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By Mike Johnson on 2015-07-17 22:09:43

MVP began posting on his social media this evening, intimating that he was done with TNA and noting that he was available for independent bookings.

Stories that MVP was gone from the company had been quietly circulating since yesterday, but TNA sources would not confirm his status when reached today.

As previously noted here on, MVP had pushed for Hernandez to be brought into the company as part of the Beatdown Clan. When it turned out that Hernandez, despite signing paperwork stating that he was free and clear to work for TNA, was still under contract to Lucha Underground, that signing blew up in TNA's faces, forcing a ton of material and storylines to be re-edited.

MVP signed with TNA in February 2014 following runs with WWE and New Japan Pro Wrestling. He was under a contract through February 2016.

While TNA has yet to officially confirm his departure, it's pretty clear the two sides have parted ways as part of the fallout of the Hernandez issue.

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