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By Nathan Favel on 2015-07-30 09:35:30

Original Air Date:  7/29/15

This is Nathan Favel and we're back with the first part of "Ultima Lucha", which is Lucha Underground's "Wrestlemania"!  Let's get to the action, inside the Temple!

Match #1:  Cage (Brian Cage) vs. The Mack (Willie Mack) - Falls Count Anywhere Match

This was quite the brawl, with a plethora of painful stunts littered throughout the brutal match.  Cage acted as the monster of course, due to his size, while Mack played a scrappy, arrogant face as well as you can ask for.  The action was oriented around weapons mainly, with some excruciating dives near the end.  This match had a great deal in common with ECW bouts from the mid-nineties, which came complete with every object spot you can think of, in conjunction with all manner of daredevil dives and heart-stopping slams that made the 1990's hardcore wrestling such a visual marvel.  However, this bout felt a bit outdated, if compared to today's hardcore bouts, which are more in line with the most arduous MMA matches.  Still, I can't and won't discount effort, which is a trait that can be attributed to this raucous thrill-ride.

Winner:  Cage

Match #2:  Team Havoc (Son of Havoc [Matt Cross], Ivelisse & Angelico) - Lucha Underground Trios Tag Team Champions vs. The Disciples of Death (Barrio Negro[Argenis], El Sinestro de la Muerte & Trece [Ricky Mandel] - Lucha Underground Trios Tag Team Championship Match

This was not as good as I thought it would be, but it was able to engage me enough to care about the outcome.  The action was a bit cumbersome for my liking, but did move at a reasonable pace and was able to give every wrestler a chance to showcase their strengths.  The Disciples are an effective presence, but lack any aura of authenticity, which makes it difficult to believe in the group as anything more than a mid-card comedy act.  The champions are as delightful an act that wrestling has right now and have been the best part of the tag division in all of wrestling for the past five months, which makes the results all the more disheartening.

Winners: The Disciples of Death

Match #3:  Main Event - Drago vs. Hernandez - Believers Backlash Match

This worked as a spirited brawl, but failed to capture the intensity of the supposed feud that had brewed between these two men.  The action was a good mixture of different lucha spots and a couple of fun exchanges with the fans at ringside, who whipped the daylights out of Hernandez before he could fathom how to scream in pain.  This match worked just as a Lumberjack Match would work, so you should expect the same rhythm when you watch this match yourself.  Overall, the right guy won in a fun fight that ended the night on the right note.

Winner:  Drago

News of the Night:

#1:  Black Lotus is still in a prison cell hidden in the Temple, so it seems no one called the police a few months back when she was first taken, which makes all of you accomplices, because you watched it happen and didn't tell the authorities!  Wait a minute... I didn't tell the cops either, so... shit!

#2:  Dario Cueto revealed that El Dragon Azteca, Black Lotus's master, was the one that actually killed her parents.  Why would she believe a guy who has kept her locked up in a cage for nearly two months?

#3:  Dario's monster-brother's name is Matanza. 

#4:  A prophecy was foretold that if El Dragon Azteca enters the Temple, then he will die. After being reminded of the prophecy of death, Azteca entered the Temple.

Final Analysis:

This was a decent card that peaked with the first match.  The Black Lotus story brought the momentum of the card to a screeching halt,and further served to prove why wrestling as a soap opera doesn't work.

Ultima Lucha:

Here is the second part of "Ultima Lucha", coming next week as a two hour special:

1.  100,000 Battle Royal

2. Johnny Mundo vs. Alberto El Patron

3.  Pentagon Jr. vs. Vampiro - Cero Miedo Match

4.  Fenix vs. Jack Evans vs. Aero Star vs. Bengala vs. Big Ruck vs. King Cuerno vs. Sexy Star - Battle Royal for the Gift of the Gods Championship

5.  Blue Demon Jr. vs. Texano - No Disqualification Match

6.  Prince Puma vs. Mil Muertes - Lucha Underground World Heavyweight Championship Match

Until next time...

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