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By Andrew Twiss on 2015-10-30 09:01:56

Here are full results from NXT Live in Citrus Springs, FL on 10/29/15. One of these matches features the result from an episode of NXT that hasn't aired yet.

- Bull Dempsey def. Tino Sabbatelli. Simple opener. Sabatelli was featured in the first episode of Breaking Ground and it's my first opportunity to see him wrestle a singles match for NXT. He's still pretty basic in the ring, but has a great physique and good size and looked comfortable. Match was a very simple opener, but fine for what it was.

- Asuka def. Peyton Royce. Royce was using new theme music (Billie Kay apparently got custody of their old theme music). Before the match, Royce took the mic and said she had legs for days and was the venus fly trap of NXT. Not quite sure that line works. Match itself was fine. Royce got in a lot of offense and kept up very well with Asuka.

- Riddick Moss def. Levis Valenzuela Jr. Decent match. These are two guys who will probably be bigger players a year down the line. Levis' dancing and energy got him over with the crowd. Match was surprisingly fun.

- The weirdest segment of the night was next and featured a promo with three newer NXT talents. They were: Gzim Selmani (a former MMA fighter who was a part of the most recent signing class), Sunny Dhinsa (a former amateur wrestler from Canada), and I believe the other was Lovepreet Sangha (an Indian talent signed earlier this year). They called themselves a tribe and cut a promo basically telling the crowd to bow down and respect them. The crowd kept yelling "What" and "Boring", likely because they had no idea who any of these guys were. It was basic stuff to just get these guys in front of a crowd.

- Tye Dillinger def. Hugo Knox. Fun match. It actually started with a dance off. Dillinger went first, but quit quickly. Knox went next, but was attacked from behind by Tye. Considering that Knox is still a little green, this was a surprisingly good match. Dillinger is so good in the ring and he helped Knox along to a quality match.


- NXT Tag Champions Scott Dawson and Dash Wilder def. Jason Jordan and Chad Gable. Note: Dawson and Wilder's title win has not aired on tv yet.

Excellent match. Both teams were on their games and fired up. Dawson and Wilder are so good at the little things. This match was great and if it happens to land on a Takeover event, it won't disappoint.

Post Match: Dawson and Wilder went to attack Gable and take out his knee, but Enzo Amore came out and made the save. Enzo did his shtick and said Cass would be back and they're coming for gold.

- Apollo Crews def. Baron Corbin. Good match. The timing looked a little off at first, but they eventually settled into a groove. Corbin has really come into his own in the last few months and looked good controlling the match. Crews got the win with his powerbomb that looks damn impressive being used on Corbin.

- Bayley, Adrienne Reese, and Gionna Daddio def. Billie Kay, Aliyah, and Emma. Fun little match. Reese is going to be a star. She did a lot of the work in this match and looked sharp. Aliyah is Nhooph Al Areebi, the former Jasmin Areebi, who was featured on the first episode of Breaking Ground. Having finally seen her in a competitive match (not counting the time I saw her get squashed by Nia Jax in a dark match at Full Sail), I can see why WWE is hesitant to use her. If you had told me she had previous wrestling experience, I wouldn't believe you. She looked VERY tentative and kind of brought the match down. She definitely has work to do.

- Finn Balor def. Samoa Joe. Before the match, Joe came out and called Finn a coward for not giving him a title match. He said he didn't see Finn in the back, so he was issuing one last challenge. Finn's music hit, Joe stared down the entry way, but Finn came through a side door and attacked him. The match was good, as you would expect from these two. After a ref bump, Joe went to use the belt, but Finn got the better of him and hit the Coup De Grace.


- Meet and Greet before the show was with Jason Jordan, Chad Gable, and Amanda from Tough Enough.

- Tino Sabbatelli is former NFL player Sabby Piscatelli. Piscatelli was a 2nd round pick of the Tampa Bay Bucaneers.

- NXT returns to Citrus Springs on 12/5/15

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