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By Mike Johnson on 2017-09-13 08:00:00

September 13th

On this day in history in ....

1970 - Bepo Mongol (aka Nikolai Volkoff) defeats WWWF World Champion Bruno Sammartino via countout at Madison Square Garden in New York City. They would have a rematch in October under Texas Death Match rules, with Bruno emerging victorious.

1974 - WWWF World Champion Bruno Sammartino defeats Killer Kowalski in a Stretcher Match in the Boston Garden in Massachusetts.

1985 - Junkyard Dog won a 21-man Battle Royal in Landover, Maryland that included the British Bulldogs, The Hart Foundation, Roddy Piper, Big John Studd, King Kong Bundy, Blackjack Mulligan, Bobby Heenan and others.

1996 - ECW ran at the ECW Arena in South Philadelphia, Pennsylvania with the following results:
- ECW World Tag Team Champions The Gangstas defeated The FBI (JT Smith, Little Guido & Sal Bellomo), then JT Smith introduced "The Stamford Hillbillies" (Steve Richards, Blue Meanie, Super Nova & Miss Patricia, doing a Hillbilly Jim/Uncle Elmer gimmick), but the Gangstas beat them as well.
- The Sandman defeated Devon Storm, with Bad Crew, with a DDT.
- Axl Rotten defeated Bubba Ray Dudley after D-Von Dudley hit Bubba with a chair. During the post-match brawling, Big Dick Dudley brought out a large bag and opened it, pulling out Spike Dudley (in his ECW debut). Bubba would press slam Spike off the top balcony of the ECW Arena onto D-Von during the brawl.
- D-Von Dudley defeated Hack Myers with a chairshot. Post-match, Axl & D-Von beat on Hack until Mikey Whipwreck made the save.
- ECW World Television Champion Shane Douglas defeated Louie Spicolli with a belly-to-belly suplex.
- ECW World Heavyweight Champion Raven defeated Pitbull #2 with a DDT in a match loaded with interference from Raven's Nest, Shane Douglas, Sandman, and the one and only appearance of a 350-pound trainee of JT Smith (who resembled the Headhunters) who came off the top rope and promptly broke his leg. He never appeared on a wrestling show again.
- Sabu & Rob Van Dam vs. Doug Furnas & Dan Kroffat (Phil LaFon) went to a 30-minute draw.
- Taz defeated Johnny Smith with the Tazmission. Post-match, Taz shook Smith's hand, saying he respected Smith.
- The Eliminators & Brian Lee defeated Tommy Dreamer, Terry Gordy & Steve Williams when the Eliminators hit Terry Gordy with Total Elimination as he had Lee in the Asiatic Spike.

1997 - WCW held their Fall Brawl Pay-per-view in Winston-Salem, North Carolina. Here are the results:
- Eddie Guerrero defeated Chris Jericho to win the WCW Cruiserweight Title with a frog splash.
- Rick & Scott Steiner defeated Harlem Heat when Rick pinned Stevie Ray after the Steiners gave him a lariat/German suplex combination.
- WCW World Television Champion Alex Wright defeated Ultimo Dragon with a German suplex.
- Jeff Jarrett defeated Dean Malenko via submission with a figure four leglock, earning a U.S. Title match with Steve McMichael at Halloween Havoc.
- Wrath & Mortis defeated Meng & The Barbarian when Wrath pinned Meng after the Death Penalty.
- The Giant defeated Scott Norton with a chokeslam.
- Lex Luger & Diamond Dallas Page defeated Scott Hall & Randy Savage in a No Disqualification match when Luger pinned Hall with a rollup as substitute referee Larry Zbyszko made a fast count.
- The NWO (Buff Bagwell, Kevin Nash, Syxx & Konnan) defeated The Four Horsemen (Chris Benoit, Steve McMichael, Ric Flair & Curt Hennig) in a WarGames match when Hennig (who pretended he was attacked by the NWO earlier, so he would enter the cage last for his team) turned on the Horsemen and joined the NWO. Benoit and McMichael were handcuffed to the cage, and the NWO slammed the cage door on Flair's head until McMichael submitted for his team to stop them from hurting Flair.

1998 - On a live edition of Nitro from Greenville, South Carolina, Billy Kidman defeats Juventud Guerrera for the WCW Cruiserweight Title. However, the real story that night was the return of Ric Flair to WCW. The previous Spring, Flair asked to miss a Thunder taping so he could watch his son compete in a wrestling tournament. WCW President Eric Bischoff refused to give him the night off, so Flair took it off anyway, and Bischoff suspended him. The real life situation was incorporated into a storyline, and led to what many feel is the most memorable moment in the history of Nitro.

J.J. Dillon introduced Arn Anderson, and Anderson proceeded to "bring back" the Four Horsemen (Steve McMichael, Chris Benoit, and new member Dean Malenko). Anderson was concluding his promo, then said he "forgot" the Fourth Horseman, and introduced Ric Flair. Flair, clad in a tuxedo (as were all the Horsemen) came to the ring and delivered the following promo:

Flair, practically in tears from the ovation, began by saying, "My God, thank you. Thank you very much. I'm almost embarrassed by the response, but when I see this, I know that the twenty five years that I've spent trying to make you happy every night of your life was worth every damn minute of it."

Composing himself, Flair then stated, "Now, somebody told me that the Horsemen were having a party tonight in Greenville! Could that be true that the most elite group, that Eric Bischoff said was dead, is alive and well? Bischoff, this might be my only shot, and I've got to tell you, I'm going to make it my best."

Still referring to Bischoff, Flair continued, "Is this what you call a great moment in TV? That's wrong, because this is REAL! This is not bought and paid for! It's a real life situation! Just like the night in Columbia, South Carolina (when Arn Anderson retired), when you looked at me, tears in my eyes, and said "God, that's good TV", it was real! Arn Anderson passed the torch, it was real, damn it! You think Sting was crying in the dressing room like I was on TV, if it wasn't real? This guy, my best friend, is one of the greatest performers who ever lived, and you, you squashed him, in one night. Then you get on the phone and tell me, 'disband the Horsemen, they're dead.' Disband the Horsemen, me? You know what, I looked at myself in the mirror the next day and I saw a pathetic figure that gave up and quit! And for that, I owe you, the wrestling fans, I owe these guys an apology. Because it won't happen again!"

Eric Bischoff started walking down the aisle, saying "You're finished Flair!" Flair responded, "Bischoff, whatever you, you're an overbearing ass****! That's right! You're obnoxious, you're an obnoxious, overbearing ass! Abuse of power! You! Abuse of power! Cut me off! Come on! It's called abuse of power! (Flair threw down his jacket) You suck! You, I hate your guts. I hate your guts. You are a liar, you're a cheat, you're a scam, you are a no good son of a (bitch, which was muted on the broadcast). Fire me? I'm already fired! Fire me! I'm already fired!" The show then went to commercial with the fans in a frenzy.

1999 - At a taping of Smackdown in Las Vegas, Nevada, Vince McMahon defeats Triple H for the WWF World Heavyweight Title with the help of Steve Austin, who hits the ring and gives Triple H a stunner, allowing a bloodied Vince McMahon to cover him for the pin. McMahon would vacate the title the following Monday on Raw. Also on the show, The Undertaker won a five-man Royal Rumble by outlasting The Rock, Big Show, Kane and Mankind.

2001 - Smackdown takes place live from the Compaq Center in Houston, Texas. The show was originally supposed to be taped on September 11th, but was postponed due to the terrorist attacks. It was the first live televised event to feature a large gathering of people in the U.S. following the attacks, and Vince McMahon addressed the crowd before the show began. The show did not air in many Northeast markets, due to continuing news coverage of events in New York City. In the main event of the show (which featured matches, but no storylines), Kurt Angle defeated Rhyno.  The other results of the taping saw:

Perry Saturn pinned Kanyon with the spinning fisherman suplex.
Tazz defeated Crash Holly with the Tazzmission.
Taka Michinoku & Sho Funaki defeated Raven (w/ Terri) & Justin Credible following the Michinoku Driver.
Matt & Jeff Hardy defeated the Hurricane & Lance Storm after Jeff hit the Swanton on the Hurricane.
WWF Hardcore Champion Rob Van Dam pinned Spike Dudley with the Five Star Frog Splash.
Chris Jericho pinned Christian with a roll up.
The Rock pinned Shawn Stasiak.
The Acolytes defeated X-Pac & Albert following Bradshaw's Clothesline from Hell.
Booker T pinned the Big Show with a spinning legdrop.
Lita pinned Ivory with the moonsault.
Test & the Dudley Boyz defeated Tajiri, William Regal, & Scotty 2 Hotty after Test hit the boot to the face.
Dark match after the show: The Rock defeated WWF World Champion Steve Austin via disqualification when the Dudley Boyz interfered; after the match, the Rock took out the Dudleyz and Austin.

2003 - Shane Douglas defeats D'Lo Brown in Belleville, Michigan to win the Border City Wrestling Can-Am Title.

2004 - Smackdown was taped in Spokane, Washington, featuring John Cena defeating U.S. Champion Booker T to even up their Best Of Five series, 2-2.

2004 - Mike Bucci debuted on Raw as Simon Dean.   Bucci appeared in a slickly produced vignette designed to look like a commercial for a fitness product, the Simon System. He put over that people could look great with his product or remain fat and unhappy. The commercial did not hint at all that Dean was a wrestler and gave a CT area telephone number, (203) 352-1587 to "order" Simon System products. I bet there were a number of fans who thought it was a legitimate commercial as it was that well produced.


Bucci, who was originally trained by Iron Mike Sharpe, had been under WWE contract since 2002, working out in Ohio Valley Wrestling. During his tenure with ECW, Bucci (then known as Super Nova) was a member of The Blue World Order, and later teamed with The Blue Meanie and Chris Chetti. With his name shortened to just Nova, Bucci had just started a singles run when ECW closed in early 2001.

After the close of ECW, Bucci worked the independent scene and did shots internationally in Mexico, Japan, and Canada. He also appeared on a few WWA PPVs taped in Australia.   Bucci signed a developmental deal with WWE in 2002. While in OVW, he completely revamped himself as a heel performer, strengthening his mic work and becoming a better all around wrestler. He was put under a full fledged deal last year. He had tried out a 1980s gimmick several months ago, but it never made it to TV.

In recent months, Bucci had also worked under Jim Cornette as an assistant booker for OVW, being groomed for a possible future in the creative end of WWE.

For those curious, here is the complete transcript of what callers hear when they call the phone number listed in the Simon Dean debut vignette that aired on Raw:

"Thanks for calling the Simon System. You're making the first step in changing your fat, lazy lifestyle. The Simon System is a revolutionary, proprietary, homeopathic breakthrough, designed by me, Simon Dean. I've studied and researched the most efficient way to melt away the mountains of fat stored on your pathetic body. By ordering my product, your body will change on a molecular level. Now, as expected, my operators are very busy helping fat people just like you. While you're waiting, let me tell you more about me. Well, I was born to help the people I refer to as the fat masses, like you. Later in life, I went on...."

At that point, the voicemail beeps and you can leave a message.

2005 - WWE released Million Dollar Tough Enough winner Daniel Puder after just one year of being under contract, so he didn't make his million.
2006 - TNA Knockout Christy Hemme underwent hernia surgery and is expected to be out of in-ring training for about six weeks.

2006 - Pro Wrestling Xplosion, headed by Ronnie Lang, ran their debut event in Philadelphia.  TJ filed the following report:

The very first PWX show was a bit of mess around the edges, but overall a great show for an Indy fed just starting with a lot of action. The crowd was about 300-400 fans, I'd estimate, maybe a little less. The crowd was hot in the beginning, but since it was younger, it died off during the Delirious match, and really let me down.

Quick results

Christopher Daniels over Jay Lethal with Angels Wings in an OK match. A Few funny spots, where Daniels was making fun of a botched spot earlier, due to the fact that the ropes for the entire night were awful.

Sonjay Dutt/Ruckus vs SAT - great match, SAT won, and there was a weird spot where Ruckus came in and watched the other team pin Dutt for the 3 count.

Delirious lost to Claudio Castagnoli..I was more interested in the "New Jack situation"

Steve Corino came out and ran down the crowd only to have Ruckus and Teddy Hart come out to confront him, they were both separated by security. During this match, there was an altercation between New Jack and a arena employee. The arena employee was reportedly punched in the face. I take it as New Jack being New Jack, you get what you expect. It was his promo that made me want to go.

The CHIKARA match was weak...I don't even remember who won or any of the guys in it. There was a lot of botched spots and a lot of ugly wrestling.

Abyss vs Rhino turned into Team 3D over Abyss and Rhino with a good brawl with a table spot that involved Rhino goring Abyss into the table and getting the 3D for his troubles afterwards.

Chris Hero defeated Arik Cannon but Hero is a lot bigger in person than I thought. He is impressive, he was way over with the crowd.

Ian Rotten & Mickie Knuckles defeated Amy Lee & Mana in a mixed hardcore match that was pretty tense. Ian did his spot with the stapler gun and the dollar bills to the face. He was a mess, Mana was a mess. The crowd popped the loudest for this match, there was a lot of interaction and fighting between Ian and Mickie that got the crowd to pop. Good match. Obviously, no New Jack.

AJ Styles defeated Homicide in my favorite match of the night. Davey Richards no showed.

I didn't stay for Steve Corino/Teddy Hart, felt like I am going to sit through a Steve Corino on Saturday, so I'm not going to do it tonight at 11:40 at night. Corino defeated Hart though.

The show ran a bit long. Good show though. Nice set up, just as nice if not better than the ECW set up when WWE brought it back this past June.

2006 - At the PWX event, former ECW star New Jack was involved in a situation with the Philadelphia police following a physical incident with a staffer of the New Alhambra.  According to several stories making the rounds, Jack became loudly abrasive to a female staffer when he was handed a 7-Up instead of a Sprite. When a male staffer stepped in, there was a physical incident, which led to the police being called. Atlas Security separated Jack and the staffer, although Jack apparently went after him a second time outside the venue. There was a shoving match between Jack and promoter Ronnie Lang at one point as well,  The venue then called the police, with 20 cops arriving in multiple police cars. Jack was removed from the venue, after gathering his belongings, following a conversation with the responding police officers.  The incident killed any fan interest in the Delirious vs. Claudio Castagnoli match that was ongoing at the same time as the majority of the fan attention went to the police arriving.    

2006 - OVw taped television in Louisville, Kentucky.  Chip Douglas filed the following report:

Devon Driscal beat Platinum Pat Buck, accompaned by his gothic entourage, with a spinebuster. I was surprised because I thought Buck would win with this one considering Devon is brand new here, but I guess not. Pat Buck is Val Venis of OVW, crowd knows him, like him, looks good, but keeps no glory for himself.

Ryan Reeves and Jon Bolen def. Los Locos. I think Reeves is a better fit for Bolen then Dalton. Both are powerhouses. Could be the next LOD if built the right way. They dominated the match with their power, Locos got some offense too. They finished them with a belly to belly to a Rock Bottom.

TV taping

Chett the Jett cut a promo thanking the fans. Enter Johnny of the Sprit Squad. They share words and have an impromptu lengthy championship match. Match was really awesome. Chet has the most brutal overhand chops. I knew Chet would win, but they had the audience convinced a few times with Jeter hitting his old superkick. Chet won with his pump kick. Chet gets better every week. I wonder when WWE will steal him away.

Kruel and Kraven beat Wyatt Young and TJ Dalton. The cowboy and the surfer gave it their all. Lengthy squash type match. K and K hit a knee lift into a snowplow for a finisher.

Jacob Duncan with no mask beat Anthony Vein. Duncan destroyed Vein, but credit to Vein to taking all those moves. Duncan is going to be a main event guy and I don't know why he's not already on Smackdown or Raw based on size alone.

A video aired of Cody and Sean Spears speaking with Cherry. Cherry was polishing the belts. Cody and Sean look to be planting the seed to get Cherry to leave Deuce and Domino. D and D came back and clobbered them. This was the best storyline of the night. I want to see if Cherry does turn on D and D. This tag feud is really starting to boil.

Paul Burchill def Devon Driscal. Yes, he wrestled twice. Burchill finally ditched the lame pirate music and gear and came out to his Regal tune. Burchill attacked his arm most of the match. Burchill won with a jumping neckbreaker.

Serena def ODB, Beth, Katie Lee in a four way to become the new OVW Ladies Champion. There was a standoff between Charles Evans and Gunner Scott when Charles looked like he was gonna interfere to help ODB. Charles ran away, which was wierd because hes a monster, and Serena speared the ODB for the pin I like Serena cause shes not a typical diva. Shes a great wrestler, and the match itself was really good and fun to watch. I just still hate that title belt. It is an obvious replica ladies belt and it is so poorly made that stuff kept flying off it. The crowd was happy for her despite the belt. Beth laid out Serena after the match.

Tori beat Jennifer with a Tajiri spring elbow. Half the match Tori was trying not to pop out of her shirt.

Gunner Scott beat Sean Osbourne with the crowbar. Typical stuff.

Sean Spears def KC James. As I was leaving the arena, KC James took the mic and said that no one could make him leave the ring. To the shock of the crowd that still stayed. The Boogeyman appeared and laid out James with the double chokeslam. The crowd the left the building after tv was down started to flood back in.

2007 - Atlanta WSB-TV Channel 2 featured a story on the diary the late Chris Benoit kept prior to his death this in June 2007 with comments from his father Michael Benoit's attorney, Carry Ichter about the contents.

The diary, which was given to Benoit by his wife Nancy following the passing of Benoit's best friend Eddie Guerrero, featured many entries written as letters to Guerrero.

"He was upset, very upset, about Eddie's death. He says in a number of places how much he loved Eddie and what dear friends they were. He also says at one point that, 'I will be with you soon,' so it appears as though he was having some thoughts about his own mortality," said Ichter.

WSB's report noted, "The entries also speak of Benoit's love and admiration for his wife, Nancy, and son, Daniel -- both of whom he killed in the weekend of June 22.  He spoke of the exhaustion, drudgery and loneliness of the road, but did not describe abusing drugs."

"It's plain that he was depressed," said Ichter.  "It's plain that he was beginning to exhibit some of the signs of the dementia that's associated with the brain injuries he sustained because he talks in there about not being able to remember things.  Chris, at the end had become intensely paranoid, to the point that he would not take the same route to the airport on a consistent basis, to the point that he would not allow the family outside of the house."

The report noted that Benoit's diary was found in the trash outside his home following the discovery of the Benoit family.

Ichter represents Michael Benoit in the ongoing legal entanglement over the heirs of Benoit's estate as he neither he nor Nancy Benoit left a will at the time of the Benoit family tragedy.

2007 - WWE ran Barcelona, Spain. sent along the following results:

the card changed enough to seem a different show than shows performed in Valencia and Madrid. Here are the quick results:

- WWE Tag Team Championship - MVP & Matt Hardy beat Deuce & Domino via Pinfall.

- Chuck Palumbo defeated Kenny Dykstra via Pinfall.

- Triple Threat Match - Mark Henry defeated Jimmy Wang Yang & Shannon Moore via Pinfall.

- Kane over Finlay in a good match.

And after the intermission:

- Jesse defeated Jamie Noble.

- Torrie Wilson defeated Victoria via Pinfall in another good match.

- Triple Threat Match for the World Heavyweight Championship - The Great Khali vs. Batista vs. Rey Mysterio. Finlay entered the ring to help Khali and the match changed to a Tag Team match.

- Tag Team Match - Mysterio & Batista over Khali & Finlay via Pinfall.

After the main event Batista & Mysterio said a few words in Spanish.

2007 - TNA broadcast Impact on SpikeTV.  Richard Trionfo filed the following TV report:

On Sunday night at No Surrender Total Nonstop Action Wrestling crowned two new champions when Ron Killings and Pacman Jones won the TNA Tag Team Titles against Kurt Angle and Sting when Angle attacked Sting after thinking that Sting attacked Karen Angle during the match; and Jay Lethal defeated Kurt to win the TNA X Division Title. Kurt did retain his TNA Heavyweight Title by defeating Abyss. After that match, we saw Abyss get pulled under the ring by James Mitchell’s newest monster, Judas Mesias. A new number one contender was determined for the TNA Tag Team Titles when A.J. Styles and Tomko defeated the Motor City Machine Guns of Alex Shelley and Chris Sabin at the end of the Tag Team Gauntlet Match. Christian and Samoa Joe did not resolve their differences on Sunday night after Joe got disqualified. Now we move from No Surrender to Bound for Glory and some potential matches for the next pay per view were built last Sunday night. What matches will be announced for the pay per view. Will we see more from Judas Mesias? What will happen when Abyss puts his career on the line against Kurt Angle in a non-title Six Sides of Steel Submission Match? Will we see Christian Cage address the situation that occurred after his match at No Surrender? What matches will be announced for Bound for Glory?

We start off tonight’s show with a look back at highlights from No Surrender. A.J. Styles and Tomko became the new Number One Contenders for the TNA Tag Team Titles. Samoa Joe got disqualified against Christian Cage and Matt Morgan came out to go after Joe who was choking Christian Cage after the match. Kurt Angle and Sting lose the TNA Tag Team Titles to Ron Killings and Pacman Jones and during the match Sting may or may not have hit Karen Angle at ringside. Kurt’s night got worse when he lost the TNA X Division Title to Jay Lethal. Angle did get to keep one of his titles when he defeated Abyss to retain the TNA Heavyweight Title. After the match, James Mitchell warned Abyss about his new monster and Judas Mesias pulled Abyss under the ring.

Jeremy Borash is walking outside the Impact Zone with Christian Cage, A.J. Styles, and Tomko as they arrive at the building. Borash asks Christian about his match with Samoa Joe at No Surrender and how things are not over. Christian says that it is far from over and he has some problems to take care of and they don’t include Samoa Joe. Christian says that he has a problem with the person who stuck his nose in the champ’s business. Christian says that it is Jim Cornette’s stooge and he asks what his name is and A.J. says that he wrote it down and gave it to Christian. Christian finds the piece of paper and says that it is Matt Morgan after turning it the right way. He says that if Matt Morgan wants to be the muscle around here, he might want to know what his job description actually entails. Christian also says that he will be wrestling Samoa Joe at Bound for Glory and this time there must be a winner. He also told Cornette to scour the Earth for the biggest, baddest Samoan and he will make an example out of that Samoan for Samoa Joe to see. He says that he does not care if it is Afa, Sika, or any other wild Samoan he can find. Christian says that he does not care if it is Don Ho. A.J. says that he loves the song “Tiny Bubbles”

We are live on tape from Universal Studios in Orlando, Florida and your announcers are Mike Tenay and Don West.

Don and Mike talk about the Six Sides of Steel Non-Title Submission If Abyss Loses he Leaves TNA Match that will be our main event for tonight’s show.

The action in the Impact Zone starts with Karen Angle coming to the ring. As she walks to the ring, we see footage from No Surrender of the TNA Tag Title Match and the problems between Karen Angle, Sting, and Kurt Angle that led to Kurt giving Sting an Olympic Slam and cost Angle and Sting the TNA Tag Team Titles.

Karen says that she can feel the love in the air tonight and it is amazing. Karen says that she wants to introduce us to the man who worked his “little butt off” three times at No Surrender and he is still the TNA Heavyweight Champion. She introduces her sugar daddy, Kurt Angle.

The Angle-Vator rises, but Kurt Angle is not on it. Instead Sting rises and then he walks to the ring telling Karen that he does not blame Kurt for what he did at No Surrender but Karen cost them the TNA Tag Team Titles. He says that he does not want Karen’s apology because it does not mean anything. He wants Karen to tell her Husband Kurt that he never laid a hand on her. Karen says that when Sting hit her, she fell and hit her head. She says that she cannot remember anything. Sting says that

Karen cannot remember because nothing happened. Karen says that she was hit so hard by Sting that she fell to the floor and hit her head. She does not remember anything about that night. Sting turns around and sees someone standing with an American flag around them at the top of the Ramp of Heelish Impact. It is Kurt Angle and he has a steel chair and he hits Sting with it. Angle hits Sting in the back again with the chair. Angle rolls Sting into the ring and he gets a pair of handcuffs and Angle cuffs Sting to the rope. Angle kicks Sting while Karen applauds what her husband does to Sting. Angle gets on the mic and he wants to know if Sting wants to embarrass his wife by slapping her in the face. Sting says that he did not slap her but Angle does not believe Sting. Angle says that next month at Bound for Glory in Atlanta; where he won an Olympic Gold Medal and where Sting became an icon in WCW, he is going to embarrass the s*** out of Sting. Kurt says that if Sting wants to embarrass his wife then he will snaping his ankle and maybe break his neck. Kurt tells Karen to slap the hell out of the piece of garbage. Karen yells at Sting and then she slaps him four times before Sting spits at Karen. Kurt tells Sting he will see him at Bound for Glory. Sting spits at Angle and Angle punches Sting. We go to commercial.

We are back and Don and Mike are at the announce table. Mike talks about how since Abyss was so upset that he submitted to the ankle lock at No Surrender, he demanded a rematch on Impact. Jim Cornette wanted to know what was in it for him, Abyss agreed to put his career on the line in a Submission Match. Don says that because of any possible interference from Karen Angle, this match will be inside the Six Sides of Steel.

Jeremy Borash is in the back and he is with Abyss. Abyss says that tonight is not his last match. It is Angle’s last breath. Abyss tells him “Click . . . Doomsday!”

Match Number One: Black Reign versus Shark Boy

As Shark Boy tries to enter the ring, Black Reign tries to attack him but Shark Boy with a shoulder. Black Reign with a knee to Shark Boy and a swinging neckbreaker while Shark Boy is still trying to get into the ring. Black Reign with an Irish whip and running clothesline into the corner. Black Reign with punches in the corner and then he hits a running stunner. Black Reign hits the Schizophrenic on Shark Boy for the three count.

Winner: Black Reign

After the match, Black Reign goes for his pickaxe and he hits Shark Boy in the back of the head with it. Black Reign goes for his rat and brings it into the ring. Black Reign takes off Shark Boy’s mask and he puts his rat in the mask before trying to put the mask back on Shark Boy. Eric Young comes out to make the save for Shark Boy and takes him to the back.

Crystal is with the TNA Tag Team Champions, Ron Killings and Pacman Jones. Ron starts singing and then he says that they are on the road again. He says that he told everyone and now they are the TNA Tag Team Champions. Ron says that he wants to dance a jig but he has some business to take care of. He mentions Atlanta and how that is Jones’ stomping ground. Ron talks about their match at Bound for Glory against Tomko and A.J. Styles. Killings says that it is time to hand out a can of whoop ass on those guys and Jones agrees with Killings. Ron says that Tomko and A.J. don’t know whose backyard they are going into and that seeing is believing. Jones gives a “shout out” to his teammates on the Titans as he counts his days down to return to the NFL. He says that speaking of teams; he came, he saw, he conquered. They were like a hand in a glove. He will chew them up at Bound for Glory and Killings will spit them out. We go to commercial.

We are back and we see highlights of what Don and Mike call the greatest upset in TNA History when Jay Lethal became the new X Division Champion.

Match Number Two: Christopher Daniels with Senshi and Elix Skipper versus Jay Lethal with Sonjay Dutt in a Non Title Match

Daniels tries to go after Lethal before the bell rings, but Lethal moves out of the way and Lethal connects with a series of punches followed by running elbows. Daniels goes outside the ring and Lethal goes after Daniels with a suicide dive. Lethal punches Daniels and then slams his head into the apron. Lethal rolls Daniels back into the ring and then Lethal with an elbow to the nose. Daniels begs for mercy but Lethal with a kick followed by an Irish whip into a hip toss and drop kick for a near fall. Lethal with a side head lock to Daniels. Daniels sends Lethal chest first into the turnbuckles and then Daniels pulls Lethal down by his hair and gets a near fall. Lethal punches Daniels but Daniels gets Lethal in the sleeper. Lethal with elbows to get out of the hold and then he takes Daniels into the turnbuckles. Daniels with an Irish whip but Daniels charges into a boot from Lethal. Lethal goes to the second turnbuckle for a jumping leg lariat but Daniels avoids it by rolling out of the way. Daniels with a running knee that sends Lethal into the turnbuckles and then Daniels hits a Death Valley Driver for a two count. Daniels with a Blue Thunder Driver for another two count. Daniels argues with the referee as well as the voices in his head. Daniels with an Irish whip but he misses a clothesline and back elbow and Lethal hits a series of punches, clotheslines, and elbows. Daniels does the Flair Flop in the center of the ring. Lethal with a knee lift and then he goes over the top rope to the floor and he drops Daniels’ throat across the top rope. Lethal misses the double sledge from the top but he does not miss an enzuigiri or super kick on Daniels but Daniels kicks out at two. Lethal with jabs to Daniels and then he sets for the Lethal Combination but Daniels escapes the hold and Daniels hits an uranage on Lethal followed by the BME but Lethal kicks out of the hold. Daniels what happened as he looks to the sky for guidance. Daniels puts Lethal on the top turnbuckle but Lethal with a punch to Daniels. Senshi and Skipper try to interfere but Lethal avoids it. Lethal tries for the Lethal Combination but Daniels holds on to the ropes. Daniels hits Last Rites for the three count.

Winner: Christopher Daniels

Jeremy Borash is in Jim Cornette’s office and he talks about TNA Mobile before bringing Jim Cornette into his own office. Jeremy says that Jim Cornette has had a busy night. Cornette says that Bound for Glory is going to be the best ever. Cornette discusses the matches for the pay per view. He says that the Fight for the Right Reverse Battle Royale will return and there will be fifteen men in that match and four will fight for a TNA Heavyweight Title Match. He also says that Triple X will face the Latin American Xchange in the Ultimate X Match. He also talks about the ten girl Gauntlet/Knockout Battle Royale with five current Knockouts and five that we have never seen in the match. Jim says that there are some other problems and he reminds Matt Morgan about what Christian Cage has been doing. Cornette says that he understands that Matt Morgan has to respond to Christian calling him out, but Cornette says that he knows what Matt is capable of. He says that he does not want any of the TNA wrestlers injured so he asks Matt to keep himself under control. Matt says that Cornette does not have to worry. Cornette says that he has an important meeting so he has to go.

Christian Cage, A.J. Styles, and Tomko walk in the back as we go to commercial.

We are back and Christian Cage is in the ring with Tomko and A.J. Styles and he is telling Matt Morgan to come to the ring before he sends Tomko back to drag Morgan out. Matt Morgan comes to the ring. Christian says that he wants to have a little chit-chat with the big fellow. Christian reminds Morgan that at No Surrender, he wrestled Samoa Joe. He says that at some point during that match, Samoa Joe realized that he cannot and never will be able to beat him. Joe decided to go crazy and he got himself intentionally disqualified. Joe then lays out ten guys, but the kicker is that Joe took a t-shirt and wrapped it around his gorgeous neck before Joe hurled him over the top rope and hanged him until every last breath was almost out of his body. Christian says that he knows that Jim Cornette is Matt Morgan’s boss, but Christian says that he is the one who runs this show. When the marquee attraction is thrown over the ropes and hanged until he is almost lifeless, you do not wait five minutes until you come to the ring to do something about this. He tells Matt to make sure it never happens. Now Matt will get a crash course on what it is like to be the muscle. He does not care how big Matt is. Christian points out that there are three of them and only one of him. Christian, Tomko, and Styles corner Morgan, but Morgan rips off his shirt to show that he is ready for a fight. Morgan will not be fighting alone because Samoa Joe comes into the ring and he spears Christian and starts to punch him. Tomko and Styles try to get Joe off Christian but Morgan throws Styles over the top rope to the floor while Joe does the same to Tomko.

Morgan gets on the mic and he tells Christian that his match with Samoa Joe will have a special enforcer and that enforcer will be the seven foot tall Matt Morgan.

Christian gets on the mic and he says that Morgan cannot appoint himself as an official or enforcer. Christian wants to know who made him the special enforcer.

Jim Cornette comes out and he says that he made Matt Morgan the special enforcer at Bound for Glory so Christian will not get away with any of his shenanigans or falderal when he wrestles Samoa Joe. Speaking of Samoans, Cornette says that he has Christian’s opponent for next week for his Samoan Challenge. He introduces Christian’s opponent and it is Junior Fatu aka Rikishi.

We go to a video package for the Six Sides of Steel Match between Kurt Angle and Abyss.

Before Abyss enters the Six Sides of Steel, he looks under the ring to make sure that Judas Mesias is not under the ring like he was at No Surrender when he pulled Abyss under the ring.

Match Number Three: Abyss versus Kurt Angle in a Non-Title Submission Match inside the Six Sides of Steel and if Abyss loses, he must leave TNA

Angle starts off the match by kicking Abyss in the leg in the same manner that he did at No Surrender. Abyss with punches to Angle and then he tosses Angle into the wall of the cage. Abyss throws Angle into the other side of the cage and Angle is bleeding from the forehead. Abyss throws Angle into the wall of the cage one more time. Angle kicks Abyss in the leg but Abyss with a spinebuster. Abyss puts Angle in a Boston Crab but Angle gets to the ropes. Abyss punches Angle in the corner. Abyss with an Irish whip and Angle is sent into the corner where the referee is standing so the referee goes down and he goes down hard. Abyss sets for the choke slam but Angle kicks Abyss low and everyone is down. Angle tries to climb out of the cage but Abyss stops him. Abyss punches Angle but Angle punches back. Abyss hits a superplex and we go to commercial.

We are back and Abyss with an Irish whip into the corner but Angle climbs the turnbuckles and he hits a moonsault onto Abyss. Angle with a series of punches to Abyss’ head and Angle tries for the ankle lock but Abyss powers out of the hold. Angle with kicks to the leg and a knee to the head. Angle grabs the chair and he threatens to use it on the referee. Abyss punches the chair and Angle goes down. Abyss chokes Angle but Angle kicks Abyss followed by punches. Abyss with punches of his own and Angle bounces back up. Abyss presses Angle over his head and drops him on the mat. Abyss with Shock Treatment set up but Angle counters with a sunset flip into an ankle lock. Abyss rolls through and he sends Angle into the turnbuckles. Abyss puts Angle in the ankle lock and then he grapevines the leg.

While Abyss goes down to the mat, there is a hole in the mat and Judas Mesias emerges from under the ring. Mesias has a rope with barbed wire and he wraps it around Abyss’ neck.

Angle crawls away from Mesias and Abyss before getting out of the cage. The referee checks on Abyss and then Mesias grabs the chair and he hits Abyss in the head with the chair. Mesias hits Abyss one more time in the head with the chair before hitting a jumping head and arm reverse DDT onto the steel chair. Mesias opens the bag of glass and pours it on the mat. Mesias gets a piece of glass and he stabs Abyss in the arm. Mesias does it to the other arm. Mesias licks the blood off the glass and then he bites Abyss in the forehead. Mesias continues to punch Abyss as we go to credits.

2008 - Ring of Honor ran Tokyo, Japan with the following results:

1) YAMATO defeated Eddie Edwards in what might be Eddie's best match in ROH (not taking anything away from the Roderick Strong one at the Hammerstein)

2) Austin Aries defeated Ryo Saito in another good match in about 13 minutes. Afterwards, Jimmy Jacobs & Tyler Black attacked Aries and Jacobs put him out with the End Time. Jacobs then basically said that The Age Of The Fall would cause chaos in Japan.

3) Larry Sweeney was irate that Edwards lost and went off on the Japanese fans, earning their boos. Sweeney then called out Roderick Strong to wrestle Davey Richards. Strong defeated Richards in 25 minutes in a very hot match. These two tore the house down and the fans were really into it. Strong had some words for Kensuke Sasaki on the mic after the contest to build up tomorrow's match. Davey is a monster now.

4) El Generico scored a huge win as he teamed with Shingo & Dragon Kid to defeat Naruki Doi, Masato Yoshino & BxB Hulk in about 22 minutes. This was awesome and right up there with all the Dragon Gate six mans. I just sat in the crowd and really enjoyed this one as I love this style of match. Hulk and Shingo had some wicked exchanges and everyone was on in this one.

5) Bryan Danielson defeated ROH World Champion Nigel McGuinness in a non-title match in about 22 minutes. This started as a very technical match and built into a hard-hitting match. The fans really loved it. Another great match in the series between these two. After the bout, Bryan got on the mic and said he just defeated the ROH World Champion and tomorrow he will go after the GHC Jr. Heavyweight Title.

6) Jimmy Jacobs & Tyler Black defeated Jay & Mark Briscoe to retain the ROH World Tag Team Titles. This match was a total brawl that got some "holy s***" and "ROH" chants from the Japanese fans. The final three matches all contrasted each other perfectly.

2009 - World Wrestling Entertainment released several developmental talents, including Kris Logan (Brian Cage), Fletcher Chase (Jason Garrison), Troy Jackman (Ian Richardson) and Aiden Frost (Jason Riggs).  

2009 - WWE held the first and only Breaking Point PPV.  Buck Woodward filed the following PPV report:

Welcome to's coverage of WWE Breaking Point.  We will be updating this page throughout the evening with results from the show, so check back often for updates.

Lilian Garcia is wearing a Rolling Stones shirt.  Just wanted to point that out, since I dig the Stones.

WWE Unified Tag Team Champions Chris Jericho & Big Show vs. MVP & Mark Henry.

MVP now has a sleeveless bodysuit, and started off against Jericho.  Jericho stalled outside the ring after MVP swung a kick by his head.  They finally locked up, and MVP broke clean in the corner.  They shoved each other, then MVP hit some right hands and a hiptoss.  MVP took Jericho down, then Jericho stumbled into Henry, who popped him with a right hand.  MVP hit some shoulderblocks in a corner on Jericho, who came back with a pair of right hands.  MVP hit a drop toe hold, then a neckbreaker for a two count.  Henry tagged in, and Jericho ran across the ring to tag out to Big Show.

Show and Henry circled each other, then locked up, with neither getting an advantage.  The crowd actually seems to be favoring Big Show a bit.  Show hit some right hands and went for an avalanche, but Mark Henry caught him, placed him in the corner and hit some shots.  Henry hit an avalanche of his own and lifted Show for a slam, but Jericho clipped his leg and Henry went down with Show on top for a two count.  Show worked over Henry in his corner, then Jericho got some shots in when the referee was distracted.  Show choked Henry with his boot in the corner.  Jericho tagged in and hit some shots, but Henry shoved him away.  Jericho attacked again, and there was a "Y2J" chant from part of the Montreal crowd.

Show tagged in, but he and Henry collided with simultaneous clotheslines.  MVP and Jericho tagged in, with MVP hitting a belly to belly suplex and clothesline off the ropes.  MVP hit a facebuster to the knee, then went for the Ballin' elbowdrop, which he connected with for two.  Jericho swept his legs and went for the Walls Of Jericho, but MVP rolled out of it.  Jericho made a blind tag, and MVP hit him with a boot to the face, but Show blasted MVP with a spear.  Now there is an "MVP" chant.  Show clobbered MVP with a forearm to the back, then tagged Jericho, who kicked MVP on the mat.  MVP managed to grab a small package for two, then hit a desperation clothesline.  Jericho stopped MVP from making a tag and choked him in a corner with his boot.

Jericho went for a hiptoss, but MVP reversed into a DDT.  MVP made the tag, and Henry knocked Jericho to the mat, then hit a headbutt.  Jericho tried to jump off the middle rope at him, but Henry caught him and hit a press slam, then delivered a splash.  Big Show broke up the cover.  MVP ran in, but Show flung him out.  Henry then knocked Show out of the ring and clotheslined Jericho, but Jericho got his foot on the ropes.  Henry went for a backdrop, but Jericho kicked it away.  Jericho went for a Codebreaker, but Henry grabbed him and just flung him away.  Big Show, from the apron, punched Henry in the jaw.  Jericho crawled onto Henry for the pin, and MVP tried to get in, but was too late to break up the cover at the thirteen minute mark.

Winners: Chris Jericho & Big Show.

Josh Mathews interviewed Cody Rhodes and Ted DiBiase.  Rhodes said tonight would not be a technical match, it would be a fight.  DiBiase said DX represented the past, and noted they were like the DX glow sticks in that they are fun for a while, then they just fade away.  

WWE United States champion Kofi Kingston vs. The Miz.

Miz talked to the Montreal crowd in French, saying he is awesome.  They locked up at the bell, and Kofi broke clean in the corner.  They locked up again, and Miz kicked Kofi in the ribs on the break.  Miz grabbed a side mare and took Kofi to the mat.  Kofi got to his feet and shoved Miz off, but Miz hit a shoulderblock.  Miz avoided a leapfrog and went for a legsweep, but Kofi blocked it and hit a kick to the body.  Kofi mounted Miz for punches in the corner, then hit another kick to the body.  Miz fought back with a vertical suplex, but missed a clothesline and Kofi hit a pair of cross bodyblocks.  Miz tried to toss Kofi from the ring, but Kofi bounced off the ropes and hit a dropkick.  

Kofi whipped Miz into the corner, and Miz backdropped Kofi onto the apron.  Kofi tried to climb the ropes, but Miz kicked him down and then stepped on his chest.  Miz gave Kofi a catapult into the bottom rope, then covered him for a two count.  Miz drove his knee into Kofi's back, then applied a crossface chicken wing.  Kofi battled out of it, then went for a bodypress, but Miz booted him in the face for a two count.   Miz punched Kofi on the mat, then hit a kick to the head for a two count.  Miz went back to the crossface chicken wing, and Kofi fought up, only to be given a flapjack for a two count.  Miz delivered a knee to the back of Kofi, then kicked him in the chest.  Miz choked Kofi against the middle rope.

Kofi battled up, and as Miz tried to grab him, Kofi shrugged him between the ropes and to the floor.  Kofi teased a pescado, but landed on the apron when Miz moved.  Miz knocked Kofi's leg out from under him, and Kofi hit the apron hard.  Miz tossed Kofi into the ring for a two count, then covered him again for a second.  Miz worked over Kofi with punches in a corner.  Miz hit the between the ropes clothesline in the corner, then went to the top rope.  Miz hit a double axhandle off the top for a near fall.  Miz charged Kofi in a corner and hit some knees.  Miz came in again and Kofi tripped him into the turnbuckles.  Miz hit some body kicks, and soon the two were exchanging body kicks.  Kofi got the better of it.  Kofi missed a Trouble In Paradise kick, and Miz went for the Skull Crushing Finale, but Kofi blocked it and hit a variation of a legsweep for two.  Miz came back with a knee to the body and a reverse DDT for two.  Kingston hit a flying clothesline, but Miz blocked his double legdrop by getting the knees up and scored two.

The two traded reversals on a sunset flip attempt, then reversals on a cradle attempt.  Kofi hit a side Russian legsweep, then nailed the double legdrop for two.  Kofi went to the top rope and hit a flying bodypress, but Miz rolled through it for a two count.  Miz hit a Hot Shot into the turnbuckles, then cradled him with the trunks pulled for a two count.  Miz pounded Kofi on the mat, then went for a neckbreaker, but Kofi shoved Miz into the ropes and caught him with a Trouble In Paradise kick for the pin at the twelve minute mark.

Winner: Kofi Kingston.

The events leading to Legacy vs. DX were shown.

Triple H & Shawn Michaels vs. Ted DiBiase & Cody Rhodes in a Submissions Count Anywhere match.

Positive response for DX.  Maybe we have finally gotten past the events of.... nope, there's the "You Screwed Bret" chant.  Triple H acknowledged the events of the past, and Shawn gestured for him to "zip his lips".  Triple H then said it was all Shawn's fault, to a pop.  To be fair, it really all came off more like Montreal having some fun with DX, rather than real hatred for Michaels.  Legacy was roundly booed on their entrance.

The bell rang and all four men started brawling in the ring.  Triple H choked DiBiase with a T-shirt.  Cody was thrown from the ring, and Shawn clipped DiBiase's knee.  Cody got in and Shawn gave him a shinbuster, then Triple H clipped his knee.  They went to the floor, and it appeared DX were working on the legs of both members of Legacy.  Triple H gave Ted a shinbuster on an announce table, and Shawn gave one to Cody on the ringsteps, then started fighting into the crowd.

DiBiase and Triple H followed, and soon all four men were slugging it out amongst the fans. They battled up the steps and into the stands.  Shawn choked DiBiase against a railing at one point.  Triple H and Cody fought into the concourse area, battling near a beer stand.  DiBiase and Shawn joined them, and they were surrounded by fans, some of whom chanted  "You screwed Bret".  DX put Legacy in simultaneous figure four leglocks, but DiBiase raked Michaels' eyes to free Cody, who then freed DiBiase.  The fans were doing soccer chants now.

DX and Legacy battled back to the steps, working their way down the stands.  DX tried using front facelocks on the railings at one point, and eventually they made their way back to ringside.  Rhodes backdropped Michaels at ringside and worked him over.  Triple H grabbed a Breaking Point commemorative chair and hit Rhodes with it, then put Rhodes through the opening of the metal chair after setting it up and in a Boston Crab.  Michaels grabbed a Camel Clutch on him at the same time, but DiBiase broke it up.  DiBiase threw Triple H into the ring steps.  DiBiase and Triple H got in the ring, and Triple H hit a spinebuster.  Triple H applied a Crippler Crossface, but Cody broke it up.

Michaels got in the ring, but Cody tossed him out.  Michaels skinned the cat and pulled Cody out of the ring.  Michaels went for the move on DiBiase, but he kicked him to the floor.  Cody put Michaels in an inverted backbreaker on the floor, but Triple H broke it up and threw Cody into the steps.  Triple H got back in the ring with DiBiase, and gave him a crotch chop before kicking him in the head.  Michaels and Rhodes fought into an equipment area near the stage.  Michaels and Cody brawled up into the stairs again.  Triple H and DiBiase fought up the aisle as well.  Cody knocked Michaels out of the stands, and he took a big fall onto a carpeted stage.  Triple H went to check on him, while Legacy regrouped on the floor.  Triple H fought them two-on-one on the stage, backdropping DiBiase, then fighting Cody into the backstage area.

Triple H tossed Cody into an equipment case, but DiBiase hit Triple H from behind.  Legacy double teamed DX backstage, yelling at him to quit.  DiBiase put Triple H in a Million Dollar Dream, but Triple H fought out of it.  Triple H gave DiBiase a spinebuster through a catering table, then put Cody in a Crippler Crossface.  Michaels was finally getting near the stage in the arena.

DiBiase broke up the crossface by hitting Triple H with a cooler.  Cody grabbed a chair and blasted Triple H in the head with it.  Cody and DiBiase went back through the curtain, and started working over Michaels, slamming him on the stage.  Legacy dragged Michaels back to ringside, and tossed him into the ring.  The took turns pounding Michaels, who mounted a comeback, throwing DiBiase from the ring.  Cody swept Michaels' leg and applied an ankle lock.  Michaels managed to punch DiBiase while in the hold, and kick off the ankle lock.  Michaels backdropped DiBiase out of the ring, then superkicked Rhodes.  Triple H was shown starting to get up in the back.

Michaels and Cody got to their feet, then Michaels tripped Cody and applied the Indian Deathlock, but DiBiase broke it up.  Michaels sidestepped a charging Rhodes, but DiBiase caught him.  Legacy went for a spike piledriver, but Cody got kicked away and Michaels backdropped DiBiase.  Michaels went to superkick DiBiase, but Cody tripped him and crotched him on the ringpost.  Cody pounded Michaels at ringside with a flurry of punches and put on a ringpost figure four.  DiBiase put Michaels in a Million Dollar Dream at the same time.  Triple H was crawling down the aisle, but Michaels tapped out at the twenty-three minute mark.

Winners: Ted DiBiase & Cody Rhodes.

Josh Mathews interviewed Randy Orton, asking his thoughts on Legacy's win.  Orton said he knew Legacy would win.  Orton then gave Mathews a hard time for asking a second question.  Orton rhetorically asked how John Cena can say he would "never" quit, without really knowing if he would or not.  He cut a promo about destroying him.

The Great Khali vs. Kane in a Singapore Cane match.

Bins were attached to the ringposts, with several canes in each of them.  Kane kicked Khali in the gut and immediately went for a cane, but Khali stopped him and hit some kicks and a chop in the corner.  Both men grabbed canes, and dueled a bit.  Khali stumbled into Kane, who dropped his Kane.  Khali hit a shot, and Kane went to the floor.  Khali went after him, and Kane dropkicked him in the leg.  Kane then hit a cane shot, put Khali in the ring, and hit a series of cane shots.  Kane stood over Khali, and Khali reached up and choked Kane.  Kane broke the hold with a cane shot.  Kane hit some cane shots to the leg, downing Khali, then dropkicked him in the face.  "Boring" chants starting.  Kane used a Singapore cane to put Khali in an armbar.  Really.  

Kane swung at Khali and Khali grabbed the cane, then hit Kane with a series of shots to the body.  Kane ran into a Khali clothesline with the cane.  Khali hit a big chop to the head for a two count. Khali put Kane in the vice grip, and Kane picked up a cane and swung over his head to hit Khali and break the hold.  Kane went to the top rope and hit a jumping cane shot for a two count.  Kane called for a chokeslam.  Runjin Singh ran in and hit Kane with a cane shot.  Kane no-sold it and choked down Singh.  Kane then charged Khali with a cane, but Khali hit him with a chop.  Khali checked on his brother, and Kane, from the ring apron, grabbed Khali around the throat with a cane and yanked him neck first across the top rope.  Kane then delivered a chokeslam for the win at the seven minute mark.

Winner: Kane.

Eve Torres interviewed CM Punk, who cut a promo about how no one gave him a chance last month against Jeff Hardy in a TLC match, but he won.  Punk then said Hardy proved him right this weekend, and that is why his name is all over the news.  Punk said you would never see his mugshot online, because he lives a clean life.  Punk then said he wasn't easily scared, and the lights went out, startling Punk and Eve.  The lights came back on, and it was Jimmy Wang Yang.  Yang said he was just messing around, and wished Punk luck on his match.  Punk shook his hand, and then headbutted Yang and beat him down.  Punk said he was not afraid of the Undertaker before leaving.

The Summerslam "match" between Christian and William Regal was reviewed.

ECW Champion Christian vs. William Regal.

Regal was accompanied by Vladimir Kozlov & Ezekiel Jackson.  It was then announced that ECW General Manager Tiffany was banning Kozlov & Jackson from ringside, and if they did not leave, Regal would have to forfeit the match.  They grappled in a collar and elbow tieup, then Regal hit a forearm and Christian responded with a slap and a Killswitch attempt, which Regal shoved away.  Christian grabbed Regal's arm, applying a hammerlock, but Regal reversed into a backdrop and Christian grabbed a sunset flip for one, then hit a dropkick for two.  Christian grabbed a side mare, and applied a headlock.  Regal threw Christian out of the ring, but Christian rammed Regal into a turnbuckle from the apron, then hit a flying bodypress for a two count.  

Christian hit some chops in the corner, then went for a tornado DDT, but Regal blocked it and knocked Christian off the ropes and to the floor.  Regal hit a forearm and a kick on the floor, then put Christian back in the ring for a two count.  Then put Christian in a cross armed chinlock.  Christian got out of it and monkeyflipped Regal in a test of strength.  Regal bridged up, then kipped up and hit a headbutt.  Regal hit a half nelson Exploder suplex for a two count, then a series of forearms to the back of the head.  Regal applied a surfboard, then pulled back Christian's head.  Christian elbowed out of it, hit a back kick, and springboarded off the middle rope for a sunset flip.  Regal rolled out of it, hit a running knee, then a kneedrop, then another running knee for a two count.  

Regal put Christian in a full nelson, and he broke out, but Regal hit an Exploder for a two count.  Regal put Christian in a shoulder choke, then pounded him in a corner.  Regal put Christian on the ropes, but Christian hit some shots and hit a tornado DDT.  Christian got a two count, then ran into a Regal forearm.  Regal dropped on Christian for a two count, then rubbed his forearm across Christian's face.  Christian battled back with punches and went for a Killswitch, but Regal blocked it and hit a trapped leg back suplex, aka the Regalplex, for a two count.  Regal and Christian slugged it out, with Regal using forearms and Christian using body blows.  Christian hit a running forearm and a back elbow from the middle rope.  Christian slammed Regal and hit a diving forearm for a two count.

Christian hit a dropkick off the middle rope, then went to the top rope.  Regal charged, and Christian leapfrogged him, then hit a clothesline.  Christian jumped off the top rope for a dropkick, but Regal caught him with a forearm.  Regal hit a rolling senton for a two count.  Regal charged Christian, but he caught him with a knee.  Christian went for the Killswitch, but Regal shoved him off.  Regal went for the running knee, but Christian dodged it and hit the Killswitch for the win at the eleven minute mark.

Winner: Christian.

Pat Patterson came out and spoke French to the crowd, and talked about starting his career in Montreal.  Dolph Ziggler came out, and Patterson joked that as he walked around Montreal last night, "no one" asked about Dolph Ziggler.  Patterson said he was just having fun, and said someday he could be Intercontinental Champion.  Patterson wished him luck.  Ziggler got on the mic, and said between Bob Barker and Pat Patterson, he was wondering when WWE got "taken over by senior citizens".  Ziggler made a bunch of old-age jokes about Patterson, then said he was just having fun.  Ziggler said until he saw Patterson come out, he "thought he was dead".  Ziggler wondered why they were wasting PPV time on Patterson.  There was a "Shut The F*** Up" chant.  Family entertainment, people!  Ziggler kept making jokes, then apologized, saying he was just kidding. Fans were giving him the "What" treatment now.  Ziggler started up again with the jokes.  Ziggler then called Patterson a coward and kicked him in the gut.  Why?  I do not know.  Ziggler left the ring, then got back in, but John Morrison ran out and ZIggler bailed out.

The events leading to the WWE Title match were shown.  The announcers emphasized that if anyone interfered on behalf of Randy Orton, he would lose the WWE Title.

WWE Champion Randy Orton vs. John Cena in an "I Quit" match.

Both men got mixed reactions, but far more boos for Orton.  They stared at each other at the bell.  For quite a while.  Then they locked up and Cena pushed Orton in a corner.  Cena hit a belly to belly suplex, then a cradle suplex.  Cena hit a right hand, but missed a shoulderblock attempt.  Orton knocked Cena off the apron, sending him into the announcers table.  Randy Orton grabbed a TV monitor and hit Cena in the head with it.  Orton put Cena on the ring apron, then pulled him in for the hanging DDT off the ropes.  Orton told the referee to ask Cena if he quit.  Cena said no, and Orton dropped him with the DDT.

Orton went to ringside and grabbed a chair.  Orton set it up in the ring and went for the RKO on the chair.  Cena shoved it off and hit a shoulderblock, then a second.  Cena hit a back suplex into a powerbomb.  The referee tossed the chair out of the ring.  Cena did the "You Can't See Me" and hit the Five Knuckle Shuffle fistdrop.  Cena went for an Attitude Adjustment, but Orton floated out of it onto the apron, then yanked Cena throat first across the top rope.  Orton went for a punt, but Cena avoided it and went for an STF, but Orton kicked it away.  Orton rolled to the floor, and Cena went after him, but Orton reversed a whip and sent Cena into the steps.  

Orton picked up a section of the steps and hit Cena in the head with it. Orton then pulled Cena onto the larger section of the steps and stomped Cena's head against the steel.  The referee asked Cena if he quit, and Cena said no, so Orton stomped his head again.  Cena refused to quit again.  Orton tossed Cena into the ring, then pulled out a back from underneath it.  Orton pulled out a pair of handcuffs, along with a chain with the keys on it.  Orton put the chain around his neck. Orton cuffed Cena to the top rope.  Orton stomped Cena repeatedly and had the referee ask him again.  Cena said no again.  

Orton got on the mic, but instead of saying anything, he just hit Cena with it.  Orton, to boos, uncuffed Cena from the ropes, then cuffed his hands together.  Orton used the handcuff chain to hang Cena from the ringpost outside the ring and pound him with body blows.  Orton then hit some punches to the face.  Orton grabbed a bottle of water and threw it at Cena, saying "You ain't passing out on me".  Cena responded by spitting water back at Orton.  Orton reached under the ring and pulled out two Singapore canes.  Orton hit Cena in the gut and legs with the cane.  Orton then caned him in the head.  Cena refused to quit again.

Orton choked Cena with the cane, and Cena kicked Orton in the nads.  Cena got unhooked from the ringpost, but his hands were still cuffed together.  Cena had some nice welts on his midsection now.  Cena got to his feet, and Orton hit him in the head with a chair.  Orton uncuffed Cena, then cuffed him to the turnbuckle connector on the bottom rope.  Orton picked up the chair and hit Cena across the back.  Cena screamed, and Orton had the referee ask him.  Cena refused again.  Orton went for a chairshot, but Cena ducked and Orton hit the ringpost.  Cena backdropped Orton, then grabbed the key from around Orton's neck.  Cena uncuffed himself from the connector, then cuffed himself to Orton.  

Orton punched Orton and rammed him into the ringside tables over and over, then rolled him into the ring.  Cena hit a back suplex and pounded Orton on the mat.  Cena pulled Orton to his feet and went for an Attitude Adjustment, but Orton wriggled out and hit an RKO.  Orton saw that the keys were on the mat, and dragged the unconscious Cena towards them.  Cena woke up and pulled to keep Orton from reaching the key.  Cena put Orton in an STF variation, using the handcuffs to pull Orton's own arm around his neck.  Orton quickly said "I Quit" to end the match at the twenty minute mark.  Cena got on the mic and proclaimed "I did not quit".

Winner and new WWE Champion: John Cena.  

The events leading to the main event were shown.

World Champion CM Punk vs. The Undertaker in a Submission match.

Punk pointed at the belt during the introductions, saying "it's mine" to Undertaker.  At the bell, Punk bailed out to the floor and stalled.  He got back in the ring, but avoided getting close with Undertaker.  Punk threw some kicks, punches and elbows in a corner, then Taker grabbed him and just flung him over the top rope and to the floor.  Taker chased after him, and back into the ring.  Undertaker hit a clothesline, then decked Punk.  Undertaker hit a body blow, then a headbutt.  Undertaker worked over Punk in a corner, kicked his leg and head.  

Undertaker tossed Punk to the floor, but when he went out after him, Punk landed a kick and a forearm.  Taker returned fire with a punch, decking Punk.  Undertaker went to throw Punk into the ringpost, but Punk avoided it.  Taker hit a knee to the gut and kicked Punk in the head.  Undertaker whipped Punk into the security wall, then Taker went for a running boot, but Punk moved and Taker crashed into the wall.  Punk hit a running knee and stomped Undertaker on the floor.  Punk grabbed a chair and hit Taker in the gut, then the head.  Undertaker crawled back into the ring.

Punk hit a jumping knee in the corner, but had hit bulldog attempt pushed off.  Undertaker hit some short arm shoulderblocks, then yanked on the arm and hit another.  Undertaker went for the Old School ropewalk, but Punk crotched Taker in the corner.  Punk went for a superplex, but Undertaker headbutted him to the mat.  Punk got up and hit Undertaker with an enzugiri, then went for the superplex again, this time hitting it.  Punk hit Undertaker with some kicks, but Undertaker responded with punches.  Undertaker decked Punk, then whipped him into a corner and hit a clothesline.  

Undertaker hit Snake Eyes, then a running boot, and followed with a legdrop.  Undertaker called for a chokeslam, but Punk used a kick to the head to escape, knocking Undertaker to the mat.  Punk crawled over to Undertaker, and Undertaker immediately trapped him in Hell's Gate.  CM Punk tapped out at the nine minute mark.

Smackdown General Manager Theodore R. Long came out and said that since Vickie Guerrero banned the Hell's Gate "a long time ago", the match had to continue.

The bell rang, and Undertaker gave Punk a boot to the face.  Undertaker went for a Last Ride powerbomb, but Punk floated over it and clipped Undertaker's knee.  Punk put on an Anaconda Vice.  Referee Scott Armstrong immediately called for the bell.  

Winner: CM Punk.

Armstrong and Punk rolled out of the ring, Armstrong gave Punk the belt, and Armstrong ran out of the building.  Punk ran up the stage, and stood next to an emotionless Teddy Long.  Undertaker stood in the ring, looking angry, and Jim Ross made it clear, while they showed replays, that Undertaker did NOT submit.

Yes, we've got a Montreal screwjob to end the show.  Goodnight, everyone!

2009 - TNA ran Gainesville, Georgia.  Larry Goodman filed the following live report:

It was an emotional homecoming for A. J. Styles Sunday afternoon when TNA made their first appearance in Gainesville, Georgia.

The event drew 1300 to the Gainesville Mountain Center. The building was set up for 1750. The only seats open were the top few rows, so it had that packed feeling. An incredibly hot crowd. And a crowd that was easily steered toward the desired reaction.

Overall, it was a very entertaining house show. All good matches. No great matches but nothing even close to being bad.

Master of ceremonies Jeremy Borash opened the show. He did an amazing job of keeping the crowd pumped up all night long.

(1) Consequence Creed beat Suicide and Sheik Abdul Bashir in 9:20. This was easy heat. Bashir spouted off at the crowd in Farsi. Big pop for Creed and a really impressive pop for Suicide. Bashir exited as soon as the bell rang and let the babyfaces go at it. They collied and Bashir made the vulture like pin attempts. They did a comedy spot where Suicide, Creed and then ref Slick Johnson each hiptossed Bashir. Suicide got taken out by Bashir, but returned with a double missile dropkick. Suicide did a cool combo spot where he did a reverse roll up with a bridge on Bashir while hitting a Northern lights suplex on Creed. Finish saw Creed pin Bashir with a DDT. Well done opener. Creed and Suicide did a little dance off afterwards.

(2) Taylor Wilde pinned Daffney in 5:46.Nice heel/face dynamic here. I recall seeing Wilde (as Shantelle Taylor) in Deep South and thinking she was a cinch to make the main WWE roster as a babyface. Never gave her a chance. Wilde opened with a fast paced flurry. Daffney came back with a slam and a series of screaming stomps. Crowd chanted for Taylor. Daffney hit a shining wizard for a two count. Wilde hiptossed out of an abdominal stretch to spark the comeback, building to a spinning headscissors for a near fall. Daffney answered with a bridging northern lights suplex for two. Wilde got the pin with reverse roll up and a bridge. Another good match.

(3) Hotstuff Hernandez beat Homicide (with Bashir) in 7:09 Hernandez got a pure babyface pop second to only Styles (Booker and Angle and to a lesser degree Steiner, all got big star reactions). This match up is great vehicle for the Hernandez push. All of his power moves look devastating when Homicide takes them. Crowd was eating them up. Hernandez did a 20 count hanging vertical suplex. Bashir distracted allowing Homicide to catch Hernandez with a missile dropkick. Tough for his offense to make much of a dent in Hernandez with the size difference. Hernandez used a slingshot shoulder block, a gorilla press and got the pin with the Dominator.

Postmatch, Bashir and Homicide attacked Hernandez, who made his own save with a double lariat and a meeting of the minds. All of this was perfectly in synch with his push.

(4) Beer Money (James Storm & Robert Roode) beat TNA Tag Champions Booker T & Scott Steiner in a non-title match (12:35). Mafia did mic work to turn the crowd. Funny stuff. Booker ordered the cops to arrest any kids that tried to hit him and offered donuts to all the fatass adults. Steiner said the match was “non title sanctioned belt”. Mafia got into it with some ringside marks, and everyone in the ring holding back from laughing. This was slower than the other matches. Steiner spit at Roode. Beer Money got heat on Steiner. Watching Steiner run the ropes is painful. Booker pulled Storm out and gave him a rail shot to star the heat. After connecting with a hook kick, Booker busted out the Spinaroonie. A Storm backcracker on Steiner set up the hot tag. Roode hit a blockbuster on Steiner, and Booker saved. Beer Money went for the DWI but Booker broke that up. Steiner hit the flatliner on Roode for a near fall. He tried for the Steiner Recliner but couldn’t get it. Storm spit beer in Steiner’s face and Roode rolled him up. Entertaining in its own way. Crowd liked it.

(5) Samoa Joe defeated Christopher Daniels via the Kokina Clutch to retain the TNA X Division Title in 9:36. Not big reactions for their entrances, but the match heated up the crowd. Daniel was able to out quick Joe but not for long. Joe cut Daniels off with the one armed side slam. He broke out the striking attack. Crowd was popping for the stiffness. Joe grounded Daniels, then cut off a comeback by tossing him through the ropes and beating him up on the floor. That got “you suck” heat. Back inside, Joe hit the snap scoop powerslam and the running senton. Playing possum, Daniels caught Joe with a neckbreaker for a double down. Big comeback by Daniels, including a palm strike that knocked Joe silly and a Codebreaker for a near fall. Joe hit an Exploder Suplex and set up for the Musclebuster, but Daniel fought it off. Daniels hit an STO and went up for the BME. Daniel saw Joe move out of the way, and landed on his feet, and that’s when Joe slapped on the choke. Daniels got a bigger pop on his way out than he did on his way in.

(6) A. J. Styles pinned Kurt Angle with the Styles Clash in a non-title match (12:40). The pop for Styles blew the roof off. Angle got the star pop he deserves. Angle was introduced at 234 pounds. He can’t be more than 200. This was advertised as a title match, but Angle explained that he had a clause in his contract that gave him control of title defenses, and the Mafia wasn’t giving any out tonight. He offered a deal – if Angle won, Styles was out of the main event at No Surrender. If AJ won, he got the satisfaction of beating Angle in front on his hometown fans. Didn’t make sense, since Styles presumably would have gotten even more satisfaction by winning a title match, but fans were smart enough to know was the only way they were going to see Angle lose clean. Match had awesome heat. Repeated chants for Styles throughout. Angle stalled. Styles took over on the arm. The building exploded when Styles hit his signature dropkick. Angle went desperation gutter style to take over. He hit a pair of suplexes and the confidence was starting to flow. Styles stunned Angle with a back suplex. Styles hit the springboard forearm and followed with a pumphandle backbreaker for a near fall. With Style on the top rope, Angle popped up with a climbing overhead belly to belly suplex for a near fall. Styles hit the Phenomenon (quebrada into an inverted DDT) although not cleanly. Angle got the ankle lock. Styles almost made the ropes, but Angle pulled him back to the center and Styles reversed for a great false finish. Styles escaped from the Angle Slam and hit the Pele. Angle grabbed the ropes. Huge “Let’s go AJ” chant here. Angle hit a German suplex with Styles taking a full rotation bump. Angle Slam attempt reversed into the Styles Clash for the three count.

Postmatch, Daniels and Suicide entered the ring to congratulate Styles, who was clearly moved by the moment. Angle raised Styles’ hand. Styles addressed the crowd. “Gainesville, the Phenomenal One has come home.” Styles promised to bring the TNA World Title home at No Surrender.

They did an autograph signing party at ringside after the show. There were easily 100 people in line to get an inring Polaroid with Styles. Daniels, Suicide, Hernandez, Creed and Daffney were all out doing autographs. A truly feel good way to end the evening.

NOTES: Approximate crowd for Augusta was 700 and Dalton was 1000. The 6 man in Dalton (Styles & Beer Money vs. Main Event Mafia) was said to be a hot match…On a personal note, it was 10 years ago this month that I saw my first Styles match at NWA Wildside, about 20 miles up the road in Cornelia. I knew I was seeing someone special. Over the next three years, I had the privilege of watching Styles develop into the wrestler that became a core member of the TNA roster starting day one. What a run that was.

2009 - WSW ran Portimao, Portugal with the following results:

3 Way Uk Glory Match
Jonny Storm d. Johnny Moss & Jody Fleisch
European Championship Semi Finals:
Iceborg d. Kenzo Richards (Hol)
APW Portuguese Title Match
Juan Casanova Retained with a win over Ultra Psycho
#1 Contender match for the WSW World Title:
Joe E. Legend d. Trevor Murdock
European Championship Semi Finals :
Mad Dog (Por) d. Giorgio Castano (It)
Gauntlet to determine the #1 contender for the WSW European Championship and European Championship Ranking
Juan Casanova took the win for the opportunity to face the European Champion. Other partgicipants on the gauntlet :
Kenzo Richards, Seth Bollinger, Arte Gore, Ultras Psycho, Danny Hell, Gabriel DeRose, Giorgio Castano, Jonny Storm, Jody Fleisch, Johnny Moss, Dnamite.
European Championship Finals :
Mad Dog (Por) defeated Iceborg to become the New WSW European Champion
World Title Match:
ROB VAN DAM defeated Lance Cade to retain the WSW World Title

2010 - Ring of Honor announced they had signed Kenny King and Kyle O'Reilly to contracts.

2010 - Former ECW champion Ezekiel Jackson returned from a quadriceps tear at a WWE Raw taping, defeating Zack Ryder in a dark match.
2010 - WWE held their "season premiere" edition of Raw, featuring the return of the Russian Roulette.  Richard Trionfo filed the following TV report:

he Raw Roulette wheel is in the back and so are John Cena and Randy Orton. Josh Mathews enters to break up the staring contest. Josh tells us that every match will be determined by the Raw Roulette wheel, even the main event. Josh mentions some of the options. They are Falls Count Anywhere, Steel Cage, and Pillow Fight. It is time to spin the wheel to make the deal.

John tells Josh to let go of the wheel. Cena says that he wants lady luck on his side so Eve spins the wheel and our main event will be a Tables Match.

Orton walks away as Josh asks John about his last Tables match when Cena lost the WWE Title to Sheamus. Cena thanks Josh for reminding him about that bad time in his life, but tonight is a new season. John says that he is feeling lucky tonight. He spins the wheel as we go to the theme music.

We are live from Cincinnati, Ohio and your announcers are Jerry ‘Venus Fly Trap’ Lawler and Michael ‘As God is my witness, I thought Divas could fly’ Cole.

Michael and Jerry talk about the main event between John Cena and Randy Orton.

Justin Roberts introduces the guest host of the night, Chad Ochocinco.

Chad welcomes everyone to the season premiere of Monday Night Raw. He says that there has never been a guest star as handsome as himself. He says that tonight is going to exciting and it is going to be an unforgettable night. Raw Roulette is back . . .

And Raw is getting AWESOME with The Miz coming to the ring. Miz says the Bengals are his team, but Raw is his show. Miz says that he is glad to have a host he can relate to because they say what they want when they want. Miz mentions that Chad is a six time Pro Bowl wide receiver, while he is the Money in the Bank holder and the US Champion. Miz realizes that he is not the same as Chad because he is a champion. He says that he will defend his title at Night of Champions while Chad will never win a title with the Bungles.

Chad has two words for Miz and they are ‘child please’. Chad says that Miz hasn’t been to Cincinnati in a while. He mentions that the Bengals won the AFC North last year, the Reds are going to the playoffs this year, and he has his boy T.O. and the rest of his teammates ready to get the Super Bowl this year.

Miz says that Chad is busy with T.O. in the locker room . He asks if 85 is the number of passes he is going to drop this season. Maybe it means that Carson Palmer moves like an 85 year old man. He says the Bengals are overrated.

Miz tells us that . . .

he is interrupted by the General Messenger and Michael ‘Les Nesman’ Cole goes to the computer. The General Messenger says that it is time to choose the match for Miz. Time to spin the wheel and this time Alicia Fox has the honors. Miz will be in a Submission Match tonight. Miz’s opponent will be . . .

Told to us by the General Messenger. Miz’s non-title match will be against an opponent of Chad’s choosing. Chad says that 85 represents the number of ways that Miz’s opponent can tap him out. Chad tells Miz that he will be facing Daniel Bryan.

We go to commercial.

Match Number One: Miz with Alex Riley versus Daniel Bryan in a Submission Match

The match is joined in progress and Miz with kicks to the chest. Bryan with an Irish whip but he misses a drop kick in the corner and Miz clips Bryan. Miz slams Bryan into the rope as he continues to work on the leg. Miz puts Bryan’s leg in the ropes and he kicks Bryan’s leg until the referee warns him. Miz puts Bryan in a figure four leg lock but Bryan reverses it immediately. Miz gets out of the hold and Bryan tries for the Lebelle Lock but Miz gets to the ropes.

Miz goes to the floor and he tells Riley to get away from him. Miz gets on the mic and he says that he thinks he has a hernia. Miz says that in order to get ready for his title match he is pulling out of the match.

Miz tells Bryan that he can compete against his replacement, his apprentice, Alex Riley.

Match Number One Part Two: Daniel Bryan versus Alex Riley

Riley with kicks to Bryan and then he puts Bryan in a Stretch Muffler but Bryan locks in the Lebell Lock and Riley taps.

Winner: Daniel Bryan

After the match, Miz attacks Bryan and punches him. Miz with kicks to Bryan. Miz puts the belt in Bryan’s face and he calls Bryan average. Miz tries for the Skull Crushing Finale on Bryan but Bryan counters and puts Miz in the Lebell Lock and Miz taps but it doesn’t matter because there is no match. Bryan refuses to let go of the hold.

Jillian is at the wheel and she spins it. She sings and Edge joins in as Pete Burns rolls over in his grave. The wheel continues to spin as we go to commercial.

We are back and Did You Know that WWE programming is on the American Forces Network.

We see some members of the 0-1 Cincinnati Bengals in the crowd.

Match Number Two: Edge versus Evan Bourne in a Body Slam Challenge

They lock up and Edge tries for a slam but Bourne escapes and he kicks Edge in the legs and chest. Bourne tries for a float over but he holds on to the ropes and then he hits a round kick to the head. Bourne tries for a slam but Edge counters with an Edge-o-Matic. Edge gets Bourne up and he slams Bourne.

Winner: Edge

After the match, Edge hits a spear on Evan Bourne.

The General Messenger summons Cole to his computer and he congratulates Edge on his victory. Since Edge took advantage of his opponent after his match, he will have a second body slam challenge against this man.

Match Number Three: Edge versus Mark Henry in a Body Slam Challenge

Henry misses a charge into the corner and Edge punches Henry. Henry pushes Edge away. Henry misses another charge and Edge tries for a slam but he collapses under Henry’s weight. Henry hits the World’s Strongest Slam for the win.

Winner: Mark Henry

After the match, Henry checks on Evan Bourne, who is still at ringside.

Ted DiBiase and Maryse versus R Truth and Eve Torres in a Song and Dance Contest

One member of the team will sing and the other will dance.

R Truth gets on the mic and he says that he wants something else to play besides his entrance music. Truth raps while Eve dances in the ring.

Ted says that this is stupid and ridiculous. He thought this was Raw and not America’s Got Talent. Ted says that he should just forfeit the competition and walk out of here. Ted says that he is not going to walk out. That is because Maryse knows that he is full of surprises. Ted asks for a spotlight. Ted sings My Way while Maryse does an interpretive dance.

Ted and Maryse attack Eve and Truth. Eve with a clothesline to Maryse while Ted continues to kick Truth. Truth counters Dream Street and hits an arm drag followed by a drop kick and Ted goes to the floor.

The wheel is spinning in the back as William Regal sees that it has landed on ‘Trading Places’. Regal will have to dress up like his opponent. We see that Regal will be wrestling Goldust tonight. Goldust gives Regal his wig. The Bellas and Chad laugh as Regal leaves.

Sheamus enters while the Bellas talk about being in a Pillow Fight. Chad says that he got an e-mail from the general manager. Chad says that if John Morrison can beat Sheamus tonight, he will take Chris Jericho’s spot in the Six Pack Challenge at the pay per view. Sheamus tells the Bellas . . . fella to be useful for once. They spin for a Falls Count Anywhere match. He tells OrcoMongo or OrchoDingo that he will make it easy and he will tell Chad what good reality TV is when he wipes the floor with Morrison. It will be like when the Pats took care of the Bengals yesterday. Sheamus says that unlike the Bengals he backs up what he says.

We go to commercial.

We are back and Edge is in his dressing room and Zack Ryder wants to know what the General Manager’s problem is. He wants to know if Edge stole his girlfriend and Edge calls Zack a tool because we don’t know who the general manager is. Edge says that when he wins the WWE Title, he will stage a hold out and go MIA.

Sheamus enters and he asks the fella if he is going to hold out with his title. Sheamus tells Edge not to hold his breath. Zack lets out an inappropriate ‘burn’. Sheamus tells Edge to see what he does to John Morrison.

John is doing pull ups in the back and then he does a masterful pose. He does some parkour in the back then he puts on his sunglasses and jacket as he walks to the ring.

We are back with the WWE Rewind. John Morrison defeating Chris Jericho last week to knock Jericho out of the Six Pack Challenge.

Match Number Four: Sheamus versus John Morrison in a Falls Count Anywhere Match

They lock up and Sheamus with forearms and punches Morrison before sending him into the turnbuckles. Morrison with a rollup for a near fall but Sheamus with a clothesline. Morrison with a drop kick for a near fall. Sheamus with a knee and then he throws Morrison to the floor. Morrison returns to the ring and he hits a baseball slide on Sheamus. Morrison with a head scissors take down and then he hits a Shining Wizard for a near fall. Sheamus sends Morrison into the ringside barrier but Morrison sends Sheamus over the ringside barrier and into the crowd. Morrison with a vault onto Sheamus and he punches him. Morrison gets a near fall in the fifth row.

Morrison with a punch but Sheamus with the uranage back breaker. Sheamus sends Morrison into a table and then he drops Morrison onto a guardrail but then knocks him off with a knee lift. Sheamus with a near fall as they work their way to the back. Sheamus with a punch and Morrison slides on the floor. Sheamus misses a pump kick and he kicks a speaker. Morrison with a kick and punch but Sheamus with punches of his own and then he puts Morrison on the stage and slams his head into the stage. Sheamus gets a near fall.

Sheamus kicks and punches Morrison as they battle on the stage. Sheamus gets Morrison up for a power slam but Morrison gets loose and he kicks Sheamus in the leg. Sheamus with a knee and then he tosses Morrison to the floor but Morrison lands on his feet. Morrison with a drop kick to the knees and then Morrison with a round kick to Sheamus for a near fall. Sheamus sends Morrison into the dasher boards and Sheamus gets a near fall. Sheamus tries for a suplex but Morrison lands on his feet. Sheamus with an elbow and then Sheamus gets a chair as he waits for Morrison to re-emerge. Morrison is on top of the video screen and he hits a cross body for a near fall.

Chris Jericho comes from the back and he hits Morrison in the back with a chair and Sheamus gets the three count.

Winner: Sheamus

Chris Jericho has made his way to the ring with his chair and he takes a seat.

We see Orton and Cena in split screen in the back as we go to commercial.

We are back and Chris Jericho is still in the ring. He continues to sit in his chair and not say anything. Chris finally says that he is not going anywhere until he gets exactly what he wants. He will sit here in this chair in the center of the ring all night long if he has to until he gets the restitution that he deserves. Jericho says he is waiting to get an e-mail from the General Messenger to put him into the Six Pack Challenge. He says that it was lunacy to try to put John Morrison in his spot. He says that he will have justice tonight. Jericho says that if he does not get justice, he will quit. He says that he will go home and watch the WWE burn in flames as he watches and laughs. He wants to know what the General Messenger is going to do about that.

Jericho says that he will track down, find, and expose the identity of the mysterious man behind the computer.

We’ve got mail and Michael Cole is told to read the e-mail without the usual introduction. Cole says that he doesn’t like ultimatums and there is no chance that it will work . . . no chance in hell.

Jericho says that he doesn’t believe that the GM is Vince McMahon. He says that Vince McMahon isn’t a coward and if he had anything to say, he would do it face to face. Jericho says that Vince McMahon would have his biggest asset on the pay per view. He tells the GM to try again.

The General Messenger returns serve and Jericho tells Cole to forego the introduction. He tells Jericho that there is something to know. The match will be a Six Pack Elimination Challenge. The General Messenger has put Chris Jericho back in the match. However, . . .

Jericho tells Cole to give him his moment. Jericho releases the show so they can continue. Jericho says that it is time the General Manager made the right decision. Jericho guarantees that he will walk out of the arena the new WWE Champion on Sunday.

There is more from the General Manager. He tells Jericho never to interrupt him again. He continues by saying that Jericho is back in the challenge if he wins his match tonight. Jericho will wrestle right now and since he is the best in the world at what he does. He will be in a handicap match against the Tag Team Champions. The match will be a steel cage match.

While Jericho throws a tantrum, the cage lowers and we get the official WWE Cage Lowering Music. We go to commercial.

Match Number Five: Chris Jericho versus Tyson Kidd and David Hart Smith in a Handicap Cage Match

Kidd with a drop kick and kicks to Jericho and then Kidd Irish whips Jericho into Smith and Smith with a power slam. They hit a Hart Attack on Jericho. Kidd and Smith climb the cage and Smith gets to the floor. Jericho keeps Kidd in the cage. Kidd with a cross body for a near fall. Jericho with a drop kick to Kidd. Jericho sends Kidd into the cage. Jericho gets the cage door opened and Kidd tries to go through Jericho’s legs to the floor but Jericho keeps Kidd in the cage. Jericho with a belly-to-back suplex. Jericho with a reverse chin lock. Kidd with an arm drag and drop kick followed by a back heel kick and drop kick. Kidd sends Jericho into the turnbuckles and then he kicks Jericho. Jericho climbs the cage and Kidd goes after Jericho and keeps Jericho in the cage. Kidd sends Jericho to the mat and Kidd tries for a missile drop kick but Jericho catches Kidd and tries for the Walls of Jericho. Kidd with a rollup for a near fall. Kidd locks in the Sharpshooter and Jericho reaches for the ropes and gets there.

Jericho sends Kidd onto the ropes and Kidd tries to climb the cage but Jericho stops Kidd’s momentum. Kidd sends Jericho into the top of the cage and then Kidd tries for a super rana but Jericho lands on his feet and then he puts Kidd in the Walls of Jericho and Kidd taps.

Winner: Chris Jericho

We go to commercial.

We are back and even though he can’t get into the Baseball Hall of Fame, WWE Hall of Famer Pete Rose is in the crowd.

Match Number Six: Goldust versus William Regal in a Trading Places Match

Regal wants Goldust to wait a second so Regal can do his Goldust impression. Regal barks in Goldust’s face and Goldust grabs brass knuckles and punches Regal with them and gets the three count.

Winner: Goldust

Randy Orton and John Cena walk in the back as they get ready to come to the ring for their Tables Match. We go to commercial.

We are back and it is time to run through the card for Night of Champions.

Chad Ochocinco is back in the ring and he is going to bring out the ring announcer for the main event. It is himself.

We see footage from last week when Randy Orton beat Wade Barrett last week thanks to Darren Young’s involvement. Then Randy Orton gave everyone but John Cena an RKO.

Match Number Seven: John Cena versus Randy Orton in a Tables Match

They lock up and go to a stalemate. They lock up again and Cena with a side head lock. Cena with a shoulder tackle. They lock up one more time and Orton with a side head lock and shoulder tackle. Cena with a waist lock and Orton with an elbow and punch to Cena. Orton runs the laces of his boot across Cena’s face and then he punches Cena. Orton with a European uppercut and punch to Cena. Orton goes to the apron and he thinks about suplexing Cena through a table. Cena gets out of the hold and Cena pushes Orton to the floor. We go to commercial.

We are back with the boo-yay punch sequence and then Orton gives Cena a back breaker. Orton kicks Cena in the ribs and then connects with a knee drop. Orton stomps on Cena with his boot. Cena gets to his feet on the apron and Orton with a punch that staggers Cena. Orton with another punch and Cena is about to fall off the apron. Cena blocks a punch and he punches Orton. Cena with a kick and suplex and both men are down. Cena and Orton charge at each other and they connect with clotheslines and both men go down again.

Cena gets Orton up for an Attitude Adjustment but Orton counters with a DDT. Orton brings a table into the ring. Cena with the two flying shoulder tackles followed by a Blue Thunder Bomb and it is time to finish off the sequence with the Five Knuckle Shuffle. Cena gets Orton on his shoulders again but Orton gets to his feet and he hits two clotheslines followed by a powerslam. Cena avoids an RKO and he puts Orton in the STF.

Nexus come to the ring and they attack John Cena. Orton with an RKO to Tarver and the rest of Nexus deal with Orton. Cena gives Otunga an Attitude Adjustment. He sends Slater over the top rope and through a table. Barrett hits Wasteland on Cena. Barrett brings a table into the ring for Gabriel to set up. Gabriel prepares for a 450 onto Cena through the table, but Orton pushes Gabriel off top through a table. Barrett with a big boot to Orton.

Barrrett picks up Orton and he tries for Wasteland over the top rope through the table, but Orton gets out of the hold. Orton sends Barrett off the apron through a table.

Orton sees Cena down on the mat. Orton sets up the table and then Orton drops to his knees and then he pounds the mat and then it is time for push ups. Cena gets up but Edge and Jericho come to the ring and they attack Orton. Orton punches Edge and then Orton blocks a Codebreaker and he sends Edge into Jericho and Edge spears Jericho through the table.

Sheamus with a double sledge to Orton. Sheamus knocks Cena off the apron. Cena with Attitude Adjustment to Sheamus. Orton tries for the IEDDT but Cena gets back into the ring and Cena tries for the Attitude Adjustment but Orton counters with an RKO that sends Cena through the table.

Winner: Randy Orton

We go to credits with Orton standing tall over all of his opponents on Sunday as well as what is left of Nexus.

2011 - WWE broadcast NXT.  Richard Trionfo filed the following TV report:

We are live on tape from Toronto, Ontario, Canada and your announcers are William ‘It is still Skydome to me’ Regal and Jack ‘I miss Maple Leaf Gardens’ Korpela. Your host is Matt ‘What about Exhibition Stadium’ Striker.

Matt is in the ring and he welcomes everyone. He says that he would normally be bringing out the rookies or setting up a challenge, but he had something to talk about. He wanted to talk about what happened with William Regal, JTG, and Darren Young. Matt mentions that the people in Toronto are used to the term goon, but he says that the embodiment of a goon is JTG or Darren Young.

JTG and Darren Young interrupt as they make their way to the stage. JTG says that hockey ain’t even a real sport. William Regal joins Matt in the ring while JTG and Darren make their way to the ring. They say that Matt and Regal are a couple of haters. He says that he had to get involved last week and now Matt gets into his business. JTG asks if Regal thinks he is better than him and Matt says that Regal is better than JTG.

William tells Matt and Darren that they are educated men and he asks them to explain what JTG just said because he could not understand a word.

JTG asks if he is being played. Darren says that Regal and Matt have not been respecting pros and legends like them. Darren says that Matt and William don’t respect the future and they are the future of the WWE.

Darren says that JTG is a tag team specialist and the sky is the limit for him.

Regal tells Darren that they are not doing this to teach themselves a lesson, they are teaching Darren and JTG a lesson. If Darren said that he was not the best physically or if he should commentate instead of wrestle, then you get his attention. When you say that he is washed up, how will it feel when an old man bashes you half to death.

Darren says that sounds like a challenge from the has been and a never was.

Matt says that the has been and never was can kick their sorry tails all over Toronto.

Regal tells JTG and Darren not to forget that he is straight up gangsta trippin’.

Darren and JTG leave the ring as Regal puts on a beanie and Matt strikes a pose.

Tyson Kidd and Derrick Bateman are walking in the back as we go to commercial.

Match Number One: Tyson Kidd and Derrick Bateman versus Titus O’Neil and Percy Watson


Derrick and Percy start things off and they lock up. Watson with a side head lock and take down. Derrick with a head scissors and Percy escapes. Watson with a shoulder tackle and a leg lariat to Derrick for a near fall. Titus makes the tag and they hit a double shoulder tackle and Titus barks. Derrick rolls to the floor but he tags in Tyson who flips over Titus and connects with a kick but Titus with a shoulder tackle. Titus with a forearm across the chest.

Percy tags back in and Titus holds up Tyson for an enzuigiri by Percy and Percy gets a near fall. Percey with a kick but Derrick trips Percy and Tyson kicks Percy. Derrick tags in and hits a drop kick off the apron. They return to the ring and he gets a near fall. Derrick with kicks to Watson followed by a snap mare and kick to the back for a near fall. Derrick with a wrist lock but Watson with a punch. Derrick with chops and a forearm.

Tyson tags in and he connects with forearms and kicks. The referee has to pull Kidd off Watson and then when Titus tries to get involved the referee keeps him on the apron and Derrick chokes Watson. Tyson with a snap mare and kick to the back for a near fall. Tyson with a front face lock but Percy tries to get to the corner but Tyson pulls Percy into the corner.

Derrick tags back in and he connects with a series of forearms. Percy with a punch and knee but Derrick with a clothesline and he gets a near fall. Derrick with a chin lock and arm bar but Watson gets to his feet. Derrick with a neck breaker and he gets a near fall.

Derrick kicks Percy and Tyson kicks back in. Tyson comes off the ropes and hits a drop kick to the head while Derrick holds Percy. Kidd with a leaping knee drop and he gets a near fall. Kidd goes to the turnbuckles, but Watson hits a drop kick as Kidd comes off the ropes.

Titus and Derrick tag in and Titus with punches and a flying clothesline. Titus shakes the ropes and barks again. Titus with a slam to Derrick for a near fall and Kidd with an elbow drop to break up the cover. Kidd takes care of Watson on the floor.

Derrick tries for a cover and gets a near fall. Derrick tries to work on the neck with forearms but Titus hits Clash of the Titus for the three count.

Winners: Titus O’Neil and Percy Watson

We go to commercial.

We are back and AJ is on the phone and she says that she is tired of leaving messages on his voicemail.

AJ asks Maxine where he is and Maxine says that Derrick is in the back soaking his feet. Maxine says that Hornswoggle went to Palm Springs with the Bellas. AJ says that Maxine is a liar and she doesn’t believe her. Maxine shows AJ photos of Hornswoggle. AJ says that she doesn’t believe her and she walks away. Maxine says that Photoshop is great.

Match Number Two: AJ Lee versus Maxine


They lock up and Maxine pushes AJ away. Maxine sends AJ into the corner and she taunts AJ about Hornswoggle. AJ with a drop kick to Maxine and then she hits a monkey flip out of the corner and AJ gets a near fall. Maxine with a reverse atomic drop and then she sends AJ to the mat and into the turnbuckles. Maxine slams AJ’s head into the mat and then she applies a rear chin lock and she stretches AJ.

Maxine slams AJ’s head into the mat and then she chokes AJ in the ropes. Maxine with forearms to the back and slams AJ’s head into the mat again. Maxine returns to the rear chin lock and she stretches AJ again. Maxine with a reverse chin lock followed by a knee to the back. Maxine returns to the reverse chin lock and she taunts AJ again.

AJ with elbows but Maxine sends AJ to the mat again and gets a near fall. Maxine with a boot to the head and she gets another near fall. Maxine sends AJ into the turnbuckles and chokes her with her boot. Maxine with a neck breaker and she gets a near fall.

Maxine returns to the reverse chin lock and makes it a rear chin lock while slapping AJ in the upper chest. Maxine with an Irish whip and splash into the corner. Maxine tries for another Irish whip and charge but she runs into boots from AJ. AJ with an elbow and a cross body for a near fall.

AJ with a clothesline and a back heel kick and she gets a near fall. AJ with a forearm but Maxine gets AJ on her shoulder and she drops AJ on the top rope. Maxine with a sit out butterfly driver for the three count.

Winner: Maxine

After the match, Titus O’Neil comes out to check on AJ.

We go to commercial.

We are back and since the two announcing options are in the ring, Jack is joined at the announce table by Michael ‘Couldn’t we use semaphores instead’ Cole.

Match Number Three: William Regal and Matt Striker versus JTG and Darren Young


Regal and JTG start things off and Regal has something to say to Cole but we cannot hear him. JTG with a side head lock and then Regal and JTG cross the ropes and JTG keeps going while Regal stops to watch JTG. JTG realizes what has happened and he stops. Regal sends JTG over the top rope to the floor. Regal puts Young in the ropes in the corner and then Striker and Regal use JTG as a battering ram into Young’s groin. We go to commercial.

We are back and Regal with forearms to Young. Young with punches but Regal with a European uppercut and a side head lock. Young with a top wrist lock but Regal with a bridge to escape. Striker tags in and he punches Young followed by a cravate and knees to Young. Striker with forearms and punches to Young. Striker with a side head lock and JTG hits Striker from behind and Young with a belly-to-back suplex.

JTG tags in and Young with a slam and JTG punches Striker to get a near fall. JTG with elbows to the chest followed by a reverse chin lock. Striker stomps on JTG’s foot but JTG with a neck breaker for a near fall. JTG with a reverse chin lock and then he tries for a slam but Striker with a rollup.

Young tags in and he punches Striker and connects with a forearm across the chest. JTG stomps on Striker’s chest while the referee deals with Regal. Young with a leg drop across Striker’s chest and he gets a near fall. Young puts his knee in Striker’s back and he applies a rear chin lock. Young pulls Striker into his corner and JTG tags in and he connects with an elbow drop. Striker with a punch but JTG with a punch of his own. JTG with elbows to Striker followed by a surfboard.

Striker with a jawbreaker and both men are down. Regal and Young tag in and Regal with forearms and an exploder suplex followed by kicks and knees. Regal with punches and then while Regal discusses things with the referee, he kicks Young in the thigh. Regal with a back body drop to JTG when he tries to interfere.

Striker tags in and he punches Young. Young misses a charge into the corner and Striker with a running boot to the head. Striker with a running boot to the head in the corner and Striker gets a near fall. JTG interrupts the count but Regal throws JTG to the floor. Young with a knee to Striker. Striker tries for a lungblower but Young is able to hold on to the ropes. Young rolls through and hits an alley oop gutbuster for the three count.

Winners: Darren Young and JTG

After the match, while Young and JTG celebrate their victory, The Usos make their way to the ring and they brawl with Young and JTG before they send Young and JTG to the floor.

2011 - Following the NXT/Smackdown taping in Toronto, WWE paid tribute to Edge, who had retired several months earlier due to medical issues with his neck.

WWE brought Edge out to the ring with Trish Stratus and played what was described as an awesome video on his career.

Christian came out and put over Edge and said they were like brothers. Also coming out was former WWE and ECW star Rhino, who worked with Christian and Edge in WWE and on the independents before any of them made their name, Bret Hart (who got Edge into the company), Sweet Daddy Siki, Edge's mother, Edge's original trainer Ron Hutchison and several other friends of Edge.

Hart gave a speech announcing that Edge, not Hart, was the Best There Ever Is, Was or Will be. The entire locker room came out to pay tribute to Edge, who at one point did his trademark pose with his mother. Edge and Christian also did a five second pose "for the benefit of those with flash photography."

I was told it was a really classy, nice moment, similar to the North Carolina tribute the company did for Ric Flair a few years ago.

WWE cameras filmed the entire thing and I am told it will likely be on the WWE website after Smackdown airs. There was also talk backstage of including it in a new Edge DVD that would chronicle the last year of his career, but that was more thrown out in conversation as a possibility as opposed to something that was confirmed as happening.

2012 - TNA broadcast Impact Wrestling.  Stu Carapola filed the following TV report:

Welcome to the live Impact Wrestling Report on!

We start off with a look at No Surrender and the outcome of the Bound For Glory Series which was won by Jeff Hardy, setting him up to challenge Austin Aries for the TNA World Title at Bound For Glory.

Speaking of Aries, he comes out to the ring to start off the show coming off his fight with the Armbreaker from Aces & Eights at No Surrender. He holds the belt in the air and says it's power because it's what makes everything go around. It's the reason every wrestler gets up in the morning, puts on their boots, and gets in the ring. It's why Aces & Eights has been coming after him, and it's why he took a piece out of the Armbreaker's ass. But it's time to move on, and the focus is now on Bound For Glory where he'll face a man who defeated all the odds by beating out eleven other men to earn a title shot at Bound For Glory, and Aries asks Jeff Hardy to come out to the ring right now. Aries congratulates Hardy for winning the BFG Series and showing something inside few men have,and Aries knows what it takes to beat Samoa Joe and Bully Ray, but Hardy beat both of them in one night and he deserves the title shot at Bound For Glory. Aries says it's funny because Hardy is a man of few words, and the people can't help but cheer for him. Aries on the other hand is a man of many words and tells the fans to be quiet, and they cheer for him too. Everyone sees Bound For Glory as Hardy's opportunity to become champion and they say Aries has something Jeff Hardy wants, but Aries sees this as Hardy having many things Austin Aries wants.

Bully Ray's music hits before Aries can continue, and he powerwalks out to the ring to tell Aries and Hardy that they're both lucky. Aries is lucky that he's not the guy Bully is facing at Bound For Glory because he would have taken his World Title, and Hardy is lucky that Bully Ray actually felt bad for him after he was attacked by Aces & Eights. He took his eye off the ball for a second, and Hardy beat him. Bully's been beating Jeff for fifteen years, and he wants to fight Jeff. Aries says Bully is lucky because the last time they were in the ring, he tapped Bully out, and the last time he was in the ring with Hardy, Hardy beat him as well. Aries says that if Bully is so convinced that Hardy got lucky, maybe he should fight him again. Hardy's ready to go and he takes his shirt off so the girls will scream, and Bully backs off and says he doesn't want to fight. Apparently his opinion doesn't matter, because Hardy's music hits and Mike Tenay proclaims that the rematch will happen tonight. Okay, then!

James Storm is backstage, and he's...WALKING!

Before the next match, Mike Tenay and Taz wish the best to Jerry Lawler for a speedy recovery. That was very classy of them.

X Division Title Match: Zema Ion vs Sonjay Dutt

So here's another rematch from No Surrender,and Zema tries to sneak attack Dutt, but Dutt sees him coming and backdrops Ion out to the apron. Ion yanks him down to the mat, but Dutt swings his legs through the ropes and hits a flying headscissors to the floor, then does a 619 through the ropes for another headscissors, then leapfrogs over Ion onto the apron and hits a moonsault. Awesome combo, and Dutt comes back in and a third headscissors sends Ion out to the apron, but then he comes back in and Dutt hits a fourth headscissors into the 619-style cradle for 2. Dutt dodges another charge and hits the pendulum kick and goes up top, Ion tries to pull him off the top rope but Dutt hits a fifth flying headscissors. Dutt sweeps Ion's legs and goes for a standing moonsault, but Ion dodges and traps Dutt in a Rings of Saturn. Dutt makes the ropes and hits a standing moonsault, then comes off the top rope with a nasty looking double stomp. He covers, but Ion gets his foot on the ropes at 2. Dutt goes to the top, but Ion clips Dutt's leg out from under him and Dutt falls off the corner and lands on his head. Ion quickly cradles Dutt and gets 3.

Winner: Zema Ion

Ion hits Dutt from behind with the can of hairspray and cranks on a cross armbreaker.

Christopher Daniels and Frankie Kazarian are in Hulk Hogan's office mocking the Hulkster, but Hulk walks in and takes an appletini from Daniels. He sips the drink and says he understands Daniels and Kazarian pulling out all the stops to retain their title, so he's going to leave the fate of rematches in their hands. Tonight, Daniels will wrestle either Chavo Guerrero Jr or Hernandez, and Kazarian will wrestle either AJ Styles or Kurt Angle, and if either of them lose, the person who beat them will get a rematch for the title.

AJ Styles and Kurt Angle are backstage arguing over who's going to wrestle Kazarian, AJ wants himbecause he wants to take him out, but Angle is more interested in the title shot and doesn't want AJ wrestling because he'll get too emotional since Kazarian tried to ruin his life. AJ assures him he'll play it straight and walks off, then Wes Brisco comes in to say hi to his buddy Angle, and they walk off to watch AJ's match.

We see a video package looking at No Surrender when Bobby Roode interfered in the Bound For Glory Series and then James Storm attacked him backstage, leading to Hulk Hogan having both of them arrested. Now Bobby Roode makes his return to the Impact Zone after disappearing for weeks to shed a little light on his actions. Roode says he was screwed in his match against Austin Aries two months ago, and now can't get another title shot as long as Aries has the title. He decided to go home and had an opportunity to watch his former partner pour his blood, sweat, and tears into the Bound For Glory Series and get closer and closer to the World Title, and Roode wondered to himself why a man like James Storm, who rode his coattails and supported his redneck family off of Roode's abilities for four years, get a title shot and not Roode. Because of that, Roode took it upon himself to smash a beer bottle over his head and change his destiny. Now Storm's music hits, and he comes storming (pardon the pun) out of the back. Roode takes his jacket off, and they go toe to toe in the middle of the ring. Storm destroys Roode and clotheslines him out to the floor, then goes out after him, ramming Roode into the barricade and then choking him with his own tie. Storm drags Roode up toward the stage and rams him into it, and he continues battering Roode all the way through the door and out of the building as we go to commercial.

We look at a Bound For Glory Memory, going back to 2009 when AJ Styles beat Sting for the TNA World Title.

Frankie Kazarian vs AJ Styles

So if AJ Styles beats Kazarian, he and Kurt Angle get a rematch for the World Tag Team Title. AJ hits a series of armdrags and KAzarian backs off, then AJ knocks him out to the floor with a big right hand. AJ slingshots Kazarian back into the ring and goes for a Styles Clash, but Kazarian blocks so AJ hits a picture perfect dropkick instead that sends Kazarian out to the floor. AJ goes after Kazarian and Kazarian tries to get away, but AJ chases him and rams him into the stairs as we go to commercial.

We're back, and Kazarian gets a cheap right hand on AJ in the corner that sends either spit or a tooth into the crowd. AJ quickly catches Kazarian in a side backbreaker and tries another charge, AJ gets backdropped to the apron and they fight over a suplex, AJ suplexes Kazarian out to the apron and tries another suplex, but someone screws up somewhere and what we're left with is what I can only describe as an unintentional brainbuster off the apron to the floor. Kazarian is thankfully okay, dodges a charge from AJ that sends AJ into the rail, then he hits a monkey flip that AJ barely clears without landing on his head. Okay, no more moves that turn you guys upside down tonight, okay? They go back inside and KAzarian quickly tries several cradles, but AJ keeps kicking out. AJ comes back with some right hands and clotheslines, followed by a leaping forearm into the corner, Kazarian dumps AJ out to the apron again and AJ comes back in with a springboard forearm. Kazarian tries a cradle with his feet on the ropes, but AJ is out at 2, then he hits the Pelle Kick and the Styles Clash for the win.

Winner: AJ Styles

AJ and Angle now get a rematch, and hey, I bet Daniels is going to lose later too!

Hulk Hogan is backstage telling Brooke that he doesn't want her going home anytime soon and wants her to either stay in New York or LA, and he's going to get her a bodyguard everywhere else she goes. Joseph Park comes in and says that he's got a key piece of evidence coming in next week, and that it'll blow the Aces & Eights case wide open if it's what he thinks it is. Hogan says he can't wait to blow up Aces & Eights, and I don't doubt he means that literally after he tortured that guy last week. He then tells Park to bodyguard Brooke because he's heading out to the ring to deliver a message to Aces & Eights.

Bully Ray and Jeff Hardy have a conversation backstage where Bubba says that if Hardy wants to fight him so bad, to put up his title shot at Bound For Glory. Hardy doesn't respond, and Bubba says he knew Hardy wouldn't do it because he knows his number and he's a coward. Hardy says he was ready to do it in the first segment, and if Bubba wants it, he's got it.

We see a video package looking at the recent interactions between Austin Aries and Aces & Eights,and then Hulk Hogan comes out and HE'S GOT SOMETHING TO SAY. The Bound For Glory Series really put TNA in high year, and when he thinks about the three grueling months of the tournament and the twelve competitors who put everything on the line, it's really something. Jeff Hardy won and he dances to a different drummer, he's from another planet and another universe and Hogan doesn't understand where he's going and where he's been, but when he's put everything on the line and now wants to get in the ring to put everything on the line and prove he deserves that shot, he's not going to stand in his way. Bully Ray vs Jeff Hardy is on for tonight, and the winner gets the title shot at Bound For Glory. Now Hogan turns his attention to Aces & Eights, who caused the Impact Zone to be completely locked down at No Surrender. Aces & Eights comes up on the screen, and the Vice President says that Hogan impressed them by putting the Impact Zone on lockdown, but he has to ask if Hogan locked them out, or locked them in. He trusts his comrades, but asks Hogan if he can do the same. He tells Hogan that no matter where he is or who he's talking to, it could be one of them and he'll never know it until it's too late. Hogan looks disturbed by that, and we ponder on that as we go to commercial.

We go backstage to Chavo and Hernandez, who are upset that Daniels and Kazarian stole the lie, cheat, and steal gimmick he invented (yes, he said he invented it), but they've got another chance and Chavo is going to beat Daniels and take it.

Christopher Daniels vs Chavo Guerrero, Jr

Daniels bails out the floor as soon as the bell rings, and makes Chavo wait for him to get back in. He finally steps back into the ring and they tie up, Daniels takes Chavo to the corner and tries a cheapshot, but Chavo ducks and unloads with several right hands, then whips Daniels to the opposite corner to beat him up some more. Daniels tries to Tully Chavo into the corner, but Chavo hits the ropes instead and hits a clothesline. Daniels tries a hiptoss, but Chavo counters to a monkey flip and goes to a side headlock. Daniels gets dumped out to the floor and Chavo comes off the apron with a rolling sention, then unloads with European uppercuts. Chavo sends Daniels back in the ring and stops to high five a fan, but Daniels seizes the opening and boots Chavo into the guardrail and then ram him into the ring apron. They go back in and Daniels covers, but Chavo is out at 2. Daniels with a kitchen sink for 2, then traps Chavo in a double standing chickenwing, ramming several kneelifts into Chavo's ribs followed byan STO for 2. Daniels with a tight bearhug, but Chavo fights his way out and goes toe to toe with Daniels in the middle of the ring. Daniels gets a palmstrike, but charges right into a windmill backbreaker from Chavo. Chavo with a series of shoulderblocks and a flying headscissors, then a dropkick gets 2. Chavo hiptosses Daniels out to the floor, Daniels grabs his title belt and tries to swing it at Chavo, but Chavo ducks and nails Daniels, then hits the Three Amigos. Chavo goes up top for the frogsplashand that's all she wrote.

Winner: Chavo Guerrero, Jr

Did I call that one, or what?

We go to a video package of Evan Markopoulos, this month's entrant into the Gut Check competition. He never watched cartoons or anything when he was a kid, but always liked wrestling and decided to train at Killer Kowalski's school. His parents weredubious, but he went through training and paid his dues, and he's only 18 years old, but he's going to show Al Snow, Taz, and Bruce Prichard that he deserves to be the next TNA superstar.

Tara is backstage, and she's...WALKING!

We look at the fight earlier tonight between James Storm and Bobby Roode, and Storm says he hopes Roode got a good night's sleep because next week is Open Fight Night, and he's going to make Bobby Roode's life a living hell.

Time for another Bound For Glory Memory as we go back to 2005 when Gail Kim became the first ever Knockouts Champion.

Speaking of Knockouts, here comes Tara to congratulate her best friend and Knockouts Champion, Miss Tessmacher. Tessmacher comes out and Tara says that she beat the teacher, and part of her was very upset, but part was very proud and happy because that meant she did her job and taught Brooke well. It's such an honor to be out here with her because Brooke is her best friend and her Boo, and she loves her. Tara wants to take this moment to properly present her with the title belt because she proved to everyone that she's the best, then asks for the belt and turns Brooke around so she can put the belt around Brooke's waist. Tara wraps the belt around Brooke's waist and reintroduces her best friend and the Knockouts Champion, Miss Tessmacher. Brooke's music hits and they hug in the middle of the ring as Tara tells her to go wave to the fans as Tara goes out to the floor to give her a hand as well...then comes into the ring to take Brooke's head off with a clothesline and lay her out with the Widow's Peak. Well, we all knew it was going to happen eventually, but I like how they pulled it off.

We look back at the Bound For Glory Series finals when Jeff Hardy defeated Bully Ray, and the rematch is up next!

Dixie Carter is backstage with Hulk Hogan, Brooke Hogan, D-Lo Brown, and the Gut Check team, and she's wondering what's going on with Aces & Eights because she's looking over her shoulder everywhere she goes. Hogan tells a story about how his brother ran with a bad crowd in Oakland before he died, and Hogan had no choice but to walk away from him. D-Lo says they should just let the door open so they can come in and face them straight up, and Hogan says that's a good idea since they've already proven they can get in. Dixie brings up that the scary part is that they've already got someone on the inside, and Bruce Prichard says they've already got them all looking at each other suspiciously. Brooke wonders how they're going to stop them if they keep adding people to their posse, but they're in agreement that the best way to handle this is to let them in and look them in the eye.

It's main event time!

#1 Contender Match: Jeff Hardy vs Bully Ray

If Bubba wins here, he gets Hardy's title shot at Bound For Glory. Bubba sneak attacks Hardy before the bell and unloads with heavy forearms and double axhandles. Hardy starts firing back and hits a Frankensteiner followed by the inverted enziguiri, but Bubba kicks out at 1and goes to the floor. Hardy doesn't let up, baseball sliding Bubba into the guardrail and taking him out with a dive as we go to commercial.

We're back, and Bully Ray takes Hardy out with a clothesline for 2...and we go back to commercial!

We're back for real this time, and Bubba charges into Hardy's boot in the corner and Hardy comes off the second rope with a howling splash for 2. Hardy hits the ropes again but runs right into Bubba's boot, and Bubba covers for 2. Bubba with an elbowdrop for 2 and then nearly backdrops Hardy into the lights and hits him with a splash for 2. Bubba with a clothesline and another elbowdrop for 2, then fires crossfaces across Hardy's nose. Bubba sets Hardy up for another big boot, but Hardy dodges and tries a Twist of Fate. Bubba blocks and rams Hardy's injured shoulder into the ringpost, and Hardy tumbles out to the floor clutching his shoulder. The referee starts counting, Hardy rolls in to break the count and goes right back out, but Bubba goes after Hardy and nails him before throwing him back inside. Bubba with a hard chop in the corner followed by a running splash, but Hardy dodges a second try at the charging corner splash and hits the Whisper In The Wind. They'er on their knees trading right hands, then Hardy shoots a double leg, drops the double legdrop to the uprights, then the basement dropkick for 2. Bubba countersa Twist of Fate attempt to the Bubba Bomb for 2, he tries another Bubba Bomb but Hardy blocks and hits a leaping DDT for 2. Hardy goes to the top rope but Bubba shakes the ropes, crotching Hardy on the top rope. Bubba hits a superplex for 2, then he drags Hardy to the corner for the Vader Bomb, but Hardy rolls out of the way. Hardy quickly goes up for a Swanton,but Bubba dodges and hits a Bubba Bomb for 2. Bubba can't believe Hardy kicked out again, he tries another big boot but Hardy dodgesand hits a pair of Twists of Fate and goes up top for the Swanton. Hardy hits it and covers for the win.

Winner: Jeff Hardy

Hardy's still going to Bound For Glory to face Austin Aries for the title, and that's it for this week! Thanks for reading, and I'llbe back tomorrow to talk Impact and more with Dave Scherer on the Stu & Pid Show!

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