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By Mike Johnson on 2015-10-06 09:11:28
TNA continued the Matt Hardy "injunction" storyline overnight with Dixie Carter pushing that she was in meetings last night to find a solution to EC3 legally preventing Hardy from appearing on Impact Wrestling.

We broke several weeks ago that WWE and Jakks Pacific had come to terms on a new licensing deal for action figures in the Asia-Pacific region as well as other products worldwide. That likely means the end of the TNA-Jakks action figure licensing deal, which was relegated to very little product being released this year and I believe concludes in January 2016.

A correction on the TNA Bound for Glory dark match mentioned yesterday here on It was PWX champion John Skyler losing to Sean Shultz. PWX regularly runs at Cabarrus Arena where BFG was held in Concord, NC and helped with the local promotion of the show. They have a pretty good product.

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