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By Dave Scherer on 2015-10-04 10:05:03

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Why are some episodes of ECW "Hardcore TV" skipped on the WWE network? Is it due to an issue with master tapes or content?

They have all of the footage, it just isn’t a huge priority right now for WWE. They monitor what is getting accessed and unless there is a huge demand, they aren’t in any rush to get up a lot of the content. To be fair, it does have to be adjusted for airing on the Network and that takes time, so they have to allot their assets wisely.

Do you think it possible that the WWE Network is at least in part responsible for sagging RAW and SmackDown viewership?  At some point most fans can only watch so much WWE before getting bored of it.  Also, on the network, you get a lot of classic stuff, especially compared to some of the lousy booking that's been going on the last several months. RAW continues to use "nostalgia booking" with older talents, which is one of the prime selling points for the Network.

The number one thing that gets accessed on the Network is the PPVs, by far. A good number of subscribers only watch them, NXT shows and the NXT and MSG-type specials, so I don’t think that’s a big part of it. i think the sagging viewership is due, almost entirely, to the state of the creative process.

In a business where it's helpful to have a unique look to stand out, is the long hair/long beard look overdone in WWE?  From Daniel Bryan to Luke Harper, more and more guys are using that same look.  Heck, Braun Stroman and Bull Dempsey, and to an extent Bray Wyatt, look exactly alike from the neck up.  Sure, the look adds to their characters, but if everyone looks the same then how does one stand out at first glance?

I don’t think so. Lots of mainstream athletes have long hair and beards. I don’t think it’s out of proportion in WWE. And long hair in wrestling helps talents sell head shots better, as well as call spots more discretely.

Could you see WWE going with a 3 way for Mania 32 main event, Rollins Reigns and Lesnar? Playing off last years finish. Lesnar/Reigns joint Rumble winners for example?

Could I see it? Yes. Do I want to see it? No. WWE is so short on talent at the top that for a four hour show, using three guys in one match would be a mistake. Beyond that, I am not a huge fan of Triple Threat matches. Been there, done that.

Is the internet notion that Sting was never a draw, fair? Based on the awesome crowd reactions he received in WCW and TNA, he was the draw that kept smaller promotions afloat, not damaged their profitability. I don't think it's right to compare Sting's numbers to those of guys who had the monstrous, international WWF/E machine behind them, especially when he and Goldberg were the only two pure WCW stars to ever make a financial splash. I look forward to hearing your opinion.

Sting is an all timer for sure, but the fact is that when he was the man in WCW, even before the NWO came in, he didn’t draw huge houses or PPV buys. He didn’t even draw huge TV ratings on his own. So it’s fair, but it’s not really an insult. A lot of guys have been on top but haven’t been huge draws. He was an all time great. That is nothing to sneeze at.

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