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By Benjamin Finch on 2015-09-04 10:10:05

I attended the GFW event here last night.  Very fan friendly with lots of chances to get autographs and even photos in the ring after.  Here are the results:

*Colt Cabana defeated Arya Daivari.  Strong opener with lots of comedy.  Nice way to get everyone into the show.

*Tommaso Ciampa beat Kevin Matthews.  Matthews is pretty tall.  Ciampa looked good.  Solid.

*Mickie James beat ODB in a fun women's match.

*Jeff Jarrett came out to thank fans but The New Heavenly Bodies interrupted,  Jarrett cut a promo on them but was attacked.  Zero Gravity made the save, leading to Zero Gravity beating The New Heavenly Bodies.  I liked the idea of using Jarretty as the bridge to the match as it prevented the wrestlers from going out cold and gave the fans a reason to be invested.

*Sonjay Dutt beat DJ Zema.  Dutt still has it.

*Hacksaw Jim Duggan came out to speak to the crowd.  Arya Daivari came out and cut a promo on America, leading to Duggan clotheslining him out of the ring.

*Nick "Magnus" Aldis defeated Chris "Masters" Mordestsky.  OK main event.

Overall, I had fun.  If they came back, I'd happily buy a ticket, especially if they bring Bullet Club.

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