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By Mike Johnson on 2015-09-11 19:29:42
Earlier today, I reported that we had heard from a WWE source that Orton being attacked on this past week's Monday Night Raw was him being written out of TV for a short period of time.

Orton is still scheduled for this weekend's house shows in Tupelo, MS and Huntsville, Alabama. That means it is quite possible Orton will also be in Memphis, TN (a short drive from Tupelo) on Monday.

Given the way WWE changes plans constantly, it's quite possible that what I was told was outdated information and I am no longer confident in the original sourcing.

Orton could very well simply be working dark matches and off TV but if he's there, it's also entirely within the realm of possibility that he'll be used on the TV storylines.

So, to be safe, I am retracting the story.

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