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By Mike Johnson on 2021-09-24 08:00:00

September 24th

On this day in history in ....

1963 - Gory Guerrero, father of Eddie, Hector, Chavo and Mando Guerrero, and grandfather of Chavo Guerrero Jr., defeats Ali Bey in El Paso, Texas to win the NWA World Light Heavyweight Title for a second time.

1964 - WWWF World Champion Bruno Sammartino defeated Waldo Von Erich in Bricktown, NJ.

1966 - WWWF World Champion Bruno Sammartino defeated Dan Miller in Sydney, Australia.

1971 - An event promoted by Paul Jones at The City Auditorium in Atlanta, GA featured the following results:
-Big John defeated Klondike Bill.
-George Scott, El Mongol & Louie Tillet defeated Buddy Colt & the Assassins.
-Dick Steinborn defeated Joe Turco.
-The Monroe Bros. fought Bob Armstrong & Bill Dromo to a draw.

1971 - An AWA event in Denver, Colorado featured the following results:

-Nick Bockwinkel defeated AWA World champion Verne Gagne by DQ when Gagne threw Bockwinkel over the top rope.
-Larry Hennig & Lars Anderson defeated Mad Dog & Butcher Vachon.
-Billy Robinson defeated Blackjack Lanza
-Billy Red Cloud defeated Ray Stevens

1971 - A live event in Phoenix, Arizona at Madison Square Garden featured the following results:

-The Comancheros defeated Ben Justice & Pancho Pico.
-Arman Hussian fought Jack Ringer to a double countout.
-Danny Kroffat defeated the Vulture.

1972 - A Central States Wrestling event in Cedar Rapids, Iowa saw the following results:

-Ronnie Etchison defeated Billy Howard.
-Jean Antone defeated Betty Niccoli.
-Les Thornton defeated Black Angus by disqualification.
-NWA Central States champion Harley Race defeated Rufus R. Jones.

1974 - Championship Wrestling from Florida ran Tampa, FL at Fort Homer Hesterly Armory featuring the following results:

-Lumberjack Match: Jos Leduc beat Pak Song.
-Florida Tag Team Champions Mike Graham & Dusty Rhodes beat Dick Slater & Professor Tanaka.
-North American Champion Bob Armstrong beat Bill Watts by DQ when Watts jumped off the top rope on to Armstrong.
-Jerry Brisco vs. Bobby Duncum: RESULT UKNOWN.
-The Hollywood Blondes, Buddy Roberts & Jerry Brown beat Vic Rossitani & Tony Charles.
-Greg Valentine beat Miguel Feliciano.
-Mike Pappas beat George McCreary.

1974 - An event in Fort Myers, FL at the National Guard Armory saw the following results:

-Gil Hayes beat Ron Fuller in 26 minutes in a No Time Limit, No DQ match.
-Jim Dalton & Beautiful Bruce beat Harry Smith & Johnny Gray in 23:0 minutes.
-Dennis Stamp fought Frank Hester to a no content.
-Jay Clay beat Frank Monte in 13:00.

1976 - Stephanie McMahon was born.

1976 - A Southeastern Championship Wrestling event in Knoxville, TN featured:

-Ron Fuller beat Don Carson in a Loser Leaves Town match.
-Great Mephisto beat The Gladiator.
-Mike Stallings beat Louie Tillet in a Texas Death match.
-Jimmy Golden & Toru Tanaka beat Ronnie Garvin & Homer O'Dell.
-Bill Ash beat Rick Connors.
-David Schultz fought Don Kernodle to a 20 minute draw.

1977 - A WWWF event in Providence, Rhode Island was headlined by WWWF champion Bruno Sammartino defeating George Steele.

1977 - WWWF ran Butler, PA with the following results:

-Dominic DeNucci fought Baron Mikel Scicluna to a draw.
-Frank Holtz defeated the Red Demon.
-Johnny DeFazio defeated Rocky Tomayo.
-Mr. Fuji defeated Larry Zbyzsko via disqualification.
-Ivan Putski defeated Prof. Toru Tanaka via disqualification.

1979 - WWF ran Madison Square Garden with a card that was broadcast on The MSG Network, featuring:

-Johnny Rivera pinned Gypsy Rodriguez at 10:23 with a backslide.
-Johnny Rodz pinned Steve King at 8:08 with a suplex.
-Baron Mikel Scicluna defeated SD Jones via count-out at 7:09 after Jones missed a charge and fell over the top rope to the floor.
-Ted Dibiase defeated Jose Estrada via submission at 9:42 with an abdominal stretch.
-Hussain Arab (The future Iron Sheik, managed by Fred Blassie) pinned Pete Sanchez at 3:57 with a butterfly suplex.
-WWF World champion Bob Backlund (with Arnold Skaaland) defeated WWF Intercontinental champion Pat Patterson in a steel cage match at 16:43 by kicking Patterson off him and escaping through the door.
-Andre the Giant & Tito Santana defeated Jimmy & Jerry Valiant at 6:04 when Andre pinned Jimmy with a headbutt and splash.
-Greg Valentine defeated Dominic DeNucci with the figure-4 at 10:46.
-Ivan Putski defeated Johnny Valiant by DQ at 6:53 when Valiant punched the referee after Putski caught him in a bearhug.
-Nikolai Volkoff fought Chief Jay Strongbow to a draw after the 5-minute mark when the match was stopped due to the New York State Athletic Commission's 11 PM curfew.

1979 - Mid-South Wrestling ran New Orleans, LA with the following results:

-Tank Patton beat Igor Putski.
-Gino Hernandez beat Stan Lane.
-Jose Lothario beat Mike Bowyer.
-Charlie Cook & Hercules Ayala beat Junkyard Dog & Porkchop Cash in a Texas Tornado match.
-Bill Watts & Wahoo McDaniel(sub for Dusty Rhodes) beat Ernie Ladd & Ken Patera.

1980 - A live event promoted by Bruce Baker in Canton, OH was headined by WWF World Champion Bob Backlund defeating U.S. champion the Sheik in a steel cage match at 21:14.  After the bout, Backlund was awarded the U.S. Championship by Baker, but later had to return it because of holding the WWF Championship.  Other results saw:

- John Davidson pinned Mike Wicks at 6:47.
-Bob White pinned Zoltan the Great at 12:05.
-The Davidson Brothers defeated Bob White & Mike Wicks at 12:15 when Rick pinned Wicks.
-Bobby Colt defeated Marvelous Malcolm Monroe via disqualification at 26:00.

1981 - Championship Wrestling from Florida ran Port Orange, Florida at Spruce Creek High School, featuring the following results:

-David Sierra beat Avalanche Tyler.
-El Gran Apollo beat Steve Sybert.
-Bobby Jaggers beat Mike Bond.
-Tommy Gilbert beat Assassin #2.
-Jack Brisco & Charlie Cook beat the Kiwi Sheepherders by DQ.
-Jerry Brisco beat Eddie Mansfield.
-Dusty Rhodes beat The Assassin #1.

1982 - Southwest Championship Wrestling ran Houston, Texas with the following results:

-Ninja Warrior beat Frank Monte.
-El Gran Apollo beat Killer Brooks.
-Bruiser Bob Sweetan beat Bobby Jaggers.
-Mil Mascaras & Dos Caras beat Tully Blanchard & Gino Hernandez.
-Killer Khan beat Scott Casey.
-Southwest champ Dick Slater beat Jerry Lawler.
-Junkyard Dog beat Nick Bockwinkel.
-Tony Atlas beat the Mongolian Stomper to win the Southwest Brass Knuckles Title.

1983 - WWF ran Philadelphia, PA with an event that broadcast on The PRISM Network, featuring the following results, courtesy of

-Salvatore Bellomo defeated Butcher Vachon at 4:16
-Don Kernodle defeated Israel Matea at 6:39
-The Invaders defeated Swede Hanson & Iron Mike Sharpe via count-out at 12:46 when Sharpe left ringside, with Hanson chasing after him moments afterwards.  Hanson was legitimately split open when he hit his head on the ring steps.
-Intercontinental champion Magnificent Muraco defeated Chief Jay Strongbow at 7:12 with a clothesline after breaking out of the sleeper.
-WWF World Champion Bob Backlund (w/ Arnold Skaaland) pinned Sgt. Slaughter in a Texas Death Match at 14:06 with a crossbody after guest referee Tony Garea failed to notice the challenger's foot on the bottom rope during the cover; after the bout, Slaughter attacked Garea until Backlund cleared the ring with a chair.
-Andre the Giant defeated Big John Studd in a steel cage match at 10:04.
-Tiger Chung Lee defeated Rene Goulet at 4:25.
-Penny Mitchell & Susan Starr defeated Judy Martin & the Fabulous Moolah.
-Jimmy Snuka, Tito Santana, & Rocky Johnson defeated Ivan Koloff & the Wild Samoans in a Best 2 out of 3 falls match, 2-0.

1984 - Greg Valentine defeats Tito Santana in London, Ontario, Canada to win the WWF Intercontinental Heavyweight Title. Santana, who was wrestling with an injured leg, hit Valentine with a flying forearm and scored the pin, but Valentine's foot was out of the ring.  Before Santana realized the pinfall didn't count, Valentine kneed Santana from behind and hooked the injured leg for the pin and the title.  After the match, Valentine put Santana in the figure four leglock, and Santana had to be stretchered from the ring. The Santana-Valentine feud would rage on for almost a full year, with Santana winning back the belt on July 7, 1985 in a cage match.

1984 - World Class Championship Wrestling ran Fort Worth, Texas with the following results:

-Jake Roberts defeated Art Crews.
-World Class TV champ Chris Adams defeated Missing Link.
-Gary Hart defeated Gen. Skandor Akbar.
-Skip Young defeated Scott Irwin.
-Buck Zumhofe fought WCCW American & Texas Champion Gino Hernández to a draw.
-Kerry Von Erich defeated Killer Khan by disqualification.
-Victor the Wrestling Bear defeated Gino Hernández by disqualification.

1985 - A Pacific Northwest Wrestling event promoted by Don Owen in Portland, Oregon featured the following results:

- Rip Oliver beat Chris Colt.
-Alexis Smirnoff beat Scott Doring.
-Bruiser Brody fought Jesse Barr to a draw.
-Liz Chase fought Debbie Combs to a draw.
-Ricky Vaughn beat Moondog Moretti.
-Ivan Koloff & Krusher Khrushchev beat Bobby Jaggers & Steve Pardee.
-Steve Simpson & Joe Savoldi beat Mike Miller & Karl Steiner.
-AWA World Tag Team champs The Road Warriors beat Sgt. Slaughter & Billy Jack Haynes via DQ.
-NWA World Champion Ric Flair fought Magnum TA to a 60 minute draw.

1986 - An AWA event in Waltham, MA featured the following results:

-The Boston Bad Boys beat Bill Rossi & Foxx.
-Brian Walsh beat Eric Sbraccia.
-Sherri Martel beat Despina Montagas.
-Buddy Rose & Doug Somers beat Man Mountain Dean & The Machine.
-Colonel DeBeers beat David Foxx.
-Scott Hall beat the Black Panther.
-Boris Zhukov beat Marc Fabian.

1988 - World Class Championship Wrestling ran Dallas, Texas with the following results

- Robert Gibson & Steve Cox beat the Samoan Swat Team.
-The Super Black Ninja beat Vince Apollo.
-Robert Gibson beat Tom Jones.
-Kendall Windham beat Eric Embry.
-Ron Garvin beat Black Bart.
-Terry Gordy battled the Botswana Beast to a double disqualification.
-AWA World champion Jerry Lawler and World Class champion Kerry Von Erich battled to a double disqualification.

1988 - WWF ran Philadelphia, PA at The Spectrum with the following results:
-Barry Horowitz pinned DJ Peterson.
-Mr. Perfect pinned B. Brian Blair.
-Jim Powers defeated Iron Mike Sharpe.
-The Big Bossman pinned Ken Patera.
-The Hart Foundation defeated the Fabulous Rougeau Brothers by DQ.
-WWF Tag Team Champions Demolition defeated the British Bulldogs.
-Bad News Brown pinned The Junkyard Dog.
-WWF World Champion Randy Savage defeated Ted DiBiase in a Steel Cage match

1989 - WWF ran Portland, Maine at Memorial Coliseum with the following results:

-Boris Zhukov pinned Mark Young.
-Barry Windham defeated Koko B. Ware.
-Demolition fought WWF Tag Team Champions The Brainbusters, Arn Anderson & Tully Blanchard to a double disqualification.
-Hercules Hernandez pinned Haku.
-Hercules (substituting for Dusty Rhodes) pinned The Big Bossman
-Bad News Brown pinned Bret Hart.
-WWF Intercontinental champion The Ultimate Warrior defeated Andre the Giant by DQ.

1989 - WWF ran Montreal, Quebec at The Forum featuring:

-Dino Bravo defeated Brutus Beefcake.
-Mr. Perfect defeated Jim Neidhart.
-The Bushwhackers defeated the Powers of Pain.
-Ron Garvin defeated Greg Valentine.
-Jim Duggan defeated Ted DiBiase.
-WWF World Champion Hulk Hogan defeated Randy Savage.

1990 - Herb Abrams' Universal Wrestling Federation held their first TV taping at the Reseda Country Club drawing 450 fans to witness:

-Steve Williams pinned Davey Meltzer (Adam Michaels) in 3:59.
-David Sammartino beat Cactus Jack in 14:13 via DQ.
-Billy Jack Haynes beat Spitball Patterson in 3:57 via submission.
- They filmed a Lou Albano's "Captain's Corner" with Brian Blair
-Col. DeBeers pinned Mike Allen in 3:03.
-Jay Strongbow, Jr. pinned Matt Starr.
-Paul Orndorff pinned Riki Ataki in 2:57.
-Brian Blair fought Dan Spivey in a double DQ.
-Cactus Jack pinned Davey Meltzer. (Not that Dave Meltzer)
-Dan Spivey pinned Scott Cole.
-Brian Blair beat Spitball Patterson.
-Paul Orndorff beat The Black Knight (Billy Anderson).
-Steve Williams beat Larry Luddin.
-David Sammartino pinned Houdini.
-Col. DeBeers fought Billy Jack Haynes resulted in a double countout.
-Dan Spivey beat Mike Allen in 1:39 via DQ.
-Jay Strongbow, Jr. beat Houdini in 4:23 with the sleeper.
-David Sammartino beat Col. DeBeers in 3:21 via DQ.
-The Black Knight (Billy Anderson) pinned Davey Meltzer (still not that Dave Meltzer) in 6:43.
-Brian Blair beat Riki Ataki  in 4:22  by submission.
-Lou Albano's "Captain's Corner" with Bob Orton, Jr.
-Billy Jack Haynes pinned Larry Luddin in 1:58,
-Steve Williams fought Paul Orndorff to a double countout in 6:11.

1990 - WWF ran Augusta, GA at the Augusta-Richmond County Civic Center featuring:

-The Orient Express defeated the Bushwhackers when Tanaka pinned Luke.
-Black Bart pinned Pez Whatley.
-Jimmy Snuka defeated The Warlord by DQ when the Warlord shoved the referee.
-Saba Simba pinned Buddy Rose.
-Jake Roberts pinned Akeem (substituting for Bad News Brown) in a Steel Cage match.
-Ted DiBiase defeated Dusty Rhodes by DQ when Dustin Rhodes interfered and attacked DiBiase because DiBiase hit Dusty with the Million Dollar Belt behind the referee's back.

1992 - WWF ran Stuttgart, Germany featuring:

-IRS pinned Virgil
-Crush & Road Warrior Animal defeated The Beverly Brothers.
-Randy Savage pinned Ted DiBiase.
-WWF Tag Team Champions The Natural Disasters defeated Papa Shango & Skinner.
-Bret Hart pinned Rick Martel.
-The Bushwhackers defeated The Genius & Kato.
-WWF champion Ric Flair pinned Tito Santana.

1992 - WWF ran Omaha, Nebraska at the Civic Auditorium featuring the following results:

-Repo Man defeated Jim Powers.
-Shawn Michaels defeated Jim Brunzell (substituting for Pat Tatanka).
-Owen Hart & Koko B. Ware defeated Double Trouble.
-The Big Bossman defeated Nailz by DQ.
-WWF Intercontinental champion the British Bulldog pinned The Mountie.
-Razor Ramon defeated Hacksaw Duggan (substituting for the Undertaker).
-The Ultimate Warrior pinned Kamala

1993 -  Smoky Mountain Wrestling ran Greeneville, TN at the Greene County Fairgrounds, drawing 500 fans with the following results:

-Tim Horner beat Chris Candido.
-Scott & Steve Armstrong beat Killer Kyle & The Dirty White Boy.
-SMW Tag Champs The Rock N' Roll Express beat Ron & Don Harris.
-Tracy Smothers beat SMW Champ Brian Lee via DQ.

1993 - WWF ran Chicago, IL at The Rosemont Horizon featuring:

-Tatanka pinned Bastion Booger.
-Mr. Perfect fought IRS to a 20 minute draw.
-Men on a Mission defeated Well Dunn.
-WWF World Champion Yokozuna pinned the Undertaker at 9:16 after hitting him with the salt bucket.
-Diesel pinned the 1-2-3 Kid at 5:49.
-Bam Bam Bigelow & Adam Bomb defeated WWF Tag Team Champions the Quebecers by countout when the champs walked out.
-Razor Ramon pinned Rick Martel with the Razor's Edge.

1994 - WWF ran Anaheim, CA at The Arrowhead Pond with the following results:

-Sparky Plugg defeated Steven Dunn,
-Abe Schwartz defeated Louie Spicolli.
-WWF Intercontinental champion Razor Ramon defeated Owen Hart.
-WWF Women's champion Alundra Blayze defeated Bull Nakano.
-WWF Tag Team champions Shawn Michaels & Diesel defeated Fatu & the 1-2-3 Kid.
-WWF World champion Bret Hart defeated Jim Neidhart.
-The Undertaker defeated Yokozuna in a Casket match.

1995 - WWF ran their third In Your House PPV event in Saginaw, Michigan at the Civic Center featuring the following results:

Dark Matches:

-Fatu pinned Hunter Hearst Helmsley
-Goldust pinned Bob Holly
-Ahmed Williams pinned Skip
-The Undertaker pinned King Mabel

PPV broadcast:

-Savio Vega pinned Waylon Mercy at 7:06 with a spin wheel kick
-Sycho Sid (with Ted DiBiase) pinned Henry Godwinn at 7:23 with the powerbomb.  Bam Bam Bigelow made the save for Godwinn after the match, fending off Sid and Kama.
-Davey Boy Smith (with Jim Cornette) pinned Bam Bam Bigelow at 12:00 with a powerslam.
-Dean Douglas pinned Razor Ramon at 14:53 with a roll up after Razor pushed the 1-2-3 Kid out of the ring, not wanting to be disqualified for the Kid's interference.
-Bret Hart defeated Jean Pierre Laffiette at 16:37 via submission with the Sharpshooter.
-WWF champion Diesel & WWF Intercontinental champion Shawn Michaels defeated WWF Tag Team Champions the British Bulldog (substituting for Owen Hart) & Yokozuna (with Jim Cornette & Mr. Fuji) at 15:42 to win the titles when Diesel hit the powerbomb on an interfering Owen Hart  The titles were later returned to Owen & Yoko the following day due to the fact Bulldog was the recognized champion that night, and not Hart.  For the first time in WWF history, all three championships were on the line in one match.

1997 - WWF ran Toledo, OH -at the Sports Arena featuring:

-Rockabilly pinned Jesse Jammes.
-Henry & Phinneas Godwinn defeated Blackjack Windham & Blackjack Bradshaw.
-Goldust pinned Brian Pillman with a backslide,
-WWF Tag Team Champions the Headbangers defeated Savio Vega & Miguel Perez Jr.
-Dude Love defeated Davey Boy Smith via disqualification after Smith used a chair.
-Crush, Chainz, Skull, & 8-Ball defeated Farooq, Kama, Rocky Maivia, & D-Lo Brown when Crush pinned D-Lo after an assist from Chainz
-The Patriot defeated Owen Hart and Hunter Hearst Helmsley when he pinned Hart.
-The Undertaker defeated WWF World Champion Bret Hart by DQ when the Hart Foundation interfered.

2000 - WWF held their Unforgiven Pay-per-view at the First Union Center in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.  Here is Tim Whitehead's original report on the show:

WWF's Unforgiven PPV, 9/24 from the First Union Center in Philadelphia, was a decent but also disappointing show. Part of the problem was the lack of crowd heat for some of the big matches. The highly anticipated Hunter Hearst Helmsley vs. Kurt Angle showdown was a good match but the crowd was amazingly unresponsive. The cage match for the WWF Tag Titles was great, and so was the X-Pac vs. Chris Jericho match. The main event was okay, but these four way (or three way) matches for titles are starting to wear thin. Steve Austin's return ended up getting a huge pop but ended flatly since we still didn't learn who it was who ran him down last year. Commentary on the show was good.

RIGHT TO CENSOR defeated THE DUDLEYS & THE ACOLYTES in 6:03. Pretty much a standard eight man, with no crowd heat. Bull Buchanan successfully pulled off his springboard move. D-Von lariated Val Venis off Buh Buh Ray's shoulder for a near fall. Steven Richards kept avoiding going in. Finally, he gave the Stevenkick (though it missed) to Buh Buh and Venis pinned him. Afterward, there was a brawl and Richards took the D-Von diving headbutt to the balls and got put through a table by Buh Buh, which did get a pop.

HHH was backstage vowing to destroy Kurt Angle. His ribs were taped to sell the sledgehammer assault from Smackdown. Stephanie said she was sorry she ever befriended Kurt and said maybe she was wrong about him. She then clarified and agreed with HHH that definitely she had been wrong. HHH kept up the pressure, asking Steph if her friendship with Kurt was worth all the trouble it had caused.

TAZZ defeated JERRY LAWLER in a strap match in 5:04. Tazz immediately began pounding Lawler and choking him with the strap. Tazz stopped to boast to Jim Ross, allowing Lawler to come back. Lawler gave Tazz three piledrivers. He no-sold the first two. On the third, he popped back up but then fell down. Lawler dragged him to three corners but as they struggled over the fourth, the ref got bumped. Raven then arrived, getting a pop, and DDT'd Lawler. Tazz choked Lawler into unconsciousness to win as the ref revived. JR sold Raven's arrival big, with the old "What's he doing here...he's not on the WWF roster" routine. The match was entertaining, and Raven's debut was neat. Since Lawler had to be helped to the back, Michael Cole temporarily joined JR on commentary.

Steve Austin arrived at the arena and slammed Kevin Kelly into a door when he tried to interview him.

STEVE BLACKMAN emerged the final winner in 10:00 in a free-for-all match for the Hardcore Title. Other participants were AL SNOW, CRASH HOLLY, TEST, PERRY SATURN, and SHO FUNAKI. This was billed as an "invitational" match since all participants were former Hardcore champs, even if only for a few moments. Snow was an Italian this week, dressed like a godfather and carrying a pizza box, a dead fish, and a photo of Tony Danza. Basically it was the usual stuff, with a lot of garbage can shots and some martial arts sticks involved. There was no crowd heat. Terri and Trish Stratus tried to interfere, using Head, but both ended up taking bumps with JR & Cole making double entendres about each getting head. Saturn did some nice dives. Crash pinned Blackman to get the title after Test hit him with a garbage can. Saturn then pinned Crash with a can shot. Blackman pinned Saturn after a kendo stick shot to regain the belt. All the other wrestlers attacked Blackman but the 10:00 time limit ran out and Blackman retained. The 24/7 rule was suspended after the match so Blackman couldn't be pinned once the bell rang.

Angle was bragging about his gold medals backstage when Austin confronted him. Angle began kissing up to him and praising him for coming back from his injuries. He gave him a special medal, though he noted that it was smaller than his own medals since Austin didn't actually do anything to win it. Austin told Angle to shove the medal up his ass. He beat Angle up and left him laying.

CHRIS JERICHO beat X-PAC in 9:03. A real good match. Jericho laid in some chops. X-Pac hit a spinkick but when he went for a bronco, Jericho lariated him. Jericho went for a springboard move but X-Pac bumped him off. X-Pac hit a somersault plancha and threw Jericho across the announcers' desk. He also rammed Jericho into the timekeeper. X-Pac got a near fall with a spinkick. JR put it over that X-Pac had always been a sidekick to other wrestlers in the past but was breaking out on his own now, noting that there's no money in being a sidekick. Try telling that to Ed Leslie. X-Pac got another two with a suplex. Jericho scored two with a flying elbow, and then did a bronco on X-Pac. X-Pac tried to use nunchucks but the ref stopped him. X-Pac scored twos with an X-Factor and a spinkick. Jericho went for the Lionsault but X-Pac got his knees up. Finally, Jericho deflected a missile kick and hooked the Walls hold for a submission win. Afterward, X-Pac laid out Jericho with the nunchucks.

Angle whined to Mick Foley about Austin's attack on him. Foley didn't have much sympathy, noting Angle's own sledgehammer assault on HHH last week. Angle said he would still beat HHH despite being pounded by Austin, claiming that during the Olympics he won the gold even though suffering from a head cold and diarrhea.

Austin went to Rock's locker room. After a brief staredown, they shook hands. Austin said he was convinced that Rock didn't run him down, but since it was Rock's rental car he wanted to know if Rock knew anyone in particular who would have had access to the car keys. Rock said it could have been virtually anyone in the promotion who stole the keys. Joe walked in and said he had some gossip Austin might be interested in. Austin beat the hell out of him.

THE HARDY BOYZ defeated EDGE & CHRISTIAN in a cage match to capture the WWF World Tag Titles in 13:33. They started brawling immediately. Jeff went to the cage top and was threatening to do a swanton off the top. Edge caused him to drop off the outside to the floor. This was a mixed bag since the way to win was for both members of a team to escape, so Jeff was now out. But it also left Matt alone in the ring against two foes. Matt gave a twist of fate to Christian but ended up being doubled on. Matt tried to escape but got double superplexed off the top. Jeff kept trying to climb back in but got bumped off. He walloped the outside ref and stole the key, but when he tried to go in the door was slammed on his head. Edge locked the door back and put the key in his tights. Matt continued to get pounded and began juicing. Edge & Christian went for the chair sandwich (called the conchairto) but Matt ducked and lariated both of them. Christian climbed over, with Jeff hitting him with a ladder as he descended, leaving Edge and Matt inside. Edge bulldogged Matt off the cage. Jeff then climbed up and hit an amazing corkscrew moonsault into the ring on top of Edge. Christian was on the ladder outside when Lita ran in and gave him a huracanrana off it, which looked like it hurt her. Both Hardys and Edge were on the cage top and the Hardys gave Edge the chair sandwich and he crashed to the mat, with the Hardys climbing out for the win. Really good match!

Austin was looking for HHH and encountered Stephanie. She said she was so glad he was back and that she had prayed for him. She even gave him the hat he had been wearing when he was hit by the car, saying she saved it for him. Austin implied that she was trying to butter him up and throw him off track. Steph insisted that no one in her family had anything to do with the car incident and reminded him that she, Vince, and Shane all ran to his aid after he was hit, so none of them could have been driving the car. Austin said he trusts no one in the WWF.

HHH talked with Foley, and demanded that Foley call the match against Angle down the middle. He said this was business and he wanted the match to be treated as business. Foley agreed.

EDDIE GUERRERO beat RIKISHI by DQ in 6:03 to retain the IC Title. They showed a long video segment detailing the Guerrero - Chyna saga. Lawler returned to commentary for this match. Rikishi no-sold Eddie's fists and began manhandling him. When Rikishi went for the ass drop (banzai), Guerrero fled and wanted to leave and retain the belt on a count-out. Chyna confronted him and acted like he was being a wuss and threw him back in. Rikishi was about to rub his ass in Eddie's face but Chyna saved him. Eddie hit a plancha but missed a frog splash. Rikishi hit the Samoan drop and an ass drop but Chyna came in and distracted the ref. Rikishi shoved her down and gave her an ass drop. For this, the referee DQ'ed Rikishi, which made no sense. When Guerrero revived, he was more concerned about his title belt than Chyna, and only went to check on her after being sure his belt was secure.

Angle was worried about his match backstage. Trish arrived and was being flirtatious and offered to help but he ignored her.

HUNTER HEARST HELMSLEY defeated KURT ANGLE in a no-DQ match in 17:24. This was a solid match, but the lack of crowd heat was amazing. Given the popularity of the soap opera involving these guys, one would think the place would go nuts but there was very little in the way of crowd reactions. Angle tried to get back on Stephanie's good side by leading a chorus of "Happy Birthday" to her. His singing was so bad, he made David Hasselhoff sound like Pavarotti. Angle went after HHH's taped ribs. HHH retaliated with lariats. Angle took a bump over the top. There was a lot of brawling as they slugged it out. They traded some two counts. Angle got in special ref Foley's face, wanting a faster count, but Foley shoved him down. Actually, there was more heat for Foley then for either wrestler. They brawled to the floor where HHH used a chair on Angle and was about to Pedigree him through the commentary desk, but Angle blocked it and suplexed HHH through the desk instead. Angle began mauling HHH's ribs as Steph looked concerned. HHH juiced from the mouth, and also was selling his left arm. Angle missed a moonsault. HHH hit a Pedigree with one arm, since his other arm was hurt, but couldn't get the pin. Stephanie came in as both guys looked exhausted. HHH told her it was time for her to make a choice. She kicked Angle in the balls and HHH hit a full Pedigree for the pin. Afterward, Steph acted confused and was still worried about Angle, and applauded only half-heartedly when HHH was declared the winner. HHH grabbed her and gave her a very rough kiss. She stared at him afterward as if she didn't appreciate it.

Shane McMahon came out. Earlier on Heat, he had claimed to have videotape which would prove who ran down Austin in the car. The video turned out to be an old clip from last year where Steve Blackman bumped Ken Shamrock with a car during their feud. Shane said it proved Blackman had a history of running over people in cars and that Blackman was thus the one who hit Austin. Blackman came out and Shane fled from the ring. This segment was dying when Austin arrived to a major pop. He gave Blackman a stunner. Shane brought in a cooler of beer and was wanting to buddy up to Austin. Austin ended up giving three stunners to Shane. It was pretty lame that we still didn't find out who ran Austin down, but tune in to TNN and maybe we'll find out.

ROCK defeated UNDERTAKER & KANE & CHRIS BENOIT in a four way match in 16:03 to retain the WWF World Title. The match was okay but we really need to get back to old fashioned one-on-one matches for the big titles. People pop when three way dances and fatal four ways are announced but they lack the intensity of one-on-ones. In essence, they brawled for a while. Rock DDT'd Kane but the ref had been bumped so there was no count. Undertaker used a chair on Rock, but was then hit with a chair by Kane. Benoit pinned UT at 7:07. UT's leg was over the rope, but the still-dazed ref didn't see it. Foley came out and ordered a re-start. Everyone jumped Benoit and the match began anew. They then began the routine where every pin or submission attempt was broken up by someone else. Rock was going for the People's Elbow on Kane but Benoit nailed him. Undertaker gave Rock a Last Ride, but Kane stopped the pin. Benoit used chairs on UT and Kane and hooked the crossface on Rock. UT broke it up, but as he brawled out with Kane, Rock pinned Benoit with the Rock Bottom. As a match it was decent but the re-start and finish was deja vu and it didn't have much heat until the end.

2002 - WWE ran a TV taping in San Diego, CA with the following results:

-Al Snow pinned Horseshu with the Snow Plow
-Ivory defeated Molly Holly

-Crash Holly defeated Billy Kidman
-Shannon Moore defeated an unknown
-John Cena pinned D-Von Dudley with a roll up

-Rikishi pinned Chavo Guerrero Jr. with the Bonzai Drop.
Tajiri & Jamie Knoble defeated Billy Gunn & Chuck Palumbo in an impromptu match after Gunn and Palumbo judged a bikini contest between Torrie Wilson and Nidia, giving the win to Torrie.
-Edge pinned Eddie Guerrero in a No DQ match with the DDT off the top of a ladder set up in the ring.
-The Undertaker defeated Matt Hardy; after the bout, Brock Lesnar came to the ring and busted the Undertaker open after hitting him with the world title belt.
-Rey Mysterio defeated Kurt Angle and Chris Benoit by pinning Benoit with a hurricanrana after Benoit back suplexed Angle out of the ring.

2002 - Ring of Honor broadcast High Impact TV on TV 48 in Philadelphia  Phil X. filed the following TV report:

Ring of Honor High Impact TV Episode #4
9/24/02 on WGTW Channel 48 out of Burlington/Philadelphia

Rob Feinstein opens the show again running down tonight's lineup and plugging the October 5th Glory By Honor! A video package is then shown for the October 5th show running down the card for Glory By Honor.

Segment #1- The Natural Born Sinners (Homicide & Boogalou) cut a promo about their October 5th Four Way Tag Match with Special K, Divine Storm (Chris Divine & Quiet Storm), and the S.A.T. (Jose & Joel Maximo).

Segment #2- "The Anarchist" Doug Williams vs. Jay Briscoe in a First Round Match from the ROH Title Tournament. Mark Briscoe shows up in the first couple minutes of the match. He did not accompany Jay to the ring but did show up to watch the match. As expected, Williams controls the match on the mat early on. Mark seems to be happy whenever Williams takes control of the match. Briscoe does not look out of place at all in there with Doug Williams. Briscoe continues to impress week after week. Briscoe powerbombs Williams and gets a 2 count about 5 minutes in. He hits a top rope leg drop for another 2 count. He then goes for the J-Driller but Williams blocks it. Briscoe turns the block into a double underhook submission move. Doug Williams executes an awesome Roll Through Chaos Theory (roll through german suplex) and gets the pinfall victory. Mark comes in after the match and seems to be very happy that Jay lost.

Segment #3- The Christopher Street Connection is shown backstage trying to get Jerry Lynn to eat a banana. Prince Nana comes in and asks what is going on. Jerry Lynn yells for help and walks away confused.

Segment #4- Low Ki vs. Prince Nana (with Elax) in a First Round Match from the ROH Title Tournament. Nana takes complete control early by attacking Low Ki before the bell. The crowd starts chanting for Low Ki trying to cheer him back into the match. Nana crushes Low Ki in the corner for the second time. Nana continues to be in control as Low Ki tries to make it to his feet. Low Ki finally makes it to his feet and starts to chop Nana. He backs him into a corner but Nana reverses the whip into the corner. Low Ki moves as Nana rushes into the corner. As Nana bounces off the corner turnbuckles, Low Ki kicks him in the head knocking him out. John Finnegan checks on Nana and then calls for the bell saying Nana is out. Some workers from the back come out to check on Nana as Low Ki looks on.

Segment #5- "Fallen Angel" Christopher Daniels (with Simply Luscious) vs. "The Black Nature Boy" Scoot Andrews in a First Round Match from the ROH Title Tournament. Scoot goes after Daniels before the match and we are on the way. Andrews executes a nice "Jim Brunzell drop kick" according to Donnie B. Scoot goes for the Force of Nature early on but Daniels blocks in. Scoot hits a Doctor Drop Powerbomb but Daniels kicks out at 2. Daniels hits two S.T.O.s and then finishes off Scoot rather quickly. I missed the finishing move in this match. Donnie B. said that the addition of Simply Luscious may be an inspiration to Daniels. Steve Corino said she would be an inspiration to anyone.

Segment #6- Highlights from the Ricky Steamboat shoot interview are shown. He talks about his title loss to Honky Tonk Man and what others who were there much longer than HTM thought about it. This interview segment was much shorter than the Bret Hart one from the first show. If they do shoot interview highlights in the future and keep them at the same length as this one, it wouldn't be bad at all.

Segment #7- "The Showstoppa" Spanky vs. "The Phoenix" Jody Fleisch in the Block A Finals from the ROH Title Tournament. Corino mentions that Spanky is 5-0 at ROH going into this match and has won all of his matches with Slice Bread #2 (named such because it is the greatest thing since sliced bread). The match was a little sloppy early on. Fleisch went for a dive to the outside on to Spanky but Spanky grabbed the ropes crotching Fleisch.

Steve Corino is a great announcer. He adds a lot of knowledge and insight from all of his travels, and he speaks his mind. Spanky goes for Slice Bread #2 but Fleisch blocks it and sends Spanky to the outside. Fleisch goes for a Moonsault to the outside but overshoots Spanky and slams into the guardrail breaking it. He was lucky he didn't break his leg. Fleisch gets Spanky back in the ring and goes for a Shooting Star Press .... Spanky moves so Fleisch lands on his feet. Fleisch goes for a 720 DDT but Spanky moves.

Spanky starts to show his temper that Corino and Donnie B. always talk about. Spanky finally hits Slice Bread #2 and earns a spot in the ROH Title Tournament 1 Hour Ironman Finals.

Segment #8- (From Honor Invades Boston 8/24/02)- Da Hit Squad (Monsta Mack & Mafia) vs. The Carnage Crew (Loc & Devito) highlights are shown. This was a bunkhouse match with a lot of blood. The crowd didn't really seem to be too into this match except for the occassional "oohs" and "ahhs". Most of the time you could hear the workers voices loud and clear and no one else. When Da Hit Squad brought barbed wire boards to the ring the crowd got into it more. Da Hit Squad speared Devito into one of the boards to a nice pop. Loc fell victim to the Burning Hammer for the pinfall.

Segment #9- Dunn and Marcos give a promo proclaiming to be the best tag team in ROH. In the background the ring is being torn down. Carnage Crew attack Da Hit Squad at ringside. Dunn and Marcos goes to give their promo again and say "We are Dunn and Marcos, and we are the top tag team in Ring of Honor" twice more before the show ends.


ROH returns the the Murphy Recreation Center on Saturday October 5th for Glory By Honor. The matches will include Low Ki vs. Samoa Joe; Steve Corino vs. Rudy Boy Gonzalez; Doug Williams vs. Dick Togo with the winner facing Christopher Daniels; ROH Heavyweight Champion Xavier vs. Jay Briscoe; Red vs. Ikuto Hidaka; Da Hit Squad vs. The Carnage Crew; Tony Mamaluke vs. James Maritato; S.A.T. vs. Special K vs. Divine Storm vs. Natural Born Sinners; Spanky vs. Paul London vs. Michael Shane; Christopher Street Connection & Allison Danger vs. Christian York & Joey Matthews & Alexis Laree

Seeing the promo for the 10/5 Glory By Honor show I noticed how much Dick Togo looks like Steve Bradley when he has his bandana on. Also made me hope that one day Steve Bradley will end up wrestling again and maybe make his way to ROH.

Next week on ROH High Impact TV will be highlights of the ROH Title Tournament 1 Hour Marathon Finals featuring Spanky vs. Low Ki vs. Doug Williams vs. Christopher Daniels.

2002 - WWE issued the following press release:

World Wrestling Entertaiment sent out the following release regarding the official announcement of Seattle as the site for Wrestlemania XIX on 3/30/03. Coverage of the "Press Conference" from yesterday can be found by scrolling down the Newsline. The release reads as follows:

WrestleMania XIX To Be Held at SAFECO Field in Seattle on March 30, 2003; More Than 50,000 Fans from Around The World Expected To Attend

STAMFORD, Conn. & SEATTLE--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Sept. 24, 2002--World Wrestling Entertainment:

For the first time in the 19-year history of one of the premier entertainment events in the world, Seattle will play home to World Wrestling Entertainment(TM)'s WrestleMania(R) XIX.

The event will take place at SAFECO Field on Sunday March 30, 2003. Ending weeks of speculation, the official announcement was made today at a news conference at Seattle's Experience Music Project.

"All eyes will be on Seattle as the host of WrestleMania(R) XIX. Seattle is a world class city and we're excited to bring one of the greatest events in entertainment to the Pacific Northwest," said Linda McMahon, CEO of WWE. "WrestleMania(R) is our highest profile event and we're looking forward to entertaining more than 50,000 fans from around the world live at SAFECO Field."

Tickets for WrestleMania(R) XIX will go on sale on Saturday, January 11, 2003 at or, at all Ticketmaster locations including select Fred Meyer, Tower Records, and Wherehouse Music locations, or by phone at 206-628-0888 (Seattle) or 253-627-TIXS (Tacoma). For more information on special travel packages, which include tickets to the event, accommodations, and special hospitality opportunities, send an email to or inquire by fax at 203-406-3622.

"SAFECO Field is already known as a great place to watch baseball and now, with a marquee event like WrestleMania(R), it's quickly gaining a reputation as a great place for a wide variety of sports and entertainment events," said Tony Pereira, Director of SAFECO Field Operations.

About WrestleMania(R)

The first WrestleMania(R) was held at Madison Square Garden in New York City on March 31, 1985. At the time, it was the most-watched closed circuit event in history and established WrestleMania(R) as the premier World Wrestling Entertainment(TM) event. On March 29, 1987, 93,173 fans attended WrestleMania(R) III at the Pontiac Silverdome - a world indoor attendance record that still stands today for any sports or entertainment event. In 2001, WrestleMania(R) X-Seven in Houston's Reliant Astrodome broke the attendance record in that building with 67,925 fans. Last year, 68,237 fans packed Toronto's SkyDome for WrestleMania(R) X-8, breaking SkyDome's attendance record previously held by WrestleMania(R) VI in 1990.

World Wrestling Entertainment, Inc. (NYSE:WWE) is an integrated media and entertainment company headquartered in Stamford, Conn., with offices in New York, Los Angeles, Toronto and London. Additional information on the company can be found at and Information on television ratings and community activities can be found at

2006 - At the conclusion of TNA's No Surrender Pay-per-view, a video package announces that former WWF World Champion and Olympic Gold Medallist Kurt Angle would be coming to the company.  TNA issued a press release, announcing the signing of Angle and the fact that SpikeTV had decided to give the company a prime time slot on Thursday nights.

2007 - TNA taped their first two hour edition of Impact with the following results from Orlando, FL:

*Rhino defeated Black Reign. Raven came to the ring during the match as Rhino was preparing for a gore. Rave pulled Reign down to save him from the gore. Rhino took out Raven and got the pin. Raven got involved after the pin and there were a series of run-ins involving Abyss, Jim Mitchell, Sting and Havok. No Judas Mesias. Sting was left in the ring when TNA champion Kurt Angle appeared on the screen from Sting's son's school and said that if he had a son, he wouldn't miss his football games like Sting is tonight and said he was going to stay there and watch the game, trying to get inside Sting's mind.

*Backstage, Team 3D attacked X-Division Jay Lethal and Sonjay Dutt as they were being interviewed by Jeremy Borash backstage. 3D dragged them into the ring and said they would keep attacking everyone on the roster until they got a title shot against Team Pacman. Shark Boy tried to make the save but was put on a table. The table collapsed. They hit a Dudley Death Drop through a table on Lethal.

*Gail Kim defeated Jackie Moore. Christy Hemme and Roxxi attack Kim.

*TNA Tag Team champions Team Pacman defeated Team 3D by DQ when VKM attacked Ron Killings. The Steiners come out and 3D leave.

*Eric Young wins a Gauntlet, defeating James Storm. Also in the gauntlet were Petey Williams, Alex Shelley, Chris Sabin, Robert Roode, Lance Hoyt, Jimmy Rave, Frankie Kazarian, and Chris Harris.

*Samoa Joe & Junior Fatu & LAX defeated Christian Cage & AJ Styles & Senshi & Christopher Daniels (with Elix Skipper) when Joe pinned Senshi with a muscle buster in eleven minutes in a good match.

No other backstage vignettes aired.

2007 - WWE broadcast Raw.  Ed Sheriffs filed the following TV report:

The September 24, 2007 edition of Monday Night Raw comes to us live from the Bradley Center in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, home of the NBA's Bucks.  It follows a show that saw John(ny Fabulous) Cena, Sr. aka Mr. Cena get pummeled by Randy Orton again, Coach show up John Cena, and Triple H break out his trusty shovel for the bi-monthly burial of the RAW brand tag division.

There is a recap of the Coach/Orton-Cena feud to start the show.  In the ring, Coach says he had no idea that Orton would use handcuffs on Cena.  So he's suspended Orton indefinitely.  Coach has security to protect himself from Cena.  Coach then brings McMahon out.  Vince says people like himself and Coach should be respected.  He says there is an individual who spits in the face of respect, and that is Triple H.  Vince is tired of the embarrassment, and he is going to do something about it.  He's going to put The H in a Steel Cage match with Carlito.  Carlito will have a tag team partner for a handicapped match.  Carlito's partner is Vince McMahon himself.  Didn't Vince see Trips beat up the tag champs last week?  Vince says he owes someone an apology and asks Hornswoggle to come out.  Vince gets on one knee and says he was only testing Hornswoggle to see if he loved him and wasn't just out for money like Vince's other kids.  Hornswoggle says he loves his dad and the two hug.  He says Hornswoggle has power now, and can make decisions without people questioning him.  He says the ladies have been after him since he became a McMahon.  Vince says one lady is interested in him and brings out Melina.  Melina says she thinks he is cute and wants to get to know him better.  She asks if Horny wants to know her better.  Hornswoggle leaps on Melina and knocks her on the mat.  Vince has Coach pull him off.  He tells the two to go have a beer.  Coach has a favor to ask.  He wants to be named permanent General Manager despite Regal coming back.

Right on cue, John Cena comes out.  The security independent wrestlers get in the ring.  Cena throws some steel chairs in the ring, then goes after Coach despite the GM saying that he would be stripped of the title.  Vince says he ought to strip Cena of the belt.  He sets up a Championship Surrender Ceremony for later on.  It will be up to Coach as to whether Cena keeps his title.  Commercial.

Cody Rhodes vs. Hardcore Holly

Wha?  Back from the brink of retirement.  Holly says Cody has to earn his respect.  Headlock by Holly.  Shoulderblock.  Cody with a wristlock, but Holly pushes him into the corner.  They shove each other.  Arm drag by Cody.  Holly blocks a sunset flip initially, but Rhodes gets him over for two.  Holly with some chops in the corner.  Stiff!  He pounds Cody in the neck.  More chops.  Snapmare and headlock.  There is actually a Hardcore Holly chant.  Cody tries to fight back.  Side Russian Legsweep by Cody for two.  Cross body for one by Rhodes.  Clothesline and dropkick by Cody.  Holly blocks a charge and dodges a springboard from Cody.  Alabama Slam for the win.

Your winner, Hardcore Holly!

The Condemned is on DVD.

Orton is in the studio congratulating Cena on being a phony for quitting at Unforgiven.  Randy alleges that Cena got himself DQ'd intentionally.  Orton says Cena is smart, though, for having Papa Cena kick Orton in the head.  He calls Mr. Cena a bum who sponges off his son.  Orton is mad that Mr. Cena tried to take his livelihood away.  Orton says at No Mercy, there is nowhere to run.  Orton says he will be victorious as the Last Man Standing.

Santino Marella vs. Ron Simmons

Ron chases Santino into the corner to start.  The two lock up, but Santino is pushed into the corner.  Simmons pounds him in the back.  Santino bails.  Santino trips Simmons and goes for the kidneys.  Santino shows off to Maria and puts Simmons in the Camel Clutch to make him humble.  He continues to posture to Maria.  Santino with a forearm.  He goes for an Irish Whip, but Simmons blocks it and clotheslines him.  Santino floats over a powerslam and goes to leave.  Maria wants to get him back in the ring.  Marella drags her off and gets counted out.

Your winner, Ron Simmons!

The DAMN gets a reaction in Milwaukee, a bigger one than other cities now.

Limbo recap for the Diva search.

In the back, Jillian is asking where Melina's boyfriend is.  Jillian says it is disgusting.  She calls Horny a midget, but Melina corrects her and calls him a leprechaun.  Jillian starts to run her down, but Melina admits she did it to get a title shot.

The Highlanders and Cade & Murdoch meet in the back.  The Highlanders want to know why they haven't gotten a shot yet.  Cade blames Coachman.  Rory says that they can have any stipulation they want.  Robbie suggests a Kilt on a Pole Match.  Murdoch wants to know what they are wearing under that.  The Highlanders flash the champs.  As Creed from The Office would say, they were just hanging some brain.

Steel Cage Match:  Triple H vs. Carlito & Vince McMahon

Carlito gets almost no reaction on the way to the ring.  Carlito and Vince try to corner HHH.  He sends Carlito after Trips, then tries to escape.  HHH stops him.  Carlito and Vince push him into the corner.  HHH punches out.  Vince goes for the door, but HHH stops him.  Carlito whips HHH into the corner, but HHH rebounds with a clothesline.  Vince tries to climb out, but HHH crotches him on the ropes.  Carlito hits a low blow and throws HHH into the cage.  Commercial.

HHH and Carlito trade punches.  HHH hits a high knee then a facebuster.  He goes back to Vince and pushes him into the cage.  He then throws Carlito into Vince.  HHH gives Vince the DX chop, but Carlito hits the Backstabber as The H goes for the Pedigree.  Vince starts to crawl out.  HHH gives Carlito a back body drop into the cage then grabs Vince at the last second to drag him back in.  Carlito attacks again and goes for the punches in the corner as Vince tries to climb out the opposite corner.  HHH climbs up to stop him.  He kicks Carlito to the mat.  Vince and HHH sit atop the cage.  Carlito tries to pull HHH down.  Carlito is knocked to the mat.  Vince is able to take advantage of the distraction and climb off the top.

Your winners, Vince McMahon & Carlito!

After Vince leaves, HHH goes after Carlito.  Carlito is thrown into the cage a couple of times.  He then rakes a busted open Carlito across the cage.  Spinebuster to Carlito.  HHH grabs a steel chair and drops it next to Carlito.  Pedigree "onto" the chair.

Lance Cade & Trevor Murdoch vs Brian Kendrick & Paul London

This match is joined in progress after the commercial.  Cade pounds London in the back as The Highlanders look on outside the ring.  Cade with a backbreaker.  Cade & Murdoch double team London.  Murdoch with a knee to the back.  Abdominal stretch by Murdoch.  London makes the tag to Kendrick and he cleans house.  Dropkick to Murdoch.  Kendrick with a jumping side kick for two.  Cade interferes but London dumps him and gets a slingshot corkscrew senton to the floor.  In the ring, Kendrick hits Sliced Bread #2 on Murdoch and goes for the pin, but The Highlanders interfere.

Your winners, Brian Kendrick and Paul London!

The Highlanders beat up Londrick.  This could have meant something if any of these teams had been built up.  As is, the crowd isn't sure how to react.  Some boo.

Hornswoggle has snuck into the ladies shower area.  He disguises himself by putting a towel on his head and gets an eyeful of Melina.  When she notices him, she screams.  She runs off with only a towel to cover her.  Horny chases her down then takes the towel away.

Vince is in the back.  He tells Coach he isn't leaving, but he is taking a shower.  He brags about his win.  Coach says  Trips is looking for him.  Vince says he doesn't care since he has HHH's number.  He has the psychological advantage now.  Vince starts to pack his stuff up instead of taking a shower.

What looks like a Condemned promo turns into Santino ripping on the movie.  He says the movie was too violent for him.  Santino feels that he would have made a better Jack Conrad and he has more charisma.

Vince starts to leave, but HHH is there when he opens the door.  HHH challenges Vince to a match next week on RAW.  Vince accepts and says HHH is screwed.

Jeff Hardy & Candice Michelle vs. Shelton Benjamin & Beth Phoenix

Shelton pounds Jeff into the corner.  Jeff kicks and punches back.  Flying forearm by Jeff.  Waistlock by Jeff, followed by a mule kick.  Shelton goes to the floor.  Jeff climbs to the top.  Beth tries to interfere, but Candice knocks her down.  Candice climbs up with Jeff and dives onto Beth.  Jeff dives to the floor onto Shelton.  Commercial.

During the break, Beth used some strength to put down Candice.  Candice elbows out of a submission and goes for a sleeper.  Benjamin and Hardy tag in.  Hardy hits Whisper in the Wind.  Hardy blocks a charge.  He comes off the middle rope, but Shelton catches him with a powerbomb for two.  Shelton with a chinlock.  Shelton with a nasty looking neckbreaker for two.  Hardy and Shelton meet with a crossbody.  The ladies tag in.  Candice with a rana.  Candice pulls down Beth by the hair for two.  Beth blocks a charge.  Candice with a jawbreaker.
Hardy clotheslines Shelton.  Jeff Hardy gets on all fours and Candice does Poetry in Motion.  Benjamin pulls out Hardy to the floor.  Beth Phoenix hits the Phoenix Driver on Candice for the win.

Your winners, Beth Phoenix & Shelton Benjamin!

Coach is in the back with some "press" to make a statement.  Coach says there is a good chance that we will see the end of Cena's title reign.  Coach says he only suspended Orton for 24 hours.  Coach wishes that he could have done that to Mr. Cena.

After the press conference fades out, a bunch of numbers come on the screen in a Matrix-ish way.  Hmmmm...what could that be for?  Looked like "save_us.222"  Cyber Sunday?

Coach says Cena brought this on himself and brings Cena out.  Cena doesn't come out right away and Coach demands he come to the ring.  Coach wants Cena to beg him to keep the title.  If he apologizes enough, Coach might let him keep the belt.  Coach takes off his coat.  Cena takes off his shirt.  He says the security independent wrestlers will take the belt if he doesn't give it up.  Cena doesn't give it up.  As Coach says "By the power vested in me..." a bell rings.  Lillian says by order of Mr. McMahon, John Cena will not be stripped of the title.  A main event will commence right now.

Tables Match:  John Cena vs. Coachman

The guards get out of the ring.  The bell rings.  Cena grabs Coach and says he knows nothing about respect.  Cena gets the FU set up but punches Coach instead and puts him in the STFU.  He is going through Coach like a knife through hot butter!  FU through the table.

Your winner, John Cena!

JR and Lawler put over the change of heart by Mr. McMahon.  Then Hornswoggle comes out.  Cena gets on the mic and thanks Mr. McMahon.  He poses on the turnbuckle to end the show.

2008 -  WWE announced a new TV deal that brought Raw live to TVC Deportes in Mexico, setting the stage for the company's popularity to overtake AAA and CMLL in that country.

2008 - FOX Sports reported that a number of athletes, including several former NFL Players, had pledged to donate their brains post-mortem to Chris Nowinski's Sports Legacy Institute for research purposes.  "Our goal is for people to start taking concussions seriously," said Nowinski.  "That means getting off the field when they receive them and finding ways to prevent them."

2009 - WWE announced a new, three year deal with The Score in Canada with the following announcement:

Score Media and WWE(R) Partner Again to Bring Canadians Top Rated WWE Programming have partnered once again to give WWE fans a full slate of world-renowned WWE programming.

"Canadians' passion for the WWE is second to none," says John Levy, Chairman & CEO, Score Media Inc. "In extending our longstanding partnership with the World Wrestling Entertainment, we are giving our viewers more exciting WWE action while offering the nation access to exclusive, top-rated sports entertainment."

The 3-year agreement gives WWE fans more of their desired programming including RAW(R) and SmackDown(R). In addition, The Score will continue to produce and air WWE Experience(TM), a weekly round-up of the latest and greatest in the WWE and will bring viewers the WWE Vintage Collection(TM), a look back at some of the WWE's classic matches, hosted by "Mean" Gene Okerlund and seen in North America only on The Score.

Shane McMahon, Executive Vice President, Global Media for WWE, said "We are delighted to be continuing our partnership with The Score which would not be possible without the dedication of our WWE fans in Canada. The expansion of our programming on The Score with entertaining television such as WWE Vintage Collection along with our established programs of WWE Experience, RAW and SmackDown allows viewers more opportunities to enjoy the action-packed excitement of WWE."

Score Media is a media company committed to delivering interactive and authentic sports entertainment. Created in 1997 in response to the growing desire for increased participation in the consumption of sports, the Company has now established itself as the home for hardcore sports fans. Score Media's primary asset, The Score Television Network ("The Score"), is a national specialty television service providing sports news, information, highlights and live event programming in more than 6.5 million homes across Canada. Score Media also operates Hardcore Sports Radio, a satellite radio network available across North America on SIRIUS Satellite Radio, and other interactive assets including and Score Mobile. Growing from a team of 60 in 1997 to over 220 employees in 2009, Score Media is a revolutionizing interactive media company.

2009 - TNA broadcast Impact.  Richard Trionfo filed the following live report:

We start off tonight’s show with a look back at No Surrender when A.J. Styles defied the odds and won the TNA Heavyweight Title. ODB won the women’s title back. Joe retained the X Division title. We have women’s tag champions. Bobby Lashley destroyed Rhino. Hernandez destroyed Eric Young and he wanted a second match but Eric Young ruined his night.

We see the World Elite arrive at the Impact Zone and Hernandez attacks Bashir and Kiyoshi because they were too slow walking into the building.

We are live on tape from Universal Studios in Orlando, Florida and your announcers are Mike ‘Yom Kippur Horror Nights’ Tenay and Taz.

The Main Event Mafia are already in the ring and Kurt Angle has a mic. He says that at No Surrender they proved their dominance by maintaining most of their gold. Kurt says that all that is missing is his title. Kurt wants to say for the record that he did not lose his title. Angle repeats what he said about not losing the title. He says that he was not beaten by A.J. Styles. He says that he was screwed by Matt Morgan. During the bulk of the match, he saved Matt Morgan. He wonders why Matt would kick him in the face. Kurt says that he asked for it and he got it. Kurt says that at Bound for Glory, they will meet.

Kurt says that they are still the most dominant force in the history of the business.

The World Elite come out to the ring and Eric Young has something to say. Eric says that Kurt’s comment about most dominant force raises some questions in his mind. Eric says that when Hernandez was beating Angle up, he did not look like the most dominant force. Eric reminds Kurt that he was almost Border Tossed off the stage. Eric says that he saved Kurt’s life so that means that he bailed out Angle on Sunday. Eric says that Kurt will repay the favor. Eric says that he is scheduled to wrestle Hernandez and after what Hernandez has done since Sunday, he should be out for six weeks, but he is better than most men and he is back. Eric says that together they take Hernandez out.

Booker takes the mic and he says that the Mafia rules TNA and they run this thing here.

Eric says that he does not care what Booker thinks about them. Booker and Eric get in each other’s faces and Kurt tries to talk sense into him.

Kurt says that he is a man of integrity and he will return the favor and he will tag with Eric. Angle tells Booker that they have to do it the right way. Eric and Kurt shake hands.

Bobby Lashley is getting his boots velcroed up as we go to commercial.

Match Number One: Suicide versus D’Angelo Dinero in an Anything Goes No Disqualification Street Fight

Dinero attacks Suicide from behind and Dinero’s ribs are taped. Dinero with a punch that sends Suicide down the ramp. Dinero with a kick to the ribs. Dinero slaps Suicide in the head. Suicide sends Dinero into a traffic barrier. Suicide hits Dinero with a kendo stick. Dinero hits Suicide with a cane and hits him in the head. Dinero uses a tambourine on Suicide. Suicide with a Van Daminator with the trash can and Dinero goes to the floor. Suicide with a suicide dive and Dinero hits Suicide with the trash can lid. Dinero hits Suicide with the trash can lid and tambourine. Dinero has a hockey stick and he hits Suicide in the head and back. Suicide with an atomic drop and a kick to the chair that hits Dinero in the yam bag. Suicide with a drop kick to Dinero and then he hits Dinero in the ribs with the trash can. Suicide sets up the trash can on the ribs and he tries for a springboard move but Dinero comes off the chair and hits a spear but Dinero only gets a two count. Suicide with a chop but Suicide with Suicide Solution onto the trash can for the three count.
Winner: Suicide

Lauren is in the back with Team 3D and Ray says that he is pissed off but they have to worry about the tag titles. Lauren wants to know from Devon about what happened to Rhino. Devon says that he doesn’t care. He wanted to talk to Rhino man to man, but Rhino took a cheap shot. Tonight is a different ball game and he has to look Devon in the face. Devon says that it is going to be old school and he will knock Rhino out. Testifying time.

We are back and Lauren is with Kevin Nash in the dressing room and Lauren talks about the finish of the match and Nash says that it might have been tainted, but he has fifty thousand dollars. Nash asks about Lauren’s infatuation with the freak. Lauren says that she knows the real Chris. Nash says that he likes freaks. Lauren wants this to be professional. It is time for Nash to bring in some more candidates for his valet.

Match Number Two: Rhino versus Devon

Devon with a Pounce as Rhino comes to the ring and then Devon with punches. Rhino with a punch of his own and he sends Devon over the top rope to the floor. Rhino sends Devon into the ring steps and then he raises his arms. Rhino kicks Devon in the chest and Devon is bleeding. Rhino with another punch and then he sets for a Gore on the floor but Rhino misses and he goes into the guardrail.
Double Count Out

Rhino and Devon continue to battle on the floor. Rhino returns to the ring and Devon follows and he punches Rhino and security comes out to separate them.

Ray comes out and he wants security to leave the ring. Ray wants to know if this is how you settle things. Ray wants to know who started this. He tells Rhino to shut up. He says that they were on the Frontline together five months ago and he wants to know why they are fighting because it makes no sense. Ray says that the fans would rather see them fight together than against each other. Ray says that this is over. Ray tells Devon to shake Rhino’s hand and worry about the Tag Titles. Rhino and Devon shake hands but then Rhino GORES Ray when Devon turns around.

Lauren is with Hernandez and she points out that his plan on Sunday did not work out. Hernandez says that he was there to fight on Sunday and he will take care of things on his own tonight. Matt Morgan comes out and he says that he knows that Hernandez can take care of both of them, but he wants Angle as badly as Matt wants Kurt Angle. He suggests that they work together. Matt talks about the boot on Sunday. He wants to know why Kurt is so upset that Matt beat him at his own game or beat him to the punch? Matt tells Kurt to enjoy things tonight. Hernandez says that he is going to cost Eric Young his ability to walk again.

We go to commercial.

We are back and Jeremy Borash is with Mick Foley and Mick is still angry at the damage to his caricature. Jeremy says that their trading card has been selling like crazy, but Foley says that isn’t the same as the original. Mick thinks they have an idea of who the perpetrator was.

It is time for a look at the career of A.J. Styles in TNA.

A.J. is walking in the back as we go to commercial.

We are back and A.J. Styles makes his way into the Impact Zone and the ring. The crowd cheers their new champion and A.J. says that it has been seven long years and he is the TNA champion. A.J. dedicates the title to all of the TNA fans. He also dedicates the title to someone who is more than a friend. He dedicates the title to his mentor Sting. A.J. wants Sting to come out to share this moment with him.

Sting comes out to the ring. Sting tells A.J. that he appreciates being made part of the celebration but it is about A.J., not him. Sting leaves the ring so A.J. can have the moment to himself.

A.J. tells Sting to wait a second because he knows what Sting did on Sunday at No Surrender. A.J. says that Sting doesn’t have to lie to him. Kurt Angle was in the middle of the ring and Sting had a choice. He could pin Kurt Angle or take out Matt Morgan and he took out Matt Morgan to allow him to win the title.

Sting returns to the ring and he says that he gave A.J. nothing at No Surrender because A.J. wrestled the match of his life. He says that A.J. earned the title. A.J. says that Sting did what no one else does because of the poisoned minds and inflated egos. He says that Sting stood aside and gave him the title. A.J. says that he wants to do something for Sting. Since Bound for Glory is in his home state, he offers Sting the title match at Bound for Glory. A.J. says that to be the best, you need to beat the best and he calls Sting one of the best.

Sting and A.J. hug and we go to commercial.

Match Number Three: Sarita and Taylor Wilde versus ODB and Tara for the Knockouts Tag Titles

Tara and Sarita start things off and they shake hands before locking up. Tara with a side head lock take down. Sarita with a sunset flip but Tara rolls through. Tara works on the arm and Tara gets Sarita on her shoulders but Sarita counters the spinning side slam with a head scissors. Wilde tags in and hits a cross body and then Wilde sends Sarita onto Tara giving Wilde a near fall. Tara with a power slam for a near fall. ODB tags in and she kicks Wilde in the abdomen. ODB with a choke and then she sends Wilde into the turnbuckles. ODB with chops and a forearm. ODB sends Wilde into the turnbuckles again.

Awesome Kong comes to the ring and Tara goes after Kong.

ODB with a shoulder tackle and then she realizes that her partner is AWOL. ODB gets a near fall. Sarita tries for a cross body but ODB catches her. Wilde made the blind tag and hits a missile drop kick for a near fall. ODB with a double clothesline for a near fall on Sarita. ODB gets Sarita on her shoulders but Wilde tags in and they hit the Springboard drop kick into a German Suplex and bridge for the three count.
Winners: Taylor Wilde and Sarita

After the match, Tara makes her way back into the ringside area and she tries to apologize to ODB and wants to take a drink with her. ODB does not care and ODB takes her drink back We go to commercial.

We are back and Mick and Jeremy are interrogating Jay Lethal and Consequences Creed. Jeremy wants to know why they are putting it up on eBay. That did not work out so well so they decide to deal with Alex Shelley next.

Match Number Four: Daniels versus Samoa Joe versus Homicide for the X Division Title

Homicide has his finger in Daniels’ face and Daniels knocks it away. Homicide throws his towel at Daniels. Homicide with a chop to Daniels but Daniels with a bulldog to Homicide and clothesline to Joe. Daniels with a leg lariat to Homicide. Joe with a running elbow and enzuigiri. Daniels sends Joe to the floor but Homicide trips Daniels. Homicide with a flying back elbow. Homicide with a rake of the eyes and a kick to the head. Homicide chops Daniels but Daniels hits a spin kick. Joe with a power slam to Daniels for a near fall followed by kicks to Daniels. Joe chops Daniels and then Homicide pulls at Daniels’ face. Joe and Homicide might be on the same page . Joe with a reverse atomic drop followed by a clothesline to the back of the head by Homicide and Joe with a senton splash. Joe kicks Daniels and tells Homicide to get out of the way. Daniels sends Homicide over the top rope to the floor and Daniels takes Joe down. Daniels with a Blue Thunder Driver to Homicide and a running forearm to Joe. Daniels sends Homicide into Joe and then Daniels with an STO. Daniels with an Arabian Press to Joe. Daniels misses one to the floor. Homicide hits the Tope con hilo on Joe and then Homicide wants a chair and the referee takes it from Homicide. Daniels sends Homicide back into the ring and Homicide and Daniels fight on the turnbuckles. Daniels sends Homicide off and then Joe with a kick to the back and Joe with a muscle buster but Homicide stops the referee’s count. Homicide and Joe argue and then Homicide pie faces Joe. Homicide with a neck breaker to Joe. Homicide yells at Joe but Joe pops up and Joe hits a half nelson suplex and Joe puts Homicide in the choke and Homicide taps.
Winner: Samoa Joe

Matt Morgan and Hernandez are walking in the back as we go to commercial.

We are back and Bashir and Kiyoshi are at the announce table.

Match Number Four: Eric Young and Kurt Angle versus Hernandez and Matt Morgan

Angle and Hernandez start things off and Angle goes to the apron. They lock up and Angle with a side head lock and Hernandez tosses Kurt across the ring. Angle with a kick but Hernandez with a shoulder tackle and the shirt comes off so he can biel Angle with it. Angle goes to the floor and he favors his knee. Young is tagged in and Hernandez with a back body drop. Hernandez catches Angle and hits a sit out power bomb. Hernandez chops Young and then he hits a splash in the corner. Matt Morgan is tagged in and he hits the bicycle kick on Young for the three count after Angle pulled Young into the way.
Winners: Matt Morgan and Hernandez

After the match, Bashir and Kiyoshi yell at Angle for what he did. Angle punches both men. The British Invasion come out and the straps are down. Booker T and Scott Steiner come out and Angle walks past the parting of the Thames.

We go to commercial.

We are back and Shelley and Sabin are drinking up a storm while Foley and Borash are so happy they have fingerprints. Sabin reminds Mick and Jeremy that they were at the auxiliary announce table. Foley says that they might not have wrecked the caricature, but their music is the worst. Alex tells Mick to check the video tape.

It is time to talk about how Traci Brooks can be seen on and we will see match between Playboy models next week.

Lauren is with Hamada and Willie Urbina is there to translate. Alyssa Flash interrupts and she wants to know why TNA only cares about the Knockouts from other countries. Alyssa suggests that her name be changed to ‘Welcome Mat’ for all of the primadonnas. Hamada tells Alyssa to win a match so she can get an interview. Alyssa leaves, but then she returns and attacks Hamada. Alyssa slams Hamada on the bleachers and then she slams her head into a bench before sending her down the bleachers. A few blasts from the past of TNA come out to break things up.

Bobby Lashley is walking in the back as we go to commercial.

We are back and Don West is back on Impact to talk about the TNA road shows.

Kevin Nash is with Daffney in the office. Nash asks about Dr. Stevie and she says that she can do whatever she wants with whoever she wants. Daffney with an elbow to the groin and a punch to the head. Stevie comes in and he uses the smoking taser. Stevie says that Nash robbed him.

Match Number Five: Jethro Holliday versus Bobby Lashley

Lashley with a spear and then he sends Holliday into the turnbuckles. Lashley with a back body drop and follows that with punches to the head. Lashley with a torture rack and he turns it into Shock Treatment. Lashley runs into a big boot from Holliday but Lashley with a full nelson slam followed by a Dragon Sleeper.
Winner: Bobby Lashley

We see Mick Foley walking out of the production truck with a vintage video tape. We go to commercial.

We are back and Lauren is with Chris and he is happy that he is going to work with Mick. He says that last week was a big misunderstanding and everything is okay. Chris asks Lauren if she thinks everything is okay. Abyss says that it would be the greatest night in the history of his life if he wins the tag titles with Mick Foley.

Match Number Six: Scott Steiner and Booker T versus Mick Foley and Abyss for the TNA Tag Titles

Abyss and Foley hug before the match starts. Abyss and Booker start things off and Booker with a kick and chop. Booker tries to slam Abyss but Abyss does not budge. Abyss with a slam and then he sends Booker into the turnbuckles. Steiner tags in and he kicks Abyss. Booker and Steiner double team Abyss. Abyss with a kick to Steiner followed by a clothesline. Foley is tagged in and they hit a double shoulder tackle and Foley and Abyss with elbow drops. Foley gets a near fall. Foley tags Abyss back in and Booker with a kick to the back of Abyss’ head and Steiner with a clothesline and the flex elbow. Steiner with a forearm to the back of the head. Abyss with a double clothesline to Steiner and Booker. Foley tags back in and he kicks Abyss and hits the double underhook DDT. Foley leaves the ring and tags Abyss back in. Booker with a scissors kick for the three count.
Winners: Scott Steiner and Booker T

After the match, Foley grabs the video tape and he walks to the ring with it. Foley asks Abyss if he is surprised. Foley says that it was Chris all along. He hits Abyss with the video tape. Foley with a forearm to the back of the head as Abyss bleeds like a stuck pig.

Jeremy Borash comes out and he wants to know why Mick is doing this. Foley gets the barbed wire bat and he hits Abyss with it in the chest and the back. He finishes off Abyss with a bat to the head and he drops the bat on Abyss’ head.

Foley leaves the ring saying that Abyss learned his lesson.

Abyss wants to know why as he bleeds some more. We go to credits.

2010 - A Linda McMahon online political ad came under fire from members of the Kennedy family.  The ad, which features archival footage of JFK talking about tax cuts, led to Edward Kennedy Jr., the late president's nephew, sending a letter asking the campaign to remove the ad, feeling it falsely hints that JFK would have supported cutting taxes for the same reason McMahon does.  The McMahon campaign has declined the request to remove the ad.

2010 - The TruTV series, Conspiracy Theory with Jesse Ventura, was officially announced as being picked up for a second season.

2010 - Jorge Gonzales, who wrestled for WCW as El Gigante before moving onto the World Wrestling Federation as Giant Gonzales, passed away. Gonzales, who was very ill with complications of diabetes and other physical issues stemming from his 7'7" height, was 44 at the time of his death.

Gonzales was a basketball star in his native Argentina before being drafted by the Atlanta Hawks. After he failed to make his mark, Turner Broadcast shifted his contract over to World Championship Wrestling. Gigante debuted at the Capital Combat 1990 PPV, coming out during a Ric Flair vs. Lex Luger steel cage match as a surprise.

Gigante worked from 1990 through 1993 for WCW, including a house show run where he challenged then-NWA champion Ric Flair. Although at his height, there was some attention and interest in him due to his size, he was never considered a great in-ring performer and was extremely limited.

Gonzales was signed by WWF in early 1993 and debuted at the Royal Rumble that year as a massive giant (complete with airbrushed, furry body outfit), attacking and laying out The Undertaker. That set off a feud between the two that went back and forth for months, including a Wrestlemania match at Mania IX in Las Vegas.

WWF built Gonzales as a huge monster, including angles where he laid out all the major babyfaces of the era at house shows, including Randy Savage and Curt Hennig. Gonzales was managed by Harvey Whippleman during the run, where ended after a Summerslam loss to Taker in a "Rest in Peace" match. WWF set the stage for Gonzales to turn babyface but he soon left the company afterward.

Outside of the United States, Gonzales made a few appearances for both New and All Japan Pro Wrestling and appeared in a memorable episode of "Baywatch" where he played a sad, bullied giant.

After his WWF run ran its course, Gonzales returned to Argentina, where it was said he owned and ran a farm. Last year, he was scheduled to return to the United States for a convention appearance, but his health took a turn for the worse and he canceled the appearance not long after it was announced.


2010 - Former ROH champion Tyler Black makes his final appearance on the independent circuit, having signed a WWE developmental deal.  Black has worked under the ring name "Seth Rollins" since.  JP Nichols filed the following live report from AAW 's Defining Moment:

On September 24th, 2010, I had the opportunity to attend this show from AAW, on a very big weekend in the midwest seeing as Dragon Gate USA is also taping two shows this weekend. It has been over a year since I attended one of their shows (I attended AAW Defining Moment 2009, a fantastic show that also featured one of Bryan Danielson's last independent matches at the time.) The main focus on this show going into it was that it would be the very last independent wrestling appearance of Tyler Black before he goes to WWE. However, as big as that is, that should not take credit away from some wrestlers who did very well for themselves on this show.

The Berwyn Eagles Club (their main venue, a venue that Shimmer also runs as well) was completely filled up in terms of attendance. Wrestlers such as MsChif, Larry Sweeney, Jimmy Jacobs, and Tyler Black were all selling merchandise (Tyler did during intermission and all were very friendly to the fans. )

They had two pre-show matches before the show started.

- Patrick O'Sheay & Matt Knicks defeated Dutch Doyle & Matu with Ryland Foxx

- Keith Kreed  & Eric Ryan defeated Austin Mannix & Bobby Beverly

Both of these were OK, but I personally was not too crazy about them. I blame this simply because I had a long day with flying to Illinois and whatnot and was just hyped for the main show.

One thing that AAW does that to my knowledge no other indy does, is they actually air backstage promos during the live events. It is a really nice touch and helps distinguish their live events from other companies. The main show opened with an opening video highlighting AAW before going into a promo from Jimmy Jacobs and Tyler Black discussing how they are ready for House of Truth tonight and how when they win, Jacobs already has a partner in mind to take Tyler's place when he has to leave.

- Chris "Madness" Hall defeating Juice Robinson via Last Rites/Rolling Dice/Crossrhodes.

A solid opener with Juice playing the loud obnoxious heel. Like many people on this show, this was my first time seeing Chris Hall and he had a look similar to that of Bam Bam Bigelow (minus the tattoos) only he was wearing a singlet.

We get another promo from a new group in AAW known as "CLASH" backstage. Their leader's name is Cameron Skyyappeared as the leader of the group dressed all in black suits. Other members of the group included J. Miller, Tommy Treznik and Mena Libra. They claimed that they were here to cleanse AAW and its fans of their "sins". They then made their way to their ringside seats near the entranceway.

- Aeroform (Louis Lyndon/Flip Kendrick) defeated The Chan Clan (Knight Wagner/Jordan McEntyre) w/ Ms. Eryn

I always enjoy watching Aeroform perform. Louis Lyndon especially is a great character to watch. Knight Wagner (another one of the "first time seeings") had a great look and both he and his partner did well for themselves. This was a solid match.

We go to a promo with Shane Hollister backstage, who claims that the rehab that he had for his broken leg is done and he will be ready to go at the next AAW show.

They do a promo in the ring with Kevin Harvey interviewing AAW Heavyweight Champion Silas Young. Kevin brings up the fact that Silas was originally supposed to face Bryan Danielson on this show prior to WWE pulling him from the show. Silas called Bryan Danielson a "pussy" for not coming to Berwyn to wrestle him. He also said it was convenient that Jerry Lynn got hurt and backed out of the show as well. Kevin informed Silas that he would defend the title later in the night against Ricochet. Jimmy Jacobs came down to ringside and said he wanted a shot at Silas but tonight was all about Tyler Black's last AAW match. He proposed a truce so that Silas would not interfere in their tag title match later but next month all bets were off. Silas agreed.

- Larry Sweeney defeated. Matt "Krotch" Mayday w/ Scarlett to retain the ICW/ICWA Texarkana Television Title via a roll-up with his feet on the ropes.

Prior to the match, we got the traditional "Is Larry Sweeney looking good tonight or what promo?" Sweeney was a lot more brutal towards fans than I remember from him in the past prior to the match. This was the first time I have seen Sweeney wrestle since he left ROH at the beginning of last year, and he still did really well for himself. Krotch is very over with the AAW fanbase and they were fully behind him and completely against Sweeney.

After the match, Larry Sweeney laid out Krotch with a low blow and went after Scarlett before MsChif came out who spat green mist into Sweeney's eyes

- Arik Cannon w/ Dave Prazak defeated Samuray Del Sol to retain the AAW Heritage Title with the Glimmering Warlock.

This was a very fun match. Samuray Del Sol is someone who I had heard about but had never gotten the chance to see. He is someone who should be on every Dragon Gate USA show as is his style completely fits with theirs. Arik Cannon did just as well. I'm very happy that because of the acclaim that the four way from Dragon Gate USA's "Enter The Dragon 2010" that he is getting much more noticed on the independent scene, as I always felt that he was very underappreciated.

After the match, Dave Prazak and Arik Cannon cut a promo claiming that there was no more competition for the Heritage title and that he needed an opponent. This caused Shane Hollister to come out and Cannon said that they would do the match right here.

- Shane Hollister d. Arik Cannon to become the NEW AAW HERITAGE CHAMPION.

In approximately 27 seconds, Hollister rolled up Arik for the victory. The crowd really popped for Hollister winning the title as Prazak through a fit in the ring.

A backstage promo with House of Truth was shown, with them saying that they were ready to spoil Tyler's going away party and become two-time AAW Tag Team Champions.

- Zero Gravity & Trik Davis defeated Chuck Taylor & Johnny Gargano & Danny Duggan via Shooting Star Elbow by CJ Esparza on Danny Duggan.

As should be expected, this was a very fun 6-man tag. When the match finally broke down, it went all over the place in terms of high flying action. Gargano and Taylor (now stable-mates in Chikara) worked really well together. Danny Duggan was an unknown to me who I thought looked impressive in this match.

At this point they went to intermission

- Dan Lawrence defeated Darrin Corbin with a roll up

After the match Joey Eastman came to the ring to talk to Darin Corbin. He told him he missed him and wanted to work with the Northstar Express once again. Corbin said he was in a bad place currently due to Ryan Cruz deserting him, Nikki Mayday breaking up with him and that he was not ready to reunite with Joey. Corbin then left the ring and Truth Martini came out. Martini and Eastman exchanged a lot of words until Martini kicked Joey in the groin. Josh Raymond and Christian Able ran in and beat down Eastman. They knocked Joey out cold when Truth nailed Joey in the head with his hardcover "Book of Truth". To my knowledge, this is the second time in a row now that Eastman has been left laying by the H.O.T.

- Mason Beck w/ Val Malone defeated Jeff Brooks with a powerbomb.

-A promo in the back with Dan Lawrence who claimed that the AAW title clearly means more to him than Silas Young and said that he was coming for the title.

- Silas Young defeated Ricochet to retain the AAW Heavyweight Title via submission with End Time.

Very good match here as Ricochet used his unorthodox style to the best that he could while Silas tried to ground the high flyer. Silas hit his finishing headstand into a moonsault in the corner but Ricochet kicked out which led to Silas locking in Jimmy Jacobs' End-Time submission hold for the victory in about 14:30. There was a big ovation for Ricochet after the match.

- The House of Truth (Josh Raymond/Christian Able) w/ Truth Martini defeated Tyler Black and Jimmy Jacobs to become the NEW AAW TAG TEAM CHAMPIONS.

As expected, Tyler was insanely over (as was Jimmy). I thought this match was completely fantastic. Everyone played their role in excellent fashion. The House of Truth looked really great hitting some fantastic stuff, as did the Age of the Fall. In the closing moments of the match, Silas Young went against his word and came out and took Jacobs to the back, leaving Tyler to fend for himself. He kicked out of the Tower of Truth and the fans went really bonkers. He laid out Truth Martini and Christian Able and was about to hit God's Last Gift on Josh Raymond who reversed it into an inside cradle for the victory. Personally, I would call this match must-see for a whole multitude of reasons. Obviously the biggest reason is it is Tyler Black's final independent match. Secondly, the performance by the House of Truth (particularly Josh Raymond) was very good. Thirdly, the match as a whole was a real show-stealer. The crowd was so into it and it was about 23 minutes of fantastic action.

After the match, many guys came to the ring as Tyler cut a promo thanking the everyone and encouraged people to support AAW after he left. Huge chants for Tyler and AAW to close the show, as Tyler went around ringside high fiving the fans.

2010 - TNA ran the ECW Arena.  Frank Douglas filed the following results:


Jeremy Borash came out to welcome the crowd.

*TNA X-Division champion The Amazing Red defeated Jay Lethal.

*TNA TV champion AJ Styles came out and began insulting the crowd, which brought out Tommy Dreamer. Dreamer pinned Styles with a DDT.

*TNA Knockouts champion Angelina Love pinned Tara.

*Team 3D defeated Ink, Inc. in a South Philly Street Fight when they hit the 3D on Jesse Neal through a table for the win.

*Rhino pinned Robby G (with Cookie).

*Jeff Hardy pinned Pope Dinero with a Swanton. Hardy got a good reaction coming out.

*Ken Anderson defeated Abyss in a No DQ match with help from Rob Van Dam. Mick Foley was the referee.

2012 - WWE broadcast Raw.  Richard Trionfo filed the following TV report:

We are live from Albany, New York and your announcers are Michael ‘Can I get Michael Strahan’ Cole and Jim ‘What happens next week in Oklahoma’ Ross.


CM Punk is sitting in the middle of the ring and Paul Heyman has a mic and he introduces himself and he says that he is honored to be sharing a ring with the WWE Champion, the Best in the World, CM Punk.

Unfortunately they have some bad news because this show is grinding to a halt right about now.

Raw will not be presented this evening until justice is served. Paul says that everyone knows what he is talking about. During the main event last week . . . let’s go to the video tape. We see Punk’s foot on the rope but the referee did not see it.

Paul says that this means that they are all witnesses to a grand injustice that has befallen the Best in the World. Therefore, at this time, he would like to summon to the ring, the referee from last week, Brad Maddox.

Paul wants him to apologize and admit to his mistake, followed by his resignation from Raw.

Brad does not come out to the ring at first and then he timidly makes his way to the ring.

Paul says that everyone dreams of their big moment and this is his.

Brad tells Mr. Heyman and Mr. Punk that he made a mistake. He was nervous because it was his first main event match. He should have checked the ropes and he feels terrible.

Paul applauds him making his mistake. Now he wants Brad to resign.

Brad says that he apologizes but he does not feel that he needs to resign.

Punk says that he does not care what Brad feels unless he feels ashamed. He embarrassed himself and the WWE Champion on his show. Punk wants to know how he got this job and was employed by the WWE. How does he stand up and walk down here and pretend to be a man.

Brad says that he got a call from the general manager when they expanded to three hours when they needed more officials.

Paul calls Brad a scab. Paul gives Brad a WWE/NFL sleeping mask.

Punk says that is a very telling piece of eyewear and he thinks that Brad was wearing it last week.

That explains everything because he was the buffoon hired by the idiot general manager. If AJ was good at making decisions, she would come out and fire him. If she had a brain . . .

Eventually AJ got her cue and she skips to the ring. AJ thanks Brad and tells him that he can go to the back.

Paul says that he assumes that AJ is out here to reverse the decision from last week and correct the injustice that has befallen the WWE Champion.

AJ tells Paul that when you assume, you make an ass out of you and me, but mostly you. The referee made a mistake but she will not let them berate an official and hold her show hostage. She wants to know who the hell Paul thinks he is.

Punk reminds AJ that he is the WWE Champion. He says that he is the reason why AJ has her job today and gets her paycheck from the WWE. Punk says that there is so much hostility between him and AJ. Punk wants everyone to see why she has it out for Punk.

We go to the footage from two months ago when AJ proposed to CM Punk and he said no.

Punk laughs at AJ and he says that is the reason why there is so much tension between them. That was why AJ brought an incompetent referee out last week to screw her. If AJ forgets that match from last week, he will forget how AJ came to every show in a CM Punk t-shirt. He will forget all of the messages that are not appropriate to air on USA Network.

Punk tells AJ to tell everyone how intimate they were behind closed doors. He wants her to tell everyone why he is the reason behind the skip in her step. He wants her to tell everyone that he is the best in the world.

Paul tells Punk that he will navigate the political waters for Punk. Paul tells AJ that based on everything that he has seen tonight . . . he gets on his knees and wants AJ to marry him. He promises that her wildest ideas of power will be granted beyond her belief. They will pass every power couple. Brad and Angelina . . . Bill and Hilary . . . Triple H and Stephanie. They will be the most powerful couple and they will rule the WWE. He will come up with all of the ideas and she can take the credit for all of his brilliance. He tells AJ not to be offended because he likes them young, dumb, and full of ambition.

AJ looks at Paul and she slaps him. AJ leaves the ring and walks to the back.

Later tonight, we will hear from Jerry Lawler, who is still recovering from a heart attack.

We are back and one of the referees tells Brad that he has his back. AJ stops by and Brad thanks AJ for standing up for him. He says that he won’t make that mistake again.

AJ says that it will not happen again because she will personally . . . see to it that he will never work in this business again. She does not like cleaning up his messes. He made her look like an idiot.

Brad says that he is sorry while AJ has a vacant look in her eyes.

Vickie Guerrero comes out and she excuse mes before introducing Dolph Ziggler.

We see the War of Tweets between Kofi Kingston and Dolph Ziggler.


Match Number One: Dolph Ziggler (with Vickie Guerrero and briefcase) versus Kofi Kingston (with R Truth, popcorn, a drink, and Little Jimmy)


Before the match, Vickie makes faces at Little Jimmy and we have a discussion with all four people and Truth’s drink goes all over Vickie. The referee has to hold Ziggler back from going after Truth and Kofi. The referee sends Vickie and Truth to the back.

The bell rings and Kofi with punches and kicks but Ziggler with a kick of his own. Kofi with a European uppercut and drop kick. Kofi clotheslines Ziggler over the top rope to the floor and then Kofi with a flip dive onto Ziggler on the floor and we go to commercial.

We are back and Ziggler with punches to Kingston. Kofi with an Irish whip but he misses a splash into the corner. Ziggler with a reverse exploder suplex for a near fall. Ziggler with a reverse chin lock. Ziggler with a neck breaker for a near fall. Kofi with punches to Ziggler but Ziggler with a drop kick for a near fall.

Ziggler with a reverse chin lock and body scissors. Kofi gets out of the body scissors and he punches Ziggler in the ribs and face. Ziggler punches back. Ziggler misses a splash into the corner and both men are down. Ziggler and Kofi exchange punches but Kofi with a clothesline and back elbow followed by a drop kick and Superman punch. Kofi does a lap around the ring and it is time for the Boom Drop.

Kofi sets for Trouble in Paradise but Ziggler catches Kofi and tries for another reverse Exploder. Kofi escapes and tries for an SOS but Ziggler blocks it. Kofi with a pendulum kick followed by a springboard clothesline for a near fall. Kofi leaps into the corner but Ziggler moves and Kofi lands on the turnbuckles. Kofi with a cross body for a near fall.

Ziggler with a kick to the knee followed by the Fameasser for a near fall. Ziggler sets for the sleeper but Kofi blocks it. Kofi hits the SOS but Ziggler kicks out. Kofi goes to the turnbuckles and Ziggler tries for a drop kick but Kofi catches him. Kofi with a catapult into the turnbuckles. Kofi avoids Ziggler and then hits a cross body for a near fall.

Kofi sets for Trouble in Paradise but Ziggler ducks. Ziggler sends Kofi into the turnbuckles and then Ziggler with the Zig Zag for the three count.


Winner: Kofi Kingston


Jim Ross mentions that John Cena underwent elbow surgery last week and the damage to the elbow was a bit worse than expected.

We go to commercial.

We are back and it is time for a look at whether or not Daniel Bryan and Kane are really taking advantage of their anger management classes. We see footage from Friday night when Bryan cost Kane his match . . . and then Kane returned the favor.

Michael Cole mentions that Dr. Shelby introduced some radical therapy for Kane and Daniel Bryan. We go to a diner where Dr. Shelby was with Daniel Bryan. Shelby says that they are one step away from a breakthrough. Bryan says that he is the tag team champions. He has a role playing exercise for Kane and Bryan to co-exist peacefully. Their waiter is Kane. Kane says that this is stupid. Bryan orders some food and he wants a tag team partner who isn’t a psycho. Dr. Shelby says that he isn’t Kane, he is Gerald and he is a friendly waiter. They have a new cook because the old cook is annoying and he took credit for everything. He took the cook by his goat beard and shoved his head in the fryer. He says that he sprinkled the remnants of the cook’s head all over the food.

It is time to name the Team of Kane and Daniel Bryan later tonight on Raw Active.

We go to commercial.


Match Number Two: Darren Young and Titus O’Neil versus Santino Marella and Zack Ryder


Ryder and Young start things off and Young pushes Ryder but Ryder pie faces Young and hits a flapjack for a near fall. Young misses a clothesline and Ryder misses a cross body and hits the ropes. Young with an elbow drop and reverse chin lock. Ryder with punches but Young with knees and he tries for a belly-to-back suplex but Ryder lands on his feet and he tags in Marella.

Santino with punches and then he hits a Saito suplex followed by a diving head butt. Ryder is sent into the ring post when he tries to interfere. Santino with a split and hip toss but Titus makes the blind tag and he hits Clash of the Titus for the three count.


Winners: Titus O’Neil and Darren Young


We go to commercial but we have a special guest tonight. We will find out when we get back. Is Heath Slater ready?

We are back and Mick Foley makes his way to the ring. Mick thanks everyone for the ovation, but he comes to everyone tonight as a card carrying member of the WWE Universe. As a member of the WWE Universe, he sees things on Raw that move him and inspire him. A year ago, he saw the emergence of CM Punk. The reaction is very telling because CM Punk inspired change, but what change did he inspire? Bullying referees, blindly following Paul Heyman? The CM Punk he knew told people to stand up and be a voice for the voiceless.

CM Punk interrupts and he is now sporting a sweatshirt to add to his ensemble.

Punk walks past Foley and then he tells Mick not to grandstand to the people. He tells Foley to say it to his face so he can show him some respect and honesty. Punk tells Mick to tell everyone that he is here to sell a new children’s book.

Foley says that is not the reason. Foley says that he struggles with the role of his relevancy but Punk took care of that last year. When Punk became the WWE Champion, he sent Punk a text message and he got a response. Foley says that he sent a text asking how it felt to be the biggest name in the business and Punk sent a text back two minutes later thanking Foley for saying that.

As a voice of someone who is still relevant, he is deeply disturbed by Punk’s actions and his alignment with Paul Heyman.

Punk tells the people that he does not need their help. He tells off a few fans. Punk says that Foley has no idea what he is talking about.

Foley says that he was a Heyman guy, but you have to finish your journey yourself. He did not become a star until he left Paul. It seems like Paul has been in Punk’s ear for more than a month.

Punk acts sarcastically about what people say about Heyman.

Foley says that Paul never lied to him, but at the end of the day, Paul Heyman is going to do what is best for Paul Heyman, not CM Punk. Why would CM Punk, one of the most thought provoking and best speakers need a mouthpiece. Is he going to be an inspiration or a Kool Aid drinker.

Punk wants to know if they are done.

Foley says that he wants to talk about Hell in a Cell. That one match, fourteen years ago, made Foley a legend in the business. It might have shortened his career. He understands that barbarity more than anyone. He has not had to ask anyone for their respect since that moment because he earned it. Anyone who survives Hell in a Cell becomes respected. Ask Shawn Michaels, ask Triple H, ask the Undertaker.

Punk says that was a brilliant speech and he wants to know if Foley wants the old CM Punk back.

Foley says that he wants Punk to prove that he is the best in the world by standing in Hell in a Cell with John Cena.

Punk says that he is a bit confused because he heard that speech from John Cena after he beat him at SummerSlam. Then he heard Cena say that if he walks into Cena’s home town as the WWE Champion and walks out as the champion, he is the Best in the World. Then Bret Hart, another man who claims to be like him to latch on. Bret also disrespected him in his ‘home town’. Bret might have punched him and embarrassed him and everyone probably liked that.

What would be more embarrassing would be for him to put his hands on Mick Foley because he would not lower himself to try to put his hands on Mick Foley. Punk says that Foley is beneath him. He does not know how many title matches he needs to give John Cena to prove that he is the Best in the World, but he does not have to do anything for ‘them’ because they turned their back on him. Foley leaped off a roof like an idiot and then he subjected himself to matches with thumbtacks, barbed wire, and fire to satisfy the fans.

Punk will not put himself in harm’s way in a car crash match like Hell in a Cell. He has already beaten John Cena. Punk raises the bar with 309. Tomorrow it will be 310.

Mick Foley says that the number that is important to him is 29 because that is the number of days he held the title during his three title runs. They only care about the moments that define us. Foley tells Punk that he needs one more moment to define himself.

Foley says that he talked to AJ to present this challenge to CM Punk. John Cena should be ready for Hell in a Cell. AJ is giving CM Punk the chance to give John Cena the match, but it will be face to face. He can accept that moment for greatness or he can walk out. He tells Punk that he needs to make the decision for himself, for Foley, and for the WWE Universe. He tells Punk to have a nice day.

We go to commercial.

Match Number Three: Miz versus Ryback in a Non Title Match

Ryback backs Miz into the corner and Miz with a slap and punches. Ryback with a punch and then he puts Miz in the corner and connects with shoulders. Ryback with a biel but he runs into a back elbow from Miz. Ryback tries for a power slam but Miz counters and tries for the Reality Check but Ryback re-counters with a power slam.

Ryback slams Miz’ head into the mat. Miz rolls to the floor and Ryback follows after him. Ryback grabs Miz’ legs but Miz sends Ryback into the ringside barrier. Miz is caught by Ryback and they return to the ring. Miz with a series of boots to the head followed by a DDT but Ryback kicks out at one.

Ryback picks up Miz and hits a power bomb. Ryback winds up for the lariat and he hits it while a fan runs into the ring. Ryback with the marching muscle buster for the three count.

Winner: Ryback

Now it is time for more of My Dinner with Daniel . . . and Kane. Daniel says that he cannot believe that Dr. Shelby is trying to get them to work it out. Kane says that they can never be friends. Bryan talks about how much fun it was to take care of eight men on Friday night. After yesing, we cut to Mae Young who says that she will have what they are having.

We go to commercial.

We are back and AJ Lee is in her office with all of the referees and she says that they are the backbone of the WWE. They don’t have Instant Replay and they never will. AJ says that mistakes are made and she tells them to have a great rest of the show.

Alberto Del Rio enters with David Otunga and Ricardo Rodriguez. She knows that Alberto was not happy about Booker lifting the ban on the Brogue Kick. AJ says that she knows that all of them have been victims of the Brogue Kick. Tonight, there will be a six man tag. Sheamus, Sin Cara, and Rey Mysterio will face Alberto Del Rio, David Otunga, and Ricardo Rodriguez.

Ricardo is excited and he calls them the Tres Amigos.

Match Number Four: Wade Barrett versus Tyson Kidd

Kidd with a drop kick and kicks to the leg followed by a corkscrew drop kick and a drop kick to the head for a near fall. Barrett with an Irish whip and Kidd floats over but Barrett with a back heel kick and clothesline. Barrett puts Kidd in the ropes and connects with knees to the chest followed by a boot to the head that knocks Kidd to the floor.

Barrett goes to the floor and then he runs Kidd’s back into the apron before rolling Kidd back into the ring. Kidd rolls to the apron and Kidd with a shoulder and then he hits a rollup but Barrett kicks out. Barrett with the Blackpool Slam and then he sets up for and hits The Souvenir for the three count.

Winner: Wade Barrett

We are back and Michael Cole is in the ring and he says that they are getting ready to go to Jerry Lawler’s home in Memphis. We see a photo from two weeks ago when Jerry suffered a heart attack. Cole says that the doctor told him it is a miracle that Lawler has recovered so quickly.

We go to Jerry Lawler on the TitanTron and he is sitting on his throne. Michael says that Jerry looks fantastic when you consider he had a heart attack two weeks ago. Jerry says that his voice sounds a little raspy after having a breathing tube down his throat. He says that it is great to be back with the WWE Universe on Raw.

Michael asks Jerry what the last thing was that he remembered. Jerry says that he remembers Bret Hart being confronted by CM Punk at the start of the night. Then Jerry mentions that does not remember anything that happened during his match or after. He then remembers waking up in the hospital in Montreal.

Jerry mentions that when he woke up, he thought he was still in Aruba and not Montreal.

Michael asks Jerry if he expected the outpouring of support. Jerry says that the prayers, concerns, and well wishes from not just the WWE Universe, but everyone who he has ever interacted with have sent their well wishes and prayers to him.

Michael asks Jerry when will he march down the stage to return to the announce table.

Jerry says that it was a matter of time that once Raw went from two to three hours, he defies anyone to try to sit next to Cole for three hours without having a heart attack. Jerry says that he will be back when the doctors give him the okay.

Match Number Five: David Otunga, Alberto Del Rio, and Ricardo Rodriguez versus Sheamus, Sin Cara, and Rey Mysterio

The match is joined in progress and Sheamus sends Otunga to the apron but Del Rio and Ricardo pull him to the floor. Sheamus with a splash off the apron onto Otunga when Del Rio and Ricardo move. Sin Cara and Mysterio with dives onto Ricardo and Alberto.

Sheamus brings Otunga back into the ring and Cara tags in and he kicks Otunga. Otunga with a shoulder tackle and he tags in Ricardo. Ricardo runs into boots from Cara followed by an arm drag. Del Rio with a kick to the back and Ricardo with a clothesline to the back and he gets a near fall. Ricardo with a kick to Cara and he tags in Del Rio who kicks Cara. Del Rio with a suplex for a near fall.

Cara with kicks but Del Rio with a kick followed by a curb stomp for a near fall. Ricardo wants to tag in and he kicks Cara. Ricardo goes after the mask and Cara with a kick followed by an arm drag and Rey tags in along with Del Rio.

Rey with a head scissors and drop kick for a near fall. Del Rio sends Rey into the turnbuckles but Del Rio runs into the corner and Rey with a drop toe hold. Rey climbs the turnbuckles and Del Rio with a step up enzuigiri for a near fall.

We see Darren Young and Titus O’Neil watching on the monitor.

Otunga tags back in and he slams Rey. Otunga asks Ricardo if he wants to tag back in and he does. Ricardo punches Rey and he gets a near fall. Rey with kicks and Otunga tags back in and Otunga kicks Rey. Otunga sends Rey into the corner and Del Rio tags in and hits a running enzuigiri to the back and gets a near fall. Alberto with a reverse chin lock.

Del Rio with a sunset flip to Rey but you do not sunset flip Rey because he rolls through and hits a drop kick on Del Rio. Sheamus and Otunga tag in and Sheamus with two double sledges followed by a shoulder into the corner and a running knee lift. Sheamus sets for the fireman’s carry slam but Otunga escapes. Sheamus misses a Brogue Kick and Ricardo gets tagged in.

Sheamus pulls Rodriguez into the ring. Ricardo tries to escape but he gets caught in the ropes and Sheamus with the forearms and then he punches Del Rio. Sheamus hits the tenth and Ricardo falls into the ropes. Rey hits the 619 and then Rey with a rana to Alberto that sends him into the ringside barrier. Sin Cara tags in and hits a swanton for the three count.

Winners: Sin Cara, Sheamus, and Rey Mysterio

After the match, Sin Cara and Rey suggest that Sheamus hit a Brogue Kick on Otunga and he connects.

We go to commercial.

It is time for the latest from Dr. Shelby and Team Huggy Bear. Dr. Shelby says that they have made tremendous progress. There is one more piece of identity therapy. The waitress brings Daniel Kane’s pasta and Kane Daniel’s salad. He wants each man to take one bite to walk in the other’s shoes. They examine the food and Kane has some of the salad while Bryan tries a meatball.

Dr. Shelby asks him how he feels and Kane belches. He asks Daniel and he says it wasn’t as bad as he thought but then he throws up in Dr. Shelby’s lap.

The options for a team name for Kane and Bryan are Team Teamwork, Team Hell No, and Team Friendship.

We are back and Daniel Bryan and Kane make their separate entrances to the ring, showing that Dr. Shelby has not united the tag team champions.

It is time to find out what name the WWE Universe is going to give to Team Huggy Bears. They will be known as Team Hell No.

Cody Rhodes and Damien Sandow attack Kane and Bryan. Cody with Beautiful Disaster to Kane and Sandow with the straightjacket neck breaker to Bryan.

Cody takes the mic and he introduces the next tag team champions, Team Rhodes Scholars. Damien says that now those two misguided miscreants truly have a reason to be angry. Damien tells them you’re welcome.

We take a look back at what happened earlier tonight between AJ Lee and Paul Heyman. Then we go to Mick Foley confronting CM Punk later in the show.

We go to commercial.

Match Number Six: Layla El and Alicia Fox versus Eve Torres and Beth Phoenix

Beth and Layla start things off and Layla with a back heel kick and then she sends Beth into the turnbuckles and hits a double jump cross body for a near fall. Layla with a face plant and Alicia tags in and hits a cross body and drop kick.

Beth with a kick to Alicia and Alicia with a sunset flip for a near fall. Alicia with a forearm but Beth with a power slam and kicks. Beth chokes Alicia and then she hits the slingshot suplex and Eve makes the blind tag. Eve takes care of Layla on the apron and then she hits the swinging neck breaker on Alicia for the three count.

Winners: Eve Torres and Beth Phoenix

After the match, Kaitlyn comes out and she thanks Eve for tweeting her well wishes. Kaitlyn has the footage from the hallway where she was attacked. She could not see her attacker’s face, but she could see her hair. Her attacker was a blonde.

Eve accuses Beth of attacking Kaitlyn. Beth wants to know what Eve is doing. Beth says that she did not do it and she calls Eve a liar. Eve with a kick and swinging neck breaker to Beth.

John Cena is in the back talking to someone as we go to commercial.

Match Number Seven: Brodus Clay (with Funkettes) versus Tensai

They lock up and they go around the ring and Clay with a clean break but Tensai with an uppercut and head butts but the referee pulls Tensai out of the corner. Tensai with a splash into the corner followed by a punch. Clay with a head butt to Tensai followed by a splash into the corner and a Sheeee-plex. Clay misses the splash and Tensai misses the back senton splash.

Wwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwell, it is time for Big Show to make his return and show everyone who the biggest man in the WWE is.

The referee hopes that Show does not do anything crazy. Show with a punch to Tensai and the referee calls for the bell.

Winner: Tensai by disqualification

After the match, Brodus charges at Show and Show with a punch and Clay is down.

We go to commercial.

We are back and we will see Big Show versus Randy Orton on Smackdown.

It is time for John Cena to make his way to the ring and I don’t think he will be sliding under the bottom rope like he normally does.

John says that there are mixed emotions about him being here tonight. He says that he feels the same way. He wasn’t supposed to be here but with his future now in question, he wanted to thank everyone personally.

John says that he wants to thank the WWE Universe for their support of the Rise Above Cancer campaign. There has been an overwhelming response for this campaign.

John thanks everyone for their support and well wishes. After the week he has had, you don’t know how good it is to hear that.

John says that he came here to apologize. He wanted to apologize to Chad Patton and Brad Maddox. WWE Officials are responsible for a lot and when their integrity is questioned. He apologizes for CM Punk. Punk says that he will speak the truth, but Punk has misquoted Cena.

If Punk won Night of Champions, he would not be the Best in the World, it would define who he is. Cena says that Punk has turned into a mother . . . Cena throws out the Johnny Dangerously cursing.

Cena apologizes for his injury. Everyone has fun at Raw, but every Monday night is crazy because of the fans. The fact that he has to sit on the bench for a while sucks. Cena says that he wants to make a guarantee. He will not guarantee his recovery but he guarantees that he will walk into Hell in a Cell. He will not walk in as a time keeper, referee, or assistant. He will walk in to fight.

CM Punk’s music interrupts Cena and he is accompanied by Paul Heyman.

After tormenting some young children on the way to the ring, Punk enters with Heyman. He thanks John Boy for the beautiful speech. He says that is the same as the lies he hears from rotten politicians every four years. He says that Cena should be a politician and run for President.

Punk says that Cena wants to call into question his integrity. The people in Albany might buy it, but he won’t. There is one CM Punk and there will always be one. It is the guy who beat Cena last year at Money in the Bank in Chicago. It is the same CM Punk who beat him two years in a row at SummerSlam. The same CM Punk who beat John Cena in Cena’s home town. Punk says that his title reign will not end any time soon, especially at the hand of a one armed man.

Cena tells Punk to accept his challenge for Hell in a Cell.

Punk says there are a lot of reasons why he will not accept the challenge. Cena gets so many title matches and there are plenty who want a chance to face the champion.

Punk says that he will not be a passive aggressive weenie. He will tell the people to shut up and he will take care of them when he is done with Cena. John Cena will not be medically cleared after what he is going to do to John Cena.

Any given Monday to come out and talk trash to the most dangerous man in the WWE is a problem, but to do it with only one arm is stupid. Punk tells Cena to run because he knows that both of his legs work. Punk will turn his back and give Cena the count of five and if he sees Cena, he will hurt him so bad that the last eight days will seem like a day at the beach compared to the eight months of rehab he will have to undergo.

Punk reminds Cena that he is the WWE Champion and he commands respect.

Punk tells Cena he has til five.

Cena pulls a lead pipe out of his pants and he hits Punk in the midsection.

Cena says that real men wear pink and he hopes to see CM Punk at Hell in a Cell.

CM Punk walks through the back and he walks past Mick Foley. Punk thinks about what he could do and he decides to kick Foley in the knee. Punk starts to walk away and then he turns around and sees a ghost. We pan out and it is Ryback.

We go to credits.

2013 - WWE released the Triple H documentary DVD "Thy Kingdom Come" 

2014 - Former NFL star turned professional wrestler Don Manoukian passed away at the age of 80, The Charlotte Observer reported.

Born in June 1934 in Merced, CA, Manoukian was raised in Reno, Nevada (where he was a football and track star) and after going to college at Stanford, played for both the AFL and the NFL in 1960.

Before and after (possibly during) his time in football, Manoukian got into professional wrestling, where there was far more money to be made at the time compared to professional football.  My records indicate he began wrestling in 1958.

Although he toured a number of territories, Manoukian was most prominent in San Francisco, where he and Ray Stevens were AWA Tag Team champions for almost five months after beating José Lothario and Pepper Gómez in September 1963.  The pair retained the belts for several months before dropping them to The Destroyer and Billy Red Lyons.

In the Pacific Northwest region, Manoukian teamed with Kurt Von Poppenheim to win the PNW Tag Team championships and was also the NWA Pacific Northwest champion for short title runs.  In Texas, he held the NWA Texas title as a singles star and was Texas Tag Team champions with Tony Borne.

Manoukian also toured Japan for the JWA.

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