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By Stuart Carapola on 2015-08-26 22:48:33
Welcome to the Impact Wrestling Report here on!

After the opening look back at last week's show, Matt and Jeff Hardy come out to the ring for the opening promo. Jeff says people have doubted them their whole lives and never thought they'd make it to the big time, but here they are. Jeff says Matt Hardy needs one more chance to be the World Champion (eliciting a Next World Champ chant from the fans), and Jeff says if Matt gets that shot, he has no doubt that he'll be the next World Champion. Matt says it's been a year since TNA welcomed him back with open arms, and that means the world to him. He was really close to beating EC3 the last time they faced and believed it could have gone either way, but Matt thinks he has EC3's number and wants one more shot at becoming the TNA World Champion. This draws EC3 out with Tyrus in tow, and EC3 says the ladder match the Hardys had back in 1999 changed his life, and to share the ring with two legends, he couldn't be more...disappointed. EC3 says Matt had his chance and the match could have gone either way, but he stood over Matt like Zeus on his pedestal and emerged victorious. He's not getting another match, but Jeff tells EC3 to hold on and explain to everyone why he's a Grade A jackass. EC3 says he's not a jackass, he's a franchise, the hood ornament of the company, and Jeff is a daredevil who can't stick a landing, and unless he wants to be in the hospital with a broken face instead of a broken leg, he better get out of his face. Jeff says he's not cleared to wrestle, but would be happy to fight him. EC3 talks it over with Tyrus and says he'd be happy to wrestle Matt right now with the title on the line, and if EC3 wins, Jeff has to become his personal assitant. No more free passes and no more collecting Carter money while sitting at home, if he believes in Matt that much, that's the deal and he can take it or leave it. Jeff and Matt have a heated discussion, and EC3 smirks as he walks off.

We go to Josh and Pope in the broadcast booth, then we see a video package showing the history between Eric Young and Sgt Chris Melendez. Finally, we go to Eric Young saying that Sgt Chris Melendez made a big mistake asking for another shot at him, and he's going to make him pay by taking his fake leg right now.

Jeff and Karen Jarrett show up at the building and the Mystery Cameraman asks them if they have any news about Dixie Carter's announcement tonight, and they just say tonight's going to be a big night.

Battle For Sarge's Leg: Eric Young vs Sgt Chris Melendez

Young starts the match off stomping Melendez down and pounding on him with hard forearms before choking him on the ropes. Chris gets some hope spots, Eric smacks him back down and they go back and forth, but Young rolls Melendez up with his feet on the ropes for the win.

Winner: Eric Young

So, for the first time in history, someone has won his opponent's body part in a wrestling match. Melendez hesitates, but Young gets a microphone and says if Melendez is a man of his word, he better give him the leg. Melendez takes it off and hands it to Young, who holds it high as a trophy as he heads to the back.

X Division Title Match: Tigre Uno vs DJ Z vs Sonjay Dutt

This was a "seen one, seen them all" flippy dippy spotfest. They do the same moves you see in every one of these matches, and Tigre wins with a springboard splash on DJ Z.

Winner: Tigre Uno

James Storm is backstage telling Abyss and Manik it's all about getting the gold and they're not letting this company hold them down. He grabs Manik by the head and says if he ever sees them dance like Khoya did last week, he'll cut them down.

Jeff and Matt Hardy are backstage, and they're...TALKING!

TNA World Tag Team Title Match: The Wolves vs Manik & Abyss

Abyss and Eddie Edwards start us off, but Manik tags in and is quickly caught in a double team by the Wolves. Abyss cheapshots Davey from the floor and lets Manik take control for the Revolution, but Davey takes advantage of miscommunication between Manik and Abyss to roll to his corner and tag Eddie in. Eddie cleans house on Manik, then the Wolves get Abyss down in the corner and hit a double Van Terminator. James Storm runs out and pulls Davey out to the floor, but is attacked by Mahabali Shera who brawls with him all the way to the back. Meanwhile, the Wolves hit the assisted Alarm Clock and the powerbomb/lungblower combo for the win.

Winners: The Wolves

Oh man, Storm is gonna be PISSED!

Jeff Hardy is backstage, and he's...WALKING! What will the Hardys decide about EC3's proposal? Stay tuned to find out!

It's decision time! The Hardys come out to the ramp ans Jeff says that he knows Matt Hardy isn't going to lose, and he accepts EC3's challenge. Jeff starts a "Matt 4 Champ" chant, and the Hardys high five.

We go to Josh and Pope in the studio, and they send us to a video package showing Jeff Jarrett's time since returning to TNA before Slammiversary.

Dixie Carter is backstage, and she's...TALKING ON HER CELL PHONE! We'll find out her decision in just a little bit!

Knockouts Title Match: Brooke Tessmacher vs Velvet Sky

VelVel and Brooke share a left handed handshake before the match, then we're off. Velvet overpowers Brooke with a shoulderblock, then runs her back and forth from corner to corner and takes her out with a clothesline. Brooke responds with a springboard clothesline out of the corner and gets a couple of quick two counts. Brooke with a flying forearm and a charging clothesline in the corner, but Velvet shoves her off on a monkey flip attempt and hits a running neckbreaker for 2. They wind up fighting out on the floor and Brooke reverses a whip to send Velvet into the ring steps. Brooke rolls Velvet back into the ring, but Jade and Marti Bell run out and attack Brooke to cause a DQ.

Winner: Brooke Tessmacher by DQ

The Dolls jump in the ring and attack Velvet, but Rebel runs out and backs the Dolls off while she checks on Velvet. Okay, any moron can see where this is going, and sure enough, Rebel turns on Velvet and the three of them beat Velvet down and hold her so Taryn can cut a promo telling Velvet that she made a huge mistake by getting involved with them, and introduces Rebel as the newest member of the Dollhouse.

Bobby Roode says that the squeaky wheel gets the grease, and tonight, he's going to prove why he's the It Factor in professional wrestling.

Ken Anderson says the four greatest wrestlers in the world will be competing for a shot at the King of the Mountain Title, and he could talk about how awesome he is, but he's just going to go do it. Anderson leaves, and the camera pans to the background where Drew Galloway is on the phone getting mad because whoever is on the other end wasn't joking about something. Galloway says "DAMMIT!" and storms off.

Winner Gets A Shot At The King Of The Mountain Title: Ken Anderson vs James Storm vs Bobby Roode vs Bobby Lashley

Everyone goes to the floor and starts brawling right off the bat, with Anderson and Storm fighting on one side of the ring and Roode and Lashley on the other. Lashley suplexes Roode on the floor, then he and Anderson double team Storm in the ring. They take him out and then turn on each other as we go to commercial.

We're back, and the former Beer Money partners are going at it, with Roode hitting a blockbuster on Storm for 2. Next it's Anderson and Lashley's turn, and Lashley takes Anderson out before turning his attention back to Roode. Roode catches Lashley with a couple of clotheslines, but then Lashley turns Roode inside out with a clothesline of his own, tackles into Roode in the corner, and hits a delayed vertical suplex. Anderson hits Roode with the Mic Check, but Storm breaks the cover at 2 and goes to the top. Anderson hauls Storm off and hits a Finlay roll, and Lashley goes for a spear on Roode, but Storm superkicks him coming in and covers for 2. Storm and Roode get into a shoving match, but the fans chant for Beer Money and they decide to team up and double suplex Anderson. Storm tries to catch Roode with a superkick, but Roode ducks and hits Storm with the Roode Bomb for the win.

Winner: Bobby Roode

Jeff and Karen Jarrett are backstage, and they're...CHECKING THEIR EMAIL! And Dixie Carter is backstage, and she's...WALKING! Will we find out her decision after this commercial break?

Dixie Carter comes out to the ring and says this company was the most successful when two people were working side by side. It was great when Jeff came back to TNA this summer, and she was the happiest person when he returned. She has a big decision to make regarding their future, and asks Jeff to come out to the ring. Jeff comes out and says the call from Dixie was the last one he ever expected to get, and he founded the company, but it was the years after that that made this place special and is a place he called home for over ten years. Jeff's thankful for this opportunity to have TNA and GFW work together, it's a win for both of them and also a win for the wrestling fan. But that said, he feels they need to keep the momentum going. Dixie says she's been talking to her team, and...wait, Drew Galloway comes out and interrupts because he has something he just found out and he needs to tell her right now. So of course this is when we need to go to commercial.

We're back and Drew says he wouldn't interrupt Dixie if it wasn't necessary, and everything's been going great with Jeff and GFW, but there have been some strange things happening here. First Bubba was attacked, then he was, and there were no clues or witnesses, and no information until twenty minutes ago when he figured it out. Nobody saw or heard anything, but then he found something in the security footage where you didn't see faces, but you did see the getaway car from both weeks, and there was one name on both rental cars: Jeff Jarrett. Drew says Jeff has everything to gain: Bully is out and he gets the power, Drew is out and one of his guys wins the King of the Mountain Title and gets a shot at the World Title. Jeff says he had nothing to do with it, and Drew says that let's say Jeff is telling the truth, if it wasn't him, then who was it. Jeff and Drew are about to come to blows when Karen comes out and says it was her, and she did it for her and GFW. Jeff says he never asked her to do this, but she says she did it anyway because this is his company and he deserves it. One spark can sometimes cause a giant inferno, and she did it for him. Jeff suddenly kicks Drew in the ding ding, then turns to Dixie and says that sometimes, a man has to do what a man has to do. The entire GFW crew runs in and attacks Galloway, and they beat down Spud and Robbie E when they run out to make the save. The Wolves run in but are outnumbered, and they go down as well. Jeff and the GFW crew pose for a group photo once everyone is down, and Dixie is distraught as she looks on helplessly.

Thanks for reading the Impact Wrestling Report here on! I'll be back tomorrow to discuss Impact and more with Dave Scherer on the Stu & Pid Show!

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