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By Brad Stutts on 2015-08-15 00:30:19

1.) PJ BLACK def. SONJAY DUTT. Really fast paced opener, crowd took to both as stars.

2.) BRAD ATTITUDE, VORDELL WALKER and PETER KASSA def. CLIFF COMPTON, ALI AKBAR and JASON "THE GIFT" KINCAID.  Attitude, who is the CWF Mid-Atlantic Heavyweight Champion locally, got the strongest reaction of the six. Well executed with six pros who all knew what to do. Kassa won it for his team with a 630 splash off the top.

3.) TESSA BLANCHARD def. LEI D. TAPA. Great, simple dynamic here as Tapa was monstrous and Tessa was a plucky babyface. Tessa scored the pin after a tornado DDT off the middle rope. Afterward Tapa gave her 3 TKO's.

JEFF JARRETT addressed the crowd, thanking them for their support and plugging his appearance at the WrestleCade event and fanfest in Winston-Salem later this year. Really cool piece of business here as MATT HARDY appeared on the jumbo-tron and challenged Jarrett for the main event of WrestleCade, acknowledging residual TNA vs. GFW heat. Jarrett accepted. This got over great and was great promotion for Wrestlecade.

4.) HARLEM & LANCELOT BRAVADO def. THE WASHINGTON BULLETS. Bravados have grown into being genuinely one of the best tag-teams in the country: SO sharp, never a second off or a step out of place.

5.) OMEGA Heavyweight Champion TREVOR LEE def. ANDREW EVERETT to retain the championship. This stole the show with unbelievable action throughout including a shooting star dive from Everett with amazing height to Lee who was outside the ring. Trevor won it with the small package driver and both embraced after the bout.

JEFF HARDY made a special appearance and put over Lee and Everett for stealing the show, acknowledging that he'd known Lee since he was a toddler growing up in Cameron. He had done autographs and photos at intermission on a separate ticket and had a long line.

6.) NICK "MAGNUS" ALDIS def. LANCE HOYT to retain his standing in the Global Championship Tournament.

Whole show was paced briskly and very easily digestible: simple heel and babyface dynamics, no silliness, felt almost like being at a 90's house show and I mean that in a good way.  Crowd seemed made up of mostly older fans with kids and/or grand-kids, lots of long-time (possibly lapsed) fans in attendance talking about the days of Wahoo McDaniel, Steamboat and Youngblood, etc. We eyeballed the house at somewhere around 500, maybe as many as 750. Tough to tell when they are spread out over a 8,500 seat stadium. Hardy and Jarrett took photos with fans in-ring after the main event for an upcharge and had another long line.

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