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By AJ Simmons on 2015-07-12 09:04:55
Here are the results from Clickjab's "Summer Bash" show in Phoenix. Crowd was around 300, which had to be a disappointment considering it was being held in the 2,600 seater Celebrity Theatre. Most of the non-name talent came out of Big Time Wrestling in Northern California.

*Kaka Meng defeated "Jackpot" Scotty Wringer. Not great but not terrible. Both tried hard.

*Brooke Tessmacher/Adams beat Samara and Beatrice Domina in a three way with Lita as the special ref. After the match, Beatrice and Samara attacked Brooke and Lita made the save. This was a train wreck. Samara and Beatrice are very green. They all tried hard, but it was a mess. Further, the announcer spoiled Impact results for this week by announcing Brooke as the KO champion.

*Bret Hart came out to talk about some of his favorite wrestling memories from Phoenix.

*Shawn Daivari beat Victor Sterling for the Big Time Wrestling US Title. This was a very good match. I'd keep an eye on Sterling. He showed some real potential.

*Bad Influence/The Addiction beat The Ballard Brothers. This was a lot of fun. The Addiction just ooze charisma. Ballads played their devious heel parts well.

Intermission was great. I got to chat with EC3 and James Storm. Both were awesome to chat with and very nice. TNA has two big PR assets in those two. Daniels and Kazarian seemed to be having a lot of fun with fans as well.

*Gangrel beat Shane Kody. This was terrible. Two guys past their prime, trying to have a match that did not include any bumps or moves. It didn't work. The crowd was calling for it to end before it even began.

*"Cowboy" James Storm beat Tony Vargas. This was good. Storm was better here then he has been on TNA, but that's because he was playing his beer drink', ask kickin', badass redneck character instead of a manipulative cult leader. He looked more comfortable here and came across well. Something I hope TNA reads and thinks about.

*EC3 over "The Fighting Unicorn" Kimo in a street fight to defend the TNA World Title. This was a lot of fun. EC3 got to show off his charisma to set up the street fight. They put together a good brawl that the crowd enjoyed. Kimo has a good look to him and carried himself well. Wouldn't surprise me to see him end up on the radar of a bigger company.

Overall, it was a decent show. There was some technically issues involving the entrance music the entire night. The fans and wrestlers alike were trashing the sound guy. Since he couldn't get the system figured out to play EC3's music at the end of the night the crowd sang EC3's song for him. If TNA ever decides to turn EC3, he'll have no issue getting the crowd on his side.

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