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By Mike Johnson on 2015-09-03 22:46:42
Although he wasn't initially planned for this Monday's Raw in Baltimore, WWE Creative sources indicate they changed plans today to include Sting in this Monday's show.

WWE Tough Enough finalist Amanda was at WWE's TV tapings this past week and flew to Orlando after the tapings yesterday. She lives in New York and had returned there after the Tough Enough finals, so it would appear WWE is taking an interest in her post-Tough Enough. I haven't heard she was signed but it would seem as if there's potential there if they are bringing her into TV tapings.

There are a lot of rumors about additional WWE signings from the independent scene. Our usual way of handling such things is to wait until we have confirmation the talent has passed his/her WWE medical testing before reporting, as until they are signed, sealed and delivered, it's not official (See Nigel McGuinness). Even when they are signed (see Willie Mack or BoKu Dao), there are cases where contracts have been rescinded, so until it is 100% confirmed, we won't be reporting here. I can say I have seen a few names floating around as being offered deals who actually have not been.

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