Rhino comeback.  Rhino finally got to his feet and dropped backwards with an electric chair.  I can't believe they haven't pointed out Hall and ICP yet.  It looks silly not to.

Rhino made his comeback with a leaping clothesline and an elbow.  Rhino hit a nice belly-to-belly suplex for a two count.  Bashir his a jawbreaker.  He rebounded off the ropes but was caught with a spinebuster.  Rhino set up for the gore but was caught with a boot to the face as he charged.  Bashir went after Rhino, but the referee argued with him.  Bashir got in his face and spit at him, then turned into a gore and was pinned.

Poor Rhino.

Backstage, Lauren brought us into the TNA locker room where Mick Foley was trying to preach for respect within the locker room.  He tried to ask them to meet the older talents halfway.  The Motor City Machineguns had their backs to Foley and mocked him.  Alex Shelley said he doesn't care what Foley has to say.  Foley said he's going to ignore that because if he does, he has to admit everything Sting and the others say are true.  He said he invested in the company because he believes in the younger talents.  Shelley said he doesn't care and told Foley to take his "dumpy ass back to the desk to push a pencil."  Jay Lethal grabbed Shelley by the throat to stop him and everyone started scuffling.  Petey Williams told the Guns to get out of the locker room.  AJ Styles apologized to Foley.  He said, "Some of these guys, AJ..some of these guys" and walked off shaking his head.  Where is Samoa Joe and why isn't Styles dressed for his World title shot?

TNA Tag Team champs Beer Money Inc. vs. The Motor City Machineguns

James Storm and Chris Sabin started out.  Sabin used power early and worked a babyface style, taking down Storm with several hiptosses and armdrags.  The Guns tagged in and out to control the pace.  Beer Money retreated to the floor.  The Guns hit stereo dives to the floor.  Back in the ring, the Guns nailed the Dream Sequence.

Beer Money took control, working over Shelley.  Beer Money stomped Shelley in the corner.  Shelley fought his way out of the corner, but was caught with a drop toe hold by Roode.  Beer Money continued their assault on Shelley.  He was tossed to the floor, where Jacquelyn joined in the fun.  She tossed him back into the ring, where he kicked up.  Weird to have Shelley be a total jerk heel in one segment and a babyface in-ring performer in the following one.

Shelley came back with a double DDT, then made the tag to Sabin.  Sabin nailed a cross body on both of Beer Money, nailed a sweeping kick on Storm, and tied them up in the corner.  He and Shelley nailed a kick to each of them.  Sabin went for the Cradleshock but Roode blocked in.  Storm made the blind tag but Sabin kicked him.  Sabin maneuvered Roode to into Storm.  Roode went to the floor, where Shelley hit a dive.

Sabin hit a top rope hurancana, then a frog splash for a near fall.    Sabin nailed several kicks and a twisting elbow in the corner.  Sabin missed a flyinhg clothesline but cauight Roode.  He nailed a backbreaker on Roode.  Shelley hit a top rope senton.  The Guns hit a springboard legdrop, surfboard combination for a two count, but Storm broke up the pin.

Storm tried to a spinning neckbreaker but Sabin hit a enziguiri.  Roode nailed a spinebuster for a two count on Sabin.  Shelley nailed Roode into the corner.  They went for a powerbomb/sliced bread combination but Roode broke it up.  It turned into a Tower of Doom suplex build with Roode getting the worst of it.  Sabin scored a near fall.  The Guns hit their stereo kick combination but Jacquelyn grabbed Sabin and pulled him off by the hair.  She begged off.  Sabin stopped, then slammed her.  Roode went after Sabin, who rolled him up.  Storm spit beer in his eyes, blinding him.  Roode and Storm hit their combination powerbomb/neckbreaker for the pin.

Your winners and still TNA Tag Team champions Beer Money Inc.

Some good stuff here and at this point, the best match on the show.  There was nothing "awesome" in that blow away sense but some really fun wrestling.  I really, really enjoyed the last five minutes a lot.

Backstage, Jeremy Borash was with TNA Legends champ Booker T and Sharmell.  Borash said the belt represented the class and dignity the Main Event Mafia feel they deserve.  He asked what would happen if Christian Cage won the belt.  Sharmell spoke for Booker saying he won't be making a comment and he knows the time for talking is done.  She said that he knows what the belt means and that tonight. Christian Cage will become an official member of the Main Event Mafia.  If he loses, does he become a member of the Degrassi Junior High clique?

TNA Legends champ Booker T vs. Christian Cage

Booker was announced as the "self-proclaimed Legends champion."

Scott Hall and ICP were gone from ringside.  I guess they can't upstage the "stars?"  Cage shoulderblocked Booker down for an early pin attempt.  Cage chopped Booker and caught him with an elbow.  Booker kicked up at one and left the ring.  He stalled then returned to the ring.  Booker caught Cage with a spinebuster.  They battled to the floor.  Booker took down Cage and stomped his chest, then flung him into the ringpost with a catapult.

They returned to the ring, where Booker nailed a superkick to keep Cage down.  He cinched in a side chinlock.  The crowd rallied behind Cage.  Mike Tenay announced the January PPV will be in Charlotte, NC.  TNA should really do a Mid-Atlantic Legends segment, considering how many stars live in that area.  Cage was taken back down to the mat.  Booker locked in a keylock but Cage fought his way to his feet.

Booker missed a kick attempt and crotched himself.  Cage unloaded with chops in the corner and nailed a series of punches in the corner.  Cage nailed a forearm off the ropes for a two count.  Cage went for the Unprettier.  Booker escaped and Cage tried for a Sharpshooter, but Booker raked his eyes.  Booker nailed several knee strikes to the face.  Cage caught Booker with an inverted DDT after ducking a kick.  Booker kicked out at two.

Sharmell jumped up on the apron to distract Cage as he went to the top.  That allowed Booker to nailed Cage and crotch him.  Booker nailed a superplex off the top.  Cage kicked up at two.  Booker went for the Bookend but Cage escaped and pulled Booker down for a two count.  Cage teased doing a spinaroonie, then tossed Booker over the ropes.  They battled on the apron, where Booker caught him with an Axe Kick for a two count.

Cage used a double leg takedown to set up a Sharpshooter.    Booker tried to battle to the ropes but Sharmell got on the apron.  Cage let the move go, which even Don West said he shouldn't have done.  She slapped Cage.  Booker charged and nearly nailed Sharmell but stopped short.  Cage caught him with a Bookend for a near fall.   Cage went for a rollup but Booker pulled the tights and scored the pin after reversing.

Your winner, Booker T!

Booker took the mic and said he didn't want to hurt Cage, because he'd like to welcome Cage to the Main Event Mafia.  He said they do things with a protocol and they have a meeting tomorrow morning at 8 AM.  He told Cage he needs him there and needs him on "this team."

Match was what you would expect.

Backstage, Lauren was with Abyss and Matt Morgan.  She asked Abyss if he was healed from his burns.  Abyss said he was fine and the only thing that's been on his mind was Kurt Angle.  Matt Morgan told him that if Abyss wasn't 100%, not only would Angle beat him but would hurt him.  Abyss said he requested Falls Count Anywhere and they would battle to the concession stands and the bleachers.  He said that when Angle opened his pull-filled wounds, he felt pain and tonight, his puss would be replaced with Kurt's blood.  Matt Morgan said that it should be him out there as he walked out.

By the way, Lauren looks hot as hell but in the last few weeks, she's really improved when it comes to facial expressions during interviews and did a great job here looking disturbed by everything Abyss was saying.

The video feature for Angle vs. Abyss mostly focused on Angle's feud with Jeff Jarrett.

Abyss vs. Kurt Angle - Falls Count Anywhere

Angle went right to the floor.  Abyss motioned for him to return to the ring.  I thought he wanted to brawl all over?  Angle avoided an Abyss charge when he returned to the ring, then went back to the floor.  Angle returned and nailed several uppercuts but was clotheslined down.  Angle stepped aside to avoid an Abyss charge, then started working on Abyss' knee.

Abyss nailed Angle and hit Shock Treatment for a two count.  He tossed Angle to the floor.  Angle hopped the railing "trying to escape" (in a Falls Anywhere match?).  Abyss followed and they brawled on the floor.  Angle went up into the bleachers across from the hard cameras and they battled.  Angle tried to use a fan to protect himself.  That was funny.  They made their way towards the entrance area as Abyss stalked behind Angle.  They teased Abyss tossing Angle off the side of the bleachers to the floor below.

Angle raked Abyss' eyes.  He went back to the floor but Abyss followed.  They ended up in the entrance aisle.  Angle grabbed a chair and nailed Abyss in the gut.  He smacked the chair over Abyss' back.  Angle began walking up the aisle to the stage.  Abyss made his way to his feet.  Angle did a running flip dive off the stage to Abyss.  That was awesome and the crowd popped huge for it.  

Abyss made his way to his feet and began taking it out on Kurt.  They battled on the floor in front of the stage.  Abyss tossed Angle facefirst into the wall of the staging area.  The crowd chanted, "This is awesome."  Abyss signaled for a chokeslam on the floor.  He goozled Angle but Kurt lowblowed him with a kick.  Angle speared Abyss and they crashed through a wall and ended up underneath the entrance stage.  The crowd chanted, "TNA."

They disappeared under the stage with the cameras losing sight of them.  As the announcers were explaining the situation, Angle crashed through another part of the stage behind them with Abyss in pursuit.  Angle returned to the ring.  Abyss began mauling him with punches but Angle dropkicked him in the knees.  Angle began mauling and kicking the knees.  Abyss came back and hit a running splash in the corner.  Abyss nailed a sideslam for a two count.

Abyss went for Shock Treatment again but Kurt slipped through and nailed the Angle Slam for a two count.  Angle retrieved a chair but when he went to swing it, Abyss punched it into his face.  Abyss wedged the chair into a corner.  Angle tried to attack Abyss but was lowblowed and sent head first into the chair.  With his neck?  He's insane.   Then again, we all knew this.  Abyss hit a chokeslam for a two count.  I think everyone live expected that to be the finish.

Abyss set a chair on Angle's chest, but Angle moved out of the way.  Angle grabbed the chair and killed Abyss with it.  He put the chair on Abyss's chair and went to the top for a moonsault.  He nailed it but Abyss pushed him off before a three count.  Angle went for a bodyblock off the middle rope but was caught.  Abyss set him up for a piledriver but Angle grabbed an anklelock.  Abyss kicked him off with the free leg and nailed the Black Hole Slam for a two count.

Angle scampered from the ring and began crawling away.  Abyss followed him towards the Spanish Announcer's Table.  He then climbed up into the scaffolding behind it.  As someone who's been in the Impact Zone, I can tell you they were heading up pretty damn high.  Abyss pulled Angle down and teased sending Angle into the table.  He pressed Angle above his head but Angle escaped and landed on his feet.  Angle nailed a European uppercut and Abyss took the bump through the table, which exploded like it was made of cardboard.  It was a sick bump since Abyss could have easily missed the table and fallen even farther if he misjudged the fall.  Angle covered him for the pin.

Your winner, Kurt Angle!

Some great stuff here.  It was Abyss' best showing in months.  The brawling in the crowd didn't have a lot of intensity but the spots through the stage, the table bump and Angle's awesome dive off the stage made this one of the best matches I've seen of late.

Samoa Joe was backstage being interviewed by Lauren.  Samoa Joe said that he's upset at himself because while Nash was his mentor, he knew that sooner or later, Nash would turn on him and come to him.  He said that he was just surprised that Nash was such a petty bitch, he would do it so soon.  He said Nash has stood next to a lot of people who are better than him that went on to great things because Nash can't stand to be that close to greatness.  Joe said tonight wasn't about respect but about getting revenge. OK promo.

Samoa Joe vs. Kevin Nash

Good luck to these guys having to follow the Falls Count Anywhere match.

They went nose to nose as soon as Joe got into the ring. They began slugging it out.  Joe kept ducking Nash's shots and hitting him time and time again.  Nash was reeling early, using the ropes to keep from falling over.  Joe nailed a a back splash in the corner, then shoulderblocked him over.  Joe began beating Nash with punches in the head and choking him.  Joe chopped at Nash's back and kicked him in the chest, then dropped a knee for a two count.

Joe drilled Nash with a punch and he went to the floor.  He slammed Nash's head into the announcing table.  Joe tried to whip Nash into the ringpost but Nash reversed it.  Joe ate the ringpost.  Nash whipped him into it again.  Nash grabbed a tool box from under the ring and began cutting off the turnbuckle pad in full view of the referee.

Joe ducked a chairshot and kicked Nash in the gut.  Joe tossed him back into the ring but was caught with a knee.  He whipped Nash into the exposed corner, then nailed him.  Nash went down but when Joe advanced, Nash sent him facefirst into the turnbuckle.    Nash kneed Joe in the lower back several times.  Nash set up Joe over the middle rope and nailed him with his legs.  Nash dropped an elbow for a two count.  Joe kicked up but his back was hurt.

Nash continued to work over Joe's lower back.  Joe finally came back with a forearm and a leg lariat to the face.  Joe hit the back senton for a two count.  Joe catches Nash with an elbow as he charged him in the corner.  Joe covered Nash for a two count.  Joe began nailing forearms and elbows.  Nash covered up, then thumbed him in the eye.

Nash went to the floor.  Joe teased a dive but Nash drilled him with a chair as he went to dive.  Nash returned to the ring and covered Joe, who got his shoulder up at two.  Joe began chopping away at Nash.  He rebounded off the ropes but was nailed with a big boot.  Nash called for the Jackknife powerbomb.  He nailed it but Joe got his shoulder up.  Nash looked shocked.

Nash threw Joe into the exposed corner again.   Joe began bleeding.  Nash nailed Joe again in the corner.  Nash went for another powerbomb and nailed it.  Joe kicked out again.  Nash went to grab Joe but Joe locked in a cross arm breaker.  Nash nailed Joe in the face to break it but began grabbing his arm.  When Nash went down, he bumped the ref.  Nash low lowed Joe.  He covered Joe and put his legs on the ropes for the pin.

Your winner, Kevin Nash!

This was far better than you would have expected going in.  Nash sold a ton for Joe and the match itself gave Joe a ton of hope spots.  It wasn't a bad match by any stretch.  I can see fans being angry about the result and I can understand that, but the story was Joe was more than enough for Nash and in the end, Nash had to cheat and lowblow him, then put his feet on the ropes to come out the winner.  This was the best Nash match since, well, I can't remember.  Terry Funk in WCW?

Jeremy Borash interviewed TNA champ Sting.  Sting didn't even have the belt with him.  Borash said that in six plus years, he's never seen AJ Styles as focused as he is tonight.  He asked Sting if he regrets making the issue with Styles so personal by bringing up his father.  Sting said he doesn't have any regrets and obviously struck a nerve.  He said that he did it to help Styles and for his own good.  Sting said that even now he wants to help Styles, but Styles keeps spitting in his face.  He said that tonight, he doesn't know how he's going to do it, but he's going to kick Styles out of his house.

TNA champ Sting vs. AJ Styles

They did the big match introductions with Jeremy Borash.  Earl Hebner is the referee.

They started slow with some solid back and forth counter-wrestling.  Sting began nailing elbows to the face to break a hammerlock.  Styles was nailed with a bulldog.  Sting rebounded off the ropes but Styles drilled him with a dropkick.  Sting went to the floor to slow down the pace.

When Sting returned to the ring, Styles slammed him and hit a big kneedrop.  The Impact Zone was doing the dueling chants for both men.  Sting pressed Styles and tossed him over the ropes to the floor.  Styles clutched at his ribs.  Sting whipped him into the guard rail, then pressed and dropped him over the railing.

Back in the ring, Styles cut off Sting with an over the knee backbreaker.  Styles tried for a hiptoss, but Sting cinched in an abdominal stretch.  Sting began nailing Styles in the ribs.  I keep waiting for Sting to reach for the ropes like a heel but he doesn't.  Styles finally gets out, but Sting pressed and dropped Styles over the top rope.  He began shoulderblocking Styles in the corner.   He went back to the abdominal stretch.  Styles escaped and he and Sting began slugging it out in the center.  Styles finally kicked Sting in the head.  The story of the match at this point was whether Styles could overcome all the damage to recover.

Styles began cleaning house with clotheslines and hit a back suplex on Sting.  Sting tried to backdrop Styles over the ropes but AJ landed on his feet and hit the springboard forearm for a two count.  Styles hit a snap suplex for a two count.  Sting took control and went to the top for a bodypress but Styles ducked.  Styles went for the Styles Clash but Sting kicked him in the head.  Styles staggered into the corner and was nailed with a pair of Stinger Splashes.

Styles fell to the mat in the corner.  Sting set him up again.  Styles was out on his feet and was nailed with a third splash.  Sting put Styles atop the ropes and went for a superplex.  Styles fought it off and hit a sunset flip powerbomb into the ring.  Styles was too hurt to cover Sting at first but finally made his way over.  He changed his mind and went to the top rope.  Styles hit the Spiral Tap off the ropes, then signaled for another one.

Styles went to the top but Booker T and Kurt Angle came to ringside.  Styles nailed them both.  He went for the Pele Kick on Sting but missed and Sting rolled him up and scored the pin.  Styles looked shocked.

Your winner and still TNA champ Sting!

The other members of the Main Event Mafia (sans Christian Cage and Sharmell) came to the ring and stood triumphant at the end of the night.  They showed Styles, alone, sitting in the aisle distraught over his loss.

A flat ending to an otherwise good, solid match.  This was your typical TNA booking where the finish actually detracted from the quality of everything that came before it.

They showed clips of the finishes of the top two matches to close out the PPV.

2009 - WWE's Smackdown/ECW brand entered Torchwood territory with a live event in Cardiff, Wales.    Sean Thorne filed the following live report:

Another solid offering from the Smackdown/ECW brands in Cardiff tonight. Their last visit was slightly hampered by the draft which took place the previous week which meant that the big stars that coming from raw to Smackdown were at the The Raw TV taping "saying their goodbyes" and the big stars that were leaving Smackdown to go to Raw, well... they were on Raw as well.
Tony Chimel welcomes the crowd and begins to announce the first bout and is then interrupted by CM Punk, who then cuts a promo saying how if he lived in Wales, he'd have to smoke, drink, take "mom's prescription medicine (?)" etc. We then begin the first match
World Championship
Casket Match
CM Punk vs. Undertaker
This match was advertised at the last Cardiff house show, and I was surprised that it opened the show, however it was a great contest although the outcome was never really in doubt. Taker looked as good as ever, and I would say that he was far more mobile than he was in his tag match here in April. The big match instantly got the crowd into the show which was a smart move, and we were treated to a host of trademark spots including the last ride from the corner and Punk's GTS, but the match penultimately came down to Taker nailing Punk with the tombstone and rolling him into the casket. A great start to the show.
Diva Battle Royal, Winner gets a shot at the Women's Championship later that night.
Katie Lea vs. Rosa Mendes vs. Mickie James vs. Natalya vs. Beth Phoenix vs. Layla
Nice reaction for Beth Phoenix, you'd have to think they'd turn her face sometime soon. Eve knocked Mickie's hat into the crowd, which must have been accidental as it lead to an interesting moment where Eve, Mickie & Tony Chimel basically demanded that the fan gave the hat back. Eve tried some sort of pose down with the other divas which basically lead to her being beat down and eliminated. The closing stages involved Natalya and Beth trying to double team Mickie but disagreeing over who would finally throw her out. Mickie capitalized and used this to her advantage to book her place in the Women's championship match later that evening. I guess that's why she needed her hat so bad.
Finlay & Yoshi Tatsu vs. Zack Ryder & Ezikiel Jackson
A solid Tag match with Zack & Zeke working over Finlay for the majority of the match. Big Zeke looks friggin' huge and friggin' scary in real life. Finlay managed to get the hot tag to Yoshi. Zeke flies out the ring courtesy of Tatsu and as the referee is checking on him, Finlay strikes with the shillelagh for the victory. Finlay & Tatsu (with remixed combined music, a possible tag run perhaps?) then celebrate by waving the Welsh flag.
Drew McIntyre Vs. Matt Hardy
McIntyre enters and cuts a promo on how Welsh people secretly just wish they were Scottish. As an Englishman I was neither here nor there, just enjoyed watching the Welsh get angry. But anyways... It was a proper slow start with McIntyre refusing to get into the ring for long periods before the match, and I mean long periods, to the point where I think in the whole bout he spent more time out the ring than he did in it. When he finally did enter, it was a far more competitive contest than I anticipated, with McIntyre winning with a powerbomb pin, with his feet on the ropes.
Cryme Tyme vs. Hart Dynasty
Was hard to properly involve myself in this after watching this match so many times before, but still, an enjoyable bout live, with Cryme Tyme grabbing the victory as Shad hit the STO in unison with JTG's awesome looking rotating neckbreaker.
WWE IC Championship
Dolph Ziggler vs. John Morrison
Ziggler cuts a promo telling the crowd how they came for only two reasons, to see him, and to hear him introduce himself, which lead to a few Mr. Ziggles chants. Morrison then interrupts and we have our IC title match. A match that started slow, but shifted up a gear when Morrison hit the Chuck Norris kick. Morrison wins with the Starship Pain.
WWE Women's Championship
Michelle McCool vs. Mickie James
No matter how heelish Michelle McCool is, she's just too damn hot to boo. Standard Diva contest, Michelle reversed a powerbomb attempt for the pin fall. I guess Mickie's lucky hat failed her here.
ECW Championship
Goldust vs. Christian
I sort of hoped William Regal was going to make an appearance and make things a triple threat. But ah well. Both competitors shook hands before the match, and there was a lot of posing, and clapping to get the crowd involved which for the most part worked but lead to an amusing "Please stop clapping, Just start Wrestling" chant from a section behind me. A good match where Goldust had Christian set up for the Shattered Dreams but I just don't think many fans in attendance knew what Goldust was going for when he was urging the crowd to get behind him. Christian hits the Killswitch and retains the title.
Batista vs. Rey Mysterio
We get to our main event, and Batista made it pretty clear to any fans in attendance that he is now a bad guy. A couple of fans were bowing down to him at ringside, and Batista stood, glared at them, and slowly gave them the finger. Brilliant and very Un-PG. Rey got a great ovation and spent a lot of time touching masks with the kids in the aisle. Their match basically consisted of Batista swatting around Rey for the majority of the contest, including a sick looking spear as Rey rebounded off the ropes. The match spilled outside and Batista grabbed a chair, and rams it into Rey's gut which leads to a disqualification. Batista throws Rey into the ring, and attempts to beat him down with the chair, but Matt Hardy runs to make the save and nails Batista with the twist of fate, which leads to Dolph Ziggler hitting the ring and hitting his reverse neckbreaker finisher. Shad then sprints down and nails Ziggler with the STO, followed by DH Smith who hits Shad with a Sidewalk Slam. JTG Then saves his tag partner with the rotating neckbreaker, who is then cleaned out by Tyson Kidd who hits a clothesline off the ropes. Rey throws Kidd out the ring, and as Batista attempts to take another shot at rey with a chair, Rey dropkicks the chair into Batista's head and nails the 619. Another chairshot to batista sees him and the other heels flee the scene. Rey, Cryme Tyme & Matt Hardy then celebrate in the ring.
The manic ending of the main event was by far the highlight of the show , and one of the most entertaining things I've seen live. I personally enjoy seeing a lot of wrestlers involved in things like this, and the crowd lapped it up. A great 3 hour show, entertaining from start to finish! Best.

2009 - Gabe Sapolsky, Davey Richards and Full Impact Pro promoter Sal Hamoui announce the launch of a new promotion, EVOLVE.  Richards would later pull out of the company after signing a new contract with Ring of Honor.  The promotion has run nine events to date for DVD and Internet PPV release.

2009 - WWE broadcast Raw.  Richard Trionfo filed the following TV report:
We start off with a look back at last week’s match between John Cena, Big Show, and Chris Jericho where Jericho got the pin thanks to Big Show. Then we saw DX come to Cena’s aid but it didn’t work out so well.

We are live on tape from Sheffield, United Kingdom and your announcers are Jerry ‘Where is my match against Johnny Saint’ Lawler and Michael ‘Vintage tape delay’ Cole.

Justin Roberts brings out the guest host for tonight’s show, Ricky Hatton. He is joined by the official arm candy of the Raw Guest Hosts, the Bella Twins. Hatton says hello to the fans and he welcomes everyone to Raw. He says that he didn’t have to think about accepting the offer. He talks about the memories that he has in this building and we see highlights. He says that winning the World Title was the best memory of his career. He says that he considers himself to be a fan of the people.

Speaking of people, Chris Jericho and Big Show come to the ring. Jericho and Show get in Hatton’s face and Show says that he had a good breakfast today and it was bigger than Hatton. Show says that it is no big deal knocking people out because he has done it before. Show tells Hatton to get out of their ring before he makes a memory that Hatton will never forget. Hatton asks Show why does he have to be like that. Hatton says that he is a fan of Show, especially when Show got knocked out by one of the boxers. Show says that since Hatton loved that moment, he will give Mayweather the same opportunity, a free shot in the chin. However, after Hatton taps him, he gets to knock Hatton out. He wants to know if Hatton wants a shot at him. Hatton says that he is up to the challenge as soon as he gets a ladder. Show gets down on his knees and he is slightly shorter than Hatton.

Jericho stops Hatton just before he makes contact. Jericho tells the little man to hold it. Jericho says that he will not let Show be embarrassed by another low life boxer. He says that Show already has to worry about the match at Survivor Series. Jericho says that he is at the highest point of his career. He is single handedly responsible for Smackdown’s win at Bragging Rights. He beat John Cena last week. He will beat Undertaker on Friday and then he will win the title at Survivor Series.

Show tells Napoleon Jericho to calm down because he is going to be the one winning the title. Hatton says that are going to wrestle DX tonight. Jericho says that Hatton is just as bad as the rest of the dentally challenged plonkers in the crowd. Jericho mentions the Royal family and calls Queen Elizabeth a hypocrite. Hatton says that he did not understand a word that Jericho said and he tells Jericho to speak their language since they are in England. Jericho says that he will speak slower for the punch drunk Hatton. Hatton tells Jericho to get out of his face.

Show and Jericho surround Hatton but it doesn’t matter because Degeneration X make their way to the ring. Hunter gets on the mic and he wants to know how many times it will take before they interrupt the general managers and get humiliated. Hunter mentions Shaquille O’Neal and Bob Barker. Hunter says that Hatton was about ten seconds from knocking Jericho and Show out. Hunter thanks Ricky for the match and he tells Hatton not to worry about the Honney Monster and Mr. Bean. Shawn doesn’t want to wait and he punches Jericho and Jericho goes to the floor. Show takes off his jacket and rolls up the largest sleeves in Sports Entertainment and he leaves the ring with his tag team partner.

Hunter says that is the way it goes because there is only one Degneration X, just like there is only one Ricky Hatton. Hatton gives us the two words and then they pose.

We go to commercial.

We are back with the Slam of the Week: Alicia Fox is the new number one contender.

Match Number One: Kelly Kelly with Gail Kim versus Alicia Fox with Jillian Hall

They go face to face and Alicia with a pie face but Kelly with a Thesz Press and punches. Alicia back into the turnbuckles but Alicia with a drop toe hold and then she slams Kelly’s face into the mat and gets a near fall. We see Melina watching in the back. Kelly with forearms but Alicia with a clothesline and slams her head into the mat again. Kelly with a jawbreaker and clotheslines. Kelly with a screaming rana after Alicia misses a charge into the corner. Kelly with a leg drop for a leg lariat for a near fall. Kelly tries for a head scissors but Alicia hot shots Kelly and then hits the scissors kick for the three count.
Winner: Alicia Fox

We take a look back at the festivities surrounding getting Wrestlemania 26 tickets (the real 25th Anniversary).

Ricky Hatton is walking in the back with his son and they finally get to John Cena. Cena tells Hatton that he is doing a good job so far but he wants to know what he is going to do tonight.

We are back and it is time to take a look back at what happened to Jamie Noble last week on Raw.

Sheamus comes out and he says that he told us he would end Noble’s career and he did it. Sheamus says that he is going to do what any Irishman would do and that is go through the Englishman. Match Number Two: Sheamus versus Some British Guy

Sheamus with a hip toss and then he kicks his opponent in the chest and connects with a forearm to the back. Sheamus with a hard Irish whip. Sheamus sends him back into the turnbuckles. Sheamus with a double sledge and elbow drops. Sheamus with a uranage back breaker and then he hits the bicycle kick and then he finishes his opponent with an Outsider Edge for the three count.
Winner: Sheamus

We go to commercial.

We are back and we see the Hatton Health and Fitness Center.

The Bellas thank Ricky for showing him around Sheffield. Ricky talks about his clothing line that the Bellas are wearing. The Bellas ask for dart lessons from Ricky. Santino enters and he says that he is Ricky Fatton since Ricky has put on a few pounds. Chavo enters and talks about how Santino is sucking up to the host. Chavo says that he is a good dart player and Hatton accepts the challenge. Chavo challenges Santino and Hatton says that they should do a boxer against a wrestler and Hatton says that he is going to get in the ring with Chavo.

Josh Mathews is with The Miz in the interview area. Josh asks Miz about his team at Survivor Series and Miz reminds everyone that he was the only Raw wrestler to win a match and he defeated the captain of his opponent’s team. Miz says that his team is full of winners and the future of the company. Swagger interrupts the catchphrase and says that Miz is in awe of Swagger. Swagger tells Miz to watch what he is going to do to Evan Bourne tonight. Miz points out that he beat Bourne last week. They argue and then we go to commercial.

Match Number Three: Evan Bourne versus Jack Swagger

Swagger picks up Bourne and drives him into the mat. Swagger sends Bourne into the turnbuckles. Swagger with an Irish whip and then he drops Bourne to the mat again. Bourne with the double jump Vader Splash for a near fall. Swagger takes some time away from wearing down his opponent to do some push ups. Swagger stretches Bourne and then sends him into the turnbuckles. Swagger with shoulders in the corner. Swagger runs into a knee and then he hits a version of Shadows over Hell for a near fall. Bourne with a kick to the leg but Swagger with punches. Bourne with a double knee press for a near fall.

In the middle of the match, The Miz comes out and Swagger with a belly-to-belly suplex to impress his captain. Swagger with a suplex attempt fro the apron but Bourne with a knee to the head and then Bourne with a kick and the Shooting Star Press for the three count.
Winner: Evan Bourne

After the match, Miz reminds Jack that he is the captain because he is able to do catchphrases.

Mark Henry keeps the building from falling and then he walks to the ring with Montel Vontavious Porter and we go to commercial.

We take a look at Kyle Busch’s victory in the Nationwide Series race in the Smackdown vs. Raw car.

We are in the World Strongest VIP Lounge and Montel Vontavious Porter and Mark Henry are in the ring. Porter welcomes us while Mark Henry wants to introduce their guest. He talks about how their guest has come out of his shell over the last few weeks and he is their captain. That man is Kofi Kingston. Porter thanks Kofi for selecting them to be a part of his team for Survivor Series. Kofi says that he couldn’t have a team without Mark Henry and Montel Vontavious Porter. Porter talks about what Kofi did to Randy Orton’s car. He says that Kofi made a statement that he will not be pushed around by anyone on the roster. Henry says that was good, but this was better and we see the six man tag match from last week.

Kofi says that was only a taste of what they have in store for Survivor Series. Porter wants to make a toast before Mark Henry’s match with Randy Orton. They toast Kofi.

Legacy makes their way to the ring and the bouncer does not let him in at first, but he looks for the word from Porter and they are let in.

Orton says that they are acting like they are sitting on top of the world now, but they are nothing but a bunch of low class street thugs. Mark Henry stole a victory last week. Porter is the definition of the common criminal. He says that Kofi should be in jail for what he did to Orton’s car. Orton says that the stock car was custom. Orton says that he is waiting to deal with Kofi until Survivor Series.

Rhodes says that Porter looks ‘VIP’ but his surroundings are not VIP. He has a disgruntled outcast and an ex-con. DiBiase talks about how Porter’s bank account pales in comparison to his. Porter reminds Ted that it is his dad’s. Orton says that they were born into the business but they belong in the hood. Kofi slaps Orton and Orton stares away for a second while Ted and Cody hold him back. We go to commercial.

Match Number Four: Randy Orton versus Mark Henry

Henry pushes Orton down to the mat while the other four in the ring during the VIP Lounge are at ringside. Orton with a side head lock but Henry with a shoulder tackle. Orton with a kick to the knee and a drop toe hold and then he punches Henry in the corner. Henry with a bear hug and a clothesline for a near fall. Orton with the Garvin Stomp and the leaping knee drop for a near fall. Orton with a kick to the head and then he puts Henry in a front face lock. Orton gets a near fall and then he hits a series of knee drops to the head. Orton with a viper like reverse chin lock. Henry with a slam for a near fall. Orton with punches but Henry with a punch of his own and a clothesline. Henry with a splash into the corner followed by head butts. Orton tries for a sunset flip and that is a bit of a mistake because Henry does not go over. Henry pulls Orton up but Orton hits the RKO out of nowhere for the three count.
Winner: Randy Orton

After the match, Kofi checks on Henry and Orton grabs Kofi and slaps him but Kofi punches Orton back.

Chavo is shadow boxing in the back and we go to commercial.

Match Number Five: Chavo Guerrero versus Ricky Hatton

Chavo and Ricky go face to face during the explanation of the rules for the match. Chavo goes outside the ring to avoid Hatton. Chavo gets into the ropes to frustrate Hatton. Chavo goes to the floor again after a punch to the midsection. Chavo with a double leg take down while Hatton punches Chavo. Chavo with a kick and forearms but Hatton with a punch and Chavo is out.
Winner: Ricky Hatton

We go to commercial.

We are back and did you know that is more popular than despite the playoffs.

It is time to run through the card for Survivor Series.

John Cena is with Hornswoggle and he tells Hornswoggle that DX is serious. Cena tells Hornswoggle to hide while DX enters the locker room. Shawn says that he saw the leprechaun come in. Cena tells DX to focus on their opponents for tonight. Cena mentions their match at Survivor Series. Cena points out that he is the odd man out. They start to throw out double entendres about Twitter and then they return to the talk about their match at Survivor Series. Hunter says that one of the members of DX will walk out with the title. Shawn wants to know where the leprechaun is. Cena tells Hornswoggle to come out and Hornswoggle is wearing Cena gear. Hornswoggle does the ‘You Can’t See Me’ thing.

DX leaves and Hornswoggle returns to his DX gear and he crotch chops away and grunts.

Big Show and Chris Jericho walk in the back after talking for a few seconds. We go to commercial.

We are back and since they are in the United Kingdom, we have to show footage from a pub. Maybe it was necessary for the Really Raw Recap from last week with the Osbournes.

We find out that Roddy Piper is the guest host next week on Raw from Madison Square Garden (in the arena portion, not the lobby).

John Cena comes to the ring before the main event. Then he joins Lawler and Cole at the announce table.

Match Number Six: Chris Jericho and Big Show versus Degeneration X

Jericho and Michaels start things off and Jericho with a side head lock and shoulder tackle. Jericho runs into a chop from Michaels. Hunter tags in and he punches Jericho and then Irish whips Jericho but Jericho with a boot. Jericho punches and kicks Hunter but Hunter with the high knee. Hunter catapults Jericho over the top rope to the floor and we go to commercial.

We are back and Michaels is now in the match and Jericho with a kick. Show is tagged in and he chokes Shawn. Michaels with a drop kick to the knee and he gets a near fall. Show grabs Jericho by the neck and tosses him to the mat. Jericho tags back in and he works on Michaels’ neck. Jericho with a knee lift and then he sends Michaels into the turnbuckles. Jericho tags in Show and he knocks Michaels to the mat. Hunter is tagged in and he punches Show. Hunter with a jawbuster and he tries for the Pedigree but Show with a back body drop. Show with a spear to Hunter and then he punches Hunter in the midsection. Jericho tags in and he kicks and punches Hunter in the corner. Show chokes Hunter while Jericho shuffles in the center of the ring to distract the referee. Jericho with a chin lock. Jericho with a knee to the midsection and he gets a near fall. Show tags back in and they make a wish with Hunter’s legs and then Show walks across Hunter’s chest and stands on his back. Hunter with a boot to Show but Show with a clothesline. Show with a splash for a near fall. Show with a waist lock on Hunter. Show with a punch and head butt before he tags Jericho back into the match.

Hunter punches Jericho and Jericho runs Hunter into the corner. Jericho with punches and kicks and the referee pulls Jericho out of the corner. Jericho with punches but Hunter counters the bulldog attempt with a spinebuster and both men are down. Michaels tags in and he punches Jericho and hits the flying forearm followed by the kip up and a reverse atomic drop and punch and then he liked it so much he did it again. Michaels with a slam and then he knocks Show off the apron and then he goes up top for the vintage elbow drop from the top turnbuckle. Michaels gets ready for Sweet Chin Music but Jericho moves out of the way. Michaels powers out of a Walls of Jericho attempt. Show splashes Michaels and Jericho in the corner and then Show accidentally punches Jericho when Michaels moves. Hunter with a clothesline that sends him and Show over the top rope to the floor. Michaels gets the three count.
Winners: Degeneration X

After the match, Justin Roberts announces that the main event next week will be a Triple Threat Tag Team Match involving all six men in the World Title matches with John Cena and The Undertaker joining the two teams that appeared in tonight’s main event. The Undertaker comes out.

We go to credits.

2010 - TNA taped Impact in Orlando, FL.  John Benoit filed the following results:

*TNA X-Division champ Robbie E. & Cookie & Generation Me defeated Jay Lethal & Velvet Sky & The Motor City Machineguns.

*Backstage, Jeff Jarrett is giving instructions to Murphy and Gunner to make sure Kurt Angle doesn't show up and stop his MMA presentation tonight. Jeremy Borash comes in and tries to object to something regarding Jeff Hardy and Jarrett goes off on him, saying he didn't sell out.

*Abyss issued an open challenge to anyone for a Casket Match and Shannon Moore took him up on it.

*Jeff Jarrett comes out for his MMA demonstration, bringing a lot of people out as sparring partners. Jeremy Borash reads a prepared statement saying that TNA asks everyone not to try this at home. Jarrett shows everyone an armbar and walks everyone through the move. He then shows a Japanese Kneelock, then an anklelock. Fans start chanting for Kurt Angle and Jarrett responds that he learned this move from Ken Shamrock. He then shows a rear naked choke and people chant for Samoa Joe. Angle says he learned the choke from Royce Gracie. Joe comes out and says he wants Jarrett. Jarrett says he has two students left and if Joe can get through them, he can have Jarrett tonight. Joe destroys them and they tease a submission match but Jarrett leaves the students and runs off. Joe kills them.

*TNA champion Jeff Hardy defeated Raven in a match where Raven would be fired if he lost. Hulk Hogan came out and said "Raven, you are fired, quote the Hulkster, Nevermore." Tommy Dreamer, Brian Kendrick and Stevie Richards came out and put over Raven similar to how they praised Sabu when he finished up at the PPV. Dreamer then demanded that Rhino get out there and explain what he did last week. Rhino came out and said that his TNA contract was expiring and the only way Eric Bischoff would sign him to a new deal is if he turned on them and he did what he had to do. He told Dreamer that he and Rob Van Dam only cared about themselves, not anyone else. It got physical and Rob Van Dam got involved but Rhino lays them out.

*Abyss challenged anyone to a Casket Match. Out came Shannon Moore, who accepted. They have a back and forth match. Abyss almost gets put in the casket but fights off Moore. Moore tries several more times and finally slams the casket shut, then does a backwards flip over the casket onto Abyss. Abyss hits the Black Hole Slam and opens the casket, but there's the Pope inside (apparently he has supernatural pimpin' powers) and attacks Abyss. The referee calls for the bell (in a casket match?) and Abyss escaped.

*Angelina Love vs. Mickie James for the first time ever with the winner getting a TNA Knockouts title match. Mickie wins. Great back and forth match.

*Brother Ray comes out and explains why he turned on Devon. He says he invented the Dudley Death Drop and begins naming everyone who fell to it. He says that the only reason Chris Sabin kicked out of the move at Turning Point is because Devon is, was, and always will be the weak link. Bubba said, "I am Shawn Michaels and Devon is Marty Jannetty." He says that any of his brothers could have been his partner because he made 3D.

*The main event is Ric Flair vs. Matt Morgan. Ric Flair came out and drank an entire Snirnoff even though he didn't get "iced." Morgan had the early advantage. Flair gains control after a low blow. They brawl around ringside. Flair is busted open maybe three minutes in. Fortune comes out and works on Morgan after he chokeslams Flair, but Douglas Williams turned babyface, attacks Fortune and leaves. Morgan nails the Carbon Footprint on Flair and scores the pin. Fortune and Flair are pissed about Williams as Morgan celebrates.

2010 - WWE broadcast NXT.  Richard Trionfo filed the following TV report:
We begin with a look back at the Wedding of the Year of the Internet that took place on presided over by Ted DiBiase Sr. and all of the problems that took place, including the slap heard over Michael Cole’s complaints about being there.

We are live on tape on the internet from the United Kingdom and your announcers are Michael ‘Hating this show in my third country’ Cole and Josh ‘Twice at the big boy table this week’ Mathews. Your host is Matt ‘Where is the alternate audio feed this week’ Striker.

Matt’s introduction is interrupted by Goldust who has had a week to think about what happened to him on NXT (but didn’t talk about on Raw when he made an appearance). Goldust has something to say. He says that he has been trying to call Aksana all week, but she won’t answer her phone. Goldust says that he wants an explanation for what she did and he wants her to come out right now.

Aksana walk out with the Million Dollar Belt. She ask if Goldust heart broken and she want to know if Goldust think she love him.

Goldust says that he wanted to help her out.

Aksana say that they married so her immigration problems resolved. She has green card and she can stay in United States.

Goldust says that this is all about Aksana and she also wants the Million Dollar Title.

Aksana says that belt not even his but when they get divorced, she will get half of it. Aksana start USA chant in the UK, and Cole even joins in.

Goldust calls Aksana a conniving Lithuanian witch and then he tells Aksana that they aren’t even in the United States, they are in Manchester. He says that even though she can stay in the United States, we kick her out of here.

Naomi comes out and she says that she doesn’t want Aksana kicked out tonight. Naomi says that she didn’t bring up this immigration stuff. Naomi says that she sees through all of the makeup and her plans to become the center of the show.

Aksana say that if she sent back she be beaten with shovels.

Naomi calls Aksana a gold digger and a phony. Naomi says that Aksana has her attention and she wants Aksana in the ring tonight.

Aksana ask Goldust for advice as her pro.

Goldust tells his ‘wife’ that he thinks, as her pro, that she should step in the ring to get her butt kicked by Naomi.

Aksana and Naomi have a stare down as we go to e-mercial.

We are back and the rookies are in the ring and so is the arm wrestling table. We are down to four rookies, AJ, Naomi, AksanaDust, and Kaitlyn.

We only have four weeks to go, but starting tomorrow at noon eastern, the next vote will take place and we will have another elimination. Matt reminds us that there is still immunity for the most challenge victories. The physical challenge will be an arm wrestling challenge.

AJ will face Aksana in the ‘A’ Bracket while Kaitlyn and Naomi will meet in the ‘KN’ Bracket in this single elimination tournament.

Aksana and AJ go first and Aksana gets the win to advance to the finals. AJ is sent to the showers. It is time for the second semifinal with Kaitlyn and Naomi. Kaitlyn goes to the finals while Cole sleeps.

Aksana and Kaitlyn compete in the finals and Aksana pulls Kaitlyn’s hat as she tries to find a way to win. Kaitlyn is too strong so Aksana pulls the hair and gets disqualified.

We go to a Raw commercial.

We are back and we see how Nikki Bella has become more aggressive over the last few weeks.

Match Number One: AJ with Primo versus Nikki Bella with Brie Bella

Nikki with a kick and she sends AJ into the turnbuckles. Nikki with a slam but AJ with forearms to Nikki followed by an arm drag and then she sends Nikki into the turnbuckles. Nikki pulls AJ off the turnbuckles and gets a near fall. Nikki with a suplex on AJ followed by a kick to the back. Nikki slams AJ’s head into the mat followed by an Irish whip and a suplex. Nikki tries for a surfboard followed by a kick to the back and an Irish whip but she misses a charge into the corner.

Nikki slams AJ’s head into the mat and then she chokes AJ in the ropes. The referee deals with Nikki and she wants Brie to get involved but she does nothing. Nikki blocks a kick and she takes AJ down and gets a near fall. Nikki with a surfboard but AJ with an arm drag. Nikki with a back breaker to AJ but Nikki appears to have hurt her knee. AJ gets out of a slam attempt and Nikki sends AJ to the floor. Nikki goes to the floor as well and runs AJ into the apron. AJ is sent back into the ring and Nikki gets on the apron. Brie says something to Nikki and Nikki argues with Primo and gets pinned with a rollup.

Winner: AJ

It is time for Cole to care about the broadcast because the WWE has been misrepresented by the media. It is time to Stand Up for WWE.

Cole says that Josh and he enjoy their time on NXT (could have surprised me) and they talk about the main event.

We go to a Smackdown commercial.

We are back and it is time for the second challenge of the night and the rookies are in the ring with their air horns. The winner of this could tie Kaitlyn in the battle for immunity. It is a high school photo Name the Superstar Challenge. The first photo is shown and AJ correctly answers Eve. Kaitlyn needs a new horn and AJ gets Jack Swagger correct to extend her lead. Naomi gets closer to AJ with John Cena. Kaitlyn gets on the board with Chavo Guerrero. Kaitlyn misses with a guess of Cody Rhodes. Nobody guesses Jerry Lawler. The final photo is shown and Kaitlyn gets the tie with Mark Henry.

We go to a tiebreaker and AJ guesses John Morrison for the win.

We go to two knuckleheads to talk about Big Show’s movie Knucklehead. We have a video package.

We are back and Cole and Mathews show some emotion to talk about the two title matches at Survivor Series.

In case you missed last week’s NXT, we go back to AJ and Primo discovering that Kaitlyn was getting busy with Dolph Ziggler and the resulting cake tossing incident. This time without the alternate audio track. We see the match from Friday night.

Vickie is in the back with Kaitlyn and she says that beating Kaitlyn on Friday means that she is better than Kaitlyn. Vickie says that she has tried to be nice to Kaitlyn but it is of no use. Vickie says that Dolph told her that it was over with Kaitlyn. Kaitlyn says that Dolph said that Kaitlyn was not the woman that Vickie was because her butt isn’t as big. We have the word that made Joey Styles famous . . . CATFIGHT. Vickie sends Kaitlyn into the catering table before they are separated by the referees.

Match Number Two: Naomi with Kelly Kelly versus Aksana

Before the match starts, Goldust comes out to the ring and he gets in Naomi’s corner.

Naomi takes Aksana down and Aksana goes to the floor. Aksana kicks Naomi but Naomi floats over and gets a near fall with a rollup. Naomi with a slam followed by a leg drop and a near fall. Naomi tries for the Iceman King Parsons butt bump but Aksana with a drop kick to the rear end. Aksana slams Naomi’s head into the turnbuckles. Aksana with a kick followed by a snap mare and a kick to the back for a near fall. Aksana with a reverse chin lock into a rear chin lock. Naomi and Aksana exchange forearms and Aksana with a tilt-a-whirl slam for a near fall. Aksana with a single leg crab but Naomi kicks Aksana in the head. Aksana with a Ted DiBiase-esque clothesline for a near fall. Aksana with punches to Naomi followed by a kick to the back.

Aksana returns to the single leg crab but Naomi gets to the ropes. Aksana with an Irish whip followed by forearms. Naomi pulls Aksana down with a flying hair pull and both women are down. Naomi with a spinning heel kick for a near fall. Naomi with a single leg drop kick for a near fall. Aksana with a drop down uppercut followed by a neck breaker for a near fall. Aksana sends Naomi into the turnbuckles but Naomi with an Irish whip and she runs into a boot from Aksana. Naomi with a leg lariat for the three count.

Winner: Naomi

After the match, Cole yells at Goldust for not acting like a husband with Aksana because she applauds Naomi’s victory.

We go to credits and remember that voting starts tomorrow at Noon.

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