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By Barry Delehanty on 2015-10-04 23:02:28

Small crowd with the top tarped off. LOTS of kids and families. I expect a completely different crowd at RAW in Boston tomorrow.

Opener was Neville vs. Stardust. Really good. Those guys are great together and the crowd was way into both of them.

Brad Maddox came out and introduced himself because he was well aware that nobody knew who he was. Pretty good on the mic and not bad in the ring. Took on Iced Z. Decent fluff match. Ryder won.

New Day vs. The Dudley's. Crowd was way into both. Really good to see the Dudley's back and these two teams work really well together. Very similar to last nights MSG match but it was a lot of fun. New Day gets DQ'd, Woods 3D into the table.

Rusev, Dolph Ziggler, and Kevin Owens had a three way for the IC belt. Best of the night no doubt and you could see Rusev catch himself multiple times nearly laughing as the three were facing off. Owens is too good as a pr**k and he's one guy I hope is always a villain. They teamed up and whipped Ziggler around the entire match. You knew every move coming because Owens was screaming at Rusev what they were going to do. When Rusev would respond he'd just yell at him that he didn't know what he was saying, but to throw him into the ropes. Lots of fun. Owens stole the pin and took off. Real good.

Sheamus and Randy Orton squared off for the first time in a day. Crowd loved Orton. Sheamus is good in his role too. Slow and kind of boring (surprising....) Orton won with the RKO and there was an intermission.

Bo Dallas came down and ripped the crowd a little. He's one of my favorites on the mic and is being completely wasted I think. Mark Henry answered his open challenge, rocked him and nailed the Worlds Strongest Slam for the pin. Bo got back on the mic saying he wasn't ready and it was a fluke. Big Show came down in jeans and a polo and cracked him with the knock out punch and left. Crowd was really into Big Show, especially the little kids marveling at his size.

6 Diva Tag Match was almost identical to last night. Paige bailed on Becky and Charlotte and left them hanging. CB still won anyway.

Rollins vs Cena for the US title. Kane appears and makes it a street fight. All Cena fans in the crowd with small snippets for Seth here and there. Tons of kids and families and it's 30 mins from his hometown so he was eating it up. Seth was really playing into it too. Good match had lots of chair action, Seth tossing Cena into a table in the corner. Once again Evil Kane came down, distracted Rollins and he got an AA through a second table and Cena won. Rollins is too good.

All in all a fun show. The girl I brought with me commented on a few of the matches that she feels like she's seen this a hundred times already (Divas, Sheamus/Orton, and the main event). She's a casual fan and those stood out to her, so it's not just turning the die hards away seeing the same stuff over and over.

Cena, Ziggler, Orton, Dudley's, and Neville big time pops.

Rollins, New Day, Stardust and Rusev big time boos.

Owens and the Bella's had a reaction right down the middle

They had a camera crew on hand that was getting a lot of crowd shots. LOTS of little Cena fans near the front row and he took good care of them. All the wrestlers were really playing up the crowd interaction for the cameras so there were a lot of happy kids tonight. Always worth checking out, hopefully the next go round there's some new storylines going.

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