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By Mike Johnson on 2015-09-18 23:57:00

Welcome to's live, ongoing coverage of Ring of Honor All Star Extravaganza VII PPV from San Antonio, Texas.

The PPV opened with a video highlighting the three championship matches tonight.

They went to Kevin Kelly and Steve Corino welcoming everyone to the show.  They showed the Spanish announcing team, who held up signs asking for the wrestlers to not break their tables.  Kelly and Corino ran down the card.

ROH TV champion Jay Lethal vs. Bobby Fish

They started out fast with Fish scoring a number of near falls before Lethal scrambled to the floor.   He returned, only for Fish to again control Lethal in the ring.  Jay went to the floor to get his bearings and some advice but when he returned, Fish trapped him in a leglock, forcing the champion to go for the ropes.  There was an odd blue light that was overpowering the right hand corner of the screen for the hard camera shots.  That's annoying.  Fish stomped on Truth Martini's hand but was caught with the Lethal Injection.  Fish smartly rolled to the outside to avoid getting pinned.  Lethal followed him to the floor and nailed him with chops in the aisle, then whipped him into the barricade, which came apart.  Lethal beat him down with the idea that Fish might not be able to return in time for the 20 count.  Fish crawled back and returned at the last second.

Lethal began kicking and stomping Fish.  The blue light was gone from the hard camera shot.  Kudos to ROH production for recognizing and taking care of the issue!  Fish made a comeback and drilled him with several running charges in the corner  He drilled Lethal upside down into the corner and scored the two count.  Fish nailed an inverted atomic drop, followed by a Dragon Screw Legwhip.

Lethal nailed a pair of dives to the floor but Fish cut him off and hit a beautiful moonsault for a two count.  The crowd wasn't happy with the count and chanted that it was three.  Lethal and Fish measured and nailed each other with punches.  Fish blocked a superkick and attacked Lethal's hamstring.    He cinched in a leglock in the center of the ring, trying to force the submission.    Lethal grabbed for the ropes to break it.

They went back and forth.  Lethal went for the Lethal Injection but was caught and trapped in the Leglock.  Lethal teased almost tapping but then was able to maneuver Fish into a rollup and hooked the tights for the surprise pin.

Your winner and still ROH TV champion, Jay Lethal!

A decent athletic opener.  They told a nice story with Fish working over the legs to set up the submission attempts.  Lethal was very good as the heel in peril here.

For those who have asked about the mystery team, I've heard it's a team that ROH fans are familiar with who have worked the company before that haven't been seen in a few years. If they are who I think they are, they are also former ROH Tag Team champions.

The Boys vs. Silas Becoming One of the Boys: Dalton Castle with the Boys vs. Silas Young

They shoved each other and jawed at the bell.  The crowd was soundly behind Castle, both with streamers and chants.  Young went to the floor to go after the Boys but Castle jumped out of the ring to protect them.  Silas attacked Castle as he retuned to the ring and stomped the hell out of him.  Castle fought back and they faced off.  The Boys got on the apron and waved their fans at Young.  He went after them, allowing Castle to roll him up for a two count.

Castle continued the momentum, leading to Young going to the floor to regain his bearings.  He stalked the boys but Castle again went to defend them.  This time, Young nailed him and took over.  He brought Young back to the ring and sent him hard into the corner.  Castle fired back with several elbows but was nailed with an uppercut.  Young raked his back and scored a two count.

Castle caught Young with a big overhead belly to belly suplex for a two count.  Castle went for a German suplex but Young landed on his feet.  He charged Castle but was kicked away.  Young still caught with an over the knee backbreaker and a clothesline for a two count. 

The Boys tried to rally Castle as they battled to the apron outside.   They battled back and forth.  Castle charged but was backdropped over the turnbuckles to the other side of the apron.  He landed on his feet and nailed a big leaping forearm.  He went for a suplex but was sent into the ring.  Young went to the top but Castle met him and went for a superplex into the ring.  Young nailed a sunset power bomb and a big neckbreaker for a two count.

Young argued with referee Paul Turner over the count.  They went to the floor, where Castle came alive with a rana off the apron to the floor, then a missile dropkick into the ring.  Castle's facial expressions and physicality is so great and unique compared to everyone else in the company.  Young went to the floor.   Castle went for a suicide dive but Young shoved the Boys in front of him and Castle took out his own boys.

Back in the ring, Young tried to hook the tights as he rolled up Castle for a two count.  Young took his knee brace off and threatened to use it, but the referee took it away.  Castle caught him with the inverted WhirlyBird and scored a two count as Castle grabbed the ropes.  Young went for the brace but one of the Boys grabbed it.  They fought over it and the referee got involved.  As the referee was distracted, Young lowblowed Castle and nailed him with Misery (Airplane Spin Bomb) to score the pin.

Your winner, Silas Young!

Young dragged the boys out as he told them it was time to become men.  Castle was wide-eyed and shocked.

Solid match.

They went to a backstage promo with The Briscoes.  Jay said he had a 900 day undefeated streak but in the back of the mind, he knew it meant it was 900 days that they weren't the Tag Team champions.  Mark came in and said that the one constant in the landscape of wrestling are the Briscoes in ROH.

The Briscoes vs. Mystery Team

The Briscoes came out and waited for their opponents.  Out came The Decade's BJ Whitmer and Adam Page.  Whitmer announced they weren't the opponents but Whitmer was going to be the color commentator.  Steve Corino wasn't happy about that.

The Romantic Touch came out and entered the ring.  The announcers noted that Touch had been stalking the Briscoes.  Mark and Jay trounced him and tossed him outside to the ring.  The lights went out and the letters ANX appeared on the screen.  It was the returning All Night Express, Kenny King and Rhett Titus, who came out to a massive pop.  Rhett nailed Touch on the way out.  That's pretty funny, since Titus had been portraying the character.  The crowd chanted "All Night."

All four brawled.  The Express looked really good right out of the gate.  The Briscoes cornered Titus and double teamed him.  Mark nailed a series of kicks to the face but was caught with a nice dropkick.  King was ready for a tag but Jay nailed him off the apron.  Jay tagged in and locked in a side chinlock on Titus.   Titus fought back and tagged in Kenny.  They were going to nail a double team maneuver but Jay Briscoe changed over and again nailed Kenny.

The Briscoes continued beating down Titus.  They set up forn the Doomsday Device but King shoved Mark off the top to the apron.  Jay knocked King off the apron to the floor and nailed a big dive to the floor, wiping him out.  The Briscoes worked over Titus and placed him on the top.  Mark went for a top rope rana but Titus slipped up and slammed him into the buckles with an elevated Snake Eyes.

The Express nailed Mark with their old finisher, a combination springboard Buff Blockbuster by King as Titus nailed a powerbomb and scored the pin.  The crowd was surprised by that but it was the right call.

Your winners, The All Night Express!

Really good, hard worked back and forth tag match where they all took it to each other in an aggressive way.

Adam Page hit the ring and lowblowed Whitmer.  The Express hit the ring to chase him off.  They faced off with The Briscoes. 

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