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By Nathan Favel on 2015-07-23 08:53:04

This is Nathan Favel and I'm happy to welcome you back to Lucha Underground!  This week, we have all sorts of wrestling matches and angles to get to before Ultima Lucha starts.  Let's get to the action!

Match #1:  Johnny Mundo (John Morrison/Johnny Nitro) vs. Texano

This was quite the match, especially for an opener.  I'm surprised that this was at the beginning of the card, considering the star wattage between these two men.  The action was a deft blend of brawling and lucha and managed to maintain a breathless pace that built supreme suspense.  The match itself felt like it was a random booking decision, rather than a logical option, but was so convincing in its efforts, that I forgot about the lack of reasoning for it in the first place. Altogether, you can't be led astray by a great match on a fabulous show from a wonderful wrestling promotion.

Winner: Texano - Disqualification

Match #2:  Cage (Brian Cage) vs. The Mack (Willie Mack)

This was so quick, that I might have gotten a stroke just from watching it start and end so abruptly. 

Winner:  The Mack

Match #3:  Main Event - Battle Royal Match for an Aztec Medallion


Famous B
Vinny Massaro
Ricky Mandel
Killshot (Shane Strickland)
Mascarita Sagrada
Delevar Daivari (Shawn Daivari/Khosrow Daivari/Shiek Abdul Bashir)
Marty "The Moth" Martinez

This was a good match with a plethora of quality lucha stunts.  This match was contested for the Aztec Medallion that Fenix had to relinquish after he was hurt by Mil Muertes, if my memory serves me well enough. The eliminations came in fairly rapid order, with only a few minutes separating each departure.  As far as battle royals go, this was the average effort, with only the stunts to define the bout.  It should be noted that this match was contested with the finish wrestled under singles rules, complete with pin-falls and submissions.

Winner: Fenix

News of the Night:

#1:  Alberto El Patron aided Texano when he was being attacked by Johnny Mundo and The Crew.  The idea is that Patron and Texano are enemies who are partnering against a common foe, which always has impressive potential.

#2:  Cage and The Mack had a brawl after their brief match, which led to Dario Cueto booking a Falls Count Anywhere Match for next week.  These two have enough chemistry to make any match work, but Cage and Mack will have all the supplies necessary to "steal the show", next week.

#3:  Dario Cueto publicly explained the Aztec Medallions' significance, which is that they can be collected by one person and combined into a title belt called "The Gift Of The Gods", which can be relinquished for a chance at the Lucha Underground World Heavyweight Championship, as long as the Medallion holder gives one week's notice.  Also, the Medallion holder must defend their Gift of the Gods until they relinquish it, so as to give someone else a chance to be the champion.  This will definitely distinguish this promotion from all others, as no one else is utilizing an idea so logical and exciting.

#4:  Dario Cueto announced a seven-way match for the "The Gift Of The Gods", which features the following wrestlers:

Jack Evans
King Cuerno (El Hijo Del Fantstima)
Sexy Star
Big Ryck (Ezekiel Jackson)
Aero Star
Bengala (Ricky Marvin)

#5:  Prince Puma (Ricochet) had a good brawl with Mil Muertes (Ricky Banderas/El Mesias/Judas Mesias) to build toward their World Title match. This should be a good match, if they're given the time, which I'm assuming they did.

#6:  Dario Cueto booked the Drago/Hernandez match to be a Fan's Revenge/ Lumberjack Strap Match called the "Believers Backlash Match".

Final Verdict:

This was a good card to chaperon us all into Ultima Lucha, which starts next week.

Ultima Lucha:

This is the supposed final card for Ultima Lucha, which I have larned of from the recnt broadcasts and the rumored reports from the tapings of the PPV, which happened a few months back.  Here is the card:

1.  Cage vs The Mack - Falls Count Anywhere Match
2.  Angelico, Son of Havoc and Ivelisse vs. The Disciples of Death - Lucha Underground Trios Tag Team Championship Match
3. Drago vs. Hernandez -  Believers Backlash Match
4.  $100,000 Battle Royal
5.  Alberto El Patron vs. Johnny Mundo
6.  Pentagon Jr. vs. Vampiro - No Disqualification Match
7.  Texano vs. Blue Demon Jr. - No Disqualification Match
8.  Gift of the Gods Championship Match
9.  Prince Puma vs. Mil Muertes - Lucha Underground World Heavyweight Championship Match

AAA News: 

AAA, the parent promotion to LU, is airing their Triplemania extravaganza on all American PPV outlets in a few weeks and will feature the first bout between Rey Mysterio and the original Mistico/ original Sin Cara.  Considering that Vince McMahon tried to get that match on multiple Wrestlemanias, I think that's a fairly notable occurrence in professional wrestling.

Until next time...

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