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By Dave Scherer on 2015-08-17 09:59:00

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While I am excited for NXT selling out Brooklyn, I am also very afraid. We all know Vince didn't like the fact that fans chanted "better" than Mania at the NXT show 2 days before WrestleMania. The fact that NXT sold out the Barclay Center is not a little thing at all especially in this day and age of the wrestling business. Although I am ecstatic and excited, I am also afraid that this will be the first step in 1 of two things 1) Vince and Kevin Dunn see it as a 3rd brand and want to take control of it from Triple H and destroy it from within (even though it is a WWE Brand - but let's face it, nothing that Vince himself didn't create really lasts in the E, 2) - He sees it as competition to his shows such as RAW and SmackDown! and will want to "cool it down" so to speak. What do you think Mike?

There are a few reasons to not expect that to happen. For one thing, NXT is a WWE created brand. It’s not a reboot of another company, like ECW was. More importantly, NXT is Triple H’s baby. Unlike when Johnny Ace ran creative, and did basically whatever Vince and Dunn wanted him to, Triple H has a vision for NXT. He is deeply committed to it and the people there. Plus, it is a major selling point of the WWE Network. So I think NXT will be fine.

Maybe this has been addressed before, but after watching the Mid Atlantic Memories DVD it got me wondering.....if not for Magnum T.A.'s accident, do you think at some point he could have wound up as a member of the Horsemen? I know they did it a couple of times with others, but I can only imagine the reaction it would have gotten had the Horsemen been beating down Magnum and then a baby face came out to make the save only to be turned on by Magnum and the whole plan came to light.

Hmmm, it’s hard to say “ever” but no, I don’t think he would have. I think he was have been more of a Sting character, where he stayed as a babyface. He was so great in that role that the only reason to turn him is the shock factor. If he stayed over (which I think he would have), I wouldn’t have done that.

One of my favorite annual events is the WWE Hall of Fame, but each year I find myself cringing at the classless antics of some fans.  Normally I'm of the "you paid your money, you can express yourself however you want" mindset, but there's a time and place for boos and catcalls, and this event should be allowed to be a respectful celebration for all the honorees.  Do you think there are any steps WWE can take to curb such behavior?

I agree, this is the one event every year where is no excuse for any fan to act like a toolbox. But it’s hard for WWE to do too much. If a fan heckles, they have to be thrown out. But throwing someone out is a process that can disrupt the rest of the show. The best thing that can happen is that if someone acts up, the people around that person shut him/her down.

I’ve seen questions about WWE doing something with other promotions and you're responses saying that there's nothing in it for WWE, but what about NXT? If NXT did something with New Japan I think it would produce one hell of a show, not to mention that it would only bring more eyes to NXT and if it were put on the WWE Network it could bring in a lot of new subscriptions. I think the success of the Beast in the East special would serve as proof it could work.

In that case I see it as “What’s in it for New Japan?” They are a major league promotion. If they are going to work with a group, it will be WWE not NXT. Right now, they work with ROH but ROH doesn’t have a major league and a developmental unit, so that isn’t an issue for New Japan. Yes, there would be great matches, but there would be a stigma that they weren’t working with WWE.

When do you think DDP will go into the WWE HOF?  I'm not asking if he should go because I think his in ring resume is good enough, but what he has done to help Scott Hall and Jake Roberts, helping them get sober and going so far as to let them live in his home while doing so alone is enough in my opinion to merit a spot in the HOF. I would hope it would be sooner than later so that either or both of those guys could be there to induct him.

I think Page definitely deserves it, both for his work as a wrestler as well as what he has done in his post wrestling career. He would also be great to put in from a public relations standpoint. I think it will probably happen in the next five years.

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