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By Buck Woodward on 2004-03-05 15:00:00


Name: Luscious Lily
Debut: 1996
Companies worked for: IWA (Reading), WXW, SSCW, JAP, EWA, OSPW, JWA, BWO, LAW, RAW, NWS, NWA-Jersey, New Jack City, WCICW, WPW, CCW, POW

How did you get your start, who trained you? After a show I was at, my mother happened to mention that I had wanted to get involved in wrestling. Angel Amoroso overheard her and offered to train me. I trained with Angel but also a little farther into my career did some training with Heidi Lee Morgan. Currently, I train at the IWA Cruel School in Boyertown, PA.

What was your first match or appearance, and how did you feel?
My first appearance on a show was as a manager. It was Rockin Rico versus Super Nova and I was with Rico. I had such a blast. I remember being really nervous that I was gonna mess it up completely. Those two guys ended up putting on one hell of a match and I didn't mess up anything!

Who were some of your influences in the past, or who do you admire today?
Some of my past influences would have to be The Fabulous Moolah, Ms. Elizabeth, The Jumping Bomb Angels, Lelani Kai and Judy Martin, Sherri Martel, oh, and I cant forget two of my favorite wrestlers of all time, Dusty Rhodes and Bret Hart. Currently I admire people like April Hunter, Tracy Brooks, Molly Holly, Ivory, Phoenix, Sumie Sakai, Ariel, Cindy Rogers and Angel Williams.

What is the hardest part about being a woman in a male dominated business?
I think the hardest part about being a woman in this business is the way some of the men, in and out of this business, treat you. For the most part, I feel blessed that most of the locker rooms I am a part of have very classy and respectful men. However, there are some where a couple of the boys feel they have the right to treat you like you're the locker rooms paid prostitute. Like the promoter brought you into the locker room for their enjoyment. They treat you as if you didn't work just as hard as they did to get where you are. Sometimes I think the women in this business have to work twice as hard as the men.

What are your goals in wrestling? To just keep enjoying it. Wrestling was a dream I had that I worked my butt off to make a reality. I personally don't care if Vince McMahon never signs my paycheck or if I'm never on Raw or Smackdown. The fact of the matter is I accomplished what so many people told me was impossible. My goal is to just keep having a good time and doing what I love until it no longer makes me happy.

What was your most embarrassing moment in wrestling?
Well, as a female there have been a few times where my shirt hasn't exact stayed where it should and the puppies came out to bark. Also at last year's WXW Sportsfest there was an all female battle royal. I was the first person announced and I tripped getting into the ring and fell damn near flat on my face!

What are you most proud of so far in your career? I think I am most proud of the fact that I took a dream that I had, that others told me was impossible to fulfill and made it into a reality. It doesn't matter to me that I may never get to perform in front of a thousand fans. I'm just happy doing what I love.

Also, the recent praise I have been receiving regarding my microphone skills. Most promotions don't allow the women very much time to talk at all. WXW has on numerous occasions given me the opportunity to cut both promos for their television shows as well as live promos. Afa has put such faith in me and allows me to constantly be creative. He also pushes me to constantly improve my skills.

What other female talents do you think highly of in the business? This could be a long list. I think extremely highly of April Hunter! I'm not sure I've met a more well rounded female worker. April is, without a doubt, drop dead gorgeous and her body is that of Greek mythology. More importantly her in ring ability rivals that of some of the men currently working. I find it appalling and astonishing that the WWE has not signed her and put her right on television already. I think she would blow away just about every woman that company has. April is also a very genuine person and a pleasure to be around.

Cindy Rogers is an amazing wrestler. She is so technically sound in the ring. She goes above and beyond the call of duty to protect everyone in the ring. She has been a repeated pleasure to work with.

I think highly of Phoenix. Phoenix is someone who is tremendously skilled in the ring yet constantly pushes her self to be better. She has a drive and determination like no one I've ever seen. I cant wait to have a one-on-one match with her!

Tracy Brooks is a woman who is smart and very skilled in the ring. She has an incredible spunk about her. She's easy to get into the ring and just gel with. I bump for Brooks!

As young as Ariel is, she shows such aptitude for this sport. I have had several opportunities to get into the ring with her and she never stops amazing me. She's the first person to tell me to chill out and calm down when I start to get nervous about something.

I truly believe that Psycho is probably one of the most underrated talents on the independent circuit today. I think she isn't given enough credit for her amazing prowess in the ring due to her size. Because she doesn't have the typical shape of what people think a female wrestler should look like so she is constantly overlooked and not given the proper attention she deserves.

Little Feather, while being a rookie, has shown such heart and determination. Constantly striving to improve herself and her ability.

Sumie Sakai is a phenomenal wrestler who I have a high regard for. Not only was it a wonderful experience the one time I got the chance to work with her, she also made it very fun.

Alicia, for being as young as she is, has taken her time branching out in wrestling which I think it quite smart. She has solid training backing up an enormous heart and a massive amount of determination.

Angel Williams has made strides in this business. She has such a unique look and style to her. I love whenever I get the opportunity to work with her.

I think the common thread with the women listed above is that they are all extremely talented. They all have huge hearts and are all determined to make themselves not only better wrestlers but better human beings.

If you weren't in wrestling, what would you be doing today? Probably everything I currently do just minus the wrestling. I have a normal job during the week that pays my bills so that probably wouldn't change. I'd probably just spend more time with my friends and family if I wasn't in wrestling. Currently its very hard working all week and then disappearing on the weekends.

Is there anything you would like to say to the fans reading this article?
Thank you for reading this article. Thank you to every fan that has ever cheered or booed a female in wrestling but did it in a respectful way. Thank you to every fan that supports independent wrestling. 

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