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By Mike Johnson on 2015-08-22 15:41:51
New York City's House of Glory, owned by The Amazing Red and Brian XL, set their attendance record last night with 907 paid and 1,000 in the building for their "At Long Last" Event in Jamaica, Queens headlined by The Amazing Red vs. Rey Mysterio Jr. in Mysterio's first post-WWE NYC appearance. In the main event, Mysterio scored the pin with a top rope frog splash in tribute to the late Eddie Guerrero. I was told the match was excellent.

Underneath, Smiley, a masked wrestler for the company won his final chance to win the HOG championship, defeating Brian XL in a bout where the rules were if anyone interfered, XL would be stripped of the title.

Other results from the show saw:

*Blade Michaels & Caveman defeated Drake Fortune & Blake Grayson.

*Dii Consentes ("the Juggernaut" Draconis, Panda Beast & "the UnDead Warrior" Bonez) defeated The Falcon Corps ("Captain" Adam Falcon & Joe Quick) and "Wrestling's Greatest Challenge" EA James.

*Private Party, Isiah Kassidy & Marq Quen defeated Josh Glide & TJ Marconi.

*Sonya defeated Good Hank Flanders forcing Flanders to wear a dress after the match.

*Big Daddy Cruz & The New York Wrecking Krew (Smoothe Blackmon & Chris Seaton) defeated Zach Gowen, Gregory Iron and Nicky Heat.

*Ken Broadway & Ariela Nyx defeated JT Dunn & Kimber Lee.

*Dan Maff vs. Chris Dickinson went to a no contest and they held to be pulled apart by the locker room.

*Anthony Gagone announced he would not be able to compete due to having a broken ankle. He was stripped of his half of the HOG Tag Team titles. His partner Joey Janela turned on him and teamed with Danny Demanto.

*EYFBO defeated Joey Janela & Danny Demanto to win the HOG Tag Team titles after Gangone, on one leg, hit the ring and nailed a brainbuster on Janela.

The promotion will return to action on 10/23. For details, click here.

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