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By Mike Johnson on 2015-09-21 11:58:21
As we noted last night, WWE issued a statement noting they would be pursuing prosecution against any fans that hop the rail and get involved with the presentation of their live events. While the company has indeed pursued prosecution in the past when it came to fans crossing a line or physically hopping the rail in the past, after the last several weeks of incidents (most recently last night at the WWE Night of Champions PPV), the word is that WWE intends to pursue the most stringent prosecution possible if and when another incident occurs. There will be no apologies afterwards from fans at this point, as sometimes has happened, just an immediate arrest followed by WWE's legal team pushing for prosecution and jail time for all offenders.

So, while someone might think they are going to get a momentary laugh or thrill out of getting involved in a WWE event, the reality is that because so many fans have "poked the bear" so to speak of late, anyone that attempts this going forward is looking at not just a lifetime ban from WWE events as well as the venue where the incident takes place, but being charged with criminal offenses That means that person is going to have to deal with the financial hardship of hiring a lawyer to defend them as well as dealing with all the stress of going to court as well as the potential of going to jail, being fined, etc.

I don't know this for sure, but wouldn't be shocked to see WWE pursue someone in civil court if they are unable to pursue criminal matters in certain jurisdictions. WWE could make a great case for damages incurred due to having to pay to edit around incidents if they take place at TV shoots, as well as the person responsible putting themselves, the performers, security and other fans at risk, etc.

As I noted a few weeks ago on Elite audio, if I am WWE, I am giving Ronnie Lang and Atlas Security a call. Lang's team dealt with far more dangerous situations in the old days of ECW and always masterfully squashed the situations without harm to any wrestlers. While obviously WWE is a different company and publicly traded, there is obviously something breaking down when it comes to security (and I have no idea if that's in-house or security provided by the venues WWE run) and Lang might be a good outside eye for them to bring on as a consultant to help them fix whatever they might be doing wrong and improve upon what they are doing right.

Speaking of security, Dolph Ziggler noted on his Twitter that WWE Security professional Muriel Howell left the company this weekend. From the wrestlers I've spoken to since it was announced, to a person, she was described as having done an amazing job in her role of protecting talents and will be missed.

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