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By Mike Johnson on 2023-10-28 08:00:00

October 28th

On this day in history in ....

1940 - Renowned pro wrestler, trainer and announcer Les Thatcher is born.

1969 - NBC sitcom The Debbie Reynolds Show featured an episode where "Debbie decides to provide Jim with some new material for the sports column by becoming a professional wrestler."  The episodes ends up with Reynolds in the ring with "Terrible Tessie."

1972 - Former WWE and ECW Executive turned Cirque du Soliel Exec turned Impact Wrestling exec Lou D'Angeli aka Sign Guy Dudley and Lou E. Dangerously for the original Extreme Championship Wrestling, is born.

1973 - Former WWE and New Japan Pro Wrestling star MVP is born.

1975 -Karl Kox defeats Dick Murdoch to win the TSW North American Title.

1980 - Former WWE Diva Search winner and TNA star Christy Hemme is born.

1982 - New Japan Pro Wrestling star Rocky Romero is born.

1989 - The first WCW Halloween Havoc Pay-per-view was held in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania at the Civic Center. Here are the results: 
- Tom Zenk defeated Mike Rotunda by rolling through a cross bodyblock into a pin. 
- The Samoan Swat Team (Samu, Fatu & Samoan Savage) defeated The Midnight Express (Bobby Eaton & Stan Lane) & Steve Williams when Savage pinned Lane after knocking him into manager Jim Cornette during a brawl with everyone fighting at once.
- Tommy Rich defeated The Cuban Assassin with a Thesz Press.
- NWA World Tag Team Champions The Freebirds (Jimmy Garvin & Michael Hayes) defeated The Dynamic Dudes (Shane Douglas & Johnny Ace) when Garvin pinned Douglas. The Dudes were going for a double suplex when Hayes hooked Ace's leg from the outside, and Garvin fell on top of Douglas for the pin. Interesting to note that the Philadelphia crowd loudly supported the heel Freebirds, and booed the babyface Dudes. 
- Doom (Butch Reed & Ron Simmons, under masks) defeated Rick & Scott Steiner when Reed pinned Rick after headbutting him with a foreign object in his mask.
- NWA United States Champion Lex Luger defeated Brian Pillman when he caught a flying bodypress and dropped Pillman across the ropes (Hot Shot/Stun Gun) for the pin.
- The Road Warriors defeated The Skyscrapers (Sid Vicious & Dan Spivey) via disqualification when manager Teddy Long interfered.
- Ric Flair & Sting (seconded by Ole Anderson) defeated The Great Muta & Terry Funk (seconded by Gary Hart) in a Thunderdome cage match. The Thunderdome was a cage that covered the ringside area as well as the ring, and had "electrified" fencing at the top to prevent people from leaving. The cage was decorated with "spooky" items, including a rope, which Sting swung around on. Part of the cage actually caught on fire when it was being lowered on the ring, as a fabric decoration brushed against the ring lights (referee Tommy Young patted it out with his bare hands, burning himself). Bruno Sammartino was the guest referee, but the rules stipulated that the match would only end when one of the seconds tossed in the towel. The match ended when Anderson punched Hart, and Hart's towel flew into the ring, ending the bout. 

1995 - Jesse James Armstrong & Tracey Smothers defeated PG-13 for the USWA Tag Team Title in Memphis, Tennessee, ending PG-13's ninth reign with the belts.

1995 - ECW ran in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania at the ECW Arena with a show that would become as famous for what happened at the end of the night as what occurred during the show.   Dave Scherer filed the following live report in the Wrestling Lariat Newsletter, which is archived in the PWInsider Elite section:

THEY WENT TOO FAR The Real Night the Line was Crossed

Arena Recap 10/28

By Dave Scherer 

In issue 14, I wrote about how I told Paul Heyman how I had to thank him for making my job easy.  Well, this issue the shoe is on the other foot.  As, I would assume, most of you know, I am a big ECW fan.  I have enjoyed the promotion, the workers, the building, and the people that are associated with it for over 2 years now.  This was a column that I neither wanted to write or am happy I wrote, but if I am to be honest and objective, I have to tell it like it is.

There has been a lot of discussion lately about the gimmicks being done in ECW and the severity and extreme nature of them.  People have questioned the use of large numbers of tables for bumps by the workers, and most recently the use of fire.  I have wondered, given the psychotic nature of the bumps these guys are taking, when they would reach the end of the line.  When would they go too far?  How much can a man take, and what do you do when there is nothing crazy left to do?  Wherever you personally weigh in on the use of these gimmicks in the realm of a wrestling match, I  don’t think that any rationally thinking person could justify what happened in the ECW Arena last night. 

In the main event, Tommy Dreamer, who was seconded by the Living Legend and my Hardcore Hero, Terry Funk, took on Cactus Jack, who was seconded by Raven.  This match has been set up by the feud where Cactus has repeatedly scolded Dreamer for “not taking WCW’s money when they offered it” and for “stupidly putting his body on the line for the scumbag ECW fans.”  Cactus has vowed to stop doing that very thing and has recently been working his matches with restholds and weak in ring work. 

Cactus initially appears without Raven.  He chastises the fans for ruining his moment earlier in the night, when he came out to congratulate Mikey Whipwreck after he beat the Sandman for the ECW Title, and was pulled away by the other wrestlers.  He tells us we can all go straight to hell.  He talks about how he should be home with his TV tuned to TBS watching “Movies for guys who love movies.”  He says “Tommy Dreamer, my instinct is to come here and slap the shit out of you, but that would make you all (the fans)  too (happy).  So sit down, grab a bag of popcorn, and get ready for the most boring match you’ve ever seen.”  He talks about how “Raven is the best friend, and looking around probably the only friend, I’ve ever had, but I don’t need anybody in my corner to teach Tommy Dreamer a lesson.”  He says Tommy, “You may be a hardcore hero, but I am a man who stands on his own two feet.” 

Dreamer comes out with Funk.  The crowd chants to Funk, and he acknowledges it but acts like he’s no big deal.  The match starts out slow, dull, and boring.  When the crowd chants “boring” Dreamer joins in.  Dreamer tries to do moves, but Cactus keeps working the headlock.  Even when a good spot was hit by Tommy, the crowd did not really pop because of what was, or wasn’t actually, going on with Cactus.  Finally, the Bleacher Bums started the wave, just like last show.  Raven comes out and hits Dreamer with a  chair, and things start to pick up.  Cactus starts a “WCW” chant, complete with forming the letters with his arms. 

He takes the mic and says “I made a vow to never put my body on the line again for you scumbags.”  He holds his hand and says “Can’t you see that I am badly injured?”  He asks that the match be declared a no contest.  He tells the fans “Thank you for coming and drive home safe.”  And walks off.  Looking back in hindsight, that is exactly where they should have ended the show, but they didn’t. 

Referee Jim Molineaux tells him they don’t have no contests in ECW and Cactus tells him to count him out then and walks off.  Molineaux says “Cactus you have a lot of fans in this building, but I just want to know why you are being such a pussy tonight?”  He says he won’t count him out and then Bill Alfonso hits the ring and says he has to count him out, and starts to do so.  He gets to seven and Funk comes in the ring.  Funk calls him a son of a bitch and tells him “If you count him out, I’m going to knock your d**k in the dirt.”  Huge crowd pop.  Funk says how he wants Cactus back in the ring for Dreamer.  Fonzie says he’s not scared of ECW, Dreamer, or Funk and starts counting again where he left off.  He hits nine and Funk lays him out. 

Funk takes the mic and starts dogging Cactus.  “You puke, you idiot.  Come on back in here.  Don’t you have the guts?  C’mon Cactus, you’re mother’s a whore.  Your old lady’s a whore.  Dewey (Cactus’ son) is a whore.  C’mon Cactus you gutless piece of sh**.  You scummy ass pig.”  And of course, back comes Cactus.  They start brawling, using chairs. 

Dreamer wraps a chair on his foot and does an enziguiri (kick to the back of the head) on Cactus.  Eventually, they all get into it.  Dreamer juices while Cactus is laying Funk out.  Cactus tells  a ringside fan “It’s time to stop believing in your heroes, give me your crutch.”  Funk gets the metal crutch instead and hits Cactus flush in the face with it and they brawl outside while Raven and Dreamer fight in the ring.  Steve Richards comes out but Funk trashes him. 

Beulah, who earlier in the evening had appeared to turn face (if there is such a thing in ECW), brings out brass knuckles which Raven uses on Dreamer.  Raven wants Cactus to use them, but he won’t.  So he has Raven tape them to his boot and he uses them by kicking Funk in the nuts.  Ouch.  Raven tells Cactus to finish off Dreamer with a chair, but Cactus won’t use it.  Finally Raven convinces him to do it, and as he winds up, Dreamer makes the comeback, uses a chair of his own and toasts Cactus in the face and Dreamer gets the pin.  Raven comes in and trashes Dreamer and Molineaux.

This is where Cactus became a prophet because everything was about to go straight to hell.  Funk went to the backstage and emerged with his patented flaming branding iron.  At this point, I got an eerie, sickly ominous feeling in my stomach.  I personally am no fan of fire in wrestling matches.  I don’t think it has any place at all and puts the workers at a ridiculously senseless risk.  And if fire is going to be used, it should only be done in an outdoor venue, certainly not a building like the ECW Arena with only 3 accessible exits.  And while I will admit that watching guys take bumps in something that is burning is visually numbing, it still has no place in a wrestling match.  All of that said, I am not one to dictate what guys should or shouldn’t do.  If they, the promoter and the wrestlers, choose to do a match using fire as a gimmick, that is their choice but they sure as hell had better make sure they don’t put any of the fans at risk. 

On this night, ECW totally dropped the ball.

Funk cleans house hitting both heels with the burning branding iron in the stomach.  Alfonso comes out and as Funk turns, Raven hits him from behind and gets the flaming rod.  Cactus hits Funk with a nasty chair shot in the back, which is not best of shape to begin with and shocked me to see. 

At this point, the singularly most stupid series of events in wrestling history occurred.  Raven and Cactus pulled out a chair that had towels affixed to it somehow.   These towels were soaked in lighter fluid or some other flammable liquid and they used the branding iron to ignite the whole mess.  As the flames rose off of the chair, the sickening feeling in my stomach worsened.  Cactus winds up and hits Dreamer with the chair, and he catches on fire.  The fans were stunned, and did not even pop.  I said into my recorder, “Death must be the next bump.” 

Cactus tries to pick up the chair, but it is flaming almost uncontrollably.  He somehow picks it up and as he winds up, the towels that are burning are coming loose, which someone should have thought of as it is pretty hard for something that is burning to stay attached to a chair.  He throws the chair at Funk, who is now laying on the floor near the ring barricade, and fire goes everywhere. 

Funk is literally a man ablaze.  As Funk is running around ringside, fans are trying to put him out.  The towels are laying on the floor burning and the crowd starts to go nuts.  A few people came over with the fire extinguishers and as the shoot the towels, they actually go into the crowd making matters worse.  If one person, as I was told was the plan, had suffocated the fire, it would have gone out, instead it was shot across the Arena floor.

I was told that the whole fire gimmick was thought up by Funk and Cactus, and was not known to Paul Heyman beforehand.  In any event, the buck stops with Heyman and it is ultimately his responsibility.

All of this was bad enough.  People were scared and nervous, and undoubtedly some of the world’s true sick sons of bitches were actually enjoying all of this.  And then the stupidest of all things happened.  Off went the house lights.  The big finale of this was to be an angle where Raven took Dreamer up to the crows nest and hung him up there and “crucified him.”  To get him up there and set it up, they needed the lights out.  For about 2 minutes. 

But for the love of God, at this point in the show, given the fire was going astray, had just been extinguished, and that  people were startled to run for, turning off the lights for the purpose of doing a f**king angle is ludicrous and should never have happened.  The lights going off caused people to head for the doors,  When the lights came back on, there was Raven licking and biting the blood of the crucified Dreamer. 

What Paul Heyman was thinking while all of this was going on is a mystery to me, but this was the worst judgment he could have possibly shown.  A major mistake was made.

At this point, I went outside and watched the people come out, helping anyone I could.  People were coughing from getting sprayed with the fire extinguishers, people were bleeding from getting hurt in the melee (one guy broke his nose and I was told another broke a leg), and some people were actually burned. 

Terry Funk and his wife came out and he was taken to the hospital with second degree burns on his right arm, from his bicep to his elbow.  He returned later to the hotel in pretty good spirits and was said to be doing well.  Before leaving, Funk went ballistic backstage and was throwing chairs, (one of the which that went through the wall) yelling at people, and even knocked over an enormous industrial fan as the guys were running from him.  He was upset about now he would miss out on work because, as one witness put it “his arm looked like raw meat.”  He had just spent 3 three months applying salve from burns he received in Japan and now the process will start all over again. 

Tommy Dreamer also suffered a broken nose as well as burns on his back from during the match.  Cactus Jack was distraught backstage, and felt very bad for what had happened. 

A lot of fans were saying they were done with ECW.  People said they felt that ECW had violated their safety and were pissed off.  And, in the interest of fairness, there were a group of people who were chanting “ECW” and the show ended.  It was a truly unnerving experience for me that crossed the line.

 Oh yeah, there was a show too.

As for the rest of the show, it was actually pretty good until the debacle.  The card opened with ring announcer Rocco, who allowed us to pay tribute to beloved former Ring Announcer Bob Artese again, threw out candy to the crowd. 

In the opener, the returning Axl Rotten beat Dudley Dudley.  Newest Dudley B-b-b-b-b-b-b-b-b-ubba Ray Dudley took the mic and did his stammering gimmick.  He is already over with the crowd because he’s pretty funny.  Axl got a huge pop, and the fans remember his efforts.  All of the Dudleys are at ringside.  They all work over Axl.  Dudley goes for a move off the top rope, falls off, and is pinned by Axl.  The rest of the Dudleys trash Axl thereafter.  Bubba could very well be doing the Rick Steiner gimmick from the Varsity Club, as was pointed out by Brudder Sam Siegel.

Don E. Allen and Tony Stetson were utterly destroyed by the Pit Bulls, managed by Francine who was absolutely dressed to kill.  Pit One was back from his tendon surgery and did pretty well, wrestling without a brace.  Pit 2 continues to work his balls off whenever he hits the ring.   Finish came when Pit 2 superbombed Allen from the top rope.  After the match, Jason comes out and tries to get the Pit Bulls back.  He says he should not have let them go and he could take them back to the top.  He calls Francine a prostitute, and while the Pit Bulls are holding her back, Jason superkicks her.  As the Pits go after Jason, the Eliminators hit the ring.  Saturn nails Pit 2 with an incredibly stiff chairshot.  They do the highlow on Pit Two after laying out Pit One with a chair across the back. 

Rick Steiner makes the save.  Rick says Scott is not there because they were late getting back from Japan.  Plus, Scott has the flu and “has sh**t running down his leg.”  Rick says there has to be someone “Paul E. Dangerously can match us up with.”  His interview was incoherent.  Whatever.  To be honest, the Steiners don’t add one penny to the gate and are really, at this point, an unneeded expense for ECW. 

The Eliminators come back.  Taz lays down quickly because his neck is still hurting.  They work over Rick until the Pit’s music plays, and back they come.  They do a little brawling, but most people ain’t sure what is going on.  I assume they are setting up a match between these guys, which makes more sense than bringing the Steiners in as all four of these guys are all willing to work hard and sell.

 Then, the match I couldn’t wait to see:  La Parka and Psicosis vs. Rey Misterio Jr. and Konnan.  Right off the bat, Konnan worked far harder than he did at the last show, and being in with his style of workers surely helped him.  He did lots of high flying stuff, which is cool for a guy his size.  Rey was Rey and Psicosis was Psicosis.  Words can’t really describe how good these two are.  La Parka was great too.  It was a ball giving him static as he is a great heel.  A drunken fool in the bleachers picks a fight with another guy and they fall over the top.  I remember thinking if maybe the combination of violence and alcohol does have a bad effect on some people. 

Some of the hot moves include: Springboard frankensteiner by Rey, frankensteiner off of the top rope by Rey, Psicosis taking a clothesline over the top and breaking a table by accident, Konnan doing a Razor’s edge into a powerbomb, Konnan sits on the top rope and suplexes Parka over his head, Parka and Psicosis using chairs in the ring to do high spots, and then finally, the faces do a double tope (running dive where the guys go headfirst through the ropes to the floor on the other guy) which led to their double count out win.  There was more, but you get the idea.  Great stuff.  After the match, the technico’s raised the hands of the rudos.  Somehow, Rey busted  open his fingers while Psicosis busted open his mouth hardway.

Then we had the in ring debut of Beulah’s Box and the first guest was Tod Gordon, who was to announce the stips for a match on 1118 with Bill Alfonso.  While Tod’s talking to Beulah, to which his Bums said “Tod’s got a woody,”  Fonzie comes out and lays him out with a chair in the back.  Tod tries to come back, but is dazed.  Beulah tries to stop him, Fonzie calls her a slut.  As Tod tries comeback, Fonzie stops it.  Beulah and Fonzie got into it again.  She appeared to turn face, but her actions in the main event maybe just mean she’s confused. 

Next up, Johnny Grunge beat Steve Richards in a “Raggedy Ass Ho” match where the loser had to wear a dress.  The match was OK, but was mostly brawling.  Johnny bladed, and as Arizona John said, “Who’d of guessed that would happen?”  A girl in the front row had a large, 3 foot blow up penis that somehow, Johnny used to stick in Stevie’s read end.  Johnny put a jack-o-lantern on Stevie’s head and he smashed it with a chair.  Johnny attacks Stevie’s new groupie putz, (indie wrestler Brian Rollins) who was at ringside and hugged Stevie before the match.  Johnny gets the pin with his reverse DDT. 

On TV this week, Jason had volunteered to wear a dress if Richards lost, and when he did, Jason decked out in a tight number.  He put on a wig, and lipstick, and then 911 came out and chokeslammed him.  Jason says “Which of you perverts looked up my dress?  And if you did, do you like what you saw?”  Jason is fantastic, he really is.  Someone threw a rubber in the ring so Jason opens it, and says it is not big enough for him. 

In the ECW title match, Mikey Whipwreck became the first wrestler to run the ECW triple crown when he won the heavyweight title in a great match where a ladder is legal.  Steve Austin, who I did an interview last night and will be printed in future Lariats, came out and ran down both guys.  He said he has been crapped on for 4 years and he deserves a break.  He will be the ECW champion because when he looks around the ring, all he sees are two jabronies.  He calls Woman a 5 dollar piece of ass.  Austin says to Woman “you married a midget” in reference to her husband, WCW Booking Committee member Kevin Sullivan.  As he leaves, he puts Woman over his shoulder and carts her off. 

Both guys took fabulous bumps and used the ladder to do things that sane human beings just don’t do.  They did so many incredible spots and worked so hard, I could write for a page about how cool this match was.  Finish came when Mikey does a flying body press on Sandman, who had the ladder across his chest. 

Sandman did a fantastic job in getting Mikey over and after he won the title, Sandman disappeared and let Mikey enjoy his moment.  Cactus Jack comes out and congratulates Mikey, but is soon pulled away from him by other ECW wrestlers who feel Cactus is anti-ECW.  Tons of other wrestlers parade the new champ around the ring.  This feud has been fantastic, and I look forward to seeing Austin and Whipwreck.

El Puerto Ricano, who also wrestles as Ubas, lost to J. T. Smith in a match where Smith kept up his “bumbling” gimmick.  Ricano is  announced from Ecuador.  Uh, OK.  Ricano did some hot highspots and Smith worked pretty hard as well.   Smith gets the pin with inverted slingshot powerbomb.  Sandman came out, with dried blood all over his head, and cleared the ring of both guys with the cane.  He says “Now I’m pissed off.”

Hack Myers beats DW Dudley with a double knee drop to the head from the top rope.  OK match.  Afterwards, Sandman comes out and wastes both of these guys with the cane too.  Sandman yells “Shah” when he hits Hack, “shit” when he hits DW.  He is deranged.  Gotta love it.

2 Cold Scorpio beat Rocco Rock in a match where Rock was putting the Tag belts against the TV Title.  Sandman came out in the beginning, but Johnny Grunge and he brawled to the back before the match started. The match was good and Rocco got to do a lots of wrestling moves for a change.  Scorpio hits a nice spinning press from the top rope.  They brawl into the crowd and go up to the back stage, where Scorpio puts Rocco through two tables from the top stage with a moonsault.  Back in the ring, Rocco goes to drop double knees on Scorpio on the table on the floor, and Scorpio moves, sending Rocco through the tables.  Scorpio works the bad leg.  Scorpio does a lot of one counts, only to pull Rocco up.  He does the 360 degree legdrop from the top.  Scorpio messes up a superplex, and Rocco gets a table and Rocco does a moonsault on Scorpio. 

Rocco gets another table, squirts lighter fluid, and lights the table, but Scorpio moved before he can senton him through it.  Rocco does go through it though and his shorts catch on fire.  Scorpio puts him out, and then presents him his title.  As Rocco raises their hands, Scorpio hits him with a clothesline and rolls him up, winning the match.  Out comes the Sandman, and Scorpio hands him the belt because “Now I got all the gold, and it’s kind of heavy.”  He announces that Sandman is his partner and they are the tag champs.

Again, it would have been a good show had things not gotten so crazily out of hand.  I honestly do not know where ECW goes from here, but they have some big decisions to make.  Guys can only inflict and take so much abuse before someone gets killed.  That is the last thing I want to see as a fan or as a friend.  Given the climate of the business today, Extreme can simply mean guys that work hard.  Guys don’t need to die for me to have a good time. 

ECW already offers an alternative product in the fact that the workers actually break their asses in the ring.  They need to save the barbed wire, numerous destruction of tables, and heavy doses of blood for when they have an effect, as now they have become commonplace and expected.  As of 10/30, it appears that ECW will escape from this debacle relatively unscathed.  They need to learn from this.  I have before called on ECW to tone down their act and look ahead to the big picture.  After this past weekend, I hope they listen to me.

2000 - Genichiro Tenryu defeated Toshiaki Kawada in the final of a tournament to win the vacant All Japan Pro Wrestling Triple Crown championship.

2003 - Ring of Honor and Low Ki part ways for the first time over creative and financial issues.  Ki had been the central star of the company from its founding in 2002.

2003- Ring of Honor announces that The Great Muta would lead a group of stars from All Japan Pro Wrestling to ROH's Final Battle in Philadelphia, paving the way for what, at the time, would be the biggest show in company history that December.

2003 - Court Bauer promotion Major League Wrestling's Underground TV, which aired on The Sunshine Network, went on hiatus as the promotion shuttered operations.  The series would return for a short-lived revival  year later before going dormant again.  Bauer would go on to have a run with the WWE Creative team and then revive MLW in 2017 with greater success, including a national TV slot on BeIN Sports.

2004 - WWE broadcast Smackdown.  Buck Woodward filed the following TV report:

Smackdown for October 28th opened with Michael Cole and Tazz hyping the Dawn-Torrie Halloween costume contest and the Rey Mysterio vs. Kurt Angle match. 

Backstage, Al Snow led the Tough Enough contestants into the locker room. Big Show stopped them, and told them that the locker room was "sacred ground".  Show told them to go dress in the women's locker room, then changed his mind, saying the women had "paid more dues" than them as well. He told them to dress in the hallway.  One of them (Daniel Puder, the former cage fighter) muttered something, and Show shoved him, then ordered them all out.  Al Snow had them leave their bags in the hall and go right to the ring for their challenge.  As they went to the ring, Michael Cole noted that one contestant (John Meyer) had quit, so we were already down to seven. 

Tough Enough Challenge.  Al Snow introduced all seven remaining contestants, while the announcers gave brief descriptions of their backgrounds. Al explained that voting to eliminate people will not begin until next week. The contestants were each given twenty seconds to cut a promo on Big Show. One of them tried to sound like Jericho, one tried to be like the Rock (and ran out of time).  Lot's of shouting, and guys being unable to finish in twenty seconds. Al Snow noted they were "digging a hole" here. One guy danced and did a butt scoot across the ring. Cole wondered what that had to do with wrestling. Puder went last, and put over that he was an Ultimate Fighter, and ran out of time as well.  None of them were particularly impressive on the mic, certainly not to the level Maven was in the first Tough Enough. 

Al Snow then brought out the Big Show. The contestants were smiling for the most part as Show came out. Show told them that he was going to bodyslam each one of them to see how tough they were. Show trash talked them a lot, and slammed each contestant. Ryan Reeves, who went first, sold it well, but most of the time the camera cut away before we could see how the contestant took the slam. Definitely a lot of editing here.  For the last two, Justice Smith was given a slam and elbowdrop, which he sold and Daniel Rodimer got a slam and a knee to the chest, which he sold.  The segment ended with all of the contestants standing in the ring, as Show continued to trash talk them. No voting this week, due to having one contestant already eliminated. 

A recap of Booker T's pinfall win over WWE Champion John Bradshaw Layfield in a six-man tag team match from last week was shown. 

Chavo Guerrero vs. Nunzio.  Billy Kidman came out to join the announcers at the start of the match, distracting Chavo and allowing Nunzio to jump him.  Chavo came back with chops and a clothesline, the choked Nunzio in a corner.  Kidman tried to act innocent about hurting Charlie Haas and Chavo Guerrero with the Shooting Star Press on purpose.  Chavo hit a back suplex, but ran into a Nunzio knee.  Nunzio hit the Sicilian Slice (second rope Rocker Dropper) for a two count.  Nunzio worked over Chavo's arm, while Kidman continued to play innocent, although he did say next time he hurts Chavo, it will be on purpose. Nunzio hit a drop toe hold into the bottom turnbuckle.  Chavo grabbed a small package for two, but Nunzio hit a lariat. Cole laid into Kidman for injuring Paul London on purpose, while in the ring Chavo came back on Nunzio with right hands and a series of lariats.  Chavo hit a backdrop and a spinebuster for a two count. Chavo hit a back elbow and went for a Gori Bomb, but Nunzio escaped.  Both men collided on a clothesline attempt, and Nunzio fell to the floor, while Chavo fell down in the ring.  Kidman went to the top rope and went for a Shooting Star Press, but Chavo moved and Kidman hit the mat.  Kidman rolled out of the ring, while Nunzio ran back in the ring and dropkicked Chavo for a two count.  Nunzio then went for a flying armbar, but Chavo escaped and hit Nunzio with a Gori Bomb for the pin at the seven minute mark.  Winner: Chavo Guerrero.  Kidman stared at Chavo from the aisle following the match. 

John Bradshaw Layfield, with Orlando Jordan, was interviewed. JBL said last week he lost a tag team match, because Booker T was a great tag team wrestler. JBL said Booker would never win in a singles match.  Booker T entered, and accused JBL of being afraid.  It got heated, and then Jordan got involved, saying Booker wasn't on his level.  Booker called Orlando a "house boy".  The arguing continued, until General Manager Theodore R. Long entered the picture.  He ordered Orlando Jordan to wrestle Booker T tonight, and if Booker wins, he gets a title match with JBL at Survivor Series. 

Backstage, Heidenreich was on the phone with Paul Heyman, begging him to get Undertaker to sign a contract for a match at Survivor Series. Apparently Heyman told him he would get it done, as Heidenreich seemed satisfied with the response he got. 

A video package on Chris Nowinski and Mark Henry getting people to vote was shown. 

Paul Heyman was shown at a "undisclosed location" looking to get Undertaker to sign a contract.  Heyman was sitting at a table in a darkened room, and we couldn't see Undertaker, who apparently was walking back and forth in front of him, but out of view of the camera. Heyman said it was Heidenreich's idea to cost him the WWE Title and to hit him with a truck.  Heyman referenced his past issues with the Undertaker, saying that he was letting "bygones be bygones".  Heyman said he was acting on behalf of Heidenreich, and had already signed the contract for him.  Undertaker's hand entered the picture, and took the contract.  The contract was handed back to Heyman.  Heyman was about to leave when Undertaker grabbed him by the throat, and entered the picture (while scary music started playing). Undertaker said he gave Heyman a "pass" on the Paul Bearer situation, but that he wanted him to witness the execution of Heidenreich, and that he wouldn't think twice about taking Heyman down. He let Heyman go, and as Heyman ran off, we could hear Undertaker laughing. 

The video package of Mick Foley visiting a school in Harlem from Raw was shown. 

Kurt Angle vs. Rey Mysterio.  Michael Cole explained that Luther Reigns and Mark Jindrak had been banned from ringside for this match by Theodore R. Long. Mysterio had a red, white and blue outfit.  Angle overpowered Mysterio at the start, sitting him on the turnbuckle and gently slapping his face.  Angle took Mysterio down to the mat with a headlock, hit a shoulderblock, and smiled at Mysterio. Rey bounced off Angle on some shoulderblock attempts of his own, and the two went nose to nose.  Rey stomped Angle's foot, then knocked him down with a shoulderblock.  Angle chased Rey, and Rey flipped between the ropes, causing Angle, who was following him, to fall to the floor. Back in the ring, Angle hit a right hand but Mysterio caught him in a head scissors out of the corner.  Rey kicked Angle from the mat, but Angle grabbed Rey in a belly to belly suplex, flinging Mysterio over the top rope and to the floor as they went to break. 

Back from commercial, Rey avoided one belly to belly with a headbutt, but Angle caught him in an overhead belly to belly anyway.  Angle hit a backbreaker for a two count, then covered again for a two count. Angle choked Rey in a corner, then flung him with a bodyslam for another two. Angle applied a reverse bear hug on the mat, but Rey elbowed out.  Angle reversed a whip, sending Rey into a corner, then delivered a released German suplex for a two count. Angle put Rey in a bodyscissors, and Mysterio struggled in the hold.  Angle switched to a rear naked choke as Mysterio started elbowing out.  Angle went for a slam, but Rey reversed it into a DDT. Mysterio covered for a two count. Angle threw Rey over the top rope, but Rey stayed on the apron and hit a springboard senton, then a headscissors.  Rey delivered a bulldog out of a bodyscissors for a two count.  Angle hooked an ankle, but Rey battled out of it and went for a 619, which Angle ducked.  Angle missed a lariat, and Rey went for a springboard bodypress.  Angle ducked, and Rey hit the referee.  Angle went for an Angle Slam, but Rey turned it into a rana.  Rey went for a 619, but Mark Jindrak ran down and pushed Angle away, and took the 619 kick as a result.  Luther Reigns came down and gave Rey a backbreaker.  Rey was tossed back into the ring, as Rob Van Dam came down and started fighting with Luther and Jindrak.  Angle gave Rey an Angle Slam. Eddie Guerrero ran in, decked Angle, and gave him a frog splash.  Eddie put Rey on top of Angle, then gave Luther a pescado to join the fight on the floor.  The referee woke up and counted Rey's pin of Angle at the thirteen minute mark.  Winner: Rey Mysterio. 

Backstage, Torrie Wilson was putting on her Halloween costume.  Kenzo Suzuki entered, freaking out Torrie, and calling her "cutie pie".  Torrie pleaded with Kenzo to leave, and he eventually did. 

A video package of Big Show filming an appearance on Star Trek: Enterprise was shown. The episode airs tomorrow night on UPN. 

Backstage, Guerrero, Mysterio and RVD wee arguing with Angle, Jindrak and Reigns.  Theodore R. Long told them all he was sick of the interference in matches. Long said he was settling things by having Angle and Guerrero pick four-man teams for Survivor Series.  Obviously, three of the members for each team were decided, leaving Guerrero and Angle with one slot each left to fill. 

Michael Cole gave an update on John Cena, saying his kidney was healing, and that he was making progress. 

Carlito Caribbean Cool was supposed to be interviewed by Josh Matthews, but a large individual picked up Matthews and slammed him against the wall.  Carlito introduced the man as "Jesus". Matthews was looking to leave, but Jesus and Carlito said the interview would take place.  Carlito admitted he was at the same club as John Cena the night of the stabbing, but he left as soon as Cena showed up.  Carlito said Cena was a "thug" and he wasn't cool. Carlito said Matthews wasn't cool either, and had Jesus hold him while Carlito spat apple in his face. 

Halloween Costume Contest: Torrie Wilson vs. Dawn Marie.  Both came out wearing robes over their costumes. Each had thirty seconds to show off their costumes.  Torrie was dressed like a pixie, while Dawn was a nurse.  Dawn took the mic and said that her outfit was not a Halloween costume, and that she wore her nurse's outfit while she was "nursing her Charlie (Haas) back to health".  Miss Jackie stormed the ring, and Torrie grabbed Dawn to stop her from escaping.  Dawn kicked Torrie away, but Jackie speared Dawn to the mat and ripped off her nurse's outfit. Dawn ran off in her bra and panties. Jackie's top got pulled down during the fight, exposing her bra as well.  Dawn screamed that "it's not over" as Jackie pointed at her engagement ring. I guess the contest was a draw. 

Backstage, Big Show approached Eddie Guerrero and demanded to be the fourth member of his Survivor Series team. Guerrero yelled at Show, saying he couldn't demand anything, then revealed that he was already picking Show for the spot. Eddie said "What do you think I am, stupid?"  Show seemed very happy with Eddie's decision.

The Raw Rebound was shown.

Backstage, The Dudleys approached Kurt Angle, Mark Jindrak and Luther Reigns.  Spike offered to have one of the Dudleys be Kurt's fourth member. Angle said that if the Dudleys could eliminate their "big problem" (Big Show), they would give the fourth slot to a Dudley. Spike agreed, despite the protests of Bubba & D-Von. Spike told his half-brothers that he "had a plan" to take care of Show.

The Tough Enough segment from the beginning of the show was recapped. Voting begins next week.

Orlando Jordan vs. Booker T.  If Booker wins, he gets a title match at Survivor Series with JBL.  They exchanged right hands at the start, then Booker hit a clothesline and a sideslam for a two count.  Booker chopped and punched Jordan, but Orlando raked his eyes and delivered his own punches.  Booker chopped Jordan and hit a clothesline, then covered Jordan for a two count. Booker applied an armbar, but Jordan broke it up with shoulderblocks in the corner.  Jordan hit a back elbow and some shots, then took Booker to the mat with another back elbow for two. Jordan choked Booker against the middle rope, and with his boot.  Jordan and Booker exchanged punches, with Booker getting the better of it.  Booker hit a spinkick and clotheslined Jordan over the top rope and to the floor. Booker rammed Jordan into the announcers table, and glared at JBL as they went to break.

Back from commercial, Booker was in control in the ring, delivering a vertical suplex. Booker hit a second suplex, then a back elbow.  Orlando rolled to the floor, and Booker went after him.  Booker started arguing with JBL, allowing Jordan to hit a kick and ram Booker into the ringsteps twice. Jordan tossed Booker back into the ring and kicked him in the gut for a two count. Jordan stomped Booker and applied a rear chinlock.  Booker elbowed out, but Orlando caught him in a Hot Shot for a two count. Jordan dropped Booker with a side slam, then mocked Booker's poses.  Jordan went to the top rope and hit a flying bodypress, but Booker rolled through for a two count. Jordan hit a clothesline and kicked Booker, then went to a rear naked choke. Booker battled up, and hit a neckbreaker. Orlando took back over, but Booker hit a flapjack. Booker hit some chops and punches, then clubbed Jordan with a forearm.  Booker hit a clothesline and a spinkick for a two count. Booker hit a spinebuster for a two count. Booker leapfrogged Jordan in a corner and hit a superkick.  Booker pounded Jordan, and JBL got on the apron.  Booker knocked him off the apron and gave Jordan the ax kick for the pin at the eighteen minute mark.  Winner: Booker T.

Smackdown ended with JBL going nuts in the ring over having to face Booker T at Survivor Series, and Booker gesturing in the aisle that he was going to take the belt.

2005 - Takeshi Morishima & Mohammed Yone defeated Naomichi Marufuji & Minoru Suzuki to win the Pro Wrestling NOAH Global Honored Crown Tag Team Titles

2005 - TNA minority owner Jerry Jarrett visits WWE Headquarters in Stamford, CT to introduce the company to Oleg Prudius, who they sign without ever having seen work in the ring.  Prudius goes on to have a run as Vladimir Kozlov.  Jarrett gets extreme heat from TNA over the decision to visit with the company and is bought out as minority owner.  Jarrett later writes in his autobiography "The Best of Times" that he and his son Jeff Jarrett have not spoken since.  Jerry also notes that he used his visit as a way to exit TNA and relieve himself of the personal stress and aggravation that had come with founding and being involving with the company once the Carter family purchased majority ownership.

2006 - WWE makes the decision to suspend ECW house shows and combine them instead with Smackdown events.  The ECW house shows never return.  The final main event of the ECW house shows featured Rob Van Dam vs. Paul Heyman, who was substituting for an injured ECW champion Big Show. 

The final event in Racine, Wisconsin, was covered by Andrew Vrchota:

I got there at around 6:00 and a few wrestlers were showing up themselves.  Tommy Dreamer and Balls Mahoney were just finishing autographs when I got there. Doors opened at 6:30. I bought my Taz shirt right away. Got situated. Sat around for an hour watching people walk in and stuff. 7:30 the show started. Justin Roberts welcomes use to ECW. He didnt give him hell like we did in Green Bay, we left him alone, except when I started a bring back Gertner chant.

Match 1: CM Punk vs Mike Knox - Knox came out first with Kelly Kelly. Man I thought she was hot from sitting in the third row in Green Bay, she is hotter when your standing right by the barricade! CM Punk's music hits and the crowd goes nuts. Soon as his music stops, the loudest CM Punk chant I've ever heard in my life. He is very over in the Racine/Chicago area cause its where he grew up etc. This was a great to start off with. During the match, one of the security guards bumped into a fire alarm so the was a loud buzz for like a minute. Yeah, and we treated him to a You F**ked Up chant. Back and forth action, Knox was making sure Kelly didnt make any kind of contact with Punk. Knox has improved on his wrestling ability. But, he still sucks. CM Punk wins with his Anaconda Vice at about 12 minutes.

Match 2: Little Guido vs Rodney Mack. Jesus Rodney Mack is buff and he looks like Konnan. FBI chant. Rodney Mack has improved his wrestling abilities in my opinion. Nothing really special about this match. Guido wins with a roll up. 

Match 3: Eric Perez vs Balls Mahoney. Eric Perez reminds me of someone from LAX. But he isn't Latino from what I know. This was an OK match, not the worst but not the best either. I have now seen every wrestling move now because of Perez. For the first time, I've see someone pinch an opponents shoulder to cause damage to them. Started a F**k John Cena chant cause everyone thought it was cool. Balls Mahoney wins with the Nutcracker Suite.

Paul Heyman comes out with a nice reception. He was trying so hard to make us hate him, but we wouldn't let him. He pointed to a group that was chanting Paul E. and said Oh, look the gay pride group is here. And look, there's their leader who wants to go home with Sabu tonight. (Guy was dressed like Sabu for Halloween) Finally we turned on him when he called us miserable b*****s that don't know whether they want to be in Chicago or Milwaukee, so we call this piece of crap town home. I didn't care, I live in Milwaukee. He announced he had good news and bad news. Bad news was Big Show was hurt and couldn't wrestle. Everyone popped for that. Good news was, he found a replacement for him to go against RVD in the Main Event. New Jack chant started. Heyman said New Jack hated white people and he would stab all of you just like how I, Paul Heyman stabbed your mom last night. Now I think every person in the building hated Heyman. Heyman announces that he will replace Big Show to face RVD.

Match 4: Stevie Richards vs. Brad Armstrong. This was the most boring match I have ever seen in my entire life. TNA Chant, Lets Go Packers chant. Good God. This wasn't even worth showing on Velocity. I don't even remember who won. But I think it was Stevie Richards with a roll up.

Match 5: Diva Vixen Best Body Contest. Matt Striker comes out to host this great event. First Amy comes out, Diva Search contestant. She is actually better looking then Kelly Kelly. Then Trinity comes out. She's hot too. Then Kelly Kelly. Big pop for her. They all strutted there stuff and Kelly was wearing the least amount of cloths. Trinity had on Caution tape. Amy was dressed like any Diva on SD or RAW. Striker announced that......Rene Dupree's music hit. Dupree has the best body blah blah blah. He rips the hell out of Trinity. That brings out Tommy Dreamer and the Sandman. 

Match 6: Tommy Dreamer and Sandman vs Matt Striker and Rene Dupree. Again, Dreamer cuts the coolest promo ever. He said he was sick of the new ECW guys guys coming in here and calling themselves hardcore. Dreamer then asked if anyone in the audience was Hardcore enough to announce Dreamers and Sandman's names. The guy that came in did an awesome job. He had ever nickname down. Then Dreamer did Strikers and Dupree's introductions. Funniest stuff ever. 

Dreamer- "Introducing first, from Paris, France..weighing in at....well depending on the Wellness program..I'd say 238 pounds..Reene Dupree. Introducing his partner, from..from..from..where in NY do you live?" Striker said the East side of Queens. Dreamer said, "Oh yeah, the gay part of town, Matt Striker." 

Match was awesome. I counted at least 10 ECW chant throughout this whole segment. Sandman was incredible. He's still got it. They did there usual. end was Sandman hitting the Rolling Rock and Dreamer hitting the DDT. After the match Sandman caned Striker.
Post match - Dreamer said he heard that people in Wisconsin love to drink beer. They had 10 random fans come to the ring to have a beer bash with Dreamer and Sandman. about 6 guys, 4 women. 1 woman was old.  Fans started a Hardcore Grandma chant. After that, Dreamer thanked us for our support and said we are the reason ECW has come back. We started a thank you Dreamer/thank you Sandman chant. One half of the arena would say Thank You Sandman, other side would say thank you Dreamer. That's probably the coolest moment I've ever been apart of.

INTERMISSION - I just talked to an indy guy that was sitting behind me that works for Brew City Wrestling and Insane Championship Wrestling.

Match 7: Test vs Hardcore Holly - Test was hated. Holly was cheered. 3 minute match. Holly wins with a roll up out of nowhere. Holly flips off Test and gets his first ECW chant.

Match 8: Sabu vs Kevin Thorn - Kevin Thorn is awesome. Even though he is a heel, he is a great wrestler and character. Ariel is great too. I really like them as a team. Ok, you've probably heard this before, but Ariel's, well, friends are giant in person. She is hot!!! Sabu made his entrance and as he was gonna go up the steps a kid accidentally got his hand hooked on his turban as the kid was trying to touch his shoulder. Security got all on the kid and made him cry. He couldn't have been more then 7 years old. We started an ******* chant at the security guard. He was to uptight on his job. Great Sabu spots. Springboard DDT, Springboard lariat legdrop thing. Thorn hit that sweet stunner off the ropes move. Ariel was slipping out of her "attire". Sabu made Thorn tap to the Camel Clutch.

Post match - Heyman and the Basham Brothers came out and attacked Sabu.  Heyman said, "That's the last time you'll see Sabu for a while."

Match 9: Extreme Rules - RVD vs Heyman - This was really cool. First 5 minutes they kept raising there arms. Every time Heyman raised, he got booed to hell. Every time RVD raised, place went nuts. RVD chants, the Whole F'n Show chants, You Sold Out chants. Match finally started and every time RVD got near the Heyman, the Bashams would attack RVD. Great dropkicks, side kicks and flying attacks from RVD on the Basham Brothers. Finally RVD got a chair. He did a monkey flip on a Basham Brother and the BB landed back first on the chair...awesome. Rolling Thunder on both Bashams. Then he did the surf board with the chair on the other BB. Then it was Heyman and RVD in the ring. But again the BB's attacked RVD. RVD hard Irish whipped the Bashams to the apron and did a flyng cross body to the outside. RVD's knee got caught in the ropes on accident....looked painful. Then out of no where Sabu hits the ring and throws a chair at Heyman's back. Arabian Face Buster. Sabu gets a table and sets Heyman on it. RVD hits the 5 Star Frog Splash on Heyman
through the table. 1..2..3!! RVD wins. The crowd is electric.

After the show I waited around for about 40 minutes for autographs. I got Trinitys and RVD's. They both signed my CM Punk sign. Got great picture.

Overall, a great show. Every ECW guy won, unlike Green Bay.

2006 - Ring of Honor ran Chicago Ridge, IL.  Justin Karling filed the following live report:

Ring of Honor was back at the Frontier Fieldhouse Saturday, and I thought I would send in my thoughts

1.  Adam Pearce & Shane Hagadorn defeated Irish Airborne.   Good opener.  Everytime I see Irish Airborne, they seem to pull something  out of their hats that make you pop and it was no different on Saturday.   Pearce hit one of  the Crist brothers with a foreign object and Pearce hit his  piledriver for the finish.  Jim Cornette came out after the match and  basically said it pays to be loyal to Jim Cornette.

2. Shingo defeated Roderick Strong in another good match  Shingo hit  what looked to be a DDT from the apron thru a table, then hit what I believe he calls the Blood Drop for the win

3.Colt Cabana & Jimmy Jacobs defeated Jimmy Rave & Sal Rinauro in a  pretty good match.  A lot of comedy in this one.  It was particularly  funny when Cabana drug Rinauro back to his corner by the tassels that hang off  of Rinauro's tights.  After the match, Lacey tried to get Colt to officially sign with Lacey's Angels.  Colt said what they had was personal,  not business, and eventually went on to call Lacey a b**ch.  This whole  angle seemed to drag on a bit, so my mind is a little fuzzy on exact details.  Cabana tries to talk Jimmy into seeing Lacey treats him like garbage and doesn't love him.  Jacobs didn't know what to do, and he said  all he wanted was a sign: for Lacey to hug him.  Well, she didn't, Jimmy  went with Colt like he was gonna leave the ring with him, Colt went through the ropes, and bam, low blow.  Jacobs attacked Cabana and went after Cabana's ankle until BJ Whitmer came out and made the save

4. Steve Corino defeated Delirious.  Solid match, more comedy in this one. Entertaining match though, and Corino won it after Pearce  and Hagadorn  interfered and Pearce nailed Delirious with Hagadorn's Top of  the Class Trophy.  Referee Todd Sinclair reversed the decision  and gave the match to Delirious, but Cornette came out and forced him to go  back to his original decision as Cornette threatened to fire him.  This was a really good angle with I didn't think drug on like the  Cabana/Lacey/Jacobs/Whitmer angle.

5.  Christopher Daniels defeated Austin Aries after Angel's  Wings.  This is when the ass kicking began on the show.   Really good match.  Best match of the first half.

6.  Brent Albright defeated Trik Davis.  This was  basically a Brent Albright showcase.  He beat the crap out  of Trik.  And Albright is built like a mack truck.  I was  amazed.  Albright looked really good in the match.

7. Matt Sydal defeated Jay Briscoe in a tremendous match.  This match was sick.  Both men were dead on.  And again, Matt Sydal seems to impress me more every time I see him.

8.  Davey Richards defeated Mark Briscoe in another excellent  match. Mark is one tough SOB.  You could tell he was laboring in there, but he didn't hold anything back.  I figured Davey Richards' wasn't  the guy you wanted to be in the ring with when you have a busted mouth, but they held nothing back. There were a couple rough spots in the match, but they  made up for it with some sick, stiff action, which included an awesome top rope  German Suplex by Richards which flipped Mark completely and it looked like he  landed right on his head.  Again, big ups to Mark Briscoe.

9.  Samoa Joe defeated ROH World Champion Bryan Danielson in a  Non-Title, No DQ Match.  Of course, this was excellent.  But this was a wild brawl/wrestling match between Joe and Danielson.  They brawled all over the building for part of the match.  Danielson eventually got a hold of  Todd Sinclair's belt, and starting whipping Joe with it, until Joe eventually  got his hands on it, and beat Danielson with the choke with help from the belt.  After the match, Joe challenged Danielson to a title match next time in Chicago in a steel cage match.

Ring of Honor returns to Chicago Ridge on December 8 and 9, for the  "Chicago Spectacular" Matches announced are: Homicide  vs  Adam Pearce, Austin Aries  & Roderick Strong  vs  Matt Sydal & Christopher Daniels, and I  would assume Samoa Joe  vs. Bryan Danielson in a Steel Cage Match for  the ROH World Title.

That's all from me, until next time. 

2007 - WWE held their Cyber Sunday PPV.  Buck Woodward filed the following PPV report:

Cyber Sunday opened with a video playing up the "election style" aspect of the event and the various matches on the show, with a great deal of focus on the WWE and World Title matches. Michael Cole & JBL welcomed us to the show, live in Washington, D.C. 

Rey Mysterio vs. Finlay in the fan's choice of a Stretcher Match, a Shillelagh On A Pole Match or a No Disqualification Match.

Finlay and Mysterio made their entrances, and the ring was set up for whatever stipulation was chosen.  Todd Grisham reviewed the match options and revealed the winning stipulation.  The results of the polling was:
Stretcher:  40%
Shillelagh On A Pole: 36%
No Disqualification: 24%

They locked up and Finlay shoved off Mysterio on a break in the corner.  Finlay pointed at the stretcher and slapped Mysterio, but Mysterio responded with kicks to the leg and punches. Finlay grabbed a single leg takedown and started smothering Rey on the mat.  Finlay threw Mysterio shoulder first into the ringpost, then hit a short arm clothesline.  Finlay slid Rey out of the ring and right onto the stretcher.  Finlay started to wheel it, but Mysterio rolled off and dropkicked Finlay's leg on the floor.  Finlay responded by ramming the stretcher into Rey's midsection.  Finlay lifted Rey in a suplex, then dropped Rey gut first across the stretcher.  Finlay put Rey on the stretcher, but Rey rolled off before he could cross the finish line. 

Finlay took Rey to ringside and rammed him into the ring apron.  Finlay took the stretcher back to ringside and Rey rolled into the ring.  Finlay hit an uppercut, and rammed Mysterio chest first into the ring apron from the floor.  Back in the ring, Finlay missed a clothesline and Rey hit a flying headscissors.  JBL had to tell Michael Cole it wasn't a hurricanrana.  Rey hit a dropkick and took Finlay to the floor.  Rey hit a kick to the head, and put Finlay on the stretcher.  Mysterio tried to roll the stretcher, but Finlay fell off. Finlay punched Rey and took it back into the ring.  Finlay realized the shillelagh was on the pole and thought about going for it, but Mysterio stopped him and hit a low dropkick.  Mysterio then went to climb the pole, but Finlay knocked him down.  Finlay went up and Rey joined him on the ropes.  Mysterio ended up sunset flipping Finlay off the top rope and powerbombing him to the mat. 

Rey climbed up and got the shillelagh, but Finlay crotched him on the top rope and grabbed the shillelagh.  Rey fell to the floor, and Finlay went outside and blasted him in the leg twice with the shillelagh.  Finlay went for the stretcher.  Mysterio went for a springboard, but Finlay moved, so Rey landed on the apron.  However, Finlay knocked Rey off the apron onto the stretcher.  Finlay started to wheel him, but Rey kicked Finlay while lying on the stretcher and rolled off.  Finlay rammed the stretcher into Rey twice, then rammed him back first into the ring apron and hit some forearms and kicks.  Finlay missed a ramming attempt with the stretcher and Rey rammed Finlay in the groin with it.  Mysterio hit a 619 using the bottom rope, knocking Finlay onto the stretcher.  Mysterio the hit a springboard senton onto Finlay on the stretcher. 

Rey went to wheel Finlay, but the stretcher got caught on a television camera cord.  They got untangled, and Finlay rolled off and rammed Rey into the metal part of the stretcher.  Finlay went for the shillelagh, but Mysterio grabbed Finlay into a flapjack onto the stretcher and rolled Finlay across the finish line for the win at the twelve minute mark. 

Winner: Rey Mysterio.

They showed still shots of Matt Hardy being stitched up last week.  We then saw footage taped "earlier today" where a bruised and bandaged Matt Hardy was in the locker room. MVP came in and said that he agrees with the medical professionals not allowing Matt Hardy to wrestle tonight.  MVP played up that he was concerned about his tag team partner, but he was "ready to go" tonight.  Matt said that Vickie Guerrero had decided that MVP would be defending the U.S. Title tonight, possibly against Mark Henry, Great Khali or Kane. MVP got worried, and said he has to go talk to Vickie Guerrero. 

JBL was already wearing a ref's shirt at ringside, playing up that there was still time to vote.  Then they talked about how we were now having a new poll, once to select MVP's opponent: Kane, Khali and Henry. 

We then had a segment on the Divas Halloween Costume Contest, with Maria (pussycat) and Victoria (sumo wrestler, with Kenny Dykstra as Mr. Fuji) asking for votes.  Ron Simmons came in on Victoria's segment and said "Damn". 

ECW Champion CM Punk vs. the fan's choice of John Morrison, Big Daddy V or The Miz.

Joey Styles and Tazz call their match of the night.  CM Punk made his entrance, then Todd Grisham reviewed the match options and revealed the winning stipulation.  The three challengers were shown standing together in the back.  The results of the polling was:
The Miz: 39%
John Morrison: 33%
Big Daddy V:  28%

They locked up at the bell, and Miz took Punk down with a waistlock, but Punk turned it right into a front facelock.  Miz reversed into a side headlock, but Punk got out with a top wristlock.  Punk took Miz down with a side mare.  Miz got out of the headlock, but Punk took him down with a side mare again.  Miz kept escaping, using a headscissors, but Punk would burst out and grab another side mare.  They started trading verbal barbs, then Punk hit some forearms and hit the old Tully Blanchard slingshot suplex for two.  Punk hit some knees to the chest, but Miz returned fire with a knee and a snap mare, then hit a legdrop.  Miz went to the top rope, but Punk hit some chops and set up for a superplex.  Miz tripped out of it and Punk fell to the mat. 

Crowd is not enjoying the match.  Miz worked over Punk in a corner and hit his jumping through the ropes clothesline. Miz scored a two count and applied a cravate.  Punk escaped and went for a cross bodyblock but landed on Miz' leg (he was on one knee) in a nasty looking spot.  Miz straddled Punk on the middle rope and got a two count, then applied a chinlock.  The fans chanted "Y2J".  Miz went to the top rope, but Punk jumped onto the second rope and hiptossed him off.  There was a chant for Punk now. Punk hit a pair of back elbows, then a kick to the gut.  Punk hit a series of kicks to the forehead, then Punk hit a jumping knee in the corner and a bulldog.  Punk hit a springboard clothesline for a two count.  Punk went for the GTS, but Miz floated over and rolled up Punk, grabbing the tights for a two count, but Punk reversed it and got a two of his own.  Miz hit a shot to the gut and went for the Reality Check, but Punk avoided it and grabbed the GTS, to a pop, for the pin at the ten minute mark.

Winner: CM Punk

Another Diva Costume contest segment.  Mickie James as an Indian Warrior Princess, Torrie Wilson as a Washington Redskin.  Probably not the best choice of custom for Torrie, even if they are in Washington!

Jim Ross and Jerry Lawler discussed the WWE Championship match, and a video package on the Cyber Sunday match was shown.  Live in the arena, Todd Grisham and William Regal announced that the two men who were not selected to face Randy Orton would have a singles match right now.  The three challengers were shown standing together in the back.  The results were:
Shawn Michaels: 59%
Jeff Hardy: 31%
Ken Kennedy: 10%

Ken Kennedy vs. Jeff Hardy.

The Intercontinental Title is not on the line.  They locked up at the bell and there was a loud "Hardy" chant.  Hardy took Kennedy down with a side headlock, but Kennedy got to his feet and backed Hardy into a corner for the break.  Kennedy grabbed a hammerlock, but Hardy reversed it.  Kennedy grabbed a waistlock, but Hardy broke out with a side headlock, then walked off the ropes to take Kennedy down with a side mare. Hardy tried to walk the ropes again, but Kennedy turned it into a back suplex for a two count.  Kennedy grabbed a side headlock, but Hardy reversed it.  Kennedy hit Hardy with some shots to the gut to break free.  Kennedy whipped Hardy into the corner, then Hardy backdropped Kennedy to the apron.  Hardy dropkicked Kennedy to the floor, then hit a top rope dive onto Kennedy on the floor.  

Back in the ring, Hardy worked over Kennedy in a corner with punches, but Kennedy hooked Hardy's pants and yanked him through the ropes and to the floor.  As Hardy got back into the ring, Kennedy hit a running kick to the head.  Kennedy scored a two count, then applied a cravate.  Hardy broke out and went for a backdrop, but Kennedy caught him with a DDT for a two count.  Kennedy applied a chinlock on the mat.  Hardy got to his feet and punched out of it, but Kennedy nailed a clothesline for a two count.  Kennedy went to the second rope, but Hardy stopped him and hit some punches, then took him off the ropes with a top rope rana. 

Kennedy and Hardy exchanged punches, then Kennedy kicked Hardy in the gut, but Hardy came back with a pair of clotheslines and a back elbow.  Hardy hit a slingblade clothesline for a two count, then called for the Twist Of Fate.  Kennedy shoved off the Twist Of Fate, but Hardy went right up the ropes and hit Whisper In The Wind for a two count.  Kennedy hit Hardy with a kick, but Hardy nailed a mule kick.  Kennedy slumped down in the corner.  Hardy charged and went for his elevated kick off the ropes in the corner.  Kennedy moved and Hardy crashed to the mat and Kennedy got the clean pin at the ten minute mark. 

Winner: Ken Kennedy.

Michael Cole and JBL talked about MVP's opponents for the night, and Michael Cole voted for Kane.

Another Diva Halloween Costume segment.  Michelle McCool (Eve from the Garden Of Eden, although she had way too much clothing on), Melina (Vegas Showgirl). 

Mick Foley was about to be interviewed backstage by Anastasia, but JBL interrupted from ringside and had them play his "Vote For JBL" video.  They went back to Mick Foley, who called JBL a "fathead" (he was standing between Undertaker and Batista "fathead" hangings).  Foley put himself over to be voted in as referee. 

U.S. Champion MVP vs. Kane, Mark Henry or Great Khali.

MVP made his entrance, as JBL commented how this was "wrong" and unfair to MVP. Todd Grisham was with Vickie Guerrero, and they put over the choices for the U.S. Title match.  The three challengers were shown in the back.  The winner was then revealed: 
Kane: 67%
Great Khali: 24%
Mark Henry: 9%

MVP rolled to the floor at the bell, as he still had his T-Shirt on and needed time to take it off.  MVP returned to the ring, avoided a Kane punch and hit a series of rights.  Kane reversed a whip and hit a big boot to the face.  Kane delivered a clothesline in the corner, then a second.  Kane followed with a side slam for a two count. Kane went to the top rope, but MVP knocked his legs out and Kane fell gut first across the ropes.  MVP kicked the midsection, as the announcers talked about Kane's recent rib injury.  MVP pounded on the ribs, then drove his knee into them.  MVP hit a running kick to the face for a two count.  MVP applied an abdominal stretch and hit hammerfists on the ribs.  Kane got his arm free and elbowed out.  MVP hit some kicks to the ribs, but Kane grabbed an ankle pick and hit a series of punches and knees to MVP's kidneys. 

Kane lifted up MVP and hit some knees to the midsection, then kicks.  Kane stood on MVP's stomach and continued to kick him.  Kane gave MVP a backbreaker, then applied his own abdominal stretch and pounded his midsection.  Kane lifted MVP and rammed him in a corner.  Kane hit a shoulderblock to the midsection, then another.  Kane placed MVP on the ropes in the corner and punted him in the gut. Kane went to the floor and pulled MVP by his arm and leg so his ribs would be pulled against the ringpost.  Kane broke the hold and MVP rolled to the floor as Kane got back in.  MVP started to get back in the ring at a seven count, but then as the referee reached nine, MVP slumped back to the floor, taking the countout loss at the seven minute mark. 

Winner via countout: Kane.

A Save Us 222 video aired. 

A commercial for Survivor Series aired, and it did mention "team" matches. Of course, it also mentioned individual matches.  Edge appeared in the commercial, noting he was "just a little bitter". 

Another Diva Halloween Custom segment.  Layla (cop), Kelly Kelly (she said "gangster" but was more dressed like a pimp).

A video package on the history between Randy Orton and Shawn Michaels aired.  Wow, good thing Michaels won the voting. Randy Orton did an interview, saying that the fans made their choice, and now everyone "including Shawn Michaels, has to live with that choice".  

WWE Champion Randy Orton vs. Shawn Michaels.

Orton entered first, then Michaels.  They locked up and Michaels backed Orton into a corner for the clean break.  They locked up again, and Orton hit a knee to the gut and some punches to the head.  Michaels came back with a knee to the gut and some chops.  Michaels went for a superkick, but Orton slid to the floor.  Michaels hit a slingshot somersault senton onto Orton on the floor.  Michaels rolled Orton back into the ring for a two count.  Orton hit a forearm, but Michaels threw a chop.  Orton grabbed a drop toe hold and then applied a front facelock.  Michaels broke out and threw Orton shoulder first into the ringpost.  Michaels then rammed the bad shoulder into the turnbuckles and hit some short-arm shoulderblocks.  Michaels hit a drop down wristlock to wrench the arm, then yanked it several times with cross armbreakers.  Michaels hit a hammerlock slam on the bad arm, then applied an overhead wristlock on the mat. 

Orton managed to get to his feet in the hold and stomp Michaels in the head to break free.  Orton hit some punches, but Michaels kicked him in the head, then delivered a hard kick to the bad arm of Orton.  Michaels hit a back suplex, trapping the bad arm of Orton underneath.  Michaels applied a side headlock while trapping the bad arm between his legs.  Orton used a headscissors to break out, then hit some right hands.  Michaels sidestepped a charging Orton and sent him over the top rope and to the floor.  Michaels went outside and went for a punch, but Orton ducked it and hit a back suplex on Michaels, dropping him back first across the security wall at ringside.  Orton rolled Michaels into the ring for a two count, then whipped Michaels hard into the corner. Orton stomped Michaels, but Michaels fought up with punches.  Orton landed a standing dropkick for a two count.

Orton applied a rear chinlock with a body scissors.  Michaels broke out, and Orton went for the dropkick again, but Michaels avoided it and Orton crashed to the mat.  Michaels rolled up Orton for a two count.  Michaels floated over a slam attempt, and tried for a German suplex, but Orton kept blocking it.  Orton reversed into a back suplex, but Michaels shifted his weight and fell onto Orton for a two count.  Orton caught a kick by Michaels, spun him around and hit a side backbreaker for a two count. Orton put Michaels on the top rope and hit some punches.  Orton went for a superplex, but Michaels was fighting him.  They jockeyed for position, and Michaels punched Orton to the mat.  Michaels went for the top rope elbow, but Orton rolled out of the way.  Orton began measuring Michaels for the RKO. 

Michaels got to his feet and Orton went for the RKO, but Michaels countered it into a backslide for a two count.  Michaels and Orton traded shots standing, and Michaels landed a flying forearm.  Both men were down, and Michaels kipped up to a pop.  Michaels hit a reverse atomic drop and decked Orton with punches.  Michaels slammed Orton and went to the top rope, this time hitting the top rope elbow.  Michaels set up for Sweet Chin Music.  Michaels went for the superkick, and Orton dropped to his knees and punched Michaels in the groin, getting disqualified at the seventeen minute mark.

Winner via DQ: Shawn Michaels.

The announcers put over that Orton had intentionally got disqualified to save his title.  Orton measured Michaels for a kick to the head, but as he went for it, Michaels moved and nailed Orton with a superkick, knocking him out.

A commercial for Wrestlemania was shown, pointing out that tickets go on sale this Saturday. 

Another WWE Diva Halloween costume contest segment.  Brooke (jungle girl Jane, with a snake) and Jillian Hall (Britney Spears, complete with dropping baby dolls).  Jim Ross said this is the worst costume contest ever. 

A video package on the Triple H-Vince McMahon feud (and Umaga's involvement) was shown. 

Triple H vs. Umaga in the fan's choice of a Street Fight, a First Blood Match or a Steel Cage Match.

Todd Grisham explained the stipulations for the Triple H vs. Umaga match, then revealed the results before the entrances.  The results were:
Street Fight: 57%
Steel Cage: 26%
First Blood: 17%

Fans live in the arena booed the results.  I guess they were hoping for the cage (which is hung above the ring, and now won't be used).  Triple H then made his entrance, followed by Umaga (who entered alone).  Triple H charged down the aisle as Umaga made his entrance and they began brawling near the stage set.  Umaga started to get the better of it, headbutting Triple H and throwing him down.  Triple H teased a Pedigree and Umaga teased a Samoan drop, but neither man hit their move.  They fought behind a piece of the set (which is like a giant computer), then then busted through it back into the view of the fans as Triple H hit a shoulderblock on Umaga. They battled into the crowd on the floor, trading punches.  They fought back to ringside, with Triple H ducking a charging Umaga.  Umaga flipped over the security wall and back to ringside.  

They made their way back into the ring, and Umaga missed an avalanche in the corner.  Triple H hit a series of punches, then went under the ring and pulled out a trash can.  Triple H blasted Umaga with the can to knock him down for a two count.  Triple H went for another can shot, but Umaga grabbed Triple H and hit a Samoan Drop.  Umaga hit a headbutt to the gut, then put Triple H in a corner and continued to work over his midsection.  Triple H fell to the mat, and Umaga hit a second rope sitdown splash on him.  Umaga hit a traditional splash for a two count, then the two made their way to the floor again. 

Umaga rammed Triple H into the apron, then threw him shoulder first into the ringsteps.  Back in the ring, Umaga continued to work over Triple H's ribs, but Triple H battled back with punches.  Umaga applied a side bear hug.  Triple H punched out of it, but Umaga planted him with a belly to belly suplex.  Umaga hit some punches in the corner, and set up for the running posterior smash, which he hit.  Triple H kicked out at two.  Umaga covered again, and Triple H kicked out.  Umaga went to the floor and got a chair.  Umaga went to use it, but Triple H hit him with a low blow.  Triple H then crotched Umaga with the chair.  Triple H hit a DDT on the chair for a two count.  Triple H hit a facebuster on his knee, then set up for a Pedigree, but Umaga lifted him and rammed him in a corner.  Umaga then ran into a Triple H boot to the face.  Triple H charged Umaga and Umaga caught him and planted him with a sidewalk slam. 

Triple H rolled to the floor and went to look under the ring, but Umaga came out and kicked him in the head.  Umaga took the lids off of all the announce tables. Umaga picked up a chair and swung at Triple H, but Triple H ducked and Umaga hit the ringpost.  Triple H tackled Umaga and they fell over the Smackdown announce table.  They two brawled behind all the announce tables, sending the announcers everywhere.  Umaga laid Triple H on the ECW announce table.  Umaga then got up on the Smackdown announce table, ran across it, ran across the Raw announce table, and then dove, putting Triple H through the ECW table with a splash. 

For some reason, referees were telling Umaga to "calm down", while Triple H was crawling back into the ring.  Umaga went to the top rope and tried for a splash, but Triple H rolled out of the way and Umaga crashed to the mat.  Triple H crawled back to the floor, went under the ring and pulled out the sledgehammer, to a pop.  Umaga was getting to his feet.  Triple H went for the sledgehammer shot, but Umaga hit Triple H in the gut.  Umaga set up for the Samoan Spike, but Triple H ducked it, picked up the sledgehammer and hit Umaga in the head with it.  Triple H hit the Pedigree for the pin at the seventeen minute mark. 

Winner: Triple H.

The Divas were gathered together in the back, and Todd Grisham, revealed that Mickie James won with 21% of the vote.  Kelly Kelly was second with 17%.  The heel Divas booed, the face Divas cheered, and the Divas never actually appeared in the arena. 

They announced that over 13 million votes were cast for tonight's show. 

They were about to announce the winner of the balloting for the special referee for the main event, when JBL interrupted, getting into the ring.  JBL said he was sure the fans had voted him in.  He was about to call himself the "wrestling god" when Mick Foley's music hit.  Foley came out, and he and JBL argued in the ring, off mic.  The results of the poll were then shown: 
Steve Austin: 79%
Mick Foley: 11%
JBL: 10%

An angry JBL started punching Mick Foley, and Foley returned fire.  JBL was knocked down as Steve Austin's music hit.  Austin hit the ring and gave Foley a stunner.  JBL gave Austin a clothesline and rammed him into a corner.  JBL hit some punches, and kicked Austin in the head.  JBL went for an Irish whip, but Austin reversed it.  Austin ran into a boot to the face by JBL.  JBL set up for a Clothesline From Hell, but Austin kicked JBL in the gut and hit a stunner.  Austin threw in a stomp to the head for good measure.  

World Champion Batista vs. The Undertaker with Steve Austin as special referee.

Jerry Lawler joined Michael Cole on commentary for the main event.   Batista charged Undertaker at the bell for a spear, but Undertaker sidestepped it and hit a boot to the face.  They locked up and jockeyed for position.  Batista ducked a punch and applied a side headlock.  Undertaker shoved it off and hit a boot to the face for a one count.  Taker kicked Batista in the head and threw Batista shoulder first into a corner.  Undertaker punched Batista's arm and wrapped it around the top rope. Batista fired off some punches and backed Taker into a corner for some shoulderblocks.  Batista rammed Taker into the turnbuckles and hit some punches and kicks.  Batista hit some body shots, but Taker hit a back elbow on Batista as he charged in for a two count. 

Undertaker applied a variation of a triangle choke on the mat, but Batista grabbed the ropes.  Undertaker broke the hold at four, rolled to the floor and hit Batista in the back of the head with a forearm, then kicked him in the head from the floor.  Undertaker got back into the ring and scored a two count.  Undertaker wrapped Batista's arm around the top rope, then headbutted it. Undertaker went for a jumping knee in the corner, but Batista moved out of the way and Taker smashed into the turnbuckles.  Batista kicked Undertaker through the ropes and to the floor.  Batista rammed Undertaker into the ring steps, and back first into the ring apron.  Back in the ring, Batista missed a clothesline and Undertaker hit the flying clothesline for a two count.  

Undertaker set up for Old School, but Batista crotched Undertaker on the top rope and set up for a superplex, but Undertaker knocked Batista back into the ring.  Undertaker missed a running kick in the corner, going all the way over the top rope and to the floor.  Batista took Undertaker back into the ring and worked over his back by dropping all his weight on it.  Taker grabbed Batista by the trunks and yanked him through the ropes and to the floor.  Undertaker put Batista on the apron and hit the legdrop.  Back in the ring, Undertaker scored a two count.  Undertaker put Batista in the corner and hit two avalanches.  Undertaker hit Snake Eyes, but Batista came right back with a running clothesline as Taker went for the boot to the face.  Batista scored a two count.  

Batista set up for a Batista Bomb, but Undertaker rammed him into a corner.  Batista reversed a whip, but Undertaker moved and Batista ran shoulder first into the ringpost.  Undertaker went for the Old School ropewalk.  Undertaker jumped off for the forearm, but Batista caught him and gave Undertaker a spinebuster.  Batista went for the cover, but Undertaker trapped him in a triangle choke.  Batista rolled the choke so Undertaker's shoulders were on the mat.  Austin began to count, so Undertaker had to release the hold.  Undertaker went for a chokeslam, but Batista punched out of it.  Batista missed a clothesline and Undertaker nailed Batista with the chokeslam for a two count.  

Undertaker lifted Batista for a tombstone, but Batista floated over it and hit a spear for a two count.  Batista set up for the Batista Bomb, but Undertaker backdropped out of it.  Undertaker charged Batista, but Batista gave him a drop toe hold and Undertaker went face first into the middle turnbuckle.  Batista went for some punches in the corner, but Undertaker walked out of the corner with Batista and hit the Last Ride powerbomb.  Undertaker was slow to cover, and Batista got his shoulder up before the three count.  Undertaker called for the tombstone.  Undertaker lifted Batista for the tombstone, but Batista floated over and hit the spinebuster.  Undertaker kicked out before the three count. 

Undertaker sat up, and Batista's eyes bugged out.  Batista kicked Undertaker in the gut and hit the Batista Bomb.  Batista covered and Undertaker kicked out at 2.999999.  Batista looked stunned.  Batista screamed for Undertaker to get up.  Batista gave Undertaker a second Batista Bomb and got the three count at the seventeen minute mark. 

Winner: Batista. 

They showed replays of the finish, then we saw Undertaker slumped against the bottom rope, staring at Batista, who was holding the belt up on the rampway, to end the show. 


2008 - WWE broadcast ECW.  Buck Woodward filed the following TV report:

ECW for October 28th opened with a graphic paying tribute to the late Special Delivery Jones. 

Theodore R. Long appeared doing a Ron Burgandy impersonation, pointing out that SciFi is celebrating 31 days of Halloween. As Long read a rundown of tonight's show, he said "I'm a moron" then wanted to know who put that up on his teleprompter.  Out popped Hornswoggle, who ran around the interview set. 

Evan Bourne, Matt Hardy & Fit Finlay, with Hornswoggle, vs. Mark Henry, Chavo Guerrero & Bam Neely, with Tony Atlas.

Hardy and Bourne shook hands after their entrances, as the announcers discussed their match from Cyber Sunday.  As Chavo and Bam entered, they reviewed their problems on Smackdown last week.  Chavo started off with Bourne, with Chavo taking Bourne to the mat with a headlock.  Bourne shoved off the headlock and went for a hiptoss.  Chavo countered into a monkey flip, but Bourne cartwheeled out of it and hit a headscissors.  Bourne went for a leg lariat, Chavo caught it, but Bourne elbowed him to the mat.  Finlay tagged in and hit a shoulderblock, then took Chavo down with a headlock.  Chavo backed Finlay into his corner and tagged Bam, but Finlay kicked him in the gut and elbowed him in the face.  Bourne tagged in and hit some kicks to the chest, then gave Bam a rana, sending him to the floor.  Bourne slingshotted out of the ring onto Bam, and seemed to be favoring his ankle.  Bourne got back into the ring, while Chavo chastised Bam for not taking advantage of the situation.  Bam argued back as they went to break. 

After the commercial, Chavo was working over Bourne's leg, and tagged in Mark Henry, who splashed it.  Henry slammed Bourne's leg into the mat, then tagged in Bam, who stomped Bourne.  Bam gave Bourne a spinebuster, then wrenched his leg.  Chavo tagged in and hit an elbow to the leg from the top rope.  Bourne fought back by throwing a dropkick, but Chavo elbowed him.  Henry tagged in and dropped an elbow on the leg.  Henry dropped another elbow, then tagged in Chavo, who kicked at the leg.  Bourne fought back with kicks, but Chavo gave him a Dragon Screw.  Bourne hit an upkick and made the hot tag to Matt Hardy, who gave Chavo a clothesline and bulldog for a two count.  Hardy hit a second rope elbow smash, then punched Bam on the ring apron.  Hardy gave Chavo the Side Effect.  Bam ran in and tried to elbow Matt, but Hardy moved and Chavo ended up being elbowed.  Hardy then gave Bam the Twist Of Fate. Mark Henry ran in and gave Matt Hardy the World's Strongest Slam.  Hornswoggle ran in and bit Henry on the leg, and when the referee chased Hornswoggle out, Finlay blasted Mark Henry in the head with the shillelagh.  Tony Atlas grabbed Finlay and yanked him out of the ring.  Hornswoggle dove out of the ring and hit a tope on Tony Atlas. Hardy was getting up from the slam, and Chavo got on the apron and climbed the ropes.  Chavo punched Hardy from the top rope, knocking him down, and then hit the frog splash for the pin at the twelve minute mark. 

Winners: Mark Henry, Chavo Guerrero & Bam Neely.

The announcers discussed that the pinfall would put Chavo in line for an ECW Title shot as they went to break. 

They replayed Jack Swagger's comments of "Tommy who?" from last week when asked about Tommy Dreamer. Lena Yada interviewed Dreamer backstage.  Dreamer noted it was the 19th anniversary of his debut, and that he still loves wrestling and still loves ECW. Dreamer said he isn't about wins and losses, he's about the fight.  Dreamer said that Swagger "should be able to beat me in less than five minutes" but then asked "What if you can't, or what if I beat you, Jack?" 

Tommy Dreamer vs. Jack Swagger.

Swagger and Dreamer went face to face at the bell.  Swagger took Dreamer down and stomped him, but missed an elbowdrop.  Swagger charged Dreamer, who moved and Swagger hit the corner hard.  Dreamer grabbed an arm, and Swagger whipped him into the ropes, but Dreamer hit a cross armbreaker.  Dreamer worked on the arm and sent Swagger to the floor.  Dreamer went to throw Swagger into the ringpost, but Swagger scooted back into the ring.  As Dreamer got back in the ring, Swagger hit a kneelift and they went to commercial. 

Back from break, Swagger had Dreamer in a chinlock.  Swagger hit a belly to belly suplex, trash talked Dreamer, and threw him headfirst into the mat.  Swagger applied a cravate, then switched to a Dragon Sleeper.  Dreamer kneed out of it, but Swagger mounted him and hit some punches.  Swagger slammed Dreamer and went to the middle rope for a V Bomb, but missed when Dreamer moved out of the way.  Dreamer hit some punches and a neckbreaker, then dropped an elbow for a two count.  Dreamer whipped Swagger into a corner and then hit a running bulldog.  Dreamer went to put Swagger in the Tree Of Woe, but Swagger hit some elbows.  Dreamer responded with a kick and hit a second rope clothesline.  Dreamer went to climb the ropes, but Swagger met him there.  Dreamer dropped to the apron and yanked Swagger across the top rope.  Dreamer got in the ring and went for the DDT, but Swagger reversed it into a Northern Lights Suplex.  Dreamer kicked out, grabbed Swagger's legs as they got up, and somersaulted over him into a cover, but Swagger rolled out of it, grabbing a hold of Dreamer's midsection.  Swagger threw some knees, then hefted Dreamer up into a powerbomb for the pin at the nine minute mark. 

Winner: Jack Swagger.

The Miz and John Morrison held a live "Dirt Sheet" in the ring.  Miz and Morrison talked about their match with DX on Raw next week, and said the would take a "fair and balanced look" at DX.  They noted that they were both in high school when DX was formed in 1997.  They said since then, Triple H and Shawn Michaels have won 16 World titles, gotten married and had families, while they went to college and created the number one talk show, the Dirt Sheet.  They aired a commercial, similar to those political ads we've been seeing around the clock in the U.S. lately, ripping apart DX while praising Miz & Morrison.  Miz & Morrison wondered if they "crossed the line" and introduced DX to find out.  Two guys dressed like Michaels and HHH came out, the HHH impersonator sporting a comically large fake nose.  Miz & Morrison interviewed "DX", making fun of their guests. Miz said he and Morrison have surpassed most of DX's accomplishments in just one year, and in time they will surpass the rest.  Miz and Morrison promised to beat DX on Raw, and then laid out the two imposters with their finishers. Morrison and Miz said they had two words for DX this Monday, "Be Jealous".

That ended the show.  Really. 

2010- WWE broadcast Superstars.  Richard Trionfo filed the following TV report:

We start off this week’s show with the Raw brand and your announcers are Scott Stanford and Jerry Lawler.

Match Number One: Mark Henry versus Jey Uso with Tamina and Jimmy Uso

Jey goes for the leg and then he turns it into a side head lock on Henry. Henry with a shoulder tackle. Jey is pulled off the ropes by Henry and then he connects with a forearm. Jey with a kick to the knee and Henry goes into the ropes and Jey chokes him. Jimmy with a Yakuza kick while Tamina distracts the referee, but Jey can only get a near fall. Jey with a front face lock but Henry tosses Jey into the air. Henry stands over Jey and then he tries to drop down but Jey moves out of the way. Jey with a kick to Henry and he gets a near fall. Jey goes to the turnbuckles and he connects with a forearm and gets a near fall. Henry backs into the corner and Jey with a running butt splash and then he does it a second time.

Jey gets a near fall and then he goes to the turnbuckles but he misses a head butt. Henry with punches and he gets Uso but Jey escapes. Henry with a big boot to Uso and then Henry hits the World’s Strongest slam for the three count

Winner: Mark Henry

We go to commercial.

We are back and we see what happened two weeks ago between David Hart Smith and Tyson Kidd.

Match Number Two: Tyson Kidd versus Zack Ryder

Kidd with a waist lock and Ryder gets to the ropes and Kidd releases the hold. Kidd with a hammer lock but Ryder with an elbow and shoulder tackle. Ryder with a knee and wrist lock as he works on the arm. Kidd uses the ropes and he hits an arm drag and follows that with a rollup for a near fall and an arm drag into a Fujiwara arm bar. Kidd with a leg drop to the arm. Ryder with a kick and punch and then he tries to throw Kidd over the top rope but Kidd skins the cat to avoid Ryder and Zack goes to the floor. Ryder with a sunset flip back into the ring but Kidd tries for a Sharpshooter. Ryder drops Kidd on the ropes and connects with a knee lift that sends Kidd to the floor. We go to commercial.

We are back and Ryder has Kidd in a body scissors. Kidd tries to escape the hold and then he punches Zack to get free. Kidd with a catapult that sends Ryder into the ring posts. Kidd misses a cross body into the corner and Ryder hits a running boot across the face and Ryder gets a near fall. Ryder with a seated abdominal stretch but Kidd gets to his feet and gets out of the hold. Ryder runs Kidd into the turnbuckles and connects with shoulders. Ryder tries for a running boot to the head but he misses and both men are down. Kidd with forearms followed by a back elbow and drop kick. Kidd with a clothesline followed by a kick and corkscrew suplex for a near fall. Kidd with a back kick but Ryder with a sit out spinebuster for a near fall.

Ryder stands over Kidd and then connects with forearms. Kidd goes to the apron and he hits a reverse rana for a near fall. Kidd with another rollup for a near fall. Kidd tries for another rollup but Ryder with a knee. Ryder with a forearm but Kidd with a kick and he goes to the apron and then he hits a slingshot leg drop.

David Hart Smith comes to the ring and he argues with Kidd. Tyson tells Smith to leave and that allows Ryder to recover. Natalya comes out and pulls Smith away. Kidd misses a springboard elbow drop and Ryder hits the Zack Attack for the three count.

Winner: Zack Ryder

After the match, Natalya yells at Smith as he goes to the back. Natalya checks on Kidd as we go to commercial.

We are back and it is time for the Smackdown half of the broadcast and announcing for the brand that won at Bragging Rights, Matt Striker and Todd Grisham.

Match Number Three: Montel Vontavious Porter versus Curt Hawkins

Hawkins goes to the floor and he has something to say to fans at ringside. He returns to the ring and they lock up. Porter with a side head lock and shoulder tackle and running clothesline as he gets a near fall. Porter with a forearm but Hawkins sends Porter into the ropes and hits a clothesline as he gets a near fall. Hawkins punches Porter and the referee warns him. Hawkins with a boot to the shoulders and head. Hawkins gets a near fall and then he applies a reverse chin lock. Porter with a rollup for a near fall but Hawkins with a running back elbow and he gets a near fall.

Hawkins with knees to the back and a kick to the back and he gets a near fall. Hawkins with a reverse chin lock on Porter and Porter gets to his feet. Hawkins with a forearm to the back but Porter with a kick to the head followed by an overhead belly-to-belly throw. Hawkins misses a clothesline but Porter connects with punches followed by a clothesline and then he tosses Hawkins into the air followed by a boot and facebuster. Porter signals for the Ballin’ Elbow and he hits it. Porter misses a running boot into the corner and Hawkins with a neckbreaker but he can only get a two count. Hawkins goes up top for the elbow drop but Porter gets up. Porter with the Play of the Day for the three count.

Winner: Montel Vontavious Porter/b>

We go to commercial.

We are back with the Raw Rebound.

Match Number Four: Tyler Reks versus Chris Masters

They lock up and Reks with a forearm to the back and punch followed by a European uppercut. Masters with a chop and punches to Reks in the corner. Masters with an Irish whip and Masters tries for the Master Lock but Reks gets to the floor. Masters goes after Reks but Reks with a kick and then he sends Masters into the ring post. They returns to the ring and Reks with a near fall. Reks with a double sledge to the back and then he continues the attack on the back. Reks with kicks in the corner and the referee has to pull him out of the corner. Reks with a short arm forearm but Masters stays on his feet. Reks with a second one and Masters goes down. Reks with a surfboard but Masters gets to his feet. Masters tries for a suplex but Reks blocks it and Tyler with a belly-to-back suplex and a near fall. Reks with a double sledge to the back but Masters with a forearm. Masters chops and kicks Reks but Reks kicks back. Reks tries for another belly-to-back suplex but Masters counters and turns it into a lateral press. Masters with clotheslines to Reks and he goes to the turnbuckles. Masters with a flying shoulder tackle but he still holds his lower back. Masters tries for the Master Lock but Reks backs Masters into the corner. Reks with a snap mare and kick to the back. Reks gets Masters up and hits the Burning Hammer for the three count.

Winner: Tyler Reks

2010 - TNA broadcast Impact.  Stu Carapola filed the following TV report:

We open tonight's show with a montage of Jeff Hardy's psychoanalytical promos and some of his recent attacks on Ken Anderson.

Before we head to the Impact Zone, we start out backstage where Mickie James and Tara are having a brawl backstage at catering where they couldn't get more than two minutes into the show without mentioning their history in WWE. The cameraman gets knocked out so all we see is Tara getting knocked on her ass and then getting dragged out into the parking lot where, luckily, we have another cameraman. Mickie gets the upper hand on Tara when Madison Rayne comes out of nowhere and attacks Mickie from behind. Mickie fights valiantly, but can't overcome the odds. Madison and Tara go for a double suplex on the concrete, but the Beautiful People come out of nowhere to make the save. BUT WAIT! Now Sarita comes running in and jumps in as well on Madison and Tara's side. Hey, where are Taylor Wilde & Hamada? You know, the Knockouts Tag Team Champions? Angelina and Madison brawl out of the back as Velvet Sky works Sarita over with a broom and chokes her on the steps up to the broadcast booth. They head all the way up the steps and Velvet tries to suplex Sarita to the floor, but Sarita blocks by kicking Velvet low, and Velvet sells it like a guy. Tara and Mickie continue to duke it out backstage and make their way out into the crowd where Mickie tosses Tara into a wall and then over the guardrail, and follows her with a Thesz Press over the rail and to ringside. They head in the ring where Tara gets the upper hand and the other girls follow them into the ring and continue brawling, but now Ric Flair comes out with Overzealous Security, but as Flair comes in to try and calm this down, Mickie punches him in the face. Flair makes like he's going to punch Mickie so Mickie nails him two more times. Flair grabs a mic and asks them all what the hell they're doing, and tells Mickie that if she ever slaps him again he's going to make a woman out of her, and asks her who she thinks she is, his ex-wife? Good line. The brawl breaks out again, so Security pulls them apart again. Flair says if they want to fight, then they're going to fight: he makes the Beautiful People & Mickie James against Sarita, Tara, and Madison Rayne. He says no more right now, so they start fighting again.

Cue the new opening, and tonight we'll see Jy Lethal take on Robbie E, and if Robbie wins, he gets a title shot at Lethal at the next PPV. Also, the Motor City Machine Guns defend the World Tag Team Title against Generation Me and Ink Inc in a three way match, and Jeff Jarrett takes on Ken Anderson in a Chain Match.

We head backstage to the Pope, and he's...WALKING! And he's got a casket with him. Is it a dead guy who wants to pick a fight with an MMA guy? Find out...after this!

We're back, and we get a video package

Ric Flair is in Eric Bischoff's office and thanks him for sending him out with six chicks who treat him like his ex-wife and Bischoff says he's the man for the job. Flair asks where Hulk Hogan is tonight, and Bischoff says he's off conducting Immortal business. Overzealous Security makes the mistake of laughing at Bischoff's little crack, and Bischoff asks them what they thought was so funny and, more importantly, where they were last week when Kurt Angle tried to kill he and Flair. He says that if Angle gets that close again, they'll both be looking for a job. At that moment, the head trainer comes in and asks if Eric's really going to make Ken Anderson wrestle tonight with a concussion, and Bischoff says that he talked it over with Hogan and Flair, and the match is definitely happening. Flair asks the trainer where he was three weeks ago when he was getting sliced up in his match with Foley, and the trainer says there's a difference because this is head trauma and the NFL is making a lot of moves to protect their athletes against injuries like this. He says that Dixie wanted to do more to protect her wrestlers against concussions, and Bischoff says that Dixie's gone, and he doesn't care about protecting anyone. The trainer says he doesn't condone this and walks out.

We go to the ring with the Pope, who has his casket at ringside. He wants to speak to the Congregation, and they Amen back at him. He says there is a monster on the loose, and this monster is full of all kinds of evil spirits of demonic proportions, but Pope is okay with that because he trains to pimpslap that monster over and over again. Pope says that he thinks it's time we do something about that, so it's time to take Abyss and get that 6'7", 350 pound monster, throw him in a casket, and send him back to Hell. Hey, speaking of Abyss, he's in the crowd with a mic, and he tells Pope that he hates to interrupt this sacred vigil between him and the Congregation, but he comes with standing orders from Immortal: Hulk Hogan and Eric Bischoff have instructed him to extinguish the flame that is "The Pope" D'Angelo Dinero. Make no mistake about it: when they meet, the only thing Pope's going to need is a priest to administer his last rites, and as for all the pathetic and ignorant sheep that comprise the Congregation, they too are no longer safe. You never know when or where, but he is coming for all of them, one by one. He then grabs a couple of fans out of the crowd and drags them to the back and Pope, being the great guy he is, goes over the guardrail and chases after them.

Jeff Jarrett is backstage and says he had no idea how high up the stage was when he threw Samoa Joe off of it, he's only been here since day one. But he's got a way of making it up to him: he'll see him in the ring at Turning Point. But as for tonight, he'll see Ken Anderson in the ring and tells Anderson that he should bring some Aspirin.

We're backstage with Ric Flair and Matt Morgan, and Morgan asks Bischoff if he really said Anderson would have to wrestle with a concussion tonight, and Flair said yes because this is pro wrestling. Matt Morgan says it's more important than he's giving it credit for and there are a lot of studies about concussions, and those studies weren't around in Flair's day. Flair said every day is his day, and whatever Hogan and Bischoff put down for Anderson tonight, Fortune is going to support it. Flair says to forget they had this conversation and walks off. Morgan doesn't look convinced.

X Division Champion Jay Lethal vs Robbie E

Lethal runs into the ring and furiously goes right after Robbie and Robbie tries to bail to the floor, but Lethal hits a dive and wipes Robbie out. By the way, there's all kinds of street signs and barricades and stuff at ringside, since I guess there's a lot of that at the Jersey Shore, so Lethal suplexes Robbie onto a street sign on the floor. Robbie recovers and nails Lethal, then sets up a pair of street barricades in the aisle. He took too long though, and Lethal hits a wicked chop and then picks Robbie up and crotches him on one of the barricades. Lethal sits on top of Robbie and punches his face in, then rolls him back in the ring and eats a knee to the face when he tries to follow him in. Robbie with a back elbow and covers for 2, then rips his shirt off and grabs a kendo stick and stalks Lethal with it, but Lethal nails him, grabs the kendo stick, and cracks it over Robbie's back. Lethal goes outside and grabs a trash can and puts it over Robbie's head, then takes the kendo stick and cracks it into the can and Robbie goes down like a ton of bricks. The crowd chants "one more time" so Lethal picks Robbie back up and hits another kendo stick shot to the can. Lethal goes up top but Cookie grabs the ankle and sprays her hairspray into Lethal's face, and Robbie quickly capitalizes and hits a neckbreaker for the win.

Winner: Robbie E

We go backstage to the Beautiful People, who are having their usual intelligent conversation as they discuss their upcoming match. Velvet leaves, and when Angelina looks back in the mirror, Winter is behind her again. Angelina says she's really starting to creep her out, and Winter says there's nothing creepy about it because it's the Universe bringing them together, like fate. Winter asks her if she believes in fate, and Angelina says no she doesn't, and Velvet Sky comes back into the dressing room and Angelina turns to point out Winter, but once again, she's not there and Velvet thinks she's crazy.

We go to a video package looking back at last week as Eric Bischoff sowed the seeds of paranoia in Rob Van Dam, causing RVD to suspect even his EV2.0 family of plotting against him. We go right into the ring with EV2.0 where Tommy Dreamer says that RVD hasn't returned any of their calls, emails, or tweets, so he asks RVD to come out to the ring. RVD obliges, and Dreamer says that they're going to end this now. They've known each other for 15 years, Sabu's uncle the Sheik trained him, when Dreamer was going through his own personal hell, RVD told him to come to TNA and helped him get in the door. What happened last week with Sabu was an accident and he knows it. RVD says he doesn't know who he can trust because Jeff Hardy had him opened up like a frog being dissected for science. Dreamer says this is what Bischoff wants and they're a family, and instead of being divided, they need to come together, and what happened with Abyss was all Hardy's fault, but Hardy's always been weird and now he's a scumbag. This is Bischoff we're talking about, and he's been trying to them for years, not just here but even going back to their old company. Raven starts smiling and RVD asks him what's so funny, so Raven gets a mic and tells RVD that Bischoff is like him: a super genius. He's got RVD exasperated, but they're his friends so he should forget Bischoff. RVD says he knows Bischoff has a stooge and he's looking at him, and he goes nose to nose with Raven. EV2.0 tries to pull them apart, and Ric Flair comes out with Fortune. Flair makes fun of EV2.0 for fighting each other, and presents Fortune as a well-oiled machine, not a bunch of dysfunctional punks like them. He says they need to focus on Turning Point where Fortune takes on EV2.0 for the last time, but RVD and Raven need to kiss and make up because they're facing AJ Styles and Frankie Kazarian tonight. Flair tells them to tell their story walking because it's AJ & Kazarian against RVD and Raven tonight. Williams looks unhappy for some reason, but before that gets resolved, we're at commercial.

We come back and we're backstage with Fortune, and Kazarian tells Douglas Williams that he's a spoilsport who complains about everything. Williams says that with all due respect, he beat Kazarian for the X Division Title. Flair says that Fortune are the power in this company and they can't allow these guys to drive a wedge between them. He takes Kazarian out of the match and puts Williams in, so it'll be Williams and AJ against RVD and Raven. Flair asks James Storm why he's drinking a beer and Flair isn't, and we expect them to ice him, but they don't.

Mickie James & Beautiful People vs Madison Rayne, Sarita & Tara

The Beautiful People and Mickie jump Madison's team on their way to the ring, and a huge brawl breaks out, so AGAIN Overzealous Security comes out and pulls them apart. Earl Hebner wants two girls in and everyone else out, so we start with Angelina and Madison and Hebner rings the bell. Angelina lays Madison out with a series of clotheslines, so Madison tags in Tara, who immediately eats a chinbreaker. Angelina tags in Velvet and they hit a double Russian legsweep and Velvet covers for 2. Velvet gets a chop and a big flying headscissors for 2 and tags in Mickie, who goes up top and then thinks better of it and drops into the ring. Tara tags in Sarita, who shoves Mickie, so Mickie responds by stiffing her with a forearm and gets a flying headscissors. Mickie with a neckbreaker for 2, but Tara kicks Mickie in the face from the outside and Sarita rolls her up for 2. Madison tags in and chokes Mickie on the ropes, then does that move where she repeatedly humps her opponent's head into the mat. Tara tags in and hangs Mickie over her back by the hair, but Mickie recovers and hits a neckbreaker and makes the hot tag to Angelina. Angelina with a series of clotheslines to Sarita and goes for a slam, but Tara nails her from the outside, so Angelina tags Mickie, who hits a Thesz Press off the top onto Sarita and nails Madison and Tara off the apron. They come running back in and nail her anyway and go for a double backdrop, but Mickie tosses Tara to the floor and nails Madison, and Velvet hit a DDT on Sarita for 2. A Pier Six brawl breaks out and Mickie hits a DDT on Madison, then turns around and Tara catches her with the Widow's Peak. The Beautiful People come in and double kick Tara, but Sarita nails Angelina out of the ring and hits a Tiger Driver on Velvet Sky for the win.

Winners: Madison Rayne, Tara & Sarita

The Pope is backstage looking for his fans and he hears a damsel in distress screaming, and goes running off after the voice as we go to commercial.

Okay, we're back from commercial and the Pope has finally found Abyss and the members of the Congregation, and this leads to a backstage brawl between Pope and Abyss as the Congregation members run off. Pope goes to whip Abyss into the wall but Abyss reverses and sends Pope into the wall, then he picks him up and chokeslams him into the wall and does it again. Abyss looks over and sees Pope's casket that he had at ringside, and he opens it and slams Pope into it and then closes the lid and goes looking for Janice. He wonders aloud where his baby girl is, then finally finds her and uses her to bash a huge dent into the casket. He slams Janice into the casket over and over and then tips the casket over and screams victoriously.

We head back to the ring, where Generation Me say that they're getting a shot at the World Tag Team Title, and it's not about sitting around playing XBox 360, it's about me, and it's not about covering yourself with tattoos, it's about me. It's all about Generation Me. Ink Inc come out and Shannon Moore tells them that Matt and Jeff Hardy want their 1998 gear back. They say they represent everyone who gets piercings and tattoos and does what they do to be individuals. The Motor City Machine Guns make their entrance and we're at commercial.

World Tag Team Title Match: Motor City Machine Guns vs Generation Me vs Ink Inc

Jeremy and Jesse Neal start and have a fast paces sequence that ends with Neal getting a neckbreaker for 2. Neal with a clothesline, but Jeremy gets a back elbow and Max snaps Jesse's neck over the top rope and gets a quick cover for 2. GenMe with Poetry In Motion to Shelley to send him off the apron, then go back to double teaming Jesse. Gen Me with an assisted dropkick and then Max with a double stomp off the top to Jesse's arm, followed by a slam and a fistdrop for 2. Max grabs Jesse by the head and talks smack to him before getting a SWEET standing dropkick to the face. Jeremy tags in and chokes Jesse in the corner with his boot, then Max comes back in and they go for the assisted dropkick again, but Neal catches Jeremy in midair and hits a spinebuster before making the hot tag to Shannon Moore, who comes in and cleans house on Max and hits a nice spinkick for 2. Gen Me try to double team Moore by popping him up in the air, but Moore with a double Frankensteiner sends both Bucks to the floor and then backdrops Neal over the top rope onto them. Now the Guns come in and hit a double dive onto the guys on the floor, but Moore comes in with a Lionsault on Max for 2. Now everybody's in the ring and I just gave up trying to recap this. After a really fast paced series where everyone hit big moves on everyone, Jesse and Moore hit the Mooregasm on Chris Sabin, but Jeremy Buck pulls the referee out of the ring, so Moore dive onto him and leaves Jesse alone in the ring with the Guns, who hit the Skull & Crossbones for the win.

Winners: Motor City Machine Guns

The Guns get their belts, but then Team 3D's music hits and they come out and applaud the Guns. They get in the ring and Bubba gets a micand says that TNA has the best tag team division in the entire world, leading the crowd to start a TNA chant, and then names Team 3D, Generation Me, Ink Inc, Beer Money, and the World Tag Team Champions, the Motor City Machine Guns. Team 3D is officially retiring and says it's not a popular decision, but it's something they need to do so thanks for supporting them. They said that if they're going out, they're going out against the best, and as champions, the Guns are the best tag team in the world today. They're just waiting on an answer from the Guns, so what's it going to be. Alex Shelley gets the mic and says that they learned a lot from Team 3D and they're legends as far as they're concerned, but now they're at the top of the ladder and they're champions of the people, so he asks the crowd if they want to see Team 3D and the Motor City Machine Guns one more time. The crowd cheers of course, so it looks like the match is on.

We go backstage to Eric Bischoff, who I guess is talking to Hulk Hogan, and Matt Morgan comes in to have a word with Bischoff about the chain match tonight. Bischoff seems to think it'll make for good ratings, and Morgan asks if he thinks putting a guy who's been concussed out in the ring is a little irresponsible, and Bischoff says no, it's just part of the game. Morgan says he gets it, but it's not about the money or ratings, it's about their well being. Take Hernandez for example: he put Hernandez on the shelf for three months with a concussion and it's a bigger issue than Bischoff's giving it credit for. Bischoff says it's not a safetly issue and he doesn't give a **** about Anderson's safety. It's all about business, and business is good when people do what they're told when they're told to do it. As for right now, Bischoff has some calls to make and has Overzealous Security escort Morgan out of his office.

After commercial, Matt Morgan is backstage with the trainer, who is concerned about Anderson's safety. Morgan says relax, because he's going to go talk to Anderson.

We go back out to Mike Tenay and Taz, who run down the Turning Point card and then send us to a segment with Jeff Hardy, where he says it's become more and more apparent to Hardy that he's been in control of his own destiny. He was always above it all and better than everybody else, and as he catered to the Creatures Of The Night, Eric and Hulk made it clear that their acceptance brought him nothing: not fame or money. He is the here and now and is the Antichrist of professional wrestling: he is Jeff Hardy.

Back to the ring for our next match...

AJ Styles & Douglas Williams vs Rob Van Dam & Raven

Raven comes out first and AJ and Williams jump him on the way in and stomp him out in the corner. RVD's music hits and he slowly comes strolling out, seemingly in no hurry to help Raven out. He stops for his pyro and rolls into the ring, and is immediately attacked by Fortune. They whip RVD into the ropes, but he ducks over them and nails Williams as Raven and AJ tumble out of the ring. Williams slides back in and nails RVD, but RVD with a kick to the head and Rolling Thunder for 2. AJ nails RVD, allowing Williams to get a rear chinlock and then tag AJ, who hits a slam and the big leaping kneedrop for 2. Tag out to Williams, who gets a front chancery and Raven tries to get in the ring, but AJ runs over and dropkicks him back out to the floor. AJ tags back in and snapmares RVD and gets a chinlock of his own and RVD tries to get out, so AJ just yanks RVD down by the hair. RVD recovers and gets a dropkick to AJ, but Ric Flair comes running out from the back and pulls Raven off the apron and nails him with AJ's belt. AJ tags out to Williams, but there's nobody there for RVD to tag, so he lays out AJ and Williams with a couple of spinkicks and goes looking for Raven, but AJ drops RVD throat first on the top rope, and then Williams hits a big European uppercut and AJ with a springboard forearm and goes for the cover, but he's not the legal man. Williams goes up to the top rope, but AJ tags himself in as Williams comes off the top with a kneedrop, and AJ follows with a top rope splash of his own and covers RVD for the win.

Winners: AJ Styles & Douglas Williams

AJ and Williams have a tense moment over AJ stealing the fall, and then they leave as RVD yells at Raven for not being there for the tag.

We come back to a video package hyping TNA's upcoming appearance on Family Feud from November 1-5.

It's main event time!

Chain Match: Jeff Jarrett vs Ken Anderson

Instead of Anderson, Matt Morgan comes out from the back when Anderson's music hits. It's after 11, so Impact ends now and Reaction starts. Morgan says he and JArrett are buddies, but nobody listened to anything he's had to say. He said that Jarrett has been wrestling since he was 16, and has probably wrestled with his share of concussions, but in Jeff's defense, we didn't know then what we know now about concussions. He's a card carrying member of the Sports Legacy Institute and talks about the work they do researching concussions. He says that there's 50 year old pro athletes out there who have the brain power of an 85 year old Alzheimer's patient, and when somebody's had enough, they've had enough. Jarrett pauses to consider this, then asks Morgan if he thinks he gives a damn about Anderson's concussion. He doesn't care about anybody: Joe, Kurt, Anderson, and after tonight, he doesn't care about Morgan. The massacre of Mr Anderson is taking place tonight, and there's nothing Morgan or anybody else can do about it, and he tells Morgan to get out of his damn ring now. Morgan turns to leave, but pauses by the ropes and comes back and grabs the handcuffs. He says he's right, there's nothing he can do about Jarrett wanting to do this match, but he can just kick Jarrett's head in. Jarrett tries to back out of wrestling Morgan, but attacks him and I guess that now we've got...

Chain Match: Jeff Jarrett vs Matt Morgan

Jarrett kicks Morgan in the gut and takes him to the corner, but Morgan hiptosses him out of the corner and gets an inverted goozle and slams Jarrett into the top turnbuckle. Morgan with the machine gun elbows and a side suplex and Jarrett tries to run, but Morgan pulls him back into a series of right hands and gets a fallaway slam. Jarrett finally gets to the floor and Morgan goes after him and beats him up all around ringside, but Jarrett yanks on the chain and pulls Jarrett into the ringpost. Morgan comes up bloody and pulls Jarrett into the ringpost himself, and then they head back in the ring and Morgan chokeslams Jarrett, but Jarrett ducks the Carbon Footprint, yanks the chain into Morgan's groin, and hits the Stroke for the win.

Winner: Jeff Jarrett

Morgan regains his feet and tears his shirt off, and Jarrett turns around into a clothesline. Morgan starts to choke Jarrett with the chain, but the rest of Fortune run in and beat Morgan down in a 4-on-1 attack. They toss Morgan to the outside and wrap the chain around his neck, hanging him.

2011 - TNA ran Sacramento, CA.  Jason Barsky filed the following live report:

The show started with hype from Jeremy Borash.....Bobby Roode came out.....cut a promo....James Storm came out. Roode had great heel heat....Storm was very over.

The crowd was crazy. It felt like an ECW crowd from the 90's.

Kid Kash and Daniels vs. Kendrick and Kazarian
Kendrick got the pin with Sliced Bread #2

A radio guy that isn't me did something for backstage passes.

Crimson vs. Samoa joe
Crimson with a roll up. Joe was very over. Oh well. Joe spent almost all of the match trying to get heel flipping off the crowd. It never really worked.

Introduction for Earl Hebner. He took off the ref shirt and had on the "damn right I did" shirt. 

He reffed a knockouts match.....Winter vs. Mickie James. Mickie dressed like wonder a string bikini top.  Earl kissed Winter....Mickie with a DDT for the win.....Mickie kissed Earl. That's how mouth herpes spreads. 

World Title match...yup before intermission.  Bobby Roode vs James Storm. Roode retains with a belt shot. Match was good, but got oddly quiet as this went on. Maybe it is because Roode is Canadian. Just Kidding.


Abyss vs. RVD. Crappy match RVD wins with frog splash. Worst RVD match I've seen in a long time. Most of the match time was RVD getting the crowd to say "Rob Van Dam". Crowd was very into him but the match was lame.

Second main event time..

Bully Ray vs. Jeff Hardy.
Classic Bubba on the Mic. This was a cleaner version of his ECW mic work where he would challenge members of the crowd to a fight. Cleaner.....but awesome to see live again after all these years. Crappy match....Hardy wins with the Twist ofF fate and a Swanton. Just like the RCD match....all crowd work.....crappy match. Fans went home happy.

As a "treat" Hardy stayed in the ring and took pictures at $20.00 a pop.

So so show.....TNA does a GREAT JOB of going above and beyond for their fans, but does very little with a very talented roster.

2011 - Former WWE Divas champion Maryse, who had been waiting to return following a hernia surgery was released by WWE.  She has not wrestled since but has made a number of appearances doing commentary for NYC's Family Wrestling Entertainment as well as signings.

2011 - Lucha Libre USA issued the following statement on their Facebook Page:

"Thank you to all our fans for sending us your feedback regarding the 10am time slot for Masked Warriors. We agree with you, which is why the second season of Masked Warriors will be going on a brief hiatus until a more convenient viewing experience becomes available.

We are currently working to resume programming as quickly as possible and have many other exciting projects in the works for you.

This Saturday morning at 10am EST on Facebook, we will be posting a special match between Shane Helms and Lizmark Jr. The World Wide Warriors Webcast will continue every Wednesday at 8PM EST.

This Wednesday, Alex Iz will be discussing the match between Shane Helms and Lizmark Jr. Shane Helms will be on the program live and answering your questions on Please check back soon for more exciting news from Lucha Libre USA. Thanks, as always, for your support!"

2011 - WWE broadcast Smackdown.  Richard Trionfo filed the following TV report:

This week’s show starts off with a look back at highlights from Vengeance, including the collapsing of the ring after a superplex by Mark Henry.

We are live on tape from Houston, Texas and your announcers are Michael ‘Let’s hope that his promise to quit applies to all shows, not just Raw’ Cole, Booker ‘Home is where the Shucky Ducky Quack Quack is’ T, and Josh ‘Can I get humanitarian aid for being on this show’ Mathews.

Teddy Long is in the ring and he has something to say. Teddy says that after what happened at Vengeance, the status of Mark Henry, Big Show, and the World Championship are in a state of flux. Despite the injuries suffered by both men, they are both here. Teddy promises to everyone that the future of the World Title will be addressed tonight.

Speaking of people who want the World Title, Christian makes his way to the ring. He tells Teddy that the future of the World Championship will be discussed right now. There is no doubt that what Mark and Show did at Vengeance was historic. By that he means that it is history. As far as he is concerned, Big Show had his chance and he blew it. That makes a big hole in the World Title picture.

Christian says that the void will be filled by the man who dominated this brand over the last five months. Teddy reminds Christian that the last time he saw Christian, he was getting his head kicked off his shoulders by Sheamus.

Christian says that he is resilient and then he tells Teddy to try to find someone more deserving than him.

While he might not be a top contender for the World Title, CM Punk makes his way to the ring.

Christian says that before he was so rudely interrupted, he was going to say that he deserves one more match. Christian wants to know why Punk was here.

Teddy says that since Raw has enjoyed using Smackdown superstars, he pulled some strings for Raw superstars to be on Smackdown tonight for a Super Smackdown.

Punk says that before he was rudely interrupted by Christian’s yakking. He thanks Teddy for having him here on a show with competent leadership.

Christian tells Punk that he never met Teddy before. Punk says that Teddy makes Johnny look a lot worse than he really is. Laurinaitis makes Teddy look like FDR. Punk says that he is here because he is a huge fan of Rusty Bird. Punk sees the ‘One More Match’ signs. He wants Christian to get one more match and he tells Christian that he is a fan of his work.

Christian does not want Punk to lecture him and then he brings up how Punk hijacked the title during the summer. Christian says that it was a complete joke and it is a complete joke that John Laurinaitis is considering Punk for a title match with Alberto Del Rio.

Punk says that might be why Johnny is so bad at his job. Maybe John is considering it because he doesn’t waste all of the people’s time bitching and moaning and bitching and bitching and bitching and bitching and bitching.

The fans chant for Punk and then Christian says that he doesn’t care if Punk was invited or not. As the leader of Smackdown and the most respected man in the locker room, he is not going to stand here and take this. He tells Punk to take his pipe bomb back to Raw because nobody wants him here.

Punk rhetorically comments that no one wants him here. Punk sheepishly says that he will take his pipe bomb back to Raw, but over 10,000 people in Houston want him here. Punk says that he would bet money that the people of Houston want to see him in a match. In a match with . . . Christian.

Punk wants to know if that can get done and Teddy tells Punk that it can get done.

We go to commercial.

We are back and we see what R Truth and Miz have done on WWE programming this week.

Match Number One: Miz and R Truth versus Evan Bourne and Kofi Kingston in a Non-Title Match


Kofi and Miz start things off and Miz tries to get out of the corner and Truth distracts Kofi and Miz punches him. Miz with knees to Kofi followed by a running knee lift. Miz with a front face lock and Truth tags in and Truth kicks him. Truth with punches and forearms to Kofi and the referee warns Kofi. Truth with a punch in the corner followed by an Irish wihp bu Kofi get his feet up and Bourne is tagged in.

Bourne and Kofi with kicks and a double bulldog for a near fall. Bourne with a drop kick into the corner followed by an Irish whip but Truth sends Bourne to the apron. Bourne with a kick to the head and then Bourne wants to go up top but Miz distracts Bourne. Truth knocks Bourne off the apron and Miz with a clothesline on the floor.

Truth punches Bourne on the floor and we go to commercial.

We are back and Bourne with kicks but he misses the leaping knee to Miz and Bourne lands awkwardly on his neck. Truth tags back in and he kicks Bourne. Truth with a kick to the head followed by one from Miz and Truth gets a near fall. Truth with a front face lock. Truth grabs the ankle to keep Bourne from making the tag but Bourne with an enzuigiri to get away but both men are down.

Miz and Kofi tag in and Kofi with a rolling cltoehsline followed by more clotheslines and a drop kick. Kofi with a Superman punch and then he does laps in the ring before the Boom Drop set up but Miz rolls out of the way. Kofi leaps into the corner but Miz moves. Kofi with a double jujp cross body for a near fall. Truth interferes with the cover and Bourne comes in and sends Truth to the floor.

Bourne tries for a pescado but Truth moves out of the way. Truth returns to the apron and he tags himself back into the match. Truth tags in and him and Miz hit the Little Jimmy Finale for the three count.

Winners: R Truth and Miz

After the match, Truth tells the fans not to boo him and that they should be booing themselves. Truth says that for those who are keeping track, they just beat the WWE Tag Team Champions. At Vengeance, they beat CM Punk and Triple H. On Raw, they destroyed Zack Ryder and beat John Cena.

Miz says that they beat Cena so bad that he had to get another partner to face them at Survivor Series, the Rock.

Truth says that Cena must have brain damage because he picked the only man who hates Cena more than them. If they don’t destroy each other before Survivor Series, Miz says that they will take care of them at Surivor Series.

We go to commercial.

We are back and we see some of the wrestlers in the locker room watching the WWE’s Greatest Feud DVD featuring Shawn Michaels and Bret Hart (available now at the Store) and Justin Gabriel asks Daniel Bryan if Shawn trained him and Daniel says that he started training with Shawn in San Antonio. Bryan talks about the passion that Shawn had in the ring when he was being trained.

Applause is heard off camera as Tyson Kidd enters and he is impressed that Daniel was trained by Shawn Michaels. Tyson asks Daniel if his favorite part was when Shawn cried at the beginning, the middle, or the end.

Daniel mentions that Bret cried as well.

Tyson asks Daniel if he cried when Shawn lost his smile and then he tells Daniel that everyone knows that Bret is better than Shawn.

Daniel mentions that Shawn is Mr. Wrestlemania and in the Hall of Fame.

Tyson wants to ask the other wrestlers in the room what they think and they have no opinion.

We get a Duck Season/Rabbit Season with Shawn and Bret. Santino stops them and says that they should settle in the ring like mans. Tyson tells Daniel he hopes he doesn’t cry when he is put in the Sharpshooter.

We go to the hallway where Teddy Long is with Hornswoggle dressed like Zack Ryder. Teddy says that Zack would appreciate that.

Dolph Ziggler, Jack Swagger, and Vickie Guerrero enter the hallway and she says that what happened to Teddy’s assistant was due to making Dolph wrestle twice at Vengeance.

Dolph says that he stole the show and beat Zack Ryder and is still the United States Champion.

Teddy says that he wasn’t messing with Dolph and he isn’t messing with him in his match tonight against Randy Orton. Teddy tells Jack Swagger that he is banned from ringside.

Teddy tries to calm down Hornswoggle, but the saxophones play and Teddy forgets how to speak when he sees Aksana. Teddy asks Hornswoggle to give them a minute. Teddy tells Aksana it isn’t what she thinks and he suggests that they go to his office to talk.

Cole and Josh talk about the situation between Triple H and Kevin Nash and we go to highlights from Raw.

We go to commercial.

We are back and we have comments from Wade Barrett before we see him in action. He says that last week was just the beginning. When he walks into the ring, it is his trench. His opponent is a casualty of war. The Barrett Barrage continues.

Match Number Two: Wade Barrett versus Trent Barreta


Barrett with knees and elbows. Barreta with a rana but he charges into the corner and Barrett with the Black Pool Slam for a near fall. Barrett with a knee to the back and he puts Trent in a surfboard. Trent punches Wade but Wade with a knee as Trent comes off the ropes.

Barrett with knees to Trent while Trent is on the apron and then he follows that with a big boot that sends Trent to the floor. Barrett with a boot to Trent and then he sends Trent back into the ring and Wade gets a near fall. Trent with a chop and forearm to Wade followed by another chop.

Wade with a back heel kick followed by a knee and Irish whip. Wade charges into the corner and Trent with a knee. Trent tries for a rana but Wade blocks it and he gets Trent onto his shoulders for Wasteland and the three count.

Winner: Wade Barrett

We go to commercial.

We are back and before the next match, Intercontinental Champion Cody Rhodes and Los Hombres Del Bag are on their way to the announce table.

Match Number Three: Randy Orton versus Dolph Ziggler with Vickie Guerrero in a Non Title Match


Orton looks over his shoulder to see what Rhodes is doing and then they lock up and go to a stalemate. They lock up again and Orton with a side head lock and shoulder tackle. Orton with a reverse chin lock but Ziggler gets back to his feet. Orton and Ziggler with leap frogs and Ziggler with a side head lock take down.

Orton gets back to his feet and Orton with shoulder tackles and a near fall. Ziggler backs into the corner to regroup. Ziggler with a kick and punch followed by a side head lock take down. Orton with an arm bar followed by back breaker attempt but Ziggler counters for a near fall on a rollup. Orton counters a neck breaker for a rollup and gets a near fall.

Orton with a double leg take down and then he stomps on the abdomen. Orton sets for the leaping knee drop and he hits it and gets a near fall. Orton with an arm bar and Irish whip but Orton runs into a boot from Ziggler and Dolph gets a near fall. Ziggler with a punch and quarter nelson and chin lock.

Orton punches Ziggler but Ziggler with a punch of his own. Orton has that look in his eyes and he leaves the ring. Orton chases after him. Ziggler tries to use Vickie as an obstacle for Orton and Orton leap frogs Vickie and clotheslines Ziggler.

We go to commercial.

We are back and Orton with an Irish whip but Ziggler with an elbow and drop kick for a near fall. Ziggler kicks Orton in the corner until the referee warns him. Orton punches Ziggler but Ziggler with a knee to the midsection and Ziggler gets a near fall. Ziggler with the Rings of Saturn but Orton gets to his feet but Ziggler gets off his shoulders and hits a DDT and Dolph gets another near fall.

Ziggler with a chin lock on Orton but Orton gets back to his feet. Orton with a head butt but Ziggler with a neck breaker and Dolph gets a near fall. Ziggler goes to the turnbuckles but Orton crotches him. Orton punches Ziggler and sets for a superplex. Thankfully they weigh less than half a ton combined so the ring does not collapse. Orton gets a two count.

Orton and Ziggler exchange punches with Orton gaining the advantage. Orton with clotheslines followed by the power slam. Orton sends Ziggler to the apron for the IEDDT and then Orton stares at the horizon and then twists into position for the RKO.

Orton tries for the RKO but Ziggler avoids it and Ziggler with a super kick but Orton kicks out at two. Ziggler sets for the Zig Zag but Orton holds on to the ropes and Orton hits the RKO for the three count.

Winner: Randy Orton

After the match, Rhodes leaves with his men of sack and Rhodes takes a bag and shows it to Orton before leaving.

With talk of Cody Rhodes’ mask, it is time to talk about the mask versus mask match last week and we see highlights.

We go to the interview area where Matt Striker is with the man formerly known as Sin Cara El Terrible. Matt asks him if he felt disrespected after what happened last week. He talks about how he lost his identity and his life. He says that he is the only one with a face. Sin Cara took away something that was over his face. He says that it is payback time. He asks Matt if he understands.

We go to commercial.

We are back with another Brodus Clay video package. Maybe he will return before the end of Season 5 of NXT.

Match Number Four: Daniel Bryan versus Tyson Kidd


They have some words before the match starts and Tyson pushes Bryan and Bryan pushes back. Bryan with a wrist lock and Kidd with a standing switch. Kidd tries for a Sharpshooter but Bryan escapes and hits an arm drag takedown. Bryan goes for the ankle when Kidd tries for a leap frog.

Kidd with a kick and drop kick to the head and Kidd gets a near fall. Kidd with a Dragon Sleeper followed by a forearm. Kid with an Irish whip but Bryan flips out of the corner and hits a flying elbow and then he shakes the ropes to get psyched up. Bryan with the running drop kick into the corner for a near fall.

Bryan puts Kidd on the top turnbuckle and hits a super rana but Kidd rolls through with a sunset flip for a near fall. Bryan tries for the LeBell Lock but Kidd counters and gets a near fall. Kidd and Bryan with a series of near falls. Kidd tries for a Sharpshooter but Bryan is able to block Kidd’s attempts.

Bryan is able to counter and he puts Kidd in the LeBell Lock and Kidd tries to fight out of it but he has to tap out.

Winner: Daniel Bryan

We take a look back at what happened with John Cena on Monday night.

Michael Cole takes a chance to get up on the announce table to talk about the Michael Cole Challenge for Monday night. Cole says that he has some training photos and if you saw the photos on Monday night, there is nothing new.

Big Show makes his way to the ring and we go to commercial.

We are back and Big Show is now in the ring and he shows his flexibility after what happened on Sunday. Speaking of Sunday, we have photos of what happened during the match between Show and Henry.

We are told that both men suffered muscle and ligament strains.

Show says ‘oops I did it again’. Show says that it hurts for him to laugh. He mentions that he has been in the business for sixteen years and he has faced some of the best but he is hurting in places that he didn’t know had places. Show says that Henry was an out of control monster. He never had a fight with anyone that powerful ever. He gives Mark Henry credit for putting on a good fight.

After going through all of that carnage, he would want to stay away from that. Show reminds us that he isn’t right in the head so he would want the ring to be reinforced so they can do it again. Show says that he looked in Mark Henry’s eyes and he says that he knows that he can beat Mark Henry and take the World Title from Mark Henry.

Show says that he was meeting with Teddy Long for most of the day. Show says that there will be a rematch in the near future.

Before Show can continue, Mark Henry makes his way to the ring and he looks like he is ready for a fight but he is showing the effects of the match from Sunday.

Mark says that he doesn’t care who Show talked to because he is not getting a rematch. Mark says that he went into Vengeance the champion and he left as the champion. He says that he is done with Show. Mark says that he is hurt because of the ring caving in. Show is beaten because Mark made him that way. Mark says that he didn’t do that great of a job because Show is still talking.

Mark gets onto the apron and then he teases getting into the ring but he stops and goes to the floor. Mark walks up the ramp and we go to commercial.

Match Number Five: CM Punk versus Christian


They lock up and Punk works on the arm and puts Christian in a hammer lock. Christian with a reversal into a side head lock and shoulder tackle. Punk applauds Christian. They lock up and Punk with a side head lock and shoulder tackle. Punk poses for Christian showing his power.

Christian with a kick and punch but Punk with a leg lariat and he gets a near fall. Punk returns to the wrist and he works on the shoulder as well. Punk gets a near fall. Punk with a hammer lock and then he sends Christian shoulder first into the turnbuckles. Punk with a snap mare and drop kick to the back of the head and he gets a near fall.

Punk with a key lock but Christian with elbows to Punk. Punk with an Irish whip but Christian with boots to Punk. Christian with a back elbow from the turnbuckles and then he goes up top again and tries for a frog splash but Punk moves. Punk sets for the Go To Sleep but Alberto Del Rio’s music plays. Christian with an Impaler DDT for a near fall thanks to the distraction.

Del Rio and Rodriguez make their way to the ring as we go to commercial.

We are back and Christian with a key lock and Punk escapes. Punk misses a leg drop and Christian with punches to Punk. Christian with an inverted DDT for a near fall. Christian rakes the eyes and then he sends Punk to the floor.

Christian goes to the floor and then he sends Punk into the announce table right in front of Del Rio. Christian gets a near fall and then he returns to the rear chin lock. Punk with punches and slaps followed by a spinning back fist and a round kick and both men are down. Punk with a punch to the head followed by a back body drop and clothesline. Punk with a swinging neck breaker for a near fall.

Punk misses the running knee into the corner and Christian tries for the Killswitch but Punk escapes. Punk tries for the Go To Sleep but Christian avoids it. Christian with a kick and a sunset flip attempt but Punk rolls through and he kicks Christian in the head and gets a near fall. Punk looks at Del Rio and that distraction allows Christian to send Punk into the ropes and then he slingshots to the floor and connects with an uppercut.

Christian goes up top for a cross body but Punk rolls through and gets a near fall. Punk goes to the apron for the springboard clothesline but Christian with a power slam to counter and he gets a near fall. Christian sets for the Killswitch but Punk with a back kick and he gets Christian on his shoulders. Christian avoids the Go To Sleep and Punk with the running knee and bulldog. Punk chases Ricardo away. Punk with a shoulder from the apron and a springboard clothesline for a near fall.

Punk goes up top for the Macho Man elbow and Ricardo gets on the apron to distract the referee. While that happens, Del Rio knocks Punk off the turnbuckles. Christian realizes that he is in control now and he sets for the spear but Sheamus’ music plays and he comes to the ring and Punk with the Go To Sleep for the three count.

Winner: CM Punk

We go to credits.

2012 - WWE broadcast Hell in A Cell.  Mike Johnson filed the following PPV report:


Welcome to's live, ongoing coverage of the 2012 WWE Hell in A Cell PPV from Atlanta, GA at the Phillips Arena!

YouTube Pre-Game Show

We opened with a video piece recapping the AJ Lee-John Cena allegations.

Michael Cole interviewed John Cena about the allegations.  Cena said he wants to see what Ryback can do tonight inside Hell in A Cell. 

They had Dolph Ziggler sent a Tout, which led to Cena saying he came to fight and challenged Ziggler to come and face him.  He asked Ziggler to come out and prove he was the only "real man left."  At first Ziggler didn't come out, but then his music hit and out came Vickie Guerrero.

Guerrero distracted Cena, allowing Ziggler to try and attack Cena from behind but Cena caught him and clotheslined Ziggler out of the ring.  They teased they may wrestle later on the PPV since Vickie has power to make the matches.  Should be interesting to see if they add that to the show, but you would think if they are, they will announce it before they go off the air to push last minute buys.

They showed a World title preview.

World champion Sheamus cut a quick promo backstage, saying he has a Brogue Kick with Big Show's name on it.  Nothing major.

They showed a WWE title preview.  Big night for Ryback!

They had a great video opening for the PPV.

Randy Orton vs. Alberto Del Rio

They locked up and Orton took the early control with an uppercut and several shots in the corner.  He tossed Alberto to the outside and caught him with a clothesline on the floor.  Orton slammed Del Rio into the table and then into the ringpost.

Orton tossed Alberto back into the ring and began nailing him with the Garvin Stomp.   Orton continued working over Del Rio in the corner.  Del Rio tossed him over the top but he landed on his feet on the apron.  Ricardo tried to distract Orton, allowing Del Rio to smash Orton's arm over the turnbuckle post.

Del Rio began focusing on Orton's arm, softening him up for the rolling cross armbreaker.  Orton fought back in the corner but Del Rio hung over the ropes, pulling on the left arm.   Alberto then sent Orton into the corner shoulder-first.

Orton was worked over and tried to roll up Del Rio for a near fall.   Del Rio broke free and continued focusing on Orton's arm, locking on a submission.  Orton began firing with a series of rights in an attempt to break free but was cut off.  Del Rio maneuvered him towards the ropes and hung himself upside down to force more pressure on his arbar.  He broke the hold due to the referee's count, allowing Orton to dump him to the floor.

Alberto returned with Orton hitting some offense, only to be caught with the cross armbreaker out of a powerslam attempt.  Orton made it to the ropes to break the hold.  Orton caught Del Rio for another near fall.  Del Rio rolled to the outside but was caught and pulled into the ring for the hanging DDT.  Del Rio escaped and nailed a Stun Gun on Orton.

Alberto began pounding on the mat to mock Orton.  He went for an RKO but Orton sent him to the outside, then nailed the hanging DDT off the ropes.  Now Orton was setting up for the RKO but his arm was hurting when he pounded the mat.

Orton went for the  RKO but Alberto countered it with a backstabber for a near fall.   Orton shocked him with a powerslam for a two count.  Orton placed Del Rio on the top but was shoved down.  He was caught up in the ropes.  Alberto came off with a double stomp to the chest for another two count.

Orton made a comeback but was captured with a cross armbreaker.  Orton tried to fight it off but Del Rio sunk the move in in the center of the ring.  Orton turned it into a pinning combination for a two count. 

Del Rio charged Orton, who was in the corner for the leaping enziguiri.  Orton ducked and caught Del Rio with the RKO as he twisted in the air.  Orton scored the pin.

Your winner, Randy Orton!

Good back and forth opener to start the show.  Both looked really good and they told a nice story in the ring.  The finish was real good.  Entertaining stuff.

Josh Mathews interviewed Vickie Guerrero about the AJ Lee scandal.  She said it was clear that AJ and John Cena had an affair and she had the pictures to prove it.  She said she received them from an anonymous source and would reveal them.  Paul Heyman showed up and said that he hoped that after a few days to consider, she would reconsider putting WWE champion CM Punk inside Hell in A Cell.  Guerrero said she isn't changing the match.  She said that it's obvious Punk is scared of Ryback.  Heyman got angry and screamed that Punk isn't afraid of the Boogeyman, Frankenstein, Dracula or Ryback.  Well, he might be afraid of wrestling Boogeyman!  He said that he's heard Guerrero is doing a good job so maybe she doesn't want to mess that up.

WWE Tag Team champions Kane & Daniel Bryan vs. Damien Sandow & Cody Rhodes

Sandow cut a promo as the challengers came to the ring.  He said that with all the bickering in politics, there is one thing everyone will soon agree on - that he and Rhodes are the Tag Team champions.  They said it in unison to mock the champions.

Sandow and Bryan started and Bryan caught him with a series of kicks in the corner.   Bryan leapfrogged Sandow several times before nailing a knee to the mid-section. 

Kane tagged in and pulled in Rhodes, nailing several big power moves.   Kane worked over his arm and nailed a big right hand in the corner.  He nailed another, sending Rhodes down.  Kane clotheslined Rhodes into the corner and tagged in Bryan.

Bryan began focusing on Rhodes' arm, kicking the elbow.  He beat Rhodes down with several elbows in the corner and tagged back out to Kane.    Rhodes fired back and ducked a Kane shot while making a tag to Sandow.  Sandow nailed a chop block on Kane.  The challengers worked him over.  Kane finally nailed Sandow and tagged in Bryan.

Bryan cleaned house with a series of kicks in the corner.  He was whipped into the corner and went up and over with a moonsault over Sandow and landed on his feet.  He rebounded off the ropes with a nice clothesline.  Rhodes got involved so Bryan dispatched him too and nailed a tope through the ropes on Sandow.

Rhodes nailed him on the floor and tossed Bryan back into the ring.  Sandow covered him for a two count.    Rhodes tagged in and worked over Bryan with a running knee to the gut.  The challengers took turns, picking apart Bryan for a series of near falls.

Bryan fought back and went for the No Lock on Sandow, who tried to fight it off.  Bryan ran him into the turnbuckles with a drop toehold.  Kane called for Bryan who finally mad the hot tag.

Kane cleaned house on Rhodes, including a high backdrop.   He nailed a clothesline into the corner and nailed sideslam for a two count.  Michael Cole called it a Sidewalk Slam.  Oops.   Kane went to the top but Sandow distracted him and Rhodes climbed up to try and stop him.  Kane knocked him off and nailed a flying clothesline off the top.

Bryan tagged himself in, which led to the champions arguing.  Sandow dragged Kane out of the ring.  Bryan backdropped a charging Rhodes over the top onto Kane on the floor.  Bryan went for a diving knee off the apron but Rhodes moved out of the way and Kane was nailed.  The champions began arguing on the floor.  The challengers attacked Kane on the floor and tossed Bryan back in.

Bryan was nailed with the CrossRhodes for a near fall but Kane broke up the pinfall.   He attacked Sandow and then continued working over Rhodes in the corner despite the five count.  The referee called for the bell.

Your winners by DQ, Damien Sandow & Cody Rhodes!

The match was OK but nothing out of the ordinary.  The finish didn't help that either.  The work was fine but nothing you'd go out of your way to see.

The champions argued after the match.

Backstage, Josh Mathews interviewed The Miz.  He said that with Kofi Kingston as the Intercontinental champion, the bar has been lowered and mediocrity has been accepted as normal.  This would leave to society crumbling.  He said some people prepare for Doomsday and he does it by being awesome.  He said he has to go win the title back in order to save the world.  Uh, OK.

WWE Intercontinental championship Kofi Kingston vs. The Miz.

They had a hot back and forth early but Miz couldn't get the better on Kingston so he walked around outside angry.  When they returned, Kingston took down Miz and tossed him over the top to the floor.  They are claiming Miz brought out something in Kingston to make him more aggressive.

On the floor, Miz tried to toss Kingston into the stairs but Kingston dove over them and rolled through.  He charged Miz but was kicked in the face.  That was a play off of what they did on Main Event recently.

Back in the ring, Miz wore down Kingston with a side chinlock.  Miz cut him off and set up for a charge in the corner.  Kingston clotheslined Miz but was down and out trying to recover.  They are working a really hard, physical pace.

Kingston nailed a series of chops and a dropkick on Miz.  He nailed the Boom Drop for a two count.   Kingston set up for Trouble in Paradise but Miz rolled out of the ring to the floor.  Kingston followed him to the floor.  Miz returned to the ring and tried to kick Kingston as he returned to the ring but was caught with a rollup and a high cross bodyblock for a two count.

Kingston went for the SOS but Miz went for a Skull Crushing Finale.  Kingston turned it back into an SOS for another near fall.  Kingston, who was near the ropes, went to kick off Miz as he charged.  Miz grabbed his leg and snapped it.  It wasn't pretty but it was effective.

Miz began working on Kingston's leg with the idea of grounding his offense.  He pulled off Kingston's kickpads, his kneepad and wrestling boot.  Miz tied up his leg in the ropes to work it over.  Kingston was pulled off the ropes and turned into a Boston Crab.  Kingston tried to fight his way to the ropes but was pulled back into the center of the ring just as his fingers reached the ropes.  

Kingston turned it into a reversal (didn't look good) for a two count.  Miz kicked him off but couldn't get a three count.  Kingston caught him with a forward roll for a two count.   Miz went for the Finale but Kingston reversed.  Miz went for it again but was sent out of the ring.  When he returned, Kingston nailed Trouble in Paradise with his other leg and scored the pin.

Your winner and still Intercontinental champion, Kofi Kingston!

Good match.  It wasn't perfect all the way through but they had a nice story and some good exchanges as well.

First hour was decent.  Best match so far was easily the opener.

Kingston was interviewed after the match. He said Miz brought The Wildcat out of him and he feels re-energized. He said he was proud to be the fans' champion.

Wrestlemania promo. With tickets on sale soon, you know we'll see a lot more of these in the next few weeks.

Backstage, the Tag champions were arguing over losing the match.  They ened up ending it with each of them claiming to be the Tag Team champion before going their separate ways.  If you like the chemistry between Bryan and Kane, you'd have liked it.

WWE United States champion Antonio Cesaro vs. Justin Gabriel

Bonus match.  As we noted earlier in the week, this was expected to be added.

They showed clips of Gabriel winning their non-title bout on Raw, which angered Cesaro.

Cesaro attacked him at the bell and raked Gabriel's face into the mat.   They had some nice back and forth wrestling.  Cesaro was blocked and monkey flipped over.  Gabriel went to the top but was caught and knocked off to the floor by the champion.

Cesaro followed him to the floor, where he continued unloading with some physical shots.  Cesaro nailed a fall away slam on Gabriel for a two count.    Cesaro used a double stomp for a two count.  Cesaro locked in an armbar.  Gabriel tried to fight out but was brought back down to the mat.  He fought his way back to his feet.

Cesaro went for a belly to back suplex but Gabriel landed on his feet.  He nailed Cesaro and hit a springboard quebrada into the ring for a two count.   Cesaro cut him off and worked over Gabriel in the corner with a series of strikes but was kicked off.

Gabriel caught Cesaro with a DDT for a two count.   Gabriel went for the 450 but Cesaro moved and Gabriel hit the mat almost on the top of his head while rolling through.  He was run into the corner but caught Cesaro with an inverted DDT for a two count.

Cesaro rolled to the floor.  Gabriel kicked him away and went for a dive over the top but was caught with an uppercut as he came down.  Cesaro dumped him back into the ring and nailed the Neutralizer for the pinfall.

Your winner and still United States champion, Antonio Cesaro!

Solid match.  Nothing wrong here at all with the storytelling in the ring.

Ryback video.

Backstage, Paul Heyman was thanking Vickie Guerrero for Hell in A Cell was canceled.  Guerrero cut him off and said that the match was on and if they had a problem with that, they knew where to go.  Heyman was pissed but walked off. 

Rey Mysterio & Sin Cara vs. The Prime Time Players

Cara and Cara nailed some double team maneuvers early.  Young was set up for the 619 but escaped and threw Rey hard into his corner.  Titus O'Neal tagged in and the PTP nailed a double shoulderblock on Mysterio for a two count.

Cara made the hot tag and nailed some kicks and hot moves on each of the Players.  He nailed a cross body on Titus for a two count.  He went for a springboard armdrag off the ropes but was pulled down and into O'Neal's arms for a series of backbreakers.

The Players worked over Cara in their corner.  Young nailed a neckbreaker for a two count.   He scissored Cara with his legs and sunk in  a chinlock as well, trying to wear him down.   Cara fought his way out and ended up on the apron.  He kicked away at both Players trying to escape but was caught with a suplex onto the apron outside.

Rey broke up a pinfall but O'Neal continued to work over Cara.  Cara tried to fight back but was taken down.  Cara was slammed over.  O'Neal picked up Young for a suplex and dropped him down atop of Cara for a two count.  Young measured and clotheslined Cara down.

Young peppered Cara with a series of right hands.  O'Neal tagged in and went for a three point stance but missed, hitting the ringpost shoulder-first.  Cara tried for a tag but was grabbed.  He nailed a standing Sliced Bread #2 to ward off O'Neal. Cara came down with his head, tucked down, driven right into the mat. He looked to have hurt himself there.

Mysterio made the hot tag.  He shoulderblocked Young and hit a seated senton off the top for a two count.  He nailed a tiltowhirl into a DDT for another two count.   Mysterio went for a sunset flip.  Young held on and tried to nail Rey, who moved out of the way.

Rey moved as O'Neal charged and Titus ended up on the floor, where Cara hit a dive off the top.   They set up Young for the 619 and Rey nailed it.  Mysterio hit a top rope splash for the pin.

Your winners, Rey Mysterio & Sin Cara!

OK match with some decent back and forth wrestling.

WWE staff were checking on Cara after the match while he was out on the floor. He still rolled into the ring and celebrated after. I am guessing he is going to be checked for a concussion over the next few days.

World champion Sheamus vs. Big Show

Riddle me this - why is the champion coming out first, especially when he's the babyface?

Show shoulderblocked Sheamus early.  The story is that Sheamus is out of his element since for once, he's in there with someone more powerful than he is.  Show worked him over early and killed him with a chop in the corner.

They showed Dolph Ziggler backstage watching and noted he has promised to cash in his Money in the Bank tonight.

Show continued working over Sheamus but was caught with a shoulderblock to the knee.  Show rolled out of the ring to the floor to check his knee.

As he returned to the ring, Sheamus worked over him with big shots and nailed a series of shoulderblocks into the corner.  Out of nowhere, Show caught the champion and dumped him to the floor. 

Show went to the floor and tossed Sheamus hard into the ring barriers.  Show brought him back into the ring and continued beating down Sheamus.  Show chopped Sheamus hard in the corner.  Sheamus crumpled down and was kicked away .

Show began mocking Sheamus, calling him "Fella".  You could literally see blood blisters rising on Sheamus' chest from Show's chop.  Show dragged him to the outside and threw Sheamus over the announcing table.  He nearly wiped out Jim Ross in the process.

Show dragged Sheamus back into the ring and dropped him down with a big elbow across the chest.  Sheamus mounted a comeback and they exchanged strikes but was kicked down and covered him for another two count.  Sheamus looked like he was beaten half to death and exhausted.  He tried to pull himself up with the ropes but was nailed with a headbutt and taken back down.

Sheamus pulled himself up and drilled several strikes and punches.  Show fired back and finally caught Sheamus in a bear hug.  OK, at this point, it's going on a little too long unless they get going.  Sheamus began fading hard but nailed several shots across the back. 

Sheamus broke free and went for a slam but collapsed under Show's weight.  Show came off the ropes with a Vader splash for a two count.   Show called for a chokeslam but when he lifted Sheamus, it was turned into a DDT.  Sheamus covered him for a two count.

Sheamus ended up on the outside when Show kicked up and hurt his back taking the brunt of the fall.  He went to the top and nailed Show with several shots across the chest.  Sheamus charged and was nailed with a chokeslam but kicked out at the last second.

Show went for the Colossal Clutch but Sheamus escaped.  Show missed an elbow and Sheamus went for a Texas Cloverleaf.  Show kicked his legs off and sent Sheamus out of the ring to the floor.  Show followed and worked over Sheamus.  He tried to send Sheamus into the post but the champion escaped and nailed Show into the post several times.

Sheamus went to the top for the battering ram but Show caught him by the throat.  Sheamus went back to the knee from earlier and used a clothesline to take down Show.  Sheamus nailed White Noise on Show for a two count.  That was a hell of a visual.

Sheamus went for the Brogue Kick but Show caught him and nailed the KO Punch.  Show covered him but Sheamus kicked out.  They acted like it was the first time anyone has ever kicked out of the KO punch.  

Show set up for another KO but Sheamus ducked and nailed a Brogue Kick.  Show kicked up at the last second.  So, they each kicked out of the other's finisher.

Sheamus went for another Brogue Kick but Show nailed the KO Punch and scored the pin.

Your winner and new World champion, The Big Show!

They went a lot longer than you would have expected and the story at the end with each of them hitting their big moves only for the other to kick out was decent. The latter part of the match was solid with some good kickouts. However, there was a little too much Show domination early on in my opinion.  OK overall. They needed something strong.

No Ziggler cash in.  Perhaps he cashes in during the Cell and then works against Cena.

Eve Torres tried to talk to Booker T but he was concerned about Sheamus and blew her off.  Teddy Long told her he knew she was trying to make him look bad.  This led to Zack Ryder dressed as a witch claiming he was being Eve for Halloween.  Santino showed up as Lady Gaga as well.  This led to Ron Simmons showing up and saying "Damn!"

Vince McMahon was on the phone.  CM Punk showed up and demanded he call off the match.   Vince asked him if he was afraid of Ryback and Punk said he wasn't.  Vince told him to go and prove he was the best in the world then.  Punk looked aggravated and walked off.

WWE Divas champion Eve Torres vs. Layla El vs. Kaitlyn

Eve tried to escape from both women working her over but walked into a Kaitlyn clothesline on the floor.    Layla covered Eve, which pissed off Kaitlyn.   They ended up going back and forth.

Layla was sent to the floor.  Eve locked a submission in on Kaitlyn.  Layla returned and nailed a high cross bodyblock off the ropes.  Layla and Eve battled while in a split, so Kaitlyn nailed a double noggin' knocker onto them and locked an armbar submission on Layla.

Kaitlyn used a gutbuster on Layla, who came back with a kick to the head.  Eve tossed Layla out and covered Kaitlyn but Layla broke it up.   Layla was tossed throat-first into the ropes.   Kaitlyn used a springboard bulldog on Eve and then a series of shoulderblocks in the corner. 

Kaitlyn used an over the shoulder backbreaker on Layla but Eve came off the top and nailed her, then covered Layla.

Your winner and still Divas champion, Eve!

They worked about as hard as you'd expect but were in a hard spot on the card.

Hell in A Cell - WWE champion CM Punk vs. Ryback

Ryback led a "Feed Me More" chant at the bell.

The referee is Brad Maddox, who screwed up the Raw match with CM Punk a few weeks ago, so that may be the angle.

Punk immediately went to the floor, stalling.   He returned to the ring and they went to lock up.  Punk ducked and scrambled out of the ring, standing as far away as he could on the floor.  Paul Heyman screamed encouragement.

Back in the ring, Punk slipped out of the corner while being backed up and nailed a right hand.  No response.  Ryback began manhandling Punk, slamming Punk down on the mat and then whipping him hard in the corner.

Punk caught Ryback in the corner and tried to go for a tornado DDT but was shoved off.  He bounced out of the ring and into the cage.  Punk tried to get to the door and open it but Ryback grabbed him and slammed Punk into the cage several times.

Punk rolled into and back to the outside, then went under the ring.  Heyman tried to distract Ryback, who told Heyman that Punk was "dead,"  He went under the ring to get Punk but was shot with a fire extinguisher and blinded.  Punk began working over Punk in the corner on the floor.

As Ryback tried to clear his eyes, Punk grabbed a chair.  He went to nail Ryback with it but it was kicked into his face.  Ryback pressed Punk over his head into the ring.  He then pressed and slammed Punk. 

Punk ducked out of the way of a charge.  Ryback caught himself on the ropes.  Punk nailed a springboard clothesline into the ring, then nailed a double axehandle off the top.  Punk nailed another one and returned to the top but this time was caught and slammed into the buckles.  Ryback nailed a series of shoulderblocks but was caught with a heel kick to the face.

Punk hit a tope to the outside, driving Ryback into the cage, then nailed a neckbreaker on the floor.  Punk nailed Ryback with a chair, then went for another neckbreaker.  Ryback broke free and shoved Punk away.  He charged Punk, who slipped away and Ryback drilled himself into the ring steps.

Punk rolled Ryback into the ring and locked on  a side chinlock.  Ryback pulled himself to hit feet and dropped backwards.  Punk was able to cut off Ryback with a running knee in the corner.  He came off the top with a flying elbow, then went back to the floor, grabbing a Singapore Cane.

Punk began working over Ryback with a series of shots, but Ryback absorbed them and ripped the cane out of his hands.  He nailed a clothesline and backdrop on Punk, then nailed a spinebuster.  

Ryback set up for the Meathook clothesline and nailed Punk.  He set up for Shellshock but the referee stopped him and hit a low blow.  Punk rolled up Ryback and the referee helped hold him down as he counted a fast three count.

Your winner and still WWE champion CM Punk!

They tried to get out of the cage but they couldn't escape fast enough.  Ryback destroyed the referee and threw Punk hard into the cage.  He killed the referee with a clothesline then pressed and threw him into the cage hard.

Punk tried to crawl out of the cage but Ryback caught him.   He tossed Punk into the cell but Punk climbed up to the top with Ryback in pursuit.   Ryback caught him and nailed Shell Shock on top of the Cell.  Ryback led the crowd in a "Feed Me More" chant on top of the Cell to close the PPV.

The finish leaves a lot of room for a rematch but the real question is whether they missed their window to move Ryback to the next level or not with this finish. It was a pure screwjob and there's no way I can suggest ordering the replay with a clear conscience. The match itself was fine but what a flat, cheap way to end it.

2013 - WWE broadcast Raw.  Richard Trionfo filed the following TV report:

Last night at Hell in a Cell, CM Punk defeated Ryback and Paul Heyman, but Punk did not get his chance at Paul Heyman until after the match ended. The other Hell in a Cell Match was for the WWE Title and Shawn Michaels stuck his foot into the match while Hunter stuck his face in the way of Daniel Bryan’s knee.

We are in Orlando, Florida and your announcers are Jerry ‘Keeping it warm for the other guys’ Lawler, Michael ‘Full Sail’ Cole, and John ‘Do You Know that I am the GM of NXT’ Layfield.

CM Punk and Ryback will be wrestling later tonight, you get to pick the stipulation (Street Fight, Falls Count Anywhere, or Tables Match).

The new World Champion makes his way to the ring.

Cena says that he is used to that sound. He says that means that he is back. He asks if everyone missed him. There are some people who are happy and some who are upset. There are some skeptics who think he might have come back too early. There is one skeptic in here he wants to thank.

He addresses JBL. He had to listen to him every week he was home say that John is making the career mistake of a lifetime. If he comes back, Alberto Del Rio will put him back on the shelf after one match.

Cena says that John Layfield was wrong and the new World Champ is here. He says that he knows what the World Title means. He is also back as the Friday night delight on Smackdonw. A fews ago, the fans thought they were getting John Cena for a special appearance when WWE goes to Europe. Instead he is going to compete as the World Champion.

John says that he has to take care of his arm, but that is why there is ice and why there are doctors.

John says that there is another celebration tonight. The WWE Champion’s celebration is later. We get to celebrate Randy Orton. We will get to listen to a lot of people talking so John says that he is going to stop. John says that he is back. Alberto gave him a hell of a match and he wanted to put John on the shelf. Alberto has a rematch, but if he wants to get some . . . come get some.

Damien Sandow’s music plays and he has his briefcase. Sandow makes his way to the ring.

Damien says that the Uncrowned Champion is here. Damien tells John that he is not fooling the unwashed masses. Maybe he is. Maybe he can fool the WWE Medical staff. John is not fooling him. It is humanly possible for a triceps to heal in the amount of time that he was gone. He saw what Alberto did to him last night. Damien says that he knows that John is more hurt than he is letting on.

John is out here saying what he is saying because John is afraid that Damien will cash in on him. Damien tells John that he can cash in any time . . . any place. Like right now. . . then again, any night but tonight.

Sandow kicks Cena and hits him with the briefcase. Sandow hits Cena with the case in the injured arm. Sandow pulls Cena towards the ring post and he wrings the arm into the post. Damien tells Cena to ‘Rise Above This’ and then he sends Cena into the ringside barrier.

Cena is sent shoulder first into the ring steps. Sandow gets a chair and he readjusts the ring steps. Sandow puts the arm on the ring step and then he uses the chair on the arm.

Damien goes into the ring and he calls for the referee.


Match Number One:John Cena versus Damien Sandow for the World Championship


Cena protects his arm but Sandow is able to hit Divorce Court and he gets a near fall. Sandow sends Cena shoulder first into the ring post and Sandow with a rollup for a near fall. Sandow slams the arm into the mat and Sandow with knee drops and a leg drop for a near fall. Sandow with a key lock.

Cena with a belly-to-belly suplex but Cena is still having trouble moving his arm. Sandow with an arm drag and knees to the injured arm. He slams the arm into the mat again. Cena’s arm is wrapped in the ropes and Sandow with elbows.

Sandow with a suplex and he gets a near fall. Sandow with a top wrist lock and forearms to the back. Cena with a kick and back body drop. Both men are down as we go to commercial.

We are back and Sandow with punches but Cena punches back. Cena with a flying shoulder tackle but he cannot get up for the second one. We see footage from the commercial break on the app when Sandow connected with a clothesline. Cena with a boot and a Blue Thunder Bomb. Sandow kicks Cena in the arm and he hits a flip neck breaker for a near fall.

Sandow with an Irish whip that sends the left arm into the turnbuckles. Sandow with another Irish whip that sends Cena’s arm into the turnbuckles. Cena with an Attitude Adjustment but he does not have the ability to capitalize. Sandow rolls to the floor while the doctor checks on Cena.

Cena picks Sandow up with one arm and sends him back into the ring. Cena sets for the STF but he cannot lock it in so Sandow is able to escape. Sandow with Terminus but he can only get a two count. Sandow goes for You’re Welcome but Cena with a suplex for a near fall. Sandow with a Crossface on Cena but Cena is able to power out of the hold and he tries for the STF.

Sandow kicks Cena away and Sandow counters an Attitude Adjustment with You’re Welcome but Cena kicks out. Sandow puts Cena on the turnbuckles for a superplex but Cena blocks it and he head butts Sandow to the mat. Cena misses a cross body and Cena holds his knee. Sandow tries for a power bomb but Cena with an Attitude Adjustment for the three count.


Winner: John Cena


Sandow is in shock that he is now in the same group as John Cena.

Dean Ambrose says that tonight could be the most important night in the history of the Shield. He is being forced to defend the United States Title against Big E Langston. He is buying Big E Langston. It was a privilege to give a few minutes to Langston.

Seth says that they made a mistake last night when they underestimated Big E Langston. They correct that mistake tonight.

Dean says that he will successfully defend the title like he always do. He says that he is the baddest man alive.

Roman tells us to Believe in the Shield.


Match Number Two: Dean Ambrose (with Seth Rollins and Roman Reigns) versus Big E Langston in a United States Title Match


They lock up and Langston with punches in the corner followed by an Irish whip. Ambrose with boots to Langston followed by a clothesline. Ambrose sends Langston to the mat and he gets a near fall. Ambrose with a kick to the midsection and then he punches Langston and runs his forearm across the bridge of Langston’s nose. Ambrose gets a near fall after a neck breaker.

Ambrose kicks Langston but Langston with a punch. Ambrose with a knee to the midsection. Langston with clotheslines. Ambrose with a kick. Langston with a belly-to-belly suplex. Reigns pulls the ropes when Langston sets for the splash and the referee calls for the bell.


Winner: Big E Langston (by disqualification)


After the match, Reigns and Rollins attack Langston and then The Usos make their way to the ring and they send the Shield to the floor.

Brad Maddox comes out and he sees six men in the ringside area so we will have a six man tag match.


Match Number Three: Jimmy Uso, Jey Uso, and Big E Langston versus Dean Ambrose, Seth Rollins, and Roman Reigns


The match is joined in progress and Reigns kicks Jimmy and tags in Ambrose. Ambrose stomps on the arm and then he connects with a forearm across the chest. Ambrose with a suplex and he tags in Rollins. Rollins with kicks to Jimmy. Jimmy with a palm thrust but Rollins with an enzuigiri for a near fall.

Reigns tags back in and he stomps on Jimmy and follows with a leaping elbow drop for a near fall. Ambrose tags in and he gets kicks and punches Jimmy followed by a drop kick with Jimmy against the ropes and he gets a near fall. Ambrose with a reverse chin lock.

Jimmy with a jaw breaker but Jimmy has a kick blocked and then he hits an enzuigiri. Reigns tags in and he goes for the Superman punch but Jimmy counters with a DDT. Jey and Rollins tag in and Jey jumps over Rollins and he avoids a splash from Rollins. Jey with clotheslines followed by an uppercut and thrust kick. Jey with a spinebuster and then he sets for the running butt splash and he connects.

Jey gets a near fall but Ambrose breaks up the cover. Langston clotheslines Ambrose over the top and they both go to the floor. Rollins chops Jey and puts him on the turnbuckles. Rollins tries for a superplex but Jey blocks it and he sends Rollins to the mat. Jey with a superfly splash but he is met by Rollins’ knees. Reigns tags in and they go for a double suplex but Jimmy catches him. The Usos with stereo super kicks to Reigns and then to Rollins. Reigns with a double spear for the three count.


Winners: Dean Ambrose, Roman Reigns, and Seth Rollins


We go to commercial.

We are back and Shawn Michaels makes his way to the ring and he is not as lively as he has been recently on his way to the ring.

Shawn says that he owes everybody an explanation for his actions last night. More importantly, he owes Daniel Bryan an explanation. He wants Daniel to come out to the ring and look at him face to face.

Daniel makes his way to the ring and he is dressed for a fight.

Shawn says that he knows that Daniel is not happy about what happened last night. He did not intend for that to happen. Shawn says the proof is in the pudding. He called the match down the middle.

The crowd thinks that Shawn has sold out.

Shawn says that all hell broke lose. He saw what Daniel did to Triple H and he does not think that anyone will understand that. Hunter is his best friend. That is never ever going to change. Their friendship will always supersede everything that happens in this line of work.

Shawn says that in his deepest and darkest hours, Hunter was there. When everyone turned their backs on him, Hunter was there. Shawn had to be there for Hunter last night. He wants Daniel to accept his apology.

He wants Daniel to shake his hand.

Shawn says that he taught Daniel the basics ten years ago. Shawn says that Daniel did unbelievably well. Shawn says that he took Daniel to finishing school. He taught Daniel his most important lesson. In this snake pit, you don’t trust anyone. Not Shawn, not his soon to be wife.

Shawn says that Daniel deserves to show him the respect he has earned and shake his hand.

Daniel refuses to shake Shawn’s hand.

Shawn calls Daniel a ‘self righteous puke’. Everyone has been calling Daniel a B+ player and he has stuck up for him. Shawn says that he does not know or care. He knows that he is an A+ player. He will always be. He is giving Daniel the chance on worldwide TV to shake his hand so do it.

Daniels shakes his hand and then he puts Shawn in the Yes Lock and after fighting for a moment, Shawn taps out when there is no match going on. Referees come out to separate Daniel and Shawn.

We go to commercial.

We are back and Renee Young is with Daniel Bryan and she is interrupted by something to the side.

We see Luke Harper and Erick Rowan attack Daniel Bryan.

Bryan tells Daniel the devil made him do it and he hits Sister Abigail into a fence and then he runs a storage crate into Bryan.


Match Number Four: Fernando and Diego (with El Torito) versus Heath Slater, Jinder Mahal, and Drew McIntyre


Mahal and Fernando start things off and Mahal with forearms but Fernando blocks a kick and he hits a rana and arm drag into an arm bar. Mahal with a side head lock. Slater tags in and he distracts Fernando long enough for Mahal to hit a knee. Slater with punches and kicks. Drew tags in and Mahal and Slater with a double slingshot suplex for a near fall.

Drew with an arm bar go Fernando. Slater tags in and he punches Fernando followed bv a snap mare. Slater with some air guitar and he misses a knee drop. Diego tags in and hits a springboard drop kick and flying forearms. Drew with a boot that is meant for Diego and he knocks Mahal off the apron.

Both men go for cross body presses but they both go down. Slater sneaks around the ring with the net but he cannot trap El Torito. Slater waits for El Torito to come under the ring but Slater gets hit with a fire extinguisher. El Torito with a GORE to Slater.

Fernando and Diego with a double back drop driver for the three count.


Winners: Fernando and Diego


After the match, Diego traps Slater in the net and El Torito with a springboard cross body.

It is time to talk about the WWE App and how to install. Choose the stipulation for Ryback versus CM Punk.

We go to commercial.

We are back and we are told that Brie will be wrestling this match with a heavy heart because she wants to check on her fiancé but Hunter and Stephanie are forcing her to wrestle. We see the attack on Bryan.


Match Number Five: AJ Lee and Tamina Snuka versus Nikki Bella and Brie Bella


Brie and AJ start things off and AJ with a kick and then she sends Brie face first into the mat. AJ with a kick and she skips around Brie. Brie kicks AJ away and Tamina tags in. Brie with an elbow and Brie goes to the turnbuckles but Tamina pulls her off the apron. Tamina gets a near fall.

Tamina with a reverse chin lock. Brie with elbows but Tamina with head butts and she gets a near fall. Tamina with a rear chin lock. Brie gets away from Tamina and tags in Nikki who connects with clotheslines followed by a back elbow and drop kick. Nikki is dropped on the top rope and Tamina knocks Brie off the apron.

Nikki with a Thesz Press but she misses a charge into the corner. Nikki with a boot and then she tries for a cross body but Tamina catches her. Tamina swings Nikki around and it knocks Brie to the floor. Tamina with a Samoan drop and then she tags in AJ.

AJ with the Black Widow and Nikki taps out.


Winners: Tamina Snuka and AJ Lee


We are back with the WWE Rewind: Kane’s return at Hell in a Cell and his chokeslam on Miz.


Match Number Six: Kane versus Miz


Miz with punches to Kane but Kane with an uppercut and Miz goes down. Kane with a punch and a big boot for a near fall. Kane with a punch but Miz with a kick and boot to the head. Kane with an Irish whip but he misses a splash into the corner. Miz with an Awesome Clothesline and he goes up top. Kane catches Miz by the throat and he hits a chokeslam for the three count.


Winner: Kane


After the match, Kane wants Stephanie McMahon to come to the ring because he has something to say to her.

Stephanie comes out to the stage.

Kane says that Stephanie is on a power trip and she has been manipulative and she has ruined lives. In this day and age, this is what is best for business. Therefore, the monster is hers to unleash.

Kane goes up the ramp and he removes his mask and hair extensions and then walks to the back while Stephanie holds the mask up like Medusa’s severed head.

We go to commercial.

We are back and this week, Darren Young and Titus O’Neil play the part of Don West for the hard sell of merchandise.

Even though the Big Show is fired, we can talk about his lawsuit. David Otunga reviewed the complaint on David talks about what Show is trying to get in damages. It could cost the company millions and loss of the company.

CM Punk makes his way to the ring and he has something to say before his match with Ryback.

Punk says that it does not look like it. For the first time in three months, he slept like a baby. On the top of the Hell in a Cell structure, he caned Paul with a kendo stick within an inch of his life and then he put Paul on his shoulders and put him to sleep. Punk says that Paul Heyman is history.

Punk says that there is one thing left to do and his focus is on Ryback. Ryback is a tough guy, but without Paul, Ryback is a knuckle dragging Neanderthal with no chance of winning. He put Ryback to sleep last night.

Punk says that he puts Ryback through a table, puts him to sleep, or makes him tap out. Punk tells everyone to take notice. They are looking at someone who says what he means and means what he says. He took care of Paul Heyman and he will take care of Ryback.

We go to commercial.


Match Number Seven: CM Punk versus Ryback in a Street Fight


Ryback runs Punk into the corner and he connects with shoulders and elbows. Ryback with a chop. Punk with a cross body for a near fall. Punk clotheslines Ryback over the top rope to the floor. Ryback catches Punk on a pescado attempt and Ryback sends Punk into the ring post and ringside barrier.

Ryback with punches to Punk and he chokes him against the ringside barrier. Ryback goes under the ring and he gets a table. Punk hits Ryback in the ankle with a kendo stick and he hits him again. Ryback picks up Punk and hits a spinebuster. Ryback sets for the lariat but Punk avoids it and hits a swinging neck breaker for a near fall. Punk sets up the table.

Punk misses a round kick and Ryback sets for a power bomb through the table but Punk with punches and Ryback sends him into the turnbuckles. Ryback with forearms and then he puts Punk on the top turnbuckle. Ryback tries for a superplex but Punk with punches and chops that knock Ryback to the mat. Punk with a cross body and Ryback catches Punk. Punk with a round kick and Ryback, falls gingerly onto the table. Punk goes up top and hits an elbow drop. Punk with an Anaconda Vice and Ryback taps out.


Winner: CM Punk


After the match, the Wyatt Family video plays and Bray tells everyone that they are here.

Punk with a kendo stick and he hits Rowan and then Harper. Harper backs Punk into the corner and they double team Punk. Harper with a Gator Roll. Rowan with forearms and punches from Harper as they continue the attack on Punk. Harper Irish whips Rowan into Punk. Harper with a clothesline.

Bray makes his way into the ring and he says that he has been waiting for this. Punk gets in a headbutt on Wyatt and a few shots on Rowan but Harper with a discus clothesline. Wyatt hits Sister Abigail on Punk and he tells everyone the Devil Made Him Do It.

We go to commercial.


Match Number Eight: Jack Swagger and Antonio Cesaro (with Zeb Colter) versus Cody Rhodes and Goldust in a Non Title Match


Cesaro and Goldust start things off and they lock up and go to a stalemate. Goldust with an arm drag. Goldust with another arm drag into an arm bar. Cesaro with forearms to the back of the head and Swagger tags in. Goldust with an arm drag and knee drop to the arm. Swagger backs Goldust into the corner and Cesaro tags in. Cesaro punches Goldust and connects with a European uppercut. Cesaro with an Irish whip but Goldust with an elbow out of the corner for a near fall.

Cody tags in and they punch Cesaro followed by a snap mare and kick to the head for a near fall. Cody with a punch but Cesaro with a kick and he sends Cody into the corner. Cody with punches and kicks. Cody with elbows and then he hits a gourdbuster.

Cody with a snap mare and then Goldust tags in and gets a near fall with a bulldog. Swagger tags in and so does Cody who hits a springboard drop kick. Cody clotheslines Swagger over the top rope to the floor and we go to commercial.

We are back and Cody with punches but Swagger with a clothesline. Swagger with a belly-to-belly suplex and he tags in Cesaro. Cesaro with a dead lift side salto on Cody. Cesaro with a European uppercut and he tags in Swagger. Jack with a front face lock. Cody tries to get to his corner but Swagger picks Cody up and runs him into the corner. Swagger with shoulders and Cesaro drops Cody on the top rope. Swagger with a double jump Swagger bomb to the back and then Cesaro tags in and he knocks Goldust off the apron before hitting a leap frog double stomp and Cesaro gets a near fall.

Cesaro with a reverse chin lock. Cesaro pulls Cody into his corner but Cody with an arm drag. Cesaro with Swiss Death and Goldust breaks up the cover. Cesaro has some words with Goldust before returning to Cody. Cesaro with a punch and he looks at Goldust. Cody with punches to Cesaro but Cesaro with a European uppercut. Cody with a Harley Race high knee and Cesaro goes to the floor.

Swagger tags in but so does Goldust. Goldust with two clotheslines followed by a drop down uppercut and reverse atomic drop. Goldust with a boot to the head and then he climbs the turnbuckles and punches Swagger. Swagger with an Irish whip but Goldust with a power slam. Cody with Beautiful Disaster to Cesaro when he tries to interfere and Cesaro is sent to the floor.

Goldust with a cross body off the turnbuckles and Goldust gets a near fall. Swagger with an ankle lock but Goldust sends Swagger into the turnbuckles and Goldust gets a near fall that is broken up by Cesaro. Cesaro ducks down and Rhodes goes to the floor. Goldust sends Cesaro to the floor but Swagger with a clip and he applies the ankle lock and Goldust taps out.


Winners: Jack Swagger and Antonio Cesaro


We go to commercial.

We are back and we see how Damien Sandow joined John Cena as the only men to fail to cash in the Money in the Bank Briefcase.

Alberto Del Rio comes out to the stage with a giant Mexican flag.

Alberto says that he does not care what that stupid gringo Damien Sandow did or did not do, he only cares about beating John Cena. Last night, John Cena stole his World Heavyweight Title. Tonight, John Cena got the victory so it means that he gets his rematch. He will make John pay. He will hurt John and he will hurt him back.

The injured arm is his target. He will attack it over and over and over until he breaks it. The World Title belongs to him. He says that you already know that.

WWE 2K14 comes out tomorrow and we will see a dream match that the people voted for. We see Goldberg versus the Undertaker.


Match Number Nine Summer Rae (with Fandango) versus Natalya (with Great Khali and Hornswoggle)


Summer blocks a kick but Natalya with a take down. Summer with a side head lock. Natalya with a shoulder tackle. Natalya picks up Summer who tries to avoid Natalya. Summer with a jackknife cover for a near fall and Natalya bridges and gets a near fall with a backslide.

Summer runs Natalya into the turnbuckles. Summer gets a near fall. Summer yells at Natalya and she chokes her in the corner. Summer with a front face lock and snap mare. Summer tries to stretch Natalya on the mat and then she gets a near fall. Summer with a back elbow and then she dances before getting a near fall.

Summer with a splash onto the leg followed by a spinning step over toe hold into a leg drop and an Indian Death Lock. Summer slams Natalya’s head into the mat. Natalya runs Summer into the corner and Natalya with knees. Summer slaps Natalya and she gets a near fall. Summer with a rear chin lock.

Summer gets a near fall and she returns to the reverse chin lock. Summer with a drop kick and she gets a near fall. Fandango gets on the apron and Fandango kisses Summer. Hornswoggle pulls Fandango off the apron. Fandango sends Hornswoggle into the ringside barrier and then Khali chops Fandango. Summer yells at Khali and then Natalya with a double leg take down and she puts Summer in the Sharpshooter and Summer taps out.


Winner: Natalya


We are back and most of the roster is on the stage to watch the Orto-Bration. The Shield are at ringside to protect everyone from coming down the ramp.

The COO and a Principal Owner of WWE make their way to the ring.

Triple H says a decade ago, the Chairman of the WWE came to him and asked him point blank, who he thought would be the face of the WWE in the future. Triple H says that he chose one man. He put that man into a group called Evolution. He let him sit under the learning tree. He mentored him and made him a star. Then he watched that star do heinous and horrible things to everybody on that roster, including him and his family.

Frankenstein’s monster matured and he became the A Plus Player. That A Plus Player, inside Hell in a Cell became the Face of WWE. Not some B Plus player. Not some sawed off little troll who is sitting in a hospital bed right now.

The A Plus Player fulfilled his prophecy last night when he became the face of the WWE. When he became the WWE Champion. Triple H says that he is happy to present that person right now . . . Randy Orton.

We have a group hug between Orton and the Helmsleys.

Stephanie tells everyone on the stage that Randy Orton is everyone’s champion. Randy represents all of you. He is what you strive to be. He tells everyone to show Randy the respect that he so richly deserves.

Randy says that having this title and being the WWE Champion means that he is better than you. Randy turns to the stage and he says that he is better than all of you. All of you fantasize about the day that you will take that title from him. It will not happen. You are born a success or you are not.

Randy says that he is the face of the WWE. He is the face of your superior. He wants to know if he is making himself clear.

Big Show’s music plays and he makes his way to the ring and The Shield try to stop him but Show takes care of all three men for a moment but they get him on the floor. The Usos, Cody Rhodes, and Goldust take care of the Shield. We have a brawl on the stage while Big Show prepares to make his way to the ring.

Show gets in the ring and Randy, Hunter, and Stephanie leave the ring.

Show says that he knows about the restraining order. He will not sit by and let this turn his stomach. He wants to know what the worst that can happen to him. Will they arrest him? He has friends who will pay his bail.

Show says that his lawsuit will cost Hunter millions of dollars. He does not care if he bankrupts his throne. Show says that he has nothing to lose. Orton hits Show in the head with the title belt. Hunter and Stephanie tell Orton to finish him.

Show punches Orton and Orton is down.

Hunter gets on the apron and he has taken off his jacket. Stephanie holds Hunter back. Hunter moves towards the ring but it looks like Hunter has to back off when Show’s music plays.


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