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By Andrew Twiss on 2015-08-07 23:14:47

Here are full results for NXT Live at the Orlando Armory for 8/7/15. All results will feature the new ring names. The notes section at the end will list all name changes that I am aware of.

- Enzo Amore and Colin Cassady defeated Alexander Wolfe and Marcus Louis w/Sylvester Lefort. Standard opener to warm up the crowd. Match was ok, but nothing too special.

- Bull Dempsey defeated "The Drifter" Elias Samson. Before the match, Samson sang a quick song about wanting to get out of Orlando.  The match itself wasn't anything too special. They kept playing up Bull being out of shape until he made the big comeback.

Post Match: Tyler Breeze came out with a bodyguard. While he wasn't identified to the crowd, he is developmental talent Radomir Petkovic. He's one incredibly intimidating looking guy. Radomir offers Bull a handshake. Bull shakes it but Radomir grabs him for what looked like a combination tombstone piledriver/powerslam. It looked a little awkward. Bull is helped to the back.

- Eva Marie and Dana Brooke vs. Carmella and Billie Kay ended in a no contest. The match was stopped after Billie was injured. I don't recall the spot that injured her, just that she was in there with Dana and nothing looked out of the ordinary. It looked like Billie was bleeding from the nose. As for the match itself, Dana looked more confident in the ring,  but you can still see some of the rough edges in Eva's game. Billie walked off under her own power and looked legitimately sorry the match was stopped.

- Levis Valenzuela came out for a quick promo talking about how he wants to represent the Dominican Republic and how happy he is to be in NXT. He and Dasha Fuentes danced the tango before he left.

- Tye Dillinger defeated Riddick Moss. Decent match. The Perfect 10 gimmick is way over with the crowd. It looked like Tye took a rough bump on the back of his head during a back suplex. I dont know if he was just really good at selling or had his bell rung, but he looked like he was struggling for a few minutes.

- Bayley and The Vaudevillains defeated BAMF (Blake, Alexa, and Murphy) in a 6 person mixed tag when Bayley pinned Alexa. Match of the Night. Crowd was on fire for the whole thing. Best moment of the night came halfway through the match when Blake tagged in while Bayley and Alexa were in the ring. They tried to double team her but she kicked Alexa away, kicked Blake in the gut and gave him a Stone Cold Stunner. Blake sold it like he was Shawn Michaels selling for Hulk Hogan, but it was amazing and the crowd went INSANE for it. Really, it was great work by all 6 of the competitors involved.

- Apollo Crews defeated Tucker Knight. Kind of a meh match. Crews has amazing talent. Knight is big, but I haven't seen enough of him to really get a read on if he is anything special.

- Scott Dawson and Dash Wilder defeated Jason Jordan and Chad Gable. Another really good match. Gable is going to be a star and Jordan looks more confident than ever. If Jordan can put all the pieces together, he could be a major player down the line. Not much to say about Dawson and Wilder except that they are the best team in NXT. Period.

- Tyler Breeze defeated Solomon Crowe. Solid match between these two. Breeze spent a lot of time working submissions and even used the Lance Storm Official single leg boston crab a few times. Breeze ends up winning with the Beauty Shot after Radomir distracts Crowe.

Post Match: Radomir and Breeze are getting ready to work on Crowe when Bull Dempsey comes out. He lures Radomir behind the curtain, then comes back out to throw Breeze back in the ring. Crowe hits a kick on Breeze, Bull hits the top rope sit down splash, and the babyfaces celebrate.

Another fun show on another steaming hot night at the Armory.


- Several Superstars and Divas received new ring names. Their social media accounts were also updated to reflect the change. Nothing is official until it appears on tv, but here are the following talents that I am aware have changed ring names:

       - KC Cassidy/Cassie is now Peyton Royce
       - Jessie McKay is now Billie Kay
       - Axel Tischer is now Alexander Wolfe
       - Mike Rallis is now Riddick Moss
       - Lina Fanene is now Nia Jax

- The Tough Enough competitors were in attendance. All but Gigi were there for the whole show. Gigi showed up after intermission. They had no involvement in the actual show.

- From the looks of house show events over the last few months, it appears Sylvester Lefort is transitioning into a full time manager.

- Dasha Fuentes and Greg Hamilton were the hosts and ring announcers for the evening. Meet and Greet before the show featured: Dana Brooke, Tyler Breeze and Tye Dillinger.

- NXT will return to the Orlando Armory on September 3rd. Tickets are available.

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