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By Andrew Twiss on 2015-11-06 00:18:42

Here are full results from NXT Live in Lakeland, FL on 11/5/15

- Enzo Amore def. Angelo Dawkins. Solid opener. Enzo was the babyface in peril for most of the match while Dawkins talked trash to the crowd. Enzo did his usual opening speech, minus the mention of Big Cass.

- Billie Kay w/Sylvester Lefort def. Gionna Daddio. OK match. They've been testing Lefort out at various house shows with different clients. Match was moving okay until at some point Gionna must have got busted in the nose. The ref took his gloves out and was checking on her. Gionna worked through it, but Billie got the win after a Lefort distraction.

- Riddick Moss def. Josh Woods. Josh Woods is a former MMA fighter and spent a lot of the match working submissions. The bout was decent for the most part.

- Dasha brought Levis Valenzuela Jr. out for a promo. He said that NXT is a phenomenon. He's going to go out there and dance, work hard, and become the first Dominican NXT Champion. This brought Emma out, who told Levis that dancing never got her anywhere. She went to slap him, but he grabbed her arm and twirled her like a dancer and called for something from the back. Out came a conga line of various developmental talents, including several of the Tough Enough competitors. Emma got mad and left.

- Solomon Crowe def. Tino Sabbatelli. Pretty solid match. Crowe does yeoman's work for NXT. He's a veteran guy who goes out and works matches with a lot of the young talent. Sabbatelli has the look and power of a star, but Crowe made him look good tonight. It was a solid, hard hitting match.

- Jason Jordan and Chad Gable def. Sawyer Fulton and Marcus Louis. OK match that was probably a little too long. Jordan and Gable are awesome together, but the crowd really didn't care about Fulton or Louis and it hurt the match when Gable was in peril.

- Bull Dempsey def. Alexander Wolfe. Kind of a nothing match. Wolfe worked on the arm for a while until Bull made the comeback.

- Nia Jax def. Aliyah. OK match with a bad looking ending. Nia was the monster dominating while Aliyah got some hope spots in. The ending looked badly botched. Aliyah went to the top rope and left at Nia, almost like she was going for a hurricanrana. When she made contact, Nia fell backwards and Aliyah just fell, hard. I'm not sure if Nia was supposed to catch her and just lost her balance, or they were going for a different spot and it went wrong. Once it happened, Nia went right to the pin. Aliyah walked to the back, but definitely needed help from the ref.

- The Vaudevillains def Scott Dawson and Dash Wilder by dq. Really fun match. These teams know how to work a match for the house show audience, which includes some hard hits and some comedy thrown in. At one point, Gotch tied Dawson's arm up and started doing squats before he would fall backwards. He actually asked a fan in the front row what year she was born. She said 84, so he did 31 squats in honor of her 31 years on earth. In the end, The Vaudevillains looked to have the titles won until Dash pulled the referee out for the dq. Dash and Dawson proceeded to attack Hotchkiss and English until Enzo came out for the save.

Overall, a decent show, especially considering the amount of talent that is either overseas or on Dallas.


- Aliyah is the new ring name for Nhooph al Areebi.

- Gionna Daddio is the talent who wrestled Eva Marie on this week's NXT tv. At the tapings, she was announced to the crowd as Marley. They decided to not to mention that name on TV and they haven't used it any subsequent house shows, so it looks like that rebranding isn't moving forward.

- Josh Woods has competed on NXT House Shows before, under the name Preston Cunningham Jr. He played a spoiled rich kid using his dad's money to get to the top. It appears that gimmick may not be moving forward.

- Meet and Greet before the show was with Billie Kay, Scott Dawson and Dash Wilder.


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