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By Mike Johnson on 2023-09-18 08:00:00

September 18th

On this day in history in ...

1950 - The Green Hornet defeats Danny Dusek in Tampa, Florida for the Southern Heavyweight Title, ending Dusek's second reign.

1956 - Gene Kelly (Kiniski) & Len Crosby defeat Ray Gunkel & Herb Freeman in Dallas, Texas for the NWA Texas Tag Team Title.

1956 - The Fabulous Moolah won a tournament in Baltimore, Maryland by defeating Judy Grable in the finals. As a result, when June Byers retired, Moolah was awarded the Women's World Title.

1961 - Dick Hutton & Sam Steamboat win a tournament for the NWA Texas Tag Team Title in Fort Worth, Texas. The belts had been vacated by champions Angelo Poffo & Bronco Lubich the month before.


1967 - A live event in Fort Worth, Texas saw the following results:
-Brute Bernard beat Bull Curry to win Texas Brass Knuckles title.
-Jack Brisco drew Killer Karl Kox.
-Billy Red Lyons & Joe Scarpa beat The Spoiler & Danny Plechas.
-Mike Paidousis beat Pedro Godoy.
-Buddy Moreno beat Mark Starr.

1971 - The AWA ran  Chicago, IL at the International Amphitheatre featuring the following results:

-Bobby Heenan won a 12 man Battle Royal for $12,000 by simultaneously eliminating Blackjack Lanza & Billy Robinson.   Robinson had Lanza up for a slam when Heenan knocked them both over the top from behind.  The Battle Royal featured, in order of elimination Joe Scarpello, Paul Christy, Lars Anderson, Sailor Art Thomas, Larry Hennig, Nick Bockwinkel, The Crusher,  Wilbur Snyder and Ray Stevens.
-Larry Hennig & Lars Anderson beat The Crusher & Bull Bullinski in 15:32 when Hennig pinned Bullinski.
-Bobby Heenan beat Billy Robinson when Robinson was unable to pin Heenan in 5 minutes.  Robinson had Heenan pinned but he put his foot on the rope and Robinson ran out of time.
-Nick Bockwinkel beat Sailor Art Thomas with a bodypress in 11:38.
-Ray Stevens, in his first-ever appearance in Chicago, beat Paul Christy via pin in 11:33.
-Blackjack Lanza beat Joe Scarpello via pin in 9:15 after a boot to the face.

1971 - The WWA ran Fort Wayne, Indiana at The Coliseum, in the first show under promoter Phil Olofson with the following results:

-Dick The Bruiser & Moose Cholak fought Blackjack Mulligan & Baron Von Raschke to no decision.
-Angelo Poffo drew Tom Lynch.
-Ricky Cortez beat Ken Dillinger.
-Bill Miller beat Dale Mann.

1972 - Masked Lee & Sylvia Hackney defeat Jumbo Miyamoto & Aiko Kyo for the WWWA World Tag Teal Title in Muroran, Japan. Lee would have a career total of 12 reigns with the tag straps with various partners. For Miyamoto & Kyo, this was the end of the third of their six reigns with the belts (Miyamoto would hold the belts with other partners as well).

1972 - A live card promoted in Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada at the Forum saw the following results:

-Killer Karl Krupp defeated the Beast to win the North American championship.
-Earl Black & Fred Sweetan defeated the McGuire Twins in a Best of Three Falls Bout.
-Leo Burke defeated Johnny Ringo in 9:23
-Ron Thompson defeated Carlos Montez in 8:54
-Bobby Kay fought Mike "The Judge" Dubois (aka the future Alexis Smirnoff) to a 20 minute draw.

1972 - A Memphis Wrestling event at the Mid-South Coliseum drew 4.124 fans to witness:

-Al & Don Green defeated NWA World Tag Teah champions Eddie Marlin & Jackie Fargo to win the titles.
-Roy Lee Welch defeated George Hultz in a No DQ bout with the stipulation that Hultz must defeat Welch twice of forfeit $500.
-The Great Fuji & The Pink Panther fought Bearcat Brown & Tommy Gilbert to a draw.
-Tojo Yamamoto defeated Steve Kyle.
-The Masked Blitzer defeated Chief Thundercloud.

1972 - A live event in Vancouver, British Columbia featured:
-Fred Barron defeated Ray Steele.
-Buck Ramstead defeated Tito Montez.
-John Quinn and Gil Hayes defeated Duncan McTavish and Eddie Morrow.
-Dean Higuchi defeated Bob Brown by disqualification.
-Gene Kiniski defeated Dutch Savage.

1972 - A live event in Ft. Worth, Texas features:
-Ron Dupree defeated Pedro Godoy.
-Stan Stasiak defeated Wahoo McDaniel.
-Jose Lothario and Billy Red Lyons defeated Jay York and Frank Monte.
-Bobby Duncum defeated Johnny Rico.
-Chris Colt defeated Dory Dixon.

1972 - Mid-Atlantic Wrestling ran Greenville, SC featuring the following results:
-David Finlay defeated Billy Hines.
-Les Thatcher defeated Charlie Fulton.
-Sandy Scott defeated George Harris.
-Penny Banner defeated Peggy Patterson.
-Thunderbolt Patterson and Ronnie Garvin defeated Blond Bombers (Rip Hawk and Swede Hanson).

1972 - Championship Wrestling from Florida ran Orlando featuring:
-Sputnik Monroe defeated Scott Casey.
-Mike Webster defeated Mike George.
-Bobby Shane and Redbeard defeated Bob Griffin and Mike Graham.
-Johnny Walker defeated Phil Robley.
-Paul Jones and Dick Murdoch defeated Jimmy Golden and Robert Fuller.
-Cage Match: Tim Woods defeated Buddy Colt.

1976 - WWWF ran Philadelphia, PA featuring the following results:

-Jose Gonzalez fought Davey O'Hannon to a draw.
-Vickie Williams & Kitty Williams vs. Donna Christanello & Vivian St. John.
-Victor Rivera & Johnny Rivera defeated Jim Kay & Frankie Williams.
-Nikolai Volkoff defeated Kevin Sullivan.
-Bobo Brazil defeated Rocky Tomayo.
-Chief Jay Strongbow & Billy Whitewolf defeated the Executioners in a Best 2 out of 3 falls match, 2-1; Strongbow & Whitewolf won a fall via disqualification.
-Stan Hansen defeated WWWF champion Bruno Sammartino via countout.

1980 - Andre The Giant defeats Hulk Hogan in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

1980 - Championship Wrestling from Florida ran Jacksonville, FL featuring:

- Ted Marshall drew Tommy Yates.
-Bill White beat Spike Huber (substitute for Raul Mata).
-Jerry Brisco & Scott McGhee beat Lord Al Hayes & Raul Mata (substitute for Alexis Smirnoff).
-Florida TV champion Barry Windham beat Dick Slater.
-Bobo Brazil & Bugsy McGraw beat Ivan Koloff & Nikolai Volkoff.
-NWA World Junior Heavyweight champ Les Thornton beat Mike Graham.
-Dusty Rhodes beat Bobby Jaggers.
-NWA World Champion Harley Race beat Dick Murdoch.

1981 - A live event in Houston, Texas promoted by Paul Boesch featured the following results:

-Tiger Conway Jr. defeated Tom Prichard.
-Tank Patton defeated Bobby Duncum.
-Buck Robley defeated Scott Casey.
-Junkyard Dog defeated Dick Slater.
-Scott Casey, Tiger Conway Jr. and Bobby Duncum defeated Buck Robley, Tank Patton and Kelly Kiniski.
-Dynamic Duo (Gino Hernández and Tully Blanchard) defeated Mil Máscaras and Manny Fernández.
-Bruiser Brody defeated Ken Patera.

1981 - Mid-Atlantic Wrestling ran Richmond, VA at the Coliseum with the following results:

-Ron Ritchie defeated Charlie Fulton.
-Terry Latham defeated Mike Reed.
-The Super Destroyer and The Grappler defeated Dewey Robertson and Steve Muslin.
-Ron Bass defeated Ivan Koloff by disqualification.
-Ricky Steamboat defeated Ole Anderson.
-Wahoo McDaniel and Jay Youngblood defeated Abdullah the Butcher and Roddy Piper by disqualification.

1981 - A Southeastern Championship Wrestling event in Knoxville, TN saw the following results:

-Mike Fever defeated Tony Russo.
-Ron Wright defeated Izzy Slapowitz.
-Don Carson defeated Dennis Brown.
-Jeff Sword and Doug Vines defeated Tim Horner and Keith Larson.
-Wayne Farris (The future Honkyonk Man) defeated Rick Connors.
-Blackjack Mulligan Jr., Terry Taylor and Jay Strongbow defeated Kevin Sullivan, John Studd and Crippler Canyon (the future King Kong Bundy).

1982 - WWF World Champion Bob Backlund pins Jimmy Snuka at the Philadelphia Spectrum in Pennsylvania.  After the match, Backlund offered his hand to Snuka, and shockingly, Snuka shook it.  This was the beginning of Snuka's babyface turn which would result in him feuding with former manager Captain Lou Albano.  S.D. Jones was the special guest referee.

 The show, which was broadcast on the PRISM Network, also saw the following results:

-Salvatore Bellomo pinned Swede Hanson at 11:52 with a cradle
-Pat Patterson pinned Bob Orton Jr. at 9:23 with a sunset flip into the ring as Orton charged towards his opponent
-Charlie Fulton pinned Jeff Craney at 6:07 with a legdrop
-Johnny Rodz & Jose Estrada defeated Steve Travis & Tony Garea in a Best 2 out of 3 falls match, 2-1; fall #1: Garea pinned Rodz with a splash at 14:16; fall #2: Rodz pinned Garea by lifting his knees to block a splash at 3:46; fall #3: Estrada pinned Travis with a flying elbowsmash at 3:11
-Playboy Buddy Rose (w/ the Grand Wizard) defeated WWF IC Champion Pedro Morales via count-out at 14:38 when Morales punched the challenger into the ring at the count of 9.
-Andre the Giant, Chief Jay & Jules Strongbow defeated Blackjack Mulligan (substituting for Mighty Joe Thunder), Mr. Fuji, & Mr. Saito in a Best 2 out of 3 falls match; fall #1: Jules pinned Fuji with a high crossbody at 9:41; fall #2: Fuji pinned Jules at 6:12; during the fall, Mulligan bodyslammed Andre; fall #3: Andre pinned Saito with a sit-down splash at 2:00

1983 - Jim Crockett Promotions ran a trio of shows, featuring the following results:

Greensboro, NC  at Coliseum (evening):
-The Ninja defeated Brett Hart.
-Gene Anderson defeated Vinnie Valentino.
-Bugsy McGraw & Charlie Brown defeated the Great Kabuki & Dick Slater.
-Wahoo McDaniel defeated NWA US Champion Greg Valentine in a lumberjack match.
-Ricky Steamboat & Jay Youngblood defeated NWA World Tag Team Champions Jack & Jerry Brisco .

Asheville, NC at the Civic Center (matinee)
The Magic Dragon defeated Brett Hart.
Gene Anderson defeaed Vinnie Valentino.
Bugsy McGraw defeated Dory Funk Jr..
Wahoo McDaniel & Charlie Brown defeated Dick Slater & Mid-Atlantic TV Champion the Great Kabuki.
NWA World Tag Team Champions Jack & Jerry Brisco defeated Ricky Steamboat & Jay Youngblood.
Roddy Piper fought NWA U.S. Champion Greg Valentine to a double disqualification in a lumberjack match.

1983 - A live card promoted by the Tunney Family in Toronto, Ontario at Maple Leaf Gardens featured:
-Don Kernodle defeated Rick McCord.
-Johnny Weaver & Keith Larsen defeated Kelly Kiniski & the Executioner.
-NWA U.S. Champion Greg Valentine defeated Bob Orton Jr.
-Angelo Mosca defeated Sgt. Slaughter via countout.
-NWA World Champion Harley Race defeated Mike Rotundo.

1984 - Georgia Championship Wrestling ran Macon, GA with the following results:

-Masao Ito defeated Frankie Lane.
-Tim Horner defeated the Italian Stallion.
-The Hollywood Blondes (Rip Rogers and Ted Oates) defeated National Tag Team champs Ronnie Garvin and Jerry Oates.
-National champion Ted DiBiase defeated Brad Armstrong.
-Bob Roop defeated Ole Anderson in a Taped Fists match.
-Bob Roop defeated Nick Patrick in a Lights Out match.

1984 - Pro Wrestling USA, a combined venture created in an attempt to combat the WWF's national expansion, ran  TV taping in Mempjos, TN at the Mid-South Coliseum, featuring:

-The Rock N' Roll Express defeated Phil Hickerson & Lanny Poffo.
-Larry Zbyszko defeated Keith Eric.
-Harley Race & Dory Funk Jr. defeated Tracy Smothers & Mark Ragin.
-Jerry Lawler defeated Eddie Gilbert.
-AWA Tag Team Champions the Road Warriors defeated Ken Raper & Craig Carson.
-Tony Atlas & Butch Reed defeated the Spoiler & Keith Roberson.
-Tony Atlas & Butch Reed defeated the Dirty White Boys.
-AWA World Champion Rick Martel defeated the Spoiler.
-Mr. Saito defeated Keith Eric.
-Dory Funk Jr. defeated Dutch Mantell.
-Superstar Billy Graham defeated Craig Carson.
-The Fabulous Ones defeated the Nightmares.

In segments that aired on TV, courtesy

Ricky Morton & Robert Gibson defeated the Nightmares at 3:59 when Gibson scored the pin following the double dropkick; only the closing moments of the match were shown

Tony Atlas & Butch Reed defeated Kurt Von Hess & Keith Roberson at 3:53 when Reed pinned Roberson after simultaneous gorilla press slams

Dusty Rhodes defeated an unknown via submission with the figure-4 at the 31-second mark

AWA Tag Team Champions the Road Warriors (w/ Paul Ellering) defeated Ken Raper & Mark Regan at 3:06 when Road Warrior Hawk scored the pin following the clothesline off the top; during the bout, Sheik Adnan Al-Kaissie was shown walking around ringside

Nick Bockwinkel pinned Lanny Poffo at 7:17 with a piledriver after lifting his knees to block a moonsault; during the bout, Sheik Adnan Al-Kaissie joined Jack Reynolds on commentary to say he was looking for talent; Reynolds referred to Bockwinkel's piledriver as a suplex until Al-Kaissie corrected him

 Jerry Lawler & Tommy Rich defeated Tony Anthony & Len Denton at 4:01 when Rich pinned Anthony with the Thesz Press; Lawler & Rich used Survivor's "Eye of the Tiger" as their entrance music; Terry Funk joined Reynolds on commentary for the bout, during which they discussed Funk's role in 'Paradise Alley'

Mr. Saito (w/ Jimmy Hart) pinned Tracy Smothers at 1:00 with a back suplex; prior to the bout, Reynolds conducted a ringside interview with Saito & Hart in which Hart offered one million yen to anyone who could beat Saito; Funk provided guest commentary for the match

AWA World Champion Rick Martel pinned Eddie Gilbert in a non-title match at 3:32 with an abdominal stretch into a roll up; prior to the bout, both men shook hands

The Fabulous Ones defeated the Spoiler & Phil Hickerson at 6:10 when Keirn pinned Hickerson following a double DDT

AWA Tag Team Champions the Road Warriors (w/ Paul Ellering) defeated Tracy Smothers & Keith Eric at 3:09 when Road Warrior Animal pinned Smothers with a clothesline; Ellering provided guest commentary for the match

Superstar Billy Graham (w/ Jimmy Hart) defeated Ken Raper via submission with the full nelson at 2:21; after the bout, Graham refused to break the hold until Hart climbed in the ring and told him to

Jerry Lawler & Tommy Rich defeated the Nightmares at 6:21 when Lawler scored the pin following the piledriver; prior to the bout, Reynolds conducted a ringside interview with Lawler & Rich in which they cut a promo on AWA Tag Team Champions the Road Warriors

Mr. Saito (w/ Jimmy Hart) defeated Craig Carson via submission with a Scorpion Deathlock at 2:31; prior to the bout, Reynolds conducted a ringside interview with Saito & Hart, during which Hart said he would up his challenge from one million yen to four million to any man who could face and defeat Saito

Harley Race pinned Dutch Mantell following a delayed suplex at 2:06; during the bout, Sheik Adnan Al-Kaissie appeared ringside

1985 - The WWF ran Los Angeles, CA at the Sports Arena, featuring:

-Ivan Putski defeated Steve Lombardi.
-Randy Savage defeated Mr. Wrestling II.
-The Missing Link defeated Rick McGraw.
-Cpl. Kirchner defeated Moondog Spot.
-Adrian Adonis defeated George Wells.
-The British Bulldogs defeated The Iron Sheik & Nikolai Volkoff.
-Terry Funk defeated the Junkyard Dog.
-Ricky Steamboat defeated Don Muraco via disqualification.
-WWF champion Hulk Hogan defeated Big John Studd.  The match was filmed with clips airing on a future episode of NBC's "The A-Team."

1986 - Jim Crockett Promotions ran Green Bay, Wisconsin at the  Brown County Veterans Memorial Arena featuring:

-Ron Garvin pinned Ole Anderson.
-Arn Anderson defeated Baron Von Raschke via disqualification when Von Raschke refused to break the claw after Anderson reached the ropes.
-Jimmy Valiant pinned Shaska Whatley.
-Paul Ellering pinned J.J. Dillon with his feet on the ropes for leverage.
-Dick Murdoch defeated Tully Blanchard via disqualification.
-National Champion Wahoo McDaniel defeated Jimmy Garvin in an Indian strap match.
-NWA World Tag Team Champions The Rock N' Roll Express defeated The Midnight Express, Bobby Eaton & Dennis Condrey
-NWA U.S. Champion Nikita Koloff fought Magnum TA to a double countout.
-The Road Warriors defeated Ivan Koloff & Krusher Kruschev.
-NWA World Champion Ric Flair pinned NWA World TV Champion Dusty Rhodes.

1989 - WWF ran Grand Rapids, Michigan at The Stadium Arena, featuring:

-Barry Windham pinned Brian Costello.
-Paul Roma defeated Barry Horowitz.
-WWF Intercontinental champion The Ultimate Warrior pinned Andre the Giant at the 30-second mark.
-Jimmy Snuka defeated the Honkytonk Man.
-Rick Martel defeated Mark Young/
-The Genius, Lanny Poffo defeated Koko B. Ware.
-The Rockers defeated Jacques & Raymond Rougeau.

1990 - At a WWF television taping in Toledo, Ohio, during an edition of The Brother Love Show, Rick Martel sprayed Jake Roberts with "Arrogance" cologne, blinding Roberts for several weeks and eventually setting up the Wrestlemania VII "blindfold" match between the two.  Also at the taping, the October 13th edition of Saturday Night's Main Event was taped, featuring the following matches:
- The Ultimate Warrior & The Legion Of Doom defeated Demolition.
- Randy Savage defeated Dusty Rhodes via countout.
- Hulk Hogan & Tugboat defeated Greg Valentine & Honky Tonk Man via DQ.
- Sgt. Slaughter defeated Koko B. Ware.
- Intercontinental Champion Kerry Von Erich defeated Haku.

1991 - W*ING ran The Sports Center in Katsushika, Japan featuring:

-UWA World Women's champion Zuleyma defeated Martha Villalobos.
-Eddie Gilbert & Tom Prichard fought The Headhunters to a time limit draw,
-USWA Junior Heavyweight champion Danny Davis defeated Masaru Toi.
-Hideki Hosaka & Mitsuteru Tokuda defeated Koichiro Kimura & Yukihiro Kanemura.
-In a Steel Cage Match, Mr. Pogo & TNT defeated Akitoshi Saito & Iceman.

1992 - WCW ran Baltimore, MD with the following results:

Erik Watts defeated Mark Canterbury.
Barry Windham defeated Diamond Dallas Page.
Dustin Rhodes defeated Vinnie Vegas.
Van Hammer defeated Super Invader.
Rick & Scott Steiner defeated Dick Slater & Greg Valentine when Rick pinned Slater with a Steinerline.
Unified WCW and NWA World Tag Team Champions Terry Gordy & Steve Williams defeated Arn Anderson & Bobby Eaton when Williams pinned Eaton with the Oklahoma Stampede.
WCW World Champion Ron Simmons pinned WCW U.S. Champion Rick Rude with the powerslam.
Steve Austin defeated WCW TV Champion Ricky Steamboat.
Jake Roberts & the Barbarian defeated Sting & Nikita Koloff when Barbarian pinned Koloff.

1993 - Mima Shimoda defeated Bat Yoshinaga in a tournament final to win the All Japan Singles Title in Omiya, Japan. The belt had been vacated when a leg injury forced champion Debbie Malenko to retire.

1993 - NWA Eastern Championship Wrestling held their "UltraClash" card in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania at the ECW Arena, the first event under booker Paul Heyman, who replaced Eddie Gilbert. Here are the results:
- In their ECW debut, Public Enemy (Rocco Rock & Johnny Grunge) defeated Jason Knight & Ian Rotten when Rock pinned Ian.
- Pennsylvania State Champion Tony Stetson defeated Tommy Cairo.
- Super Destroyer #1 defeated Super Destroyer #2 in a mask vs. mask match.
- The Dark Patriot defeated JT Smith in a Scaffold match.
- Terry Funk & Stan Hansen defeated Kevin Sullivan & Abdullah the Butcher via DQ in a Bunkhouse match when Eddie Gilbert interfered.  Gilbert, who had quit/was fired from ECW prior to the show, gave a farewell speech to the audience, which was not planned.
- Tigra won a battle royal that included Don E. Allen, Angel, manager Hunter Q. Robbins III, Sherri Martel and television announcer Jay Sulli.
- Sal Bellomo defeated Richard Michaels in a strap match.
- ECW Champion Shane Douglas defeated The Sandman.
- The Headhunters defeated Miguel Perez Jr. & Crash The Terminator in a baseball bat match.  This was scheduled to be a barbed wire bat match but with all the internal changes within ECW leading into the show, the barbed wire wasn't purchased in advance and despite scrambling, ECW was unable to find any to purchase in Philadelphia the day of the show.

1994 - WCW held their Fall Brawl Pay-per-view event in Roanoke, Virginia. Here are the results:
- In a dark match, Brad & Brian Armstrong defeated Steve Keirn & Bobby Eaton.
- Johnny B. Badd defeated Steven Regal to win the WCW Television Title.
- Kevin Sullivan defeated Cactus Jack in a Loser Leaves WCW match. This would be the end of Cactus Jack's career in WCW.
- Due to injury (the back injury that resulted in his retirement), Ricky Steamboat was forced to forfeit the U.S. Heavyweight Title. It was awarded to his scheduled opponent for the evening, Steve Austin. However, Hacksaw Jim Duggan came out, challenged Austin, and won the U.S. Title in less than a minute.
- NWA World Tag Team Champions Paul Roma & Paul Orndorff defeated The Patriot & Marcus Bagwell.
- Vader defeated Sting and The Guardian Angel (Big Bossman) in an elimination match. Vader eliminated Angel at the seven minute mark, then the match went on for another twenty minutes before Vader pinned Sting.
- Dusty Rhodes, Dustin Rhodes & The Nasty Boys defeated Terry Funk, Arn Anderson, Bunkhouse Buck & Robert Parker in a War Games match.

1995 - The Monday Night Wars continued, with WWF's Raw earning a 2.7 rating for a show featuring The 1-2-3 Kid defeating Razor Ramon, Kama & Tatanka defeating Bob Holly & Savio Vega, and Yokozuna & Owen Hart defeating Men On A Mission. Nitro, meanwhile, did a 1.9 rating for a show featuring The American Males defeating Harlem Heat for the WCW World Tag Team Title, Paul Orndorff defeating Johnny B. Badd and Ric Flair defeating Brian Pillman.

1995 - The USWA ran The Mid-South Coliseum featuring the following results:::

- Axl Rotten drew Steven Dunn.
-Miss Texas beat Uptown Karen in a "chain" match.
-Tekno Team 2000 beat PG-13 via DQ.
-PG-13 won a Tag Team Battle Royal featuring Brian Christopher & Sid Vicious, Billy Jack Haynes & Jesse James Armstrong, Doug Gilbert & Steve Doll, Tracy Smothers & Axl Rotten, and Tekno Team 2000.
-Cory Macklin pinned Brandon Baxter.
-Doug Gilbert pinned Tracy Smothers (16:35) in a "Loser leaves Town" match.
-Sid Vicious & Brian Christopher beat Billy Jack Haynes & Jesse James Armstrong in a "Loser Leaves Town" match when Christopher pinned Haynes.

1997 - Salvatore Sincere defeats Tracey Smothers in Louisville, Kentucky to win the IWA Mid-South Heavyweight Title at the Derby Arena.  The results of the remainder of the card saw:

 -Blaze defeated Vladimir Koloff.
-Bart and Brad Batten defeated Tarek the Great and The American Kickboxer & Tower of Doom and Shark Boy.
-Buddy Landel defeated Bull Pain.
-Debbie Combs defeated Sherri Martel to win the NWA Women's title.
-Ox Harley defeated Mad Man Pondo in a loser leaves town match for 30 days.
-War Machine #1 and War Machine #2 defeated Ian Rotten and Bunkhouse Buck.

1999 - Wifebeater defeated Nick Gage to win the CZW World Heavyweight Title in Mantua, New Jersey, starting the first of his three title reigns.

1999 - Vic Grimes defeated Steve Bradley in Memphis, Tennessee to win the Memphis Power Pro Wrestling Heavyweight Title.

1999 - WWF ran San Antonio, Texas featuring:

-The Godfather defeated Gangrel.
-Texas Wrestling Alliance Heavyweight Champion Venom (Tom "Paul Diamond" Boric) defeated Funaki.
-Test defeated Steve Blackman.
-WWF IC Champion Jeff Jarrett defeated D-Lo Brown.
-X-Pac defeated the Big Bossman.
-WWF champion Triple H defeated Mankind in a No DQ match.
-WWF European Champion Mark Henry defeated Val Venis.
-Christian & Edge defeated Matt & Jeff Hardy, the Dudley Boyz, and the Acolytes in an elimination match.
-Kane defeated Billy Gunn.
-The Rock defeated the Big Show.

2000 - The final edition of Raw on USA Network (until 2005) took place at the Allstate Arena in Chicago, Illinois, headlined by The Undertaker defeating WWF World Champion The Rock in a non-title match. The show would earn a 5.7 rating.

2002 - Justin Roberts signed with WWE as a ring announcer.

2002 - HWA talent Nikita LeFleur signed with WWE:

2002 - At the weekly NWA:TNA Pay-per-view event in Nashville, Tennessee, America's Most Wanted (Chris Harris & James Storm) won a Tag Team Gauntlet Battle Royal to win the NWA World Tag Team Championship. When the match came down to the last two teams, AMW and Brian Lee & Ron Harris, it became a regular tag team match, which AMW won when Chris Harris pinned Lee.  Buck Woodward filed the following PPV report:

NWA: Total Nonstop Action opened with Goldylocks backstage with Scott Hall.  Hall promised to take care of Jeff Jarrett in the future, but tonight it was all about the tag team titles.  Sean Waltman arrived, and embraced Hall.  He said they have a lot of catching up to do, and walked off with Hall. 

They went to ringside with Mike Tenay and Don West, who went over some of the matches and events planned for tonight's show. 

They showed footage from earlier today, with Brian Lawler waiting for Jeff Jarrett.  Jarrett arrived, and pinned Lawler against the wall with his travel bag. Jarrett told Lawler he never touched his girlfriend April, and that she was using him.  He asked Lawler where she was now, and implied that she was off doing someone else. 

Back live, Jarrett came to the ring and talked about Bob Armstrong, saying he was tired of the games, and that he wanted to see who the masked man was, or he was going to go after him.  Jarrett headed to the back, with the camera following him.  Jarrett found Armstrong and grabbed him, when the masked Bullet attacked him from behind.  He dragged Jarrett back to the ring, and hit him with a shuffle punch.  After decking him, The Bullet grabbed the mic and said "You didn't know?" and took off the mask, revealing Brian James (aka Road Dogg).  Jarrett rolled from the ring, and James said "Now, you know".  Jarrett left, and James talked about staying in the WWF when Jarrett leaved.  He said he went and joined DX, and while he is not proud of the things he has done, he has never forgotten about Jarrett leaving him, and that he was not going to let him jump on his father.  James then said tonight he will find a partner and do what he does best, win tag team championships.  He then started to do his Road Dogg spiel, but stopped himself, since he "wasn't allowed" to say it.  He said his mother named him Brian G. James, and that would be the name he uses in NWA:TNA.

Goldylocks interviewed Sonny Siaki and Jorge Estrada.  Siaki said he now realizes it is all about the Flying Elvises, not just himself.  He mentioned that Shawn Michaels was a tag team partner before he became a legend, and that he could wait for his time.  He then added that everyone in the X-Division should support Jerry Lynn tonight in his NWA World Title match.  Siaki walked off, and Estrada looked confused. 

The first match of the evening was Kid Kash vs. AJ Styles.  AJ took the mic and said the issue between himself and Jerry Lynn is far from over.  He promised to get back what is "his", referring to the X-Division title.   The match began, with Styles and Kash reversing arm wringers and hammerlocks.  Styles went for an early backslide, ducked a spinkick and hit a leg sweep.  They traded armdrags and stalemated, then Styles dropkicked Kash's legs out from under him.  Styles hit some chops, but Kash backdropped him to the apron, then hit a springboard dropkick from the middle rope to send him to the floor.  Kash slingshotted to the floor and caught Styles in a rana on the floor. Styles came back with an Asai moonsault after jumping to the apron.  Styles hit a springboard dropkick in the ring for a two count.  Styles hit some forearms, but ran into a Kash boot, and Kash hit a BankRoll (similar to a Whisper In The Wind).  Kash applied a Boston Crab, then an elbowdrop to the back.  Kash blocked a spinkick and went for the MoneyMaker, but Styles blocked it, then hit a fireman's carry into a stunner, draping him over the ropes at the same time.  Kash fell to the floor, and Styles came off the apron with a swinging side slam.  Back in the ring, Kash caught AJ in a headscissors, sending him into the buckles.  They traded reversals until Kash got a German suplex for a two count.  Styles hit the Quebrada into the reverse DDT, sloppily, for a two count.  Styles hit chops and forearms, but Kash kicked away a backdrop and hit a running the ropes rana and a swinging DDT for a two count.  Kash went for another rana, but Styles dropkicked him in the groin.  Styles hit his off the mat rana, and then a lariat for a two count.  They traded blows, then Styles dropkicked Kash in the back of the head as he was hanging on the ropes for a two count.  Kash backdropped Styles to the apron again.  Styles went for a springboard, but Kash dropkicked him in the gut in mid-air.  Kash hit a lariat, then a jumping lariat.  Kash went for a running up the ropes frog splash, but missed.  Styles went up the ropes, but Kash crotched him and went for a rana off the ropes.  Styles blocked the rana, and hit a second rope Styles Clash for the pin. 

Goldylocks interviewed Marcus Bagwell.  Marcus said he was there for another chance, not as Buff, but as Marcus Alexander Bagwell.  He said he just wanted to prove himself.  Brian James interrupted him, and said he knew about getting a second chance.  He asked Marcus to be his partner, and he agreed.  Brian James & Marcus Bagwell will be in the Gauntlet For The Gold. 

Live on the stage, Jeremy Borash brought out Dustin Diamond (Screech, from one of my all-time favorite shows, Saved By The Bell).  Diamond put over TNA, then Borash asked him about boxing Horshack on Celebrity Boxing and about the possibility of wrestling.  Diamond talked about his martial arts background (he's studied 15 years) but said he would never wrestle without proper training.  They joked about him fighting Borash or Don West.  The end result?  Don West convinced Tiny, their timekeeper to box Diamond later tonight. 

Goldylocks interviewed The Hot Shots.  The Hot Shots said they gave up their spot in the Gauntlet For The Gold, for a special three team match tonight with two other duos.  Goldy pointed out that they didn't give up their spot, they were just the lowest ranked team in the match.   Disco Inferno came by, looking for Brian Lawler.  He ended up in a snipfest with Goldy again. 

Our second match of the night was Screech vs. Tiny in a boxing match.   Three punches, and I think one connected, and Tiny went down. They didn't even bother counting to ten. Screech is the winner.

Jimmy Rave & Derek Wylde vs. CM Punk & Ace Steel vs. The Hot Shots was next, with the losing team being taken out of the Gauntlet For The Gold later tonight.  The other two teams will move on.  Punk started out with Chase, with Punk in control hitting a bodypress, then tagging in Steel, who hit a vertical suplex. Steel tagged in Wylde who went for a rana, put was powerbombed by Chase. O'Reilly tagged in, and was given a rana by Wylde.  Rave tagged in, and O'Reilly hit a moonsault for two.  The Hot Shots worked over Rave, hitting a double dropkick and a backdrop into a senton on him.  O'Reilly hit a gourdbuster on Rave for a two count.  Rave came back with a small package for a two count, but was decked with a clothesline.  O'Reilly went for a moonsault, but Rave got the knees up and hit a superkick.  Rave tagged in Punk, who hit a dropkick from the top on O'Reilly, but Chase ran in and attacked him.  The match broke down, with everyone going at it, and a series of dives to the floor, some hitting, some missing.  Stevens went for a dive, but Steel stopped him with a springboard clothesline.  Steel put Stevens in a Gory Special, which he turned into a neckbreaker, and got the pin.   

The Hot Shots are out of the Guantlet.  Jimmy Rave & Derek Wylde and CM Punk & Ace Steel will be in the match.  The Hot Shots threw a tantrum in the ring. 

Goldylocks interviewed Chris Harris & James Storm.  Storm was doing his cowboy gimmick, but Harris said he wasn't even going to get mad, because of the opportunity they have tonight to win the gold.  He said if Storm being a cowboy is what it takes to win the titles, it was fine with him. 

Scott Hall and Syxx-Pac came to the ring. Hall took the mic and said the first time he saw Syxx-Pac, it was at the Manhattan Center, where he beat "some jabroni named Razor Ramon".  The fans chanted "1-2-3".  Hall said Syxx makes him love wrestling, and when he is in the ring with him, he will work for free.  Syxx took the mic, and said all the "bad s***" you've heard about him is true.  He said he is not a sports entertainer, he is a wrestler and he is here to wrestle.  He said that before they get fired from TNA, they will "kick some ass".  Ron Harris and Brian Lee attacked them from behind, but Syxx hit Ron with X-Factor, and Hall gave Lee the Edge. Hall and Syxx walked off.

Goldylocks asked an agitated Brian Lawler what was up with his girlfriend.  Brian asked her if she knew where April was.  Goldy then said she didn't know who April was.  Lawler, huffing and puffing, got in her face and said he had no time for comedy, tonight was personal. 

NASCAR racer Hermie Sadler came to the ring.  He mentioned that when he wrestled for TNA, he had a great athlete that made him look good.  Sadler then announced that NWA:TNA would be sponsoring his racecar, which he will debut on October 12th. Sadler then joined the announcers for the next match. 

Miss TNA Bruce, came out to defend his title.  Bruce talked about being the greatest TNA champion ever, and Tenay said that Bruce wanted them to point out that he was the longest reigning champion in TNA history.  Bruce then looked for someone to accept his open challenge.  A fairly attractive blonde was picked out of the crowd, and Bruce easily beat her down and smashed her head into the mat.  Bruce hit a vertical suplex, and a powerbomb, then pinned her.  Bruce retains the title. Bruce then mocked Sadler's racing, and attacked the woman again.  Sadler ran in, and kicked Bruce in the groin, then kicked him from the ring. 

Goldylocks interviewed Jerry Lynn.  Lynn talked about getting opportunities, and that some places he never got a chance.  He said he achieved one goal by winning the X-Division Title, and tonight he would go after the NWA World Title.  Ron Killings interrupted, saying Lynn would have to commit a "homicide" to get the title off him. 

The Gauntlet For The Gold is up next.

The Gauntlet For The Gold began with Brian Lawler and James Storm.

Lawler attacked as Storm came in, hitting a backdrop.  Storm came back with a DDT.  Storm hit a top rope dropkick.

Joel Maximo was out next.

Joel hit a back suplex, headscissors and dropkick on Lawler.  Lawler fought back against Storm & Joel.

Derek Wylde was out next.

Wylde hit a springboard dropkick on Joel, but was quickly tossed out by Lawler. Lawler then tossed out Joel as well.  Storm went to the ropes, but Lawler knocked him off to the floor.  Lawler was now along in the ring.  Lawler started doing the old Too Cool dance. 

Marcus Bagwell was out next.

Bagwell gave Lawler the finger and went at him, hitting a neckbreaker.  Bagwell pounded Lawler in the corner.

Kobain was out next. 

Kobain hit Bagwell with a clothesline, but ran into a boot, and Buff hit a clothesline.  Bagwell backdropped Kobain.  Bagwell went back and forth, hitting Lawler and Kobain.  Lawler hit a low blow on Bagwell.  Lawler and Kobain then went at it.

Ace Steel was out next.

Steel went at it with Kobain, but ran into an elbow.  Steel drop toe holded Kobain into the buckles.  Lawler worked over Bagwell in the corner, biting him on the nose.  Kobain and steel traded chops and punches.  Lawler missed a splash in the corner.

Jorge Estrada was next. 

Estrada hiptossed Steel in and worked him over. Lawler hit Bagwell with a low blow again.

Brian Lee was out next. 

Lee hit Lawler with shoulderblocks in the corner.  Estrada stepped on Bagwell's throat.  Kobain and Steel tried to shove each over the top.  Lawler started biting Lee.

Syxx-Pac was out next.

Pac hit kicks and shots on everyone, and an X-Factor on Yang.  Syxx eliminated Kobain over the top, then hit a Bronco Buster on Lawler.  Syxx hit Steel with a clothesline and a kick.

CM Punk was out next.

Steel was tossed over the top by Syxx as Punk came in.  Lawler hit Syxx with a powerslam.  Punk hit a reverse atomic drop on Estrada.

Jimmy Rave was out next.

Rave hit a spinning DDT on Punk.  Bagwell worked over Lawler.  Lee choked Syxx in the corner.  Punk hit a bulldog out of a bodyscissors on Rave.

Ron Harris was out next.

Harris and Lee worked together and tossed Estrada over the top, but he landed on the apron and fought his way back in.  They tossed him out again, and he landed on the floor. CM Punk and Jimmy Rave were eliminated by Lee and Harris.  Bagwell charged them, and they backdropped him out.  Syxx eliminated Brian Lawler.

Brian James was out next.

James went to work on Lee and Harris, while Syxx regrouped in the corner.  Soon, it was Harris and James working in one corner, while Syxx and Lee fought in the other. 

Jose Maximo was out next.

Jose jumped off the top rope, Harris caught him, and dumped him to the floor.  Harris and Lee double teamed James, but Syxx took them both down with a flying clothesline.  Brian Lawler came back down and hit Syxx from behind, allowing Harris and Lee to eliminate him.

Slash was out next.

Slash joined Harris & Lee in working over James. 

Sonny Siaki was out next.

Siaki hit a neckbreaker and flipping legdrop on Slash.  Harris & Lee worked over James. 

Disco Inferno was out next.

Disco took his time getting in the ring. When he entered, he went after Siaki.  James fought with Lee.  Harris attacked Disco.

Scott Hall was out next.

Hall went after Lee, and fought him and Harris.  Slash choked James.  Siaki and Disco slugged it out. Hall backdropped Harris from the ring.

Chris Harris was the last man out.

Hall clotheslined Slash over the top rope. Siaki missed a charge on Disco in the corner, and went over the top rope.  Disco danced, and got slugged by James and Hall.  Chris Harris worked over Lee in the corner.  Hall tossed Disco over the top, he landed on the apron, then Hall knocked him to the floor.  Lee punched Chris Harris.  Hall and James started punching it out.  Lee ran up to Hall and James and shoved them both over the top.

Brian Lee and Chris Harris were the last two men, so they move on to the title match. 

Ron Harris and James Storm came back out, but Harris chokeslammed Storm on the stage.  Jeff Jarrett ran out and brawled with Brian James to the back.

Storm was laid out on the stage, allowing Harris and Lee to brutalize him as the tag team match began. Storm slowly crawled to ringside.  Ron suplexed Chris, then kicked Storm off the apron.  Chris fired back on Lee, but Lee hit a clothesline for a two count. Ron knocked Storm off the apron again.  They continued to beat on Chris, hitting a double back suplex.  Storm came in, but was stomped down.  Storm flipped out of a double suplex attempt.  He hit a series of clotheslines, then was stopped with a double suplex.  Harris pulled out a table and set it up at ringside.  Storm was put on the table by Harris, then Lee went to powerbomb Chris from the ring onto him.  As he lifted him, Chris flipped behind Lee and rolled him up with a schoolboy for the pin.

Chris Harris & James Storm are the new NWA World Tag Team Champions.

Backstage, we saw that Brian James was being tended to, and that he had been busted open, presumably by Jeff Jarrett.

Jerry Lynn vs. Ron "The Truth" Killings, NWA World Heavyweight Title on the line, is the main event.

Killings attacked Lynn before the bell rang and hit a reverse elbow.  Lynn battled back with punches and kicks.  Lynn leapfrogged him from the corner, and hit a tilt-a-whirl headscissors.  Lynn hit a sideslam for a two count.  Killings tried a leapfrog, and Lynn drop toe holded him into the buckles.  Lynn hit a springboard headbutt to the groin in the corner. Killing sidestepped Lynn, and Lynn went through the ropes to the floor.  Killings kicked him as he tried to reenter, and hit a Hotshot on the announce table, right onto the X-Division title belt.  Lynn was busted open.  Killings pounded on the cut on the outside. Back in the ring, Killings got a two count on Lynn. Killings hit a sideslam for a two count.  Killings pounded on the bloody Lynn, and held his face up to the camera.  Lynn hit a sunset flip from the corner for a two count.  Killings backed Lynn into the corner and pounded him. Lynn shoved Killings off, and went for a clothesline, but Killings flipped and split to duck it, then hit a sidekick.  Killings tossed Lynn to the floor, but Lynn reversed a whip and sent Killings into the rail.  Lynn ran into a boot, and Killings rammed Lynn into the steps. Killings dropped an elbow to the groin, and applied a surfboard variation.  Lynn made the ropes with his head to get a break. Lynn ducked a clothesline, they switched reversals, and after two attempts, Killings hit a kick to the head for a two count. Killings hit an ax kick for a two count.  Lynn went for a crucifix into a sunset flip for a two count.  Killings hit a clothesline and stomped Lynn. Lynn ducked a clothesline and hit a cross bodyblock for a two count.  Killings hit a clothesline for two.  AJ Styles, Kid Kash and the SAT appeared at ringside.  Killings kicked Lynn, but Lynn came back with a back suplex.  The Elvises came to ringside. Lynn hit a backdrop and a clothesline for a two count. Lynn went for a cradle piledriver, but Killings backdropped out.  Killings went for a suplex, but Lynn turned it into a DDT.  Styles put Killings foot on the ropes.  The referee and the other X-Division members argued with him.  Lynn went to the top rope, and Sonny Siaki crotched Lynn and shoved him into the ring.  The X-Dividion wrestlers (except Styles) chased Siaki to the back.  In the ring, Killings hit the Consequences (stunner) on Lynn and got the pin.  Ron Killings retains the NWA World Heavyweight Title.

Don West then did his hard sell for next week.  Matches announced. 

- Jeff Jarrett vs. Brian James.
- Syxx-Pac vs. Brian Lawler.
- The return of Low Ki.

Brian James came out to talk about his match with Jarrett.  He passed Killings, and gave him a high-five, then Killings blasted him from behind.  Jeff Jarrett ran out, and he and Killings double teamed James.  Scott Hall and Syxx-Pac ran in. Syxx hit the Bronco Buster on Jarrett and Hall hit a fallaway slam on Killings. James hit a pumphandle slam on Jeff Jarrett.  Hall, Syxx and James did "X" crotch chops and held up the Wolfpac sign to end the show.

2004 - Jim Barnett, a legendary promoter who was involved with WWF during their expansion into a national powerhouse in the mid-80's (he was involved in the sale of Georgia Championship Wrestling to Vince McMahon, allowing WWF to get on TBS for a time), and who worked with WCW in the 90's, passed away at the age of 80.  Barnett had been battling cancer in recent years.  Barnett's history in the business stretches out over decades, and he was an integral part of the National Wrestling Alliance when that group was the controlling power in the wrestling business.

2004 - IWA Mid-South held the finals of their Ted Petty Invitational tournament.  Larry Goodman filed the following live report:

IWA Mid-South presented the second night of the marathon Ted Petty Invitational Tournament. A. J. Styles became the 5th different winner in five years, defeating Samoa Joe and Brian Danielson in the finals. A crowd of 350 experienced another incredible (5+ hours worth) night of wrestling. As good as the 2003 TPI was, it couldn't touch this year's event. For fans that appreciate the best in indie wrestling, this videotape is a must buy.

Fans booed the announcement that the event was being held under the auspices of the NWA, the oldest and largest sanctioning body in professional wrestling, as Gordon Solie used to say.

(1) C. J. McManus beat Thunderbolt and Billy McNeil in 4-5 minutes. My only question is why was this necessary? T-Bolt gave McNeil an implant DDT and McManus stole the pin. Postmatch T-Bolt made McManus pay with a DDT.

(2) Jimmy Jacobs beat Salvatore Rinauro in 8:28. This was better than their first round match at the 2003 TPI. Jacobs kicked out of the Phoenix Fury Legdrop and pinned Rinauro after two cannonball sentons.

(3) The non-sanctioned-falls-count-anywhere-anything-goes-match between Ian Rotten and Steve Stone (with Jim Fannin) ended in a no contest when Chris Candido interfered. Yup. Skip showed up in Highland. Rotten had Stone beaten to a pulp when Fannin interfered. Rotten chased Fannin out the door and in came Candido. "The Dream Team" gave Rotten a lengthy beatdown while Fannin yakked, with Candido doing three top rope headbutts onto Rotten's injured arm. Ian's wife, Patti came down to ringside with a chair and complained to the NWA Midwest dude, who said he was washing his hands because it wasn't sanctioned. Iceberg made the save.

(4) Rainman beat Danny Daniels in 10 minutes. Judging from the response to his entrance, Rainman's appearance the previous evening had made a positive impression on the fans. Daniels was having his way until Rainman hit a Spinesplitta counter. Rainman got the Hillside Strangla but couldn't make Daniels tap. Daniels comeback. It looked like Daniels botched a top rope huracanrana. Rainman exploded into a midring version of the Kool Krusher. Daniels kicked out the finisher that got Rainman to the quarterfinals. Daniels hit a superplex but Rainman scissored Daniels' legs into a cradle for the pin. The crowd gave the defending champion an appreciative sendoff.

(5) Samoa Joe beat Nigel McGuinness via submission in 13:20. Fans were split on McGuinness. Joe was way, way over with these fans. I liked this match a lot. McGuinness was able to neutralize Joe's size advantage on the mat with his superior skills. But McGuiness couldn't trade with Joe standing.  Joe solved McGuinness' cutesy  turnbuckle headstand with a Yakuza kick that got the first of many "holy ****" chants. It was on now. Joe brutalized McGuinness. Joe sold a forearm shot as if he had been knocked for a loop. McGuinness hit a divorce court and tried for a submission, but Joe made the ropes. Joe used big knees to the face to set up the choke out.

(6) Hallowicked & Jigsaw & Larry Sweeney beat Icarus & Gran Ikuna & Trik Davis in 9:57. This match also struck me as unnecessary dilution of great show. It featured students from Quackenbush's Chikara Wrestle Factory. It's a green but talented group. Nice high spots and shaky on the transitions. Sweeney's gimmick is fun. The crowd enjoyed the luchaesque action. A series of babyface false finishes turned into a  victory for the heels when Hallowicked pinning Icarus with a super brainbusta.

(7) A. J Styles beat Matt Sydal in 12:45. This was similar to the match they did in Evansville Wednesday night. Great in its own right but not quite at the level of the Evansville match because the finishing sequence wasn't as spectacular. Sydal is as close to a white meat babyface as you're going to see in Highland. Styles was booed for failing to honor the ropes break. Styles gave Sydal a vertical suplex to the floor but seemed to get the worst end of it.

Rotten got on the mic to express his disappointment in Candido. Said if Candido needed a job all he had to do was ask. Rotten said they used to friends, which was the reason he was one of the only guys in the business that hadn't tapped Tammy.

Rotten announced that he was bringing Dusty Rhodes to Highland on 10/23 as his partner for a match against Candido and Stone.

(8) MsChif beat Mercedes Martinez and Lacey and Rain and Daizee Haze and Mickie Knuckles in an elimination match (12:42.). Good match for an elimination deal. Martinez made more of an impression on me here than in her title win the previous night. Haze and MsChif got a pop for a lengthy rolling cradle. MsChif hit an impressive choke bomb. Rain was the first to go on a Martinez super brainbuster. Martinez dropped Knuckles on her head shortly thereafter. Lacey Nobody home on Haze's missile dropkick and Lacey planted her with a DDT. Martinez took out Lacey with a german suplex. It was down to Martinez and MsChif. Martinez countered the Desecrator with a powerbomb for a near fall. MsChif came back with the Desecrator to score the pin. MsChif was enraged that she wasn't going home with the belt. This would seem to set MsChif up as the number one contender.

(9) Arik Cannon beat Petey Williams in 12:40. This was a great pairing featuring two small guys that are extremely smooth and quick. Cannon tagged Williams and hit the Gamebreaker. Cannon tied Williams up in a pretzel like cravate. Fans got behind Williams, who made the comeback. Williams had the sharphshooter applied with fans calling for the tap out. Cannon made the ropes. They each escaped from the others' finisher. The finishing sequence was awesome. Williams was on the outside with an apparent blown knee. Cannon waited confidently (naturally with his back turned) while the ref's count reached nine. Williams surprised Cannon with an attempted Canadian Destroyer. Cannon drove Williams hard into the turnbuckles to block and hit the Glimmering Warlock to win the match and the title. Crowd chanted for Cannon.

(10) Mike Quackenbush beat Nate Webb via submission in 7:25. Another good match. Quackenbush dazzled the crowd with an array of submissions. Quack hit a flip dive. Quack did the Spyder's Webb into rocking horse. Webb hit a tumbleweed off the top rope. Quackenbush hit a northern lights bomb. Webb did an inverted Spyder's Webb. Quackenbush got the win with another tripped out submission.

(11) Brian Danielson beat CM Punk in 16:05. This was the most highly anticipated match of the quarterfinals. They didn't disappoint. The early going was a battle of mat submissions. Punk shot back at a fan with "I hope your parents die." They traded top quality dropkicks. Punk hit a jumping piledriver and worked over Danielson's neck. Punk got a near fall with a rabbit lariat, a very popular move this week. Danielson dropped Punk on his head. Both men slow to rise. Danielson used a missile headbutt for a near fall. Punk suplexed Danielson into the first row. Danielson went all the way aroudn the ring as he gave Punk a 30 revolution airplane spin. Awesome spot. Punk hit the shining wizard but Danielson got a foot on the ropes. Punk went up top looking for the Pepsi Plunge. Danielson backdropped Punk off the top and hit a dragon suplex for the pin.

(12) Wildcards (Eddie Kingston & Blackjack Marciano) beat Ryan Boz & Brad Bradley and Tank & Iceberg to win the IWA Mid-South Tag Team Titles in 16:40. The four monsters took turns beating up on Wildcards throughout the match. Tank was especially brutal with a cobra clutch suplex and 300+ pound double stomp on Marciano. The monster teams got on bad terms with each other due to unwanted tags. Boz and Bradley hit their washing machine finisher on Marciano, but Tank saved. Boz and Bradley got Iceberg up for a suplex. Kingston blinded Bradley with the powder and Bradley clocked Boz with a wild swing. Tank hit the chokebreaker on Marciano, but Kingston powerbombed Tank and flipped Marciano off of the top rope onto Tank for the three. Fans popped with approval for the title change. Tank and Iceberg got the please come back chant.

(13) Samoa Joe beat Rainman in 54 seconds. Rainman charged across the ring prior to the bell and launched a furious assault. Joe weathered the storm and took Rainman's head off with a lariat. The crowd was pissed. They wanted to see a match. Rainman got the "please come back" chant.

(14) A. J. Styles beat Arik Cannon in 6:04. Cannon tried to get stiff. Styles pounded Cannon and had him hanging to the ropes for dear life to block the Clash. Cannon managed to headscissor Styles through the ropes to turn the momentum. Styles halted Cannon's offense with the quebrada into the reverse DDT. Styles went for the discus lariat and got caught with Cannon's exploder suplex. Styles ducked the Glimmering Warlock and pinned Cannon with the discus lariat.

Fans thought they had a new heavweight champion, but it was not to be. Cannon said Williams agreed to defend the title in the tournament, but he didn't. Rotten told Cannon that either he defended against Styles on 10/23 or YOU'RE FIRED. Cannon said OK.   

(15) Brian Danielson beat Mike Quackenbush via submissoin in 11:29. Great match. Fans were pulling for Quackenbush in the underdog role. They did a nice job of playing off of spots from earlier matches in the tournament. Danielson started the subtle heeling by waving off the handshake. Danielson went high impact. Quack did a cool back bridge leglock. Danielson told Quack that he didn't have the power and did a pelvic thrust right out of Flair's playbook. Quack turned the tables on Danielson's surfboard dragon suplex. Quackenbush went lucha style. Danielson cut Quack off with a dropkick. Danielson grounded Quack to wear him down. Quack rolled away from Danielson's missile headbutt and got a great near fall. Quack got a ropes break on the Cattle Mutilation. Danielson did a 13 revolution airplane spin, reversed it for 13 more, and did a four revolution giant swing. Quackenbush tapped out in the Cattle Mutilation.

Quackenbush got the please come back chant. Quackenbush said it never seemed to be in the cards for him to win one of these tournaments, "but I'm going to go home reflecting on what a pleasure it was to entertain you."

(16) B. J. Whitmer won a seven-way elimination match over Jimmy Rave and Chris Sabin and Austin Aries and Alex Shelly and Todd Sexton and Claudio Castagnoli in around 12 minutes. The participants were all losers from the first round. Lots of crazy flying until the eliminations started coming, fast and furious. It came down to Rave and Whitmer. Rave opened up a nasty hardway gash on Whitmer's forehead open the hardway with a running knee. They did a bunch of near falls building to Whitmer's wrist clutch exploder suplex.

The show almost fell apart as a result of an ugly postmatch incident. Whitmer and Fannin just about lost it on a ringside fan. The fan was being a complete dick toward Whitmer, who had just worked his ass off in the ring and gotten his head split open. Whitmer ended up shoving the guy, and Fannin started wading into the seating area to get at him. Rotten came out to order his guys to the back. Rotten gave the fan a lecture. A fan on the opposite side of the building started heckling Rotten, who charged across the building to get in his face. Wrestlers started pouring out of the dressing room to quell the disturbance. Styles acted as the voice of reason and told everyone to get back to the business at hand. Regardless of the fans' behavior, the lack of professionalism on the part of Whitmer, Fannin and Rotten put a black eye on an otherwise stellar evening.

(17) A. J. Styles defeated Brian Danielson and Samoa Joe to win the tournament (14:32). A wild and intense way to close the show. Joe was clearly the fan favorite. Joe and Style hit dives to the outside. They did a round robin of of spots, kicked off by Joe's Ole Ole, where they seated a guy in a chair and obliterated him. There was a great three way spot where Danielson monkey flipped Styles into a huracanrana on Joe. Danielson applied the Cattle Mutilation to Styles and superplexed Joe, before Joe choked him out at 10:42. Styles and Joe proceeded to beat the hell out of each other. Styles escaped from the musclebuster and tried for the Clash, but he couldn't get Joe up. A second try failed as well. With the crowd chanting "A J," the third time was the charm. The crowd let out one final explosive pop.

Williams spoiled the moment with a Canadian Destroyer on Styles. When Styles recovered, he said he was going to break the faggot's neck. Rotten put Styles over huge, comparing him to Petty as one of the all around nicest guys in the business. Styles thanked the crowd to close the show.

2004 - WWE's Raw brand ran Waco, Texas, featuring:

WWE Intercontinental champion Chris Jericho defeated Christian via submission with the Walls of Jericho.
-Tyson Tomko pinned the Hurricane.
-William Regal pinned Rodney Mack.
-WWE Women's Champion Trish Stratus pinned Nidia with the bulldog; Val Venis was the guest referee for the bout.
-Chris Benoit & Shelton Benjamin defeated Ric Flair & Batista when Flair submitted to Benoit's Crippler Crossface.
-WWE Raw Tag Team Champions Rob Conway & Sylvian Grenier defeated Rhyno & Tajiri when Rhyno was pinned, using the tights for leverage, after hitting the Gore on the illegal opponent.
-Shawn Michaels pinned Kane in a streetfight with the superkick after Kane accidentally hit himself in the head with a steel chair.
-World Heavyweight Champion Triple H pinned Randy Orton with the Pedigree after Orton hit the RKO on an interfering Batista.

2004 - New England Championship Wrestling ran The Framingham Civic League in Framingham, MA featuring:
-Danny Diaz defeated Paul Lombardi.
-Ru Starr defeated Pat Masters.
-Violet Flame defeated Hayley Skye.
-In a Coward Waves The Flag Match, Johnny Idol (w/Ru Starr) defeated Steve King (w/Bob Evans).
-Nick Logan defeated Rocco Abruzzi.
-Bob Evans fought Chris Venom - Time Limit Draw.
-The Logan Brothers (Bryan Logan & Matt Logan) defeated NECW Tag Team champions PRIDE (Brian Nunes & Dan Freitas) by DQ
-NECW Heavyweight champion Michael Sain defeated Alex Arion.

2005 - WWE held their Unforgiven Pay-per-view in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, highlighted by Ric Flair defeating Carlito for the Intercontinental Title, a steel cage match between Matt Hardy and Edge, and a main event of John Cena vs. Kurt Angle.   Buck Woodward filed the following PPV report:

Intercontinental Champion Carlito vs. Ric Flair.

Ric Flair came out first, in a new blue robe.  As Carlito entered, they recapped the initial confrontation between the two in Carlito's Cabana on Raw. Flair started playing mind games at the start, faking out Carlito into a lockup attempt, then strutting.  Flair took Carlito down with side headlocks, which Carlito broke out of by pulling Flair's hair.  Flair applied a hammerlock, then Carlito grabbed a headlock and hit a shoulderblock.  Carlito mocked Flair's strut. Flair went to a hammerlock again, shoved Carlito in a corner, then strutted and let out a "Whoo". Flair faked a test of strength, then grabbed a hammerlock, but Carlito elbowed him in the face and punched him.  Flair floored Carlito with a chop, then went for a leg, but Carlito rolled out to the floor. They locked up, and Carlito elbowed and punched Flair in a corner. Flair poked Carlito in the eyes, to a pop, then hit some chops and punches.  

Flair whipped Carlito across the ring, but Carlito came back with a clothesline.  Carlito punched Flair in a corner, but Flair walked out with a reverse atomic drop and then hit a chop.  Flair went for a figure four, but Carlito kicked it off, sending Flair to the floor.  As Flair got on the apron, Carlito yanked his arm across the top rope.  On the floor, Carlito rammed Flair shoulder first into the ringpost.  Carlito whipped Flair into the ringsteps. Carlito covered Flair for a two count in the ring, then stomped his shoulder.  Carlito applied an overhead wristlock on the bad arm, but Flair chopped his way out.  Carlito pulled Flair to the mat by the hair, then pounded him with punches. A "Let's Go Flair" chant broke out, as Carlito worked Flair over in a corner.  Carlito backdropped Flair for a two count.

Carlito hit a cross armbreaker for a two count, then went into a keylock. Carlito hit a knee to the gut and a punch, then went for the armbreaker again, but Flair held onto the top rope, allowing Carlito to fall to the mat.  Flair mounted a comeback, hitting chops and elbows.  Flair delivered his trademark kneedrop, then lifted Carlito off the mat and chopped him down.  Ric Flair went to the top rope, and Carlito went to meet him, but Flair punched him away.  

Ric Flair then SUCCESSFULLY hit a forearm off the top rope!  The place popped huge for Flair hitting a move off the top rope, and Flair celebrated with a strut.

Flair then went to the top rope again, but as he came off, Carlito caught him with a dropkick.  Carlito went to ringside and got his apple.  He took a bite out of it, but Flair punched Carlito in the face, and Carlito started choking on the apple.  Flair took Carlito down, and applied the figure four leglock.  Carlito tapped out at the thirteen minute mark. Winner and new Intercontinental Champion: Ric Flair.

Ric Flair got on the microphone and said it was an honor, at this stage of his career, to win the Intercontinental championship.  Flair said this win meant as much to him as his 16 World Title wins.  Flair said he wished his best friend Triple H was there to celebrate with him.  Flair then said he was going to party in Oklahoma "all night long", and picked out a couple of babes from the front row to go party with him.

Backstage, Todd Grisham tried to interview Carlito, who walked off. They went back to ringside, where Flair was strutting out with four hot women, and saying he was going to be doing it "all night long".

In the locker room, Edge and Lita talked about how, when Matt was injured, he would call both of them, and they would be in bed together answering their phones without Matt knowing.  Edge said he would destroy Matt tonight.  Lita said she knew Edge would make her happy later, so she was going to make him happy now, and the two started making out.

Trish Stratus & Ashley vs. Torrie Wilson & Victoria, with Candice Michelle.  

Torrie was carrying a puppy with her to the ring, and all four of them (the ladies and the dog) were wearing gold. Trish and Victoria were trash talking at the start, and Torrie reached around Victoria and slapped at Trish, then hid behind Victoria. Torrie teased starting the match with Trish, but tagged out to Victoria.  Victoria took Trish down with a front facelock, and flipped over Trish and bridged  to put pressure on the neck.  Trish came back with a headscissors takedown and a sloppy Thesz press.  Trish went after Torrie, who ducked on the apron, and Trish went back to chopping Victoria.  Ashley licked Trish's hand before she chopped Victoria.  Ashley, still wearing her baseball cap, tagged in and hit a clothesline, then, for whatever reason, did a somersault over Victoria (her hat fell off) and a slow motion dropkick.  The crowd groaned.  Torrie came in and tossed Ashley to the floor.  Candice gave Ashley a weak kick.  Victoria tossed Ashley back in, then hit a slingshot legdrop and put her in a headscissors. Victoria took her down with a reverse chinlock, then tagged in Torrie, who hit some weak stomps and threw Ashley face first to the mat.  Victoria tagged in, and Ashley tried to hit some shots to the gut, but Victoria kneed her in the face.

Victoria teased letting Ashley make a tag, then took her away from her corner with a front facelock.  Ashley did manage a tag, but Torrie was distracting the referee.  Victoria gave Ashley a snap suplex, then went to the top rope, but Ashley crotched her and tagged Trish.  Trish gave Victoria a headscissors off the top, then hit some forearms.  Torrie grabbed Trish from the apron, but Trish knocked her to the floor.  Victoria put Trish in a fireman's carry, but Trish turned it into a headscissors.  Trish matrixed under a Torrie clothesline, then cleaned house on Torrie and Victoria with clotheslines. Trish hit Victoria with a spinebuster, but Candice distracted the referee.  Trish threw Candice to the floor, and Ashley rammed her face first into the apron. In the ring, Trish took Victoria and Torrie down with a side mare/headscissors combo.  Torrie fell to the floor, and Trish hit Victoria with the Chick Kick at the seven minute mark.

Winners: Trish Stratus & Ashley.

Backstage, Flair, with champagne in hand, led the women into a limo, asking them if they had ever seen a "theme park in a limo" before.  Flair put all the women in the limo, then pulled out some pills (insinuating that it was Viagra) and took a few.  Flair then remembered how many women were with him, and took a few more.

A vignette aired hyping the move of Raw to USA, featuring Vince McMahon, Carlito, Triple H, John Cena, Roddy Piper, Kurt Angle and Divas packing up to "move out" of a house.

Dusty Hill and Billy Gibbons of ZZTop, sitting at ringside, were introduced to the crowd.

Big Show vs. Gene Snitsky.

Big Show shook hands with ZZTop as he came out. They started brawling as soon as Snitsky got into the ring, interrupting the highlights of their previous confrontations, including Snitsky hitting Show with the ringbell.  Show tossed Snitsky around with a pair of hiptosses, then hit a headbutt.  Snitsky fought back with punches, but Show powered him down.  Snitsky got out of the ring and headed up the ramp, but Show grabbed him and tossed him back into the ring. Show quieted the crowd, then chopped Snitsky.  Snitsky went to the floor again, and Show followed.  Show missed a clothesline and hit the ringpost.  Snitsky then yanked Show shoulder first into the ringpost.  

They went back into the ring, and Snitsky put Show in an overhead wristlock.  For some reason, they showed the clips package they didn't finish showing earlier.  Show armdragged out of the wristlock, and went for a choke, but Snitsky kept hitting the injured arm.  Snitsky avoided another chokeslam attempt, and continued his assault on the arm.  Snitsky avoided a Show charge, with Show hitting his shoulder in the corner, and Snitsky hit a back suplex on Show. Snitsky hit a shoulderblock on Show, then took him down with a running boot.  There was a "Big Show" chant, as Snitsky went for the overhead wristlock again. Show shoved off the hold and hit a spinebuster. Both men were down, and Show sort of did a kip up (he used the ropes for help), and then went on the offensive, hitting punches, a headbutt and a shoulderblock.  Show then hit a left-hand chokeslam (Snitsky had been working on the right arm) for the clean win at the six minute mark. Winner: The Big Show.

Show teased leaving, then laid out Snitsky with a shot from the ring bell for good measure.  Which would explain why they insisted on finishing the video package of Snitsky hitting Show with the bell earlier. Show teased leaving again, then stood over Snitsky and drove the bell into the back of Snitsky's head. Show then finally left.

Backstage, there was steam coming out of the limo that Flair was partying in with the ladies.

A video package on the Chris Masters-Shawn Michaels feud was shown. Michaels was shown warming up in the back.

Kerwin White vs. Shelton Benjamin.

Benjamin drove out to the ring on his gold cart, carrying a hanger for his sweater vest.  Kerwin did his Chi Chi Rodriguez impression with a golf club.  Shelton slid out of the ring as Kerwin was stalling on the apron and yanked Kerwin face first into the apron.  Shelton tossed Kerwin into the ring to start the match, ripping off his polo shirt and hitting a back elbow.  Kerwin kicked away a backdrop attempt, but Shelton hit him with a knee to the gut.  Kerwin slid under Benjamin, but was given an elbow drop.  Kerwin dropkicked Shelton's leg out from under him.  Shelton came back with a flapjack and a clothesline for two.  Shelton missed a running knee in the corner, and Kerwin gave him a chopblock.  Kerwin kicked at his leg and dropped some elbows.  Kerwin hit a forearm.  

The fans chanted "Chavo Sucks", and Kerwin yelled "My name ain't Chavo".  Kerwin hit a shinbuster, but as he went for a second, Shelton floated over him.  However, Kerwin held onto his leg and put a torture rack on the leg.   Benjamin broke out, but Kerwin took him down with a spinning headscissors. Kerwin scored a two count, then yanked Benjamin's leg across the bottom rope. Kerwin went for a monkey flip, but Shelton landed on his feet.  Benjamin hit a Samoan Drop, but was favoring his leg, allowing Kerwin to come right back with punches.  Shelton returned fire, hit a clothesline, then a back elbow.  Shelton hit a backbreaker for a two count, then backdropped Kerwin as he charged him.  Shelton delivered a back suplex, then went to the top rope, but Kerwin crotched him, and Shelton got hung up by his bad leg.  Kerwin hit a top rope superplex, but Shelton kicked out at two. Kerwin applied a single leg Crab on the bad leg, and Shelton went for the ropes, but Kerwein pulled him back into the middle of the ring.  Shelton twisted out, and gave Kerwin a catapult into the corner.  Kerwin grabbed his golf club from ringside, and went to hit Shelton with it, in clear view of the referee.  Shelton ducked the club, tossed Kerwin in the air, and when he came down, Shelton hit Kerwin with an Exploder for the pin at the nine minute mark.  Winner: Shelton Benjamin.

Shelton picked up the golf club, and contemplated using it on Kerwin, then tossed it to the referee instead and walked off.

Todd Grisham interviewed Matt Hardy, asking if he still thinks Lita is a "female dog".  Matt said he still thinks Lita is a "bitch".  Todd said that if Hardy still thinks that, Hardy must still care about her.  Hardy said all he cares about is hurting Edge inside the cage.

A video package on the Hardy-Lita-Edge feud was shown.

Steel Cage: Matt Hardy vs. Edge, with Lita.

They had a big staredown at the start, then they locked up and rolled around the ring before starting to throw punches. Matt went to throw Edge into the cage, but Edge blocked it.  Edge then tried the same, but Hardy blocked. More punching, with Matt getting the better of it.  Matt whipped Edge across the ring, and Edge jumped onto the top rope and started climbing out.  Hardy stopped him, and they slugged it out on the top rope.  Hardy headbutted Edge to the mat, then hit a double axehandle off the top rope. Edge crawled for the door, but Hardy stopped him.  A "Hardy" chant broke out.  Hardy applied a side headlock, and Edge hit a back suplex, but Hardy maintained his hold.  Hardy hit a shoulderblock, then went back to the headlock, taking Edge over with a side mare.  Edge broke out with an eye rake, then hit some punches and kicked Hardy in the gut. Edge began climbing, but Hardy pulled him down, and Edge went chest first across the top rope.  Hardy hit a clothesline and scored a two count.

Hardy rammed Edge into a turnbuckle and hit some forearms to the chest.  Edge reversed a whip, but Hardy caught him with a reverse elbow.  Hardy hit a second rope clothesline, then went for a Twist Of Fate, but Edge shoved it off, sending Hardy into the cage.  Edge hit a reverse facebuster, then went to climb out of the cage, but Hardy followed him up.  They fought on the top rope again, and Hardy went for a Side Effect off the top rope, but Edge rammed the back of Hardy's head into the cage.  Hardy fell to the mat, and Edge hit a missile dropkick to the back of the head, grazing Hardy.  Edge hit some elbows to the back of the neck, then delivered a pair of back suplexes. Edge continued to work on Hardy's head, ramming the back of his head into the turnbuckles, then hitting a running kick to the head. Edge hit a DDT for a two count, then covered him again for another two.

Edge punched Hardy on the mat, then powerbombed him into the cage wall and dropped him to the mat. There was another "Hardy" chant. Edge then powerbombed Hardy into the turnbuckles in a corner. Edge punched Hardy repeatedly in the back of the head. The referee asked Hardy if he wanted to quit, but Hardy refused.  Edge hit a running kick to the head, then another.  Hardy still refused to quit.  Edge put Hardy on the top rope, then went for a back superplex, but Hardy elbowed Edge off the ropes.  Hardy stood up on the top rope, facing away from the ring, but Edge got under him, and hit a second rope powerbomb on Hardy.  Both men were down, and Edge crawled onto Hardy, who kicked out at two. There was another "Hardy" chant. Edge went to walk out the door, but Hardy grabbed onto Edge's foot.  Edge kicked Hardy, then shoved him in the head.  Hardy bit Edge's hand, and Edge started pounding him in the corner.  Hardy slipped under Edge, then dropped him face first on the top turnbuckle.  

Edge went for a spear, but Hardy sidestepped it and Edge went into the turnbuckles.  Hardy hit Edge with the Side Effect for a two count.  Edge crawled for the door, but Hardy grabbed his leg and dragged him back into the ring.  Lita threw Edge his briefcase.  Edge kicked Hardy away, and swung the briefcase, but Hardy ducked it.  Hardy threw a bunch of wild punches, then tied Edge in the ropes and continued pounding him.  Edge came loose, and Hardy catapulted him into the cage.  Hardy gave Edge a bulldog into the briefcase, then rammed him into the cage on all four sides.  Lita started to climb the cage, but Hardy shoved the mesh and Lita fell to the floor. Edge was busted open, and Hardy punched him in the head.  Hardy told the referee to ask Edge if he wanted to continue.  Edge wouldn't submit, so Hardy gave him a running kick to the head, then a second.  Edge was bleeding heavily, and Hardy hit another kick to the head.

Hardy picked up the briefcase and went to the top rope.  Edge shoved the referee into the ropes, and Hardy fell down, dropping onto the apron between the ropes and cage. Edge hit a spear between the ropes, ramming Matt into the cage.  Edge started to climb up, but Matt met him on the top rope.  They battled, and Hardy gave Edge a top rope Side Effect.  Lita grabbed a chair and tried to enter the cage, but the outside referee took the chair away. Lita got into the cage anyway, and broke up the cover as Matt tried to pin Edge. Matt got up and pointed at Lita.  Edge started to crawl for the door, but Matt turned and grabbed him to stop his exit.  Lita picked up the briefcase and went to hit Matt with it. Matt blocked the shot and laid out Lita with the Twist Of Fate, to a big pop.  Edge gave Hardy the spear, but Hardy kicked out at two. Edge then tried to climb out of the cage, but Hardy followed him, and rammed Edge into the top of the cage.  Edge fell to the mat.  Hardy stood on the top of the cage, contemplated what to do, and gave Edge a legdrop off the top of the cage.  Hardy the got the pin at the twenty-two minute mark. Winner: Matt Hardy.

Hardy walked out triumphant, as Lita and Edge were left laying in the ring.

Backstage, Cena was having his ankle taped up.  Eric Bischoff came in, and started gloating about how Kurt Angle was going to beat Cena for the WWE Title tonight.  Bischoff said he didn't even think Cena could survive tonight, much less keep the belt.  Cena took and piece of tape and put it over Bischoff's mouth.

Back in the arena, Edge crawled up the ramp, refusing to let the referees help him.

A pre-taped interview with Trevor Murdoch & Lance Cade was shown, promising to win the World Tag Team Title.

World Tag Team Champions Hurricane & Rosey vs. Lance Cade & Trevor Murdoch. Murdoch stalked ring announcer Lilian Garcia (who is looking smoking tonight) as the challengers got into the ring.  Cade started off with Hurricane, hitting a slam, but missing an elbowdrop.  Hurricane leapfrogged Cade and hit an armdrag, then armdragged Murdoch when he ran in.  Rosey hit Murdoch from the apron, and Hurricane gave him a headscissors.  Murdoch and Cade regrouped on the floor, and Murdoch was staring at Lilian again.  Cade said "after the match" and got him to focus.  Back in the ring, Murdoch hit Hurricane with right hands, but ran into an elbow. Hurricane hit a second rope dropkick, and tagged in Rosey, who hit an elbowdrop on Murdoch as Hurricane hit a drop toe hold.  Murdock tried to headbutt Rosey, which didn't work, and Rosey hit him with a headbutt, then rammed him with his rear end in a corner.  Cade broke up a cover, then tagged in and gave Rosey a kneedrop for two.

Cade put Rosey in a front facelock, while Murdoch went to Lilian and asked for a kiss.  Hurricane ran around and decked Murdoch.  Hurricane checked on Lilian, then slid across the ring to get at Murdoch on the floor again.  Murdoch grabbed him, and with Hurricane draped off the apron, Murdoch DDT'd Hurricane on the floor.  In the ring, Rosey hit Cade with a backdrop and a clothesline, then knocked Murdoch off the apron.  Hurricane was out cold on the floor.  Rosey went for an avalanche on Cade, but Murdoch pulled him out of the way, and Rosey ran into the turnbuckles.  Murdoch tagged in, but Rosey kept kicking out of his covers.  Referees came out to check on Hurricane.  Rosey was rolled to the floor, and Cade rammed him back first into the ring apron.  Back in the ring, Murdoch and Cade began tagging in and out, working him over.  Hurricane was carried out.  Cade hit Rosey with a neckbreaker.  Rosey came back, hitting a double clothesline on Murdoch and Cade, and struggled to the corner.  Hurricane seeing what was happening on the big screen, broke away from the officials and staggered back towards the ring.  Hurricane tagged in and threw some punches, but Murdoch and Cade took him down with a combination lariat/chopblock and got the pin on him at the eight minute mark. Winners and new World Tag Team Champions: Lance Cade & Trevor Murdoch.

We went back to the limo, where a woman got out wearing Ric Flair's robe.  Flair yelled for her to get back in, and she said she just needed to catch her breath.  She turned back towards the limo and opened the robe (presumably she was naked) and asked for a "Whoo!", which she got, and then got back in the limo.

Maria interviewed Chris Masters, asking why he was called "The Masturbate".  Masters said it was the "Masterpiece" and said it was because he resembles a work of art by Michelangelo.  Maria asked if he meant Michelangelo, the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, and began singing the cartoon theme song. Masters promised to destroy Shawn Michaels tonight.

Shawn Michaels vs. Chris Masters.

Masters attacked Michaels as he was making his entrance and put him in the Masterlock, swinging him around and throwing him to the mat.  Masters stomped Michaels on the mat as the referee backed him up.  The bell rang to officially start the match, and Masters went for the Masterlock again, but Michaels slipped away and threw some punches and chops. Michaels hit a kneelift and a clothesline, then clotheslined Masters from the ring and hit a pescado.  Michaels chopped Masters on the floor and threw him into the ringsteps. Michaels hit another chop and went for a chair, but the referee took it away, allowing Masters to kick Michaels in the gut.  They got back in the ring, with Michaels hitting Masters in the back, and Michaels dragged it back to the floor.  Masters went for a powerbomb on the outside, ramming Michaels back into the ringpost twice before dropping Michaels on the floor on his side.

Masters got back into the ring, as Michaels struggled to get up on the floor. Michaels got back into the ring, and Masters hitting forearms to the back.  Masters drove a knee into Michaels' back, then hit a legdrop for a two count. Masters hit a delayed vertical suplex, and scored a two count. Masters continued to hit Michaels in the back with forearms.  Michaels tried to fight back with a chop, but Masters hit a backdrop for a two count, then delivered a side backbreaker. Masters got another two count, then pounded Michaels on the mat. An "HBK" chant started.  Masters hit two backbreakers, holding onto the second and pushing down on Michaels' chin to add pressure to it.  Michaels punched out of it, and tried to rally, going for a crucifix.  Masters didn't go down, and spun Michaels into Masterlock position, but Michaels elbowed Masters and backed him into a corner.  Michaels hit a chop, but Masters whipped Michaels into a corner.

Masters put Michaels in a Torture Rack (over the shoulders backbreaker), and Michaels began to fade.  The referee checked Michaels arm, but Michaels kept it up on the third try. Michaels squirmed out of the hold and went into a sunset flip.  Masters kicked out and hit Michaels with a clothesline.  There was blood coming from Masters' nose.  Masters gave Michaels a press slam, then called for the Masterlock.  Masters went for the Masterlock, but Michaels squirmed, and grabbed the referee, and gave Masters a low back kick.  Masters and Michaels fell to the mat.  Masters got up first, but Michaels hit him with punches and chops.  Michaels hit a flying forearm, then kipped up and hit a reverse atomic drop and a pair of clotheslines.  Michaels slammed Masters and hit a top rope elbow.  Michaels started to stomp in the corner, but missed the superkick, and Masters locked in the Masterlock.  Michaels tried to kick off the ropes, but Masters held onto the hold.  Michaels tried it again, but again, Masters held on.  Michaels started to fade, and the fans chanted "HBK".  Michaels hulked up, and kicked his legs over the top rope so he was on the apron.  The referee forced Masters to break the hold.

Masters argued with the referee as Michaels was laying on the apron.  Masters went after him, and Michaels yanked Masters throat first across the top rope. Michaels went to the top rope and jumped off, but Masters caught him.  Masters spun Michaels around and went for the Masterlock, but Michaels ducked out of it and hit the superkick for the pin at the 18-minute mark.  Winner: Shawn Michaels.

Back at the limo, the ladies exited, looking very happy, and straightening out their outfits.  Flair came out, his trunks pulled halfway down.  Flair took a final swig of champagne and threw the bottle away.  Flair was about to give a "Whoo!" but did the Flair Flop and passed out on the ground instead. The live crowd could be heard reacting to it.

A commercial for Raw's return to USA Network, mentioning all the stars (Hogan, Foley, Austin, etc.) that would be appearing aired.

The events leading to John Cena vs. Kurt Angle were recapped.

WWE Champion John Cena vs. Kurt Angle.

Cena had his left ankle taped up, but didn't limp coming to the ring. They locked up at the bell, and Angle took Cena down with a side headlock.  Cena shoved it off, but Angle hit a shoulderblock.  Cena leapfrogged Angle, then hit a hiptoss.  Angle rolled to the floor and regrouped. They locked up again, and Angle grabbed a hammerlock, then worked on the arm with a Fujiwara armbar.  Angle drove his knee into the arm, then applied an armwringer.  Cena reversed, grabbed a side headlock and went to the mat with Angle. Cena was shoved off, but he hit a pair of shoulderblocks, and Angle went to the floor again, frustrated, to regroup.

Angle got back in and started punching Cena, then hit some forearm uppercuts in a corner.  Angle whipped Cena hard across the ring, but ran into a boot.  Cena slammed Angle and dropped a pair of elbows for a two count. Cena rammed Angle into the turnbuckles, hitting all four corners of the ring.  Cena delivered a side slam for a two count.  Angle raked Cena's eyes, then delivered a German suplex. Angle stomped Cena, then delivered a forearm uppercut.

Angle stomped Cena on the mat, then hit a vertical suplex for two. Angle applied a rear chinlock, then tore at Cena's face.  Angle hit a crossface blow, then went back to the chinlock, driving his knee into Cena's back.  Angle hit an elbow to the back of the head, but Cena came back with a sunset flip as Angle went for a backdrop.  Angle kicked out and hit an overhead belly to belly suplex.  Angle delivered a pair of kneelifts, then applied a reverse bearhug.  Cena tried to elbow out of it, but Angle turned the waistlock into a German suplex, then applied a bodyscissors.  Angle added a chinlock to it, and Cena got out of the bodyscissors first, then the chinlock.  Cena hit a DDT out of nowhere, and both men were slow to get up.

Angle and Cena traded right hands, with Cena getting the better of it.  Cena hit a pair of clotheslines, then a flying shoulderblock.  Cena hit a vertical suplex for a two count.  Cena measured Angle and went for the FU, but Angle turned it into a sunset flip and applied the ankle lock, but Cena kicked it away.  Angle charged, and Cena hit him with a spinebuster for two. Angle missed a charge in the corner, and Cena went for the FU, but Angle floated out and hit the Angle Slam for a two count. Angle grabbed the ankle lock, but Cena rolled into it and kicked Angle away.  Cena hit a side slam, then did the "You Can't See Me" gesture.  Cena hit the Five Knuckle Shuffle fistdrop for a two count. Cena punched Angle in the corner, then Angle went for a clothesline, but accidentally hit the referee.  Cena hit Angle with the FU, but the referee was down.

Cena went to check on the referee, then went back to Angle, and Angle kicked him in the groin.  Angle then wrapped his Olympic medal around his wrist, and used the medal like knucks to knock Cena down.  Angle hit a kneedrop to the injured ankle of Cena, then applied the ankle lock.  Eric Bischoff came out, and got into the ring and taunted Cena with the title belt. Cena struggled to get to the ropes, but Bischoff kicked his hand off, and Angle dragged Cena back into the center of the ring.  Cena rolled out of the ankle lock, and Angle crashed into Bischoff, knocking Bischoff to the floor. Cena picked up the WWE Title belt and hit Angle with it.  The referee, seeing this happen, called for the bell and, presumably, disqualified Cena.  Winner via disqualification: Kurt Angle.

Bischoff got back in the ring, and told the referee he was not going to give the title belt back to Cena.   Bischoff said he didn't care what the rules were, Cena was not leaving with the title belt.  Cena grabbed Bischoff and gave him the FU.  Angle attacked Cena, throwing him to the floor and pounding him.  Angle cleared off the Spanish Announcers table, and went for an Angle Slam, but Cena floated over it and gave Angle the FU through the table.

Angle was out cold on the floor, Bischoff was out cold in the ring.  Cena got back into the ring, and the referee handed him the title belt.  The announcers watched the replay of the end of the match, and clarified that Angle had won via DQ, so Cena retains the title.  Officials checked on Angle, and Cena walked off in celebration, holding up the title belt, as the show ended.

2007 - Sonny Siaki issued the following statement in regard to his release from World Wrestling Entertainment.  "I have been dealing with some personal issues that I'm currently having at home for the last 7 to 8 months, which led to me getting released from WWE. My focus right now is my family, not wrestling. I wish WWE the best. Thank you and God Bless."  Siaki was released after he informed the company of his plans to donate a kidney to his brother.  Siaki and his brother are both doing well following that procedure.

2007 - WWE released the Steve Austin film "The Condemned" on DVD.

2007 - WWE taped Smackdown in Atlanta, Georgia, an episode centered around the wedding of Teddy Long and Kristall Marshall, which ended up being Marshall's final appearance for the company as she turned down a storyline twist that would have paired her with Edge as a heel duo:

WWE is currently setting up for Smackdown. They are taping the wedding first, setting up white ring ropes, ring steps and guest chairs.

*The wedding has started. Comedian Bruce Bruce is the Reverend. Vince McMahon, Arn Anderson and performers from all three brands are present as guests.   Teddy dedicates "Let's Get Married" by Jagged Edge to Kristal. Jillian Hall comes out and says that they were terrible and starts to sing. She is dragged off by several other Divas.   They continue...but...

*The Godfather, accompanied by several Hos, comes out and stops the ceremony. Godfather got all the male guests, including JBL, to leave with him to "ride the Ho Train".  Hornswoggle crawls under Kristal's dress and is chased to the back by Jonathan Coachman and Vince McMahon. The crowd is chanting, "We want wrestling."

*Teddy and Kristal start to exchange vows.  Long passes out while giving them and medics rush down. They carry Long out on a gurney.
*JBL returns to do commentary.

*Smackdown opening features WWE World champion Batista in the ring wearing a suit, so it appears they shot the wedding first and that will close the episode when it airs.

*Jimmy Yang defeated Jamie Noble.

*MVP and Matt Hardy have a contest backstage throwing a football through a tire. Hardy wins.

*Deuce and Domino defeated WWE Tag Team champions Matt Hardy and MVP in a non-title match.  MVP left with all the tag straps.

*Mark Henry challenges WWE World champion Batista to a non-title match later tonight.

*Michael Cole interviews Rey Mysterio. JBL tells Cole he's being too nice and starts to confront Rey. Rey challenges JBL and he says he can't fight because of his announcing contract. He then says he knows someone who Rey can fight. Finlay comes out and lays out Rey from behind.

*Mark Henry defeated WWE World champion Batista by countout after The Great Khali interfered. The Undertaker comes out and a tag bout starts, which is likely a dark match. Taker and Batista get the win.

2008 - Kevin Nash came to terms with TNA for a new one year deal.

2008 - Charlie Haas & his wife, former WWE Diva Jackie Gayda Haas, are the new proud parents of a new baby girl: Taylor Suzanne Haas (weighing 7lbs 1oz).

2009 - Former WWF champion Ultimate Warrior's lawsuit against World Wrestling Entertainment looked to be over, as Judge Douglas L. Rayes ruled that Warrior could not sue for damages over WWE's comments about him in their Self-Destruction of Ultimate Warrior DVD.

Warrior filed a lawsuit against WWE on 1/9/2006 in The Superior Court of Arizona, Maricopa County over his depiction in WWE's Self-Destruction DVD.  Warrior claimed at that time that the content of the DVD violated a March 2000 Settlement Agreement between WWE and Ultimate Creations Inc, Warrior’s Arizona corporation. That agreement granted WWE the rights to own any existing footage from the Warrior’s WWE runs and the ability to “exploit” them, but decreed that Warrior actually owned the rights and trademarks to the Ultimate Warrior character and could use them in any future venue as he decreed. The 2000 Agreement also noted that both parties agreed not to disparage each other and that WWE also agreed to pay $890,000 to Warrior’s Ultimate Creations as part of the settlement agreement.

The lawsuit started in federal jurisdiction before aspects involving the Settlement were sent back to Arizona State Court, since that was where the March 2000 Settlement was drafted.

The lawsuit dragged on for several years until 9/10, when Rayes agreed with WWE's claims that Warrior himself had made publicly disparaging claims against WWE in his own public appearances and statements. Rayes ruled that Warrior himself had breached the contract, therefore he wasn't legally able to recover damages for WWE doing the same thing.

WWE's Warrior DVD featured comments by Vince McMahon, Edge, Christian, Bobby Heenan, Triple H, Steve Lombardi, Eric Bischoff, Gene Okerlund, and Hulk Hogan, among others discussing Warrior’s WWF and WCW runs and legacy. HHH noted that Warrior was among the “least professional” wrestlers he had ever had to deal with, while Heenan stated that Warrior was dangerous and that “Nobody wanted to be around the guy.” McMahon noted that at one point, he couldn’t “wait to fire” Warrior.

In a statement posted on his official website yesterday, Warrior acknowledged he had pretty much lost the case, writing, "It is what it is. There are no guarantees in litigation. None.  Of course, when you pursue these things, you want things to turn out in your favor. So does the other side. Cases are made and cards fall where they will.  What helps me handle it is that I am realist about things I cannot control and an optimist about all the incredible opportunity that always lies ahead, every day, every hour, every minute. I mean, from the moment you decide in your head that the past is done and gone, that it is a fact of reality you can’t change, and you put your time and energy into moving forward, right then and there positive things begin to happen. Only when you change the world of your mind will things in world outside of you change.  There is no reason for hesitation except that you choose to stay stuck. The only force is your mind. I don’t choose to remain stuck. I’m not good at whining and complaining about what I, myself, can, will and must do. I still have the rest of today to make the most out of myself and my life. I’m going to get at it."

While there will still be some additional back and forth maneuvering between the two sides, for the most part, the bulk of Warrior's claims were tossed and it certainly appears the matter will be wrapped up shortly.

2009 - WWE broadcast Smackdown.  Richard Trionfo filed the following TV report:

We begin with a look back at the Undertaker’s triumphant return to the ring . . . until Teddy Long rained on his victory parade. Who would have thought that something like that would happen in Montreal?

We are live on tape from Hamilton, Ontario, Canada and your announcers are Jim ‘BBQ Back Bacon’ Ross and Todd ‘Why do I have to always be Doug McKenzie’ Grisham.

We see a limo arrive and Teddy Long emerges and he is flanked by a phalanx of security because he is afraid that the Undertaker might put him on a symbol.

Batista comes to the ring and he is going to address the Smackdown crowd for the first time since he announced he was coming back to Smackdown. We see Batista showing Randy Orton that he was okay on Monday night as well as footage from Batista’s match against Randy Orton.

Batista says that his contract with Raw expired recently and for the first time in his career, he got to choose where he wanted to be. Batista says that he did not have to worry about a draft or trade and he chose to be on Smackdown and he calls it the ‘A’ show. Batista says that it is good to be back and he cannot wait to get started.

Before he can officially start, he is interrupted by Chris Jericho. Chris says that Batista’s comments were heartwarming and he wanted to welcome Batista back onto Smackdown. Jericho says that babies are smiling and birds are chirping because Batista is back. Jericho asks the fans if they like that Batista is back. Jericho says that Batista makes him sick. He says that Batista is just like that other injury prone loser, Edge. He is pandering to the pathetic parasites and begging for cheers from the hypocrites. He says that Batista acts like he deserves an award for coming back. Jericho tells Batista that he is the true face of Smackdown and everybody knows it. Jericho says that a lot has changed since Batista left Smackdown. Jericho says that he is now ‘The Man’ on this show.

Batista tells Jericho that he was always told that to be the man, you have to beat the man. Batista says that they will have a chance to catch up tonight because Jericho has a match against him. Batista gives Jericho a spinebuster and then he leaves the ring.

Chris Jericho goes into the locker room and he wants to know where Big Show was. Show reminds Jericho that he said that he wanted to do it alone. Jericho reminds Show that he was the first Unified Champion and that he beat Batista before. He tells Show to stay in the locker room while he takes care of Batista.

We go to commercial.

We are back and Dolph Ziggler is at the announce table with JR and Todd.

Match Number One: John Morrison versus Mike Knox

Before the match starts, we get some words of wisdom from Dr. Mike Knox about Restless Leg Syndrome.

Morrison with a side head lock but Knox with a shoulder tackle. Knox with a punch to Morrison and then he kicks Morrison in the corner. Morrison with a kick to Knox and then Morrison goes to the apron and then slides back in before he hits an enzuigiri. Knox charges at Morrison but Morrison drops down and Knox goes over the top rope to the floor. Morrison with an Asai Moonsault and then he poses as we go to commercial.

We are back and Knox has regained control and has Morrison in a reverse chin lock. We see Morrison being sent into the ring post during the commercial to change the momentum of the match. Morrison with elbows and punches but Knox with a forearm to the back followed by a bicycle kick to the back of the head for a near fall. Knox with a splash to the back and he gets another near fall. Knox with a back breaker and then he stretches Morrison on his knee. Knox tries for another back breaker but Morrison counters with a DDT. Morrison with a punch followed by a drop kick to the knee and a leg lariat. Morrison with a Shining Wizard followed by a standing shooting star press for a near fall. Knox with a cross body for a near fall. Morrison sends Knox into the turnbuckles and then he hits the springboard spin kick and then it is time for the corkscrew split legged moonsault and the three count.
Winner: John Morrison

After the match, John Morrison gets on the mic and he asks Dolph if he had fun playing footsies with Todd Grisham. Morrison mentions their match at Hell in a Cell, but it is time for the return of Mr. Ziggles.

Todd and Jim talk about the controversy from Montreal that took place on Sunday.

Josh Mathews is with Scott Armstrong and he asks Scott why he did what he did on Sunday. Scott says that he has never been asked to do anything like this in his career, but he had to answer to someone much higher than him. He has been around this for thirty years and he knew that it was wrong and made him sick to his stomach. He says that he is not proud of what he did, but he will make no excuses because he did it to save his job.

We go to commercial.

We are back and we see footage of Michelle attacking Melina with her crutch last week during Melina’s match with Layla.

Match Number Two: Melina versus Michelle McCool

Michelle is noticeably limping as she comes to the ring and then Michelle retreats to the ropes due to Melina’s apparent aggression at the start of the match. Michelle with a knee and uppercut followed by a punch. Melina with a back heel kick and Michelle goes to the floor to recover. Melina follows Michelle to the floor but Michelle gets back in and she is able to stop Melina and Melina is pulled back into the ring by her hair. Michelle slams Melina’s head into the mat and then fires in a series of punches. Michelle with a kick to the head. Michelle with a knee lift and kick. Michelle with a Dragon Sleeper on Melina but Melina tries to kick her way out of the hold. Michelle releases the hold and then connects with a knee drop. Michelle with a knee in the corner followed by a choke with the boot. Michelle misses a baseball slide and goes to the floor and she favors her knee. Melina with a kick and a Thesz Press from the apron. Melina with a drop toe hold that sends Michelle into the ropes. Melina follows that up with a scream that breaks glass and a knee to the back. Melina brings Michelle down by the hair and gets a two count. Melina with forearms but Michelle with an elbow. Michelle misses a big boot when Melina does a matrix but Michelle with a big boot for a near fall. Michelle gets Melina up but Melina with a screeching Code Red for the three count.
Winner: Melina

Teddy Long is in his office and he has his security detail with him and he turns around and sees Vince McMahon. Vince asks for some private time with Teddy. Teddy asks Vince what can he do for him and Vince wants to know where his picture is. Vince also asks about the surprise that will change the face of Smackdown and he did it with Batista. Vince says that it is magnificent and extraordinary. Vince says that Teddy really came up with something at Breaking Point. Vince asks Teddy why would he double cross the Undertaker. Vince says that he told Teddy to entertain the WWE Universe. Vince tells Teddy that he owes him an explanation for why he did what he did on Sunday and Vince says that it better be the right answer. Vince tells Teddy that he should tell the WWE Universe why he double crossed the Undertaker. Vince asks Teddy if he knows what the Undertaker is going to do to him. We go to commercial.

We are back and did you know that millions of people watch WWE programming.

Teddy Long comes to the ring with his independent security force. Before Teddy gets to explain his actions, we see the video package that started the show.

Teddy says that he wants to welcome back Batista to Smackdown. Teddy says that he came out tonight to make an admission. He admits that all of this was pre-planned. It was pre-planned to prevent the Undertaker from becoming the World Champion. Teddy says that he is not going to come out here and say that he is proud of what he did because he is not. He will not say that he is not afraid of the Undertaker because he is. Teddy knows that Taker will probably show up tonight and that is why he has his crack security detail. Teddy says that he was not the only one involved. He throws Scott Armstrong and CM Punk under the bus as well in the conspiracy. Teddy says that he knows how he feels about the conspiracy. Teddy wants to explain why he did what he did. Teddy says that he has a family to take care of and that times are tough. Teddy says that he cannot let his family down. Teddy says that he is too old to learn something new. Teddy wants to apologize for his actions. Teddy says that he hopes that the Undertaker can find it in his heart to forgive him.

Teddy walks to the back with his security detail.

JR and Todd wonder if Taker is going to accept Teddy’s apology. We see Teddy walking in the back and he stays in the middle of his security until he gets to his limo. Teddy enters his limo and we see the internal camera. Teddy tells his driver that he is ready to go, but the driver does not respond and the doors lock. We see the privacy glass come down and the Undertaker is now a limo driver. He tells Teddy to ‘buckle up’ and then Teddy realizes who is in the front seat and he lets out a scream and the lights go down and smoke comes out of the back of the limo. Teddy’s voice gets distorted. The limo drives away and we go to commercial.

We are back with a Moments Ago Moment of Mr. Teddy’s Wild Ride.

CM Punk comes out and he has his title belt with him as he goes to the ring to tell his side of the story from Sunday night. Punk says that he ‘told you so’ and then he says that he appears to be saying it a lot. He said that he would beat Jeff and he did. Then he said that he would get rid of Jeff Hardy forever and he did. Then he said he would make Taker tap out to the Anaconda Vice and he did that too. Punk says that he is not out here to brag about being the first man to make Taker tap. He came out to confront the Undertaker in his ring . . . in his yard. Punk says that he came out to stick his title in Taker’s face to say ‘I told you so’. Punk points out that it is convenient that Taker is not here so he will talk to the fans. Punk says that the fans think that he has been preaching to them and he admits to it because they need a good preaching to. They need a leader who isn’t morally corrupt and someone who is righteous, not self-righteous. Punk says that he knows that the fans will give up, just like their hero did. Punk says that most have already given up. He calls the fans inebriated zombies waiting for the next thing to put an artificial smile on their face. Punk says talks about the scapegoats for the fans’ inadequacies. Punk says that he is a prophet and the choice of a new generation. He is a champion the fans can be proud of.

We go to commercial.

Match Number Three: Cryme Tyme with Eve Torres versus David Hart Smith and Tyson Kidd with Natalya

Smith and Shad start things off and they lock up and Shad with a side head lock. Shad with a shoulder tackle and forearm but Smith with a knee and elbow to the head. Smith with kicks in the corner and then Smith mocks JTG. Smith returns to Shad and connects with a punch. Smith with an Irish whip but Shad with clotheslines. Shad follows that with an face first slam from an atomic drop set up for a near fall. JTG is tagged in and he connects with an elbow and then Shad sends JTG into Smith. JTG with a sliding uppercut to Smith. JTG with a drop kick and Smith goes to the floor. Kidd tries to interfere and Shad presses slams him and Kidd rolls to the floor and we go to commercial.

We are back and Kidd kicks Shad before tagging Smith back into the match. Smith with a clothesline for a near fall. Smith continues to work on Shad’s neck with an elbow. Smith with a reverse chin lock into a side head lock. Smith with knees and then Kidd is tagged in. Smith with a drop toe hold and Kidd with a drop kick for a near fall. Kidd with more kicks to Shad’s head and then he connects with an elbow drop. Kidd with a reverse chin lock. Kidd with a snap mare after tagging in Smith and Smith with a leap frog neckbreaker and Kidd with a kick to the back before Smith gets a near fall. Smith with a knee to the back followed by a key lock and fish hook. Smith with a knee but Shad with a big boot to Smith and both men are down. Smith holds on to Shad’s leg to keep Shad from making the tag. Smith kicks Shad in the back and Kidd tags back in. They send Shad into the turnbuckles as they continue to work on the back. Kidd gets a near fall and then he returns to a side head lock. Shad sends Kidd over his head but Tyson lands on his feet and then Tyson hits a back kick. Shad with a clothesline and both men are down. JTG tags in and he hits the flip shoulder tackle followed by a drop kick. JTG with a neck breaker and then JTG bounces around the ring and knocks Smith off the apron. JTG goes to the turnbuckles and hits a leg lariat for a near fall. Kidd with a rollup but JTG reverses it and gets a near fall. JTG with a wraparound clothesline and he gets a near fall but Smith breaks things up. Shad and Smith fight to the floor. Kidd goes to the apron. Natalya tries to interfere and distract the referee but Eve pulls her out of the ring. Kidd with a snap mare neck breaker for the three count.
Winners: Tyson Kidd and David Hart Smith

Melina is walking in the back and she goes into the Divas locker room and the photos of Dolph holding up Michelle after Michelle slipped last week are all over the walls. Melina plays the role of the innocent bystander and says that Maria is going to freak. Melina tries to take down the photos but Maria enters and sees the photos. Melina says that she is so sorry about this. Maria says that she knows that Dolph has an explanation for this. Maria wants to know why Melina wouldn’t have talked to her about this instead of trying to embarrass Maria. Melina says that she would never hurt Maria. Maria says that she is done with this and leaves.

We go to commercial.

Match Number Four: Great Khali with Runjin Singh versus Kane

Khali with punches to Kane followed by kicks in the corner and then he chops Kane. Khali with a big boot and then he sets for the choke slam but Kane leaves the ring. Khali follows Kane out of the ring and Khali sends Kane’s arm into the announce table. Kane with a punch and then he gets a chair and he hits Khali with it and the referee calls for the bell.
Winner: Great Khali by disqualification

After the match, Kane drags the unconscious Khali over to the ring steps that have already been rearranged by Kane. Kane uses the steps on Khali’s leg. We go to commercial.

We are back and we see Khali being taken to the back on a stretcher.

It is time for the Smack of the Night: Drew McIntyre attacking R Truth in the back.

Match Number Five: Charlie Haas versus R Truth

Drew McIntyre comes out to let Charlie know that there was an accident in the back and Truth will not be able to wrestle tonight. Drew tells Charlie that as far as he is concerned that makes Charlie the winner by forfeit and he congratulates Charlie. Drew offers his hand to Charlie and Charlie shakes it. Charlie turns his back and Drew with a kick and a double underhook DDT.

We are back with an Earlier Tonight Moment of the Taking of Teddy Long and we have no update according to Jim Ross.

Match Number Five (Take Two): Chris Jericho versus Batista

Jericho avoids Batista on a tie up and Jericho with a punch but it appears to be mistake number one and Batista takes Jericho into the corner and connects with shoulders. Jericho tries for a cross body but Batista catches him and hits a power slam for a near fall. Batista with punches but Jericho holds on to the ropes and Jericho with a drop kick to the knee. Batista goes to the apron and then Jericho with a baseball slide that sends Batista to the floor. We see Big Show watching the match from the locker room.

Jericho goes to the floor and he kicks Batista in the ribs and sends him into the announce table. Jericho rolls Batista back into the ring and then Jericho continues to work on the knee. Jericho punches Batista in the head and applies a cross face and arm bar. Batista gets Jericho on his back and runs Jericho into the turnbuckles. Jericho with a kick to the knee and back of the leg. Jericho with another kick to the leg followed by punches and forearms. Batista with a Bossman slam but Batista still favors his knee. Batista with a back elbow and a running clothesline into the corner. Batista with more shoulders in the corner followed by an Irish whip. Batista runs into a boot and Jericho with a bulldog and it is time for the Lionsault but Batista moves and Jericho lands on his feet. Batista hits a spinebuster and then it is time to set for the Batista Bomb but Jericho counters with an enzuigiri for a near fall. Jericho goes up top and he is met with a clothesline. Batista hobbles but he sets for the spear but Jericho moves out of the way. Jericho with a rollup and use of the ropes but he can only get a two count. Jericho punches Batista and kicks him in the ribs. Batista with a boot but Jericho blocks the Batista Bomb attempt. Jericho applies the Walls of Jericho but Batista is able to roll out of the hold. Batista sends Jericho into the corner but Jericho with an elbow. Jericho tries for the Codebreaker but Batista catches Jericho and hits the Batista Bomb for the three count.
Winner: Batista

After the match, we go to Josh Mathews who is with Big Show in the locker room and he wants Show’s reaction. Show says that Batista got lucky and if Batista gets in the ring with him next week, Batista’s luck will run out.

2010 - WWE ran a Supershow in St. Louis, Missouri.   Codt Drennen filed the following live report:

I went to the WWE Supershow in St. Louis, Missouri. Here is the results.

It was a fun show and all the WWE Superstars worked hard even with the PPV the next day. I would say about 5,000 people in the arena.

The first match was John Morrison taking on Ted DiBiase with Maryse. Before the match started, we get the "GM Email Sound" and Tony Chimel announced that Ted deserve a rematch at singing but he then said that he was so bad on RAW this week that it wont be a sing off but a dance off. Ted DiBiase and Maryse danced which was just as bad as it was on RAW. The funny thing is, after they danced, Ted DiBiase dropped to the mat and act like he was "humping" the mat kinda like what Edge use to do when he entered the ring. Maryse falls down laughing as he was doing it. John Morrison went next and does a lot of break dancing moves. The crowd chose John Morrison as the winner. The bell ring and here is a full rundown of the match, DiBiase attacked Morrison. Morrison hits DiBiase, then does his springboard kick to the head follow by Starship Pain. Match lasted probably 30-40 seconds, if that. After the match, The Nexus came out and cornered John Morrison. Wade Barrett took the mic and told Morrison that they are giving him a chance to leave the ring so he better take it. Morrison goes to leave but he runs and kicks Michael Tarver in the leg and exit the ring with The Nexus trying to get him. Barrett says that Morrison shouldn't of done that and that they will get him very soon. Barrett says that they have bigger fish to fry tonight when they beat Randy Orton, Big Show, Evan Bourne, and John Cena in the main event.

Next was a Women's Championship Match between Melina and Alicia Fox. Alicia did a little bit better here, not much as she messed up the finish. Melina wins with her split legged leg drop but Alicia went down before Melina even dropped the leg on her.

Bella Twins came out to pick someone to be the bell ringer for the next match. They picked this young kid and the question was, "What is the name of tomorrow's Pay Per View". The kid got it right with Night of Champions and they brought him out to ring the bell. The match was for the WWE Tag Team Championship, The Hart Dynasty vs. The Usos. This was a great tag team match, better than I seen both teams do on TV each week. Natayla even bodyslam one of the Usos outside the ring. The finish came when Tyson Kidd knocks a Uso off the apron and David Hart Smith made the other one tap out to The Sharpshooter.

Next was a Diva's Championship Match between Layla with Michelle McCool taking on Kelly Kelly. Me being a Layla fan was totally into the match and Kelly was good in the match. Before the match, Layla brought out this big exercise ball which she did "exercise" on it. Kelly Kelly took the ball and hit Michelle with it and hit Layla hard in the face with it. Layla won with The Lay Out.

The next match was a great match, second match of the night between CM Punk and Kofi Kingston. Before the match started, CM Punk grabbed a mic and wanted to know why we booed him when he didn't say anything or done anything to us. He said he didn't make fun of our "stupid Arch", or even our local sports team. He said he was in St. Louis before and we loved him because he was straightedge and he wants to know what have changed. He said he didn't changed, it was us, and that he is from Chicago and that tonight, he is going to be St. Louis and he wants us all to act like, just for this one night that Kofi Kingston is from St. Louis. Like I said, great match, Kofi did his jumping over CM Punk like he does so Punk decide to try it but Punk jumped too soon and lands right on Kofi. I dont know if it was planned or not but it was nasty looking. The finish comes when Punk springboards off the ropes going for his flying clothesline but Kofi ducks it and get up and nails Trouble in Paradise for the win.

The Bella Twins came back out to throw some t-shirts.


The next match was a United States Championship Match between The Miz and Daniel Bryan. This was my match of the night. Just great stuff and if this is like there Night of Champions match is like, it should be good. Before the match started, Miz grabbed a mic and said that unlike CM Punk, he is going to make fun of our sports teams. He said that St. Louis is the worst city he ever been in. He said New York, LA, and even Cleveland was better than St. Louis. He then said that Daniel Bryan was like the St. Louis Rams and St. Louis Cardinals, they are never going to win any championships. He then started to say his "Awesome" stuff but stopped and said we can't say it with him. He then said that if we have anything to say to raise our hands. People raised their hands and Miz picked a guy in the front row with a Ochocinco jersey on and asked what he wanted. The guy said Miz was Awful. Miz laughs and said that he should take off that jersey since he already got rid of Ochocinco on RAW. Daniel Bryan was on fire tonight. The crowd was really liking his Submissions and even did some highflying stuff as well. The finish came when Miz did The Skull Crushing Finale on Bryan for the pin.

The next match was for The World Heavyweight Championship and a Night of the Champions Preview, as Kane faced his brother, The Undertaker. They brawled around the ring mostly the whole match. Undertaker rammed Kane into the stairs hard and it was loud. The finish came when Kane grabbed Undertaker by his neck for the chokeslam but Undertaker does the same and gets ready to pick Kane up when Kane kicked Undertaker between the legs and the ref calls for the bell. Undertaker wins by DQ, Kane is still the World Heavyweight Champion. After the match, Undertaker does a chokeslam to Kane anyways. He goes for The Tombstone but Kane runs out of the ring.

In the main event, The Nexus faced John Cena, Randy Orton, Evan Bourne, and The Big Show. Loud and I mean loud pops for Randy Orton and Evan Bourne since they are from St. Louis but John Cena's pop was louder than Ortons. The match was going to be four against four, David Ortunga, Health Slater, Justin Gabriel, and Wade Barrett against Team Cena but we get the GM sound again and Tony announces that the RAW GM made this match a Five on Four Handicap Elimination Match. The first elimination came when Big Show did a chokeslam on Michael Tarver but Nexus breaks it up. Health Slater brings a chair in the ring only for Show to swat it away. He picks up the chair and the ref turns around and tries to get it away from him but Show shoves the ref down. Ref tells Tony Big Show is disqualified. The next elimination is Michael Tarver when Evan Bourne did The Shooting Star Press which is great seeing live. The next elimination happens when Health Slater did a neckbreaker type move to Bourne for the three. John Cena is in and they worked on John Cena for 15 minutes straight. The longest beatdown I think I ever saw. During it though, John Cena planted David Ortunga with The Attitude Adjustment for the three and he made Justin Gabriel tap out to even the match up two and two. John Cena finally made the hot tag to Randy Orton which the roof blew off when he came in. He came in on fire and after about a minute he planted Health with a RKO for the three. He then gets on the mat and does his fist stomping waiting on Barrett to get up. Wade gets up and gets a RKO as well. Randy Orton pins Wade Barrett to win the match. After the match, Randy Orton and John Cena stared at each other and finally they shook hands. John Cena left while Randy Orton goes around ringside to greet fans.

It was a pretty good show.

John Cena
Randy Orton
The Undertaker
Evan Bourne

The Miz
CM Punk
Ted Dibiase when he was dancing with Maryse

2011 - CHIKARA debuted in New York City.  Joshua Higham filed the following live report:

"Martyr Yourself to Caution" live from the Highline Ballroom in Manhattan.




In 12 Large Summit Block A action, Sara Del Rey defeated Ophidian to gain two more points. Ophidian is now effectively eliminated from Block A, left only to play a possible spoiler role.


The Throwbacks defeated the Colony (Soldier Ant and Green Ant) to gain their third point. A good mix of mat wrestling and shenanigans in this one, including referee Nick Papagiorgio was expelled from the match by the wrestlers, almost got counted out before getting replaced by Jon Barber.


Gregory Iron defeated Icarus.


The Young Bucks defeated Tursas and Tim Donst after hitting Donst with More Bang for Your Buck.


After intermission, Ares defeated Marshe Rockett with the Tiger Driver. Delirious was at Ares' side for the match and interfered several times on his behalf. Postmatch, Ultramantis Black attacked Ares with the Praying Mantis Bomb while Hallowicked tried to get his former partner to recognize him. Delirious seemed to remember Hallowicked's stem, but this allowed the Dark Army to attack, which led to...


The Spectral Envoy (Ultramantis Black, Hallowicked, Frightmare, and Crossbones) defeated The Dark Army (Sinn Bodhi, Obariyon, Kodama, and Kobald). For the most part, this was a wild brawl with everyone fighting on the floor. Ultramantis Black pinned Bodhi with Cosmic Doom.


Team FIST defeated Mike Quackenbush and Jigsaw, two falls to one, to become the new Campeonatos de Parejas.  Jigsaw pinned Gargano after a Jig and Tonic/Double Stomp combo in a quick first fall.  FIST was awarded the second fall by Derek Sabato, because of a phantom foul.
Gargano made Jigsaw tap to the Garga-no Escape.


Eddie Kingston defeated Fire Ant in an absolute war. At one point, Fire Ant jumped onto Kingston in the crowd, and Vin Gerard attacked Kingston's knee again. This was Kingston's eighth point, which guarantees at least a tie at the top of Block B for Kingston. Kingston led a postmatch chant for Fire Ant.


Notes: Numerous members of the Chikara roster lamented the venue trying to take 50% of merch sales, so many of them just didn't sell their wares (or were just advertising on twitter for people to find them after the show)....The ring was flush against the stage with the hard camera and commentary station opposite the stage in the balcony....The lighting needs a second look as half the ring was in shadows for half the event.....Alcohol was flowing at the bar, which was evident by several fans' behavior.....CHIKARA had a new Thundercats-inspired shirt available for sale. The next Chikara events are in North Carolina and Tennessee the first weekend of October, which will then lead into the company's very first iPPV in November.

2011 - WWE broadcast the Night of Champions PPV.  Mike Johnson filed the following PPV report:

Welcome to's live, ongoing coverage of the 2011 WWE Night of Champions PPV.

The announcing team is Michael Cole, Jerry Lawler and Booker T.

WWE Tag Team champions Air Boom vs. The Miz & R-Truth

Miz and Truth rapped a re-worked version of R-Truth’s theme music, which is now titled “You Suck.”

Kofi and Miz started off. Miz maneuvered him into the corner and headbutt him in the corner. Kingston then caught him with a right hand as Miz argued with the referee. Someone watched the Mayweather fight.

Bourne tagged in and then tagged Miz with several kicks to the leg. Kofi leapt off Bourne’s back to nail a flying forearm in the corner for a two count. Truth tagged in but was immediately hiptossed, Bourne and Kingston nailed a headscissors on Truth, then double dropkicked Miz. The challengers went to the floor, where the champs hit stereo dives off the top on them.

Bourne tossed Truth back into the ring and scored a near fall. Truth came back with a series of punches, working over Bourne on the mat. Truth choked Bourne in the ropes near his corner, allowing Miz to sneak in a kick for another two count. Miz tagged in and hit a running boot to the face for another near fall, then cinched in a rear chinlock.

Miz and Truth nailed a double shoulderblock on Bourne, with Truth scoring another two count. Truth locked in a front facelock but was backdropped over by Bourne. Bourne tried to make it to his partner for a tag but Miz tagged in and nailed Bourne first, peppering him with punches.

Miz began nailing punches while dancing around but Bourne turned the Skull Crushing Finale attempt into a forward roll and made the tag to Kingston. Kingston cleaned house on Miz and nailed the Boom Drop. Kofi set up for Trouble in Paradise but Truth went to nail him. Kofi dropped him first and nailed Miz with the S.O.S. for a two count.

Truth nailed Kingston from behind and Miz nailed a jawbreaker into a DDT for a two count. Kingston went to make a tag but Miz grabbed him. Bourne faked a tag and nailed a missile dropkick on Miz. Miz argued over the tag with Bourne and was caught with a reverse rollup for a two count. Bourne went for Air Bourne but Miz slipped out of the way and nailed DDT. Kingston broke it up at the last second.

Truth tagged in but the referee didn’t see it. The referee argued with Truth and put him into the corner. Miz grabbed Bourne and nailed the Skull Crushing Finale and had him pinned but Truth was arguing with the referee and the ref missed it. He finally went to make the count but Bourne kicked out. Miz began arguing with the referee and shoved him down, getting his team DQ’d.

Your winners and still WWE Tag Team champions, Air Boom, by DQ.

The story was that the referee messed up the call several times. The referee argued with Miz was was shoved back down. Truth backed Miz off and pulled up the referee, apologizing, then nailed him as well. Miz screamed that he was sick of this and the conspiracies.

The match was fine until the finish, unless it’s leading somewhere for Miz and Truth.

They then aired the anti-bullying campaign ad right after two heels beat up a referee. Yes, they did.

Matt Striker grabbed Truth and Miz and warned them that attacking the referee could lead to a fine or suspension. They didn’t care. Truth said he wasn’t a referee but a conspirator and they tired of it. Striker said that the COO might not agree and Miz said that he didn’t care and after tonight, HHH might not be COO anyway. I don’t know if they meant it to be a hint they would get involved later on in the HHH-Punk thing, but you could certainly have taken it that way.

WWE Intercontinental champion Cody Rhodes vs. Ted DiBiase

They locked up and DiBiase locked in a side headlock. Rhodes shot him into the ropes but had a hiptoss blocked. They had some nice back and forth wrestling early. DiBiase scored a near fall after a short arm clothesline, then began working over Rhodes’ arm.

Rhodes nailed DiBiase but was caught with a dropkick as he rebounded off the ropes. DiBiase went after the mask but the referee stopped him. Rhodes slapped Ted, who grabbed him with a double leg takedown. Rhodes cut off DiBiase with a knee to the gut and a knee to the head for a two count.

Rhodes controlled DiBiase, working on his arm and shoulder. DiBiase went for a monkey flip out of the corner and the referee counted both of their shoulder down, so they bridged up at the same time. Rhodes was really good trashtalking DiBiase during the match. He missed a charge into the corner and was nailed with a hiptoss and some right hands. DiBiase went for a dropkick but Rhodes held onto the ropes and there was no water in the pool.

Rhodes locked on an abdominal stretch near the ropes (but shockingly didn’t use it for leverage). DiBiase eventually powered out of it with a hiptoss. Rhodes cut him off and covered him for a two count. Rhodes continued to work on the arm with a hammerlock them went for a modified crossface. DiBiase powered out and nailed several elbows to the gut. Rhodes dropped down and nailed an uppercut but DiBiase came back with an inverted atomic drop.

DiBiase nailed a clothesline for a two count but was kicked off during a charge in the corner. Undaunted, DiBiase nailed a sitdown spinebuster as Rhodes went after him. DiBiase went for Dream Street but was tossed off. DiBiase nailed a dropkick and covered him for another near fall. Technically, this is really good but you don’t get the impression the crowd is invested in it.

They battled on the ropes but Rhodes headbutt him off. DiBiase came back to toss Rhodes off the top, then ripped Rhodes’ mask off. The crowd popped for that. DiBiase went to nail Cody with it but Cody ducked and rolled him up, hooking the tights for the pinfall.

Your winner and still WWE Intercontinental champion, Cody Rhodes!

Really good back and forth solid and enjoyable wrestling match but the crowd treated it like anything but an important match, which made it seem like they were wrestling in a bubble. Rhodes was great while DiBiase seemed to be missing that spark you want in a pissed off babyface.

Rey Mysterio stars in a new commercial for Lightstrike, a Laser Tag type toy. The commercial actually noted “Rey Mysterio not included.”

Christian made his way to the ring in street clothes. He took the mic and said that he spoke to Teddy Long and Teddy Long earlier tonight. He said they are too self absorbed to do the right thing, so he will. Christian said he’s been in the business for 17 years and amassed a laundry list of legendary matches, so he deserves one more match to become the World champion. He said that whoever wins Orton vs. Henry tonight, he should get a title shot against them immediately tonight. He said he wanted to put it into terms Buffalo could understand. He explained that they never won the Super Bowl, are never going to win the Super Bowl, but he has won it…twice as World champion. He said he’s a champion and it’s the Night of Champions. He asked everyone who agrees with him to stand up and let their voices be heard. He asked them to chant “One More Match.” A decent amount of fans did.

Out came Sheamus, also wearing street clothes. Christian told him that this didn’t confirm him but Sheamus said it did since he was also a former World champion. He made a joke that was awful about giving away his Uncle’s testicles to get it. Christian said that at least he has the testicles to say he deserves one more match. Maybe they can bring back Jess McGrath’s favorite wrestling shirt of all time, the “I Love my Testicles” shirt. Sheamus said that he wanted to get the first title shot if Christian won and Christian agreed. So, Sheamus led the “One More Match” chant himself, then shocked Christian with a Brogue Kick.

A nothing segment, although it adds to their rivalry. Sheamus’ joke felt so scripted and bad. Every time one of those lines is forced upon a talent, it totally kills their believability.

WWE United States champion Dolph Ziggler vs. Jack Swagger (both with Vickie Guerrero) vs. John Morrison vs. Alex Riley

This should be interesting since the booking of them of late has been nothing to be proud of. Good pop for Riley’s entrance. Guerrero came out with Ziggler. All four started in the ring at the same time, brawling in the corner. Morrison ran Swagger into the buckles and battled him. Swagger shoved him over the top to the floor. Riley dispatched the champ at the same time but was caught with a clothesline.

Swagger battered the back of Riley’s neck. He missed a clothesline but was caught by Riley with one for a two count. Riley went for a pescado to the outside but Ziggler stepped out of the way and Riley hit hard. Morrison returned to the ring and nailed Swagger with a leaping enziguiri. Ziggler broke it up. Morrison dropkicked him out of the ring and landed atop Swagger for another two count.

Swagger hiptossed Morrison over the top to the floor. He and Ziggler argued in the center of the ring. Guerrero told them to stop. Ziggler tried to trick Swagger into laxing his guard by arguing with Vickie but was caught and clotheslined. Riley nailed Swagger and covered him but Guerrero put his foot on the ropes. Ziggler nailed Riley and asked Guerrero if she just cost him his match, which made no sense since she just saved the belt. Morrison nailed him with a springboard kick and covered him for a two count.

Ziggler gained control and clubbed Morrison across the back. Morrison came back with a forearm and muscled Ziggler to the top turnbuckle. Morrison went for a superplex but Ziggler fought him off and tied him upside down. Riley hit the ropes and went for a suplex on the champ but Morrison pulled himself up and while tied, tossed him off with a suplex throw. Nice spot. Swagger then leapt onto the corner and superplexed Ziggler out. Good stuff.

Morrison began hitting some hot offense on Ziggler and Swagger. He nailed a float over DDT, then nailed a standing Spanish Fly on Riley for another two count. He placed Riley in the corner and went for Starship Pain, but Riley got his knees up. Ziggler went for the sleeper but before Riley could break it up,. Swagger grabbed him in an anklelock. Morrison went to the ropes and the outside to break it up. Riley kicked Swagger into Ziggler and nailed his finisher for a two count on Swagger.

Swagger went back into the anklelock. Morrison dove but Swagger ducked and nailed the Doctor Bomb. Ziggler nailed Swagger and pinned the stunned Morrison.

Your winner and still WWE United States champion, Dolph Ziggler!

Really good match. They let it all hang out and had a good wrestling match with cool spots and nice story about the issues between Ziggler and Swagger while the others were trying to win the title. This is how the talents in this position should always be portrayed and booked in my opinion. Very enjoyable.

Josh Mathews asked Mark Henry about his chances tonight, saying he hasn’t gotten the job done. Henry shoved him away and says that he has a message for the doubters and said he would get the job done. He told Mathews to come down after the match and interview the new champion.

An elated Vickie Guerrrero was interviewed by Matt Striker. Guerrero said the U.S. champ works for her, Swagger wants to work for her and the entire locker room is buzzing because they are finally recognizing her talents. She said that after tonight, when HHH loses, she might end up the new COO and excitedly kissed a shocked Matt Striker.  They plugged the Hell in A Cell PPV at ringside while Lawler was disgusted by the idea of Vickie being in charge.

WWE is apparently grabbing signs from fans left and right and also told several readers to mind their language or they will be tossed. One of the signs taken read “SUPER DOMINO” which is Cliff Compton’s ring name in Africa.

World champion Randy Orton vs. Mark Henry

They locked up and Henry powered Orton into the corner. Orton met Henry with a series of right hands and kicks to bring Henry down to his knees, then began nailing the Garvin Stomp, followed by a kneedrop. Henry was tossed to the outside and an enraged Henry began beating the ringside table.

Back in the ring, Orton slipped out of a press slam and went for the RKO but Henry nailed him with a hard kick to the head. Henry began whipping him hard into the buckles and nailed a running Avalanche. Henry went for the World’s Strongest Slam but Orton slipped out as he was raised and jumped on Henry’s back with a sleeper.

Henry backed up into the corner, where Orton nailed him across the chest with shots. Henry drilled him with a right, sending Orton off the ropes and down to the floor. Henry followed and stalked Orton on the outside, ramming him back-first into the apron. Henry worked over Orton back in the ring, standing on his back. Orton sold that like he was shot with a Tazer.

Mark Henry nailed a splash but Orton got up at the last second. Orton tried to fire back but was dazed with a headbutt in the corner. Henry clubbed him back down. Henry dropped an elbow and covered Orton for a two count. Henry measured Orton’s arm and kicked him, taking him down. Henry began choking at Orton, yelling at him that he told Orton it was going to be like this. Henry was awesome.

Orton began to come back with offense, nailing several European uppercuts. He began beating Henry with a series of punches in the corner. The referee pulled Orton off. Orton nailed a running clothesline but Henry didn’t budge. A second doesn’t do the trick but a dropkick does. Henry rolled to the apron, where Orton tried to grab him for the hanging DDT. Henry nailed Orton and nailed the World’s Strongest Slam, but Orton kicked out.

Orton made a comeback with a hard knee and a DDT. He set up for the RKO but Henry simply rolled out of the ring again to the outside. Orton set him up for the hanging DDT and covered him but Henry grabbed the bottom rope to break the pinfall attempt. Henry mounted a comeback and took out Orton’s knee. Henry waited for Orton to get to his feet, favoring the leg badly, then kicked Orton back down.

Orton pulled himself up and went for the RKO but Henry shoved him off, nailed the World’s Strongest Slam and pinned Orton clean for the title.

Your winner and new World champion, Mark Henry!

Really well worked match. They told a good story with Orton trying to overcome the impossible and gave him some nice hope spots to make the crowd believe while still building and putting Henry over as the closest thing to a modern day Vader in terms of a badass monster heel. Orton fought all the way to the end, even on a bad wheel, showing his heart and fighting spirit. Real good on all fronts,

Josh Mathews came to the ring and congratulated Henry. Henry took the mic and told Mathews that he didn’t believe Henry would win the most coveted title in wrestling. He told the crowd not to cheer him because they are all liars, doubters and haters. He welcomed them all into his Hall of Pain. He told them they didn’t deserve to share this with him. He said he was going to be the most dominant champion of all time and would face all comers. He promised he would never, ever lose the title. AWESOME heel promo. You could hear Henry getting choked up as he gave it.

Backstage, WWE champion Alberto Del Rio was telling Johnny Ace that what was booked on Raw was a travesty. Ace threw HHH under the bus and said it was his call. Del Rio told him it wasn’t his fault but after he beats Cena tonight, the company better treat him with respect.

Del Rio walked off and CM Punk was there. Big pop from the crowd for Punk. Ace wished him good luck. Punk didn’t believe him and mocked him. Ace said when he says it he means it. Punk said, “Yeah, good luck…like Best of Luck in your future endeavors?” He walked off. Ace started to text someone. Hello Nash?

WWE Divas champion Kelly Kelly (with Eve Torres) vs. Beth Phoenix (with Natalya)

Nice pop for Phoenix in her hometown. They locked up and Beth shoved the champ to the ropes. She broke clean so Kelly grabbed a headlock. Phoenix powered her off but missed an elbowdrop. Big “Kelly sucks” chant.

Kelly went for a dive off the ropes and landed on Phoenix’s shoulders, then covered him for a two count. Kelly did a handstand like Tarantula move. She dove off the top but was caught and dropped into a gutbuster. Phoenix began spanking her. Phoenix measured her and nailed a running kneelift, then ground her boot into Kelly’s face.

Phoenix choked her against the ropes, then did the Tully Blanchard slingshot under the ropes. I want to marry this woman! She covered Beth again for a two count. Phoenix went for a sideslam but Kelly slipped over and nailed a bulldog. Natalya pulled Beth out. Eve jumped Natalya. Beth grabbed Eve and nailed her on the floor as well.

Kelly played opossum and tried to roll up Beth for a two count. She followed up with another rollup. Phoenix missed a charge in the corner. Kelly went for the K2 but Phoenix flipped her over and clotheslined her. Phoenix set up Kelly on the top turnbuckle. Beth set up for a superplex and nailed it. They are working their asses off.

Phoenix covered her after taking a long time to get the pin but Kelly kicked up. Phoenix was then shocked by a rollup and covered for the pin.

Your winner and still WWE Divas champion, Kelly Kelly!

Better than your usual Divas match.

Phoenix was despondent in the ring, shocked by her loss.

The WWE title is next, so Punk vs. HHH are headlining Night of Champions when neither are a champion.

WWE champion Alberto Del Rio vs. John Cena

Del Rio came out walking, upset about his car not being there. John Cena then drove out in the car. Del Rio demanded that Ricardo announce him in Spanish to get heat, stopping Justin Roberts from making the official ring announcements. Cena then took the mic and stopped Roberts from making his ring announcement for Cena. Cena told Del Rio said that he hates the fact that Del Rio thinks he’s better than all these people and that he’s in a class of himself. He said that he doesn’t have his own garbage ring announcer but he’ll give it a try and introduced himself, saying he was a “fighting Fruity Pebble.” He let Roberts do his name after giving out a ton of nicknames.

Cena took over Del Rio with a headlock takedown. He was shoved off into the ropes but shoulderblocked Del Rio down. Tons of dueling chants. Del Rio took control with several kicks but wa shoulderblocked back down. Cena nailed a bulldog but was tripped by Ricardo. The referee tossed him out of the ringside area.

Cena unloaded on Del Rio but missed a charge in the corner. Del Rio kicked him hard in the back and ribs, then sent him to the floor. Alberto followed and shoved him backward into the announcing table. Del Rio tossed him back into the ring and ascended to the top rope, coming off with a shot and locked in a rear chinlock. Cena powerd out and slammed Del Rio over, covering him for a two count.

Cena whipped Del Rio into the corner, then nailed a Perfectplex for a two count. Del Rio snapped Cena’s arm and covered him but Cena made it to the ropes. Del Rio waited for Cena to return to his feet and kicked him in the face. Del Rio kicked him hard and covered him for a two count. Alberto worked over Cena and covered him for a two count.

They locked up and Cena used a sloppy looking belly to belly suplex but was too hurt to make the cover. The referee nearly counted both men down. They returned to their feet but nailed a double clothesline, taking each other out again. The referee began counting them both down but they made it to their feet. Del Rio started drilling Cena with several kicks. Cena ended up on the apron hanging off the ropes to save himself. Cena finally snapped his throat over the ropes, recovered and charged the ring, only to be cut off with another clothesline for a two count.

Del Rio charged Cena in the ropes but Cena moved and Del Rio took a sick backfirst bump to the outside through the ropes (think Chris Hamrick and Heavy Metal). Cena suplexed him back into the ring from the apron when Del Rio recovered enough to get back up. The ref started counting both down. Cena recovered first and nailed all his trademark offense to set up the Five Knuckle Shuffle.

Cena went for the Attitude Adjustment but Cena slipped out and nailed the enziguiri for a near fall. He set up Cena for the cross armbreaker but was shoved off. Cena hit a splash in the corner, then a dropkick for another two count. Cena seemed to be favoring his hip. He went to the top but was naiked with a springboard kick and fell into the ring. Del Rio covered him for another two count.

Del Rio went for a kick but was caught and Cena went for the STF. Del Rio took control and tied Cena up in the corner. He went for a diving charge at Cena but the challenger pulled himself up and Del Rio hit the post shoulderfirst hard. Cena was on the top rope and nailed the Alabama Jam onto the back of Del Rio’s neck but the champion kicked out at the last second.

Del Rio caught a surprised Cena with a bridging German suplex for another two count. Del Rio set up Cena near the corner and went to the top. His facial expressions were awesome. Del Rio hit a back senton splash for a two count. Of course, none of the announcers knew what the move was.

Del Rio caught Cena with the rolling cross-armbreaker. Cena was trying hard to break the leverage and powered the champion up, dropping him powerbomb style. Cena locked in the STF and Del Rio finally tapped.

Your winner and new WWE champion, John Cena!

Another good match. It started off a little rough but once Ricardo was tossed, they had a good back and forth dramatic match with Cena being in a lot more peril than usual. One has to question Del Rio losing the belt so quickly, but you don’t know what tomorrow will bring.

No DQ – CM Punk vs. Triple H – HHH is out as COO if he loses

Kevin Nash was all over the video package leading into this match.

Punk came out wearing a CM Punk ice cream bar t-shirt. Now THAT is funny! Sizeable Punk chant as he sat in the ring waiting for HHH.

Punk attacked HHH as he did his pose spitting outside the ring. He whipped HHH into the barrier and started setting up to use a table. HHH attacked him from behind and nailed him hard. He whipped Punk into the barrier and almost went over the top to the crowd. HHH tossed Punk over the ringside table and began kicking the hell out of him.

HHH set up Punk on the table for the Pedigree but Punk slipped out and turned it into a GTS attempt. When HHH slipped out, Punk ran back into the ring and challenged him to get in. The crowd began chanting for Punk. HHH returned to the ring and they faced off. They met in the center, slugging it out. Punk got HHH into the corner but HHH then tossed him into it and worked him over with punches. HHH went for the Pedigree but Punk shoved him backward into the corner.

Punk whipped HHH into the corner and went for the running kneelift. HHH ducked and Punk hit the buckles, then went over the top to the floor. HHH slammed him into the barricade then slammed Punk’s shin and leg into the ringpost. He slammed Punk into the barricade but Punk fired back with punches and whipped HHH into the barrier.

Punk hit his running kneelift on the outside as HHH was placed against the ringpost. He went to nail HHH into the barrier but was shoved off and took a bump into the first row. HHH followed him, coming off the barrier, dropping an elbow on Punk. HHH and Punk brawled back and forth on the floor as HHH yelled, “Why don’t you say something about my wife? Come on!”

They brawled around the floor towards the entrance stage. Punk grabbed a trash can and nailed HHH in the head with it. Mick Foley would have been proud. He whipped HHH into a barrier that collapsed. He kicked HHH in the gut and pounded him with crossfaces in the entrance stage area. HHH used a double leg takedown and catapulted Punk into a digital screen. That looked great. HHH went for a Pedigree but Punk backdropped him over the screen. Punk climbed it and came off with the Randy Savage double axehandle. Punk threw sandbags at HHH then slammed him into the board again.

They battled down the entranceway, back towards the ring. There’s a real intensity to the brawl that we haven’t seen in a long time. The closest thing I can equate it to is the Jarrett vs. Angle on a TNA PPV from Charlotte a year or so back. They returned to the ring, where Punk nailed HHH across the back with a chair. Punk kicked away at HHH but HHH made it to his knees and nailed Punk. Punk kicked him off and rebounded off the ropes, only to be caught by a spinebuster.

HHH sent Punk into the corner, where he had wedged a chair and Punk took what I can only describe as a backbump into the chair while he was flung into the corner. Punk went to the outside, where HHH followed. HHH charged him from behind with a chop block and Punk went down screaming, clutching at his leg. Punk tried to kick off HHH as he was pulled to the corner. HHH slammed his leg into the ringpost several times and grabbed a chair, slamming it across Punk’s knee. Punk screamed and clutched at his knee before falling back to the Arena floor.

HHH went for a spinning toehold on the floor but Punk kicked him off, sending him facefirst into the ring steps. You could hear the beginning of a Punk chant. HHH grabbed a TV monitor to nail Punk but was caught with a hard kick to the head. Punk pulled himself into the ring after HHH landed on the table. Punk then did the Randy Savage flying elbow off the top through the table. They showed a ton of replays. Lawler quipped, “That was Savage.”

Punk returned to the ring first, clutching his ribs. HHH returned to the ring. They were both down. Miz and R Truth hit the ring and attacked both. Miz set up HHH and nailed the Skull Crushing Finale. Truth then drilled Punk facefirst into the mat. They pulled Punk over and put him atop of HHH, so the story is that they want to end HHH’s run. The referee counted, even though he didn’t want to, and HHH got his shoulder up at the last second. Miz and Truth jawed with the ref, Scott Armstrong, who didn’t back down. Miz went to nail Armstrong, who blocked and punched him. Truth nailed him from behind. They both beat the hell out of the referee. They really stomped the hell out of him and forced him from the ring.

Out comes Johnny Ace. As he comes out, Punk and HHH recover and they attack Miz and Truth. They dispatch Miz and Truth. HHH kicked Punk in the guy and covered him after a Pedigree. A second ref comes out but Ace stops him and tells him to assist Armstrong, who’s out on the floor. HHH breaks the cover and starts yelling at Ace to get a ref in there. Punk grabbed him and nailed the GTS. The referee got into the ring but before he could count three, Truth pulled Punk out and tried to hit him. Punk nailed him with a kick to the head.

Punk pulled himself back up and went for the springboard clothesline. HHH kicked him as he came down and Pedigreed him. Punk kicked out at two. The place exploded and chanted for Punk. Out comes Kevin Nash in the crowd. He enters the ringside area, then entered the ring. Nash punched Punk, then punched HHH. He began nailing HHH with knees and punches in the corner. Nash pulled him up for the Jacknife powerbomb but Punk rescued HHH and attacked Nash in the corner. HHH went sent to the floor in the melee. Nash kicked him off and powerbombed Punk in the middle of the ring. Nash walked out of the ring. Nash went to the floor and kicked HHH, then started clearing off a table. He went to grab HHH but was nailed with a sledgehammer, knocking Nash out.

HHH pulled himself into the ring as Punk recovered and returned to his feet. HHH kicked and Pedigreed Punk, pinning him.

Your winner, Triple H!

An excellent, intense brawl which then gave way to a really well thought out series of near falls and crazy run-ins. As a way to get people to watch tomorrow, I thought they did a great job.

Since it was the only thing on the show of this nature, it worked well in that it elevated Truth and Miz back towards a higher position in the card. They continued the idea that Ace is working to undermine HHH and brought Nash back into the equation. The idea here was that Punk could have beaten HHH and even got the “Sportscenter Moment” with the flying elbow but Nash cost him the match. I know some people are going to hate the finish and I see that point. I think this could have come off much, much worse and really killed Punk, but all the hard work and the way it was booked really didn’t. As I said, I can see a lot of people are going to throw their hands up because Punk didn't win, but to me, they left it open and can come back to this war that didn't get settled down the line. Until then, this was a textbook example of how to do a screwy finish and still have the guy screwed not look like a complete loser or kill his momentum, at least in my eyes. A big part of that was that the crowd was absolutely into the match and the issues between Punk and HHH - and they obviously wanted to see Punk get the win. They laid out quite the scene to prevent that from happening. I am wondering if this leads to a Hell in A Cell rematch in two week to prevent more interference.

2012 - John Cena underwent surgery for bone chips in his elbow.

2012 - WWE ran a Smackdown taping in Philadelphia.  Billy Krotchsen filed the following report:

*WWE Hall of Famer Edge comes out to address the Kane and Daniel Bryan Anger Management issues. Daniel Bryan confronts Edge. Kane then came out and hugged Edge, who was shocked. Damien Sandow came out, followed by Booker T who announces Sandow will wrestle Kane.

*Damien Sandow defeated WWE Tag Team champion Kane after Daniel Bryan accidentally distracted Kane.

*Backstage, the champions are arguing which leads to Dr. Shelby saying he will set up a match for Daniel Bryan later.

*Layla defeated Natayla.

*World champ Sheamus and Randy Orton defeated Alberto Del Rio and Dolph Ziggler when Sheamus nailed the Brogue Kick on Ziggler for the win.

*Cody Rhodes defeated Daniel Bryan after Kane distracted him.

*Brodus Clay defeated Heath Slater.

*Kane and Bryan catch Sandow and Rhodes mocking their title reign and challenge them. They argue about who their opponents should be more afraid of.

*Santino Marella defeated WWE United States Champion Antonio Cesaro in a non-title match after Aksana slipped and hurt herself, distracting him. Cesaro told her they were finished in five different languages.

*WWE Tag Team Championships Kane and Daniel Bryan defeated Damien Sandow and Cody Rhodes via disqualification in a Lumberjack Match when Rhodes used a chair. This led to Kane and Bryan getting chairs and laying waste on everyone, including all the Lumberjacks.

2013 - The lawsuit filed against WWE and several other defendants by professional wrestler Brian Jack over injuries he alleged took place in a WWE developmental ring in 2009 was dismissed by the Court in Hillsborough County, FL for Jack's failure to serve any of the defendants in a timely manner. According to court records, Jack failed to attempt to have the defendants served.

Jack had sued WWE, as well as Steve Keirn, Steve Keirn Inc. aka Florida Championship Wrestling, WWE NXT, and additional John and Jane Does to be named in January 2013. It was the second time he attempted to sue the company after having a similar lawsuit in his home State of Wisconsin quickly dismissed.

In the lawsuit, Jack alleged that on 1/7/09 he as an "experienced, professional wrestler who was an invitee" at FCW's training center in Tampa, Florida. He claims he was "specifically required" to train in one of the rings in the center, despite "the fact there were two other fully functional training wrestling rings" in the facility.

Jack claimed that at 7:30 PM that evening, the ring he was working in collapsed in a "sudden and horrible measure" while he was training a "rookie wrestler" with 6-8 others in the ring, causing the "horrendously painful breaking" of Jack's knee. He claimed he suffered "without remedy" for four months following the injury.

In the lawsuit, Jack alleged, "Defendants failed and refused to render any kind of meaningful aid. Defendants failed and refused to contact emergency personnel for the Plaintiff regarding his injuries. Defendant Keirn, at the time of the injury, confidentially advised the Plaintiff that unless he wanted to work as a wrestler with Defendant WWE, Plaintiff was not to call an ambulance or report the occurrence of the injury."

The lawsuit also alleged that the Defendants showed "gross negligence", allowed a "dangerous structure" in the facility, failed to appropriately supervise the wrestling ring, manage the number of people inside the ring given their awareness of issues with the ring in question, failure to have an adequate response plan to the collapse and failure to inform the Plaintiff of the dangers of the ring.

In the lawsuit, Jack asked for damages for "past and future medical and hospital expenses, mental anguish, emotional distress, past and future lost wages, loss of earning capacity as a professional wrestler, temporary and permanent injuries, pain and suffering, lose of ability to earn money, permanent disfigurement and scarring, loss of enjoyment of life and all other damages as provided by Florida law." He is also asking for pre and post judgment interest in those damages and for his legal fees to be covered by the Defendants.

Jack's previous Wisconsin lawsuit, which featured a number of outrageous claims and also featured Beth Phoenix and Santino Marella as defendants, was quickly dismissed. Marella and Phoenix were not named in the Florida filing. Marella and Jack were former roommates.

2013 - After Dave Scherer wrote a story about readers who, upset with the finish of the WWE Night of Champions PPV being overturned the next day on Raw (resulting in Daniel Bryan being stripped of the WWE title), called their PPV providers to complain and received refunds for the PPV price, WWE issued the following statement to

“While certain fans may not have liked the continuing storyline following Night of Champions, we’re certain that the 3-hour pay-per-view event delivered all the entertainment and excitement expected from WWE.”

2014 - Paul Alperstein, who promoted the mid-1990s version of The American Wrestling Federation and appeared on air as the owner of the company on it's TV series passed away at the age of 58 years old.


Alperstein, who lived in Skokie, Illinois, was the sole backer for the AWF when it launched in 1994 and began syndicating it's TV across the United States.

The promotion was built around the idea of incorporating old school pro wrestling with a strong enforcement of the rules along with the introduction of four minute European style rounds. The promotion's TV included "turnbuckle cams" and allegedly, fans who were basically paid extras so they would react the proper way to the characters on the series.

Tito Santana was crowned it's first champion and the roster included Sgt. Slaughter, The Road Warriors, Jim Brunzell (as Commissioner), Bob Orton, Koko B. Ware, Greg Valentine, Tony Atlas, Chris Adams and other recognizable names that had worked on a national level in the 1980s.

The promotion would go on to tape around 30-35 episodes between 1995 and 1996. In September 1996, it would purchase TV time in a number of major markets with the idea of eventually touring. The promotion acquired timeslots (some were barter deals while others were specific purchases of TV time) on a number of major broadcast stations, including WCBS-TV in New York City, KCBS-TV in Los Angeles, WBBM-TV in Chicago, KYW-TV in Philadelphia, KBHK-TV in San Francisco and WLVI-TV in Boston, among others. There were some international TV distribution deals as well.

The business plan was to use that TV exposure as the platform to eventually run house shows and do three to four live PPVs a year. While the promotion eventually did a few house shows on the West Coast, financially the numbers to recoup the investment were never there and it quietly shut down operations.

The first round of TV tapings were later released on DVD under the title "Warriors of Wrestling." Santana retained physical ownership of the AWF title and on occasion, has since defended it on independent appearances.

In the years following The AWF, Alperstein worked in the restaurant field.

We are told that Alperstein had been dealing with multiple sclerosis. He had suffered several strokes several years ago and had not been in the best of health. He was survived by his father and two sisters.

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