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By Mike Johnson on 2015-08-08 18:28:21

Welcome to's coverage of Combat Zone Wrestling "Retribution" at the Flyers Skatezone in Voorhees, NJ.  The iPPV can be ordered at

Before they went live on the air, CZW held a ten bell salute for Roddy Piper, then played his theme song out of respect.  That was all class, CZW.

The show opened with Nick Gage (who is in great shape!) coming out with Dewey Donovan.  He demanded the mic from the ring announcer.  He said, "Murder, Death, Kill" and the fans chanted "MDK."  He said tonight is about him and the Gulaks.  The crowd chanted, "F*** the Gulaks."  The Gulaks' music played and out came Drew and Rory Gulak (formerly Mondo).  They entered the ring ready to wrestle.  The crowd threw toilet paper at them. 

Gage drilled Rory with a hard slap that sent him to the floor.  Drew followed him but Biff Busick hit ringside and tossed them back in the ring.  They brawled as security and officials hit the ring and pulled them all apart.  Gage began drilling everyone he could with Chokensteins.

In  the end, Gage and Busick were left in the ring as security pulled the Gulaks to the back.

Gage said, "Hey fake Mondo, we are going to f***ing kill you and Drew, you should have found a better partner than your p****y brothers, because it's f***ing on.  Murder, death, f***ing kill."

Good segment to build to later.

Sumie Sakai & Brittany Blake vs. Penelope Ford & Takumi Iroha

This is a showcase match for Marvelous Puroresu, the promotion Chigusa Nagoya is running.  They have a show tomorrow in Queens, NY as well.  Lots of athletic stuff early from Ford and Sakai.  Sakai is from Japan but has lived here and worked the Northeastern indy scene for years.  She has good facials  Blake is beyond adorable but obviously very early in her career based on her ring work but had some spots where she looked great.  She nailed a nice missile dropkick on Ford. She followed up with a monkey flip.  Sakai slammed Ford and Blake came off with a STIFF  double stomp from the top  Ford nailed a dropkick and made the hot tag to Iroha. 

Iroha, from Japan, worked over Sakai, then dragged Blake into the ring and peppered her with forearms.    This built to a spot where Iroha had both of her opponents on her shoulders for a Samoan Drop.  She worked over Blake and went for a powerbomb but Blake turned it into a twisting headscissors and tied her up on the mat for a submission.  Sakai tagged in and nailed a missile dropkick for a two count. 

Sakai missed a moonsault but turned a powerbomb into a rana for a two count.   Iroha unloaded with kicks and made the cover but Blake broke it up.  Ford caught her in a front facelock to neutralize her.  Iroha wiped out Sakai and scored the pin.

Your winners, Penelope Ford & Takumi Iroha!

Real good back and forth tag match.

Greg Excellent with Chrissy Rivera vs.  Dick Justice with Dan Barry

They announced this as for the honorary CZW Junior Heavyweight championship.   Excellent was billed as the pride of Roscoe's Chicken & Waffles.  I popped for that and if you have ever eaten there in Los Angeles I bet you did too. 

They tied up but neither man could get the better of the other.  They were playing for laughs and did a lot of stuff in slow motion.  Half the crowd loved it, half hated it.  I'd write a recap but it wouldn't read as well as its playing.  They both ended up counted out on the mat after they were "laid out" and it was ruled a double knockout.

Afterward, they got in each other's faces.  Rivera took issue with something and tried to grab Justice.  Barry pulled him back.  They face a faceoff and left the ring.

Marvelous Puroresu showcase: Takaaki Watanabe & Chigusa Nagayo vs. The Dub Boys, Nate Carter & Dave McCall

I am popping for the fact I get to see Chigusa Nagoya live, I have to tell you.  Nate and Watanabe started out and went back and forth.  Nagayo tagged in and Dave brought her over to his corner to tag Nate.  She nailed him with a spinkick but was nailed with an axe kick for a two count.

The Dub Boys controlled her in their corner and double teamed her.  Nagayo nailed several chops on Nate but was overcome by headbutts and a slam.  Dave tagged in and nailed several knee strikes in the corner.  Nate tagged back in for a diving headbutt for a two count.  He charged her in the corner but missed and nailed his shoulder.

Watanabe tagged in and cleaned house on the Dub Boys.  They came back and used a Hart Attack variation for a two count.  Nagayo tagged back in and nailed a big suplex on Nate.  They exchanged blows.  She nailed a belly to back suplex and started drilling him with kicks to the legs.   bDave tried to interfere but was caught and they placed both Dub Boys in submissions at the same time.

Watanabe cleaned house with clotheslines and nailed a Fisherman's Buster on Nate for a two count.  He went to the top but was caught with a spinebuster for a two count.  Dave tagged in and nailed a double stomp for a two count.  The Dub Boys were back in control but Watanabe battled his way out until being caught lifted into a Flatliner.  Nagayo tagged in and nailed several chops. 

Watanabe drilled Nate with a Uranage for the pin.

Your winner, Chigusa Nagayo & Takaaki Watanabe!

OK match.  Nagayo can still go but after 35 years in the ring (and a few retirements) you couldn't expect her to be what she was in the 80s.  It was very cool to see her in the ring and the fans were very, very respectful of her.  Watanabe looked good as usual and the Dub Boys showed some promise.

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