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By Richard Trionfo on 2015-10-07 22:05:09
We are at Full Sail University in Winter Park, Florida for the latest Takeover special from NXT. Before we get to the show that will be headlined by a thirty minute Iron Man Match for the NXT Women’s Title, we have to go to the Pre Show.

Your host is Renee Young and she is joined by Corey Graves, Byron Saxton, and Lita.

Corey says it is good to be back on the Network at Full Sail. Byron mentions the Dusty Rhodes Tag Team Classic as well as the Iron Man Match.

Renee asks how important it is for Lita to be here for the main event. She says it is monumental and she is looking forward to seeing it live.

Renee says that they will be talking about how history will be made since the Women are in the main event tonight.

Renee says they have worked so hard to get to this spot and they have earned it. Renee mentions that Lita has main evented Raw and she asks how much pressure is there to be in the main event. Lita says that they usually wrestle like they are in the main event. Lita says that she enjoyed showing the guys that they could do it too.

Lita says that there are times when she gets fired up and wants to show that she can still do it.

Lita wonders what is going on with Bayley and we go to Bayley in the interview area. Bayley says it is time that they main event a show. Lita mentions her history with Sasha and she wants to know if Bayley is looking to step up. Bayley says that a lot of people say that Sasha is still the best. Bayley is going to show Sasha that Brooklyn was not a fluke and she is going to walk out as the champion.

Renee sends it to Greg Hamilton and Dasha Fuentes among the throng of people. Greg mentions the Semi Finals of the Dusty Rhodes Tag Team Classic and we have a video package.

Renee mentions the two semi final matches as they go inside for discussion.

Corey says that everyone involved with NXT was touched by Dusty Rhodes. His influence will be heard forever. Corey mentions that Dusty helped him with his transition from wrestler to announcer. Corey says that he did not know how he would do and Dusty hugged him and he told him he did great. Dusty told Corey to sit up straight. Corey says that he misses Dusty.

We go into the arena and Byron Saxton is with the Rhodes family. He says that Dusty Rhodes was a legend and a trailblazer. In NXT, he motivated so many. They celebrate his life and legacy. Byron introduces Dusty’s family.

Dustin unveils The NXT Dusty Rhodes Tag Team Classic Cup.

Cody says you don’t come down the aisle unless you are going to win. NXT has their version of the Lombardi Trophy and Stanley Cup.

We go back to Renee, Corey, and Lita.

Renee asks Corey and Lita what would Dusty say.

Lita says we don’t need something physical, but that was a great way to recognize Dusty. He would love it. Corey says that Dusty would have wanted it bigger.

Renee asks if Tyler Breeze can do it tonight against Apollo Crews.

Corey says that Tyler is obsessed with getting back into the title picture and if he can beat Apollo Crews, he gets back up to the top.

Lita mentions that while Tyler has been here for a while, Apollo is not going to back down.

Tom Phillips is with Apollo Crews. Apollo says it is an honor to be part of such a historical show.

Dana Brooke and Emma stop by and she says that she is sick of the new NXT talent getting all of the attention. Emma agrees. Dana says she thought they showed Asuka that playtime is over.

Apollo laughs and he says that him and Asuka are new but Dana is taking her too lightly. He says that Dana is in for a very rough night.

Lita says that Dana will need to tone it down or she could get injured.

Corey says it is going to be like Dana running into a wall when she faces Asuka.

Corey says that he has watched Asuka on the internet. Lita says the Japanese style is more physical. If you are not prepared, it can rattle your confidence. If Dana cannot pull it together, it could get rough for her.

Byron suggests that maybe Dana is playing mind games with Asuka and that she will surprise the world.

Renee talks about the NXT 24 Special about the Brooklyn Takeover special. We see a clip about the Sasha Banks and Bayley match.

Lita says it was an amazing night in Brooklyn to see Bayley and Sasha co-main event the biggest NXT show in history. Now they are main eventing NXT’s return to Full Sal.

Tom Phillips is with Sasha Banks in the back and Tom asks about what to expect from the match.

Sasha says that she is going to become a two time NXT Women’s Champion. She will show the world and Bayley she is still the boss of NXT.

Tom sends it back to Renee.

Lita says that Sasha has a lot of confidence and that will help her in the match, but she wonders if Sasha is as confident as she needs to be. She will need to do enough to win and she has pressure on her.

Byron mentions that Sasha lost already and Bayley has matured so much. Bayley has grown into the championship and that attitude will be present tonight.

Corey mentions that Bayley got one victory over Sasha but tonight she has to beat Bayley more than Sasha. He asks Lita how it changes to come into a match as the champion compared to being a challenger.

The challenger makes you want to do more to win. It means more to Bayley to be the representative of the women’s division and prove that Brooklyn was not a fluke.

Renee asks what this match will mean for the women.

Byron talks about the stuff with the Divas on Raw and Smackdown. Byron says it started in NXT at Full Sail. How can these ladies raise the bar one more time. You have to deliver something you haven’t seen before.

Lita says that if a woman wants to be in the WWE or are already in the WWE need to watch this match to learn.

We take a look at a video package for the Sasha Banks versus Bayley match from Brooklyn.

Matches Announced for NXT Takeover Respect

NXT Women’s Title Iron Man Match: Bayley versus Sasha Banks

Dusty Rhodes Tag Team Classic Finals

Dusty Rhodes Tag Team Classic Semi Final Match: Samoa Joe and Finn Balor versus Scott Dawson and Dash Wilder

Dusty Rhodes Tag Team Classic Semi Final Match: Baron Corbin and Rhyno versus Jason Jordan and Chad Gable

Apollo Crews versus Tyler Breeze

Asuka versus Dana Brooke (with Emma)

We start off tonight’s special with a video package showing Bayley’s victory over Sasha Banks in Brooklyn and a feature about ‘respect’ over championships.

We are in Winter Park, Florida and your announcers are Rich Brennan, Corey Graves, and Byron Saxton.

The Dusty Rhodes Tag Team Classic Cup is on the stage as we have our first semi final match.

Match Number One: Dusty Rhodes Tag Team Classic Semi Final Match: Samoa Joe and Finn Balor versus Scott Dawson and Dash Wilder

Joe and Wilder start things off but Wilder knocks Finn off the apron. Joe sends Wilder into the corner and he punches Wilder. Joe with knees and an Irish whip. Dawson makes the save for Wilder when Joe charges into the corner. Dawson tags in and he punches Joe from the apron. Dawson with forearms while Balor gets back onto the apron.

Dawson with forearms to the chest and he runs Joe’s eyes across the top rope. Wilder tags in and Joe is sent into his boot. Wilder kicks Joe and snap mares him and gets a near fall. Wilder with a European uppercut and he charges into the corner but Joe moves. Joe with an enzuigiri and Dawson tags in and he knocks Balor off the apron but Balor tags in.

Balor with a clothesline to Dawson followed by an enzuigiri to Wilder on the apron. Balor with an Irish whip and chop and then he sends Wilder to the floor. Balor with a drop kick and Dawson goes to the floor. Balor with a plancha onto Dawson and Wilder. Balor brings Dawson back into the ring and Balor with a running drop kick.

Balor goes up top but Wilder gets in the ring and Balor leaps over him. Balor sends Wilder to the floor. Dawson goes for Balor’s knee. Wilder tags in and he turns his attention to Balor’s injured knee. Dawson tags in and he hyperextends the leg and then applies a step over toe hold.

Dawson with a spinning sit out leg drop to the injured leg. Wilder tags in and he continues to work on the leg. Dawson tags back in and Dawson wrings the leg into the ring post. Dawson does it a second time. Dawson with a forearm to the head and he tags Wilder back in and Dash kicks the hamstring. Wilder with a knee drop to the leg. Dash kicks Finn in the leg.

Dawson tags in and he wraps the leg in the ropes. Wilder kicks the leg while the referee deals with Dawson. Dawson with a single leg sweep and then he applies a single leg crab but Balor gets to the ropes. Dawson pulls Finn into the center of the ring. Balor gets to the ropes again.

Balor blocks a punch and connects with a punch of his own. Dawson takes Balor down but Balor sends Dawson to the floor. Wilder pulls Joe off the apron when Balor gets into his corner. Wilder with an elbow drop to Balor while the referee was out of position and Dawson gets a near fall.

The referee warns Dawson as the match continues. Dawson puts the leg in the ropes and Dawson kicks Finn in the groin and knee. Dawson goes for a shoulder in the corner and Finn moves, sending Dawson into the turnbuckle. Wilder tags in and he gets the ankle to keep Balor from making the tag.

Joe is able to be tagged in and Joe with jabs and then he hits a reverse atomic drop followed by a flying boot and back senton. Joe with an Irish whip followed by a power slam out of the corner for a near fall. Joe misses an elbow into the corner but Wilder comes into the corner for an STJoe.

Joe puts Wilder on the turnbuckles and Finn wants the tag and Joe tags him in. Joe hits the musclebuster and Finn goes up top for the Coup de Grace for the three count.

Winners: Finn Balor and Samoa Joe (Advance to Finals)

After the match, the announcers discuss how much Finn can do in the finals with the damage done to his knee.

We see Sasha Banks getting ready in the back for her match against Bayley later tonight.

We see footage from the Louder Than Life Festival.

Match Number Two: Dusty Rhodes Tag Team Classic Semi Final Match: Baron Corbin and Rhyno versus Jason Jordan and Chad Gable

Jordan and Corbin start things off and they lock up. Corbin pushes Jordan away. They lock up again and Jordan with a waist lock take down and he holds on and takes Corbin down a second time. Corbin sends Jordan to the floor and Jordan lands on his feet on a hip toss attempt. Jordan with a shoulder tackle to no effect. Corbin with a shoulder tackle for a near fall.

Rhyno tags in and Jordan with a single leg take down and he gets a near fall. Jordan with a front face lock and Gable tags in and hits a sunset flip for a near fall. Gable with a wrist lock but Rhyno with a punch and Rhyno throws Gable into the turnbuckles and kicks Chad. Rhyno with a chop but Gable with forearms.

Rhyno with an Irish whip and Gable with a float over. Gable with a hammer lock and side head lock. Rhyno with a shoulder tackle for a near fall. Rhyno gets Gable on his shoulders but Gable gets back to his feet and he works on the arm. Jordan tags in and hits a double sledge to the arm from the turnbuckles. Jordan works on the shoulder and arm.

Jordan slams the arm into the turnbuckles and Gable tags in. They hit a double Northern Lights suplex and Gable gets a near fall. Gable with an arm bar. Rhyno puts Gable on the top rope and pushes him to the floor but Gable holds on and applies an arm bar submission in the ropes. Rhyno with a forearm to Gable to knock him to the floor. Corbin sends Gable into the apron and matrix board along the apron. Corbin punches Gable and gets a near fall. Corbin gets another near fall. Rhyno tags in and he kicks Gable in the ribs. Rhyno with a snap mare and rear chin lock.

Gable gets to his feet and he punches Rhyno, but Rhyno with a forearm. Corbin tags back in and he connects with a forearm to the back. Corbin with a quarter nelson and chin lock. Gable gets to his feet and he is unable to tag in Jordan because Corbin grabs Gable by the hair. Corbin takes care of Jordan and Corbin with a boot but the referee deals with Jordan instead of making the count and Gable kick out.

Rhyno tags in and kicks Gable and slams him. Rhyno goes to the turnbuckles and he misses a diving head butt when Gable moves. Corbin and Jordan tag in and Jordan with punches to Corbin and Rhyno. Jordan with drop kicks to Corbin and Rhyno. Jordan runs Corbin into the turnbuckles and he sends Rhyno over the top rope to the floor. Jordan with an Olympic Slam and the straps ar down. Jordan with a running shoulder into the corner.

Gable tags in and Corbin takes care of Jordan. Corbin with a Bossman slam to Gable for a near fall. Rhyno with a belly-to-belly suplex on Jordan. Gable with Chaos Theory for a near fall. Jordan goes for a belly-to-belly suplex on Rhyno but Rhyno escapes and hits a GORE on Jordan.

Corbin hits End of Days on Gable for the three count.

Winners: Baron Corbin and Rhyno (Advance to the Finals)

The announcers continue to talk about how the medical staff is still checking on Finn Balor.

Match Number Three: Asuka versus Dana Brooke (with Emma)

Asuka offers her hand and Dana pushes it away. Asuka with a jumping spin kick that misses its mark. They lock up and Asuka with a wrist lock. Dana with a reversal. Asuka with a reversal of her own. Dana with another reversal. Asuka with a reversal into a hammer lock. Dana tries to roll through but Asuka holds on to the hammer lock. Dana with an elbow and she pats Asuka on the head. Dana slaps Asuka.

Asuka smiles at the slap and Dana does not realize what she has done. Asuka with slaps and kicks. Asuka with a flying butt strike and she mocks Dana’s pose. Dana pushes Asuka away. Asuka and Dana exchange forearms. Asuka goes for an arm bar submission and Dana tries to get to the ropes and she succeeds.

Asuka kicks Dana in the back and arm and Dana goes to the floor. Asuka kicks Dana in the leg and sends her back into the ring. Dana distracts the referee and Emma pulls the ring skirt over Asuka’s feet and Dana with a handstand elbow drop for a near fall. Dana with shoulders in the corner and she chokes Asuka in a handstand. Dana with a clothesline and she applies a body scissors. Asuka escapes and she applies a knee bar and ankle lock. Dana gets to her feet and Asuka with a German suplex while holding on to the ankle lock. Asuka runs into an elbow in the corner.

Asuka with an arm bar when Dana charges at her. Asuka turns it into a Fujiwara arm bar. Dana tries to escape and Asuka with a cross face chicken wing. Asuka with a round kick to Dana and Emma gets on the apron Asuka knocks Emma off the apron and Asuka with a drop kick to Dana.

Asuka with the crossface chicken wing and she applies a body scissors and Dana taps out.

Winner: Asuka

After the match, Dana gets in Asuka’s face and Asuka with a spinning heel kick and Dana goes down.

Asuka goes to the floor and stands in front of Emma. Emma tries to look away so Asuka does not do anything to her.

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